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Thread: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 185: Pascal's Quest)

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    Default Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 185: Pascal's Quest)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Brock and the gang are back, with some special guests listening as Brock kicks off the seventh round of stories!

    Week 159: Princess Miranda's Rescue

    (real tale: Princess Miranda and Prince Hero)

    "Careful, Bonnie..." a blonde haired boy cautions a young girl with similar features as they work their way inside the auditorium and find a seat in one of the middle rows. "Remember, when it gets dark, it's time to be quiet."

    "Ash says Brock knows a zillion stories!" Bonnie cries excitedly.

    "Well, Brock was the one that taught Ash all his stories...and he's been all over the world, even Kalos." the boy explains as the lights flash the five minute warning.

    Backstage, Brock grins as he approaches the wings. So Ash's companions Clemont and Bonnie are here...I hope Bonnie likes princesses... After making sure any needed props are accounted for, he runs out to meet the enthusiastic crowd.

    When the applause and cheers quiet, Brock begins "Far away, across the wide ocean, there was once a beautiful island where there lived the most beautiful princess in the world, named Miranda. She had lived there ever since she was born, and ruled over the island with a wise and gentle hand. Nobody knew who her parents were, or how she had come to the island. But she was not alone; as she had twelve beautiful maidens who had grown up with her on the island that served as her ladies-in-waiting. But a few strangers had visited the island, and spoken of Princess Miranda's great beauty; and many more came after that, became her subjects, and built a magnificent city, in which she had a splendid palace of white marble to live in."

    "Wow!" Bonnie gasps as she pictures the beautiful marble palace in her mind.

    "As time went on, many young princes came to woo her." Brock goes on. "But she did not care to marry any of them; and if anyone persisted, and tried to force her to be his wife, she could turn him and all his soldiers into ice, by merely singing Furiya shuru shamato....

    "I wish I could cast a spell by singing a song..." Bonnie smiles. Clemont just grins at his sister's wish.

    "One day the evil Darkrai , the king of the underworld, came out into the world of light one day, and began to look around--since his eyes were more powerful than a human eye, he could see everything within several hundred miles, if not more." Brock intones. "He saw various empires and kingdoms, rolling hills, lush forests, high mountains, and rolling seas, all in a matter of moments. Finally, he saw the green island, and the rich city upon it; and the marble palace in this city, and in this palace the twelve beautiful young ladies-in-waiting, and among them he saw, lying on a rich couch stuffed with Swanna feathers, Princess Miranda taking a royal nap. She slept peacefully like a child, but she was dreaming of a young knight, wearing a shining helmet, on a gallant steed, and carrying a great sword that shot beams of light; ... and she loved him better than life."

    Clemont can't help laughing at Bonnie's dreamy look--he knows she's picturing Ash as such a knight in her mind.

    "Darkrai looked at her, and was delighted with her beauty." Brock goes on. "Since no being of the underworld could tap into the holy spellsongs, Darkrai just warped himself onto the island via thought. Princess Miranda woke with a jump, spotted Darkrai, called together her bravest army, and led them into the field, to fight the wicked Darkrai. But he blew out a sweet breath that put all the soldiers to sleep. Minutes before he could grab Princess Miranda, she sang Furiya, shuru shamato... Darkrai was froze into a Darkraisicle, buying Princess Miranda time to flee home."

    Clemont swallows hard, worried for Princess Miranda's fate. "But Darkrai didn't stay a Darkraisicle very long." Brock cautions. "As soon as Princess Miranda had fled, he broke free from the ice, and followed her to her city. Then he put all the inhabitants of the island to sleep, the princess's twelve faithful servants included. She was the only one whom he could not hurt; but being afraid of her spellsong of ice, he surrounded the castle—which stood upon a high hill—with an iron fence, and placed a Hydreigon on guard before the gate, and waited for Princess Miranda to surrender."

    "And then?" Bonnie calls out, before Clemont squeezes her hand as a reminder to stay quiet.

    "The days passed by, then weeks, then months, while her kingdom became a desert." Brock replies. "All her people were asleep, and her faithful soldiers also lay sleeping on the open fields, their armor all rusty, and weeds were growing over them undisturbed. Her twelve maidens were all asleep in different rooms of the palace, just where they happened to be at the time; and she herself, all alone, kept walking sadly to and fro in a little room up in a tower, where she had taken shelter—wringing her hands and crying. Around her all was silent, as if dead; only every so often, Darkrai, not daring to encounter her spellsong, knocked at the door asking her to surrender, promising to make her queen of the underworld. But it was no use; Princess Miranda was silent, and only threatened him with her song.

    A grin then forms on Brock's face. "But grieving in her lonely room, Princess Miranda could not forget the lover she dreamed of; she saw him just as he had appeared to her in her dream. She looked up with her blue eyes to heaven, and seeing a cloud floating by, she said..."

    In his best mimic of Lotta,he cries "Oh cloud, through the bright sky flying! Stay, and hearken my piteous sighing! In my sorrow I call upon thee; Oh, where is my loved one? Where do his footsteps stray? And does he now think of me?"

    "I know not," he replies in a gentle female voice for the cloud. "Ask Suicune."

    As himself, he narrates. "Princess Miranda looked out into the wide plain, and after spotting Suicune running across the plains, she said..."

    As Princess Miranda again, he cries "Oh, Suicune! O'er the wide world flying! Do you pity my grief and crying! Have pity on me! Oh! where is my loved one? Where do his footsteps stray? And does he now think of me?"

    "Ask Jirachi," he replies in a gentle male voice for Suicune; "He knows more than I do."

    As himself, he narrates "That night, Princess Miranda pleaded to the stars..."

    As Princess Miranda, he pleads "Oh Jirachi, with your bright beams glowing! Look down on my tears fast flowing! Have pity, have pity on me! Oh! where is my loved one? Where do his footsteps stray? And does he now think of me?"

    "Ask Lugia," he replies in a mimic of Jirachi; "who being nearer to the earth, knows more of what happens there than I do."

    "So she cried to Lugia..." Brock narrates before assuming the role of Princess Miranda again. "Bright Lugia, as your watch you keep, From the starry skies, o'er this land of sleep, Look down now, and pity me! Oh! where is my loved one? Where do his footsteps stray? And does he now think of me?"

    "I know nothing about your loved one, princess," he replies in a gentle deep voice for Lugia; "but Ho'oh is coming to herald the day, she will will surely be able to tell you."

    Some applause goes up in awe of Brock ability in handling so many personas. "The next morning, Ho'oh began her daily flight across the sky, but Princess Miranda waited until Ho'oh was just over the tower, and called..." Brock then assumes Princess Miranda's voice again. "Oh heart of the world! bright sun! Look on me, in this prison undone! Have pity on me! Oh! where is my loved one? Through what lands do his footsteps stray? And does he now think of me?"

    "Princess Miranda," he explains in gentle female voice for Ho'oh, "Dry your tears, your lover is on his way to you, from the bottom of the deep sea, from under the coral reefs; he has won the enchanted sapphire ring; when he puts it on his finger, his army will increase by thousands, regiment after regiment, with Ponyta and foot; the drums are beating, the swords gleaming, the flags flying, the arrows whistling, they are bearing down on the empire of Darkrai. But he cannot conquer him by force of mortal weapons alone. I will teach him a surer way; and there is hope that he will be able to rescue you from Darkrai, and save your country. I will hurry to your prince. Farewell."

    As himself, Brock continues. "Ho'oh flew on over a wide country, beyond the deep seas, beyond high mountains, where a young prince named Aidan, who wore a shining helmet, on a gallant Rapidash, was preparing to march against Darkrai. He had seen Princess Miranda many times in a dream, and had heard much about her, for her beauty was famous throughout the world."

    "There's the hero..." Clemont smiles at Bonnie, who is watching Brock with stars in her eyes.

    "Dismiss your army," Brock instructs as Ho'oh. "No army can conquer Darkrai, no mortal arrow can reach him; only you can only free Princess Miranda by killing him, and how you are to do it, you must learn from the keeper of spellsong, Meloetta. I can only tell you where you will find the Rapidash that will carry you to her. travel towards the east; you will come to a green meadow, in which there are three oak trees; and among them you will find hidden in the ground an iron door, with a large padlock; behind this door you will find a shining Rapidash, and a sword; this is all I can tell you for now."

    He waits for the applause to quiet before continuing as himself "Now, Prince Aidan was quite surprised at this; but he took off his enchanted sapphire ring and threw it into the sea; and with it all his great army vanished into the mist, leaving no trace behind. He turned to the East and traveled onwards on his own."

    This is getting better and better... Clemont grins, trying oh-so-hard not to laugh at Bonnie's dreamy look as she savors Brock's every word.

    "After three days he came to the green meadow, where he found the three oak trees, and the iron door, as he had been told." Brock continues. "It opened into a narrow, crooked stairway, going downwards, leading into a deep dungeon, where he found another iron door, closed by a heavy iron padlock. Behind this he heard a Rapidash neighing, so loudly that it made the door fall to the ground, and at the same moment eleven other doors flew open and there came out a Shining Rapidash, which had been shut up there for ages by a wizard, only to be set free in times of great need. Prince Aidan whistled to the Rapidash..." Bonnie's laughter is the loudest as she recognizes Brock whistling Epona's Song. "The Rapidash tugged at her fastenings, and broke twelve chains by which she had been held. Her eyes were like stars, and her mane burned in sapphire blue flames--to find a Rapidash like her was rare indeed."

    "Prince Aidan!" he calls, using a mimic of Serena for the Rapidash. "I have long waited for such a rider as you, and I am ready to serve you forever and always. Climb on my back, take that sword in your hand, which you see in the sheath by the saddle; you need not fight with it yourself, for it will shoot a beam of light wherever you command it, and beat a whole army. I know the way everywhere; tell me where you want to go, and I will take you there."

    "Just like in the princess' dream!" Bonnie gasps.

    "Prince Aidan told his new friend, who he named Epona, everything; took the sword of light in his hand, and sprang on her back." Brock goes on. "They flew over mountains and forests, higher than the flying clouds, over rapid rivers, and deep seas; but when they flew along the ground Epona's light feet never trampled down a blade of grass, nor raised an speck of dust on the sandy soil."

    Once back in his place at center stage, Brock continues "Before sunset Prince Aidan had reached the mystical forest where Meloetta lived. He was amazed at the size and age of the mighty oaks, pine trees and firs, where there reigned a perpetual daylight. And there was absolute silence—not a leaf or a blade of grass stirring; and no living thing, not so much as a Fletchling, or the hum of a bug; only amidst this grave-like stillness the sound of Epona's hoofs. Prince Aidan stopped before a clearing filled with a rainbow of flowers--many of them not seen in the mortal realm."

    "Ooh..." Bonnie gasps in awe as she imagines Meloetta's enchanted garden.

    "Meloetta was resting inside the huge red rose in the very center of the clearing." Brock explains. "When she saw him, she asked..."

    In his best mimic of Melody, he asks "How did you get here, Prince Aidan, where very few living souls have trod?"

    As himself, he narrates "Prince Aidan told Meloetta of his quest, and she told him..."

    As Melody, he continues "You have undertaken a great and splendid task, so I will tell you how to kill Darkrai. In the great sea, on the island of eternal life, there is an old oak tree; under this tree is buried a pitcher bound with iron; in this pitcher is a Buneary; under the Buneary sits a shining Ducklett; this Ducklett carries within her an egg; and in this egg is Darkrai's soul. Only when the egg is broken will he die."

    "Meloetta also taught Prince Aidan the art of spellsong before he left the forest and came to the shore of the ocean." Brock continues as himself. "On the beach was a fisherman's net, and in the net was a great Seaking struggling to get out. "Prince Aidan felt sorry for the Seaking so he took the fish out of the net, and threw it into the sea, where it splashed in the water, and vanished. The prince looked over the sea, and saw the island in the grey distance, far, far away; but how was he to get there? He leaned upon his sword, deep in thought." Some giggles go up as Brock leans against an imagined sword. "Then Epona told him...

    As Epona, he instructs "Didn't Meloetta tell you that to cross the sea, you need only sing 'Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...'? Try that spell, and hold on tight."

    As himself, Brock continues. "So the prince sang to the wind Rou iitsa ron selga vichii..., and held on tight to Epona's thick mane. A mighty rushing wind arose, and the sea was somewhat rough; but rider and Rapidash pushed on, through the billows, and at last came to shore on the island of eternal life. The prince turned Epona loose to graze in a meadow, and walked on quickly to a high hill, where grew the old oak tree. No matter how much he pulled at it; the oak resisted all his efforts. But he kept pulling, and the oak fell with a crash to the ground, with its roots sticking up in the air, and there, where they had stood firmly fixed for hundreds of years, was a deep hole."

    Bonnie swallows hard, as if expecting a monster in the hole. "Looking down he saw the iron-bound pitcher; so Prince Aidan picked it up, broke open the lock with a rock, opened the lid, picked up the Buneary lying in it by its ears; but at that moment the Ducklett, which had been sitting under the Buneary, squawked with alarm, and flew off straight to sea. The prince fired a shot after her; the arrow hit the Ducklett; she gave one loud quack, and fell; but in that same instant the egg fell from her—down to the bottom of the sea. Prince Aidan gave a cry of despair; but just then, the Seaking he had helped before came to the shore, with the egg in its jaws, and left it on the sand."

    "Whew..." Clemont heaves a sigh of relief at this.

    "The Seaking swam away; but Prince Aidan, taking up the egg, mounted Epona once again; and they swam till they reached Princess Miranda's island, where they saw a great iron wall stretching all around her white marble palace." Brock continues. "There was only one entrance through this iron wall to the palace, and before this lay the monstrous Hydreigon. Prince Aidan stood on the hill before that gate, and commanded his sword, which also had the ability of becoming invisible, to go and clear his entrance to the palace in a spellsong: Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    Bonnie's cheers are the loudest as Brock narrates the play-by play of the battle. "The sword fell upon the Hydreigon and began to strike his heads with such force, that all his eyes became bloodshot, and he began to hiss fiercely; he shook his three heads, and stretched wide his three horrid jaws; he spread out his forest of claws; but this didn't help at all, the sword kept on battering him with beams of light, moving about so fast, that not a single head escaped, but could only hiss, groan, and shriek wildly! Now it had given a thousand blows, the blood gushed from a thousand wounds, and there was no help for the Hydreigon; he raged, writhed about, and shrieked in despair; finally, as blow followed blow, and he could not see who gave them, he gnashed his teeth, spat out rivers of flame, and even turned his claws upon himself, plunging them deep into his own flesh, struggled, writhed, twisted himself round, and in and out; his blood flowed freely from his wounds...until it finally died with exhaustion."

    "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!" Bonnie is elated, but Clemont's hand calms her down--there's still Darkrai to deal with.

    "Prince Aidan, meanwhile, went into the courtyard of the palace, put Epona into the stable, and went up a winding stairwell, towards the tower." Brock continues. "Princess Miranda was elated, and told him..."

    As Princess Miranda, he smiles "Welcome, Prince Aidan! I saw how you disposed of the Hydreigon; but do be careful, for my enemy, Darkrai, is in this palace; he is most powerful, both through his own strength, and through his dark magic; and if he kills you, I don't know what I will do."

    "Princess Miranda, don't worry about me. I have the life of Darkrai in this egg." he assures the audience in a mimic of Ash for Prince Aidan. Then he sings as Ash Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    As himself, Brock continues "The sword heard Aidan's spellsong, broke down the iron doors, and attacked Darkrai; it smote him on the neck with many beams of light, till he crouched all together, the sparks flew from his eyes, and there was a noise of so many beams in his ears. If he had been an ordinary mortal it would have been all over in seconds; as it was, he was horribly tormented, and puzzled—feeling all these blows and hearing the beams of light, and never seeing where they came from. He sprang about, raved, and raged, till the whole island resounded with his roaring. Finally, he worked up the strength to look through the window, and there he saw Prince Aidan. He flew out into the courtyard, to rush straight at him, and beat him to a pulp!"

    Everyone holds their breaths as Brock goes on "But Prince Aidan held the egg in one hand; and he squeezed it so hard, that the shell cracked and the yolk and the white were all spilled together ... and Darkrai fell dead right there!"

    "NOW the bad guy's gone..." Clemont smiles as Bonnie cheers for Prince Aidan's victory.

    "With Darkrai gone, all his spells were broken." Brock continues. "All the people in the island woke up, and began to stir, having no memory of what had happened. The soldiers woke from sleep, and the drums began to roll and the trumpets sounded; they formed their ranks and began to march towards the palace. In the palace there was great joy; for Princess Miranda came towards Prince Aidan, gave him her hand, and thanked him warmly. They went to the throne room, and following the princess's example, her twelve maids paired off with twelve young officers of the army, and the couples grouped themselves round the throne, on which the prince and princess were sitting. They summoned the royal priest, and were married right then and there."

    He concludes "After the wedding there was a feast, dancing, and music. For all I know, the celebration is still going on even today."

    Bonnie's and Clemont's applause is the loudest as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 160: The Legend of Riordan)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 160: The Legend of Riordan

    (real tale: The Ashlad and the Beasts)

    "Once upon a time there was a man who had an only son named Riordan, but as he was very poor, when he lay on his deathbed, he told his son he had nothing in the world but a sword, a bit of coarse linen, and a few crusts of bread to leave him." Brock begins. Well, after his father joined Arceus in the heavens, Riordan decided to go out into the world to seek his fortune; so he set the sword at his side, and took the crusts and laid them in the bit of linen for food on his journey."

    He adds as an aside "You have to understand that they lived way up on a hillside in the forest, far from any villages or towns."

    "Oh"s go up at this. "His route took him over a high hill, and when he had got up high enough to see most of the land, he spotted an Entei, a Talonflame, and a Sandslash all fighting over a dead Ponyta." Brock continues. "Understandably, Riordan was afraid when he saw the Entei, but the Entei asked him to figure out how best to divide the Ponyta between the three of them. So Riordan took his sword and cut the Ponyta into three even pieces as best as he could."

    After a few moments he continues "When he had finished, he explained why he had divided the Ponyta as he did. The Entei would have the most, because he is the king of the beast Pokemon; the Talonflame would have the best, because she is both beautiful and strong; and the Sandslash would have the skull, because he makes his keep digging in holes and crannies."

    "Ah"s fill the air as the audience realizes how Riordan came to that solution. "All three Pokemon were pleased with this arrangement; and they asked him what he would like to have for settling their dispute." Brock continues. "Riordan was touched, but said he didn't need to be paid. But the three Pokemon insisted he receive something for his trouble, so the Entei gave him a magical ruby, invoked by the song 'Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...' The Talonflame gave him a sapphire, invoked by the song 'Karuto, iichiida shou...', and the Sandslash gave him an emerald, invoked by the song 'Seios, higarima laisido...'"

    Excited chatter races through the auditorium--no matter how many times gibberish "spellsongs" are sung, they never get old. "After thanking the three Pokemon and bidding them goodbye, he threw aside his sword and bag, took the sapphire, sang..." Brock pauses to sing Karuto, iichiida shou.... "and transformed into a Talonflame. He flew a long way, till he came over a great lake. But when he had almost flown across it he got so tired he couldn't fly anymore; and as he saw a steep rock that rose out of the water, he landed there to rest. After resting in his human form for a while, he invoked the sapphire again..."

    He pauses to sing Karuto, iichiida shou... again. "to transform into a Talonflame, and flew away till he came to the king's castle in the capital city. He landed on a tree, just outside the windows of the princess' bedroom. When the princess--we'll call her Briana--saw the Talonflame, she got the idea to catch it. So she lured it to her; and as soon as the Talonflame came inside, she shut the window, and put him in a cage."

    Angry whispers waft through the air, but Brock continues "That night, Roirdan invoked the emerald..."

    After singing Seios, higarima laisido..., he continues "turned himself into a Sandslash, and used his powerful claws to climb out of the cage, return to his true form, and sit down by Princess Briana's bed. She was so surprised to see him there that she screamed, which woke the king up. Fearing his daughter was in danger, he raced into her room and asked what the matter was."

    "Oh!" he assures the crowd as Princess Briana, "there is someone here."

    As himself, he explains "But in all the confusion he had become a Sandshrew, climbed into the cage, and turned himself into a Talonflame, without either of them hearing the holy spellsongs of power. The king could see nothing for her to be afraid of; so he assured Princess Briana that it was just a bad dream and nothing more."

    Giggles go up at this. "But he was hardly out the door before it was the same story all over again." Brock goes on. "By about the third or fourth time this happened, the king was annoyed at not getting any sleep, and told Princess Briana not to scream like that again, or else."

    More nervous giggles fill the air as Brock returns to his place at center stage. "The king's back was hardly turned before Riordan was by Princess Briana's side again. This time she did not scream, although she was so afraid she did not know what to do. So Riordan asked why she was so afraid. Princess Briana explained that she was promised to a great ogre, and the very first time she came outside he was to come and take her. So when Riordan came she thought it was the ogre. On top of that, every week on the fourth day, a Hydreigon in the ogre's service came, demanding nine Emboars in tribute. The king had proclaimed that the one who could free him from the Hydreigon would get half the kingdom, and if the hero was male, Princess Briana too."

    Some mild applause goes up at this. "Riordan assured her he would do anything in his power to help." Brock goes on. "The next morning, Princess Briana went to her father the king and told him that there was a man in her room who would free him from the Hydreigon and his tribute. As soon as the king heard that, he was ecstatic, for the Hydreigon had eaten up so many Emboars as tribute that there would soon be no more left in the whole kingdom. It happened that day was the fourth day of the week, and so Riordan went to the spot where the Hydreigon demanded his weekly tribute."

    After pausing for a beat to savor the excited looks on the audience's faces, Brock continues "The Hydreigon came right on schedule, and fire and flames flared out of his nostrils when he did not see his tribute. He flew down on Riordan as though he would eat him alive. But Riordan took the ruby and sang..."

    He pauses to sing Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... "turned himself into an Entei, and fought with the Hydreigon, and tore one head off him after another. The Hydreigon was strong and spat fire and venom. But as the fight went on he hadn't more than one head left, though that was the toughest. Riordan got that torn off too, which killed the Hydreigon. But Riordan wasn't done yet--he went and slew the ogre in the same manner."

    He concludes "You can imagine the joy and happiness when they returned to the castle. Riordan and Princess Briana were married, and they say the celebration lasted seven whole weeks, if not more."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 161: Why Acorns Are Small)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 161: Why Acorns are Small

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 79, story 1)

    "In a certain village lived a man who planted a field on a hill--but he still worked hard every day nonetheless." Brock begins. "At the bend in the road leading to town was a huge oak tree, where a shrine to Celebi stood. Every day when he returned from town, the man would offer one of his leftover vegetables to Celebi as thanks."

    He then looks up for a moment, as if he is the man looking at the oak tree. "He looked up at the huge tree, and wondered how such a big tree produces tiny fruit. He felt sorry for the Parchirisus that gathered the acorns every fall--it's a wonder they are not hungry after eating them, he thought."

    He looks off stage right, as if expecting someone to appear there. "Just then, a huge gust of wind knocked him down, and Celebi appeared to him." Brock continues, to some giggles as the crowd pictures the man's reaction. "He quickly apologized for being rude, but Celebi assured him..."

    "Oh, no, no, it's okay! Since I am a Legendary Pokemon, I can make the acorns bigger, if you want." he offers as Celebi.

    As himself, he narrates "He then demonstrated by singing..." He pauses to sing as Celebi Seios, higarima laisido...

    "...which made the acorns double in size!" he announces as himself, making a form in the air to show the audience just how big the acorns got.

    Chuckles go up as Brock catches himself. "The man realized that at that size, the branches of the tree would break! When Celebi asked him what to do instead, he began telling Celebi more about how he thought plants should look. Celebi just sang... He then sings as Celebi Seios, higarima laisido... again before continuing as himself. "making the acorns triple, and then quadruple, in size."

    "Whoa"s, "Uh oh"s, and giggles of anticipation waft through the crowd. "Satisfied, the man continued home, but he did not expect a giant acorn to chase him down the hill!" Brock announces.

    The crowd roars with laughter at the turn of events. "A huge crowd of Parchirisus arrived some moments later, angry they couldn't open the acorns anymore." Brock continues. "On top of that, another huge acorn came flying at him,and was about to squish him..."

    Everyone is on the edge of their seats to know if the man was squished, but Brock reassures them "...until he woke up and realized his encounter with Celebi and the giant acorns was all a dream! When he saw the Parchirisu gathering nuts, he realized that maybe it was a good idea for acorns to be small after all."

    Laughter and applause fill the air as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 162: The Guardian Beasts)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 162: The Guardian Beasts

    (real tale: The Three Dogs)

    "Once upon a time, there was a king who went into the world and brought back a beautiful queen." Brock begins. "After they had been married a while, they had a little daughter, which they named Orla, because they thought her more precious than gold."

    "That's a pretty name..." Sachi smiles as she and some of the other Players listen from the wings.

    "There was great rejoicing in the city and throughout the kingdom, and the people wished their king well, since he was kind and just." Brock continues. "While the girl lay in her cradle, a strange-looking woman entered the room, and no one knew who she was or where she came from. She spoke a verse over the child, and said that she must not be allowed outside until she was sixteen years old, or else the mountain troll would take her. When the king heard this, he took her words to heart, and posted guards to watch over Princess Orla so that she would not get outside."

    "She and any other siblings will eventually step outside...." Rylan is unimpressed--the scenario Brock is describing is common in tales from Johto and Shinou.

    "A few years passed, and the king and queen welcomed another little daughter, which they named Ariana, after the silver moonlight that shone in her room the night she was born." Brock continues. "Again, the whole kingdom rejoiced. But the wise woman once more made an appearance, and warned the king not to let Princess Ariana outside until she too was sixteen years old. A few more years went by, and the couple got a third daughter, which they named Christina, for she had striking blue eyes that resembled crystals. This time, too, the wise woman appeared, and repeated what she had already said twice before."

    "How did His Highness react to this?" Lotta is piqued.

    "The king was troubled over what she had said; for he loved his girls more than anything in the world." Brock replies. "He gave strict orders that the three princesses were to be kept inside at all costs, and that none were to disobey this command."

    He pauses for a moment before continuing "Time passed, and the girls grew up and became beautiful young ladies. Then one year, war broke out and the king, their father, had to leave them. While he was away on the battlefield, the three princesses were sitting in the window and looking out, watching the sunshine on the flowers in the royal garden. They wanted to go outside and look at the lovely flowers, and begged their guards to let them go into the garden for a little while."

    "See?" Rylan grins at Lotta as he sees his prediction coming true.

    "At first, their guards would not let them, for they feared the king's anger." Brock explains. "But the princesses pleaded so very sweetly that finally they could not deny their pleas and they relented. But no sooner were the princesses outside, than a cloud came suddenly down and carried them away, just as the wise woman had said years before. All attempts to find them were fruitless; though they looked in every direction."

    "Did the king try to save them?" Yuki asks, concerned.

    The whole kingdom mourned and grieved, and the king was devastated when he returned home and learned all that had happened." Brock replies. "Yet what was done was done, and could not be undone. Since the king knew of no other way to help himself, he proclaimed throughout the kingdom that whoever could save his three daughters from the mountain troll would have one of them for his bride, and with her half of the kingdom. When this became known in other lands, many princes and adventurers set out with Ponytas and followers to seek the princesses."

    "And then?" Akane asks, her eyes shining with anticipation for a quest.

    "At the king's court were two princes who also went forth to see whether fortune would be kind to them." Brock continues. "We'll call them Adam and Douglas. They armed themselves as best they could with coats of mythril mail and costly weapons, and bragged and boasted that they would not return without having done what they set out to do."

    He pauses for a moment, then continues "Meanwhile, far out in the wild woods, there was a poor widow who had an only son--we'll call him Taran. He used to drive his mother's Tepigs to pasture every day. As he crossed the fields, he made himself a flute, and amused himself playing it."

    He adds as an aside "In fact, he played so sweetly that he warmed the hearts of all those who heard him."

    With that, Brock retrieves his own whistle and plays a relaxed melody to signal a scene change. "Now, one day Taran was sitting under a tree playing his flute while his three Tepigs were digging under the pine-roots. A very old man came that way, with the Legend of Thunder, Raikou, at his side." Brock continues, making Ash stop his next song in surprise, as if he is Taran. "When Taran saw Raikou, he thought to himself, 'If someone had one of the Legendary Beasts to keep him company here in the wilderness, he might consider himself lucky.'

    He then narrates "The old man noticed Taran's thoughtful look, and told him..."

    In a gentle older voice--his favorite voice for wise old men--he tells the audience "That is why I have come, for I want to exchange Raikou for one of your Tepigs."

    As himself, he continues "Taran was eager and willing, and easily sealed the deal. He received Raikou, and gave up a Tepig in return. But as the old man left, he said..."

    As the old man, he explains "You have reason to be satisfied with our trade, for Raikou is not like other Pokemon. Whatever you tell him to take hold of he will grab, even if it were the grimmest of trolls."

    As himself, he continues "Then they parted, and Taran thought that fortune had surely favored him.In the evening he called Raikou..." He pauses to sing Karuto, iichiida shou... for effect. "and drove his Tepigs home. But when his old mother heard that he had given away a Tepig, she was angry beyond measure, and gave her son a good beating."

    "Ow..." Rylan winces.

    "Taran told her to calm down; but all in vain, the longer it lasted the more furious she became." Brock intones. "Then, since he did not know what else to do, he sang for Raikou..." He sings Karuto, iiciida shou... again.

    Everyone is on the edge of their seats to know the mother's fate. "At that second, Raikou ran up, grabbed the old mother and held her so tightly that she could not move, but not so tight that it hurt her." Brock explains. "She had to promise her son to make the best of the matter, and then they made up. The next day Taran went to the forest again, with Raikou and the two Tepigs. After finding his favorite tree, he sat down and played his flute as he always did."

    The audience claps along as he starts another reel for effect. "Raikou danced to his playing with such skill that it was nothing short of a miracle." Brock narrates when he finishes the tune.

    He goes on "As he was sitting there, the old man came out of the wood again, and with him was Entei, guardian of flames. Taran wasted no time trading a Tepig for the Beast, but before the old man left he added,..."

    As the old man, he explains "You have reason to be well satisfied with your trade, for Entei is not like other Pokemon. If you give him something to attack, he will tear it to pieces, even if it were the grimmest of trolls."

    He then intones "Then they parted. Taran was happy that he had made a good deal; although he knew that his old mother would not be happy about it. When evening came, and Taran went home, his old mother was no less angry than she had been before. But this time she did not dare beat her son, because she was afraid of Raikou and Entei."

    He adds as an aside "Yet when someone has scolded for long enough, they usually stop by their own choice, and that is what happened here. Taran and his mother made peace with each other; though the mother thought to herself that the damage done could not well be repaired."

    As he makes his way back to center stage, Brock continues "On the third day Taran went into the wood again with his last Tepig, Raikou, and Entei. He felt very happy, seated himself on a tree-stump and played his flute as usual. And the Beasts danced to his playing with such skill that it was a pleasure to watch them."

    He next plays a waltz-like tune for effect. "As Taran was sitting there in peace and quiet, the old man again came out of the forest. This time he had Suicune, the guardian of the north wind, with him." Brock continues. "When Taran saw the handsome Pokemon, he was very willing, and agreed to close the deal. He received Suicune and gave up his last Tepig in return. Then the old man went his way. Yet before he left, he said..."

    As the old man again, Brock explains "You will be satisfied with your exchange, for Suicune is not like other Pokemon. His hearing is so keen that he hears everything that happens, though it may be happening thousands of miles away. He even hears the grass and the trees grow."

    As himself, he continues "Then they went their separate ways. Taran was happy that now he did not have to fear much in the world, except maybe running short of food for the Beasts."

    Nervous giggles go up at this. "When evening came and Taran went home, his mother was very sad to think that her son had sold all they had." Brock explains. "But Taran told her to cheer up, since he would see to it that they did not suffer. When he spoke to her in such a cheerful manner, she grew happy again, and decided that maybe her son knew what he was doing."

    "And then?" Morgan asks as she joins the Players in the wings.

    "The next day, Taran went hunting with the Beasts, and came back with more than enough meat to feed him, his mother, and the Beasts, and still have plenty left over." Brock goes on. "He continued to go hunting for some time, until his old mother's storeroom was well provided with meat and all sorts of good things. Then he told his mother goodbye, called the Beasts, and said he was going to go out into the world and seek his fortune."

    "What adventures awaited him?" Lotta asks, her eyes sparkling with anticipation of a quest.

    "He traveled over mountains and winding roads, and came into a deep forest, where he met the old man again." Brock replies.

    "Good day, grandfather, and thanks for everything!" he smiles in a mimic of Ash's voice for Taran.

    "Good day to you, and where might you be bound?" he asks in character as the old man.

    "I am wandering out into the world to see what fortune has in store for me." he replies as Taran.

    "Keep right on going till you come to the royal castle, and there your fortune will take a turn." he replies as the old man.

    The audience applauds at the one person role play. "And with that, they parted." Brock continues as himself. "Taran followed the old man's advice and continued on straight ahead. Whenever he came to a tavern, he played his flute and let the Beasts dance, and was never without room and board and anything else he might want."

    He then plays the tune "The Silver Sword" on an Eb whistle to signal a scene change. "After he had wandered long and far, he came to a great city, where the streets were filled with people." Brock continues. "Taran was wondering just what the old man meant, until he heard a herald proclaim that whoever could deliver the three princesses would receive one of them and half the kingdom too."

    "I was wondering when we'd see the princesses again..." Lotta smiles.

    "The lightbulb went off in Taran's head--now he knew what the old man had meant!" Brock grins. "He called the Beasts to him and went to the king's castle. But there had been grief and mourning since the day the king's daughters had disappeared. The king and queen were the most sorrowful of them all. Taran went to the guard, and asked him whether he might play and show the Beasts before the king. The courtiers were willing, for they hoped it might make him feel more cheerful. So he was admitted and allowed to perform. When the king heard him play, and had seen the skilful dancing of the three Beasts, he grew quite happy, and none had seen him as happy during all the time that had passed since he had lost his daughters."

    The Players clap along with the audience as Brock switches whistles and plays a set of tunes for effect. "When the show was over, the king asked Taran what he asked as a reward for having given him such a delightful performance." Brock continues.

    "I did not come to you to win gold and jewels." he explains as Taran, fingering the D whistle he used all the while. "But I have another request to make: that you allow me to set out and search for your three daughters."

    "You need not even think of delivering my daughters." he gasps in character as the king. "It is no child's play, and many others have already attempted it in vain. Yet should it really come to pass that you deliver one of the princesses, you may be sure that I will not break my word."

    As himself, Brock goes on "So Taran took leave of the king and set out. He decided to take no rest until he had found what he sought. He passed through many kingdoms without meeting with any notable adventures, and the Beasts followed him every step of the way. Suicune ran on ahead and listened for anything worth hearing to be heard around them; Raikou carried his master's bag, and Entei carried his master when he got tired of walking."

    "Did he find the princesses?"a girl in a left row asks.

    "I'm almost to that part, sweetie." Brock assures the girl before continuing "One day, Suicune came running up to Taran, and told his master that he had gone to a high mountain, and had heard Princess Orla, who sat within it and spun, and that the troll was not home. This greatly pleased Taran, and he hurried toward the mountain together with the Beasts. When they got there, Suicune said...

    In a deeper version of a young man's voice, Brock intones "There is no time to lose. The troll is only ten miles away, and I can already hear the golden horseshoes of his steed ringing on the stones."

    As himself, he continues "Taran ordered the Beasts to break down the door into the mountain, and they did. As he stepped inside, he saw a lovely maiden sitting in the mountain hall, winding a golden thread on a golden spindle. Taran went up and said hi to the lovely girl."

    "Who are you that dare to venture into the giant's hall?" he gasps in a mimic of Misty Princess Orla. "During all the time I have been sitting here in the mountain I have never seen another human being..hurry before the troll returns, or else he will kill you!"

    "Taran was not afraid, and said that he would wait for the giant." Brock continues as himself. "While they were talking together, the troll came riding along on his mighty Rapidash shod with gold. When he saw the gate standing open, he grew furiously angry and demanded to know who had broken down the door."

    "I did, and now I shall break you too!" he announces as Taran as he triumphantly poses with an imagined sword.

    "He then sang the three songs of power that summoned the three Beasts...." he narrates as himself before singing the three songs as Taran one after the other. Karuto, ichiida shou.... Then he sings Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Furiya, shuru shamato...

    "No sooner had he sang all three songs did the Beasts rush up, fall on the giant and tear him to a gazillion pieces." he goes on to some cheers. "Princess Orla was happy beyond measure, and gave Taran a grateful kiss on the cheek."

    A kiss sound effect plays for effect. "But he did not wish to stay there any longer--he saddled the majestic Rapidash, loaded it with all the treasure he found in the mountain, and departed with Princess Orla in tow." Brock continues. "They eventually located where Princess Ariana was being held, and saved her too. But when they came to where Princess Christina was being held, the giant that held Princess Christina knew what had happened to his cohorts. He decided to try and trick Taran, as he did not dare to venture on open battle. So he made many fine speeches and was very friendly with Taran. Then he told Princess Christina to prepare a meal in order to show his guest all hospitality."

    He then cautions "Taran was flattered by the smooth words and forgot to be on his guard. He sat down to the table with the giant. But out of view, Princess Christina cried for him and the Beasts were very restless."

    "Uh oh..." Lotta swallows hard at Taran's fate.

    "When the giant and his guest had finished their meal, Taran asked for a drink." Brock goes on. "The giant told Taran that there was a spring with the clearest water near the cave, but he didn't know exactly where it was. Taran offered to send one of the Beasts looking for it, and the giant loved the idea--with the Beasts distracted by a fool's errand, he could easily kill Taran and avenge his comrades!"

    "So THAT's his little game, is it?" Akane smirks.

    "Taran told Raikou to travel to the spring, and the giant handed him a huge barrel to carry the water." Brock continues. "So Raikou went; albeit very reluctantly. After a few days, Taran got worried and told Entei to go and see why Raikou had not yet come. Entei was reluctant to leave his master, but went anyway, even though he knew Taran was about to fall for a deadly trap hook, line, and sinker--that was why Princess Christina cried for many nights on end."

    "Did he ever figure out it was a trap?" Yuki worries.

    "A few more days passed with no water or Beasts to be had." Brock intones. "When Taran sent Suicune to find Raikou and Entei, he too fell into the same trap--a magical barrier they seemingly could not escape from."

    "Oh no!" Rylan gasps.

    "Key word here is seemingly." Lotta assures Rylan, which calms him a little.

    With the three Beasts gone, the giant saw his chance to kill Taran." Brock continues. "Naturally, Taran was frightened, and he regretted he had allowed the Beasts to leave him."

    "I do not ask for my life, since one day I will be called home to the heavens." he explains as Taran before readying the D whistle to play. "But I would like to play a tune on my flute, as my final request."

    "The giant granted Taran's last request, but told him not to take too long." he continues as himself. "So Taran knelt down and began to play his flute till it echoed over hill and over dale."

    Some in the audience laugh as Brock plays the Zelda whistle theme for effect. "At that second the magic wall was broken and the Beasts were freed." he narrates. "They came rushing like a powerful storm and fell on the giant, directed by three songs of power!"

    He then sings the three gibberish songs again. Karuto, ichiida shou.... Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Furiya, shuru shamato...

    The audience roars with applause over the songs. "The Beasts flung themselves on the giant and tore him into a gazillion pieces." Brock continues. "Taran took all the treasures that lay in the mountain, hitched the giant's Ponytas to a gilded wagon, and drove off as fast as he could. When the king's daughters reunited, there was great joy, as you can imagine, and all three of them thanked Taran for delivering them from the mountain monsters. Taran fell deeply in love with Princess Christina, and they promised to be true to each other. The three princesses and Taran returned to a hero's welcome, and Taran served them with all honor and courtesy. and each of them tied their favorite ring to his belt in remembrance of his brave deed."

    He concludes. "Taran went on many more adventures with the Beasts, but that is another story for another day!"

    The Players and the audience applaud as Brock pockets the whistle and takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 163: The Talonflame of the Willow Tree)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 163: The Talonflame of the Willow Tree

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 79, story 3)

    "Many times on journeys, there are often outposts that sell food and drink to travelers." Brock explains as he arrives onstage, quieting the chatter. "Somewhere in Kalos, a great willow tree grew by one of these outposts, providing shade on hot days and shelter on rainy days. A Talonflame nested in its branches, and would watch the travelers enjoy their meals and drinks and chat as they rested beneath the willow tree."

    Once the auditorium is quiet, Brock delivers the story's first bombshell. "One day, the Pokemon Master demanded the Talonflame as a pet. So the Talonflame was captured and taken to the Kalos League."

    Angry whispers race through the crowd at this. "A few days later, the son of the outpost's owner--whose name was Shuryo--was out hunting when he tripped on a tree root and fell." Brock continues, quieting the uneasy crowd. "Luckily a girl had seen him fall, so after assessing his wounds and cleaning and dressing them, she took him home. The girl, whose name was Hinata, learned that it was just Shuryo and his mom working the outpost, so she offered to stay and help out. Hinata proved herself a hard worker, and it wasn't long before she and Shuryo fell in love, married, and had a daughter of their own, who they named Akane."

    "Aw"s go up at this. "One year, the Pokemon Master came again and demanded that the willow tree be cut down, with its wood going towards a great shrine to Arceus." Brock continues, to more uneasy chatter. "Although he resisted at first, Shuryo reluctantly agreed to cut the tree down. But no matter how hard they tried, all the woodcutter's axes kept breaking. Then Shuryo offered to cut it, and only his axe was able to cut the tree down."

    Nervous giggles go up as the crowd pictures the other woodcutter's axes breaking. "Next was how to move the log--no matter how many people tried, it wouldn't budge." Brock explains. "But when Akane asked to try, she could move it with the strength of a hundred people!"

    Awed chatter goes up at this. "Then Shuryo found that Hinata was gone, and saw a Talonflame circling around the stump, crying all the while." Brock continues. "Shuryo realized that Hinata was actually the Talonflame that lived in the tree, and he had cut down her home."

    "Oh"s fill the air as the audience puts two and two together. "When the shrine to Arceus was completed, Shuryo and Akane were the first ones to offer prayers." Brock explains. "As they asked Arceus for forgiveness for cutting down the willow tree, a Talonflame flew inside the shrine and perched on one of the rafters. Shuryo realized that the Talonflame moving into the shrine was a sign that Arceus had forgiven him, and Hinata would now watch over the shrine."

    He concludes "In fact, the Talonflame still resides in that shrine to this day."

    "Aw"s and applause fill the air as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 164: The Legend of the Spirit Sword)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 164: The Legend of the Spirit Sword

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 80, story 3)

    "There was once a boy named Kaitou who worked as a servant in a warrior's home." Brock begins. "But deep down, Kaitou longed to be a warrior too, and would often hide in the garden and watch his master polish his sword--even though he was not supposed to."

    "Ooh"s fill the air as the audience wonders what will happen when--or if--Kaitou is caught. "His master learned of this, and was honored that someone in his household was interested in swordsmanship." Brock explains. "He allowed Kaitou to come watch whenever he polished his swords, so he could see how it was done up close."

    Once back in his usual place at center stage, he goes on "Eventually, Kaitou asked for a sword of his own. His master refused, but Kaitou didn't take no for an answer, and went to the town smithy that afternoon. The smithy warned him that swords didn't come cheap, but Kaitou offered to bring him a portion of the wood he cut every day as a payment. The smithy agreed, and Kaitou made good on his vow, as well."

    Brock then draws a prop sword with gold inlays, making the crowd ooh and ah over the beautiful blade. "The day Kaitou received his sword, he christened it "Rei no Ken"--the spirit sword." he explains before sheathing the sword. "Since he now had a sword of his own, he no longer wanted to watch his master clean his sword. His master found this very strange, and decided to find out what was going on. The warrior was amazed at how beautiful Rei-no-Ken was, and offered to buy it. Kaitou refused--Rei-no-Ken was his, and his alone."

    Angry whispers waft through the crowd at the turn of events. "Kaitou was kicked out of the house, so he made his way to the town shrine to ask for some direction of where he should travel in the morning." Brock continues. "As he contemplated his dillema, he heard a girl crying for help. When he asked the girl--we'll call her Miyako--what the matter was, she told him that she was due to be a sacrifice to the dark dragon-bird Yveltal, and he needed to flee. Kaitou said no--the cycle of appeasement needed to be stopped."

    A sound effect of Yveltal's distinct cry pierces the air, and some in the crowd gasp as a majestic Yveltal puppet "flies" onstage, headed for where Brock is standing.

    Yet Brock is fully aware of the puppet "flying" for him as he narrates "Yveltal arrived some moments later, and after a long and drawn out battle, Kaitou emerged victorious!"

    With that, the lights go down, save for avian cries of pain and the clangs of a sword as Brock "fights" the puppet. Many of the children in the crowd decide to cheer Brock on, as if Kaitou's battle with Yveltal really is happening before their eyes.

    After a few agonizing minutes, the audience roars over a bird-like dying scream that signals Brock has delivered the final blow. Sure enough, when the lights come up again, Brock is looking over the "dead" puppet. "Kaitou was hailed as a hero, and it wasn't long before he and Miyako fell in love and married." he concludes. "Rei-no-Ken was given to the shrine as a treasure of Arceus, where it remains today."

    The crowd roars with applause as the puppeteers join Brock onstage to take a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 165: Calming The Warrior)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 165: Calming the Warrior

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 80, story 1)

    "Once a fisherman named Midon was out on the sea when a huge storm rolled in, capsizing his boat near the shore." Brock begins as he walks out on stage.

    He quickly assures the panicked crowd "Thankfully, he survived with only a broken leg, but it was still a long road to recovery. Since he couldn't work with a broken leg, and his mother could hardly work herself, he decided to borrow some money from a renowned warrior in his village to make ends meet until he was able to work again. The warrior felt sorry for Midon and decided to help him, saying that when he was able to fish again, to bring his first catch as payment."

    After a few tense moments, Brock continues,walking around the stage as he speaks. "A few months went by, and Midon's leg hadn't gotten much better. As he sat in what remained of his fishing boat, he wished he could go out to sea again. On top of that, the warrior was getting very impatient, and constantly asking when his first payment would arrive."

    Angry murmurs go up from the crowd, some in support of the warrior, and others sympathizing with Midon. "Try as Midon might to buy more time, he still could not come up with the money to repay his debt." Brock intones, making the murmurs intensify. "The warrior looked everywhere for him, and finally found him in a cave where fishermen often took shelter during a storm. When confronted, Midon tried to buy more time, but the warrior was bent on killing Midon for what he believed was stealing."

    The murmurs turn to gasps--surely the warrior is not about to kill an innocent man! "But before the warrior attacked, he heard Midon singing an old hymn to Lugia, particularly a verse about not rushing to anger. The warrior calmed down, and figured Midon really was telling the truth." Brock explains, calming the crowd. "Yet every time the warrior would try to kill Midon and his mother for their supposed stealing, he would hear that same line from the hymn..."

    He then sings to the tune of Lugia's Song Do not rush to anger, do not judge what you don't know.

    "Oh"s go up as Brock continues "A year went by, and Midon managed to repay his debt and still have plenty left over. As the warrior took his payment, he added that he owned Midon an apology and some thanks--had he not heeded the warning from the hymn, he probably would have killed an innocent man. They decided to leave some of the money in the cave, as an offering to Lugia."

    He concludes "That cave now stands as sacred to Lugia, and people still leave offerings to Lugia there even today."

    The crowd heaves a sigh of relief and applauds as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 166: The Shining Entei)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 166: The Shining Entei

    (real tale: The Golden Lion)

    "There was once a rich merchant who had three sons." Brock begins. "One day the eldest came to him, and asked for his permission to go out into the world and seek his fortune. So the father ordered a beautiful ship to be prepared, and the young man sailed away."

    Excited whispers fill the air as the audience debates what adventures the eldest sun will get into. "After some weeks went by, the ship arrived in the port of a large town, and the eldest son went on shore." Brock goes on. "The first thing he saw was a large notice on the town message board saying that if anyone could find the king's daughter--we'll call her Lori--within eight days, he would have her as his bride. If he failed, it would be his life in exchange if the elements didn't claim him first."

    Nervous giggles fill the room at this. "As he read this proclamation, the eldest son figured that saving a princess sounded easy enough, so he went and told the king that he wanted to look for Princess Lori." Brock goes on. "The king accepted his challenge, and told him Princess Lori was somewhere in the palace, and reminded him that if he failed in eight days, it would be his life in exchange. The eldest son looked from top to bottom for Princess Lori, but was still looking after eight days, and so gave up his life in exchange."

    Some murmurs fill the air as Brock continues. "Meanwhile, the middle son feared the worst had happened to his brother, and asked his father if he could go look for him. So another ship was prepared, and the middle son sailed away, and was blown by the wind into the same harbor where his brother had landed. When he saw the first ship in the port, he figured his brother wasn't too far off, and came on shore. As he jumped onto the pier he saw the notice about Princess Lori, and he concluded that his brother tried to find her, and lost his life in exchange. He vowed he would try himself--after all, how hard could saving a princess be?

    He then intones "But he fared no better than his brother, and eight days later he too lost his life."

    Piqued murmurs fill the air at how the youngest brother--whatever Brock has named him--will succeed. "So now there was only the youngest--we'll call him Todd--at home, and when the other two never came he too begged for a ship so he could search for his lost brothers. So a third ship was prepared, and Todd eventually came to that land as well. When he saw the notice, his heart sank when he figured out his brothers' fates. Even so, he decided to try his luck, and set off down the road to the castle. On the way he met a very wise woman, who told him to ask the blacksmith to make him a music box that looked like a Shiny Entei, with eyes of crystal."

    Once back in his place at center stage, Brock continues "Todd did as he was told, and brought the Entei music box to the king, who was so delighted with it that he wanted to buy it. But Todd refused every offer. Then the king asked if Todd could leave it with him for a few days--as he figured Princess Lori would want to see it. Todd agreed to this, and when the king wasn't looking, he hid inside the golden Entei--who was just large enough for a person to fit inside."

    "Oh"s fill the air as Brock goes on "The king took the golden Entei into his room and lifted some loose floorboards that concealed a hidden staircase, which he went down till he reached a door at the foot. This he unlocked, and found himself in a narrow passage closed by another door, which he also opened. Tood, hidden in the golden Entei, made a note of everything, and noticed that there were seven doors in all. After they had all been unlocked the king entered a lovely hall, where Princess Lori was chit-chatting with her eleven maids. All twelve girls wore the same clothes, and were so much alike, it was like seeing the same face in twelve mirrors."

    After a few tense seconds, he continues. "Princess Lori was enthralled by the Entei, and asked her father if she could play with it. The king said okay, and they all played with it until night fell. But Princess Lori took the Entei into her own room and laid it on the floor. She was just beginning to doze when she heard someone speaking to her, which made her jump. She was understandably freaked out at first, but Todd assured her he meant no harm, and desired above all things to have her for his bride."

    He pauses for a moment, then continues "Princess Lori warned Todd that if he couldn't pick her out from her maids he would still die. She told him that she would slip on her favorite diamond ring when her father wasn't looking, and by that he would know her."

    The audience wonders if Todd's plan will work. "The next morning the king took the Entei upstairs so that the rest of the court could enjoy it." Brock continues. "When no one was looking, Todd climbed out of the Entei, went to the king and told him that he wished to find Princess Lori. After being giving the same warning as his brothers, Todd told him to pull up the floorboards. "The king was confused, and told Todd there was nothing there. But as all his courtiers were watching him he did not like to make any more objections, and ordered the floorboards pulled up. Todd then want straight down the staircase till he reached the door; then he turned and demanded that the key should be brought. So the king was forced to unlock the door, and the next and the next and the next, till all seven were open, and they entered into the hall where the twelve maidens were standing all in a row, so alike that it was nigh on impossible for an untrained eye to tell them apart. But as he looked, one of them discretely put on a diamond ring. Todd ran to her and told the king that that girl was Princess Lori. The king admitted that Todd had beaten his challenge and commanded that a wedding feast should be held.

    He concludes "For all I know, they could still be celebrating even today."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 167: The Coins of Wisdom)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 167: The Coins of Wisdom

    (real tale: Ivan and the Coins of Wisdom)

    "Once upon a time a young man named Jack left his home and wife to seek work, for there was none to be found in his little town." Brock begins. "Finally, after traveling a long way from home, Jack found work with a farmer. They agreed to three hundred gold pieces in return for a year's work. When the year was up, the farmer gave Jack his three hundred gold pieces and told him that if he gave them back he would give him some valuable advice instead."

    Piqued murmurs fill the air. "Jack thought that sounded fair, and so the farmer told him 'Never leave the old road only to take a new one.'" Brock cautions. "The farmer had treated Jack so well, he wanted to stay for another year. When that year came to an end, the farmer offered him the same bargain, to trade his wages for wisdom. Again Jack agreed, and the advice was this: 'Never lodge with a greedy man.'"

    Whispers of agreement waft through the air at the advice. "Jack stayed for a third year, and the farmer again paid in advice instead of coins. 'Honesty is always best' was that year's wisdom." Brock goes on. "By the end of the fourth year, Jack decided it was time to come home. He took his wages and a beautifully made chocolate cake. The farmer told him to save the cake to share during their most joyous time together."

    "Mm"s fill the air as the audience pictures what the chocolate cake may have looked like. "Jack agreed to do just that, said his goodbyes, and set off on the long journey home." Brock continues. "After many uneventful days of traveling, he ran into three merchants from a town in his own region. They were glad to see him, and asked if he could join them on the journey home. So Jack walked along with his old friends, but soon they came to fork in the road. One way was the road they were on, and the other a completely different road. The merchants wanted to see what was on the other road, but remembering the farmer's wisdom, Jack shook his head, and they parted ways."

    After pausing for a beat, Brock goes on "Before long Jack heard the merchants calling for help after being ambushed by bandits, so Jack cried, as loudly as he could..."

    He nearly screams in a mimic of Ash "Thieves coming to get you!"

    As himself, he continues "When the bandits heard the shouts, they feared a rival bandit gang was about to attack them, so they ran away."

    The crowd applauds at this. "When the three merchants met Jack again, they bowed to him, grateful for his saving their lives." Brock goes on. "They were coming into town, and the merchants offered for him to stay in the first inn they passed on them. Jack looked at the tall stone inn, and told his companions that he wanted to meet the host. So the merchants introduced them to a grizzled old man who sat at a table counting his money. Remembering the farmer's second piece of advice, Jack politely declined his friends' offer, and went to stay in another inn nearby."

    "Uh ohs" waft through the crowd. "As he was walking out, he happened to see the innkeeper whispering to a monk, and so that night, he snuck into the inn and hid in a half-open closet, for he figured that the monk and innkeeper were up to something." Brock intones. "Sure enough, when everyone was fast asleep, Jack saw the monk sneak into a room, and when he came out, he was carrying a sack of coins. Careful not to let the monk see him, Jack took a pair of scissors from his pocket and snipped off a piece of the monk's tunic as he tiptoed past the closet. Then Jack slipped back into his hiding place."

    "Ooh"s go upas Brock goes on "The next day the guard came to the inn to arrest the three merchants. Someone, it seemed, had stolen a great deal of money from one of the guests, and the innkeeper blamed the merchants, as they were the only new guests present at the time. So the three merchants were hauled to court. Jack hurried there, and told the judge..."

    "Your honor, see this!" he announces as Jack as he holds up a piece of pantomime clothing. "I saw this monk stealing the money, in cahoots with the innkeeper, and here's the proof."

    He continues as himself "The judge trusted Jack, and set the three merchants free. The grateful men promised always to help Jack whenever he was in need. When their two roads separated, they waved farewell, and Jack hurried home to his wife. She was overjoyed to see him, of course, and had a big problem on her hands--she'd found a huge purse of gold coins. No one's name was on it, though she was pretty sure it belonged to the overlord of the region, and she was wondering what to do."

    The audience waits to hear what Jack will do "Jack remembered the farmer's third piece of advice, and told his wife they would go return it. The lord was not home, so they left it with the guard at the gate. Brock explains "For a few weeks their life was quiet, but one day the lord stopped at their house to ask if he might water his Ponytas. He was confused when jack's wife brought up the purses, so Jack explained that he had left the purse with the lord's guard. The lord returned home and asked his guard what had become of the purse, and the guard confessed he had spent them all. The lord was so pleased with Jack for his honesty, and so angry at his guard, that he hired Jack to take the guard's place. The pay was good, the housing wonderful, and Jack was happy with the way things had turned out."

    Brock grins as he looks out on the enthralled audience. "Then he remembered his master's cake, which he had carefully preserved for just the right occasion. Surely this was a moment of joy. He called to his wife, and together they cut into the cake, and lo and behold, inside were his wages for three whole years."

    Applause goes up as he concludes "Jack and his wife lived happily ever after, always grateful for the wisdom passed on by others."

    The applause intensifies as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 168: Wishes from Heaven)

    Wendy and Hibiki join Brock in telling this wild trickster tale....

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 168: Wishes from Heaven

    (real tale: Little Freddy with His Fiddle)

    "Wow..." Hibiki gasped as she arrived with Brock and Wendy in the wings."Your home theater's beautiful! I'm honored to be dancing here..."

    "The pleasure's all mine." Brock grinned. "Is everyone familiar with cues?"

    "I know when to play..." Wendy assured Brock as she checked her fiddle's tuning with a nearby piano.

    "...and I know when to dance." Hibiki assured Brock as she bent down to stretch. "After all, we did well when we practiced this."

    "Okay...I'm gonna get the story started while you two finish getting ready." With that, Brock jogged onstage to meet the cheering crowd.

    When all was quiet, Brock began "There was once a farmer who had an only daughter. The girl was prone to getting sick a lot, so she could not go out to work in the field or help around the house."

    Whispers of speculation waft through the room. "Her name was Carmina, but, since she was small for her age, everyone affectionately called her Mina." Brock explains. "At home there was not much to eat, and nothing at all to burn, so Mina's father went about the country trying to get the girl a job--any job--but there was no one who would hire Mina until they came to the sheriff. He was more than happy to hire Mina, for he needed someone to run errands for him, and there was no one who would take the job, since everybody knew the sheriff was a miser."

    "Ooh"s fill the air at this--if the sheriff is as bad as they think, he will receive his just desserts in a humorous, painful, or humorously painful fashion. "But the farmer thought it was better than nothing--Mina would get food, a roof over her head, and a warm bed to sleep every night, at least." Brock assures the crowd. "Now, after Mina had served three years, she wanted to leave, and the sheriff gave her all her wages at once--a gold piece for each year she had served. Mina thought three gold pieces was a lot of money, as she had never owned that much before. She went into the kitchen and got a little food in her bag, and set off on the road to buy herself more clothes. She was beyond thrilled, as she had never seen a gold piece before, and every now and then she felt in her pockets just to be sure they were all there, as if something could take them at any moment."

    After traveling a few laps around the stage to simulates Mina traveling, Brock returns to a chair at center stage. "So, after traveling a long way, she arrived near the top of the mountains." he explains as he settles in the chair. "Mina was not very strong, and had to rest every now and then. After weaving through the mountains in fits and starts, she came to a great plain overgrown with moss. There she sat down and began to see if her money was still there. As she was counting them for the umpteenth time, she saw a beggar by the side of the road. She felt saddened to see someone poorer than her, and so gave him one of her coins. Then she met two other beggars as well, and gave them a coin as well. Just then, Arceus appeared to her there on the road."

    He then turns to address someone in the shadows as Arceus. "Since you have such a good heart that you gave away all that you had , I will give you a wish for each coin you gave."

    He interjects as himself "Mina didn't know that Arceus had been the one to place the three beggars by the road, to test her generosity."

    Brock's spotlight expands to include Wendy, in the role of Mina. "Well, I have always had such a longing to hear a fiddle play, and see people so happy that they couldn't help dancing, and so if I can choose what I can wish for, I want to have such a fiddle, so that anyone and anything that hears it will dance."

    "Arceus wasn't sure if that was a good idea for a wish or not, but he gave Mina the benefit of the doubt, and gave her an enchanted fiddle that would make all who heard it dance." Brock narrates as himself. A stagehand discretely gives Wendy her instrument, making it appear to the audience the fiddle materialized from thin air. "Then he asked her what she wanted for her second wish."

    "I have always had such a love for hunting and target shooting." Wendy tells Brock. "So if I can choose what I wish for, I want to have a bow that will always strike true, even if the target were hundreds of miles away."

    "Arceus wasn't sure if that was a good idea for a wish either, but Mina had to have some way of getting food, and so he gave her a bow and thirty arrows that would always hit their mark, no matter how far away." Brock narrates. "Then he asked what her third wish was."

    "I have always had a longing to be with people who were kind and generous," Wendy explains as Mina. "and so, if I could choose my last wish, I wish that no one can say no to whatever I ask for."

    "Arceus was pleased with that wish, and knew Mina would not use that gift for bad things, so after assuring her he would always be watching over her, he departed to the heavens, Mina waving goodbye and thanking him all the while." Brock continues after acknowledging the applause. "So Mina lay down to sleep, and the next day she came down from the mountain with her fiddle and her bow. First, she went to the storekeeper and asked for clothes. Next at a farm she asked for a Ponyta, and at a second for a cart; and at another place she asked for a fur coat. No one said no to her requests-even the stingiest folk were all but forced to give Mina what she asked for. She traveled through the country as a fine lady, and had her Ponyta and cart. After she had gone a bit, she met the sheriff she had once served."

    "Good day, master," Wendy, now in an elaborate costume as Mina, waves to Brock.

    "Good day," Brock replies as the sheriff, "but when was I ever your master?"

    "Oh yes," Wendy replies as Mina, "don't you remember how I served you three years for three gold pieces?"

    "My goodness, now!" Brock gasps the sheriff, "you have grown rich in a hurry, and pray, how was it that you got to be such a fine lady?"

    "Oh, that is a long story," Wendy grins, to some giggles. in the audience.

    "And are you so full of fun that you carry a fiddle about with you?" Brock asks as the sheriff.

    "Yes, yes," Wendy smiles as Mina. "I have always had such a longing to see people dancing. But the funniest thing of all is this bow, for it brings down almost anything that I aim at, however far away."

    She points at something offstage. "Do you see that Starly, sitting in the fir tree 500 yards away? What will you give me if I hit it?"

    "Well," Brock thinks for a moment, then replies in character, "I'll give you all the money I have in my pocket, and I'll go and get it when it falls."

    He continues as himself "He never thought it possible for any arrow to go 500 yards--the best archers could get an arrow to go 200, maybe 300 yards, but 500 was a bit of a stretch. But as the arrow flew..." Wendy pantomimes shooting an arrow. "down fell the Starly, and into a great bramble thicket; and away went the sheriff up into the bramble after it, and he picked it up and held it up high for the girl to see. But just then Mina began to play her fiddle, and the sheriff began to dance, and the thorns to tear him; but still Mina played on, and the sheriff danced, and cried, and begged, till his clothes flew to tatters, and he hardly had a thread left on his back."

    With that, he watches as Wendy plays a set of tunes for Hibiki to dance to, the audience clapping all the while.

    When the set ends, Wendy says to Hibiki as Mina. "Now I think you're about as ragged as I was when I left your service; so now you may get off with what you have."

    "But first, the sheriff had to pay him all the money that he had in his pocket." Brock interjects. The audience laughs as Hibiki pantomimes giving Wendy some money. "So when Mina arrived in town she came into an inn, and there she began to play, and all who came danced and laughed and forgot all their worries and cares if only for one night, and so Mina without any care, for she was well loved, and well liked, and no one would say no to anything she asked."

    This time, he leads the clapping as Wendy plays another set for Hibiki to dance to. "But one evening just as they were getting ready for another night of fun, the town guard came and took Mina to court." Brock continues when the applause dies down. "The sheriff claimed she had waylaid him and robbed him and nearly taken his life. And the sentence for that kind of crime was hanging."

    Gasps go up at this. "The people were horrified that their beloved fiddler was soon to die." Brock continues. "But Mina had a cure for all trouble, and that was her fiddle. She began to play on it, and the entire brigade started dancing, and they danced and they laughed till they gasped for breath. So even more soldiers came, but it was no better with them than with the local guard. When Mina played her fiddle, they were all bound to dance; and dance as long as she could lift a finger to play a tune; but they were half dead long before she was tired."

    Laughter goes up as the audience claps along to another set. "Finally, they took Mina while she was asleep, and spirited her away to the execution plaza." Brock intones when the last note dies. There a great crowd of people came to see this wonder, and the sheriff too was there. He was glad to get even at last for the money and the clothes he had lost, and to see Mina hanged with his own eyes."

    He gives Wendy a nod as she steps in the scene, fiddle in hand. "And here came Mina, carrying her fiddle and her bow. Slowly she climbed the steps of the gallows,-and when she got to the top she sat down, and asked if they would let her play one last tune on her fiddle as her last request."

    He reaches for his guitar as he goes on. "The sheriff begged them not to let her have leave to touch a string, else it would be all over with them altogether. If the girl was to have leave, he begged them to tie him to the sycamore tree that stood nearby. Mina wasted no time in starting her set, and all that were there started dancing in spite of themselves, both those on two legs, and those on four. The mayor, the priest, the lawyer and the sheriff, masters and men, Growlithes and Tepigs-they all danced and laughed and barked and squealed at one another. Some danced till they lay down and gasped, some danced till they passed out. It went badly with all of them, but worst of all with the sheriff; for there he stood bound to the sycamore tree, and he danced till he scraped the clothes off his back."

    He adds as an aside. "You could say it was a sorry looking sight and a sore back."

    Cheers and more clapping fill the air as Brock joins in with Wendy in playing the finale set for Hibiki to dance to. "But there was not one of them who thought of doing anything to Mina--she was forgiven for her supposed crime, and away she went with her fiddle and her bow, wherever she chose, and she lived happily every day from that day on, for there was no one who could say no to her." Brock concludes over a flourish from his own instrument.

    "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" the crowd roars as Brock, Wendy, and Hibiki bow together...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 169: The Witch of the Forge)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 169: The Witch of the Forge

    (real tale: The Spell of the Blacksmith's Wife)

    Awed gasps fill the air as Brock arrives onstage in his Halloween costume--a beautiful purple, red and gold minstrel's outfit. "That's amazing!" Sachi, in costume as a cowgirl, notes from the wings.

    "Well, it's always a tradition to dress up for the show closest to Halloween--or on Halloween proper." Rylan, in costume as a knight from Final Fantasy, explains.

    That, and Brock usually has a scary story to tell that show." Lotta adds as she adjusts her red mage's hat. "But he doesn't reveal his costume until that day--and it's always a work of art." She lets that hang as Brock takes the harp and begins a quiet interlude to calm the chatter.

    "Once upon a time, long ago, two brothers worked as apprentices to a blacksmith--we'll call them Brian and Graham." Brock begins. "Now, Brian and Graham were hardworking young men and fast learners. For some time all was well--Brian, the younger brother, was always ready with a song and a smile, and Graham was strong and devoted to his craft. Their master was pleased with their work."

    He then intones over an ominous chord "But the blacksmith's wife feared the boys might steal her husband's trade, and so she decided to do something. As time went by, Brian began to grow thin and pale. His beautiful smile faded, and he lost his ability to concentrate. Graham noticed this, and he noticed his usually cheerful brother was always cranky. One autumn night, in the loft above the barn, Graham sat down at his brother's bedside, and asked what was wrong, if anything was bothering him. Brian's face grew paler and he began to tremble as he told his brother that seemingly no one could help him."

    "That is strange..." Lotta notes.

    "I have a sneaking suspicion I know why Brian's feeling bad..." Akane--in costume as a princess--muses.

    "Graham pleaded with his brother some more, and finally, Brian relented." Brock goes on. "He looked around to make sure no one was listening, and then, still afraid, he leaned close to his brother and told him that every night, the blacksmith's wife came to his bedside and sang a bizarre song. The minute she did, he transformed into a Ponyta."

    Intrigued murmurs fill the air. "Naturally, this surprised Graham, but he had no reason to doubt his brother's honesty. So he simply urged him to go on." Brock goes on, the harp quieting the chatter. "Brian told his brother how the blacksmith's wife was really a witch, and how she rode him over the plains, whipping him and kicking him all the while. After traveling for miles, she would lock him in a stable, and then he would watch through a window as she walked into a great hall at the top of a high hil, where she danced with other witches. When the dance ended, she would ride him back home at full gallop. He would often have just enough time to close his eyes before it was time to get up."

    "Oh"s fill the air as the audience figures out why Brian was so frightened. "Graham's heart broke for his brother, and he quickly suggested an idea--they would change beds that night, so Graham would see if his brother's story was true with his own eyes." Brock explains over an ominous chord. "Brian agreed, and the moment he was in Graham's bed, he fell fast asleep. An hour later, when all was quiet, the blacksmith's wife slipped into the loft and sang Gran zirtan vin fangan miti.... As Graham heard the strangely pleasant melody, he felt himself transforming from a strapping young man into a Ponyta. He followed the witch out of the barn."

    He starts a "running melody as he continues "Soon she was kicking him and whipping him as he galloped across the plains. He felt the wind in his face and the sweat on his brow as they raced under the moonlight. When they reached the top, true to his brother's tale, she locked the Ponyta into a stable and ran off to the hall to dance with the other witches."

    The audience waits in silence to hear Graham's fate. "As Graham waited and watched from the stable, he felt an itch on his face, and He rubbed his head against the wooden post." Brock continues. "As he did, he noticed a nail sticking out of the post. Using the nail, he managed to lift the bridle over his head, and as soon as it was off, he transformed back into his true form." Some mild applause goes up at the chord signaling a transformation.

    Once back in his place at center stage, he continues. "He hid in the shadows until the witch returned. When she walked in the door, he leaped out and sang his own spellsong: Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul....

    Cheers go up at the familiar haunting melody. "Among other things, this holy spellsong was said to turn a witch's spell back on the witch." Brock explains. "Sure enough, this time it was she who was transformed into a beautiful Ponyta." Some laughter goes up over the chord of transformation.

    He starts another series of flowing chords as he continues "Graham leaped on her back and now it was he who whipped and kicked and had that poor Ponyta galloping. He pushed her to run faster and faster until she was so out of breath that she nearly fainted. Soon they came to a forge run by a different blacksmith--Graham stopped and called out to the smith that he needed his mount shod. Naturally, the blacksmith obliged. Graham then rode the mare back home, and when they returned to the barn, he lifted off the bridle and released her from the spell.

    Once again, she looked like the blacksmith's pretty wife, but she hurried to bed and there she stayed, refusing to come out from beneath the covers. For days she lay there --faint and pale, refusing to budge. Her husband, the blacksmith, was sick with worry." Brock continues. "He called the doctor, and when the doctor came, he asked to feel her pulse. But she refused to give him her hand, and slipped deeper under the blankets."

    Giggles go up at the comical scene. "The blacksmith begged, and pleaded, and offered all kinds of bribes, but she refused every time." Brock explains.

    He then plays a soft chord to mimic pulling back blankets. "Finally, the doctor pulled back the blankets, and there were the horseshoes attached to her hands. When the blacksmith saw this, he screamed in horror, but the brothers came and told their master everything. With the blacksmith's wife's hands in horseshoes as the brothers' proof, everyone within miles knew she was really a witch."

    He concludes over a flourish "That very night, the blacksmith sent the witch away to cast her spells elsewhere."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 170: The Smiling Statue of Arceus)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 170: The Smiling Statue of Arceus

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 82, story 1)

    "A shrine in a certain village had a statue of Arceus smiling as its treasure." Brock begins as he arrives onstage. "A family lived by that shrine, and they loved each other so much, they went practically everywhere together."

    "Aw"s go up at this, but Brock has other ideas. "But one year, the mother caught a terrible disease, and after clinging to life for a few months, finally succumbed. As the father and son were returning from the funeral, the boy spotted the smiling Arceus statue, and believed his mother made Arceus smile."

    He explains in an aside "That's because 90% of Arceus statues either have a neutral or a stern expression."

    "Oh"s waft through the crowd as Brock continues "Every day, the boy visited the smiling statue, usually bringing some of his mother's favorite items as an offering. Not even rain, snow, or boiling hot sun would deter him from coming."

    Once back in his usual place at center stage, he continues. "His father, meanwhile, believed his son needed a physical mother figure in his life, and remarried. At first,the boy and his stepmother got along very well, but after a second child was born, she began to neglect him and treat him cruelly."

    Angry murmurs waft through the crowd at this. "One day, the father left to visit a friend in another town. This give the stepmother a chance to ramp up her abuse, even going so far as to starve her stepson." Brock intones, making the angry chatter intensify. "One night, she caught him trying to sneak some food, but his pleas prompted her to make a tiny onigiri, saying if the Arceus statue ate it, she would consider giving him some food." Brock continues, making a tiny form in the air to give his audience an idea of just how small the onigiri was. "The boy hurried to the statue, and lay the tiny onigiri at the statue's feet." He pantomimes doing this before an imagined statue. "Imagine his surprise when he saw the statue actually eat the onigiri!"

    "Wow"s and awed gasps fill the air. "The stepmother didn't believe him when he told her what had happened, and followed him when he went to deliver another tiny onigiri." Brock cautions, quieting the chatter. "Not only did the Arceus statue eat this onigiri too, he held the boy close, just as if it were alive. The stepmother realized that she was in the wrong for abusing and mistreating her son, and pleaded with Arceus to forgive her. Arceus forgave her and told her to treat her stepson as her own."

    He concludes "The family made amends, and to this day, the statue still remains, as a memorial to bonds that can't be broken."

    "Aw"s and applause fill the air as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 171a: The Legend of Prince Merick, part 1)

    @Chimchar98; @Protopost; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 171a: The Legend of Prince Merick, part 1

    (real tale: Mirko, the King's Son)

    The lights come up on the living room set, where the Players listen as Brock begins. "Once there was a king, and he had three sons. The king loved his three sons very much, and resolved to have them instructed in everything a prince needed to know, so that he might leave good heirs to the kingdom. So he sent his sons to school, where they did well for a while, but then they got tired of studying, dropped out of school, and returned home."

    "I bet the king was mad..." Lotta smiles as she makes herself comfortable next to Rylan on a couch facing Brock.

    "The king grew fiercely angry at this, forbade his sons to even show their faces, and locked himself in the easternmost room in the palace, where he sat at the window and looked towards the east as if waiting for something..." Brock confirms Lotta's guess. "With one eye he cried, and with the other he laughed."

    "How is it possible to cry and laugh at the same time?" Kano wonders.

    "When the three princes had come of age, they agreed to ask the king why he was always sitting in the easternmost chamber, and why one of his eyes was always crying, while the other was always laughing." Brock continues. "First the eldest son went in and asked the question, saying...

    In his best mimic of Kano, he asks "My father the king, I have come to ask why one of your eyes is always crying and the other always laughing, while you are looking continually towards the east".

    He intones as himself "The king looked his son up and down, and without saying a word, took a sword which hung at the window and hurled it at him with such force that it embedded itself into the door up to the hilt. The prince sprang through the door, thus escaping the blow aimed at him. When he came out his brothers asked what had happened. He answered: "Try yourselves; then you will know." The second brother tried, with the same result. At last, the youngest, who was named Merick, went in and explained why he had come. The king didn't answer him, but grabbed the sword in still greater anger, and hurled it at him so that it entered the stone wall up to the hilt. Merick did not jump away, but went to the sword, pulled it out of the stone wall, took it to the king, his father, and placed it before him on the table."

    The Players whisper to themselves how Merick was able to survive. "Seeing this, the king said to Merick..."

    In his standard "king" voice, Brock explains "I see now, my son, that you know somewhat better than your two brothers what honor is; so I will answer to you. My one eye cries at your insignificance, not being fit to rule; but my other eye laughs because when I was your age, I had a trusty comrade, the Hero of the Plain, who battled by my side, and he promised that if he should overpower his enemies he would come to live with me, so that we might pass the days of our old age together. For this reason I sit by the east window, because I await his coming; but every day there rises up against the Hero of the Plain, who dwells in the meadow, as many enemies as there are grass blades on the field. Every day he cuts them down; and until all his enemies have disappeared, he will not be able to come to me."

    As himself, he goes on "With that Merick left his father's chamber, came out to his brothers, and told them what the king had said. They counseled together again, and agreed to ask leave of the king to seek their fortune. First the eldest son went to his father and told him what he wished to do. The king consented, and the eldest brother went to the royal stables where he chose a good steed, which he saddled next day, and set out on his journey. After he had been gone a whole year, he rode home, bearing on his shoulders the top of the crystal bridge, which he threw down before the palace. He went in then, stood before the king, and told him where he had been and what he had brought back. The king heard his son's story to the end, and said...

    As the king again, he sighs "Oh, my son, when I was your age the road to the crystal bridge was a two hours' ride for me. You are a soft hero, and your name will be forgotten."

    "With that, the eldest son left his father's chamber." he continues as himself. "After him the second brother went in, and asked leave of the king to try his fortune. Having received it, he went also to the stables and chose a good steed, which he saddled, mounted, and went his way. At the end of a year he came home, bringing the top of the silver bridge, which he threw down in front of the palace; then he stood before the king, his father, and told him where he had been and what he had brought back."

    "Oh," he sighs as the king again, "when I was your age that was only a three hours' ride for me. You too are a soft hero; nothing at all will come of you."

    "What about Merick?" Akane asks. "What did he do?"

    "Well, he also asked to try his fortune." Brock replies. "The king consented, and Merick went to the stables to choose a steed. Finding nothing to his liking, he went out to the best Ponyta in the stables and examined it carefully, but could not decide which steed to take. Just then an old wizard happened to be passing that way, and asked what he wanted. Merick told him everything."

    "Oh, my master," he intones in a gentle older man voice--his go-to "good wizard" voice--"you will not find a Ponyta to your liking here, but I will tell you how to find one. Go to the king, your father, and ask him for the whistle with which in his younger days he called together his red flamed steeds. Sound this whistle and the Pokemon will appear. Choose not among the red flamed ones; but last of all will come a blue flamed mare, whose fur shines like the sun. Choose her; try your fortune with her".

    As himself, he narrates "Merick took the old wizard's advice, went to the king and said..."

    "My father, I have come that you may give me the whistle with which in your younger days you used to call your Ponytas." he asks in a mimic of Ash.

    "Who told you of this whistle?" he asks as the king.

    "No one," he answers as Merick.

    "Well, my dear son, if no one told you, you are wise; but if some man told you, he does not wish you harm. I will tell you where to find the whistle; the rust has eaten it up, perhaps, by this time. In the seventh cellar it is enclosed in the wall; look for it, take it out, and make use of it if you are able." he instructs as the king.

    As himself, he interjects "But what adventure awaited Prince Merick? I will tell you more next week!"

    "Aw"s and applause fill the air as Brock gets up to take a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 171b: The Legend of Prince Merick, part 2)

    @Chimchar98; @Protopost;, @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 171b: The Legend of Prince Merick, part 2

    (real tale: Mirko, the King's Son)

    "So what did Merick do with the magic whistle?" Yuki asks Brock as the players settle in on the living room set

    "Well, Merick called a mason, went with him to the seventh cellar, found the hollow place in the wall, took out the whistle, and carried it away." Brock explains as he settles in his chair, only pausing to fish out his own whistle from his pocket. Then, as he stood on the square before the palace, he sounded towards the east..." Brock then plays the Zelda whistle melody, to some giggles. "the west..." He then plays the familiar melody again. "the south..." He adds a little vibrato to the third repetition to make it sound more realistic. "and the north..." He repeats the melody a fourth time. "and after waiting a little while, he heard the golden bells ringing. There were so many of them, the whole city was resonating with the sound. The Ponytas came in, one more beautiful than the other in appearance and in breed. Then came the blue flamed mare; and when she came to the gate, Merick was speechless at how beautiful her shining fur looked."

    "I'm sure she was very beautiful." Akane smiles as she pictures Merick's reaction to the Shiny Ponyta.

    "When the Ponytas had stopped in the courtyard, Merick went up to the blue flamed mare, led her away to the stable, and then said that he had taken her to try his fortune." Brock goes on. "The magic mare, whose name was Epona, answered..."

    "That is well, my lord; but first you must feed me, for without that it will be hard to endure the long road." Yuki fills in Epona's voice.

    "What kind of food do you want? - for whatever my father has, I will give you with a good heart". Brock asks as Merick.

    "Very well, kind master; but a Ponyta must be fed before starting, not while on the road." Yuki gently reminds Brock as Epona, to some laughter.

    "I don't know what I can do," Brock explains as Merick, "except to give what I have with a good heart".

    "Bring me some Rindo Berries, and pour them into the manger". Yuki instructs as Epona.

    As himself, Brock narrates "Merick obeyed, and when the Rindo Berries were eaten, he brought some beans; and when those were eaten, Epona turned to Merick and said..."

    "Now bring me some glowing coals." Yuki fills in Epona's dialogue.

    "The coals were brought; and when she had eaten the glowing coals, she became such a beautiful Ponyta, that you needed sunglasses to even look at her, her fur shone so bright." Brock narrates, to some giggles. "Then she spoke further to Merick...."

    "Go now, my master, to the king, and ask him for that saddle which he used when he explored the meadow with me in his younger days." Yuki instructs as Epona.

    "Merick went to the old king and asked for the saddle. The king answered that it was useless, for it had been lost in the carriage house, but if he could find it, he could take it." Brock continues. "Merick went to the carriage house and found the saddle all dirty with a variety of old food, Pokemon dung, and Arceus knows what else."

    "Ew"s and giggles waft through the audience. "He took it, however, to Epona, which said that it was not proper for a king's son to sit on such a saddle." Brock explains. "Merick was about to carry it away and have a fresh cover put on, when she said..."

    "Place it before me." Yuki instructs as Epona.

    "He did as he was told, and she sang to it..." Brock narrates.

    Seios, higarima laisido... Yuki sings as Epona.

    "and in a flash of light it became a beautiful gold saddle studded in jewels." Brock narrates, to some light applause. "It was so beautiful that one like it could not be found in seven kingdoms."

    "Wow"s and excited whispers race through the audience. "With this he saddled Epona, and she said..." Brock's narration quiets the chatter.

    "Go now, my dear master, to your father, and ask him for the weapons and the sword with which he fought when he journeyed with me." Yuki instructs as Epona.

    "Merick asked his father, and the old king said they were on the shelf if he wanted them." Brock narrates. "Merick took them to Epona, who sang..."

    Seios, higarima laisido... Yuki sings again as Epona.

    "...to them, and in a flash of light, they became the most beautiful sword and weapons Merick had ever seen." Brock narrates, to some mild applause. "Merick put on the sword and took the weapons. Then the bridle was brought, and when sung to..."

    Seios, higarima laisido... Yuki sings again.

    "...it turned to gold like that." Brock narrates,snapping on the word "that" to illustrate his point. "Merick bridled Epona, led her out of the stable, and wished to sit in the saddle, but she said..."

    "Wait, my dear master; lead me out of the city first, and then sit on me." Yuki interjects as Epona.

    "He did what Epona said, and led her out of the city; then she stood still, and he sat in the saddle." Brock narrates.

    Yuki decides to role play the next scene with Brock. "How shall I bear you, dear master?" she asks as Epona.

    "Carry me as you wish," Brock replies as Prince Merick. "only manage so that I will survive the journey in one piece."

    "Well, close your eyes, and hold on tight." Yuki cautions as Epona. Brock, meanwhile, just reaches for his guitar, which is sitting by his chair.

    Brock starts a "running" melody as he narrates "Merick closed his eyes; and Epona raced off like a rushing whirlwind, and after a short time struck the earth with her foot, and said to Merick...."

    "Open your eyes! What do you see?" Yuki asks as Epona.

    "I see a great river and a crystal bridge" Brock answers as Merick.

    "That, my dear master, is the bridge the top of which your first brother brought home; but look for the open place". Yuki explains as Epona.

    "I see it, but where are we going from here?" Brock asks as Merick.

    "Only close your eyes; I will take you straight there." Yuki assures Brock as Epona

    "With that she moved as quick as a rocket..." Brock narrates over the guitar again. "and in a few moments struck the earth, stood still, and said to Merick..." He and Yuki then repeat the rigamarole again as their respective characters:

    "Open your eyes! What do you see?"

    "I see a great river, and across it a silver bridge."

    "That is the bridge the top of which your second brother took home; look for the open place".

    "I see it, but where do we go from here?"

    "Only close your eyes, I will take you right now".

    Some applause goes up over the guitar as Brock narrates "With that, she moved on like lightning, and in a flash stamped on the ground, and said to the prince..."

    The two of them perform the rigamarole as their characters again. "Open your eyes! What do you see?"

    "I see an enormously wide and deep river, across it a golden bridge, and at both ends of the bridge, at this side and that, are four unmercifully large Pyroars. Must we cross this bridge?"

    "Never mind, I'll manage; only shut your eyes".

    Brock then narrates as himself "Epona sped on like a swift Talonflame, and thus flew across the bridge." Some giggles go up as Brock plays a glissando up one string to mimic Epona's jump. "After a short time she struck the ground, and said..."

    "Open your eyes! What do you see?" Yuki begins the rigamarole as Epona.

    "I see," Brock replies as Merick, "a summitless, high glass mountain, as steep as the side of a house".

    "We must cross that very mountain, my master".

    "That, I think, is impossible," Brock sighs as Merick, to some laughter

    "Fear not," Yuki assures him as Epona; "for I have on my feet the shoes which your father fastened to me with diamond nails, seven hundred years ago. Only shut your eyes and hold on tight."

    "With that, Epona sprang up, and was on the glass mountain moments later." Brock interjects as himself. "She stamped, and said..."

    "Open your eyes! What do you see?" Yuki asks a fifth time as Epona

    "I see when I look behind me, something dark, as large as a great plate". Brock replies as Merick.

    "Oh, my master, that is the round of the earth. But what do you see before you?" Yuki asks as Epona

    "I see a narrow glass road, rising like a half circle. On both sides of it is emptiness of bottomless depth". Brock replies as Merick.

    "My dear master, we must pass over that road; but the passage is so delicate that if one of my feet slip the least bit to one side or the other, we're done for. But trust me, and close your eyes. Hold on tight, I will manage". Yuki assures Brock as he plays another interlude.

    "But where did this road lead Merick and Epona?" Brock asks the audience. "I will tell you some more next week!"

    "Aw"s and applause fill the air as Yuki joins Brock in taking a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 7 (Week 171c: The Legend of Prince Merick, part 3)

    @Chimchar98; @Protopost; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 171c: The Legend of Prince Merick, part 3

    (real tale: Mirko, the King's Son)

    "So, where did Epona end up taking Prince Merick?" Kano is eager to know what happens next in the epic adventure Brock is telling.

    "Well, With that she swept on, and in an instant stamped again...." Brock narrates before motioning for Yuki to fill in the dialogue.

    "Open your eyes! What do you see?" Yuki jumps in on cue.

    "I see behind me," Brock explains Merick, "a faint light, in front of me is darkness so thick that when I hold my finger before my eyes I cannot see a thing."

    "Well, we must go through that also; shut your eyes and hold on tight". Yuki assures Brock

    "She sped on anew, and again stamped." Brock interjects as himself.

    "Open your eyes! What do you see now?" Yuki asks as Epona

    "I see," Brock replies as Merick, "the most glorious, light, beautiful, snow-covered mountains, and in the midst of them a silken meadow; in the center of the silken meadow something dark".

    "This silken meadow," Yuki explains as Epona Epona, "belongs to the Hero of the Plain; and the dark object in the middle is his tent, woven from black silk. Now close your eyes if you wish, we shall go there directly."

    "Merick spurred Epona, and they were at the tent in the twinkle of an eye." Brock continues, over some light applause. "Merick sprang from Epona and left her at the tent by the side of that of the Hero of the Plain, and entered himself. Inside lay a warrior stretched on the silken grass, sleeping; but a sword above him was cutting everything in every direction, so that not even a Venonat could not land on his body. 'Well,' thought Merick to himself, 'though he be a good warrior I could slay him in slumber; but it would not be honorable to slay a sleeping man. I will wait till he rises.' Then he went out and tied Epona to the tent, near the other, stretched himself on the silken grass, and sang..." He then pauses to sing <i>Leishu shun ji, lei si...</i>

    "and the sword cut everything above him, just like the sword above the Hero of the Plain, so that not even a Venonat could touch his body." he narrates. "When the Hero of the Plain woke up and saw that a Ponyta was tied near his own, he was awed at the sight, and said..."

    "What does this mean?" Kano jumps in the role of the Hero. "I have been here seven hundred years, and I have not seen a strange Ponyta near mine before. Whose can this be?"

    "He rose, went out, and saw Merick sleeping near the tent with the sword cutting above him." Brock narrates.

    "That," Kano interjects as the Hero, "is an honest warrior; he has not slain me while sleeping. It would not be honorable to touch him now".

    "Then he pushed the foot of the sleeping hero with his own." Brock narrates, with some giggles going up from the crowd as Kano also does this to him. "Merick woke up with a jump, and the Hero of the Plain asked..."

    "Who are you, and why do you journey?" Kano fills in the dialogue.

    "Merick told him everything, and all about his journey." Brock narrates.

    "Arceus has brought you here, dear younger brother," Kano smiles the Hero; "your father is my old friend, and you, I see, are as good as your father. But I have need of you. This great silken meadow which you now lie in, is every day filled with enemies, and every day I cut them down; but today as you are with me, we shall not hurry. Come, let us eat and drink; let them crowd."

    "Then the two went in, ate and drank till the enemy's troops got so large that they reached almost to the tent." Brock narrates. "The Hero of the Plain sprang to his feet and said..."

    "Up, my comrade, we'll soon finish." Kano gives Brock a nudge as the Hero.

    Both leaped into their saddles and rushed to the center of the enemy armies, singing their respective holy spellsongs." Brock narrates before singing again <i>Leishu shun ji, lei si...</i>

    <i>Karuto, iichiida shou...</i> Kano sings his idea of the Hero's spellsong.

    "The swords cut off the heads of millions, so there was scarcely room to move for bodies." Brock narrates over some soft battle sound effects, as if the epic battle he is describing is taking place before his costars' eyes. "Twelve of the enemy warriors fled from the rear, the Hero of the Plain and Merick pursuing. They came to a glass mountain; the twelve warriors rushing ahead. Merick pursued them hot on their trail. On the top of the mountain there was a nice, level space; he saw them running upon it. He galloped after them; but suddenly, it looked as if the ground had swallowed them. Merick hurried to the place where they disappeared, found a breach and a deep opening with winding steps. Epona rushed into the opening and down the stairs; they were soon in the underworld."

    "What horrors awaited them there?" Akane swallows hard.

    "Merick looked around the underworld and saw a shining diamond castle, which served as the sun down there." Brock explains "The twelve fleeing warriors rushed towards the castle, he after them, and ordering his sword out of the sheath, cut off their heads in a moment. The next instant Merick stood before the diamond castle. Inside, there was such a clatter and pounding that the whole interior shook like an earthquake. He dismounted and went inside. Inside an old witch was weaving, and the racket was deafening. The building was full of armed men. The infernal old witch was weaving them!"

    "Well, now we know how the Hero's foes kept respawning..." Rylan muses. Nervous chuckles waft through the audience in agreement.

    "Meanwhile, Merick's blade cut down the newly made soldiers, but the old witch only wove more." Brock continues. "'Well,' Merick thought to himself, "I shall never get out of here, at this rate;" but he sang to the sword, and it cut the old witch into small pieces. Then he carried the loom into the yard, where there was a pile. He threw everything on the pile and set fire to it; but when all is burned one of the old witch's ribs sprang out, begins to turn round in the dust, and she returned to life, unharmed. Merick was going to command the sword to cut her to pieces, but she spoke up."

    "Spare my life, Merick, and await one good deed for another, if you will let me go." Akane pleads as the witch. "You do not know how to escape from here; I will give you four diamond horseshoe nails. Do as I say; you will profit by it".

    "Merick took the nails and put them away, but thought to himself: 'If I leave the old witch alive, she will put up her loom again, and the Hero of the Plain will never be able to free himself from his enemies.'" Brock narrates. "He ordered his sword to cut the old witch in pieces; he threw the pieces into the fire, where they were consumed, so that she could never rise again. He mounted Epona and searched the underworld, but no living creature could be found."

    Applause goes up at this. "Then he spurred Epona, sprang up the circular stairs, and burst forth into the world of light." Brock goes on. "He came down from the glass mountain, and passing over the silken meadow, returned to the Hero of the Plain, who thought Merick had left him. But when he saw his friend returning, he went out to meet him with great joy, and took him into the tent, where they feasted together gloriously. And when the prince rose to go, he offered him his silken meadow and all the royal domains; but Merick answered..."

    As Merick, he intones "My dear elder brother, I have finished your enemies; they will never attack your kingdom again. I have this now to ask, that you come with me to my father the king, who has long been waiting for you."

    He grins before telling his costars as himself "But Merick had one more adventure before coming home...I will tell you about that next week!"

    Applause goes up as Brock and what Players had a role take a bow together...
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