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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 151b: Moltres and Dolan, part 2)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 151b: Moltres and Dolan (part 2)

    (real tale: The Firebird, the Horse of Power, and the Princess Vasilissa)

    "So, what happened to Dolan and Epona on their quest for Princess Vanessa?" Kano asks Brock as he and the other Players arrive on the living room set.

    Once he is in his chair and everyone else has found a spot to sit, Brock begins the next part of the tale. "Well, Dolan was so scared, he cried bitter tears, and went out into the courtyard where Epona was stamping the ground and tossing her thick flaming mane.

    "Master, why do you cry so?" Lotta asks as Epona.

    "The king has ordered me to go to the land of Narevus, and to bring back the Princess Vanessa." Rylan explains as Dolan.

    "Don't cry--you won't face any danger yet; that is still to come." Lotta assures Rylan as Epona. "Go to the king and ask him for a silver tent with a golden top, and for all kinds of food and drink to take with us."

    "So Dolan went and asked the king for this, and the king gave him a silver tent with silver hangings and a gold-embroidered roof, and every kind of rich wine and the tastiest of food." Brock continues. "Then Dolan mounted Epona and rode off to the land of Narevus. On and on he rode, for many days and nights, till he came at last to the edge of the world, where the red sun rises from behind the deep blue sea."

    Awed whispers race through the auditorium at this. "On the shore, Dolan reined in Epona, and Epona's hooves sank in the sand. He shaded his eyes and looked out over the blue water, and he spotted Princess Vanessa in a little silver boat, rowing with golden oars. Dolan rode back a little ways to where the sand ended and the grass started. After turning Epona loose, he set up the shining tent, with its silver hangings and its gold-embroidered roof. In the tent he set out the tasty dishes and the rich bottles of wine which the king had given him, and helped himself to some of the food while he waited for Princess Vanessa."

    "So, how did Princess Vanessa react to the tent?" Yuki asks.

    "When she saw it, she came closer to see it better." Brock explains. "The closer she came, the more beautiful the tent looked. She came on shore and made her way to the tent. She was a little frightened at first, and every once in a while she stopped and looked back to where the silver boat lay on the sand with the blue sea beyond it. But Dolan said nothing, but went on enjoying the food like nothing was going on. Finally, Princess Vanessa came up to the tent and looked in. Dolan got up, bowed before her, and said..."

    "Good day to you, Princess!" Rylan smiles as he bows before Akane. "Do come in and eat with me, and taste my foreign wines."

    "So Princess Vanessa came into the tent and sat down with Dolan, and ate with him." Brock continues. "She had so much of the food and drink, that when she had had her fill, she fell asleep right then, never mind that it was only noon. Dolan whistled for Epona..."

    He pauses to literally whistle Epona's Song, making some of the children in the audience giggle when they recognize the familiar melody. "He carefully helped Princess Vanessa into the saddle--thankfully, she was out cold--and set out for home. Needless to say, Princess Vanessa slept the whole way there!"

    Laughter goes up at this. "They came to the king's palace, and Dolan leapt from Epona and carried the still sleeping princess into the palace. The king was ecstatic when he saw Princess Vanessa sleeping in Dolan's arms--he ordered for trumpets to be sounded, and bells to be rung." Brock continues. "So trumpets sounded, and bells rang, and the noise was enough to finally wake Princess Vanessa up."

    "What's going on?" Akane asks as Princess Vanessa, feigning a yawn for effect. "Where is the sea and my boat?"

    "The blue sea is far away," Brock replies as the king, "and for your little silver boat I give you a golden throne. The trumpets sound for our wedding, and the bells are ringing for our joy."

    As himself, he continues "But Princess Vanessa turned her face away from the king..." Some laughter goes up as Akane does this to Brock. "and I can't say I'd blame her--the king was old, and the look in his eyes wasn't very kind. She looked at Dolan with love in her eyes--and I can't blame her there either, for he was a young man fit to ride a Ponyta of power like Epona. The king was angry with the Princess Vanessa, but his anger was as useless as his joy."

    "Why, Princess," he sighs as the king. "will you not marry me, and forget your blue sea and your silver boat?"

    "In the middle of the deep blue sea lies a great stone," Akane replies as Princess Vanessa, "and under that stone is my wedding dress. If I cannot wear that dress I will marry no one at all."

    "The king turned to Dolan, who was waiting before the throne..." Brock narrates before intoning as the king "Return to the land of Narevus, where the red sun rises in flame. There a great stone lies in the middle of the sea. Under that stone is hidden her wedding dress. Quickly! Bring back that dress, or else!"

    He grins at the enthralled Players. "But what awaited Dolan and Epona on this adventure? I will tell you more next week!"

    The crowd roars as Brock and the Players bow...
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 151c: Moltres and Dolan, part 3)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 151c: Moltres and Dolan (part 3)

    (real tale: The Firebird, the Horse of Power, and the Princess Vasilissa)

    "Then what happened to Dolan and Epona?" Yuki asks as the Players and Brock settle in on the living room set.

    Once Brock is settled in his chair, he continues "Dolan wept bitter tears, and went out into the courtyard, where Epona was waiting for him, chomping at the bit to go somewhere.

    "There is no way of escaping death this time," Rylan sighs as Dolan.

    "Master, why do you cry so?" Lotta asks as Epona.

    "The king has ordered me to ride to the land of Narevus again, to find the wedding dress of Princess Vanessa from the bottom of the sea." Rylan explains as Dolan. "Besides, the dress is wanted for the king's wedding, and I love the princess myself."

    "What did I tell you?" Lotta replies as Epona. "I told you that there would be trouble if you picked up the crimson feather from Moltes' burning breast. Well, do not be afraid. The danger is not here yet; it is still to come. So, let's go!"

    "And so, Dolan leapt into the saddle, and Epona, with her thundering hoofs, carried him swiftly through the green forests and over the bare plains, till they came to the edge of the world, to the land of Narevus, where the red sun rises in flame from behind the deep blue sea." Brock continues. "They finally stopped and rested at the very edge of the sea. Dolan looked sadly over the wide waters, but Epona tossed her mane and did not look at the sea, but on the shore. She looked around, and saw at last a huge Crawdaunt moving slowly, sideways, along the golden sand. The Crawdaunt came closer and closer, until Epona finally pinned it by the tail."

    "Please, don't hurt me!" he beggs as the Crawdaunt. "Let me live, and I will do whatever you ask of me."

    "Very well," Lotta replies as Epon,, "I will let you go. But this is what you shall do for us in return. In the middle of the blue sea lies a great rock, and under that rock is hidden the wedding dress of the Princess Vanessa. Bring it here."

    "The Crawdaunt groaned with the pain in his tail." brock continues as himself. Then he appeared to sing a strangely soothing song that could be heard all over the deep blue sea."

    With that, he sings <i>Furiya, shuru shamato...</i> before continuing "A great rumbling filled the air as every Corphish and Crawdaunt in the area made their way towards the bank. When all of them had assembled, the Crawdaunt king sent them back into the sea as Dolan and Epona looked on. After a few tense minutes, the sea rumbled again, and millions of Corphishes and Crawdaunts came to the shore, and with them they brought a golden casket that held the wedding dress of the Princess Vanessa."

    He pauses for a beat, then continues. "The Crawdaunt king raised himself painfully on his bruised tail and gave the casket to Dolan, and Epona galloped back to the palace of the king, far, far away, at the other side of the green forests and beyond the treeless plains. Dolanwent into the palace and gave the casket into the hands of Princess Vanessa, and looked at her with sadness in his eyes, and she looked at him with love. Then she went away into an inner chamber, and came back in her wedding dress, more beautiful than the spring itself. The king was elated--the wedding feast was prepared, bells rang, and flags waved above the palace."

    "The king held out his hand to the Princess, and looked at her with his old eyes. But she would not take his hand." he intones,reaching out a hand to Akane

    "No..." Akane waves Brock's hand away as Princess Vanessa. "I will marry no one until the one who brought me here has been boiled in water."

    Gasps go up at the turn of events. "The king ordered the servants to build a great fire, fill a huge cauldron with water and set it on the fire, and, when the water was boiling, to take Dolan and throw him into it, as punishment for 'kidnapping' Princess Vanessa." Brock intones.

    He adds as an aside "There was no gratitude in the mind of that king."

    "But he asked Dolan to bring Princess Vanessa there to BEGIN with!" Sachi protests.

    "So the servants brought wood and made a roaring fire, and on it they laid a huge cauldron of water, and built the fire around the walls of the cauldron. The fire burned hot and the water steamed. The fire burned hotter, and the water bubbled and seethed." Brock continues, acknowledging Sachi's concern with a nod. "Dolan silently wondered why he ever took the crimson feather that had fallen from Moltres' burning breast, and why he didn't listen to Epona's wise words. When the king asked if he had any last requests, he said...

    "My lord, I do not complain." Rylan interjects as Dolan. "But I would like to see Epona one last time."

    "Leave was granted, and Dolan raced across the courtyard and came to Epona." Brock narrates.

    "Good bye, Epona..." Rylan sighs as Dolan. "I should have listened to your words of wisdom, for now the end is nigh, and we will never again see the green trees pass above us and the ground disappear beneath us, as we ride the wind between the earth and the sky."

    "Why so?" Lotta asks as Epona

    "The king has ordered that I am to be boiled to death - thrown into that cauldron that is seething on the great fire." Rylan explains as Dolan.

    "Don't worry," Lotta assures Rylan as Epona, "for Princess Vanessa has made him do this, and everything will be okay." Go back, and when they are ready to throw you in the cauldron, take a running leap yourself into the boiling water, singing 'Leishu shun ji, lei si' on the way down."

    "Dolan went back across the courtyard, and the servants prepared to throw him into the cauldron." Brock continues. "But before the guards could throw him in, he ran and leapt boldly into the very middle of the cauldron, singing the song of protection Epona had taught him on the way down."

    <i>Leishu shun ji, lei si...</i> Rylan sings as Dolan.

    "At first, he sank below the surface, lost in the bubbles and foam of the boiling water." Brock continued. "Then he leapt from the cauldron and stood before the king and Princess Vanessa, unharmed. In fact, he had become so beautiful that all who saw him gasped in awe. The king looked at Dolan, and thought of himself- of his age, of his bent back, and his grey beard, and his toothless gums. 'I too will become beautiful,' he thought, and he rose from his throne and clambered into the cauldron, and was boiled to death in a moment, since he didn't know the song of protection."

    Laughter and applause goes up as Brock concludes "They buried the king, and made Dolan king in his place. He married the Princess Vanessa, and lived many years with her in love and good fellowship. He also built a golden stable for Epona, and never forgot what he owed to her as they went on many more adventures."

    The applause intensifies as Brock and the Players take a bow...
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 152: The Magikarp that Spoke)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 152: The Magikarp that Spoke

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan", episode 68, story 1)

    "In a certain land was a river renowned for its Magikarps." Brock begins. "One day, a fisherman was out by the river fishing when a traveler met him at the bank. The traveler explained he was called to the nearby village by the elder, but got lost. The fisherman explained that he was traveling there too, and so they both agreed to travel together."

    Interested murmurs fill the air at this. "On the way, the fisherman asked the traveler why the elder summoned him to the village." Brock continues. "The traveler replied that the elder asked him to get some Magikarp for a festival. He explained that he caught a lot of them at once by poisoning the water far upstream, but by the time the Magikarp are cooked, the poison is gone. The fisherman, meanwhile, wasn't so sure if that was a good idea--how would that affect the other Pokemon of the river?"

    The murmurs intensify in agreement. "The two of them arrived and were welcomed by the elder." Brock's voice quiets the chatter. "The fisherman told the townsfolk what he learned on the way, and even they were not so sure poisoning the water was a good idea. As they were talking and debating what to do, a miko arrived, and the elder's wife offered to bring her some tea. The miko overheard the conversation about the poison and told the group that poison must not be put in the river. She explained that that would be like every house in the village being filled with poison."

    An uneasy silence fills the air for a moment. "After having her tea, the miko departed, repeating her warning not to poison the river." Brock continues. "Meanwhile, the elder told the group to help catch as many Magikarp as they could for the festival."

    "Oh no"s race through the crowd as Brock intones "The next morning, the traveler headed for the waterfall and poured the poison in the water. Not only did the water turn an ominous red, but millions of dead Magikarps came floating downstream. The townsfolk grabbed as many as they can, including a giant Magikarp. The elder was amazed at the catch, and rewarded the traveler handsomely. But as they prepared to cook the Magikarp, they heard the elder's wife scream in surprise--the large Margikarp had tea inside its stomach! It dawned on them the giant Magikarp was the miko from before!"

    Angry whispers waft through the crowd, but Brock is quick to quiet the chatter. "They quickly made a sacrifice to Arceus to forgive them for killing one of his messengers after many in the village were struck by paralysis. Since then, the people of that area catch Magikarp with rods and nets, but never with poison, lest Arceus' wrath come upon them again!"

    Relieved applause fills the room as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 153: The Princess and the Beggar)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 153: The Princess and the Beggar

    (real tale: Clever Princess and Clever Beggar)

    "Once upon a time, a king had a daughter named Sophia." Brock begins. "She was so intelligent, so wise and so clever that people shied away from her. She could confuse anyone, even the king’s wise men. When it came to suitors, their knees shook when they tried to speak to her because they knew that Princess Sophia was so clever."

    Awed murmurs race through the crowd as Brock continues "The king worried that his daughter would always be alone. One day he decided to issue a proclamation, and sent his heralds out to kingdoms far and wide to announce the challenge. Anyone who could win an argument with Princess Sophia would win not only her hand in marriage, but half the kingdom too."

    The excited murmurs intensify as Brock goes on "Young men came from far and wide to try their wit and wiles on Princess Sophia. Anyone could win an argument with such a beautiful girl — or so they thought. And day after day, they appeared and offered arguments and points, counterpoints to other points, and counterpoints to THOSE points, but Princess Sophia always had the last word."

    Laughter goes up at this. "As time passed, Princess Sophia was so busy researching and preparing her arguments, she had no time to comb her hair or change her clothes." Brock goes on. "The king was busy too--He greeted each suitor, gave them the topic for their debate, then stood nearby and watched. After a while, the suitors’ arguments became sillier and more out there Not only that, but he whole endeavor was beginning to exhaust the king. So then he implemented a new rule--only serious men must apply. If anyone offered a silly argument, he would be punished!”

    Concerned whispers race through the crowd. "Soon the number of suitors grew smaller and smaller. But one day, a young, handsome beggar--we'll call him Cody-- heard about the king’s challenge, and decided to try his luck." Brock assures the audience. "'What do I have to lose?' he asked his friends. 'If I lose, I shall only be punished, and life already punishes me enough.'"

    Nervous giggles go up at this. "With that thought in mind, he set off for the palace."Brock continues as he walks around the stage, as if mimicing Cody traveling. "As he was walking, he came upon a dead Murkrow in the road, and because he knew this was some kind of sign, he stopped to think. Murkrows could be bad luck, but surely a dead Murkrow meant the opposite. So he decided to take along this good luck charm, and threw the dead Murkrow into his bag. He had not walked far when he came upon an old bathtub lying by the side of the road. “You never know when you’ll need a bath,” he said to himself, and he dragged this along too. He decided whatever he found in his path, he would take along, and so as he made his way toward the palace, he collected a rug, a Gogoat’s horn and an old whistle that still sounded sweet despite its age."

    Excited whispers race through the crowd as Brock pockets a gold whistle with a black mouthpiece. "Cody was feeling cocky and prepared, though everyone he passed thought him a fool. That night, when he stopped at a farm and asked the farmer if he could stay the night, the farmer asked where he was headed." Brock continues. "Cody explained that he was off to woo Princess Sophia, but the farmer and his wife rolled their eyes at this. The next day, he appeared at the palace. The servants rolled their eyes too, but no one could stop him, and so at long last he was presented to Princess Sophia."

    “Greetings, oh woman with hands of ice!” He announces in his best mimic of Rylan for Cody

    “What do you mean by that? My hands are warm.” he asks in a mimic of Lotta for Princess Sophia. The crowd listens as Brock carries a complete conversation between the two personas:

    “Perhaps, but too cold to roast a Murkow.”

    “My hands are warm enough to roast a Murkrow,”

    As Cody, he grins and lifts a pantomime dead Murkrow out of his pantomime bag. “Let’s see!” .

    “I cannot touch this Murkrow,” he confesses as Princess Sophia. "for if I do, he’ll roast, and the fat will drip on the floor.”

    "No problem then! We’ll catch the fat in this!" he announces as Cody. The audience laughs as he proudly shows off a pantomime bathtub.

    He feigns laughter along with the audience before interjecting as Princess Sophia “But that tub will leave marks on the floor,”

    “We’ll set it on this rug,” he suggests as Cody, producing an imagined rug from his pantomime bag and setting it beneath the pantomime tub’s feet.

    “I see that you’re twisting your tongue!” he notes as Princess Sophia.

    “There is nothing more twisted than this, yet it is sound and fine!” he explains as Cody.

    As himself, he adds "Princess Sophia looked Cody up and down and saw that he was of sound body and sound mind. Beneath the grime on his face there was a handsome lad, and beneath the shabby clothes there was a strong and able young man. And, oh, what a sense of humor! She loved that about him."

    "Aw"s go up as he interjects as Princess Sophia “Yes, the Gogoat’s horn is sound, and it is fine, but a Gogoat's bleat is piercing and cold!”

    As himself he continues "Cody then pulled the whistle out of his bag..." He pauses to ready the whistle to play. "and he played a beautiful love song. Princess Sophia listened--she knew she was falling in love." With that, he plays "Ah, Roshin" for effect.

    The crowd roars when the last note dies. "When Cody finished, Princess Sophia told her father that Cody had won her heart." Brock concludes as he pockets the whistle. "Not only that, but he had won her hand in marriage and half the kingdom, too!”

    "Aw"s and applause fill the air as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 154: The Lady Warrior)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 154: The Lady Warrior

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan", episode 76, story 3)

    "There was once a warrior--we'll call him Yukan--who was very skilled both in martial arts and with a number of weapons." Brock begins. "In fact, it was only very rarely that he lost a match."

    "Wow"s and awed whistles waft through the room. "Many came from miles around to learn from him, and while some were happy to learn some of his martial arts or how to use a weapon, there were some after more than just how to fight--they wanted to hopefully win the heart of his younger sister, Chikara." Brock explains. "One day, Yukan left to visit a friend of his, who was elder of a nearby town. While he was away, a gang of bandits burst into the house and kidnapped Chikara, despite the students' best efforts to protect her."

    "Oh no"s race through the crowd, many fearing for Chikara's life. "One student hurried to inform his master what had happened, and many days of tense negotiations went by as the other townsfolk looked on. Many tried to save Chikara, but they all failed."

    Everyone is on the edge of their seats to know what happened next. "Just then, Yukan returned, and learned what had happened." Brock continues, quieting the whispers at the ends of the rows. "But for some reason, he seemed very calm, and assured the towsfolk not to worry about Chikara before heading back. Chikara, meanwhile, started to break the bandits' arrows."

    He adds as an aside "And it's not easy to break an arrow."

    Piqued murmurs fill the air as Brock goes on "But Chikara, to the bandits' surprise, was breaking them like sticks. Try as they might, the bandits couldn't break one arrow."

    Laughter fills the air as they picture the bandits' reaction. "She then sent one bandit's sword flying, and singlehandedly defeated the entire gang on her own!"

    Cheers fill the air as Brock concludes "Yukan was proud when he learned of Chikara's brave deed, because she was just as skilled at martial arts and weapons as he was, despite her humble appearance--so if anyone wanted her hand in marriage, they had to earn it!"

    The audience laughs in agreement and applauds as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 155: The Hero's Sword)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 155: The Hero's Sword

    (real tale: The Good Sword)

    "There was a man who had a son, who lived with him." Brock begins. "The man was a hunter, but as the years went by and he grew older, he got weaker and weaker, and eventually had to tell his son--we'll call him Greg--that soon he would no longer be able to hunt for him, and it would not be long before Arceus called him to the heavens. Greg tried to comfort him, and assured him he would recover; but his father said no, if his time to die was really close, he had nothing to leave him. What money they had would be just enough for his own funeral. Yet he had one thing of value to pass on to his son. It was only a sword, and badly rusty at that, but it would cut down any foe that dared harm its wielder."

    "Aw"s go up as Brock continues. "Before long the father joined Arceus in the heavens, and Greg had to sell what he left in order to bury him. All that he kept of his inheritance was the rusty sword. Now he had to find work to do, and this was not easy, since he had never learned a trade, and at best could only herd Mareep. So he went to the village, and had to content himself with work as a shepherd. His master sent him out with the Mareep, and warned him to keep away from three particular meadows, which belonged to three mountain trolls. They lived on a hill known as "Troll's Mount," and if one of his Mareep were to wander to their meadow, the mountain troll would come, and not only carry off the Mareep, but their shepherd as well."

    He adds as an aside "But Greg knew the master only said that to scare him."

    Nervous giggles waft through the auditorium as Brock continues "The new shepherd promised to take good care of the Mareep, and so he did; for he never lost a single one, and his master was very pleased with him. The one day, he happened to think of his sword, and figured it might able to help him should he run into the mountain troll. So one day, he intentionally let the Mareep stray into one of the forbidden meadows, and the mountain troll, raging and roaring, rushed up to him, and asked who had allowed him to let his sheep graze in that meadow. Greg replied that he had allowed himself to do it, and when the mountain troll threatened to carry him off with his Mareep, he attacked him and slew him with his sword."

    Some light applause goes up at this. "Now the first meadow was his; but not long after the Mareep felt like visiting the second meadow, and Greg let them go. The second mountain troll rushed up to him in a towering rage, and Greg slew him, too. The same thing happened with the third meadow too, and Greg came home with his Mareep, singing all the while." Brock continues. With that, he makes a few laps around the stage, the audience clapping along as he sings "The Hearthome Pilgrim".

    Once back at center stage, Brock continues "Then he got the idea to see "Troll's Mount," and there he found three Ponytas, a normal one, one whose mane shone bright yellow, and a Shiny one, and the Legendary Beasts, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, as well. Each Ponyta had a saddle, and a full suit of armor as well, and they, too, were red, blue and yellow. Besides, there was food for the Ponytas, and food for the Beasts, and gold and silver out the wazoo. Greg was understandably ecstatic with all the splendor that he had discovered, and went home singing."

    With that, he makes a few more laps around the stage, this time singing the jig "Ash's Welcome to Pewter".

    When the song ends and Brock is back in his place, he intones "Then his master had one of the hands tell Greg that although he was very happy with him, he wished he would stop singing. Greg was puzzled--what was wrong with singing? At first, the farmhand did not want to tell him the true reason, and said that he should stop because his master said so. But Greg kept bugging the farmhand to tell him why he was not supposed to sing, and the farmhand relented, after having Greg swear to Arceus he would not tell anyone else."

    Piqued murmurs fill the air. "The farmhand told Greg that great sorrow reigned throughout the land, because the king had been forced to give each his three daughters to three trolls. The trolls would be arriving to take them very soon, and the king had promised a third of the kingdom to anyone who could save one of them, and if the hero were male, the hand of the princess he saved as well." Brock explains, quieting the chatter. "It was for that reason Greg was not to sing in town, although out in the fields it was okay."

    He pauses for a beat, then continues "Greg could not stop thinking about the story of the poor princesses, and it occurred to him that perhaps he might be able to save them. He could leave his Mareeps behind with a clear conscience, since now he had nothing to fear from the mountain trolls, and the next day, he went to town to find out what was being said about the calamity that was due. He learned on which day the oldest princess--we'll call her Robin--would be led out to the troll while he was out. When he got home, he put on his red armor, mounted the normal Ponyta, and with Entei at his side, rode out to the place where the troll was to receive Princess Robin. She arrived in a coach, and the coachman scrambled up a tree for fear of the troll. At the exact second the red knight came riding up, a three-headed troll rose out of the sea. The knight rode up to him, easily cut off all three of his heads with his rusty sword, took the ruby it dropped as it died, and rode off again."

    Some in the audience start to applaud, but Brock interjects "Now, the coachman was feeling greedy, so after he climbed down from his tree, he threatened to kill Princess Robin unless she promised to say that he was the one that saved her. She readily complied, he gathered up the heads, and they returned home. Eight days later, the middle princess--we'll call her Livia--was driven out, and the same thing happened. The coachman sought safety in a tree, and a blue knight came riding up on a Shiny Ponyta with Suicune at his side. Then out of the sea rose a monster with six heads. The knight cut off the heads, took the sapphire it dropped when it died, and rode off again. This coachman also threatened Princess Livia, and demanded she say he was the one that saved her."

    Angry murmurs waft through the left section as Brock continues "Eight days later, the youngest princess--we'll call her Alyssa--was driven out to be handed over to her troll, and again the same thing happened. The coachman climbed a tree, and a yellow knight appeared on a Ponyta with a yellow mane, with Raikou at his side. The troll rose out of the sea and he had nine heads: but the knight cut them all off, and took the topaz it dropped when it died. When Princess Alyssa saw that he had saved her, she took off her topaz pendant and tried to throw it around his neck; but it fell on his head. He just gathered it up and wound it in his hair, then put his helmet over it so that no one could see it. Then he rode away. This coachman acted just as the others had. and compelled Princess Alyssa to say that he had saved her."

    The auditorium is quiet as the audience contemplates how the greedy coachmen will get their just deserts. "You can imagine that there was much rejoicing in the castle, and all three princesses were to be married on the same day." Brock finally breaks the uneasy silence a few moments later. "By now, Greg had had his fill of Mareep herding, and told his master goodbye, who did not like to let him go, since he did so well. But there was nothing he could do; his shepherd wanted to go, and so they said their goodbyes and off he went. He traveled to another town, and took a room in the inn for the night, where he heard rumors about the splendor with which the coming triple wedding was to be celebrated. The barkeep mentioned how pleasant it would be to have a chance to taste a bit of the fine bread that was baked in the castle.

    Excited whispers waft through the middle row. "Greg wasted no time, and sent Entei to get some bread. Entei ran to the castle and scratched at one door after another. The people opened their doors for him, and in this way he reached the room where the bread lay. He grabbed a loaf of bread, and the king said that they were to let him keep it--there was no sense in refusing a Legendary--so he came safely home with it. Then the barkeep talked about how pleasant it would be to sample the freshly roasted meat that came from the royal kitchens. Greg sent his Suicune to get some meat, and Suicune ran to the castle, sniffed about for the kitchen, grabbed an entire roast and ran off with it, and the king gave the order to let him go--the Legendary Pokemon must not be refused what they wanted."

    Murmurs of agreement fill the room. "When the barkeep saw the roast, he wanted to have wine as well, and Greg sent Raikou to get some." Brock explains. "Raikou actually found the wine cellar, took a bottle of the best wine, and ran into the room where all the princesses and their husbands-to-be were seated. When Princess Alyssa saw Raikou, she clapped her hands, and said that his master had saved her. Her betrothed grew angry, and said that up until now, she had always said that he had saved her, and what did she mean by saying what she did? But she insisted that the Raikou's master had saved her. So the king sent out men to follow Raikou, in order to discover his master and bring him to the castle. Raikou ran as fast as he could, so that the men could barely keep up. Yet they reached the tavern, puffing and groaning, and told Greg that he was to come to the castle. When he got there he asked whether the Beasts had done something in the castle that called for punishment, He himself wondered what in the heck he had done."

    Fearful murmurs go up at this, but Brock assures the crowd "The king said nothing, but motioned for Greg to come into the great hall. Greg excused himself, and said that he was not used to meeting royalty. But he could not help himself, for the king insisted that he enter. So he went into the great hall, and no sooner had Princess Alyssa seen him did she say that he was the one that saved her. When her betrothed grew angry, and the others would not believe it, she asked him if he had her topaz pendant. So he drew it from his hair, and all saw that it was the princess's own. But her betrothed spoke of the nine heads which he had. At this, Greg produced the topaz the nine headed troll had dropped and all recognized that he had saved the three princesses."

    He concludes "The three deceivers were put to death right then, and the true hero received Princess Alyssa's hand and the third part of the kingdom, and the rest of the kingdom when he succeeded to the throne. He had a long and prosperous reign, and went on many more adventures with the Beasts--but that is another story for another day!"

    The crowd roars with applause as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 156: The Swanna's Sack)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 156: The Swanna's Sack

    (real tale: Two in a Sack)

    "There was once a young man named Jack, whose wife was, to put it nicely, a prima donna." Brock begins. Piqued murmurs waft through the crowd--it has been some time since Brock has told a Jack tale.

    "What a life poor Jack led with his wife, to be sure!" Brock continues, quieting the chatter. "Not a day passed without her scolding him and calling him names--which I'm not going to repeat here--and sometimes she would take the broom from behind the stove and whack him over the head with it. He had no peace or comfort at all, and hardly knew how to bear it."

    Sympathetic nervous giggles fill the air as Brock returns to his place at center stage. "One day, when his wife had been particularly unkind and had beaten him till he was at least three different colors..." More nervous laughter goes up at this. "he strolled into the fields, and as he could not just sit there and do nothing, he spread out his nets."

    He grins at the enthralled crowd. "What kind of bird Pokemon do you think he caught in his net?"

    The crowd comes to life with suggestions:

    "He got a Pidgey!"

    "Naw, he got a Spearow!"

    "It'd be cool if he got a Fletching!"

    "I think he got a Taillow!"

    Brock waits for the enthusiastic suggestions to quiet before revealing the answer to his question. "Actually, he caught a Swanna...and it said to him, 'Let me go free, and I'll do something good for you in return." he instructs in a breathy female voice.

    "No, my dear lady." he protests in a higher pitched mimic of Kano for Jack. "I'll take you home, and then perhaps my wife won't scold me so much."

    "You had better come with me to my house," he instructs as the Swanna.

    As himself, he continues "So they went to the Swanna's house. When they got there, the Swanna took down a sack, and sang..." He pauses to sing as the Swanna <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i>

    Wild applause goes up at the "spellsong". "At that second, two oak tables, spread with silken tablecloths, and with all sorts of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks on them, appeared in a flash of red light. Jack had never seen anything so beautiful in his life, and he was beyond thrilled." Brock continues as himself. "He thanked the Swanna profusely, took the sack, and set out for home. His house was a good long way off, and as it was growing dark, and he was feeling tired, he stopped to rest at his cousin's house for the night."

    Murmurs of anticipation fill the air. "Jack's cousin--we'll call her Susie--and her three daughters fixed a huge dinner, but Jack didn't eat one bite. Instead he took the sack, opened it and sang the song the Swanna had taught him: <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i>

    He waits for the cheers to quiet, then continues "...and the oak tables with the silken tablecloths and all manner of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks appeared in a red light. Never in their lives had Susie and her daughters seen such a dinner, and they were delighted and astonished at it. But then Susie got the idea to steal the sack, so she told her daughters to get a warm bath going for their guest."

    "Ooh" fill the air at this, "With Jack occupied in the bathroom, she told her daughters to make a sack exactly like his, as fast as they could." Brock explains. "Then she swapped the two sacks, and hid the magical sack somewhere where she thought her cousin wouldn't find it."

    He pauses for a beat, then continues "Jack enjoyed his bath, slept soundly, and set off early the next morning, taking what he believed to be the sack the Swanna had given him. All the way home he felt in such good spirits that he sang and whistled as he walked through the wood, and never noticed how the birds were twittering and laughing at him. As soon as he saw his house, he called hello to his wife, but his wife threatened to give him a good thrashing with the poker!"

    Gasps go up at this. "But Jack just walked into the house, hung his sack on a nail, and sang, as the Swanna had taught him, <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i>

    The crowd laughs as Brock feigns surprise. "But not so much as a spark came out of the sack. Then he tried again, exactly as the Swanna had taught him, <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i>

    The room is silent as the audience waits to see what Jack, much less Jack's wife, will do. "His wife, hearing him singing Arceus knows what, took up her mop and kept scrubbing the floor as if nothing was happening." Brock goes on. "It dawned on Jack what Susie had done, so he raced into the field, and there he found the Swanna prancing in the grass and told her what had happened. They went back to the Swanna's house, and as soon as they got there, the Swanna took down from the wall another sack, but this time, she sang..."

    He then sings as the Swanna <i>Furiya, shuru shamato...</i>

    Some mild applause goes up at the new "spellsong". "Jack was surprised to be frozen stiff by a blast of cold, but he mustered enough strength to eke out the spellsong again, and the ice stopped flowing." Brock explains. "Jack slung the sack on his back, thanked the Swanna, and marched off straight to his cousin's house. He hung the sack up on a nail, and asked Susie to get a warm bath ready. Susie complied with her cousin's request, but this was only a ruse for Jack to see what would happen when Susie tried the new incantation."

    Giggles of anticipation fill the room. "Meanwhile, Susie felt hungry, so she called her daughters, and all four sat down to dinner. Then Susie noticed the new sack, and tried the song <i>Furiya, shuru shamato...</i>

    The audience roars with laughter as they picture Susie's reaction to being frozen solid. "Susie yelped in surprise as the cold blast hit her, and told her eldest daughter to go in the bathroom and ask Jack how to stop the seemingly endless barrage of ice." Brock continues. "But Jack replied he was scrubbing on soap. Then she sent the middle daughter, but Jack said he was in the middle of washing his hair. When she sent the youngest daughter, Jack replied he was in the middle of drying off. Finally, Susie had about become a girlsicle from the relentless cold, and returned the sack she had stolen. By now, Jack had finished his bath, and as he left the bathroom he sang <i>Furiya, shuru shamato....</i> and the ice stopped."

    More giggles fill the air. "Then Jack took both sacks-the sack of plenty and the sack of ice-and started for home." Brock continues. "When he was close to the house he called hello to his wife. His wife threatened to beat him yet again, but Jack went into the house, hung his sack on a nail, and sang, as the Swanna had taught him, <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i>

    Cheers go up at the familiar "spell". "In a flash of red light, two oak tables, with silken tablecloths on them, and filled with all sorts of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks appeared." Brock continues. "The woman ate and drank, and praised her husband for finding such a priceless treasure. When they had finished eating, Jack put the sack of plenty away in the storeroom, but hung the sack of ice up on the nail. Then he went outside to relax."

    Giggles of anticipation fill the air "Meanwhile, his wife got thirsty. She looked with longing eyes at the sack, and in an attempt to guess what the spellsong for this sack was, she tried <i>Furiya, shuru shamato...</i> only to get a blast of cold air in her face! She called for help, but nearly became a womansicle before Jack finally relented."

    He concludes with a grin "Needless to say, she treated Jack like a king every day after that, lest she be frozen again!"

    Laughter and applause go up as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 157: The Fountain of Illusia)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 157: The Fountain of Illusia

    (real tale: The Fountain of Giant Land)

    "Long ago, there lived a king who was blind." Brock begins. "He had employed all the wise healers in the kingdom, but to no avail. Not one of them had a clue how to restore his lost sight."

    Piqued murmurs fill the air. One day a poor woman came to the door of the palace, and told the guard at the door that she wanted to have an audience with the king." Brock continues, quieting the chatter. "A servant led the woman into the king's presence. He was sitting upon the royal throne with his royal crown upon his head, but his blind eyes were bandaged; and his royal face was sad because he could no longer see the bright sunlight shining upon the deep blue sea from the window of the palace, nor the lords and ladies of the court before him in their gorgeous garments of many colors, nor the face of his beloved queen."

    "Aw's" fill the air as Brock kneels before an imagined throne, in the role of the woman. "Your Majesty," he explains in a breathy female voice to the imaginary king before him, "There is only one thing in the world which will restore your lost sight--the water of the fountain of Illusia. Bathe your eyes in that water, and your sight will be restored."

    He quickly gets up and steps into the "throne" area to assume the role of the king. "How can I obtain this wonderful water?" he asks in his favorite "king" voice. "Illusia is a long way from here, and I do not know the way there."

    "Your Majesty will need to build a strong fleet to sail up the great river which leads to Illusia," he explains as the woman. "The expedition will need as its leader a prince with a brave heart, for there will be many perils on the way to test his mettle. The fountain of Illusia is at the summit of a long steep rocky mountain, and it can be reached only by a prince who ascends the mountain looking neither to the right nor to the left. All along the way stand huge giants ready to enslave one the moment he stops looking straight ahead. If one should succeed in climbing the mountain the fountain is there at the summit, but it is guarded by a Salamence. One can approach it only when the Salamence is asleep. Many princes have tried this quest and all have failed. If you should be able to send a prince brave enough and wise enough to succeed, there at the top of the mountain he will find Meloetta, who will tell him whether or not the Salamence is asleep."

    As himself, Brock continues "With that, the woman left. The king pondered over her advice before he summoned his three sons and told them the story. The eldest son--we'll call him Austin--eagerly volunteered, so the king ordered a great fleet to be prepared to sail up the river to Illusia. He raised a ton of money to provide for Prince Austin and his crew. In fact, for a while the journey was all anyone in the kingdom could talk about."

    Excited whispers race through the room "The night before he left, Prince Austin planted an Oran tree in the royal garden and told his middle brother Prince Devlin to keep an eye on it. If its leaves began to wither, that was a sign that some evil has befallen him."

    He pauses for a beat, then continues "The next morning, Prince Austin set out with a great fleet and his pockets overflowing with gold. The majestic fleet sailed to many harbors along the way. Prince Austin loved games of chance, and there were many opportunities to play all kinds of different poker and dice games. Before he had reached Illusia, he had hardly any gold pieces to his name."

    Concerned murmurs waft through the air at this. "After Prince Austin had sailed up the great river which led to Illusia, he saw the steep rocky mountain towering before him." Brock goes on. "He set a bottle for the water of the fountain of Illusia carefully by his side and slowly started up the steep path, his eyes fixed straight ahead. Soon, however, he heard giant voices shouting at him--what exactly they said, he didn't know. From the corners of his eyes he could see giant forms along the pathway, and in his fear, forgot that he had to look straight ahead. The moment Prince Austin turned his eyes a giant immediately captured him and made him his slave. But since Prince Austin was flat broke, he could not buy his freedom."

    "Serves him right for playing all those poker games..." a woman in one row muses, as if she is scolding Prince Austin.

    "Meanwhile, in the royal garden, the leaves of the Oran tree began to wither." Brock continues. "Prince Devlin noticed it, and asked his father the king if he could go help his brother. The king quickly prepared another great fleet, and provided Prince Devlin with even more gold than his brother had taken with him. No one in the kingdom was without a job in preparing the expedition."

    Once he is back in his spot at center stage, Brock continues "The night before he left, Prince Devlin planted a Nomel tree and called the youngest prince, Prince Ethan. into the garden. He told him to keep an eye on the Nomel tree while he was away, and if its leaves began to wither, that was a sign that he was in trouble."

    Brock pauses for a beat, then continues "And so, Prince Devlin sailed up the great river which led to Illusia. He stopped at many harbors and went to plenty of parties. By the time he had reached Illusia, he had spent all his gold."

    "He shouldn't have gone to so many parties..." a man mutters.

    "As Prince Devlin climbed the mountain, he heard the voice of his own brother crying in pain as the giant beat him. At that moment he forgot all about looking straight ahead, and he too was enslaved, having no money to buy his freedom." Brock intones. "Back in the royal garden, Prince Ethan was watching the Nomel tree with his faithful Growlithe. The very moment its leaves began to wither he noticed it and ran to tell his father the king. But this time, the king was skeptical--how could Prince Ethan succeed when his two older brothers had failed? That and he was beginning to rue the day he heard about the water of the fountain of Illusia."

    "Aw"s fill the room at this. "But Prince Ethan begged so hard to go that finally his father granted his request and prepared a fleet for him. He gave him all the gold he could collect in the kingdom, and then some." Brock assures the crowd.
    "The next day, Prince Ethan set out with a smiling face and courage in his heart. He sailed on his way steadily although at every harbor there were voices which bade him to linger, with all manner of games, feasting, wine, women, and song!"

    Laughter goes up at Brock's wry observation. "Soon Prince Ethan reached Illusia, and the rough steep rocky mountain rose before him." Brock intones. "Before he started on his way up he first stuffed cotton in his ears. Then he carefully placed at his side a bottle to fill with the water of the fountain of Illusia. He climbed up the steep mountain looking neither to the right nor to the left. Through the cotton in his ears he could faintly hear the giant voices calling him. From the corners of his eyes he could see the giant forms along the pathway. But he kept his eyes fixed straight ahead and steadily climbed upward though the path was very rough and full of rocks. The cotton in his ears prevented him from hearing the voices of his two brothers crying out in pain as the giants beat them."

    Everyone is at the edge of their seats to know if Prince Ethan will survive his climb. "Finally, Prince Ethan saw the fountain at the summit of the mountain." Brock continues. "Meloetta was present as well, watching his ascent. As soon as he came close to her, Prince Ethan took the cotton out of his ears so that he might hear what she had to say to him."

    A familiar voice singing <i>Karuto, iichiida shou...</i> gets the crowd excited as Melody materializes before Brock. "You have arrived at a safe moment," she tells Brock. "The Salamence is asleep."

    After helping Brock fill a prop bottle with imagined water from the imagined fountain, Melody continues "The Salamence which guards the fountain is an enchanted princess named Rosalind. No one has ever before been brave enough and wise enough to reach this place. In a year and a day the spell on her will be broken. Come again when that day comes and claim her as your bride."

    "With that, Meloetta gave Prince Ethan a ruby ring, and Prince Ethan gave Meloetta a sapphire ring in return. Brock narrates before addressing Melody. "When the spell is broken, put my ring on Princess Rosalind's finger--I'll be back in a year and a day for sure."

    With that, Melody disappears in a flash of light, leaving Brock alone on the stage. "Prince Ethan made his way back down the steep slope of the mountain, guarding his bottle full of the water of the fountain of Illusia with the utmost care." he explains. "When he was halfway down the mountain he saw his two brothers standing in his path. They pleaded with their little brother to set them free, and Prince Ethan did so easily, setting his elder brothers free and still having enough for the journey home."

    He then intones "As they were sailing down the great river towards home the two older brothers plotted against Prince Ethan. They agreed they would abandon Prince Ethan somewhere, then go together to their father with the water from the fountain of Illusia. When his sight was restored, they would share his blessing and the honors of the kingdom, under the ruse Prince Ethan disappeared on the way back."

    "Ooh"s fill the auditorium as Brock continues "Their plan appeared to go perfectly--they abandoned Prince Ethan on an island while he was asleep. After many long weary wanderings, he found refuge in the hut of a poor fisherman and went to work for him. The king's eyesight was restored immediately when he had bathed his eyes in the water from the fountain of Illusia. The two princes were given all the honors of the kingdom. The whole kingdom, however, mourned the supposed loss of Prince Ethan. But the king and queen never gave up hoping that he would return alive. The queen carefully packed away all the clothes which had belonged to Prince Ethan so that they would be ready for him if he should return to the palace. Every day she shook them out with loving care, so that the Venomoths and bugs would not eat holes in them.

    After pausing for a beat, he continues "A year and a day flew by, and the huge Salamence which had guarded the fountain of Illusia was restored to its true form of the beautiful princess Rosalind. Meloetta and Princess Rosalind watched and waited for Prince Ethan to return. Then Meloetta wondered if some evil had befallen Prince Ethan, since he didn't seem the type to break a promise."

    "Did Prince Ethan ever return?" a boy asks.

    "They came to the palace of the king. When the king heard the story they told, the guilty princes were called before him, where they confessed their evil deed." Brock replies. "They were immediately thrown into the dungeon, and the anger of the whole kingdom burned like a raging fire for them. They located Prince Ethan and brought him home to the palace, and even the fisherman he had worked for came to the wedding festivities for Prince Ethan and Princess Rosalind."

    He concludes "For all I know, those festivities may still be going on even to this day."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live from the Fireside: Season 6 (Week 158: The Salamence Curse)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Last story for the season, but Season 7 premieres Wednesday! Plus, Serena and maybe Clemont and Bonnie may be coming with Ash on his next visit...

    Week 158: The Salamence Curse

    (real tale: The Laidly Worm)

    Applause fills the air as Brock arrives onstage, harp in hand. After playing a quiet melody to focus his thoughts, he begins "In what is today Petalburg City in Houen, there once lived a king who had two children, a son named Adam, and a daughter named Danica. Their mother, a beautiful and brave woman, had finally succumbed to a terrible disease, and the king mourned her for a long time. But, after his son Adam went out into the world to seek his fortune, the king met a lady of great beauty while hunting, and fell so hard in love with her that he vowed to marry her no matter what it took."

    Murmurs waft through the room, but a assuring chord from the harp quiets the chatter. "Now, Princess Danica was not pleased to think that her mother's place should be taken by a strange woman, nor was she pleased to think that she would have to give up keeping house for her father, for she had always taken a pride in her work." Brock explains. "But she said nothing, though she stood on the castle balconies for hours at a time, looking out across the sea and wishing for her brother's return."

    More concerned chatter races through the audience at this. "Still no news came of Adam's whereabouts; so on the day when the old king was to bring the new queen home, Danica counted the keys of the castle chambers, put them on a ring, and stood at the castle gate ready to hand over the keys to her stepmother." Brock continues. "As the bridal procession approached with all the lords of what is now Houen, and some of the lords in what is now Kanto and Johto in attendance, she looked so fair and so sweet, that the lords whispered to one another of her beauty. And when, after saying in a voice like a Fletchling..."

    He then sings in his best mimic of May over a festive melody Oh welcome, welcome, father,
    Unto your halls and towers!
    And welcome too, my stepmother,
    For all that's here is yours!

    Some light applause goes up as the song's conclusion. "Danica's welcome only enamored the lords even more, and some of them went so far as to swear their loyalty to her." Brock goes on. "However, the new queen overheard this, and she stamped her foot and her face flushed with anger as she turned her about and called..."

    Morgan--in a dark sorceress' costume--appears in a spotlight on the other end of the stage. "You might have excepted me,
    But I will bring Danica to a Salamence's degree;" she vows over the harp's ominous song.
    "I'll turn her into a Salamence
    That sleeps nearby a stone,
    And not till the Prince of Earth return
    Will the spell be undone."

    Gasps go up at this as the lights blink back to Brock. "Danica laughed at this, not knowing that her new stepmother, for all her beauty, was actually a mage of darkness; and her laughter made the wicked woman even more angry." he continues over the soft yet foreboding melody he is playing. "So that night, she left her royal bed and traveled to the lonely cave where she had the most success with her evil magic. Once there, she cast a very complex spell on Princess Danica that needed nine different charms and eighty one different ingredients for best results. Once everything was prepared and mixed together, she invoked the incantation and the mystical song that would put it into effect, which went like this..."

    A spotlight appears on Morgan as she chants in an almost song-like manner "I command you to become a Salamence,
    And in such form you will always be,
    Until Adam the king's dear son
    Comes home across the sea.
    Then for all eternity
    Your true form you will not see,
    Unless Adam of his own free will
    Sings for you holy spellsongs three!"

    Worried chatter and gasps fill the air as Morgan sings Gran zirtan vin fangan miti.... before her spotlight blinks off, leaving the auditorium in complete darkness for a few fearful seconds.

    Brock's spotlight blinks on a few moments later. "The song echoed through the palace, and Princess Danica transformed into a Salamence as she slept." he sighs--this is his least favorite part of the story to tell. "The next morning, when her maids came to wake her, they were horrified to find a Salamence in the bed, which sprang to attack them right then. When they ran away in terror, the Salamence crawled and crept, and crept and crawled down to the sea till it reached Petal Rock. It curled itself around the rock, and lay basking in the sun for days on end. Everyone for miles around knew the hunger of the Salamence of Petal Rock, for it drove the awesome Pokemon to leave its lair at night and eat anything and everything it came across."

    The song he is playing turns hopeful as he continues "At last, a wise wizard of the light told the people that if they wished to appease the Salamence, they had to take seven barrels of holy water every morning and every evening to the trough of stone at the foot of the rock, so the Salamence would drink it. The people did this, and the Salamence didn't bother the kingdom; but lay around the rock, looking out to sea with its terrible snout in the air.

    Some cheers go up as Brock plays a heroic motif. "But word of its reign of terror had gone around the world, and eventually came to Adam's ears. He was very angry at the news; for he thought it had something to do with his beloved sister Danica's disappearance. So he called his army together and told them they were going to Petal Rock, and put an end to the Salamence once and for all. They quickly built a ship of rowan wood, and set out for home."

    The heroic song Brock is playing then begins to slow down. "Now the wicked queen knew they were coming, so she sent out demons to still the winds so the ship could not go. But Adam was not one to be deterred--if the ship couldn't sail by wind, it would sail by oars. Then one morning the wicked queen saw the ship in Petalburg Bay, and she sent out all her undines and wind demons to raise a storm and try to sink the ship; but to no avail."

    He adds as an aside. "By the way, rowan is one wood that is immune to evil magic."

    "Oh"s go up as the collective lightbulb goes off in the audience's minds. "Then, as a last resort, the dark queen sang another rendition of..." Brock interjects.

    Gran zirtan vin fangan miti... Morgan's voice echoes through the room. "to the Salamence, and upon hearing the evil song, it had no choice but to obey." Brock finishes the sentence. "So..."

    With that, he too narrates in the song-like chant over a series of glissandi "The dragon leapt up, the dragon leapt down
    And plaited round each plank,
    And aye as the ship came close to shore
    She heeled as if she sank."

    "Did Prince Adam make it?" a girl in one row asks.

    "Adam tried to land on the rock nine times, and nine times the Salamence kept the good ship from the shore." Brock explains. "At last Adam gave the word to turn the ship around and the dark queen, who was watching from the keep, thought he had given up. But Adam wasn't giving up that easily....he had an idea."

    He explains over Adam's motif "He only rounded the corner to the beach. And there, jumping into the shallows, he got safely to land, and drawing his sword, rushed up to fight the awesome Pokemon. But as he raised his sword to strike, he heard the voice of Arceus, soft as the western wind..."

    In a gentle yet deep voice, he intones over the harp "Sheathe thy sword, unbend thy bow,
    And sing her songs of power three,
    For though she seems a Salamence
    No harm she'll do to thee!"

    As himself, he narrates "So Adam did as Arceus told him, and put away his weapons. Then the Salamence repeated Arceus' instructions..."

    "Sheathe thy sword, unbend thy bow,
    My dragon form forget." Lotta's voice echoes from the dark right side of the stage.
    "Forgive the wrong and sing for me thrice
    For love of Danica."

    "Then Adam, remembering how he had loved his sister, first sang the Song of Great Magic." Brock narrates before singing himself. Seios, higarima laisido...

    "Then he sang the Song of Wind..." Brock then sings Karuto, iichiida shou...

    The audience waits expectantly to hear what happens next "As he stood there with the wet sand at his feet, he sang one of the most powerful holy spellsongs--the Song of the Holy Flames." Brock continues before singing Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    Cheers go up at the "spell". "In a flash of red light, the Salamence sank to the sand, and in his arms was Danica!" Brock announces over a triumphant chord. More cheers fill the air as Lotta, in the role of Princess Danica, steps into the light.

    Brock waits for the applause to quiet before continuing "He wrapped her in his cape, for she shivered in the cold sea air, and carried her to the castle, where the wicked queen, knowing her judgement was close at hand, stood there wringing her hands, as her powers were no match for the power of Arceus that Adam wielded. Then Adam, looking at her, cast this holy spell..."

    He then turns to address Morgan, who is about to step into the light. "Woe to thee, you wicked witch!
    An dire fate yours will be!
    The doom you pronounced on Danica
    The same doom you will suffer, times three!
    This day forward you'll be a Toxicroak
    That in the clay doth spend,
    And in this form you'll ever be
    For all eternity!"

    With that, he sings Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... again as Morgan is engulfed in a red glow, making it appear to the audience she has disappeared.

    "When Adam sang the Song of the Holy Flames, the wicked queen began to glow red and shrink, and when the light faded, a Toxicroak hopped down the castle steps and disappeared into a crevice. Brock explains."But to this day that Toxicroak is sometimes spotted in Petalburg, though it won't harm you unless you harm it first."

    He concludes over a victorious song "But Adam and Princess Danica loved each other more than ever, and lived happily ever after."

    The crowd roars as Lotta and Morgan join Brock in taking a bow....
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    SuBuWriMo status: 28,103 words in all!

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