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Thread: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 131: The Beasts' Treasures)

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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 116: The Thief and the Liar's Partnership)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 116: The Thief and the Liar's Partnership

    (real tale: The Thief and the Liar)

    Brock takes a deep breath to relieve the Beautiflies in his stomach. <i>Here's hoping that when we premiere the play next week, it'll go over better...</i>

    With that, he jogs out to meet the cheering crowd. "Once a thief met a man who always lied on the road." he begins. "When the thief asked the liar what he was doing, the liar explained that he had just seen a Persian flying, and he was waiting for it to come down in hopes he could study its wings."

    Laughter goes up as the audience pictures a flying Persian. "The thief just smiled and offered to form a partnership," Brock continues. "All it took to make a fortune is one thief and one liar, he figured, and since he was a thief, the two of them would make a fine pair. The liar loved the idea; so together they set out to see the king of a neighboring country. As they walked, they plotted."

    "Ooh's fill the air as the audience wonders what the pair is plotting. "When they reached the palace, the liar hid in the forest while the thief went to see the king." Brock explains. The thief suggested the king prepare a banquet, but the king balked at this--a terrible drought had hit the land, and there was no crops even for themselves. The thief replied that he had just come from a country so rich in crops, everyone was knee deep in food. The king did not believe the thief, but the thief insisted. They decided to wager 300 gold pieces, because the king was certain the drought had destroyed crops far and wide."

    Giggles fill the air as Brock paces the stage for a moment, then continues "The king sent a servant to travel to the land to see if what the thief said was true. As the servant rode through the forest, the liar stepped out from behind a tree and asked where he was going. When the servant answered, the liar said he had just come from the country in question, and every crop is growing so tall and so strong, it took two dozen people to harvest each plant."

    Awed gasps go up as Brock intones "To save himself from a long journey, the servant asked the liar to come to the palace to tell his king the news, and the liar agreed. When the liar explained everything to the king, the king was astonished. But he was an honest man, so he paid the thief 300 gold pieces."

    He continues as he returns to his place at center stage. "The thief and the liar departed and traveled on to another kingdom, where they pulled the same trick. This time the liar told tales of lettuce so large, one head needed at least 12 wagons to carry it to market. In another kingdom, the thief told a tale of a kingdom with a shrine spire so high a Pidgey perched on it and was able to peck at the stars, making some stars fall from the sky. The king bet the greedy thief 10,000 gold pieces that this was not true, and sent his servant to find out. The servant came upon the liar, who told him he was indeed from the country in question, so the servant asked if the story of the Pidgey and the stars was true. The liar said it was--not only that, but he saw 12 people shoving with all their might to roll a monster egg into a cellar."

    Laughter goes up as the audience pictures the servant's likely reaction. "The servant came and told this story to the king, and the king paid the thief 10,000 gold pieces." Brock explains. "The thief and the liar split their earnings into two equal shares and parted ways. The years went by, they both married, and built houses of their own. But one day, as the liar was counting his coins, he discovered he had been cheated. He wanted to get his fair share, and went to see the thief.The thief greeted him warmly. When the liar accused him of cheating, the thief assured him that if he came next week, he would pay his old friend what he owed."

    Silence fills the air as Brock goes on "A week went by, and the thief told his wife of his plan--he would lie down and when the liar arrived, she was to tell him that he had died and she had buried him. The thief's wife did as she was told, telling the most heartwrenching rendition of the story she could. The liar knew the thief's wiles well, and suspected something was up. So he went to the barn and began to toss the hay with a pitchfork, prodding it this way and that."

    He concludes "To this day, it is said he is still looking for his former partner, in hopes of getting back his rightful share."

    Laughter and applause fill the air as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Sidestory 10b: The Three Wishing Bags, part 1)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Sidestory 10b: The Three Wishing Bags (part 1)

    "Ready?" Brock asks Akane--in a fantastic cook's costume--and Sachi, now wearing a festive multicolored jester's costume.

    "I believe so..." Akane assures Brock. "We've rehearsed this well.

    "Let's do this!" Sachi cries as the lights flash the five minute warning.

    Onstage, Kano begins narrating to the audience from a spotlight at stage right. "Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was once a noble called Lord Perimere. He was one of the more respected nobles of the land, but rumors said that his only daughter, Luna, was in love with the prince, Tristan. One day, the king requested to hold a great feast at Lord Perimere's house, where some of the household servants began to learn of Luna's love for Prince Tristan." He lets that hang as the lights come up on a set of a kitchen. Akane is by a table, pretending to knead dough and stir ingredients as Sachi looks on, sprawled on a chair.

    After a few tense seconds Sachi notes Akane's comings and goings and tries to walk into into her path, but Akane shoos her away every time. Finally, Akane snaps "Not now, Rada, not now! You're going to make me ruin this pie if you're not careful!"

    "I have nothing to do with it, Ginger--the pie was ruined before you started!" Sachi giggles, throwing a cup at Akane, only to have Akane duck behind the chair.

    "Make one more smart remark and I'll...I'll...I'll tell Lady Perimere you're picking on me!" Akane threatens.

    "Aw, you poor baby..." Sachi replies sarcastically in character, making the audience laugh. "If you complain, I'll tell them what you REALLY put in that stew yesterday." she retorts.

    "You know I put nothing but the best meat in my stew!" Akane protests.

    "Ah, but the best of what kind of meat?" Sachi replies. "Lord Perimere was telling me that one of his Growlithes has gone missing..."

    "Are you implying what I think you're implying, Rada?" Akane growls, to some laughter and "ew"s. "If you tell His Lordship that, YOURE the one that's going to be in the stew!" With that, Akane and Sachi proceed to chase each other around the stage, much to the audience's delight.

    As the chase continues, Lotta, in a fantasy maid's costume, walks into the chaos with some prop bowls. "For Arceus' sake, watch where you're going!" she scolds as Akane and Sachi continue to chase each other. "You were at each other's throats when I left, and I see you two are still at it." She avoids Sachi before adding "Please don't make me spill this soup on the floor!"

    "That's exactly where it belongs, dear Luna." Sachi interjects.

    "Don't encourage her, Luna!" Akane pleads. "You know I make a fine Squirtle soup!"

    "Ginger's famous, all right--I bet she's the only cook in the land who can make Squirtle soup just by boiling the shells!" Sachi adds.

    Before Akane and Sachi can chase each other again, Lotta seperates them. "Please stop this! You'll disturb the prince!"

    "The prince is here?" Akane asks.

    "Didn't you know? Prince Tristan dines tonight with Father." Lotta explains. "He is such a handsome boy..."

    "Ah, love...maybe that is the answer to your troubles in the kitchen, Ginger." Sachi muses.

    "Is Rada implying I'm a bad cook again?" Akane whispers as an aside to Lotta, to some giggles.

    "I don't think you are..." Lotta replies.

    "Okay, Miss Know it All, if you know so much, what is your solution?" Akane challenges Sachi.

    "If someone is deep enough in love, his sense would be dulled, yes?" Sachi explains. The other girls nod in agreement. "Then the prince couldn't taste the food and all is well!"

    "Ooh..." Akane growls."I ought to grind you into mincemeat for implying my cooking tastes awful!" The audience roars with laughter as Akane menacingly approaches Sachi.

    "Rada, enough teasing." Lotta scolds.

    "I'm sorry..." Sachi sighs. "Is it true you're in love with the prince?"

    "I wish it was..." Lotta replies.

    "Every lady in the land wants to marry him, and why are you any different?" Sachi asks.

    "I know, but Father disapproves of it so much, I may as well be in love with the moon." Lotta sighs. "What should I do?"

    "You can bring your father his soup before it gets ice cold." Akane grumbles in character.

    "If only I could live in the castle..." Lotta sighs as she picks up the tray and start offstage. "Then I could see him every day...but it would take a miracle to do that." With that, she departs, leaving Akane and Sachi onstage.

    "I wish we could do something to help Luna..." Sachi sighs

    Akane stifles a giggle before saying "Any ideas, Miss Know-it-all?"

    "Well..." Sachi thinks for a moment. "I know! We could go to the palace and ask King Altan for a job. If he hires us, we insist he hire Luna too--this way, she'd be closer to Prince Tristan!"

    "Great idea!" Akane smiles. "I have my doubts if it will work, but it can't hurt to try."

    We see His Majesty tomorrow!" Sachi announces, prompting Kano to knock on the wall to simulate a door. "Who's there?" she asks.

    A sound effect of a door opening is heard as Ash, hidden behind a row of tables, makes Erin slowly "walk" into the scene, her costume hidden by a black cloak. "Forgive me for troublin' you, good ladies, but I have traveled far and am very hungry...could ye maybe spere a day's worth of food for a wanderin' traveler?" he asks in Erin's distinctive voice.

    "Be gone! I will not be bothered with beggars." Akane tries to shoo the Riolu puppet away.

    "Can't ye joost spere a little meat and bread?" Ash pleads.

    "If it is her bread you seek, then stay hungry and count your blessings." Sachi chides.

    "How can ye say tat te a poor little Pokemon like me?" Ash gasps.

    "You must not be from around here, or have heard of the cook from which you beg." Sachi giggles. Akane tosses an oven mitt at Sachi, but it lands on the floor just as Lotta returns, her tray now empty.

    "Now what? Can't you two ever get along just for a moment?" Lotta sighs, exasperated before the Riolu puppet gets her attention. "Aw, who's this?"

    "A little Riolu that came in here asking for food." Sachi explains. "I'm just glad she didn't eat what Ginger made!"

    This is the last straw for Akane. "That's it! I'll make an omelet out of you!" With that, she chases Sachi offstage.

    Lotta just giggles. "Don't mind them, Miss said you were hungry?" she asks the Riolu puppet.

    "Yes--I have eaten noting far tree deys." Ash replies, making the Riolu's head droop.

    "Then just settle at the table there, and I'll get you something to eat." Lotta assures the puppet.

    "Tank you so much, good lady." Ash replies before making the Riolu puppet "eat" the prop bread and soup Lotta sets before it.

    "Not at all." Lotta replies. "Have you traveled far?"

    "Yes, boot mebe I dun't need te travel anymore." Ash's Riolu muses as it finishes "eating". "Perhaps I have faund what I seek right here..."

    You're looking for something? What is it?" Lotta asks.

    "I have bin looking for a valuable treasure." Ash replies as he makes Erin get up from the table.

    "Treasure? Like gold and gems?" Lotta asks.

    "No, something far better tan gold ar gems--I've faund it here in tis room." Ash replies.

    "What is here that's more valuable than gold and gems?" Lotta looks at the Riolu puppet with a bemused look.

    "I have searched for someone kind and generous, and I see you posses bot' tese qualities." Ash replies.

    "How can you be so sure? I have only met you for a few minutes." Lotta protests.

    "Ordinary Pokemon cannot sense tese tings, but I am no ordinary Pokemon." Ash replies.

    "Th-then what are you?" Lotta stammers fearfully.

    Kano triggers a puff of smoke, obscuring Ash removing the cloak. When the smoke clears, the Erin puppet is in its usual costume. "I am a mage--a Pokemon trained to call upon te elemants as magic." Ash explains.

    "A mage!" Lotta gasps. "You aren't going to cast a curse on me, are you?"

    Ash feigns some gentle accented laughter. "Oh no, no, lassie...I use my power naught for darkness, but for light. Kindness like yours strengthens my power."

    "O-okay..." Lotta stammers. "I trust you."

    "As tanks for placing your troost in me, I'll give ye somtin' more valuable tan anytin' King Altan himself possesses." Ash continues.

    "Oh, you don't have to give me anything in return for my giving you food--I would've done the same even if you had nothing to give in return." Lotta assures the Erin puppet.

    "I understand, but you honestly deserve tis gift." Ash replies. "In return, lass, will you follow the instructions I have for using tis gift to te letter?"

    "I will." Lotta replies.

    "Here ye are, then." With that, Ash makes Erin give Lotta a small drawstring bag.

    Lotta studies the bag. "Uh, thanks? I've always wanted a little bag to keep things in..."

    "Ah, but tese bags are no ordinary bags..." Ash replies. "Tey are a set of tree magic bags of wishing!"

    "Three? I only see one..." Lotta muses as she looks quizzically at the bag.

    "Tere are two others inside the wan ye hold, lass." Ash replies. "Joost hald a bag in front of you and say this charm...wishin' bag, wishin' bag, grant my wish, my heart's desire, joost wan wish I do require. Ten make yer wish and it shall be granted. One bag is used for each wish."

    "This is too amazing to believe!" Lotta cries joyfully in character. "How can I ever repay you?"

    "A word of caution before I leave ye, lass--te magic within te bags is so powerful, tat if anywan else tries te use te bags; tey will die instantly. To revive anywan stricken by tis, ye must use another bag yeself. Don't let anyone but ye use te bags...understood?" Ash warns as Erin.

    "I promise...I'll be very very careful." Lotta replies.

    Ash makes Erin give a little bow. "And now we part...I hope we will meet again someday...fare ye well, lassie." Lotta waves goodbye as Kano triggers more smoke and some rainbow sparks, making it appear to the audience that the Erin puppet has disappeared.

    "I can't believe it! I have a means to make my dearest wishes come true!" Lotta giddly shouts. "I could wish for a gown like a princess...or gold and jewels....but what I really want is to be close to Prince Tristan!"

    With that, she opens the bag and chants "Wishing bag, wishing bag, grant my wish, my heart's desire, just one wish I do require! I wish I was a lady of the royal court!" The audience gasps in awe as rainbow lights and sparks fly about the darkened stage....
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Sidestory 10b: The Three Wishing Bags, part 2)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Sidestory 10b: The Three Wishing Bags, part 2


    In a dressing room, Brock finally finishes putting on some blue, purple, and gold robes. "How's this look?" he asks Morgan as he steps out from the room.

    "You look like a king, all right." Morgan smiles.

    "Pi Pinipi, ha pini pi?" Happini smiles as she bows before Brock.

    "Well, my little princess, you can go see if it's time for me to go on." Brock replies as some extras in costume as lords and ladies join him.

    "Wait!" Morgan dashes over with a prop crown decorated in jewels and swirly inlays. "A king can't meet his public without his crown!" she explains as she sets the crown on Brock's head.

    Happini, meanwhile, gasps as she hears a major commotion onstage. "Tristan? Someone? Help!"

    "I'll go get help!" another female voice offers.

    <i>That's our cue.</i> With that, Brock and the extras walk onstage, where Akane, Sachi, Lotta, and two female extras are crowded around Rylan, who is playing dead at center stage. "Oh, too late! The king's here!" one of the extras gasps.

    "What's all this commotion?" Brock asks before gasping at the "dead" Rylan. "Summon the royal healer, quickly!" He then addresses an extra. "Lady Cathrine, do you know what happened here?"

    "Um, er..." the extra playing Lady Cathrine stammers as Yuki, in a white healer's robe, examines Rylan.

    "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Your Majesty, but there's nothing I can do--Prince Tristan has died." Yuki reports.

    "Your Majesty, I think I know how Prince Tristan died..." Lotta explained. "It was no assassin, but a bag."

    "A bag?" Brock is intrigued.

    "A year ago, a Riolu gave me three bags of wishing, and someone must have taken them." Lotta explains. "If I may, may I revive the prince?"

    "Please! Anything to save my son!" Brock pleads.

    Lotta, meanwhile, opens the bag. "Wishing bag, wishing bag, grant my wish, my heart's desire, just one wish I do require! I wish Prince Tristan were alive once more!"

    Rainbow light and swirls surround Rylan, making him get up. "Wha...what happened? The last thing I remember was Lady Cathrine using a bag on me..."

    "Lady Cathrine, was it you that used Luna's bag of wishing and killed Tristan?" Brock sternly asks.

    "I only wanted to impress him..." the extra playing Cathrine softly replies.

    "I'd say you nearly suppressed him!" Brock snaps. "If Luna hadn't intervened, I would be having to bury a son!"

    "But thanks to Luna, I am very much alive." Rylan smiles."As thanks for Luna saving my life, I would like to ask her hand in marriage."

    "As for Lady Cathrine...the only bags she'll handle from now on is tea bags." Brock muses as he leads Lady Cathrine offstage

    "I can see it now: 'Swishing bag, swishing bag, just one cup, my heart's desire, just one brew do I require'...Sachi quips before the lights go down, ending the play...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 117: The Mint Warrior)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 117: The Mint Warrior

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 58, story 1)

    "A long time ago in a land far away, many people lost their lives and homes in a great war." Brock begins. "But one village had a problem of its own--arrogant warriors kept stealing all the crops in the fields."

    Intrigued murmurs fill the air as Brock goes on "One night, as a certain man and his wife had dinner, a knock came at the door." He knocks on the side of the stage for effect,to some giggles. "The village elder was at the door, and he was dealing with a massive stomachache, so he hadn't eaten a thing all day."

    Laughter goes up at Brock clutching his stomach in a feigned stomachache, as if he is the elder in pain. "After a bit of a struggle to get him to eat some mint to cure his stomachache, the elder was cured. The man explained that with everything else in short supply, they, like many others, had to eat mint all day, but at least they hadn't been sick in some time."

    Awed gasps fill the air as Brock continues "Inspired, the elder ate two mint leaves every day, and grew and shared his own mint with the townsfolk. However, there was still the matter of rogue warriors attacking towns and stealing food and other items."

    "Ooh"s fill the air as the lights dim a little to simulate nighttime. "One night, a gang of rogue warriors snuck into the elder's house, believing there was riches to be had." Brock intones. "They refused to believe the elder when he said all he had was mint, and threatened to kill him."

    Some in the crowd gasp, but Brock just grins--his favorite part of the tale is coming up! "As they went off to search the house for valuables, they were suddenly rebuffed by what they thought were two mint plants in warrior's garb! No matter how many times the rogues cut the mint warriors, more leaves kept growing back. Terrified, the rogues fled into the night empty handed."

    Relieved applause fills the air as Brock explains "It turned out the mint warriors were Celebi and Shaymin in disguise. When the elder saw all the mint leaves on the floor, he offered to clean it up and offer it as thanks to Arceus. Shaymin explained that while Arceus would appriciate the sacrifice, the mint warriors they were disguised as were practically invincible thanks to mint's parasitic nature. Celebi added that the elder keep some of the cut mint for himself and brew a little tea with it."

    He concludes "Needless to say, that town was not bothered by bandits again, and the townsfolk to this day plant mint as thanks for Celebi and Shaymin protecting them."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 118: Daisuke, the Beast Slayer )

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 118: Daisuke, the Beast Slayer

    (real tale: The Beast Slayer)

    "Once upon a time there was a man and his wife who were very poor." Brock begins. "The man earned his living making wooden bowls and platters to sell and oftentimes worked from dawn until dusk, but wooden bowls and platters sold for so very cheap that he could barely support his family no matter how hard he worked."

    "Aw"s go up at Brock's woeful observation. "Now, the man and his wife were the parents of three lovely daughters--we'll call them Miyu, Ran, and Eina." Brock explains "They were all very beautiful, and the man and his wife often lamented the fact that they did not have money to provide for them."

    When he returns to his place at center stage, he goes on "One day, a handsome young man mounted on a beautiful Rapidash came to the poor man's house, and offered to take one of the poor man's daughters as his bride in return for a hundred gold pieces. The father was very much shocked at this request--he may have been poor, but not so poor that he had to sell his own children. The young man, however, threatened to kill him if he refused; so the father reluctantly consented to give Miyu to him, receiving a hundred gold pieces in return. The next day, the father found himself also giving up Ran, and the day after, Eina, to rich young men, on pain of death."

    Angry murmurs race through the crowd as Brock goes on. "Their home was not childless very long, for soon a little boy was born to them. They named him Daisuke, and brought him up in great luxury. But the neighborhood kids always teased him with taunts that said the only reason his father was rich was because he sold his three sisters. The teasing made Daisuke sad of course, but he said nothing about the matter for a long time. When the year came that he had come of age, he went to his father and mother and demanded that they tell him everything."

    "His parents told Daisuke the whole story of the strange circumstances through which they had obtained their wealth." Brock continues, breaking an uneasy silence. "Daisuke then asked if he could go out into the world in search of his sisters. His father and mother gave him their blessing, and Daisuke set out on his journey early the next morning."

    Brock walks around the stage for a moment,simulating Daisuke traveling. "Before long, Daisuke came to a house where there were three brothers fighting over a boot, a cap, and a key." he continues when he arrives back at center stage. "He asked them why those things were so valuable that they were fighting over them. The brothers replied that if one sang to the boot, <i>Karuto, ichiida shou...</i> the boot would immediately take him anywhere he wished to go. If one sang to the cap, <i>Yveltal, ame no hao bakezo...</i>, the cap would turn him invisible. The key could unlock any door in the whole world. Inspired, Daisuke he offered so much money for the three items, the three brothers decided to end their fight and divide their shares of a thousand gold pieces.

    Awed chatter and some applause goes up at the wondrous items. "Daisuke put the three treasures in his bag and went on his way. As soon as he had gone a little ways, he sang to the boot <i>Karuto, iichiida shou...</i> and the boot warped him to where his sister Miyu lived, which was the most magnificent palace he had ever seen in his life. He asked to speak with his sister, but Miyu replied that she had no brother and did not wish to be bothered with the stranger. It took a lot urging for the Daisuke to get permission from her to tell his story; but, when she heard it, everything made sense, so she decided to welcome him as her brother. She asked how he had ever found her home, and how he had come through the thicket which surrounded her palace. Daisuke told her about his magic boot."

    "Aw"s and some applause go up, relieved Daisuke has found one of his sisters. But Brock had other ideas. "Later that afternoon, Miyu suddenly burst into tears. When Daisuke asked what the matter was, Miyu explained that her husband is the a red Gyarados--and he would be very angry to find a human in his palace." Daisuke then told Miyu about his magic cap.

    Brock pauses for a moment, then intones "Soon the red Gyarados arrived, and in a very bad mood, damaging, if not breaking everything in his way, and ranting that he smelled human blood."

    Gasps go up, but Brock assures them "It took some doing, but once Miyu had talked him into a relaxing soak in the hot spring, he became a handsome man. He then ate dinner, and when dinner had ended Miyu asked him what he would do if he saw her brother. The red Gyarados replied that he would be kind to him, just as he was to her. Daisuke revealed himself, and the red Gyarados treated him with all the kindness and respect of a king. He asked Daisuke if he wanted to live for the rest of his life in the palace. Daisuke declined the invitation, saying that he had two other sisters to find. Before he left the next day, the red Gyarados gave him a magical sapphire from his royal treasury, saying that if he was ever in any danger in which he could help, take the sapphire and sing <i>Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...</i>

    Some light applause goes up at the gibberish spellsong. "Daisuke thanked the red Gyarados, and went on his way. Then he took out his magic boot and sang <i>Karuto, iichiida shou...</i>

    After a beat, he continues "Daisuke was warped into a more wonderful palace than Miyu's. Ran had married Master Gogoat, and he too treated the newly found brother of his queen with great consideration. When Daisuke had finished his visit there, Master Gogoat gave him a magical emerald from his collection of curiosities saying that if he was ever in any peril in which he could help, take the emerald and sing <i>Imultao, ame no ga bakeno...</i>

    The audience waits to see what sort of Pokemon Daisuke will encounter next. "With the aid of his magic boot, Daisuke went to visit the home of his youngest sister Eina." Brock continues. "He found her in the most magnificent palace of them all, for her husband was Moltres. When Daisuke left, he gave him a magical ruby from his stash of wondrous items telling him that if he was ever in any danger that all he had to do was take the ruby and sing <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i>

    Cheers go up from the children at the gibberish "spellsong". "All three of Daisuke's new friends had admired the power of his magic boot and they had all advised him to visit a legendary kingdom said to be made of jewels, many of them magical." Brock goes on. "Daisuke was glad that his sisters were safe, and so warped himself to the mythical kingdom of jewels. He soon heard on the street that the king of the land of jewels had a beautiful daughter--we'll call her Yuna--whom he wished to give in marriage if she could be persuaded to choose a husband. She was such a famous beauty that no one could pass before her palace without eagerly gazing up in hopes of seeing her lovely face at the window. Princess Yuna had grown weary of being the object of so much attention, and she had made a vow that she would marry no one except a man who could pass before her without looking at her."

    "Ooh"s go up at this. "Daisuke was interested when he heard this, and rode past the palace with his eyes fixed steadily on the ground. He did not give a single glance upward in the direction of the window where the beautiful Princess Yuna was watching him. Princess Yuna, meanwhile, was overcome with joy at the sight of the handsome stranger who appeared as if in response to her vow. The king summoned him to the palace and ordered that he and Princess Yuna be married right then and there."

    Thunderous applause fills the auditorium at this, but Brock is not finished yet. "After the wedding festivities had died down a week or so later, Princess Yuna soon found out that her husband carried his choicest treasures in his bag. She asked about their significance and Daisuke told her all about them. She was especially interested in the key, and told him that there was a room in the palace which was never opened. In this room there was a <i>mujina</i>, a huge Buizel-like monster which always came to life again whenever it was killed. Princess Yuna had always been anxious to see the <i>mujina</i> with her own eyes, and she suggested that they should use the key to unlock the door of the forbidden room and take a look."

    Fearful murmurs race through the crowd as Brock goes on "Daisuke, however, pleaded with her not to do this. He decided that it was too risky a bit of amusement; but one day when he had gone out hunting with the king, Pincess Yuna was overjoyed to find that the magic key had been left behind. She quickly picked it up and opened the forbidden door. The <i>mujina</i> gave a great leap, and grabbed her with his sharp claws!"

    Surprised screams go up as Brock grabs at the air, startling some in the front row. "When Daisuke and the king returned from their hunting trip they were very much worried to find that Princess Yuna had disappeared. No one knew where she was. After searching through the palace and garden all in vain they went to the place where the <i>mujina</i> was always kept. The prince recognized his magic key in the door, but the room was empty. It dawned on him just what had happened--the <i>mujina</i> had fled with Princess Yuna!"

    "Did Daisuke save her?" a girl stammers as she squeezes her mother's hand in fear.

    "Daisuke wasted no time in using his magic boot to warp by Princess Yuna's side." Brock assures the girl. "The <i>mujina</i> had hidden her in a cave by the sea and had gone away in search of food. Princess Yuna was delighted to find her husband whom she had never expected to see again, and asked him to get her out of there. "Daisuke explained that since she had gotten into this mess, she could at least try to kill the <i>mujina</i>. So Princess Yuna waited for the <i>mujina</i> to return, then she asked it to tell her the secret of his seemingly eternal life. The <i>mujina</i> was very much flattered to have the Princess Yuna so interested in him, and he told it to her, unaware of a plot."

    He explains to the crowd. "The <i>mujina</i> explained that its life was in the sea. Somewhere in the sea was a chest, and in the chest there was a stone, and in the stone there was a Pidove, and in the Pidove there was an egg, and in the egg there was a candle. Only when that candle was extinguished would he die."

    The crowd applauds, impressed that Brock remembered the whole list. "Little did the <i>mujina</i> know, Daisuke had been there the whole time, and he had heard every word. As soon as the <i>mujina</i> had gone to sleep, Daisuke stood on the seashore held the sapphire to the sky, and sang <i>Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...</i>.

    "Sure enough, a great school of fish appeared in a flash of blue light." he continues. "Daisuke asked them to get the chest from the depths of the sea. They replied that they had never seen such a chest, but maybe the sea guardian Kyorge would know about it. So they went and asked Kyorge, and she said that she had seen the chest only moments before. With Kyorge's help, the fish brought the chest out of the sea. Daisuke opened the chest easily with the aid of his magic key, and inside he found a stone."

    After pausing for a moment, Brock continues "Then Daisuke took the emerald, held it to the sky, and sang <i>Imultao, ame no ga bakeno...</i> The ground started rumbling as the emerald glowed, and Daisuke saw millions of Gogoats and Ponytas running to the beach from all directions. They attacked the stone, giving it mighty blows with their hard heads, horns, and hooves. "It didn't take long to break open the stone, and from out of it there flew a Pidove."

    The audience is on the edge of their seats as Brock goes on "By now, it had dawned on the <i>mujina</i> what Daisuke and Princess Yuna planned to do, and dragged Princess Yuna back in the cave. "Meanwhile, Daisuke took the ruby, held it to the sky, and sang <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i> Moltress appeared in a flash of red light and quickly defeated the Pidove. "Minutes before the <i>mujina</i> could kill Princess Yuna with his great claws, Daisuke took the egg from the slain Pidove, broke it and blew out the candle. At that moment the <i>mujina</i> died, and Princess Yuna was unharmed."

    He concludes "Daisuke warped both of them home to the jeweled kingdom, and the king called for a great festival that lasted at least a week. There was rejoicing throughout the whole kingdom, and great relief that Princess Yuna was all right. Daisuke was hailed throughout the jeweled kingdom as a hero, and the people there talk of his many adventures even to this day."

    Thunderous applause fills the air as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 119: The Brave Mother and Daughter)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 119: The Brave Mother and Daughter

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 57, story 1)

    "Once the daughter of a certain village's elder--we'll call her Kanade--was to marry the son of the elder of the next village over." Brock begins. "Suddenly, a great storm blew up, carrying off the wedding coach into the sky. The elder was so depressed, he got physically sick, and so his wife--we'll call her Nara--took it upon herself to find her daughter."

    He walks around the stage as he continues "Nara wandered across the world for a whole year, and one night, decideed to rest in a shrine to Arceus for the night. The miko felt sorry for Nara when she heard her tale of woe, and allowed her to stay for the night. That night, she told Nara that Kanade was being held in the lair of a red Gyarados."

    Fearful murmurs race through the audience as Brock returns to his place at center stage. "Arceus appeared to Nara in a dream, and confirmed what the miko said, plus some more information--the red Gyarados' cave was across a raging river, and guarded by a pair of Houndooms. The Houndooms slept during the day, but the bridge was alive, and had thrown many an adventurer into the river."

    Fear turns to excitement as the audience debates how Nara will save Kanade. "The next morning, Nara made her way to the bridge, walked right past the sleeping Houndooms, and crossed the bridge." Brock goes on, quieting the chatter. "After wandering through the cave's passages for a while, she found Kanade safe and sound, working at a loom."

    Applause starts to fill the air, but Brock intones "Their reunion was cut short when Kanade heard the Gyarados returning, and told her mother to hide in a hollowed out rock."

    The auditorium silently waits to hear what happens next, before Brock continues "The Gyarados demanded that it was hungry, but then notices three roses blooming instead of two--for they only bloomed when someone is present. He asked Kanade if she was hiding someone, and Kanade lied, saying she was expecting a child. Excited, the Gyarados threw a big party and invited all the sea monsters to attend."

    Giggles go up as the audience pictures the wild party. "When the monsters and the Gyarados were all exhausted from feasting, drinking and dancing; Nara and Kanade took that opportunity to escape!" Brock announces. "However, their escape route ended up blocked, and the Gyarados and the other monsters were approaching, and fast!"

    Brock is quick to assure the antsy crowd "Just when it looked like the end, Arceus appeared to Nara and Kanade, and instructed them to flee in a boat by the shore. But the Gyarados and the monsters started drinking the river water, causing the two of them to go backwards. The two of them understandably panicked, but Manaphy appeared to them and suggested trying to make their foes laugh."

    Excited chatter fills the air as Brock spotlight expands to include his guitar. "So they sang the silliest song they knew, which went something like this..."

    With that, he starts a brisk melody in G and sings <i>99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, there'll be 98 bottles of beer on the wall.

    98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, there'll be 97 bottles of beer on the wall.

    97 bottles of beer on the wall, 97 bottles of beer on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, there'll be 96 bottles of beer on the wall.

    96 bottles of beer on the wall, 96 bottles of beer on the wall, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, there'll be 95 bottles of beer on the wall.</i>

    Thankfully, Brock decides to stop at 95 bottles of beer on the wall, but the audience is still laughing that Brock would actually sing the annoying car song live on stage. "Anyway, the song made the Gyarados and the monsters laugh, which filled the river back up again, allowing Nara and Kanade to make it home safely. They never forgot how Arceus protected them in their hour of need, and gave thanks every day."

    Applause rings through the auditorium as Brock sets the guitar aside and takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 120: The Lucky Punch)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 120: The Lucky Punch

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 59, story 3)

    "A king of a certain land always started his day looking out on his vast kingdom." Brock begins. "But deep down he just wished that something--anything--exciting would happen, and so sent out a proclamation for everyone in the land to bring a rare and wondrous item, with a prize going to whoever had the rarest thing."

    Piqued murmurs fill the air as Brock continues "Now, one man--we'll call him Kenji--decided that if he won the contest, he would use the prize money to buy new tools, as his tools were old and worn from years of working in the fields. That night, when he arrived home, he found a huge Berry at least the size of a person's head!" He makes a form in the air so the audience has some idea of how large the giant Berry is.

    Stunned murmurs fill the air at this. "Kenji carefully tended the huge Berry every day, and before long, it was so large, not even ten strong people could lift it." Brock explains. "After hoisting it aboard a large cart, he took it to the capital city, only to find the guards in the gatehouse were asleep--for they too were bored that nothing exciting happened on their watch."

    Giggles go up at this. "The guards woke, but they were slightly annoyed by the constant parade of rare items entering the capital." Brock goes on. "They were stunned when they saw the huge Berry, and let Kenji in, with a promise that they got half of the reward."

    "Ooh"s race through the crowd, but Brock just grins--it's time for the twist in his tale."The king was awed by the huge Berry, and asked Kenji what he wanted as a reward. Kenji replied that he wanted ten punches."

    Laughter fills the air as Brock balks in feigned surprise, as if he is the king. "The king was bewildered at the request, but Kenji insisted, and so he was given five bonks on the head." He knocks five times on the stage floor for effect.

    After the laughter quiets, Brock continues "The guards noticed nothing but a set of farming tools when Kenji departed that evening, and asked for their share of the reward. Kenji complied, and gave each of the five guards a bonk, saying that was half of the reward."

    More laughter fills the air as Brock concludes "The king saw the whole thing, and relieved the greedy guards from their posts. He also gave Kenji some even better tools and a thousand gold pieces, as thanks for exposing the corrupt guards."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 121: King Ponyta-ears)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 121: King Ponyta-ears

    (real tale: The Goat's Ears of the Emperor Trojan)

    "Once upon a time there lived a king with a deep dark secret--he had ears like a Ponyta." Brock begins. "Every morning, when he was shaved, he asked if the royal barber saw anything strange. Of course, each barber always replied that the king had Ponyta ears, and so was put to death for revealing the king's secret."

    Fearful and angry murmurs race through the crowd as Brock goes on "This went on for a while, but before long, there was hardly a barber left in the town that wanted to shave the king. The guildmaster of the cosmetology guild was going to go to the palace, but he got very sick the day before he was supposed to leave, and told one of his apprentices--we'll call him Eliwood--to go in his stead."

    An uneasy silence fills the room before Brock continues "When Eliwood was taken to the king's room, he was asked why he had come and not his master. Eliwood explained that his master was very sick, and there was no one but him who would be trusted with the honor. The king was satisfied with that answer, and prepared for his morning shave. Eliwood set to work, and he, like all the rest, noticed the Ponyta ears, but when he had finished and the king asked his usual question as to whether Eliwood had noticed anything strange, Eliwood replied that he had not seen anything out of the ordinary. This pleased the king so much that he gave him a thousand gold pieces, and appointed him his new royal barber."

    Applause goes up at this. "So when Eliwood returned home, and his master asked him how everything went, Eliwood told him how he had been appointed royal barber and received a thousand gold pieces, but he said nothing about the king's Ponyta-ears." Brock explains. "For a while, Eliwood went up to the palace every day, receiving a thousand gold pieces in payment. But after a while, he longed to tell his secret to somebody. His master noticed there was something on his mind, and asked what it was. Eliwood replied that something had been tormenting him for some time, and wouldn't feel better until someone shared his secret."

    Fearful murmurs fill the air, but Brock assures the crowd. "The master suggested that if Eliwood didn't feel comfortable with telling him, he could tell the priest, or go into some field outside of town and dig a hole, and then kneel down and whisper his secret three times into the hole before covering it up. Eliwood liked the hole plan the best, and that afternoon went to a meadow outside of town, dug a deep hole, then knelt and whispered to it three times..." He whispers to the audience "The king has Ponyta's ears."

    Nervous giggles go up as Brock continues in a normal volume. "With that, Eliwood covered up the hole, relieved to get his secret off his chest. A few weeks went by, and a maple tree grew in the hole. Some shepherds, tending their flocks nearby, noticed the tree growing there, and one of them cut down a branch to make a flute out of it." Brock shows the audience a silver whistle to emphasize his point. "But when the shepherd tried to play it, the flute would do nothing but sing: 'The king has Ponyta's ears'.

    Laughter fills the air as Brock plays a mocking sing songy phrase that matches 'The king has Ponyta's ears' a few times. "Of course, it wasn't long before the whole kingdom knew of this wonderful flute and what it said; and then the news reached the king in his palace. He immediately summoned Eliwood and demanded to know what it was he had been saying about him to all the people."

    The audience holds their breath as Brock continues "Eliwood tried to defend himself by saying that he had never told anyone what he had noticed; but the king, instead of listening, only drew his sword from its sheath, which scared Eliwood so much that he confessed everything. The king commanded his coach to be made ready, and he took Eliwood with him, and they traveled to the spot, for he wished to see for himself whether Eliwood's confession was true."

    He readies the whistle to play again as he continues. "When they arrived, the king commanded his attendants to carve him a flute from a branch. When it was ready, he asked the lord high chamberlain to play it. But even though the lord high chamberlain was the best flutist on the royal court, the only song he was able to play was 'The king has Ponyta's ears.'

    More laughter goes up as Brock plays the mocking phrase a few more times. "Then it dawned on the king that even the earth gave up its secrets, and spared Eliwood's life, but relieved him of his post."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 122: The False Letters)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 122: The False Letters

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 59, story 1)

    "A long time ago in Johto, an inn stood on the foot of Mt. Silver." Brock begins. "One year, the innkeeper's wife died from a terrible disease. He was understandably heartbroken, but eventually married again for his daughter's sake. However, the new stepmother had a hair trigger temper, and would often yell at the girl--we'll call her Kimika--for the silliest of reasons. Try as the innkeeper might to tell his wife to lay off on the yelling, this only made the stepmother even more jealous. Eventually, the stepmother took Kimika to a high cliff while the innkeeper was away, and pushed her into the river below, in hopes she would drown."

    Angry and fearful murmurs fill the air, but brock is quick to assure them "Thankfully, Kimika survived the fall, and ended up drifting to the shore where her father was cleaning some newly picked herbs. Try as she might to grab on her father's shoulders, she found she couldn't--her hands were somehow paralyzed."

    He adds as an aside "To be fair, she did fall a long way, where it is not unheard of to be paralyzed if you survive."

    With that, he continues "The innkeeper believed there was something more to Kimika's paralysis, and took her to his mother's house, where her wounds were treated. Kimka told her grandma everything that had happened, and tearfully vowed to not return home while her stepmother is there--who knew what she would do to kill her next?"

    Fearful murmurs fill the air as Brock continues "Despite her paralysis, Kimika still worked hard, catching the eye of a young swordsman--we'll call him Naoki. They fell in love, and were married some months later."

    "Aw"s and applause go up at this, but Brock isn't finished yet. "One day, Naoki was called to the Aiiro City. While he was away, Kimika gave birth to their first child, a healthy baby boy. Her grandma sent the joyful news via a messenger. As he was traveling, he came to Kimika's childhood home. The stepmother asked the messenger where he was going, and he told her everything, much to her shock."

    "Oh no"s and fearful whispers race through the crowd as Brock goes on "While the messenger slept that night, the stepmother wrote a fake letter saying that a demon had been born instead of a son. Understandably, Naoki was stunned at the fake letter, but wrote back saying that demon or not, he still wanted it taken care of. When the messenger stopped by the inn again, Naoki's response was replaced with another fake letter. saying he didn't even want to see Kimika any more, and she and the baby were to leave."

    Angry murmurs and some tears fill the air, but Brock continues "When Naoki returned and saw the fake letter, he was steamed. In fact, he was so mad, he decided to cast one of the spells he had learned in the Aiiro City, which was a truth spell." With that, he sings <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i>

    Some soft applause goes up at the gibberish spell. "The spell revealed to Naoki that the letters were lies, and it also engulfed the stepmother in her own letters, never to be seen again. As he was searching for Kimika, he spotted her trying to save her son, who had accidentally fallen in the river. As she made a last ditch effort to save him, her hands were healed, and she saved the boy seconds before he went over the waterfall."

    Relieved applause goes up as Brock concludes "Kimika was elated to see her beloved again, and he told her what really happened as they returned home, where it is said they watch over explorers that brave the mountain to this day,"

    The applause intensifies as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 123: The Bird Keeper's Song)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 123: The Bird Keeper's Song

    (real tale: Tattercoats)

    "Once upon a time, in a great palace by the sea, there lived a very rich old lord, who had only one little granddaughter, whose face he had not seen in all her life." Brock begins. "He hated her bitterly, because at her birth his eldest daughter had died; and when the old nurse brought him the baby he swore that he would never see its face as long as it lived."

    Angry murmurs waft through the crowd, but they begin to quiet as Brock continues "So he turned his back, sat by his window looking out over the sea, and wept bitterly for his lost daughter, till his white hair and beard grew down over his shoulders and twined round his chair and crept into the chinks of the floor, and his tears, dropping on to the window-ledge, wore a channel through the stone, and ran away in a little river to the great sea."

    "Aw"s go up at this. "Meanwhile, his granddaughter grew up with no one to care for her, or clothe her; only the old nurse, when no one was nearby, would sometimes give her a plate of scraps from the kitchen, or a torn petticoat that would have otherwise gone in the trash; while the other servants of the palace would drive her from the house with blows and mocking words, calling her "Haiki,"--which means "scraps"-- and pointing to her bare feet and shoulders, till she ran away, crying, to hide among the bushes." Brock explains. "So she grew up, with little to eat or to wear, spending her days outside, her only companion a young bird keeper who fed her Pokemon on the plains. This bird keeper--we'll call her Sachi-- was a joyful little girl that didn't let life's troubles get her down. So when Haiki was hungry, or cold, or tired, Sachi would play her many airs and dances on her little flute..." Excited chatter fills the air as Brock shows the audience a silver whistle with a green mouthpiece. "that she forgot all her troubles, and would dance with the Pidgeys, Taillows, Starlies, Swablus, and Fletchlings as her partners."

    With that, he plays "The Meowth's Call" for effect.

    After waiting for the applause to die down, Brock continues "Now one day, word spread that the king was traveling through the land, and was going to host a great ball--every lord and lady in the area was invited, and some rumors said that Prince Taka, his only son, was to choose his future bride during the festivities. Finally, one of the royal invitations to the ball was brought to the palace by the sea, and the servants carried it up to the old lord, who still sat by his window, wrapped in his long white hair and weeping into the little river that was fed by his tears."

    He waits for a beet than continues as he paces around center stage. "But when he heard the king's command, he dried his eyes and commanded them to bring shears to cut him loose, for his hair had essentially bound him to the chair, and he could not get up."

    Giggles fill the air at this. "Once he could get up, he put on his finest clothes; and ordered his shining Rapidash saddled in all its finery...but he quite forgot he had a granddaughter to take to the ball." Brock goes on, fingering the whistle all the while. "Meanwhile, Haiki sat by the kitchen door crying, because she could not go to see the ball and all its pageantry. When the old nurse heard her crying, she went to the lord and begged him to take his granddaughter with him to the royal ball.But he only frowned and told her to be quiet; while the servants laughed and said..." in character as a younger boy, he mocks "Haiki is happy in her rags, playing with the bird keeper! Let her be - it is all she is fit for."

    "Angery murmurs race through the crowd as Brock goes on "A second, and then a third time, the old nurse begged him to let the girl go with him, but she was answered only by black looks and fierce words, till she was driven from the room by the jeering servants, with blows and mocking words.After she had cried a bit from the pain, the old nurse went to look for Haiki; but the girl had been shooed off by the cook, and had run away to tell her friend Sachi how unhappy she was because she could not go to the royal ball."

    He returns to center stage as he continues. "Now, when Sachi heard her story, she proposed that they could go together to see the royal ball in all its splendor. But when Haiki looked down at her rags and bare feet, Sachi began a reel or two on her flute. The song was so beautiful, that Haiki forgot all about her tears and her troubles, and before she knew it, the two of them and the Pokemon were dancing down the road towards the town.

    The audience claps along as Brock plays a set of three tunes for effect. "Before they had gone very far a handsome young man, splendidly dressed, riding up, stopped to ask the way to the castle, and when he found that they too were going there, he got off his Ponyta and walked beside them along the road."

    "You seem to be quite the happy folk," he smiles in character as a young man, "and will be good company."

    "Good company, indeed," he replies in a mimic of Melody, subtly giving the audience a clue as to who Sachi really is.

    He next plays a mystical melody as an interlude before continuing. "It was a curious tune, and it made the young man stare and stare at Haiki till he couldn't see her rags - in fact, he couldn't see anything but her beautiful face."

    He then plays the mysterious song through twice before commenting as the young man "You are the most beautiful maiden in the world. Will you marry me?"

    "Not I," he scoffs in his best mimic of Misty to represent Haiki. "You would be finely put to shame, and so would I be, if you took a bird keeper for your wife! Go and ask one of the great ladies you will see tonight at the royal ball, and do not flout poor Haiki."

    As himself, he intones "But the more she refused him, the sweeter the flute played, and the deeper the young man fell in love; till at last he begged her to come that night at twelve to the royal ball, just as she was, with Sachi and her Pokemon, in her torn petticoat and bare feet, and see if he wouldn't dance with her before the King and the lords and ladies, and present her to them all, as his dear and honored bride. Now at first Haiki said she would not; but Sachi said...

    As Melody again, he assures the audience "Take fortune when it comes, little one."

    He then continues as himself "So when night fell, and the hall in the castle was full of light and music, and the lords and ladies were dancing before the king, just as the clock struck midnight, Haiki and the Sachi, followed by her Pokemon, entered at the great doors, and walked straight up the red carpet, while on either side the ladies whispered, the lords laughed, and the king seated at the far end stared in amazement. But as they came in front of the throne Haiki's lover rose from beside the King, and came to meet her. Taking her by the hand, he kissed her three times before them all, and turned to the king.

    He smiles--it's time for the twist in the tale! "It turned out the girls' companion was really Prince Taka in disguise!"

    Cheers go up at this. "He told his father the king... As Prince Taka again, Brock announces "I have made my choice, and here is my bride, the loveliest girl in all the land, and the sweetest as well!"

    As himself, he continues as he readies the whistle to play again. "Before he had finished speaking, Sachi had put his flute to her lips and played a few notes that sounded like a Fletchling singing far off in the woods; and as she played Haiki's rags were changed to shining robes sewn with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls. A golden crown lay upon her jet black hair, and the Pokemon behind her became a crowd of pages and servants, bearing her long train."

    When he finishes his second set, he concludes As the king rose to greet her as his daughter the trumpets sounded loudly in honor of the new princess, and the people said that she was the loveliest girl in all the land. But Sachi was never seen again. No one knew what became of her, although some said she was actually Meloetta in disguise."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 124: The Legend of Kaitou)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 124: The Legend of Kaitou

    (real tale: The Adventures of a Fisherman's Son)

    "Long ago there was a man and woman who lived in a little house under the palm trees by a river bank. Brock begins. "They had so many children they did not know what to do. The little house was altogether too crowded. The man had to work early and late to find food enough to feed so many. One day, the seventh son--we'll call him Shichiro--said to his father..."

    In character as a young boy, he pleads "Father, I found a little Growlithe yesterday when I was playing on the bank of the river. Please let me keep him and train him."

    As himself, he continues "The father reluctantly consented. He did not know how to find food for the children, and an extra Growlithe to feed seemed an added burden. He went to the river bank to fish that day with a heavy heart. He cast his net in vain. He did not catch a single fish. He even cast his net from the other side with no better luck--he did not catch even one little Goldeen. Suddenly he heard a voice which seemed to come from the river bed itself, it was so deep.

    In one of his go-to deep voices, Brock intones "If you will give me the first new thing you find in your house when you go home I will give you great luck."

    As himself, Brock explains "The man remembered the request which Shichiro had made that morning. He figured that the new thing he would find in his house when he got home would be a Growlithe. That way, he could get rid of the Growlithe which he did not want to keep anyway. So he consented to the request which came from the strange voice in the depths of the river. He was told that if he broke this vow the curse of the Gyarados would be upon him and all his descendants."

    He continues walking around the stage as he continues "The fisherman cast his net where the Gyarados commanded, and immediately it was so full of fish that the man could hardly draw it out of the water. Three times he drew out his net, so full that it was in danger of breaking. In the end, he had enough to feed his family and plenty left over to sell. As the fisherman approached his house with his enormous catch of fish one of the children came running to meet him, telling him that a new child had been born."

    He freezes for a moment, as if he is the fisherman. "The poor fisherman broke down and cried--he dared not break his vow to the Gyarados."

    Some sniffles fill the air as Brock continues "The fisherman's wife was heartbroken when she heard about what had happened. However, she could think of no way to escape from keeping the contract which he had made. She kissed the tiny babe good-bye and gave it her blessing, naming him Kaitou. Then the fisherman took it down to the river bank and set it into the river at the exact spot the Gyarados had spoke to him from. The Gyarados took Kaitou into his palace of gold and silver and crystal with ornaments of diamonds and pearls, treating him as his own son."

    Interested whispers go up as Brock explains "The years went by, and Kaitou grew into a handsome lad, tall and straight, with eyes which were dark and deep like the river itself, and hair as dark as the shades in the depths of the river. All his life he had been surrounded with every luxury, but he had never seen a single person. He had never seen even the Gyarados. All he knew of him was his deep voice which gave orders in the palace. One day the Gyarados said...." In his deep voice again, he intones "I have to go away on a long journey. I will leave with you all the keys to all the doors in the palace, but do not mess with anything. If you do, it will be your life in exchange."

    As himself, Brock continues "Many days passed and Kaitou did not hear the voice of the Gyarados. He missed its sound in the palace. It was very still and very lonely. When fifteen days had passed he took one of the keys which the Gyarados had left and opened a door. The door led into a room in the palace where he had never been. Inside the room was a huge Entei. The Entei looked healthy and well nourished, but there was nothing for it to eat except hay. True to his instructions, Kaitou did not mess with anything and shut the door."

    "Another fifteen days passed by, and again Kaitou took one of the keys." Brock continues, walking around the stage as he speaks. "He opened another door in the palace which he had never entered. Inside this room he found three Ponytas, one Shiny, and the other two were normal. There was nothing in the room for the Ponytas to eat except meat, but in spite of this they looked well nourished. Kaitou did not touch anything and when he went out he shut the door.

    Brock pauses for a beat, then continues "At the end of another fifteen days, Kaitou tried another key in another door. This room opened into a room full of armor. There were daggers, spears, swords, bows, and all sorts of armor which he had never seen and did not know anything about. He was very much interested in what he saw, but he did not mess with anything."

    Once he is back in his place at center stage, Brock goes on "The next day he opened the room again where the Ponytas were kept. This time one of the Ponytas -the Shiny one- spoke to him and said..." In a mimic of Misty, he interjects "We like hay to eat very much better than this meat which was left to us by mistake. The Entei must have our hay. Please give this meat to the Entei and bring us back our hay. If you will do this as I ask I'll serve you for all time."

    As himself, Brock continues "The boy took the meat to the Entei. The Entei was very much pleased to exchange the hay for it. The lad then took the hay to the Ponytas. He froze when he remembered how he had been told not to mess with anything--and this counted as messing with something. He burst into tears, fearful he would die for what he had done. The Ponytas listened in amazement, but the Shiny Ponyta--who was named Takara--offered to get him out."

    "Takara told Kaitou to take some extra clothes, a sword," Brock pauses to set a prop sword at his side. "and a bow," He slings a prop bow and a quiver filled with 30 prop arrows on his back. "and climb on her back." As Misty again, he intones "I have lived here in the depths of the river so long that my speed is greater than that of the river itself. If there was any doubt of it before, now that I have had some hay once more I am sure I can run faster than any river in the world."

    He interjects as himself "When the Gyarados came back home and found that Kaitou had messed with something, he swam as fast as he could in pursuit. However, Takara safely carried Kaitou away from that place."

    Sighs of relief fill the air. "Takara and Kaitou traveled a long way, until they came to a kingdom which was ruled over by a king who had three beautiful daughters." Brock explains. "Kaitou wasted no time in applying for a position in the service of this king. The king wasn't sure what Kaitou could do, and so put him in charge of delivering bouquets of flowers from the royal garden every morning to the three princesses."

    Excited whispers go up at this--if there are princesses, a quest is not far away! "Kaitou did well carrying bouquets of flowers from the garden to the princesses every day, and it wasn't long before the youngest princess--we'll call her Hibiki--fell in love with him." Brock continues, quieting the chatter. Her two sisters laughed at her, but she retorted..."

    In his best mimic of May, he declares "I don't care what you say, he is far handsomer than any of the princes who have ever sang beneath our balcony."

    As himself, he continues "That night, two princes from neighboring kingdoms came to sing in the palace garden beneath the balcony of the three princesses. The two oldest daughters of the king were proud and haughty, but Princess Hibiki had love in her heart and love in her eyes--this was why she was the one whom all the princes admired most."

    Giggles go up at this. "Kaitou listened to their songs, and he wished he looked like these two princes and knew songs like theirs." Brock explains as he takes a pitch pipe from his pocket--the one he often uses to tune his guitar. "But rather than compare himself to something he was not, he decided he would sing a song before the balcony of the princesses himself. Besides, he had an advantage--he knew the song of water. So with that, Kaitou approached the balcony,and sang a song so beautiful, even the two rival princes stopped to listen to it, never mind that they didn't have a clue what the words meant."

    With that, he blows an A note to make sure he is in tune, then proceeds to sing "Ah,Roshin" in the language of Mew. The auditorium listens, spellbound, as Brock's powerful and distinct tenor resonates through the room, moving many in the audience to tears over the beautiful, ancient melody.

    Thunderous applause goes up before Brock interjects "The two older princesses did not know who was singing, but Princess Hibiki recognized him immediately."

    "Some time later, a great tournament took place." Brock continues as he pockets the pitch pipe. "Now, Kaitou had never seen a tournament, but after he had watched it for a moment he decided to enter. He went to get Takara and the weapons he had brought with him from the palace of the Gyarados. With Takara's help and the magical weapons, he won every last event of the tournament--the duels, the archery contest, the Pokemon battles, and the magical duels, to name a few."

    Stunned chatter fills the air at this. "Everyone at the tournament wondered who the strange knight could be. No one recognized him except Princess Hibiki. She knew who it was the moment she saw him, and gave him her favorite red ribbon to wear." He gestures to a red ribbon tied to his bow to illustrate his point.

    "Some weeks later, all the knights who had taken part in the tournament set out to slay the wild Salamence which often came out of the jungle to attack the city." Brock explains, performing a few moves with the prop sword. "But it was Kaitou who killed the Salamence, as all the knights knew." he tells the crowd as he sheathes his blade. When they returned to the palace with the news that the Salamence had been slain, the king said..." As Flint again, he announces "Tomorrow night we will hold the greatest festival which this palace has ever witnessed. Let all the knights who are here assembled go forth to hunt for birds to grace our table."

    "The next day, the knights went out to hunt, and it was Kaitou that caught the most. None of the other knights were at all successful." he continues as himself. "The two neighboring princes, meanwhile, were jealous that Kaitou got all the honor. They agreed that one would take credit for killing the Salamence, and the other would take credit for catching the most birds."

    Angry whispers race through the crowd as Brock continues "That night at the royal banquet, they each told their quite contrived stories. The other knights knew that it was false, but when they looked around for the knight who had done the valiant deeds, they could not find him. Kaitou had on his servant's attire, so no one recognized him. When the king had heard the stories of the two princes. he was greatly pleased with what they had done, and told them they would each take a princess as a bride." he continues as he looks out on the enthralled audience. "But Princess Hibiki saw Kaitou standing among the servants and smiled into his eyes. That gave Kaitou the courage to tell the king the truth."

    Everyone is on the edge of their seats to hear what will happen now that the king knew the truth. "All the assembled knights recognized Kaitou in spite of his appearance in his servant's clothes." Brock goes on. "They confirmed that Kaitou was the valiant one who killed the Salamence and caught the most birds, and the reward was rightfully his."

    He concludes "Needless to say, Princess Hibiki was elated at this. Kaitou and Princess Hibiki were married the very next day, and they all lived happily ever after."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 125: The Moon Girl)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 125: The Moon Girl

    (real tale: Nourie Hadig)

    Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a rich couple," Brock begins. "and each month the woman asked Lugia as he passed over the house..."

    In character as a young woman, he asks “Am I the most beautiful in the world, or are you?”

    “You are the most beautiful.” he replies in a gentle deep voice for Lugia.

    As himself, Brock continues "Well, one year the woman gave birth to a baby girl, and they named her Luna, since Lugia was high in the sky the night she was born. Luna grew more beautiful with each passing year, and one night when she was 16, her mother asked Lugia who was most beautiful. Lugia replied..."

    As Lugia, he intones “Why, Luna is more beautiful than you or I.”

    "Ooh" of anticipation waft through the crowd. "Needless to say her jealousy was so strong, she literally got sick." Brock goes on, to awed murmurs. "When Luna noticed her mother’s raging fever, she ran to her father. When he asked his wife what was wrong, she said..."

    As the woman again, he demands “Tell me, who is more important, your daughter or me?”

    “I cannot answer such a question,” he stammers in character as Flint.

    As himself, he continues "But she would not be calmed; she insisted her husband kill their daughter."

    Gasps go up at this. "The man was understandably struck with grief, but he felt he must somehow cure his wife of her illness. And so he told his daughter they must go into the forest to seek help. It didn't take long to get to the forest, but at sunset the father tearfully looked at Luna and told her to wait for him. Luna waited patiently at first, but after a few days had passed, she feared the worst, and began to search for him. After a while, she came to a house where she hoped she might find shelter for the night. But before she could knock, she saw that the door was open. She walked inside, and the door closed behind her."

    Excited whispers go up as Brock continues "Luna discovered rooms full of silver and gold, silks and satins, rugs and candelabras, jewels and chandeliers, and at last a room where a handsome young man lay fast asleep. When she spoke, he did not answer or move. Just then, she heard the voice of Arceus, who told her the prince was under a spell.

    In his go to "Arceus" voice, Brock intones “You must look after him for seven years--only then the spell will be broken.”

    As himself, he goes on "Three years went by, and Luna tended to the sleeping prince. Meanwhile her mother smiled up at Lugia, and for the first time since what she believed was Luna's death, she asked if she was still the most beautiful in the world. Lugia winked at her and replied that Luna was the most beautiful. The woman realized her husband had not killed their daughter as she’d asked, and so she knew that if she wanted something done right, she had to do it herself."

    Nervous giggles go up at Brock continues "So the mother set off to find Luna. Each month on her journey the mother asked Lugia who was the most beautiful, and each month Lugia would say Luna was the most beautiful, which made the woman even angrier. Another year went by, and Luna was starting to get very lonely. One day, she saw a troupe of traveling minstrels and performers passing by, and called to them...

    In his best mimic of May, he calls “Will someone help me tend to a sleeping prince?”

    As himself, he continues. "One little girl named Aisha felt sorry for Luna, and agreed to help her. Luna and Aisha took care of the prince together, and three more years went by. One day, Aisha sat beside the bed when the young prince finally woke up. Believing Aisha to be the one that had tended him, the prince--we'll call him Brendan--thanked Aisha for her help, and confessed his love for her. Of course, Aisha agreed."

    Concerned murmers race through the crowd, but Brock assures them "Of course, Luna loved Prince Brendan too, but she did not say anything. When Prince Brendan asked if she would like a gift for her service, she told him she would like the Fire Ruby, one of the eight Gems of Song."

    He pauses for a beat, then continues "In the city Prince Brendan bought a ring and a bridal gown, and went to see a jeweler to ask if he might have the Fire Ruby. The jeweler said yes, but cautioned that if the Fire Ruby saw that the holder's troubles were too great to repair, it would shatter in a ball of fire, only to reform again in an unknown location."

    The audience waits to see what happens next. "Prince Brendan returned and gave Luna the Fire Ruby. She poured out her heart to him about how she was the one that had cared for him for seven years, and when she finally finished, the Fire Ruby burst into a fireball and disappeared." Brock intones. "Prince Brendan realized that Luna was really the one had saved him, and confessed his love for her. Luna replied she loved him too, and it wasn't long before she became princess of Minami. Aisha served as one of Luna's ladies.

    He continues "Soon after, when her mother--who had pretty much given up on finding Luna--asked Lugia who was the most beautiful, Lugia answered..."

    As Lugia, he intones “Princess Luna of Minami.”

    He concludes as himself "The mother was so shocked at this news, she collapsed and died right there on the balcony. As for Luna and Prince Brendan, they all lived happily ever after."

    The crowd roars and Brock takes a bow, but the loudest applause comes from a room in Brightstar Dreams, where Wendy, a Jolteon, and an Espeon applaud the performance that has just transpired on their TV...
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    Default Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 126: The Farmer's Drawing)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 126: The Farmer's Drawing

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 12, story 3)

    "In a certain village, there lived a famous artist--we'll call him Iro." Brock begins. "His paintings were renowned throughout the land, and many temples would ask them to decorate their ceilings with scenes of the Legendaries, saints, and other friendly spirits and beings."

    After pausing for a beat, he continues. "One day, as he wass on his way home from a temple on the outskirts of town, he met a farmer--we'll call him Makoto--on the road. Now, Makoto had never seen an artist before, and had all kinds of questions--what kind of paper did he use, how long does it take to paint something, what do you like to paint, and other questions like that. Iro was flattered by all the questions, and agreed to have Makoto visit him."

    After spreading a blank piece of paper, a black piece of paper, and art supplies on the stage floor, Brock continues "Makoto came on the agreed day, and started asking Iro what all the brushes, paints, daubs, and other tools were. Iro just smiled and assured his guest to watch and learn. He told Makoto he was going to paint a woodcutter cutting down a big tree."

    He gestures to the blank piece of paper, which is now propped on an easel. "First, Iro laid a large piece of paper on the floor, and covered it with a perservation solution of water and salt." After doing this to his own paper, he continues "Then, he mixed however many colors he needed."

    The audience watches for a moment as Brock goes to work painting his own version of the picture in the story. When he finishes some minutes later, he continues "Makoto watched in awe as Iro painted the picture, but pointed out that there were no wood chips at the woodcutter's feet."

    Laughter goes up at Brock's feigned look of surprise. "Iro was angry at this, and challenged Makoto to try and do better. So Makoto proceeded to cover a piece of paper with black paint." He gestures to the black piece of paper, which is on another easel next to his masterpiece. "When Iro asked what the drawing was, Makoto explained that his picture was of a Murkrow flying at night."

    He concludes "Needless to say, Iro was humbled at Makoto's cleverness, and took him in as an apprentice. The two of them become best friends for all time."

    Applause goes up as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 127: The Shining Goldeen)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 127:The Shining Goldeen

    (real tale: The Golden Headed Fish)

    "Once upon a time, there lived a king who lost his sight from a terrible disease." Brock begins. "Understandably, he was very unhappy, and became even more so as the months went by, and it didn't help that all the best healers the land were unable to cure him. The poor king grew so thin from misery that everyone thought he was going to die, and the prince, his only son, thought so too."

    "So were they ever able to cure him?" Rylan wonders as he and some of the other Players listen from the wings.

    "So there was great rejoicing through the land when a traveler arrived in a boat down the river Tohjo." Brock continues. "After asking around and learning why everyone looked so glum, he declared that he was court physician to the king of a far country, and would, if allowed, examine the eyes of the blind king. He was immediately admitted into the throne room, and after a few minutes of careful examination, announced that the case, though very serious, was not quite hopeless."

    "How did they cure him?" Lotta is intrigued.

    "Somewhere in the ocean, he said, existed a Shining Goldeen. If someone could manage to catch this Pokemon, he would prepare an ointment from its blood which would restore the king's sight. He decided to wait a hundred days, but if the Goldeen was still uncaught when that time was up, he would return to his own master." Brock replies, as if he can hear the Players' commentary backstage.

    "Sounds fair." Kano notes.

    "A hundred days is PLENTY of time." Yuki agrees.

    "The next morning the young prince--we'll call him Kaitou--set forth in quest of the fish, taking with him a hundred people, each one carrying a net." Brock goes on. "An impressive fleet of boats criss-crossed the oceans of the world. For three months they worked diligently from sunrise to sunset, but though they caught a zillion Goldeens, not one of them shone. 99 days came and went, and even Prince Kaitou entertained the idea of giving up."

    "He didn't give up, did he?" Sachi smiles.

    "Nope, he decided to go cast his net out himself, one last time." Brock intones. "and he got the shining Goldeen with hours to spare!"

    "WOW!" Lotta is impressed.

    "Talk about in the nick of time!" Akane agrees.

    "But the Goldeen looked up at him with such sad Growlithe eyes that he could not bring himself to kill it." Brock interjects. "So he picked up the shining Goldeen, threw it back, then began his journey back to the palace. When he arrived home, he found his father with a high fever, and he refused to believe the story."

    "WHAT????" everyone gasps.

    "Maybe throwing back the Shiny Goldeen wasn't such a hot idea..." Kano muses.

    "The king was so mad, he ordered Prince Kaitou's life in exchange for the Goldeen." Brock continues. "The queen,on the other hand, didn't feel Kaitou deserved to die for what he did. That night, while everyone else slept, she disguised him in common clothes, filled his pockets with gold, and put him on board a ship which was sailing that night for a distant island. Before the ship left, she told Prince Kaitou that he was to take no man into his service who desires to be paid every month."

    "How odd..." Akane contemplates the strange advice

    "Now, Prince Kaitou thought his mother's advice rather odd." Brock explains, acknowledging the Players with a nod. "If the servant had to be paid, he did not understand what difference it would make whether it was by the year, by the day, or by the month. However, he knew that his mother was wiser than he, so he promised he would do what she said."

    "So, what happened to Prince Kaitou on the island?" Lotta asks.

    "Well, first he bought the prettiest house he could find." Brock explains. Then servants came offering their services; but as they all said that they had to be paid at the end of every month, Prince Kaitou, who remembered his mother's words, reluctantly turned them all away. Then one morning, a young girl appeared and asked that the prince hire her. She told Prince Kaitou that at the end of a year he could pay her as he saw fit. Prince Kaitou was pleased, and took the girl for his servant."

    "I have a sneaking suspicion I know who this girl is..." Sachi muses. Rylan grins in agreement.

    "Now, although no one would have guessed it from the look of the east end of the island, the west was a complete desert, thanks to the ravages of a horrible monster which came up from the sea, and devoured all the corn and Tauros." Brock continues. "The king had sent hundreds of soldiers, archers, and mages to try and kill it; but, somehow, they all fell asleep at the moment that the monster appeared. Finally, heralds were sent throughout the island to offer a great reward to the one who could slay the monster."

    "There's the quest..." Rylan smiles at Lotta.

    "As soon as the girl--we'll call her Aisha--heard the news, she went straight to the palace, and asked the king what reward would be given." Brock goes on. "The king replied he would give the princess' hand in marriage and anything else he wanted."

    "There's your princess..." Kano grins at Happini, who is starry eyed at the fact a princess is in the story.

    "Aisha told the king it would be better to let Prince Kaitou have the princess, and a share of the royal treasury every year." Brock goes on. "The king agreed, and they drew up a scroll outlining their agreement. That night, Aisha traveled down to the shore to watch, but, before she set out, she ate a herb that had the equivalent of several cups of coffee, so she would not doze off. Then she hid herself behind a large rock and waited. Around midnight, a swell seemed to rise on the water, and, a few minutes later, a hideous chimera stepped noiselessly onto the rocks. It walked stealthily up towards the fields, but Aisha was waiting for it, and, after a bit of a battle, plunged her sword into the soft part behind the ear. The creature staggered and gave a loud cry, and then rolled over dead, with its feet in the sea."

    Happini cheers with the audience as Brock continues "Aisha watched for a little while, in order to make sure that the chimera was dead. After she was satisfied that it was dead, she cut off a bit of the chimera's fur. She gave the fur to Prince Kaitou, and bid him to show them to the king and say he was the one that killed the chimera."

    "Wouldn't that be dishonest?" Kano asks.

    "Prince Kaitou had the same concerns as you guys, but Aisha assured him she had a reason." Brock assures the murmuring audience. "So Prince Kaitou did as Aisha said, and the king was so delighted at the news that he begged Prince Kaitou to marry the princess right then and there. But Prince Kaitou refused, saying that all he desired was a ship which would carry him to see the world. When he and Aisha embarked on their adventure the next day, they found tons of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and pearls in the cargo hold--a gift from the king."

    "Cool!" Sachi is excited at the mention of treasure.

    "So they sailed, and sailed, and sailed some more; until they reached the shores of where Vermillion City is today." Brock continues. "Aisha went into town to find out what sort of a place it was. After some hours she returned, saying that she heard that the king's daughter--we'll call her Takara--was the most beautiful princess in the world, and that Prince Kaitou would do well to ask for her hand."

    He waits for a beat, then continues "Prince Kaitou listened to this advice, and taking some of the finest necklaces in his hand, he mounted a splendid Rapidash, which Aisha had bought for him, and rode up to the palace, closely followed by his faithful attendant."

    "What was the king of this land like?" Akane wonders.

    "The king happened to be in a good mood, and they were readily admitted to the throne room." Brock explains. "Prince Kaitou lay down his offerings before the throne, hoping to Arceus that that was enough for the king to grant him Princess Takara in marriage. The king replied after an uneasy silence..."

    "Young man, I will give you Princess Takara's hand in marriage, if that is your wish; but I must warn you you that she has already married many other young men, and not one of them lived to see the day after." he cautions in character as the king.

    "Prince Kaitou did think, and was so frightened that he almost went back to his ship without any more words." he intones as himself. "But just as he was about to withdraw his proposal Aisha whispered..."

    "Fear nothing, but take her." Akane whispers from offstage, making some giggles waft through the audience.

    "So Prince Kaitou and Princess Takara were married that night." Brock continues. "After the festivities died down, they went to their rooms for the night. The moon shone bright, and Prince Kaitou walked to the window to look out upon the river and upon the distant hills, when he saw a silken shroud neatly laid out on a couch, with his name embroidered in gold thread across the front."

    Lotta swallows hard as Brock goes on "Horrified at the spectacle, he turned his head away, and this time he saw a group of men digging busily beneath the window. It was a strange hour for anyone to be at work, and what was the hole for? It was a curious shape, so long and narrow, almost like...!"

    "His own grave!" Sachi fills in the blank as fearful whispers race through the crowd.

    Brock nods, pleased that the Players and the audience have been paying attention. "The shock of the discovery rendered him speechless, yet he stood fascinated and unable to move. Just then, a small Ekans crawled out from under the table, and wriggled quickly towards him. But Aisha was watching for anything out of the ordinary, and she grabbed the Ekans and killed it."

    The Players and the audience heave a sigh of relief as Brock continues "The king did a double take to see Prince Kaitou alive, and ordered the hole filled. It turned out the Ekans had put a curse on Princess Takara, and with it dead, the curse was gone. She lived very happily with Prince Kaitou. The days passed swiftly in hunting in the forests, or sailing on the broad river that flowed past the palace, and when night fell she would sing as she played her harp..." Brock retrieves his own harp and runs a finger across the strings for effect. "or Prince Kaitou would tell her stories of his homeland."

    The harp's song turns somber as Brock continues "One evening a messenger from Prince Kaitou's homeland came, and informed Prince Kaitou that his father had died. A great ship was prepared, and Prince Kaitou returned home with Princess Takara."

    He continues over a hopeful song "In spite of her grief, the queen was overjoyed to welcome her son home, and commanded the palace to be hung with splendid finery to welcome the bride. The people expected great things from their new sovereign, for they had suffered much from the harsh rule of the old one, and crowds presented themselves every morning with petitions in their hands, which they hoped to persuade King Kaitou to grant. He decided each case justly, yet fairly, and it was agreed that he had great wisdom."

    He intones "Then one night, Aisha came to him, and asked permission to return to her own land. Although he was sad to see her go, King Kaitou told Aisha to take what you wished, for without her, he would have long ago been dead."

    He concludes "It was only then that Aisha revealed that she was the shining Goldeen!" He adds a triumphant glissando for effect, then takes a bow as the Players and the audience applauds...
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    Default Re: Live From The Fireside: Season 5 (Week 128: Juno and the Enchanted Rock)

    @Chimchar98; @The Jingster; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 128: Juno and the Enchanted Rock

    (real tale: Coyote and the Rolling Rock)

    "Okay....puppeteer's wall is ready to go...." Brock inspects a wall decorated to look like a plain, which hides Ash, Misty, and Kano--all of them wearing black--from the audience. "Our puppeteers are ready..."

    "Erin and Juno are ready as well." Ash reports as he slips his left hand into a hidden hole under a Riolu doll's tail.

    "Go get'em, Brock!" Kano calls as the curtain goes up on the wall.

    Brock appears in a spotlight by the wall. "Once upon a time, on a day much like today, a Pichu named Juno was out for a walk...." At this, Ash makes a Pichu puppet "walk" into the scene depicted on the wall. "when she happened to meet Erin, a young Riolu mage renowned for her spells, even if they didn't always work." The spotlight on the wall expands to include the Riolu puppet in its standard mage costume, relaxing under a tree.

    "Hi, Erin! I was going into town today, and wondered if you'd like to come with me?" Ash asks in Juno's high pitched voice.

    "Of caurse--a journey's much beter wit' a companion." he replies in Erin's distinctive lilt.

    The spotlight blinks back to Brock as the two puppets "walk" about for a while. "As the two of them walked on, the sun grew hot..." The puppets begin to slow down. "and when they came upon a big rock, Juno suggested..."

    "Why don't we rest here for a while?" Ash suggests as Juno.

    "and she tossed a blanket over the rock." Brock narrates as the Pichu puppet does this to a prop rock. "But this was no ordinary rock--what Juno didn't know was that Erin had enchanted it with a spell beforehand."

    "Sh!" Ash makes the Riolu puppet shush the audience, as if it doesn't want the secret told to anyone else.

    "The two of rested as the sun rose ever higher in the sky, and the day grew warmer." Brock narrates. "Eventually Juno got too hot for the blanket, and laid it on the rock."

    "I don't need this blanket." Ash interjects as Juno as he makes Juno lay the prop blanket on the rock. "I'll just leave it here in case somebody wants it."

    "The two friends walked on, but soon it started clouding up." Brock narrates as the lights start to dim to mimic cloud cover. "When a flash of lightning streaked across the sky, and thunder rolled..." Some in the audience are startled by a flash of light and a thunder sound effect. "Juno and Erin had to run for shelter." The Pichu and the Riolu "run" about the stage as "rain" pours on them. "Before long, rain was pouring down from the once-blue sky."

    The lights come up on a cave set, where the two puppets are resting. "Once they had found shelter in a cave, Juno turned to Erin and said...."

    "Will you go back and retrieve the blanket? We can cover ourselves with it and stay dry." Ash suggests as Juno. The Riolu puppet nods and hurries off, returning with the blanket a few seconds later.

    "Erin went back and retrieved the blanket, and as the rain fell, the two huddled under the blanket, staying dry." Brock notices there's still "water" dripping onto the puppets. "Well, mostly dry." he adds, to some giggles from the audience.

    The "storm" subsides, and the wall now depicts an outside set again. "After a while, the rain stopped, and the sun began to shine again." Brock narrates. "Juno and Erin sat together sunning themselves." The Pichu puppet and the Riolu puppet "walk" back in the scene and settle under a tree.

    "I'm hungry...why don't we stop and have some lunch?" Ash suggests, making the Pichu puppet spread an array of prop food before the Riolu puppet.

    "I'm gettin' a leetle hungry meself..." the Riolu puppet agrees.

    "So Juno shared her lunch with her friend." Brock narrates as the two puppets "eat". After a few seconds he continues "Just as they had finished eating, Juno suddenly heard a low rumble way off in the distance."

    The Pichu puppet snaps to attention at a soft rumble sound effect that gradually grows louder. "When Juno looked to see what the rumbling was, she saw the rock rolling over the top of the hill, and rushing downhill toward them!"

    The audience howls with laughter as the prop rock from before 'rolls' in the scene. "Of course Erin was safely at the top of a tree, pleased her spell had worked."

    "My giant rolling rock spell worked!" Ash comments as Erin, who is now perched in a prop tree.

    "But as for Juno, she had to run and run." Brock narrates as the Pichu puppet "runs" from the rock. "She ran as fast as she could, only staying just ahead of that rock."

    The Pichu puppet perks up as the scene changes to a river on the plains. "Just then, she smiled to see a river ahead of her." Brock narrates. "She leaped in and began to swim across, happy to know the enchanted rock could not catch her there." The Pichu puppet "jumps" in the water and starts "swimming" at this. "Besides, any rock would sink to the bottom of the river, right?"

    When the Pichu puppet reaches the other end of the river, it balks when it sees the rock appear to float across the "water". "But much to Juno's dismay, when the enchanted rock reached the edge of the river, it amazingly floated across the water, thanks to Erin's spell." Brock narrates as the Pichu puppet runs into the scene of a forest. "When she reached the other side of the river, she raced out and into a forest, and as soon as she was deep in the forest, behind a grove of trees, she lay down to rest."

    "Phew!" Ash wheezes as Juno,to laughter from the audience.

    "But just as she had begun to catch her breath, she heard the sound of trees crashing down--the enchanted rock was STILL after her!" Brock narrates as the Pichu puppet dashes away from the rock. "She ran through the forest, out into the open plains."

    The scene comes up on some plains, where some Ursaring puppets are milling about. "As she ran, she saw some Ursarings crossing the plains."

    "Help!" Ash calls as Juno to the Ursaring puppets. "There's a rock chasing me!"

    "But when the Ursarings saw the enchanted rock rolling toward them, they didn't stop to help. Instead they bounded into the forest as fast as they could." Brock narrates. The audience roars with laughter as the Ursaring puppets do this. "Then, Juno saw a herd of Bouffalant, and she called to them..."

    "Help me stop this rolling rock!" Ash pleads as Juno to a small herd of Bouffalant puppets.

    "But it was too late. Before the last word had left Juno's mouth, the Bouffalant stared in awe as the enchanted rock squished Juno into a Pichu-cake right there." A SPLAT! punctuates Brock's point.

    The audience howls with laughter at a "flat" Juno. "Later that day, a trainer was passing that way when he spotted the flattened Juno out there on the plain." Brock narrates as a boy puppet operated by Kano "walks" in the scene and examines the "squished" Pichu puppet. "Figuring that the Pichu would make a nice little rug, he carried Juno home and laid her beside the hearth." The boy puppet then carries the "flat" Pichu offstage. "It took Juno all night to do it, but by morning she had popped back into 3D again." A THACK! emphasizes Brock's point.

    A 'Ta-da!' stinger plays as the Pichu puppet 'walks' back in the scene, to some applause. "She slipped out the window and ran away before anyone in the house was awake. But she learned a lesson from that enchanted rock..." Brock concludes. "If you give something away, you must give it away forever."

    The audience roars with applause as Ash, Misty,and Kano join Brock to take a bow...
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