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Thread: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 78: The Old Meowth and the Old Growlithe)

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    Default Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 78: The Old Meowth and the Old Growlithe)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 53: Saddle to Rags

    (real tale: Saddle to Rags

    The crowd roars as Brock runs out to meet them, harp in hand. After acknowledging his applause, he begins a playful melody. <i>This story I'm going to sing,
    I hope it will give you content,
    Concerning a silly old man
    That was going to pay his rent,
    With a till-a-dill, till-a-dill-dill,
    Till-a-dill, dill-a-dill, dee,
    Sing fol-de-dill, dill-de-dill, dill,
    Fol-de-dill, dill-de-dill, dee.</i>

    The audience applauds Brock's vocal skill. "Anyway, once an old man set out to pay his rent." Brock begins over a peaceful interlude. "His landlord had been away for a year, so instead of the forty gold pieces he was used to paying in rent, he now had to pay eighty pieces of gold."

    Awed murmurs go up at this. "So he saddled his faithful Ponyta, and rode off towards his landlord's house. He had not gotten far when a man in fine clothing met him and asked where he was going. " Brock continues. "When the old man told him he was off to pay his rent for the year, the man offered to come with him to keep him safe from thieves. The old man agreed, not knowing his companion was a thief himself!"

    Gasps go up over the tense chord. "They came to a forest, and the stranger drew a dagger, telling the old man 'Your money or your life'" Brock intones over some frantic chords "The old man put up quite the struggle, and threw his saddlebags into the bush in the confusion. With the thief distracted, the old man took the thief's Ponyta and the thief's bags and rode off to safety."

    Sighs of relief fill the air as the harp plays a calm melody. "Meanwhile, the thief found the old man's saddlebags and opened them under the assumption there was gold inside." Brock explains. "Imagine his surprise when he opened the saddlebags and found nothing but odds and ends and bric-a-brac!"

    Laughter fills the air as the audience pictures the thief's reaction. "The old man made it safely to the landlord's house, where he paid his rent for the year." Brock assures the audience. "Since the thief had so much gold on him, eighty pieces for a year's rent was pocket change."

    He concludes "The landlord was amazed when he heard about what had happened, and he bid the old man keep the rest of the money safe. The old man agreed, and started off for home, picking up his own Ponyta on the way. When his wife heard the story, she commended his cleverness, and they never had to worry about food or money again."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 54: Darkrai the Matchmaker)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 54: Darkrai the Matchmaker

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan", episode 28, story 2)

    "In a certain village, a poor boy--who we'll call Kaitou--lost his parents to a terrible disease, and now he had to fend for himself." Brock begins. "One day, as he was working in the fields, the sky turned black, and the wind blew hard, even though it was only noon." A wind sound effect fills the room, to both awed and fearful murmurs. Kaitou sensed someone nearby, and when he looked out on the hill that overlooked the village, he saw Darkrai, in the form of a young lady, looking back at him."

    Gasps go up at the mention of Darkrai. "Kaitou knew Darkrai often stalked the village in the fall, so instead of being scared, he kept on gathering his crops like nothing was going on at first." Brock assures the audience. "Finally, he couldn't stand having Darkrai present on that hill, and threw his shoes at Darkrai in an attempt to scare him away."

    Laughter fills the air as the wind sound fades away. "Darkrai revealed himself, and was amazed at the boy's bravery." In a deep spooky voice, Brock intones as Darkrai "You have some nerve throwing your shoes at me--you realize I can very well kill you right here?"

    "If I die, I can see my parents again--so I am not afraid to die!" he retorts in character as Kaitou.

    "Really? If I may ask, why did your parents die?" he asks as Darkrai.

    "They died from a terrible disease, though I did my best to help cure them." he replies as Kaitou.

    "Do you have someone to care for you? Or do you have a wife, perhaps?" he asks as Darkrai.

    "Who would even marry me, as poor as I am?" he protests as Kaitou. "It's hard enough to even support myself, so how would I even afford a wedding?"

    Applause goes up at the interplay before Brock continues as himself "Darkrai felt sorry for Kaitou, and so he casted a spell..." He sings as Darkrai again <i>Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...</i> before continuing as himself "conjuring a young lady." He pauses to think of a name for the girl. "Let's call her Aika." he suggests before continuing "Kaitou protested a little at first, but Aika explained..." In character as a young girl, Brock interjects "No, it's okay! I was forced to marry a man that I didn't love by my parents. May I please stay with you instead?"

    "But I am very poor, so life may be rough for you..." he cautions as Kaitou.

    "That's okay! I know how to make a day's wage, and I will do my fair share of work to help you." he assures the audience as Aika.

    He concludes as himself "And so, Kaitou and Aika loved and cared for each other for a long time, and lived happily ever after, never forgetting that sometimes, even the Lord of Nightmares can be kind."

    "Aw"s and applause fill the air as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 55: Entei the Wise)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 55: Entei the Wise

    (real tale: The Twelve Huntsmen)

    "There was once a prince that was set to marry his beloved." Brock begins before pausing to think of names for the two lovers. "We'll call them Ethan and Sophia."

    The crowd cheers in approval of the names. "One day, Prince Ethan received word that his father's time to die was close, and so he hurried back to his homeland to say goodbye." Brock continues. "When he got there, his father told him that he wanted Ethan to marry a princess of another land, never mind that Ethan already loved Sophia."

    Sniffles go up from the crowd as Brock retrieves his guitar and starts a sad melody. "Ethan was devastated at the notion of marrying anyone but his dear Sophia, but reluctantly went ahead and began wedding preparations."

    He adds a soft flourish to represent Sophia. "Sophia was not any happier, but she was determined to reunite with her beloved Ethan, no matter what it took. So she commanded her father to make ranger's garb for her and her eleven maids, which looked all alike. Once disguised, Princess Sophia and her maids set out for Ethan's homeland, where they were hired as royal rangers."

    The song then changes to a regal melody. "Now, Ethan's father had a pet Entei who was very wise--we'll call him Eichi." Brock explains. "One night, he told Ethan..." In a deeper version of himself, he intones "Milord, are you sure you have twelve royal rangers?"

    "Of course they are royal rangers!" he retorts in a mimic of the real Ethan.

    "Actually, they are twelve maids--because a male's feet are strong, while a female's are delicate and graceful." he explains as Eichi.

    As himself, he continues. "So Ethan spread a bunch of Rindo Berries in the foyer to the ranger's quarters--but Sophia and her maids, for all intents and purposes, looked like a band of male rangers. Ethan then tried putting spinning wheels in the main hall, but Sophia and her maids didn't even look at them."

    "So when did Ethan figure out who the rangers really were?" a girl asks.

    "Sophia and her maids kept up their ruse for a year, fooling even Eichi into believing they were boys." Brock replies. "But then one day, the day before Ethan's new bride was to arrive, Ethan and the girls were on a hunt. Suddenly, Sophia feigned being injured by an arrow. When Ethan ran to help the fallen ranger, he saw the sapphire ring he had given Sophia two years before!"

    Cheers go up over a triumphant guitar chord. "It dawned on Ethan just who the rangers really were, and threw himself into Sophia's arms, kissing her and crying tears of joy. He vowed..." As Ethan, he proclaims "I am yours, and you are mine, and no powers in heaven or on earth can tear us apart!"

    Roars of applause go up as Brock concludes as himself "He sent a message to the other kingdom, saying the wedding was off--he had found another he loved better. Eichi forgave Ethan for doubting him, and welcomed Sophia back as well--they were married the next day, and lived happily ever after for many years."

    Applause fills the air as Brock takes a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 56: Princess Ringo)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 56: Princess Ringo

    (real tale: Lovely Ilonka)

    "Once a prince--we'll call him Rowan--told his father the king that he wished to take a bride." Brock begins. "But the king told his son to wait until he did something great to take a bride--he himself had not taken a bride until he had won a crystal sword." He draws a prop sword seemingly made of crystal to illustrate his point.

    The audience admires the beautiful weapon for a moment. "Rowan spent several days wondering what great deed he could do, and finally decided to go out into the world to try his luck." Brock continues as he sheathes the sword and sets it aside. "He came to the house of a wise woman and asked where he would find some Leppa Berries, as they were rare in that land. So the wise woman took a magic whistle..." He plays the Zelda whistle song on his own whistle for effect, to some bemused giggles. "and summoned some Murkrows. But not even they knew where to find Leppa Berries."

    After pocketing the whistle, he returns to his customary place at center stage. "Rowan asked many more sages and wise women where to find Leppa Berries, but not even they knew where Leppa Berries were. Just when he was about to turn back and go home, a Taillow led him to a grove of Leppa Berries tucked away in a forest. Rowan eagerly picked a few, but on the way back, he dropped a Berry, revealing a beautiful girl inside."

    Surprised murmurs race through the crowd. "The girl asked Rowan for a drink, and he gladly gave her some water. Since the girl had no name, he named her Ringo, which means 'Leppa'." Brock explains. "When Rowan arrived home, the entire court was charmed by how kind and beautiful Ringo was. He then catches himself. "All except one of the knights, who was bound and determined to have Rowan marry his own daughter--we're call her Livia. He locked Ringo in a closet, and passed Livia off as Ringo. Rowan was devastated, and vowed he would not marry until the real Ringo was found. The wedding preparations continued, though."

    The audience gasps, worried for Princess Ringo's fate. "Luckily, Ringo picked the lock of the closet and disguised herself as a servant girl, where she worked in the kitchen." Brock assures the audience. "At dinner that night, Livia spiked Rowan's food with a sleeping potion. The potion was so strong, Rowan was out cold in seconds, so when the real Ringo revealed herself, he slept right through it. She vowed to try again, but Livia spiked his food with another sleeping potion the next night, so Rowan slept through her second try too."

    Nervous laughter fills the air as the audience pictures what will happen when Ringo sees what Livia is actually doing. "On the third night, Ringo saw Livia spike Rowan's food again, and warned him not to eat or drink anything." Brock continues. "That night, she revealed herself to him and told him how he was about to be tricked. "Rowan was elated to see Ringo again, and had the knight, his wife, and Livia banished from the land for deceiving him."

    Wild applause goes up at Rowan and Ringo's reunion. "The wedding was held the next day, and Rowan and Ringo lived happily ever after." Brock concludes. He grins and takes a bow for the enthralled crowd....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 57: The Prince and the Mermaid)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 57: The Prince and the Mermaid

    (real tale: The Mermaid and the Boy)

    "There was once a king who ruled where Vermillion City is today." Brock begins. "One year, some of his subjects that lived on what is now Knot Island tried to rebel against him because of high taxes. He decided to try and end the rebellion peacefully, and set sail for the Sevii Islands. At first, the voyage was uneventful, but then a storm blew up, and the ship ran aground on some rocks!"

    Gasps go up as a sound effect of wind and "rain" begin falling in the auditorium. "Just when it looked like the end for the king and his men, a mermaid appeared to him--we'll call her Nerissa." Brock assures the audience over the "storm". "Nerissa told the king she would guide him back to safe waters in return for his firstborn. The king was understandably hesitant at first--the thought of giving up a potential heir pained him. But a wave almost tipped the ship over, so he quickly consented."

    "Nerissa cast a spell..." Brock pauses to sing <i>Imultao, ame no ga bakeno...</i> "and the ship was warped back to safe waters."

    Sighs of relief go up as the "storm" subsides. "The negotiations took about nine months, and ended successfully, but while the king was away, a little prince was born." Brock continues. "He was named Casey, which means 'brave'".

    "At first, the king forgot all about his bargain with Nerissa, but as the years went by, the king laid awake at night wondering what would happen if Nerissa spirited Casey away during the night." Brock continues as he arrives in his customary spot at center stage. "So he told his queen the whole story, and Prince Casey was watched like a Braviary twenty-four hours a day."

    Laughter goes up as Brock looks out upon the audience like a guard, as if Nerissa is hiding in the audience. "When Prince Casey came of age, his parents dressed him in simple traveling clothes and gathered his belongings in a simple bag..." He pauses to sling a small bag over his shoulder. "and wished him well on his journeys. "At first, Prince Casey's journey was uneventful, but when he stopped to camp for the night, he was startled as an Entei met him there!"

    "What are you doing here?" he asks in a deeper version of himself.

    I'm traveling in hopes of fleeing from a mermaid." he replies in a mimic of Ash's voice for Casey.

    "Might you share some of your food? I am very hungry..." he groans in character as the Entei.

    The audience laughs at Brock's Entei voice. "Casey agreed, and gave the Entei some of the Buneary meat he had caught. When dinner was over, they talked until they fell asleep." Brock continues as himself. "The next morning, the Entei gave Casey a ruby as thanks for his kindness, and said to him..."

    As the Entei again, he intones "If you ever get into trouble, remember the song 'Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul'--you will gain some of my power that I have sealed in this ruby. Since you helped me in my hour of need, so shall I help you in return."

    "Casey and the Entei said goodbye, but as he walked on the road, Casey grew curious as to what power was inside the ruby." Brock continues as himself. After revealing a prop ruby inside his bag to the audience, he continues "So he sang...." He then sings <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul....</i>

    The audience gasps in awe as the prop ruby glows in response to Brock's voice, making him gain a faint red aura. "Casey glowed a bright red, and he felt incredible strength and power flowing through him. On top of that, he looked like he was consumed in flames to the average passerby, but the fire was actually holy magic that only harmed evil."

    The children in the audience chatter to each other as Brock continues "Casey sped along the road in his 'fireball' state, until the magic wore off a few minutes later." The ruby's light fades away as if on cue. "He did manage to travel a long way while under the spell, though. When he made camp that night, an Espeon met him in the woods."

    In a mimic of May's voice, Brock asks "I don't know why you travel, but can you maybe give me a little food and a place to rest?"

    Giggles fill the air at just how accurate Brock's impersonation is. "Casey agreed, and as thanks for his kindness, the Espeon gave Casey a sapphire and told him..." Brock narrates as himself before switching to his Espeon voice again. "If you ever get into trouble, remember the song 'Rou iitsa ron selga vichii'--you will gain some of my power that I have sealed in the sapphire."

    "The next morning, after he had said his goodbyes to the Espeon, Casey wondered just what powers were in the sapphire." Brock continues as himself, reaching for a prop sapphire from the bag. So he sang <i>Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...</i>,

    The prop sapphire glows in response to Brock's voice. "and he could see, know and sense things no human could see, know, or sense, in addition to knowing how to teleport like an Espeon. To the average passerby, he looked like he was made of a bright blue aura."

    Awed whispers race through the auditorium as Brock continues "Needless to say, Casey managed to travel quite a long way by teleporting himself until the magic wore off. On the third night, a Pidgeotto met him in the wood as the sun set, and asked for some food." He pauses to put the sapphire away as its light fades and take out a prop emerald. "Casey agreed, and gave the Pidgeotto one of the Magikarp he had caught. The Pidgeotto gave him an emerald as thanks for his kindness, and told him..."

    He switches to a breathy female voice. "If you ever get into trouble, just remember the song 'Karuto, iichiida shou'--you will gain some of the power contained in the emerald. Since you helped me in my hour of need, so shall I help you in return."

    As himself, he continues "After Casey and the Pidgeotto said goodbye, Casey wondered what powers lay inside the emerald, and sang <i>Karuto, iichiida shou....</i>

    The crowd watches in awe as the prop emerald glows in response to Brock's voice. "This made him glow bright white, and gave him the ability to fly." Brock explains, the glow of the prop emerald giving him an ethereal green aura. "He managed to fly all the way to the outskirts of a great city before the magic wore off."

    Stunned murmurs race through the crowd as the emerald's light fades away. "Casey heard the people talking about the princess--who hated boys so much, she would not allow even a picture of a boy in her room." Brock continues before realizing the princess has not been named. "We'll call our princess Megan."

    Applause goes up in approval of the name. "It began to get late, and as soon as no one else was on the road, Casey took the emerald and sang <i>Karuto, iichiida shou...</i>

    Cheers go up as the prop emerald in Brock's hands glows again. "The flight magic wore off just as Casey landed in Megan's room. Naturally, Megan freaked out at seeing a boy in her room, but when the guard rushed to see what the matter was, they saw nothing out of the ordinary, and concluded Princess Megan had a nightmare."

    Laughter fills the air as the audience pictures the guard's reaction. "Casey tried returning to Princess Megan's room, but she freaked out again." Brock continues, to more giggles. "The guards, of course, found nothing, and figured the princess had gone nuts."

    More laughter punctuates Brock's wry conclusion. " After a few moments, Megan concluded that her father would think her nuts if she screamed over the same boy again and again. Casey assured her he meant no harm, and after a few moments, Megan warmed up to Casey. They became fast friends, and would spend hours talking about many things. Casey found out that Megan was a fine fiddler," Brock gives the house fiddler an acknowledging nod before returning to center stage. "and that her kingdom was due to head to war in three days, and they needed every person that could fight. He told Megan that if he did not return, to play her fiddle to the sea, and Manaphy would tell her where he was."

    After making sure the house fiddler is in position and listening for his cue, Brock continues "Megan also gave Casey a sapphire ring identical to hers, so he would remember her if he got lonely on the battlefield. So three days later, Casey and the king's retinue set off for the battlefield. But on the way, Casey heard a beautiful voice coming from the sea, and followed it beneath the water, where he met up with Nerissa."

    Murmurs fill the air, but Brock assures the audience "I told you she would show back up sooner or later." Giggles go up at this as he continues "Although Nerissa treated Casey like a king, Casey longed for his beloved Megan on the surface. Meanwhile, some months after the war had ended, a knight claimed he was the one Megan loved, complete with showing the king a lapis ring. But Megan knew Casey had to be somewhere, so one night, while everyone else was sleeping, she took her fiddle and made her way to a hill overlooking the sea, where she played a lament to the waves..."

    With that, he pantomimes playing the introduction to 'You Raise Me Up" on a fiddle, while the house fiddler provides the sound from the wings. To the audience, it really does look like Brock is playing an imaginary fiddle.

    Applause goes up as the last note dies. "Sure enough, Manaphy heard the song, and brought Casey to the surface, despite Nerissa's pleas." Brock continues. Manaphy told Nerissa that Casey belonged on the surface, and so Nerissa reluctantly bid Casey goodbye. Megan and Casey hurried back to the palace, where Megan challenged the knight to transform into a fireball."

    The audience howls with laughter as Brock describes the comical scene. "The knight had no inkling of magic power, so he just danced around making fire noises. Then Megan challenged him to teleport, and the knight just jumped around the room making teleport noises. Megan then challenged him to fly, and the knight just ran around the room with his arms outstretched like wings."

    The laughter grows even harder at the knight's magic power, or lack thereof. "Then Casey sang <i>Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...</i> and became a fireball." Brock intones. "The knight leapt behind a chair, and stayed there until the fire magic wore off. Then Casey invoked the sapphire--<i>Rou iitsa ron selga vichii</i>--and warped behind the chair the knight was hiding behind. No matter where the knight ran to, Casey warped there until the sapphire's magic wore off."

    The audience can hardly contain themselves laughing. "Casey then invoked the emerald--<i>Karuto, iichiida shou...</i>--and stunned the crowd by flying." Brock continues. "He then showed the court the sapphire ring, and Megan showed hers. The king realized the knight was lying, and ordered him banished for deceiving him."

    He concludes "Casey and Megan were married, and they lived happily for many years--but Casey kept the jewels with him, just in case he needed their power again."

    The audience roars with applause as the house fiddler joins Brock onstage, where both of them take a bow...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 57: The Prince and the Mermaid)

    Again finally caught up. Great like normal though I noticed a couple things.

    Those were the only ones I saw but I might have missed some.

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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 57: The Prince and the Mermaid)

    Okay--I try to make sure I have no typos as I write these, but every so often a few slip through.
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Interlude 13: The Fireside Goes West)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Interlude 13: The Fireside Goes West

    "You guys, I have a question for you..." Brock wonders as he strolls inside the common room for cast members. Akane is reading a book, Kano is making chili at the stove, Rylan is playing with Brock's Vulpix, Suzie, and Lotta, Yuki, and a few other cast members are in the middle of a card game.

    "What kind of question?" Rylan asks as he tosses a ball for Suzie to chase.

    "How would you guys like to help out with an old-timey revue the gang and I are doing?" Brock asks.

    "You mean, another melodrama?" Kano wonders as he adds some spices to the pot.

    "Yeah--only this one has other acts in between the play proper." Brock explains.

    "Ooh, I'll sing!" Lotta volunteers as she looks up from her cards.

    "I could teach Suzie a few tricks!" Rylan agrees.

    "What role are you playing?" Akane is interested as she marks her place at the end of a chapter.

    "I'm playing my cowboy character, Ace Chandler." Brock replies.

    "I don't think I've seen that character before..." Yuki muses, interested in Brock's new persona.

    "Well, you remember I've started using Ace for Western sketches?" Brock asks. "He's not a new character per se, but this is the first time you will see him in his primary form--the crafty host of a melodrama."

    Lotta stifles a giggle of a memory of Brock as Ace. "Ace is so named because of his skill with cards." Brock explains. "As he would tell you, he is originally from the country, and makes a living singing and telling yarns to anyone that will listen."

    "Kinda like you..." Rylan smiles as Suzie waits for him to throw the ball again.

    "But he's also very clever, and has a razor sharp sense of humor." Brock continues describing Ace. "Since the main play proper is a Western retelling of "Cinderella", he also serves as the 'fairy godfather' of the story--though I use the term 'fairy godfather' very loosely." He then grins. "He even can yodel."

    Lotta gasps. "Really?"

    "I didn't know you could yodel..." Yuki agrees.

    "Come on, yodel for us!" Rylan begs.

    Brock sighs. "I haven't warmed up yet, so when everyone gets here and we start rehearsals, I'll make sure we do the yodeling scene." Excited whispers fill the air as Brock begins humming and purring to prime his voice...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Interlude 13: The Fireside Goes West)

    Suzie? The same Suzy from the anime (the original owner of his Vulpix)?

    Anyway, a western themed story will be interesting to read.

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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Interlude 13: The Fireside Goes West)

    Yes, he named a Vulpix of his own after her (in my imagined Pokeworld)

    I have most of Act 1 of the new melodrama written--and you will get to see Brock yodel.
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Sidestory 7: The Ballyhoo Revue, part 1)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Sidestory 7: The Ballyhoo Revue (part 1)

    "Brock, you look great!" Lotta smiles as Brock emerges from the wings clad in a black shirt, tan overcoat, dull gold trousers, and black shoes.

    "Almost ready..." Brock replies as he puts on a old hat he has made into a wig hat, making it appear he has long auburn hair tied back in a small ponytail. "There...now I'm Ace Chandler."

    "Vul!" Suzie gasps in awe at how handsome Brock looks.

    "I'm only pretending to be a cowboy today...." Brock assures Suzie. "Nervous for your act at all?"

    "Pix..." Suzie replies.

    Brock gives Suzie one last pat on the head as a guitar leads the way into his character's theme song, "The Traveler's Rag". "Wait here until I tell you and Rylan to come on, okay?" Suzie nods, and watches as Brock runs out to meet the crowd as the song ends.

    The crowd roars as Brock arrives onstage. "Howdy, folks!" he calls in character as he waves to the audience. "Good ta see ya!" He smiles at a family in the front row. "Glad ya got here early for a seat down front." The father chuckles as Brock calls "And hello, all the way back there!" Cheers go up from the back row in reply. "Ladies, couldja please remove--!" Brock then catches himself as he sees a few men with hats in the audience. "Would everyone kindly remove their hats?"

    He smiles as the audience complies. "Thank you--no hats, no smokin', and if the little ones or Pokemon git ta cryin', please take'em out." he reminds the audience as he returns to his customary place at center stage. "Now then...today the Ballyhoo Revue comes ta town, hosted by that wily rascal, Ace Chandler!" Applause fills the air. "If you don't know ol' Ace, I'll tell ya a bit about him." Brock offers as he walks around the stage. "He's originally a country boy, but makes his keep entertainin' folks far and wide! Some folks may think he's not that bright, but he can shore outfox any city boy! He's got rusty brown hair neatly tied back in a Ponyta's tail...." He refers to his wig hat for effect. " and as tall, dark, and handsome as they come! He's also knows plenty of gut-bustin' jokes, and boasts a fine singin' voice too. And now, please welcome your host...Ace Chandler!"

    The spotlight appears at stage left, but no one enters. Some awkward giggles fill the air before the lights blink back to Brock. "Ace Chandler is me!" he announces as a "Ta da!" stinger plays. "And me and my posse are gonna give ya the finest Ballyhoo Revue ya ever did see! Lemme set the stage for ya real quick..." He begins walking around the stage again. "Our story's about a little lady with a stepmother who'd rather live the high life than do any sorta work. And on the day I roved inta town, there was gonna be a dance! And where there's a dance, there's plenty of fine fellas for the ladies. That's all I'm tellin' ya for now--why don't we raise the curtain and start the show so ya can see fer yourself what happened next?"

    With that, the lights go down and the ensemble plays a peaceful interlude as the curtain opens on the set of a large, elaborate Western style house. After a few tense seconds, Brock enters the scene and whistles in awe as he glances around the house.

    "Wow...finest homestead I ever did see, and I've seen a lot of'em." he notes. "I bet whoever lives here has one Ponyta for every day of the week, at least! A tailor for every one of the suits and dresses! A dentist for every tooth!"

    A knock startles Brock from his rambling. "Uh oh...don't think the man of the house would like it if he found me here. I'm gonna git for a minute." With that, he retreats offstage as another knock comes.

    "Coming!" a female voice calls from offstage.

    As the knocks keep coming, Rosa--wearing a poofy white and green gown and carrying a hat--dashes to the imagined door and opens it. "Yes?" She balks at the imagined person at the door. "The editor of the Daily News! You wish to interview Ms. Witherspoon? Okay...come on inside, and I'll tell her you're here." With that, she hurries off as Misty--in a poofy blue gown studded in pale blue stones--enters the scene.

    The lights blink over to Brock, who is observing the action from stage right. "Ah, so it's the lady of the house--told'ja she's rich enough to afford a dentist for every tooth." he muses to some laughter. "Why don't we listen in on what Ms. Witherite over there is tellin' the paper?" he suggests.

    The audience whispers excitedly as the lights blink back to Misty, who is talking to the imagined interviewer. "Yes, I am hosting a dance tonight for Mr. Lyons...as thanks for him saving the town from the Razzo Gang."

    The lights return to Brock. "This is true--when I came ta town, everyone was talkin' bout a brave young cowboy named Darien Lyons." he explains. "They'd been terrorized by a band of ruffians named the Razzo Gang, and ta make a lengthy yarn short, Darien ran'em clear out of town. Ms. Withywindle over there heard about the whole thing, and decided ta host a dance in his honor--or so I've heard."

    This continues for a while--Misty continues talking to the interviewer, with Brock adding his own commentary on how true Misty's lines are. "Yes, he's a real prince--brave, strong, and quite the sweetheart..."

    "I dunno, I don't see any fancy-schmancy finery, crowns, or swords on him..."

    "Course, his mama and I have been really close for years..."

    "About as close as a Meowth gets to an angry Arcanine--Ms. Lyons got tired of Ms. Withywindle butting into everything, and moved out to a quieter part of town." The audience laughs at Brock's comparison.

    "...and I'm glad he's as brave as his mother."

    "She is a brave one, Ms. Lyons...." Brock agrees. "Once beat down a pack of Mightyenas with her own bare hands! But that's another yarn for another time."

    "So it's only fitting he be honored with--!" Suddenly, Misty sees Rosa drop the hat from earlier. "Oh, now look what you've done!" She quickly assures the imagined interviewer "Not you, my step daughter."

    "I can't do five things at once..." Rosa sighs with a sweatdrop.

    "Then somebody do something!" Misty pleads.

    The lights blink over to Brock. "Looks like the reporter's about done with his reportin'...so I'll go see just what something Ms. Withywindle wants!" he assures the audience, and hurries off as the lights go down and the ensemble plays an interlude.

    The lights come up on Misty and Rosa in the house again. A knock gets Misty's attention. "Oh my! Guests are here already?" Misty gasps. She tells Rosa "Go get the hand's clothes, please..."

    "The work clothes?" Rosa asks.

    "Yes, the hand's work clothes." Misty replies.

    "But I'm not a farmhand..." Rosa protests.

    "You will be while company's here." Misty retorts. Rosa reluctantly walks offstage as another knock comes. "In a minute!" Misty calls.

    The ensemble plays a playful riff as Brock walks in the scene at stage left. "Well, wouldn't ya know it! The door was wide open, so I jest walked right in!" he chuckles.

    Misty notices Brock and smiles. "Welcome to my humble estate--I am Adelaide Renata Melisande Witherspoon." The audience laughs at the long name.

    "Well, glad ta know ya, nice ta meet ya!" Brock replies as he shakes Misty's hand. "I heard you needed a hand, and so jest say what needs doing, and I'll do it!" He then notices Rosa, now in plain farmhand's clothes. "Howdy, little lady." he smiles. Rosa just giggles at this.

    "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, young man." Misty agrees.

    Brock rears back at the big word. "Meet my what, now?"

    "We are honored that you will inhabit our unostentatious domicile." Misty continues, ignoring Brock's confused face.

    "Is there a dictionary in the house?" Brock asks the audience. "I can't make heads or tails of these big words!" The audience laughs at this.

    Misty giggles at how cute Brock looks when he's confused. "How sweet, and charming--you do understand English?"

    "Sure do, if you speak it." Brock replies.

    "Perhaps you'd like to meet my daughters?" Misty offers.

    "Sure! I bet they're just as sweet as this little lady here." Brock smiles, gesturing to Rosa as she returns to the room.

    "Tell Serena and Melina to come down and greet our first guest." Misty instructs Rosa. Rosa nods and hurries out as Misty addresses Brock again. "If you'd come closer, I have a vital piece of information for you."

    "Ooh, a secret!" Brock excitedly walks up to Misty and leans in close. "Fire away."

    "When they see you, my daughters may be a bit--overcome by modesty, shall we say..." Misty whispers.

    "Aw, I'd like to see'em anyway--I wouldn't dare harm a lady, besides..." Brock assures Misty. "In fact, I once heard of a girl so modest, she even took a bath with her clothes on!"

    Misty and the audience burst out laughing at the corny joke. "Ya liked that one? Here's another one for ya..." Brock continues. "Didja hear about the girl whose sister thought she was a Combusken?"

    "Oh goodness--did they take her to the doctor?" Misty asks, concerned.

    "They thought about it, but decided they needed the eggs." Brock replies.

    Misty howls with laughter at the punch line. Eventually, Brock finds Misty laughing funny, and starts to giggle himself. Before long, both of them are hysterical as they try to one up each other. The audience laughs right along with them, and even Rylan, Suzie, Morgan, and Lotta can't help laughing backstage.

    Once the laughter calms down, Misty wipes the tears in her eyes as Rosa returns to the stage. "The girls are on their way down." Rosa tells her before hurrying out stage left.

    "Girls?" Brock asks, confused. The lightbulb goes off in his head seconds later. "Oh, those girls!" He quickly brushes himself clean and makes sure he looks presentable. "Gotta look my best, folks." he explains as he smooths out the wrinkles in his costume and makes sure his hat is on straight. Once sure he looks presentable, he addresses Misty again. "All righty...show'em in!"

    "<i>Entrez-vous</i>." Misty announces in French as she makes a sweeping gesture at the stairwell.

    Lyra, in a sparkling deep red gown, enters the scene from the staircase and stands off to the right. "This is my elder daughter, Serena." Misty explains.

    "Pleased ta meet ya, Miss Serena." Brock smiles as he gently shakes Lyra's hand.

    "How do you do?" Lyra replies, almost singing.

    Brock rears back in feigned surprise. "Well, I'll be! She's got a voice that'd put an Altaria ta shame!"

    "Serena is quite the musical maven...in fact, it's hard to tell when she speaks and when she sings." Misty continues.

    Lyra makes a sweeping gesture to the couch. <i>Make yourself at home, won't you-oo-oo, how do you do, how do you do, how do you do-oo-oo-oo...</i> she sings.

    "I sure can <i>yodel-adle-eedle-idle, yodel-adle-eedle-idle, yodel-adle-eedle-idle-oo!</i> Brock sings back in reply, halfway mocking Lyra.

    The audience roars with laughter as Brock proceeds to yodel the William Tell Overture, "Yankee Doodle" and "Ode to Joy" as Misty and Lyra look on, dancing around the stage as he does so.

    Backstage, Lotta wipes away a tear of laughter at Brock's antics. "Brock wasn't kidding when he said he could yodel!"

    "I must know how he can do that!" Akane agrees. Even Suzie is laughing at how silly her master is being.

    Onstage, Misty giggles at Brock cavorting around the stage. "Okay, now...presenting my younger daughter Melina." She makes a sweeping gesture at the stairway, getting Brock's attention as Whitlea--in a sparkling yellow gown, comes downstairs.

    "Nice ta meet ya, Miss Melina--mind if I call ya Mel?" Brock asks Whitlea.

    "A welcome BOUQUET of words we SAY, and hope you MAY enjoy your STAY." Whitlea replies, making some laughter go up at her emphasis on the rhymed words.

    "Look at that--words straight out of a romance novel!" Brock comments, to some laughter.

    "Melina is lyrical, poetical, and versical in nature..." Misty replies before asking Whitlea "Won't you recite a poem for our guest?"

    Whitlea nods as the piano and the guitar play an expectant chord. "Oh, Pikachu, Pikachu," cried Ms. DOWD...she shook with fright and screamed ALOUD." she recites over the music. "She thought of a WAY to scare it AWAY...so she opened her mouth...and MEOWED."

    The audience applauds the impromptu poem. "That was purty good, Mel." Brock smiles as he applauds. "Lemme take a crack at a verse or two." He clears his throat as the piano plays another chord. "There once was a girl named Nelly, who fell in the bath and wet her--!" He catches himself once he realizes the next word would not be G rated. "knees." The piano plays an exasperated chord, making the audience laugh.

    "That doesn't rhyme!" Misty protests.

    "That's cause the water wasn't deep enough!" Brock explains, to more laughter.

    Misty turns to Lyra and Whitlea. "Why don't you two escort our guest to take a peek at the garden?"

    "A peek, huh? If she's growin' what I think she's growin', I'm takin' a long, hard look!" Brock comments to the audience as he departs.

    As he follows Lyra and Whitlea offstage, Rosa arrives just as Ponyta hooves and Tauros moos are heard in the distance. "What in the world?" She dashes to the window and looks outside. "Cowboys! And they're driving the Tauros!"

    "What's all this racket?" Misty demands over the noise.

    "Cowboys passing through as they drive the Tauros." Rosa explains.

    "They'll have to find another route--they'll trample my gardens flat at this rate!" Misty grumbles.

    "But they've used this route for years!" Rosa protests as the noise fades out. "See? They're gone now."

    Something dawns on Misty. "Then again, one of those cowboys could've been Darien Lyons--and I want Serena and Melina to dance with him tonight...."

    "I want to dance with him, too." Rosa begs.

    Misty rears back at Rosa's request. "You, dance?"

    "But I like to dance!" Rosa pleads.

    "Who would want to dance with a plain jane like you?" Misty demands.

    "But--!" Rosa starts.

    "You will stay in the kitchen." Misty commands. Rosa sighs and trudges offstage over a sad riff from the ensemble. "Cindy and Darien...she's better suited for pots and pans..." she mutters as she exits.

    The lights go down over the sad interlude. When they come up again, Rosa is alone onstage. "Pots and pans....farmhand's clothes....press this dress..." she grumbles as she heaves a dress on a chair. "Doesn't she know I'm a person too? Why, if I could go to the dance, I'd wear a beautiful gown..." She twirls with the dress as the ensemble's song turns happier. "...and Darien would look at ME. He'd take me in his arms, and we'd do a two step or two..."

    The ensemble plays a waltz as Rosa pantomimes dancing with someone. When the song ends, Rosa says to her imagined partner "I would be honored to dance with you, Darien."

    The audience claps along as the ensemble plays the polka "Erika's Garden" and Rosa dances with her imagined partner, unaware that Ash--clad in a Sawsbuck skin cowboy's outfit and a royal blue bandanna--has entered the scene and is watching her dance.

    "Thank you, Darien...you're a very good dancer." Rosa says to her imagined partner as the song ends.

    "As are you." Ash replies.

    Rosa whirls around and does a double take when she sees Ash, to a triumphant stinger from the ensemble. "Wha...where'd you come from??"

    "Just came in from roundin' up the Tauros, and the door was open." Ash explains as he brushes himself off to look more presentable.

    Rosa puts two and two together. "You...you were one of the cowboys that came riding by before!"

    "Sure was--nothin' like a long ride before a dance." Ash smiles.

    "I'd love to ride the trail with you..." Rosa muses.

    "I've got a little Ponyta just your size if you wanna come join us." Ash offers.

    "Really?" Rosa gasps before her attention turns to a scratch on Ash's face. "You're hurt!"

    "Aw, it's just a scratch from a yucca leaf..." Ash assures Rosa as she returns with a small tub of water and a rag.

    "I know a little first aid, so lemme clean this and wipe the dust off your face." With that, Rosa goes to work wiping the fake scratch.

    "You have a very pretty face yourself..." Ash smiles.

    "You think so? My stepmother says you'd never dance with me..." Rosa sighs as she wrings out the rag.

    Ash looks blankly at Rosa. "I'd never dance with you when?" he asks, confused.

    "Tonight." Rosa explains.

    Ash just gives Rosa an assuring chuckle as she tidies her work area. "Don't let rabblerouse like that git ya down--I'd be more than happy to dance with you any time you want. Just name a step and I'll do it with ya."

    The two of them prepare to dance, but before the ensemble begins, Rosa hears Misty singing something in the distance. "Someone's in a good mood tonight..." Ash notes.

    Rosa panics as the ensemble plays a tense riff. "My stepmother! She can't know you're here! Quick, hide!" She guides Ash to a closet, where he wraps himself in a long cloak.

    <i>Here comes the bride, here comes Serena...or maybe Melina...</i> Misty sings as she enters the scene. Just then, she spots Rosa. "Where have you been? The guests will be here any minute!"

    A knock at the door is heard as Rosa hurries out. Misty turns her attention back to the door. "Coming!" She races to the door and opens it, revealing Ethan--in an elegant black suit with gold trim. "Oh, hello! Who might you be?"

    "I know who I am, but I'd very much like to know who you are." Ethan replies.

    "I am Adelaide Renata Melisande Witherspoon." Misty replies, to some giggles from the audience.

    "Hm?" Ethan motions for Misty to speak up.

    "I am Adelaide Renata Melisande Witherspoon." Misty repeats, slightly annoyed.

    "Nice to meet you, Ms. Withywindle..." Ethan replies.

    "Oh, not you too! It's Ms. Witherspoon!" Misty roars.

    "In the name of the moon?" Ethan asks, confused.

    The crowd roars with laughter as Misty screams in frustration. "Can we please not yell? You'll frighten Hunter." Ethan assures Misty. He gestures to an imaginary Growlithe as he comes inside. "You're such a good boy, yes you are!" he coos to the imagined Growlithe.

    "Hunter?" Misty glances around the stage, looking for the supposed Growlithe.

    "Sit, Hunter." Ethan commands. He waits a moment for the imagined Growlithe to sit, then coos "Very good!"

    "You mean, there is a dog Pokemon in here?" Misty asks.

    "Hm?" Ethan asks.

    "A dog Pokemon! A Growlithe! A Growlithe!" Misty roars again, to the audience's laughter.

    "Two Growlithes? I only have one--my brave Hunter." Ethan smiles as pets the imagined Growlithe.

    "Dog Pokemon--I do not permit!" Misty hisses.

    "Hm?" The audience laughs at Ethan's constant mishearing of things.

    "Do not permit!" Misty repeats.

    "Sit? Don't mind if I do." Ethan replies, sitting on a couch.

    "You don't understand!" Misty barks. Ethan obediently stands up as she continues ranting "I am Ms. Witherspoon and I do not--!"

    "Nice to meet you, Ms. Withywindle." Ethan replies, to more laughter.

    "Take the Growlithe outside, NOW!!!" Misty demands, pointing offstage.

    Just then, a Growlithe bark is heard over the laughter. " Now that Hunter has said hello, I should tell you why I've come...I come bearing a message from Ms. Lyons..." Ethan begins.

    "Darien's mother?" Misty asks, now in a better mood.

    "It was a long journey..." Ethan replies with a yawn. "But we..." This is as far as he gets before he falls asleep standing.

    "You are here because..." Misty waves a hand in Ethan's face, but Ethan just feigns a snore. "Great, he fell asleep!" she grumbles. "Wake up!" She stomps her foot, prompting a Growlithe yelp, which in turn makes her freak out, to the audience's delight.

    "You stepped on Hunter's paw." Ethan deadpans with a yawn.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, Hunter..." Misty pets the imagined Growlithe.

    "Now then...Ms. Lyons had another reason to hold a dance for Darien besides his bravery." Ethan begins.

    "Oh?" Misty is interested.

    "Ms. Lyons also hopes Darien will choose a bride..." Ethan explains.

    "A bride? As in marry?" Misty asks, excited.

    "When ol' Mr. Lyons kicked the bucket, he left a will." Ethan continues. "He'd struck it rich long before Darien came along, and decided that in order for Darien to inherit the gold, he would marry..." With that, he falls asleep again.

    "Marry who?" Misty asks, nudging Ethan again. "He's sleeping again..." she sighs before whistling for the imagined Growlithe. "Here, Hunter!" She stomps her foot again, making the imaginary Growlithe yip and startling Ethan awake.

    "You stepped on Hunter's tail." Ethan deadpans before yawning. "In order for Darien to inherit his daddy's gold, he must marry a bride of his choosing."

    "Oh, I have two daughters..." Misty replies.

    "A few? He'll have to think carefully, cause he can only pick one!" Ethan cautions.

    "I will see to it he chooses a bride!" Misty announces before walking over to a portrait on the wall. "Oh, my beloved...you would be thrilled if I told you one of the girls will be marrying the bravest cowboy in the West....at least, either Serena or Melina--Cindy is too plain for someone like him..." She calls offstage "Serena! Melina!"

    Lyra and Whitlea arrive onstage. "You called, Ma?" Lyra half sings.

    "My NAME, I CAME!" Whitlea announces.

    "I've just been told that Darien Lyons is of age to take a bride." Misty explains. "I'd very much like that bride to be you..." She points at Lyra. "Or you." She points at Whitlea.

    "It will BE, ME!" Whitlea announces.

    "No, me!" Lyra half sings.

    "You can't write a simple rhyme!" Whitlea retorts.

    "And you can't sing in six eight time!" Lyra half sings her comeback.

    "Girls, please!" Misty pulls Lyra and Whitlea apart. "Keep in mind this is the bravest cowboy in the West you're seeking--charm him with your wit and beauty...walk gracefully...and if you run into trouble, you can always faint." She feigns fainting on the sofa, only to be startled by loud and long Growlithe barks.

    "You almost sat on Hunter!" Ethan protests.

    Angry Growlithe barks are heard as Misty, Lyra, and Whitlea run about the stage in panic, to the audience's delight.

    After a few moments, the lights blink over to Brock, who is observing the mayhem from stage right. "Jest listen ta that racket! Dunno if a flock of Combuskens would be better or worse." he notes. He observes the mayhem for a bit longer, then walks in the scene as the chaos calms down.

    Misty notices Brock as he enters. "Oh, there you are! You're just in time..."

    "Time for what?" Brock asks.

    "I have someone else I'd like you to meet." Misty replies.

    "Who?" Brock asks again.

    "He's here." Misty whispers to Ethan.

    "Hm?" Ethan asks.

    "Who're you?" Brock asks Ethan.

    "I should ask you the same! You don't look like Darien Lyons at all!" Ethan demands.

    "And I don't look rich to ya, do I?" Brock retorts.

    Misty covers her face with her hands as Ethan and Brock argue. "I think I'm going to faint..." She collapses on the couch, half clucking like a Combusken as Lyra, Whitlea, and the audience laugh.

    The laughter snaps Brock to attention. "Hear that? The Combusken's bout to lay an egg!" he comments as Rosa and Ash arrive in the room.

    "What in the world?" Rosa gasps.

    "What's goin' on in here?" Ash wonders.

    More Growlithe barks cause the stage to erupt in more confusion--Dawn, on fiddle, leads the ensemble into "The Trainer's Cap" as Ash leads Rosa out of the scene and the curtain closes on the chaos. When the song ends, the auditorium roars with applause....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Sidestory 7: The Ballyhoo Revue, part 2)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Sidestory 7: The Ballyhoo Revue (part 2)

    After a few tense seconds, Brock appears in a spotlight in his customary place at center stage. "Well! Wasn't that the craziest, mixed up ruckus ya ever did see?" he asks in character.

    The audience roars in reply. "That's jest what I like ta hear!" Brock smiles. "Best of all, there's still a whole lot more ta come! But before we continue with this little yarn, we've got a few words from our sponsors, if you will--cause we're gonna entertain ya a minute with a showcase of talent from my posse!"

    Excited applause fills the air at this. "To start things off, we have a little number entitled "Yellow"--dunno why yellow gits a song and the other colors don't."

    The audience chuckles as the lights go down and Brock retreats offstage. A happy melody gives way to a driving pop beat as Lotta appears in a spotlight, dancing to the song. <i>I wonder how long it's been, your laughter and your smile are so far away...</i> she sings.
    <i>Good things must come to an end, when it does, it's so fast, and much too soon...
    Too many to even count, are these tears and the saddening tomorrows...
    The heated words that you said, all their pain and their sorrows I'll try my best to forget!

    I want to find that smile, and then bring it back to you!
    No matter where you are, I won't stop, singing this song just for you!
    I don't know just how many nights it's been,
    I know that this wish, in my heart will come true one day...

    The song that you left behind, all the pieces are just lying scattered here...
    I gather them once again, and I work my own magic just to make it whole!

    I want to find that smile, and then bring it back to you!
    Beyond the end of time, I won't stop, singing this song just for you!
    I close my eyes and wish on a little shooting star,
    For the love I have, in my heart, to reach you one day...

    The period comes...the sentence is almost complete
    And yet more words come...I have so much I want to say!
    The morning light shines, a new day dawns one more time
    That special place where anybody and everyone is waiting for you!

    A yellow morning comes, and it sparkles like the sun
    I don't think that I, ever will, forget its simple beauty
    All this sound and light from the heavens raining down,
    I know deep down, it won't stop, step and clap

    I want to find that smile, and then bring it back to you!
    No matter where you are, I won't stop, singing this song just for you!
    I don't know just how many nights it's been,
    I know that this wish, in my heart will come true one day!</i>

    After dancing a little more, Lotta strikes a triumphant pose as the song ends, to the audience's applause. After taking a bow, the lights go down.

    Brock reappears in his spotlight a few moments later. "Ya think the little lady in the song will find her beloved one day?" he asks. Cheers meet his question. "Moving right along here...next up is one brave little Pokemon who sets hearts aflame with feats of power and agility--let's hear it for Suzie, the Wonder Vulpix!"

    "Come on..." Rylan motions for Suzie to follow him onstage as the crowd roars.

    The piano begins a ragtime-like melody as Suzie makes her grand entrance jumping through a pair of rainbow colored silks. Rylan kneels down, and Suzie balances on top of him, to some applause. After balancing balls on her nose like a Seel, Rylan sets up a few Vulpix sized hurdles, which Suzie jumps over with ease. Then, Rylan puts them all together, which Suzie jumps over with ease. After finishing with a flaming hoop jump, the rest of the ensemble joins back in for "The Traveler's Rag" as the lights go down.

    "Okay..." Brock begins when the song ends. "Now we'll git started with the second act of our Ballyhoo Revue--the actors are all ready, as is the band down here..." He acknowledges Blair, the guitar player, with a nod. "So let's head on out ta the dance, shall we?"

    The ensemble plays a festive interlude as the lights come up on the set of the house, which is now festively decorated. "There's the table with all the grub." Brock notes from stage right as Rosa arrives bringing in some cakes to add to the array of food already on the table. "And wouldn't ya know it--Cindy's bringin' in somethin' sweet!" Once Rosa has left, Brock walks in the scene and takes one of the cakes. "They say the best thing to put in a cake is your teeth!"

    With that, he bites into the cake before footsteps get his attention. "Uh oh--I'd better go find somewheres ta eat this in peace before the guests find out one's missin'!" The audience laughs as he retreats offstage.

    Ash and Rosa arrive onstage some moments later. "Maybe now we can sit tight and talk in peace..." Ash suggests before he sees Rosa gasp. "What's the matter?"

    "I almost dropped a cup..." Rosa replies.

    "Aw, one dropped cup ain't the end of the world..." Ash assures Rosa as he puts the cup in question back on the table. "Besides, haven't you ever yearned to leave this place? See the world?"

    "Oh yes...I've heard about your adventures ridin' the trail and chasin' bandits..." Rosa replies. "But what would you, the bravest cowboy in the West, want with me, a plain jane servant?"

    'Brave is only a title, after all...I believe in doin' what's right, no matter what." Ash explains. "Call me brave, call me strong, call me whatever ya want, I'll still stick to my guns and do the right thing."

    "Really?" Rosa smiles.

    "Yeah--an' that includes gittin' you away from here." Ash continues.

    "You'll let me ride the trail and go on adventures with ya?" Rosa asks.

    Ash nods. "Cause a pretty little lady like you doesn't deserve to be treated like a maid."

    "Aw"s go up as Ash and Rosa hug. "I have to go now." Rosa tells Ash.

    The lights come up on Brock in his nook at stage left, finishing his cake from before. "You know. I betcha I know what' Darien's a-thinkin' right now...."

    Piqued murmurs go up from the crowd. "He's a-thinkin' bout all the other girls he's met on his travels, and how Cindy's different from'em." Brock continues before footsteps get his attention. "And I believe that's Ms. Withywindle a-comin...'

    Sure enough, Misty arrives from stage left, with a white, blue and silver hat now complementing her costume. She notices Brock in his nook as Ash discreetly exits. "Oh, there you are, young man." she smiles. "We can't have you sitting there alone--come on in!"

    "Okay, I'ma comin' on in!" With that, Brock enters the scene, only pausing to "wipe" his feet at the door.

    "I have to ask you--you're not from around here...what part of the region are you from?" Misty asks.

    "All of it, I guess." Brock murmurs, confused by Misty's question.

    "Do you really rise and sleep with the Pokemon?" Misty asks.

    "Nope--I can usually find a bed." Brock assures Misty.

    "Are you neat and tidy?" Misty asks. "Do you sweep behind the door?"

    "Yep--I sweep EVERYTHING behind the door!" Brock proudly shows Misty the pile of dust bunnies he has presumably swept behind the door, much to Misty's chagrin.

    Rosa arrives with a pair of white gloves. "Here are the gloves you wanted."

    "Here...these are a gift from me." Misty offers the gloves to Brock.

    Brock takes a moment to put on the gloves, then admires himself in the mirror. "Y'know, I look like a doctor...say... didja hear the one about the patient that thought he had appendicitis? They cut him open, but he was just fine!"

    "So what did they do?" Misty asks.

    "They sewed him back up and stamped him 'Opened by Mistake'." Brock replies.

    Unlike the audience, Misty is not amused by the punchline. "I believe you are next door to a simpleton..."

    "Then I'll move away from you." Brock assures Misty as he starts towards the other end of the stage.

    "And you're not smart enough to talk to a half-wit!" Misty continues.

    "Then I'll jest send a letter!" Brock replies.

    "Oh, Ma!" Lyra half sings from offstage over the audience's laughter. "Ma!"

    Misty smiles as Lyra arrives with a poofy red hat and a red feather boa added to her costume. "You look beautiful, dear! She is beautiful, is she not?" she asks Brock.

    "Yes, she is not." Brock replies, to more laughter.

    Misty gasps as Whitlea arrives, a sparkling gold hat and a silver boa on her costume. "And you look beautiful too, Melina!"

    "Mirror, mirror, on the WALL, am I the fairest one of ALL?" Whitlea smiles as she admires herself in the mirror.

    "You both look enchanting...each of you will be the Leppa of Darien's eye." Misty smiles.

    "Presenting the Leppa sisters, Lady Alice and Sonya!" Brock jokingly announces, to some giggles as Misty escorts Lyra and Whitlea to stage right.

    "And as for you, you're needed in the kitchen." Misty tells Brock.

    "Great! I'm starvin'!" Brock smiles as he turns to leave. "Mind if I have a ham sandwich?"

    "With pleasure!" Misty replies as she shoos Brock away.

    "That tastes funny--I'll have mustard instead!" The audience laughs as Brock hurries offstage.

    Misty, meanwhile, turns to Lyra and Whitlea. "Okay girls...radiate..." Lyra and Whitlea smile. "Scintillate..." Lyra and Whitlea clasp their hands together. "and gravitate."

    The three of them are about to walk off when Growlithe barks startle them. "Come back here, Hunter!" Ethan pleads as he chases the imaginary Growlithe. "He is chasing a Rattata." he explains.

    The audience roars with laughter as the girls freak out over the supposed Rattata. After few moments, Brock arrives with Ash. "What's the ruckus?" Ash asks.

    "Oh, there's a Rattata in here!" Misty explains.

    Ash whistles, calming the chaos. "Okay, Hunter's quiet now..." he assures Ethan. After glancing around the room for a moment, he proclaims "I don't see a Rattata in here....must've been scared away by all the racket."

    Lyra and Whitlea heave a sigh of relief as Rosa arrives with a platter. "Dinner is served."

    "Be seated, everyone." Misty instructs.

    "Ladies first." Ash motions for Misty to sit first.

    "No, after you." Misty replies.

    "After you." Ash coaxes.

    "After you." Misty makes a dramatic gesture to Ash's seat.

    "After you!" Ash insists to some giggles from the audience.

    "HOLD EVERYTHING!" Brock announces, stopping the rigamarole. "Fit your seat to the seat and SIT!" Once everyone complies, Brock smiles. "Thank you."

    "And now, for your entertainment, Serena and Melina will provide some artistic diversion..." Misty announces.

    "Whatever that means..." Ash deadpans.

    "Melina will now recite a beloved and favorite poem." Misty continues as Whitlea stand up and steps forward.

    "This verse is entitled 'Ode to a Pokemon Master' or, "Gotta Catch'em All" Whitlea announces as Lyra discretely reaches for some bongo drums.

    After an opening drum roll, Whitlea recites "I want to be the very best, like no one ever WAS...to catch them is my real test, to train them is my CAUSE!"

    Inspired, Brock decides to comically act out what Whitlea is reciting. "I will travel across the land, searching far and WIDE..." Brock pantomimes looking for something. "Each Pokemon, to understand, the power that's INSIDE!" Brock strikes a comically triumphant pose over the bongo drums. "Every challenge along the way, with courage I will FACE..." The audience laughs as Brock strikes another heroic pose. "I will battle every day, to claim my rightful PLACE!" Even Misty can't help laughing at Brock's next pose. "Come with me, the time is right...we're no better TEAM!"

    "Well, if you're no better, who is?" Brock deadpans in an aside to the audience.

    "Arm in arm, we'll win the fight! It's always been our DREAM!" Whitlea concludes.

    The cast and the audience applauds. "And now, Sophia will perform a musical number entitled 'I'm Sure Tomorrow'." Misty announces.

    The ensemble plays the introduction, but both Ash and Brock wince as Lyra deliberately sings horribly flat and off key <i>Shun shun shururun, I'm feeling down when I should be glad...
    Shun shun shururun, I'm feeling down,
    but I'm sure that tomorrow,
    the sun will shine, the sun will shine.</i>

    The lights blink over to Ash and Ethan. "If that's the girl's talent. I dunno if I wanna marry them..." Ash sighs as the ensemble continues playing the song.

    "You understand that to inherit your daddy's gold, you have to marry someone...?" Ethan reminds Ash.

    "I know...I jest haven't found the lucky lady yet...and neither of these two feel right." Ash explains.

    "Cheer up...there's plenty of other Magikarps in the river..." Ethan assures Ash.

    "Right--and I'ma castin' my line once again tonight!" Ash smiles as the lights go down. "Daddy wouldn't want me with jest any ol' gal!"

    The ensemble finishes "I'm Sure Tomorrow" before the lights come up again on the festively decorated room, which has now been cleaned. After a few seconds, Misty first enters the scene. "Tonight will be a grand gala...perfect for wearing my jewels!" The ensemble plays a tense riff as she opens a safe hidden in the wall. "Hm..." After rummaging through a number of prop jewels, she retrieves a diamond necklace to a tense riff from the ensemble. "Oh! I almost forgot about these--Cindy's mama gave them to me before she hit the big trail in the sky...Cindy has no clue about these, and so long as I have them, she won't get them--because she won't be marrying!"

    The lights blink over to Brock. "You smell that?" he asks as he sniffs the air. "That right there's the smell of a Rattata...and it ain't a nice smell either!" He waves away the imagined awful smell as he enters the scene.

    Misty spots Brock and smiles. "Maybe the kitchen isn't the best fit for you...why don't you decorate the stage for the band?"

    "Okay!" Brock proceeds to scat "The Hearthome Pilgrim" as he brings in a screen and a few other decorations.

    "What are you doing?" Misty is confused by the song.

    "I'ma practicin' my singin'..." Brock replies. "In case you want me to sing one tonight."

    "I'm sure you sound nice, but what I'd really like you to do is help Cindy." Misty begins. "Keep an eye on her, and make sure she does not talk to anyone, especially Darien!" Brock nods as Misty departs, musing "I haven't worn this necklace in years--never mind it's not mine..."

    The ensemble plays a riff on "The Traveler's Rag" as Brock is left alone onstage. "Jest a cotton pickin' minute..." he muses as he walks around the stage. "Keep a Braviary eye on Cindy--don't let her talk ta anyone, not even Darien? I may be a country boy, but one thing I learned early was right from wrong--and somethin's not right here." He sniffs the air again. "Yep, I thought I smelled a Rattata...she's sweepin' somthin' under the rug...beatin' round the bush!"

    "Is everything okay?" Rosa asks as she enters the scene.

    "I'm thinkin' Ms. Whithywindle's a-hidin' something bout you." Brock explains.

    "Me?" Rose is confused.

    "So I'ma gonna play detective for a minute and find out what that is." Brock explains. "We know your mama and daddy hit the great trail in the sky when you were jest a babe..."

    "and Ms. Witherspoon, who is my stepmother, took me in." Rosa adds. "This ranch...belonged to my father."

    "Mm-hm..." Brock muses. "We also know Ms. Withywindle makes ya do all the work, while she and her girls just sit there and pretend they live on their high Ponytas..." Then something dawns on him. "Say...ever hear the fairy tale 'Cinderella'?

    "Yes...one of my favorite stories." Rosa smiles as she unearths a pair of sparkling shoes from the closet. "Ma named me Cindy because of that story."

    "This whole mess sounds a lot like that story..." Brock continues. "So that means we need ta git ya to the ball, if ya will."

    "But how?" Rosa asks.

    "Jest trust me, okay?" Brock assures Rosa. "I may not have a spell or a wand, but I've got my own brand of magic." He points out a window, which shows a nighttime scene. "See that?" he asks before singing over a hopeful interlude <i>The evenin' star is shinin' bright, so make a wish and hold on tight! There's magic in the air tonight..."</i>

    <i>And anything can happen!</i> Rosa sings the last line.

    "That's the spirit!" Brock smiles before making a dramatic gesture to the screen from before. "If you'll step back there we'll have ya all dolled up in no time!"

    As Rosa goes behind the screen with the shoes, something dawns on Brock. "Next question is...how and where am I gonna git a dress?" He asks Rosa "Got any particular color in mind for your fancy dress?"

    "I like green..." Rosa replies from behind the screen.

    "And looky here!" Brock produces the pale green dress from earlier from behind a chair as the ensemble plays as rhythmic tune based on "Dusknoir's Dream". "Someone jest left a pretty green dress jest your size lyin' behind a chair!" As he dances over to the screen, he sings <I>Allamande left, allamande right, here's a purty dress jest for tonight!</i>

    After delivering the dress to Rosa, he sings to the tune of "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" <i>She'll be wearin' lace and ruffles at the ball...she'll be wearin' lace and ruffles at the ball...</i> as he delivers the dress's ruffly layer. Next, he grabs a matching green sash. <i>Git down the sash and git down a bow, kick off those rags and throw'em on the flow!</i>

    Rosa's ragged costume arrives at his feet seconds later. After setting it aside, he next delivers a sparkling silver pendant. "The wishin' star said ta give this to ya."

    "Thanks..." Rosa replies. "Almost ready..."

    "Take your time, sweetheart...I'll wait." Brock assures Rosa. After a few moments, Rosa emerges in the full costume, to thunderous applause.

    "Wow! Isn't she jest like a princess?" Brock asks the audience.

    Cheers go up, but then Brock realizes the costume is missing something. "Oh, we can't be a princess without a sparklin' tiara, now can we?" A statue wearing a silver tiara gives him an idea, so he swipes it and puts it on Rosa, where it fits perfectly.

    "Wow...how can I ever repay you?" Rosa smiles.

    "Aw, it was nothin'." Brock smiles.

    "I'll dance with Darien..." Rosa twirls in the dress.

    "Mind doin' a two step with me as practice?" Brock asks.

    "Sure!" With that, the audience claps along and Brock and Rosa dance as the ensemble plays the Vermillion Polka. The curtain closes on their dance, bringing Act 2 to a close as the ensemble continues to play....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Sidestory 7: The Ballyhoo Revue, part 3)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Sidestory 7: The Ballyhoo Revue (part 3)

    Brock appears in a spotlight. "Whew...it took some doin', but we got Cindy off to the ball. There's still a bit more to our yarn, but before that, who wants ta see summore talent from my posse?"

    Cheers go up in reply. "Okay! We got a couple of singers this time, startin' with a little number called 'The Moment I Saw Your Eyes'" Brock announces before retreating offstage

    A pounding techno beat begins as Akane appears in glittering costume with lights. <i>I could find you, if you were in the crowd...</i> she sings, the lights on her costume providing a disco ball effect in the dark theater.

    <i>A smiling face, I know which one is you!
    I feel your love, you take my hand in yours...
    and I take yours in mine--I remember why I fell in love!

    Ah...is this the way I feel?
    Ah...You will take all my fear away!

    I realize how much I really loved you, the moment I saw your eyes...
    I wonder how you feel, now that it's gone, do you miss me at all?
    I know we can't go back to the time that once was, and back to the way we were...
    If only for a while, won't you look into my eyes?
    And not look away from me...</i>

    The crowd roars as Akane dances to the beat for a moment before singing the chorus again. <i>I realize how much I really loved you, the moment I saw your eyes...
    I wonder how you feel, now that it's gone, do you miss me at all?
    I know we can't go back to the time that once was, and back to the way we were...
    If only for a while, won't you look into my eyes?
    And not look away from me...</i>

    Brock is applauding himself as he returns to the stage. "I wonder how she got them sparklies in her clothes..." he muses to some laughter. "Anyway, next we're gonna hear 'I'm Sure Tomorrow' the way it's meant ta be sung--by a proper singer!" The audience laughs as they remember Lyra's "terrible" performance. "So please welcome the lovely Morgan to the stage."

    Rylan gasps as the ensemble begins the introduction to "I'm Sure Tomorrow" again. "It was already a shock that Akane was going to sing, but Morgan too?"

    "I didn't know Akane had a great voice!" Yuki agrees.

    Onstage, Morgan sings <i>Shun shun shururun, I'm feeling down,
    When I should be glad...
    Shun shun shururun, I'm feeling down,
    But I'm sure that tomorrow,
    The sun will shine, the sun will shine...

    I'm going home right now, and we just had a fight,
    Even though I hit you hard, it doesn't feel right
    This feeling of being alone...it is so boring...
    It is so boring, so

    Shun shun shururun, it is time to go
    So I say goodbye...
    Shun shun shururun, as the north wind blows
    Somehow I feel today,
    Feels a little cold, feels a little cold...

    No matter what, I always share my things with you.
    I even shared my favorite snack I bought with you
    And today, I'll even share this favorite game with you...
    I'll share with you...</i>

    The harmonica breaks off to solo for a moment before Morgan continues <i>You are my number one!
    You are my friend...
    You give me strength to stand...</i> Should I? <i>say good morning too?
    Say it just for you?

    Kyun kyun kyururun, I smell something good!
    I am hungry now...
    Gungun, run for home, the light is on
    It is not much longer now...

    Shun shun shururun, hey there, shooting star!
    I just saw you now!
    Shun shun shururun, we are friends again
    Tomorrow I say sorry, cause you are my friend
    You are my friend!</i>

    The lights go down and the ensemble segues into 'The Traveler's Rag' to herald the start of the final act. "Now that we've heard some fine singin', it's time for the gran' finale of our Ballyhoo Revue." Brock explains as he returns to the stage. "and we'll all find out the answer to the eternal question--will Cindy end up with Darien and ride down the trail of happily ever afters with him? Course, we won't find out anything if we sit here a-talkin, so let's hit the trail!"

    With that, the ensemble strikes up "The Trainer's Cap" again as the curtain opens on a scene of a crowd of extras dancing and talking. As the song is playing, Rosa, now with a sparkling mask on as part of her costume, enters the scene. Brock encourages her to go on from his nook, so Rosa removes the mask as the ensemble finishes "The Trainer's Cap" About then, Ash spots Rosa and gestures as if inviting her to dance. Rosa accepts and the two of them dance to a set of polkas.

    The crowd and the audience applauds when the set ends, but Brock makes a gesture of pointing at a watch, prompting Rosa to mask herself again and depart, despite Ash's pantomimed pleas not to. When he sees Rosa is gone, he resumes "speaking" to another girl.

    "Ma! Ma!" Lyra half sings. "A new girl has come."

    "Oh?" Misty asks

    "A princess--and she is beautiful!" Lyra half sings.

    "Do something, Ma!" Whitlea pleads. "A new girl in a viridian GOWN, with a crystal CROWN!"

    'Well, who is she?" Misty asks.

    "That's the problem, we don't know." Lyra half sings.

    "She BORES us, and he IGNORES us..." Whitlea sighs.

    "He will choose me!" Lyra half sings

    "It will BE ME!" Whitlea sticks out her tongue at Lyra.

    "Don't stick your tongue out at me, Yanma-eyes!" Lyra threatens, whapping Whitlea with a bag.

    "And YOU don't hit me, Noctowl-eyes!" Whitlea retorts as she hits Lyra back. The audience laughs as the fighting and insults continue:

    "Puffy eyes!



    The lights go down as a spotlight appears on Brock in his nook. "While Serena and Melina were busy squabblin' I decided to play detective a little more, and looky what I found!" He smiles as he holds a piece of paper high. "The last will and testament of Cindy's daddy!" Cheers go up at this. "Furthermore, the homestead belongs ta Cindy, not Ms. Withywindle. That means Ms. Withywindle is effectively stealin' the homestead by claimin' it's hers!"

    Gasps go up from the audience, but Brock notices one of Rosa's shoes. "Uh oh...seems in all the confusion Cindy left a shoe behind....

    "She's gone..." Ash muses as he walks in the house scene again. "Not a trace--gone like that..."

    "You sure?" Brock offers Ash the shoe.

    "Where'd this come from?" Ash asks as Misty, Lyra, and Ethan arrive

    "Have you made your choice, Darien?" Ethan asks.

    "Yeah--the one who fits this slipper." Ash replies, showing Ethan the shoe.

    "Serena, you try first." Misty instructs.

    The audience laughs as Lyra struggles to put the shoe on, but it pops off. "No good--next." Brock observes. Whitlea also struggles, with the shoe flying off.

    "Please!" Rosa arrives in the work clothes. "May I try?"

    "If you are one of Ms. Withywindle's family, you can try." Ethan smiles before Misty opens her mouth to protest.

    Ash's eyes widen as he puts the shoe on. "Cindy...you are the one!" he cries as he and Rosa hug.

    "Now wait a minute--Cindy is the maid here!" Misty protests.

    "HOLD EVERYTHING!!!!" Brock announces. "Accordin' to Cindy's daddy's will, she is the right bride for Darien and the rightful owner of the shoe!" he explains, holding the will triumphantly to prove his point. Furthermore..." A tense riff goes up "This house belongs to her, not you!"

    "Ooooh....OUT! OUT OF HERE!!!" Misty demands.

    "I think you're the one that needs ta git out, cause you're stealin' Cindy's home and jewels!" Brock retorts as he approaches Misty.

    Misty tensely backs away towards stage left. "Uh...er...uh..."

    Brock grins, then whistles. "Here, Hunter!"

    The audience roars with laughter as Misty, Lyra, and Whitlea dash off, pursued by the imaginary Growlithe as the lights go down.

    When they come up again, only Ash, Brock and Rosa are left onstage. "I've got your little Ponyta waiting if you'll come with me..." Ash smiles.

    Rosa giggles. "Let's hit the trail! Adventure's a-waitin'!" She then notices Brock. "Thank you...for everything." she smiles as she hugs Brock.

    "Aw, it was nothin'." Brock smiles. "I better be hittin' the trail myself..."

    "Be safe!" Ash waves goodbye to Brock as he and Rosa depart over a peaceful interlude from the ensemble.

    "And so, Darien and Cindy rode off down the trail to a happy life of love and adventure." Brock concludes over the interlude. "As for me, I headed off towards my next destination. Darien and I still keep in touch, as well. As for Ms. Withywindle and her girls, I bet Hunter's still a-chasin'em somewhere, cause they haven't been heard from since!"

    The peaceful interlude picks up into "Pidgey in the Straw." After a few moments, Brock dances back out onstage as the song plays. <i>Pidgey in the straw-haw-haw, Pidgey in the hay-ay-ay, I had a great time, hope ya did too, cause this here is the end of the Ballyhoo Revue!</i>

    "Pidgey in the Straw" segues into "Ninetales' Blessing", and then "The Old Crystal Plate". When "The Old Crystal Plate" ends, the audience roars with applause as Brock returns to lead off the bows...
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 58: The Gluttonous Ogre)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 58: The Gluttonous Ogre

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan", episode 29, story 1)

    "Everyone loved the revue!" Yuki smiles as she goes through some fan mail.

    "Well, the cast had as much fun performing it as the audience enjoyed seeing it." Brock replies as he arrives in the wings. "But beginning this week, I have a few scary tales on tap for Halloween."

    "Oh, how exciting!" Akane cries. She watches as Brock runs out to meet the crowd.

    After acknowledging his applause, Brock warns the audience "Just as a word of warning, the tale I have for you this week is a bit scary--so you are welcome to leave if it gets to be too much for you."

    No one makes a move for the exits. <i>This must be a brave audience...</i> Brock smiles as he observes the audience's eager smiles, anticipating what he has to tell, scary or not.

    "Once a man--we'll call him Yuji--went into town and bought two Ponytas." he begins. "After buying some Magikarps to sacrifice to Arceus for his good fortune, he started on his way home. On the way through the mountain pass, the younger Ponyta began to tire. Yuji remembered hearing rumors in town that a monster appeared on the pass at night, but he figured since it was daytime, he'd be okay."

    Nervous giggles fill the air. "But as he continued up the hill, an ogre met him on the path and demanded one of his Magikarps." Brock continues. "Yuji quickly complied, but the ogre was not satisfied, and demanded all of the Magikarps. Yuji protested that the Magikarps were to be a sacrifice to Arceus, but the orge threatened to eat him if he did not comply."

    Gasps go up as the audience fears for Yuji. "Just then, Yuji remembered that Arceus liked just about any kind of fish for fortune offerings, so he decided he would just buy some Goldeens later." Brock assures the audience before continuing "The ogre was still not satisfied and demanded to eat one of the Ponytas."

    "Boy, this ogre is a real glutton!" someone comments, making nervous laughter fill the air.

    Even Brock is laughing at the boy's wry observation, but he composes himself and continues. "When Yuji tried to protest, the ogre threatened to eat him if he did not comply. Eventually both Ponytas were eaten, but that was STILL not enough for the ogre--then he threatened to eat Yuji too!"

    'Oh no's' race through the crowd. "Yuji ran away with the ogre in hot pursuit. After running for a while, Yuji dove into a lake in an attempt to escape. The ogre tried to follow him, but he sank like a rock. This forced him to spit out the Ponytas-- who were unharmed--and flee back to the mountains."

    Relieved sighs fill the air as Brock concludes "Yuji eventually made it home safely, and he sacrificed a whole Seaking as thanks for Arceus' protection and his good fortune."

    The crowd roars as Brock takes a bow....
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    Default Re: Live From the Fireside: Season 3 (Week 59: The Onimori of the House)

    @Chimchar98; @Chaosj2; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster;

    Week 59: The Onimori of the House

    (real tale: "Folktales from Japan", episode 31, story 2)

    "Again, this week's tale may be a a little on the scary side, so if it gets to be too much for you or you need to take children or Pokemon out to calm down, inform an usher and they will direct you to the closest EXIT sign." Brock cautions the audience. Spotlights appear on the EXIT signs to some applause.

    When no one appears to be taking up his offer to leave, Brock takes a deep breath to calm his nerves and dives into his planned tale. "In a certain village lived a man who tended to bully anything weaker than him--we'll call him Shinjiro." he begins. "One day, he woke up early to go to town, and chased the Pidgeys off--cause their singing was getting on his nerves."

    Laughter goes up at this. "He had heard that a monster lived in the forest on the way to town, but none of the villagers knew for sure, since no one had seen the monster and lived to tell the tale." Brock explains. "Despite his tough talk, Shinjiro was actually scared as he walked through the forest." He slowly walks around the stage for a moment, as if he is Shinjiro in the forest.

    Once he is at his customary spot at center stage, he goes on. "Suddenly, he was startled by some rustling, so when he looked in the brush to find out what it was, it was only a Ninetales digging a den. He scared the Ninetales away..." He claps to illustrate his point, startling a few people in the front rows. "and continued on the way to town."

    Tense murmurs fill the air. "In town, Shinjiro shooed a Growlithe away as he bought what supplies he needed. On the way back, it suddenly got dark and stormy, never mind that it was only noon." Brock continues. "Suddenly, Shinjiro found a cottage in the woods, and decided to stay there until the storm blew over. The door was open, so the man lets himself in, never mind the old woman in the house was sharpening a knife the whole time he was helping himself to what he figured was soup."

    Some frightened children are whisked out of the auditorium, as if they know the scary part that is coming up next. "When the man looked in the pot, he just found water inside." Brock explains after waiting a moment to see if anyone else needs to leave. "The old woman began muttering about something, each musing being scarier than the last one." In character as an old woman, he muses "It has been some time since I had a guest here...I have found some fine meat today...you're going to taste so good..."

    Gasps go up from the audience--no old woman would normally talk like this! Brock confirms their fearful prediction as himself some moments later. "The old woman threw off her cloak, and revealed herself as an onimori!"

    More gasps and screams are scattered throughout the auditorium. "Shinjiro ran away as fast as he can, ultimately tripping and falling in the river." Brock continues, making the screams give way to relieved laughter as the audience pictures the soaked Shinjiro. "As he climbed out, Shinjiro saw the Ninetales he frightened earlier looking back at him, and wondered if his encounter was one of her pranks."

    He concludes "Needless to say, he never bullied anyone again after that!"

    The crowd roars with applause as Brock takes a bow....
    My URPG stats: Maya's status

    SuBuWriMo status: 28,103 words in all!

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