Before starting this story up, I'm going to do a few disclaimers :

- My native language isn't english (I'm french)
- I used the TEEN prefix due to some parts being a little bit explicit, though I don't think those would be enough to use that label. Better safe than sorry, like they say.
- This story is about a crossover shipping between Mars of Team Galactic and Beastman from the F-Zero franchise. For more infos about him, this link should do the trick. Now that all these disclaimers are done, here comes the actual story !


In one of the numerous houses of Goldenrod City in Johto, a couple composed of a man in green and a woman in white clothes and red hair coming from Sinnoh has recently moved there. After taking their time to unpack the few things they have brought from that region and taken a good night sleep, they are now taking on the next day.

This morning, a man is getting dressed with his green suit. The chest part looks like a tiger's stripes and has 2 holes both in front and behind the suit, as if something had bitten it down. The gloves and boots can remind one of a reptile's arms and legs. This man's name is Christopher Annex, better known under his duty name : Beastman. He is not from Sinnoh, or anywhere else in the Pokémon world : he comes from another dimension known for the F-Zero Grand Prix it often hosts in many parts of that universe. Beastman had come into the Pokémon world initially for vacations. He was supposed to go back into his universe after a few days, but when the Spear Pillar and Stark Mountain events happened in Sinnoh, he decided to stay a little longer, if only to fully enjoy those vacations.

As he finishes to dress up, Beastman notices his helmet is missing. Knowing he wouldn't have put it anywhere else than in the bedroom, he goes down the stairs to ask the other person he is with.

“Have you seen my helmet ? I can't seem to find it, M-”
“Come over here, Pury ! Stay still while I attach that thing to your head !”
“-ars... What are you doing ?”

The other person he is with is a young red-haired woman named Mars. She used to be part of Team Galactic as one of its four Commanders during the Sinnoh events. Beastman first met her at the Valley Windworks when Team Galactic attempted to collect the electricity gathered there for their schemes. His only motive to even go in there was because the daughter of the plant worker begged Beastman to go and save her father from those criminals, as the beast hunter had no interest in visiting a place that uses “ancient” technology. Knowing she would keep on begging him to no end, he agreed to help out and went in, not without knocking out the only Galactic Grunt who guarded the door.

After entering the building, he came across Mars, Charon and the plant worker who's the father of the little girl he saw before. The red-haired woman attempted to stop Beastman by sending her Zubat and her Purugly to attack and put him down, but she highly underestimated the beast hunter and her Pokémons ended up getting easily knocked out, earning Mars the mockeries of Charon, who was checking the electricity gathered so far on the computers during the short fight.

Soon after, Christopher got away with the plant worker and as he was thanked by both him and his daughter, Beastman saw Mars rushing to Floaroma Town in a hasted pace. He pursued her and as he attempted to ask her why she was running away, the answer was in front of him : the town had been attacked by a group led by Octoman and Bio-Rex who works for Dark Million, an organization set in Christopher's universe. The few Galactic Grunts who stood up against them had no chance of winning, but with the help of the beast hunter they managed to repel those Dark Million grunts, not without Octoman spitting ink at Beastman's face to cover their escape.

Afterward, Mars thanked him for the help but she was still angry at the beast hunter for knocking out her Pokémons so easily. Beastman shrugged and told the young woman that her Pokémons weren't dangerous in the slightest and she would need much meaner creatures to even hope to win against him. After wiping the ink off his helmet and visor, the beast hunter looks at Mars as she walks away from Floaroma Town with the Galactic Grunts who fought off the Dark Million group.

“Come over here, Pury ! Stay still while I attach that thing to your head !”
“-ars... What are you doing ?”

Mars looked up at Beastman, who wasn't sure if he should laugh at the situation or feel awkward. She gets up, lifts her Purugly and tells him :

“I was trying to make Pury wear your helmet. I got curious about how it would fit on her. But she kept escaping my grasp, which annoyed me a lot.”

The beast hunter chuckles a bit at her answer. To him, it had to be the most random idea he ever heard. As he picks up his helmet and put it on his head, Christopher replied :

“That kind of helmet doesn't fit on cats, especially fat ones.”
“!” “What part of 'This is her average weight' don't you understand !? Pury is NOT fat !!”
“A cat that weights more than forty kilograms isn't what I would call a lightweight animal. Look at her, she doesn't even give a shit about what we say about her weight.”
“Of course she does. Pury doesn't express it, that's all !”
“Tss. She sure expresses a lot of emotions.”
*sighs* “Look, what about we just drop the subject ?”
“That's fine by me.”

Mars puts Purugly down the floor. Afterward the red-haired woman sits down on the sofa, followed by Christopher. He places his left hand on her right leg, as she places her own hand over his. Beastman then turns his hand around and interlaces his fingers with hers. Meanwhile, the Tiger Cat Pokémon went on her couch and begins to fall asleep.

“So... Where do you intend to go today ? Geared up like that, it's unlikely you're going to simply visit some place in Johto.”
“I am going to a big lake located to the North of that region. The Lake of... Anger, I think.”
“You mean 'Lake of Rage' ?”
“That's it ! I've heard there are a lot of those... Blue serpentine monsters... Jiharaados, is it called ?”
“No, it's called a 'Gyarados'. You should really bring a Pokédex with you, Beast-san.”
“Tss. Not my fault if all the monsters in your universe have such weird names.”
“And... You're going to the Lake of Rage... with what kind of intention ?”
“Just a simple visit, to appreciate the scenery and to see why those creatures are left roaming around that place.”
“Y... You promise ?”
“Why are you worried all of a sudden ?”
“Don't you remember what happened not too long ago and why your suit has been pierced ?”

Beastman remembers the reason far too well. Back in Sinnoh, when Team Galactic went to the Spear Pillar site, he and a child named Lucas were heading to that place to stop them. Given the beast hunter's superior strength and athletism, Christopher managed to get to this mystical place long before the young child. Beastman had no intention of saving the world, rather he had the motive to reason Mars and get her to come on the right side by explaining to her their leader's true plot.

As the two were arguing, Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic began to summon both the deities of time and space, Dialga and Palkia. The summoning process was intense enough to shake the whole place and some of the columns broke and fell down. One of them fell on Mars, trapping her underneath. The beast hunter tried to help her, but Cyrus sent out his Gyarados to try and slow down Beastman, as he was the only one at the moment who could possibly stop Cyrus in his track.

Christopher smirked at the Atrocious Pokémon, as he finally found a truly menacing monster in this world worthy of his title as an intergalactic beast hunter. The two battled and as the tall man had the upper hand during the fight, it wasn't until the Gyarados had its held Quick Claw activated and managed to land a surprise Ice Fang attack on the beast hunter, piercing his body in the process. Beastman tried to fight the monster back, but the freezing effect of the move soon intensified and numbed him, leaving Christopher in a helpless situation where he couldn't even move a muscle. Soon his sight began to fade into pitch black, until he heard a woman voice screaming an order.


Out of desperation, Mars sent out her Purugly to attack the Gyarados and as that attack was shouted, the grip from the Gyarados's jaws was released, leaving the beast hunter falling on the ground. When he barely managed to get back up, he looked at the red-haired woman, who looked extremely worried and desperate. As the Atrocious Pokémon turned around and tried to attack the Tiger Cat Pokémon, Cyrus called the blue serpentine monster back as he was finished to fully summon the Sinnoh deities.

Beastman then walked up to the column Mars was trapped underneath, and using the bit of strength he had left, the beast hunter lifted the pillar from the extremity, despite the effort being highly painful to Christopher. Mars crawled away to safety and went back to the beast hunter who was about to collapse on the ground, bleeding from his abdomen and his back. Beastman thanked her for the help and soon fell unconscious in the red-haired woman's arms, leaving a worried Mars who was about to cry as she hugged him tightly.

“I understand your concern, Mars. I wasn't prepared to take such a beating. Then again I haven't brought my pistol and whip with me, which I should have...”
“Still... I don't want that event to ever happen again...”
“Relax, Mars. I am just going to observe those creatures. I am on vacations after all, I need to enjoy them. It's not like I'm going to start a riot with them, right ?”
“... Alright then. I trust you.”
“Now, the only problem I have is how I can get there quickly. I can't use my F-Zero machine, the Hyper Speeder, because the roads in this universe are way too small and are overtaken by pedestrians.”
“F... Zero machine ? Hyper Speeder ?”
“Yeah, this is my mean of transportation. Like its name suggests, it is pretty fast. So fast that it can exceed 2000 km/h sometimes. My speed record was 2561 km/h if I remember correctly...”

Mars is shocked about what she is hearing. Vehicles that can exceed 2000 km/h ? Not even the rumoured Deoxys in its Speed forme could achieve such speed. Beastman notices her shock and wraps his left arm around the red-haired woman and holds Mars close to him to reassure her.

“No worries, if there's a speed limit, I'll respect it.”
“...You better respect these, because I don't see how you can go through a town at that speed without tearing it apart...”
“Not a problem. But back on topic : the only way I can think of to go at the Lake of Rage is to fly over there... Do you have any ideas how I can achieve such a thing, Mars ?”

Mars thinks for a bit, gets up and looks at her belt carefully. She takes a Safari Ball attached to it and gives it to the beast hunter who followed her movement.

“Here, Beast-san. I'll let you borrow my Yanmega. Just command it to fly you to the Lake of Rage and he will do that without any objections.”
“...Yanmega ?”
“Yes, that Pokémon helped us getting you back on the Galactic Headquarters when you fell unconscious during the Spear Pillar event.”
“Mmm, I see. While I don't really approve of using a monster to do any sort of work, if it has the ability to easily transport a human, then I don't see any problem with that.

Beastman takes the Safari Ball and wonders where he will put that as he doesn't have any pocket on his suit. Mars realizes that and she gives him her belt after removing the remaining Pokéballs attached to it. After struggling to attach the belt, Christopher approaches the former Galactic Commander and kisses her on the forehead as a way to say 'thank you'. Surprised, Mars blushes a bit and smiles back at the beast hunter.

“Tell me, what do you plan to do while I'm gone ?”
“I think I will watch the TV, to see what's airing right now and possibly hear informations about what's happening in Sinnoh. Going outside will put me at risk, since I am still sought-after by the International Police because of my criminal status.”
“Oh, that's true. I forgot about that foreign officer. Looker, was it ?”
“Yes, he arrested our temporary leader Charon during our last mission at Stark Mountain.”
“Don't remind me of that geeky Commander. I still can't get over that ridiculous hair color of his.”
“I know, that is why I didn't take him seriously during his first few months of work in the Team. But his abilities when he was on a computer were unequalled.”
“I suppose so. But one does not simply become a leader of a whole organization if they only have brains as a true selling point.”
“Well, I should be going now. I suppose your 'Yanmega' creature is getting impatient to fly around.”
“I think so as well. I didn't use that Pokémon as much as my Golbat for flight transportation.”
“I see... I'll be back in a few hours, have fun watching the TV, Mars.”
“Yes... And, Beast-san ?”
“What is it ?”

The red-haired woman walks up to the beast hunter and hugs him tightly, which causes Christopher to blush a lot.

“Don't start a riot with those Gyarados, alright ?”
“Oh... Um, no worries. I won't do that.”

Beastman brushes Mars's hair for an instant. Afterward, she looks up to meet his eyes. Despite them being hidden by his helmet's visor, the red-haired woman can feel the benevolent look from the tall man. The two of them brings their heads closer to each other. Purugly wakes up at that moment, being rather hungry. As she sees the two humans about to connect their lips to share a kiss, the Tiger Cat Pokémon hisses as she glares at the beast hunter. Hearing that, Mars sighs in annoyance as Christopher brushes the crimson-eyed woman's face.

“It's okay, she will get used to my presence. After all, the only real interaction I had with your cat was rather brutal.”
“I remember... You countered her Body Slam attack with a right hook in her chest back at the Valley Windworks.”
“I acted in self-defense, and nothing else. Bye for now, Mars.”
“Have fun out there, Beast-san.”

Beastman waves at her as he passes the door and close it. Before him stands fiercely the Goldenrod Commercial Center. He examines the belt Mars gave to him and picks off the Safari Ball containing the Yanmega she let him borrow to fly at the Lake of Rage. The beast hunter pulls the Ball forward and says :

“Yanmega, fly me to the Lake of Rage !”

A red light comes out of the Safari Ball. It starts to form a long insect abdomen. As the Yanmega finishes to come out, Christopher's jaw drops for an instant.

'W...Where in heck did Mars get a giant freakin' dragonfly !? The more I know about the monsters living in this world, the crazier I start to get... The next thing I find out, is those Gyarados monsters evolving from a simple fish !'

Leaving those thoughts aside, he jumps on the back of the Ogre Darner Pokémon and both of them flies away to the North as Beastman holds on the giant dragonfly tightly, since he never rode a big flying creature before. Meanwhile, Mars is angry at Purugly for interrupting the beast hunter and her's moment.

“I can understand that you dislike him, but you didn't need to pop in and hiss at Beast-san !”

The Tiger Cat Pokémon ignores Mars's comment and begins to purr as she rubs her body on her trainer's leg.

“You're impossible, Pury... Alright, come over here.”

Mars walks next to the kitchen. She opens a little box full of fish flavored Poffins, which is Purugly's favorite kind. After depositing the food on a small plate and placing it on the floor, the red-haired woman lays down on the sofa, thinking melancholically about that close moment she had with the beast hunter. Even the slight idea of remembering this makes her face turn redder than her hair color. She hides her face with a pillow in timidness, but she realizes soon enough that nobody except Purugly can see her blushing. She facepalms to herself and sits down on the sofa, taking the TV remote and watch through all the programs displayed at the moment.

“PokéShopping... Not worth watching, especially if it's to hear that announcer bragging about this 1 million Pokédollar Potion that can heal any sort of wound. PokéCuisine... I don't have the means to cook anything they show... What's this ? A flash news ? Let's see...”

“Without further transitions, our reporter duo Roxy and Oli will now present an exclusive interview with the officer who was involved in the arrest of Charon, one of the four Commanders of Team Galactic.”

  • First of all, thank you for according a bit of your time to us, Mr. Looker. Not many officers would have done the same.
  • It is no problem, miss.
  • Mars watches the interview carefully, listening to all of Looker's answers to the reporter's questions. One of the questions sparks a particular attention to the red-haired woman.
  • What happened to the two other commanders after Charon's arrest ? Have they fled Sinnoh for good ?
  • Jupiter and Mars ? One of the Galactic grunts we have arrested told us the former decided to leave the region to go on a voyage. As for the latter... Let's say it wouldn't be wise to get near Mars and her bodyguard.
  • Her... Bodyguard ?

The young woman chuckled at that answer. Then again Looker wasn't far from the truth. Back at Stark Mountain after getting both her Pokémons and Jupiter's single-handled by Lucas's Empoleon, the two women exited the volcano and went their separate ways after a bit of bickering.

Halfway through, Mars began to suffocate due to the intense heat of the area. She sat on what appeared to be a rock to take her breath. Soon, the “stone” moved and revealed itself to be a wild Rhydon, angering it in the process. Knowing she can't fight it back with her fainted Pokémons, Mars ran as fast as she could towards the entrance of Stark Mountain.

However, her exhausted state didn't allow the red-haired to run away for very long and soon the Drill Pokémon caught up with her. The young woman saw the raging monster getting closer. She closed her eyes in fear, thinking it was the end of the line, but for a moment nothing happened. When she opened her eyes, Mars saw the Rhydon struggling in its movement. The Ground / Rock type Pokémon was held off by a man in a green suit.

The young woman sighed in relief when seeing that person : it was Beastman who had recovered from his wounds during his battle against Cyrus's Gyarados. The beast hunter kept holding on the Rhydon's arms telling Mars to get away, while the Drill Pokémon tried to shake Christopher off in a nearby pit filled with lava. Christopher released the grip, almost causing the Rhydon to fall into the hot magma. After it finished to regain its balance, Beastman delivered a vicious punch into the monster's drill horn, making the Pokémon cries in pain and falls down into the pit, seemingly dead.

The beast hunter walked up to Mars and gave her some fresh water. As she hastily drank the liquid, Looker was on his way to the International Police Headquarters with a few other officers on his side and a handcuffed Charon. Spotting the red-haired woman, he went and tried to arrest her, only to have Beastman interfering between the two of them. Warning the tall man about being arrested for protecting a criminal, Christopher took the officer by the collar and threatened to make him take a bath with a “rocky rhinoceros” if he ever tried to lay a finger on his woman.

As Looker and the beast hunter were arguing, the Rhydon from earlier managed to climb back on land, which surprised Beastman a good deal since he thought the Pokémon had burned to crisps into the magma. The rocky rhinoceros began to chase Christopher, causing him to pick up Mars in his arms and running away as fast as possible, leaving the police officers in place and a shocked Looker who will remember that encounter for a long time.

  • Her... Bodyguard ?
  • Not exactly, but that would be a rather good description for that man. He never worked for Team Galactic, but if he did that organization would have been even more terrific than it already was.
  • I see... Does that man originates from Sinnoh ?
  • I do not think so. Somebody born in this region would have never described a Croagunk as a “stinky blue croak”.
  • One last question because the TV channel are telling us to finish the interview as quick as possible : do you have a next mission you have been assigned recently ?
  • My next mission won't be located in the Sinnoh region. That is all I will tell you about the matter.
  • We understand. Thank you again for giving us a bit of your time for that interview.
  • The pleasure, it was mine.

Mars turns off the T.V as the interview ends. An instant later, she hears a laughing crowd outside as well as a man yelling at them. When the voices outside dies down, the red-haired woman notices the door opening to let enter a grumpy Beastman with an unusual feature on his head. Mars looks up and sees a Magikarp who tries with all its strength to bite down Christopher's helmet. The young woman looks surprised to see him back from the Lake of Rage earlier than expected.

“W.. What happened at the Lake of Rage ?”
“When I arrived there, there was that crazy fisherman who challenged me into fishing a bigger 'magic carp' than his. Once I got that fish on the line, I took it out of the water and it began to bit down my helmet. I tried to take it away, to not avail. That fisherman was somewhat surprised, but then started to laugh at me instead of helping me. That was the moment I left that rainy place.”
“I... See...”

Mars tries and fails to hold her laughter at the sight of the Magikarp flailing on the beast hunter's head, which annoys Christopher even more. At that moment, Purugly growls and pounces swiftly at the Fish Pokémon, who releases the bite to try and escape the Tiger Cat Pokémon's voracious appetit. Once Purugly catches and eats the Magikarp whole, Beastman picks up Mars's Pokémon and sits down the sofa, rubbing Pury's head until she starts to purr. Mars soon follows, while she looks away from the mess the Tiger Cat left in her wake.

“I am thankful you have a huge appetit, Pury. I'm also thankful that you are swift, otherwise you might have crushed my body with your heavy weight.”
“When will you stop insulting Pury's weight !? She is not fat !“
“I'll stop doing so the day you won't look cute anymore when angered, Mars.”

That sentence catches the former Galactic commander off guard. Her raging face disappears to leave a charmed one take its place.

“C... Can you take off your helmet, Beast-san ?”
“Mm ? Oh, sure.”

The beast hunter takes his reptile-looking helmet off and places it on the table, revealing his blue eyes and short black hair. He takes the opportunity to place the belt Mars gave her as well as the Safari Ball containing Yanmega on the table. Once he is finished, when Christopher turns to face Mars, she wraps her arms around his neck and presses her lips on his, making the beast hunter blushes in surprise. Beastman returns the kiss and when Purugly hisses again at the two humans, Christopher flips the bird at the Tiger Cat Pokémon, making her go back into her couch, annoyed a good deal. The beast hunter and the former Galactic commander keep the kissing going on for a minute, until Beastman tickles her sides a bit, which makes Mars chuckles and interrupts the kiss. They both stares at each other's eyes.

“I lobu you, Beast-san.”
“I love you too, Mars.”

The two humans lays down the sofa, with Christopher interlacing one of Mars's hands with one of his while he rubs her red hair with the other. The young woman places her head on the beast hunter's heart to hear its beats. Mars closes her eyes peacefully while Beastman thinks back about the Lake of Rage event.

'I wonder why that damn fisherman was surprised to see a yellow fish coming out of the water. I guess he never saw different colorations for a fish before. Oh well, that yellow “magic carp” is in Pury's stomach, this is now nothing but a souvenir.'

The beast hunter yawns and looks at Mars. Smiling at his now girlfriend, Beastman adjusts one of the pillows behind his neck for comfort and as he closes his eyes, his stomach starts to growl, which makes the young woman open her crimson eyes. When she looks at her Pokétch, Mars sees it is 12 o'clock, meaning this is time for lunch.

“I suppose you are hungry, Beast-san ?”
“I think so as well, Mars.”
“Sadly we only have rice balls to eat. Is it alright ?”
“Of course it is, as long as none of them tastes like donuts.”
“Donuts ?”
“Uh, nevermind that. Mars ?”
“Yes ?”
“Can you tell me what's your real name ? I've never heard it before and I'd like to call you that way sometimes.”

Mars approaches the beast hunter and whispers her real name into his ear. Christopher raises an eyebrow, intrigued by the name he heard.

“That's an unusual name for somebody of this region, especially with that accent of yours.”
“My parents loved France so much they named me after a french common name for a flower when I was born. This annoyed me a bit because my name was written in katakana instead of kanji, which made me noticeable on the list back in school. This was especially annoying when you were one troublesome child.”
“Ah, I see... This name sounds cute the way you say it. I'll do my best to keep the cuteness sound of it when I'll call you that way.”
“Hehe, I won't mind if you're going to sound brutish when you will call me by my real name.”
“No worries. Let's eat some rice balls, Mélisse !”

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