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    Chapter 16

    Unsurprisingly, Amez was awakened the next morning, again by another earthquake. She huddled up on her sleeping mat, as she waited for the thundering ground to stop shaking, her ears flat against her head. When it did, she sighed. Another quake, I hope Alakazam and the others are alright, she thought worriedly as she stood up.

    'Amezzzzzzzzzz!' she looked up to find Pikachu charging head first through the front door, his cherry checks even more red.

    'Pikachu! Are you okay?' Amez asked hurriedly, jumping over to him anxiously.

    'Don't worry… I'm fine…' he panted, 'but there's a… commotion down at… the square… Absol's already there… let's go!' he managed to say, before jumping up and charging out the way he had come in, Amez in tow behind him.

    At the Square, the same crowd from the previous day had gathered, all tightly packed in a circle, hiding whatever had their attention from view. Absol was waiting at the end, next to Lombre, who ushered the two over to them.

    'What's go on?' Amez asked him, as Pikachu wheezed, and collapsed, trying to regain his breath.

    'Hey, Amez. Well…' he glanced to the group, 'you should just see for yourself', he moved out of her way, allowing her entrance.

    She managed to squeeze between Phanpy and Aipom, Absol peering over her. Pikachu, noticing everyone a moved forward, hurled himself up and joined them, Absol moving to let him in, and they were shocked at what they saw.

    Blastoise, Octillery and Golem were all lying, malformed, flat out on the ground before Shrifty, who was looking angry, concerned and worried all at the same time.

    'Oh my!' Pikachu gasped.

    'This isn't good', Absol muttered under his breathe.

    'Shrifty, what happened?' Amez asked calmly, wanting to get straight to the details.

    Shrifty shook his head, 'They were wiped out, in the underground dungeon', he answered, his eyes glassy, as if he still couldn't comprehend the fact, even though the evidence was painfully lying at his feet.

    'You're kidding!' Pikachu reacted.

    Blastoise began to stir slightly, groaning all the while, 'That place… It's rough, seriously' he huffed, before crumpling down again.

    'We couldn't get far enough to even see Groudon', Octillery added, her eyes squeezed shut in pain.

    Golem moaned, 'I don't ever want to go back to that place ever again', he rasped, clutching his boulder body.

    'It appears the dungeon underground is far worse than we imagined', Shrifty stated solemnly.

    Everyone bowed their heads, each imagining what such a fearful place was like. Amez looked on at the fallen fighters, silently praying they would heal from their damages.

    'Kekekekeh! What fools', Gengar announced, striding into the Square from the pond, 'That's what you get for trying the impossible'.

    'Gengar!' Pikachu growled, 'What are you saying? It's only expected that we try. This is for Alakazam's team'.

    Gengar just grinned nastily, marching up to the Firebolts, standing in front of the fallen Pokemon.

    'Kekeh, you really find thinking hard, don't you?' he pointed at Phanpy, who squeaked and retreated back a few steps, 'Even he looks smart compared to you!'

    'It's must be tough, even Blastoise's team went down!' Phanpy's voice was an octave higher with fear.

    'It's gotta be awful tough', Aipom agreed, ringing his tail nervously.

    'Who'd want to go into a dungeon that dangerous?' Golbat piped up.

    'There's no way. I can't go. I burn to easily!' Bellsprout said, holding her little leafs up.

    'I know what you mean', the green geranium-wearing Pokemon looked at her sympathetically, 'We Meganium's are the same. It would be like going and knowing full well we'd get wiped out'. She shook her head.

    'E-everyone?' Pikachu addressed the crowd in disbelief.

    Amez was understanding. She would never even think about taking her team into a place that all three of them would face type difficulties. Even Pikachu, whose biggest weakness was ground, the same type as Groudon supposedly, was prepared to go. She could tell by the gleam in his eyes, and smiled at him encouragingly. Absol just looked unsurprised and forlorn.

    Gengar smirked, 'You see? Even they finally seem to understand their situation. Kekeh!'

    'I… my leafy fans would burn up. I can't…' Shrifty tried to speak up, looking ashamed of himself.

    'Even Shrifty…' Pikachu whimpered, his ears drooping.

    'Kekeh! Get over it! Don't expect to be rewarded just because you tried! Sometimes, it's better to be wise and give up!' he laughed.

    Everyone began to talk amongst themselves, whispering about what was going to happen now. Would Alakazam's team make it back? Did they even survive Groudon, let alone get through the dungeon?

    'Amez, I don't know anymore. It sounds impossible!' he sighed dejectedly.

    'Do you want to go?' she asked kindly, beckoning Absol over to hear as well.


    'I would', Absol answered quietly, 'Anything to try and help stop all these disasters'.

    Poor Absol, Amez thought sadly, I hope he isn't in too much pain.

    'Alakazam needs help, they need rescuing, and we're a rescue team. We're Team Firebolts! Remember when we met, we vowed to always help Pokemon in need? Everything we do is going to have challenges, but we need to try. If it's too much, we'll come right back', Amez promised her team, 'I would never put you guys in more danger by continuing on an already extremely difficult mission'.

    Absol nodded, while Pikachu thought it over.

    '…Ok, Amez! I'll promise to try!', he beamed after a minute. 'Everyone, listen!' he called, hushing everyone.

    'We have decided to go', Amez told the crowd, trying to stand tall and proud, but her small height didn't exactly allow her to do that.

    'What?' Snubbull blinked, eyes wide.

    'Are you crazy?' Phanpy squealed, step toward them in disbelief.

    Gengar nearly choked through his laugh, 'Ugegegege?' he became coughing loudly.

    'Hey, who are they? Can't say I know them' Aipom whispered to Golbat.

    'It's Team Firebolts. There well known around these parts', Golbat replied.

    'Team Firebolts? You mean the lot that were suspected of involvement in the Ninetales Legend?' Aipom said, surprised.

    'I heard about that!' Phanpy added, overhearing. 'Weren't they living like fugitives until recently? Can they handle it?' he looked at them worriedly, taking in their small sizes. Even he was bigger than the Eevee!

    'It's true, the rescue might be to much for us to handle, but we're still a rescue team', he told the Pokemon.

    'To help rescue Pokemon from natural disasters', Absol added.

    'Is the whole reason we started a rescue team. That's why we wish to help Alakazam's team, more than anything', Amez continued.

    'Never giving up, that's where Team Firebolts stakes its pride!' Pikachu finished.

    The crowd all stared at them in awe, except for Gengar, 'Keh. Kekekeh! You really aren't very bright, are you? Why don't you do like everyone else and just wise up?' he almost threatened, his red eyes glinting evilly in the sunlight.

    Before any could say anything, Shrifty spoke up, 'No, Pikachu is right', he declared.

    'Uge?' Gengar gulped.

    'That's right. I wasn't thinking straight… out of fear' the rhino Pokemon said.


    'We forgot the most import thing. We're rescue teams. Pride, we have it too! Pride as rescuers!' Phanpy spoke clearly, no hint of a squeak in his high voice.

    'Ugegege ahhh! Have you lost your minds?' Gengar declared, 'Why would you listen to those clowns and, worse, be persuaded? Why would you if you're facing certain defeat?' he yelled, holding his big purple arms up.

    'Is that so?' Blastoise retorted, staggering and finally standing, hoisting his shell up with his arms. 'We've only failed once. This is no time to be lying around!'

    'Ugegeh!' Gengar shrieked again.

    'Yes, no more wallowing in self pity', Octillery said, wriggling herself up using her tentacles for support.

    Golem rolled over, Blastoise lending him a hand as he managed to get his heavy boulder body back to standing position. 'If we give up, that's how it ends. Not for me!' he rasped.

    'Blastoise! Octillery! And Golem, too!' Pikachu cried, happy to see the Pokemon standing once again.

    Gengar was getting angry, 'Ugegegeh! Oi, you lot, that wasn't the tune you were whistling just a little while ago', he growled through clenched teeth.

    'Aye, that's right!' Phanpy said, glaring up at Gengar, no fear in his voice or eyes.

    'There's got to be ways even we can get through', Meganium piped up.

    'If we all pull together, we'll be sure to find a way! We'll conquer the dungeon by having all rescue teams cooperate!' Golbat affirmed.


    Everyone cheered, a newfound hope and determination to rescue Alakazam's team and tackle the dungeon.

    'Ugegegegegegegegegeh! Are you dreaming?', Gengar started, but shut up when everyone turned to face him with very angry faces. 'Don't say I didn't warn you when you get into a world of pain!' he snapped, before turning and whizzing back to the pond, kicking up dust in his wake.

    Blastoise laughed, 'Thank you, Pikachu. You stopped us throwing away the most important thing we have – pride. Everyone!' he called, 'It's time to get to work! Let's show them what we rescue teams are really about!' he bellowed.

    After another cheer, all the Pokemon split off to begin their preparations and console with their team mates. Back at their own team base, the Firebolts were also holding a meeting of sorts.

    'We were held up by that trouble with Gengar… but now, we're getting the chance to go to the underground dungeon! I know we're not leaving until tomorrow, but I'm jumpy with anticipation!' Pikachu stated, literally jumping for joy as he spoke.

    'Easy now', Absol laughed, 'I already stocked up on supplies for the dungeon. I was at the Square doing so early this morning, before the commotion started, therefore I was able to obtain a lot of items that will be invaluable to us tomorrow'.

    Amez nodded, 'Right, so we have everything sorted – item wise. I would suggest we work on team training today. Absol, you and I will need to work on protecting Pikachu from damage from the ground-type attacks, as his Grass Knot attack will be Groudon's biggest weakness. All of my attacks will be neutral, and you can use your water and ice attacks…'

    So the team continued their training from the previous day, only this time devising a strategy that would allow Pikachu up front that he was close enough to attack, but not get hit, relying on Amez and Absol to double as decoys.

    As the sun began to go down, Amez dismissed her team goodnight, telling them to rest up tonight and get their rest for tomorrow. Feeling excited, sleepy, determined and worried all at once, she collapsed on her sleeping mat, settling into the warm fur that lined it, and closed her green eyes, and drifted off into sleep.

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    Chapter 17

    Despite feeling so worried as she drifted off into slumber, Amez actually felt peaceful as she fell asleep. I'm… in that dream again…

    It took her a moment to remember where she was when she found herself floating in the void with the ever changing colours, her fur blowing in the invisible wind. It had been a while since Gardevoir had spoken to her.

    The green spirit of the Pokemon softly materialized in front of her, still retaining a wispy outline afterwards. She smiled, her ruby eyes lighting up from under she green fringe as Amez addressed her, 'Gardevoir'.

    'It's tomorrow, isn't it? That you take to the underground dungeon'.

    Amez nodded, 'Yes. They make it sound like one terrible place…' she left off.

    She couldn't help the feeling of worry that hit her in the stomache when she said that, anxious of what had happened to Alakazam's team, and of what could possibly happen to them. I wonder if we'll be okay.

    She hadn't realised she had spoken aloud until Gardevoir chuckled, a sound of bells echoing through the void, 'You will be fine. I am certain that you and your team will succeed, Amez'.

    Amez looked up at the Pokemon, and was met with a dazzling smile in return. Gardevoir gently placed a hand on the cream ruffle of fur around Amez's neck, in a way that if they had been human, she would have been placing a hand on her shoulder.

    'You have my support. Please, go with strength'.

    When she spoke, the feelings of worry and dread seemed to vanish from Amez's system, and she began to feel a bit more positive that maybe Team Firebolts really could, and would, achieve this rescue and stop Groudon.

    'I will. Thank you. I'm feeling a little braver now. I'll go for it!' she beamed, then thought of something. 'Gardevoir. Do you know? What it's like underground? Or what Groudon is like?'

    Gardevoir shook her head, her pale green hair bouncy back into its bob, 'No, I'm sorry to say. I can't envision it', she looked ashamed.

    'It's okay, I just thought maybe you knew something, the way you said it', Amez replied.

    'No. I only wanted to give you encouragement… I'm sorry'

    'No, no. That's fine, too. I'm happy you tried to cheer me up. Thank you' Amez assured her, the sincerity clear in her voice.

    'But, there is one thing I can foresee', Gardevoir began.

    'Huh?' Amez stopped smiling.

    'Your role…' Gardevoir continued, 'is coming to its end, little by little'.

    'My role… is ending?' Amez repeated, confused.

    'You became a Pokemon in order to fulfil a certain role. And that role brought you here', at the look of beginning of understanding on Amez's face, she carried on. 'Now, that role, is finally drawing to its conclusion'.

    'Gardevoir, tell me! Please! What is my role? Why did I become a Pokemon?' Amez cried, desperation clouding her aura.

    She hadn't thought of it in a long time, because she had been too focused and distracted by her leader duties and the whole mess with Gengar and Team ACT going missing, but deep down Amez was still in the dark. With nothing but what little Gardevoir and Ninetales had told her about her situation and how she came to be, she had practically nothing to reference for all the answers she so desperately needed. She also couldn't bring it up with her team mates, because it had already endangered them once, their alliance with a strange human-turned-Pokemon.

    'When the time comes…' Gardevoir said, snapping her out of her dark whole of despair, 'I think I can tell you when this adventure is finished. Au revoir…' she touched Amez's head lightly, sadly, before disappearing once again, leaving Amez alone in the void.

    Will I ever find out who I am?

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    Chapter 18

    Amez awoke the next morning, last night's dream still fresh in her mind, but then she remembered what day it was, and put all her personal enquiries in the back of her mind. After taking a minute to pull herself together, she stood up, and marched for the door, sheer determination emanating from her. Right now, there was a group of Pokemon that needed help, and her team needed a leader, and she would most definitely comply.

    'Good morning, Amez! Did you sleep well?' Pikachu greeted her merrily.

    She nodded, yawning, causing the other two Pokemon to laugh.

    'Are you ready to leave?' Absol asked; who had now taken on the task of carrying the toolbox from Pikachu, as he had much more knowledge on the different items and their uses.

    She nodded again, and Pikachu turned and led the way South of the team base. Gardevoir said… she will tell me everything when this adventure is over. Is going underground the adventure she meant? Will she tell me if we rescue Alakazam's team? Amez growled inwardly at the unwanted thoughts that had crept in and swirled around her head, even though she had managed to clear her head before she had left the base. Right now, she didn't need this; right now she needed to be focused. She took a deep breathe, relaxing her tensed muscles, and moved to the front of the group, as the trio headed out to face their toughest rescue yet, and possibly, their doom.

    A little while later, the Firebolts stood face to face with the mouth of a dark cave. Magma was flowing down the sides, giving off a burning red glow, into pools, which had eroded away the ground and formed lava streams on either side of the footpath.

    'This must be it. Groudon is in this underground cavern. Whew, look at those streams of lava!' Pikachu gulped, trembling a little.

    'It's going to be scorching hot inside, we must be cautious', Absol warned, frowning.

    Amez turned to face her team. 'Other rescue teams should be making their way through now, too, but we've still got to give it our best', she smiled at them, 'Alakazam needs us. I would never take you guys into a dungeon I didn't think we could handle, but we've trained for this, we're ready!'

    Her pep talk seemed to give the other two Pokemon some confidence, and they both grinned, looking more resolute then ever. Unwavering, Amez actually found herself eager and excited at this adventure, her talk had given her some new spirit too. Her worry still present, but not nearly as overbearing as it had been yesterday, she gave her team one more encouraging smile, before turning and being swallowed up by the doorway to the underground.

    The first few floors were easy to navigate, only soft grey rock walls surrounding them and short corridors connecting the rooms, enabling them to find the stairs quickly. Only large rat and what seemed to be ground mole Pokemon attacked them, but the Firebolts were able to target and defeat them all easily with Quick Attack; no wild Pokemon got even close enough to attack them.

    After the seventh floor, it became a little bit harder to see, and now there were pools of lava oozing out of the darker rock faces, giving the already murky rooms a much more shadowy feel.

    More Pokemon attacked them, which now included seemingly moving rocks.

    'Gravler', Absol whispered as one suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of Amez as they made their way through a narrow corridor. 'Try using Iron Tail'.

    Amez did as she was told. Without having to think about it, her tail became as hard as steel, and she twirled on the spot, clashing her tail with the torso of the rock Pokemon. It was defeated in one go.

    'Good job!' Pikachu whispered into her ear from behind.

    'Thanks', Amez grinned back.

    When they travelled through corridors, the had to travel in a line, with Pikachu in the middle, that way Amez and Absol could watch out for any ground-type Pokemon that could possibly KO Pikachu.

    As they neared a fork in the road, Amez could see the outlines of two Pokemon coming from both sides. Using Dig, she jumped into the ground, and leapt up as the Pokemon neared, catching them both in the force of her attack, a defeating both of them.

    She turned to face Absol with a surprised look, only to find him blowing flames as another Pokemon with a second huge mouth coming out the back of its head. Pikachu was able to use Thunderbolt without injuring Absol, and together they managed to defeat it.

    'Mawile', Absol stated, 'a steel-type. The Pokemon you just defeated were Arbok, a poison-type, and Magmortar, a fire-type. Good job with using Dig, as they are both weak to ground-type moves'.

    Pikachu just grinned, and Amez began to feel more confident and more in tune with her abilities. Being the smallest of the three, and with her brown colouring, allowed her to blend in with the scenery and elude detection by wild Pokemon, and her large ears were able to pick up nearing movement.

    As they reached the eighteenth floor, lava was no longer just in pools, but actually coming up through cracks in the floor, creating an even more complicated maze. The corridors between the rooms became darker on longer, visibility only allowing a few feet worth of sight. Even more Pokemon were attacking; more ground moles, purple blobs and huge purple dinosaurs were added to the mix. The Firebolts couldn't pass through one room without being attacked, and all three of them had to fight.

    In one room they were pounced on by three giant rock snakes, with luminous white eyes.

    Amez just stared, not knowing what to do, and not wanting to enrage the already feral Pokemon and further, until Absol yelled 'Amez! Use Iron Tail! Pikachu, use Grass Knot! These are Onix!'.

    He attacked with Water Pulse, while the other two did as they were told,. Thanks to their tiny statures in comparison to the Onix, all three of them were able to dodge the Onix attacks, which were mainly head butts or tail swipes. Soon enough, they fainted and vanished.

    'I'm getting tired', Pikachu sighed.

    'We have to keep going', Amez urged, 'we can't just sit here like sitting ducks!'

    'You mean Psyducks? But Psyducks don't sit in dungeons; they walk into things', Pikachu looked confused, 'and what do Psyducks have to do with us?'

    Absol sweatdropped. 'Enough, try this', using his scythe, he opened up the toolbox and hooked out three blue berries, placing them on the floor, and eating one himself.

    'Oran berries!' Pikachu cried happily, not hesitating to pluck the berry off the ground and straight into his mouth.

    'It's a berry that will help rejuvenate your strength', Absol said, seeing Amez's unsure expression, 'Go on', he encouraged.

    Pikachu had finished his, and was licking the juice off his paws. 'Thanks so much Absol! Say, what else have you got in that toolbox?' he inquired, peering in, but Absol snapped it shut.

    'I have a few tricks ready', he winked.

    Amez had finished eating her berry, and truth be told, was feeling much more refreshed. 'You were right Absol', she smiled, 'Thanks!'.

    'Anytime', he smiled shyly back.

    Pikachu coughed, 'Are we ready?'.

    They nodded. 'Alright, team, let's go', Amez lead the way forward, into the next dark corridor.

    The further they went in the dungeon, and the deeper they got underground, the darker it became. As the reached the next floor, they found it was completely black, with no visibility whatsoever.

    'Pikachu? Absol?' Amez called urgently, trying to pick up any sounds of movement.

    'Over here, Amez!' she heard Pikachu's voice reply in the darkness.

    She wandered slowly in the direction of his voice, and screamed when she felt something grab her leg and hoist her into the air, and a sudden whooshing sound leaving her momentarily deaf.

    All of a sudden a bright white light blazed into life, bringing light to the room of shadows. Squinting her eyes, Amez could make out Absol on the other side of the room, an orb of some kind in front of him, with Pikachu standing next to him, a terrified look on his face.

    Amez felt something sharp puncture her leg again, and looked down, and screamed again. Her leg was caught between the razor shape teeth of a giant steel clad Pokemon, which looked to be the evolved form of Onix. And to make it worse, there was a group of smaller Onix gathered around them.

    'Amez!' Pikachu rushed toward her, dashing on all fours between the Onix.

    'No, Pikachu!' Absol tried to call him back, but Pikachu wasn't listening.

    He continued to dash toward her, while the Onix tried to attack him with their tails, but thanks to his speed was able to evade them, and the Onix only ended up causing each other damage. Amez tried to wrestle her way free from the leader's grip. She aimed a Shadow Ball at its eyes, which caused it to growl in pain, but not drop her like she had hoped. The leader's eyes blazed, and the ground began to shake.

    'Earthquake! The Steelix is using Earthquake!' Absol hollered, where he had managed to climb on top of a small ledge of rock, off the ground.

    'Pikachu, be careful!' Amez yelled at him, as he was thrown into the air and darted towards her.

    As he reached her, he punched the Steelix in the nose, using his brick break attack, which did succeed in making it open its mouth to howl, dropping Amez in the process. But before she fell, Pikachu grab her round the torso, and leapt off again, while the Onix suddenly became paralyzed. The motionless Onix provided targets for Pikachu to bounce off, meaning he didn't have to touch the still shaking ground. Amez was breathless, the look in Pikachu's eyes was unlike anything she'd ever seen, so unlike him.

    'We're going to be okay', he assured her, without looking down. Even his voice sounded different!

    They landed before Absol on the ledge, who had another orb in front of him. 'Hurry, this way! The Petrify Orb is only temporary! Run!' he bellowed, leaping off through a gap in the rock face, Pikachu following, still holding Amez, as the spell on the Onix wore off, and they all crashed toward the opening at once, but the Firebolts were now long gone.

    When they finally reached an open chamber with its own light, and nothing inhabiting it, they collapsed, all breathing heavily.

    Absol stood, checking his body over. 'No injuries', he told himself, before tending to the other two.

    'Are you okay?' Absol asked frantically, where Amez and Pikachu were collapsed on the ground.

    Amez was the first to stir, 'Pikachu! How could you do something so stupid?' she yelled at him, ignoring Absol's question.

    'Those Onix were ground-types! They could have KO'd you in an instant!' she continued.

    'I had to… save you…' he moaned, not moving.

    Amez was taken aback. 'What?'

    'He wanted to save you, Amez. I have to agree though, Pikachu, what you did was reckless, both of you could have been seriously injured', Absol said angrily, 'However, you were also very brave, and didn't hesitate to throw yourself in danger to try and help Amez', he continued, his face losing its frown, and being replaced by a smile.

    'I'm sorry, I-', Pikachu tried to say as he sat up, but he was forced back down by Amez leaping into his arms in an Eevee-style hug.

    'No, I'm sorry I yelled at you, thank you for saving me. Absol's right, you were very brave! Groudon better watch out for you!' Amez cried into his chest.

    'Are you injured?' Absol asked again.

    Pikachu shook his head, 'No. I'm fine. But Amez…' he glanced down at the Eevee in his arms, and noticed the bite mark on her hind leg, clearly visible through her dark fur where she had been bitten by the Steelix.

    'No blood. Does it hurt, Amez?' Absol probed it gently with his scythe.

    'We don't have time to worry about me', Amez said urgently, her face peeking over Pikachu's shoulder, 'Look!'

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    Chapter 19

    Charizard and Tyranitar were lying in crumpled heaps, covered in scratches, their eyes shut tight in what could only be pain.

    'Hey! Are you guys okay?' Pikachu asked, as the Firebolts hurried to their aid.

    'Urghh…' was all Charizard groaned in response.

    'What happened to you?' Absol inquired, checking over their injuries, which thankfully seemed to be nothing more than just scratches.

    'We challenged… Groudon…' Charizard managed, 'And wiped out'.

    'Groudon did this?' Amez said, looking up toward the end of the chamber, where the light was coming from.

    'Grrgh…we, it… crushed us', Tyranitar sighed.

    'Where's Alakazam?' Amez continued, more urgent now.

    'Alakazam is… still battling-', Tyranitar couldn't even finish, as Amez leapt over them and bounded into the light at the end of the chamber.

    'You're not going in there alone!' Pikachu yelled angrily, racing in after her.

    Absol quickly opened the toolbox, tossed the other Pokemon a couple of Oran berries, and followed suit, Charizard shouting 'Be careful!' after him.

    Amez kept running for what felt like miles, before entering another huge chamber, where the walls were nothing but flowing lava, which was what had been giving off the light. Magma spurted up in large cracks through the floor, increasing the already boiling temperature of the pit. As she was taking a quick analysis of the room, she also noticed there was no further exit.

    Alakazam was standing a few metres in front of her, facing the final wall.

    'Alakazam!' she called out to him, unsure whether to approach or not.

    He seemed to have no injuries, and was standing in a battle ready position.

    'Hm, so it's you!' was his response, as Pikachu and Absol ran in behind her.

    'Stay back!' he spoke, authority clear in his voice as a tremor passed through the ground, 'This opponent is no laughing matter!' another tremor.

    'Don't have to tell me twice, these tremors are its footsteps!' Absol retorted.

    Amez ushered her team into battle formation, just as they'd trained, before Alakazam bellowed 'Here it comes!' at the same time a thunderous roar echoed around the cavern.

    'From where?' Pikachu panicked, glancing around, as everything was enveloped in a blinding white light, causing all the Pokemon to cover their eyes.

    The only sound to be heard was Alakazam's scream, and then as quickly as it had come, the blinding light faded away, along with Alakazam.

    'He's gone! Was he defeated?' Pikachu asked.

    Another set of tremors, this time much louder and heavier, signalled that Groudon was near. Amez was waiting, ears forward, listening out for when the Pokemon made his appearance, Absol beside her, a mirror image, while Pikachu took a back seat.

    'It's our turn next', Amez said, 'Firebolts!'

    'Firebolts!' her team repeated, as another roar echoed around the cavern, and bursting up through the floor where the lava met the ground, was a colossal Pokemon.

    It looked like a giant lizard/dinosaur, standing tall and regal on its hind legs, its blazing red body covered in armour, of what seemed to be rock plates. Black lines ran in a sinister pattern between the plates, up to circling its bright yellow eyes and diluted black pupils. Powerful, very sharp white spikes protruded from its claws, feet, face, grey underbelly and tail. It roared again, showing off a full set of razor sharp teeth. Groudon.

    Pikachu was hypnotised; he stared up at the immense creature, trembling with fright, however Amez and Absol were ready. They didn't move, but attacked from a distance; Amez using multiple Shadow Balls and Absol using Ice Beam, which seemed to begin the hard job of penetrating the rock hard plates of armour.

    Due to its large size, Groudon was a slow mover, and with the attacks too, it was even slower. The plan was that Amez and Absol try and instil as much damage as they could while it was still moving and couldn't counter them, before distracting it when it got closer.

    Groudon made its way to the little team, the ground thumping with small tremors with every step it took, Amez and Absol still attacking, but only seemingly making a small dent. When it was closer enough, with perfect accuracy, Amez and Absol both used Quick Attack together, each aiming for their sides respective shoulder plate. The double force caused Groudon to become unbalanced and fall backwards, just as they had planned. With it momentarily distracted, Pikachu darted in and used Grass Knot, directing the vines that spurted from the ground to delve between the cracks in its armour, the black lines.

    Groudon roared in pain, its arms flailing in the air, before it brought its massive fist down and collided with Amez's back, who had been in the process of leaping away.

    'Ahh!' she groaned, falling to the floor, the same searing pain from the last time she had taken a hit like that, from the Mankeys, returning, only thankfully not as strong this time.

    'Watch out, it's using Hammer Arm, it's both our weakness!' Absol yelled from the other side.

    'Great', she muttered, rolling onto her side to avoid a second hit.

    With Groudon's attention focused on only Amez, Absol was able to continue using Ice Beam, as well as Water Pulse, to penetrate between the armour plates on his side. Same with Pikachu, who had managed to sneak around it undetected, and used Grass Knot on its back.

    With another howl of pain, Groudon turned sharply, Amez barely dodging, swiping its massive claws and catching Pikachu's stomache, leaving a graze. Seeing there were two Pokemon, Groudon used his other fist to Hammer Arm Absol into the ground, who shrieked while Groudon roared. In a last defence attempt, as Absol was now lying in his own crater, he opened the toolbox and threw a yellow, oval shaped seed into its gaping mouth.

    The seed caused it to become paralysed. It stood, unmoving but shaking slightly, glaring, while Pikachu pulled Absol out of his crater, and Amez bounded through the air and used multiple Shadow Balls to hit Groudon from all angles. But as soon as the first one hit it, it began moving again, swiping at her with its claws angrily.

    'It's not working!' she called desperately, as she landed on her feet and scampered around Groudon's feet, in order to keep it distracted while the other two thought of a backup plan to immobilize him.

    They had managed to retreat a few metres away, and were now out of Groudon's attacking range.

    'Why didn't that Stun Seed work?' Pikachu turned to Absol, still clutching his stomache.

    'It would appear that due to its immense size, one small seed isn't going to have any effect on it, which makes me wonder if any items will?' Absol pondered, mainly to himself as he shifted through all the knowledge he had acquired through his years living out in the forest.

    'Anything would be nice!' Amez hollered to them, who had to use Dig to avoid being hit when both of Groudon's fists came down on her.

    'Let's see if this will knock him out', Pikachu grabbed another seed and tossed it at Groudon's mouth, which suddenly made it fall asleep, collapsing on the ground.

    Amez had just popped up through the ground from where she had been using Dig, and seeing a giant body about to collapse on her; she screamed and delved back into the ground again.

    'Sorry!' Pikachu called sheepishly, as she reappeared again a few feet away, growling.

    Absol had neared the sleeping Groudon, and was hurriedly using Water Pulse. Pikachu joined him, using Grass Knot, while Amez did a wide lap and went round its other side. A few seconds later Groudon opened its yellow eyes again, causing Absol and Pikachu to retreat frantically as it arose once again and bellowed, the whole cavern shaking it sent out pulses through the ground.

    'Earthquake!' Absol shouted to Pikachu, who was jumping over every pulse that passed through the ground.

    But it was too much for both Pokemon to handle. They had been battling for a while now, that and the journey through the dungeon was starting to catch up on them. They were now backed against the wall, or as close as they could get without touching the lava, Groudon's fists ready to pound them, when Amez leapt through the air from its side, head butting it with Tackle to send it crashing to the ground, completely unconscious, its last cry echoing around the cavern.

    Nobody moved for a whole minute, until Pikachu finally asked, 'Is it dead?'

    Amez, who was standing closest to it, itched her way forward and peered down as its face. 'No, it's still breathing, but in a much harsher way than went it was just sleeping'.

    'Then it has fainted. We've won', Absol concluded, smiling triumphantly, still flinching from where he had been hit.

    Suddenly three balls of white light floated down to greet them, before transforming into the three members of Team ACT, all lying in crumpled heaps.

    'Alakazam!' Amez cried, hopping over to him as they began to stir, and stand

    'Did you do it? Groudon?' Charizard asked, his voice faintly raspy, looking down at the fallen Legendary with uncertainty.

    'Are you okay?' Pikachu asked worriedly.

    Alakazam turned to him, 'Yes, fine. We will be fine, but we must leave immediately' he urged.

    'Will Groudon be okay? It hasn't sustained so much damage that it won't recover?' Absol inquired, concerned.

    'Your concern is unneeded. It will awaken soon enough, and until then, the magma in this cavern shall heal its wounds', Absol told him, 'It had lost control only because it was enraged from having its sleep disturbed. It should calm down now'.

    Just as he spoke, the whole cavern began to shake again.

    'Another quake?' Pikachu said, alarmed.

    'We must leave! NOW!' Alakazam raised his team's badge, at the same time Amez lifted up the Firebolts badge, and all six Pokemon were teleported out, leaving Groudon to sleep.

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    Chapter 20

    'Is Amez's team almost here?' Lombre asked worriedly the next morning.

    He, Shrifty, Blastoise, Octillery and Golem were huddled in front of the Felicity bank, awaiting the return of both Team Firebolts and Team ACT. The rest of the Square's regular inhabitants, and the visiting Pokemon, were all dispersed around the various shops, trying to entertain themselves while they waited.

    'Look! Here they come!' Caterpie cried happily, pointing his antennae toward the South entranced to the Square.

    'It's true, darlings!' Octillery waved her tentacles.

    Everyone gathered in a circle to welcome the returning heroes, the visiting Pokemon still including Aipom, Phanpy, Golbat, Meganium and Rhyhorn.

    'Great work! Great work, Firebolts!' Shrifty called out merrily, encouraging a cheer from the crowd, as the six Pokemon entered the circle.

    'You really took down that Groudon?' Golem asked in disbelief.

    Octillery clapped her tentacles, 'Darlings, it's fantastic! You have won me over!'

    'Whoa, wait a second', Pikachu tried to calm everyone down, 'How do you all know about what happened underground?'

    Caterpie hopped towards them. 'Pelipper spread the word with an extra edition of the Pokemon News', he said, eyes twinkling.

    'You bunch became stronger then I expected!' Shrifty chortled in surprised delight.

    'You can be proud of it, too', Golem smirked, finally realising that the tiny team had in fact beaten down the same Legendary that he could not.

    'You lot did great! Why don' we team up sometime?' Blastoise laughed good-naturedly.

    Alakazam chuckled softly behind them, causing the Firebolts to turn around. 'You've earned everyone's respect now. Team Firebolts is a first-class rescue team, take pride in that. Amez, Pikachu, Absol', he nodded at each member individually, causing Pikachu to blush, Absol to look away bashfully, and Amez to smile back.

    Pikachu turned to his team mates, tears of joy in his clear brown eyes. 'Oh Amez, Absol, we did it! We really did it! All our effort, it was all worthwhile!' he grabbed them both in a tight hug, 'Come here guys!'

    'Would you look at that?' Blastoise commented, 'I didn't think someone that could take down Groudon'd be such a cry baby! Hahaha!' he laughed at his own joke, prompting everyone to join in.

    A strange sound, that sounded like a cross between a violin being strung and a bell being struck, rang through the air once. Everyone stopped laughing, and looked around at each other, making sure they weren't going mad, and that someone else had heard it too.

    'Huh? What was that? I thought I heard something… did I just imagine it?' Lombre was the first to speak.

    The sound was heard again, slightly louder this time.

    'No. I heard it too', Caterpie piped up.

    'Me too. I can still feel it ringing in my head. Urgh, its so much quieter under water', Octillery mumbled to herself on the latter.

    'Someone talking?' Golem asked, as the noise was heard for a third time, much clearer.

    'Wait! I've heard this voice before! I think it's Xatu', Pikachu recalled.

    'Xatu?' Alakazam thought for a moment, 'Ah, that's it! Telepathy! He is calling out to us using Telepathy!'

    As if on que, Xatu's voice rang out across the Square, 'To all Pokemon! Calling all Pokemon! Terrible, it is! From the sky… falls a star. Close your eyes, and I shall show you the tragedy that shall soon befall us!'

    Everyone looked around, alarmed, not really wanting to see such a tragedy. Only Alakazam and Absol stayed calm.

    'My senses have been going wild for the past few days, it must have been this upcoming disaster that triggered it', Absol whispered to himself, 'Please! I must be allowed to see this natural disaster!' he spoke up, his voice calming the agitated Pokemon, as this was the first time he'd really spoken to them.

    He closed his eyes, everyone following suit. They all gasped when indeed, an image of Xatu, staring at the ever setting sunset, appeared behind their eyelids.

    'From the sky! Comes a star!' Xatu repeated for dramatic effect, '…It is huge… a giant of a star! The star, it falls. It falls straight to us'.

    The scene then shifted to the sky, where a bolt of red was seen flashing by at a breakneck speed. It then zoomed in on the bolt, which was revealed to be, as Xatu said, a giant red flaming meteor. As everyone gazed in horror and awe at the scene in their heads, Xatu's voice continued.

    'Disasters in nature… There were many… The balance of the world, it has been upset… All because of this star. This star the slowly comes closer.'

    The scene shifted back to Xatu again. 'It it keeps coming, it will crash into this world. It shall be terrible. Something must be done…' with that said, the image faded out, and everyone opened their eyes, knowing this dire conversation wasn't over yet.

    'Xatu', Alakazam spoke to the air, 'Tell us. Can this falling star be stopped?'

    Another sound, and Xatu's reply, '…There is a way. To prevent collision, there is but one solution. You must ask Rayquaza, the Goddess of the Sky, a Pokemon that lives far above us, Legendary, she is. She must be asked to destroy the star from her kingdom in the sky. However, far up into the sky lives Rayquaza, known by few and seen by none'.

    'The sky… How are we to go there?' Alakazam inquired.

    'Alakazam and I amplify our Teleport powers together… and send Pokemon to the sky. However, the sky is a world beyond the clouds. What will become of the Pokemon sent to the sky? Even I can guess nothing…'

    'Then we'll do it!' Pikachu declared.

    Alakazam nodded, unsurprised. 'I also thought there could be none but you. But… are you sure? There's no telling what you would find in that world above the clouds.'

    'We expect danger! It's my wish that all Pokemon can live in peace-'

    'And my duty to fight natural disasters in any way I can' Absol added.

    'Amez, do you hear? This is Xatu. Discuss we will, Alakzam and I, about how our Teleport is to be amplified. Departure, it is tomorrow. Rest you should until then. Last word. Dangerous will be your adventure… But fail, you must not. Surpass yourselves.'

    Amez, who had been staring at the ground the whole time, looked up solemly.

    'No problem! We'll be fine!' Pikachu answered for her.

    'Very well. Until our next meeting', Xatu bid goodbye, and Alakazam and his team mates disappeared in a flash of pink light.

    'Alright everyone, no harassing team Firebolts! They've just returned from one mission, and are about to embark on another tomorrow, so just let them rest!' Shrifty barked at the group of visiting Pokemon as they neared the Firebolts with hopeful expressions on their faces.

    They sweatdropped at his glare, and trudged off, looking disappointed. The rest of the Square Pokemon were scattered around, wrapped up in their own conversations to notice the Firebolts.

    'Thank you' Amez mouthed at Shrifty, who just grinned in response before ambling away.

    'Well, I'm going to go hit the hay. We should all really, we haven't had time to recover from our battle with Groudon yet, and we need to regain our energy for tomorrow' Pikachu stretched.

    'I will, as soon as I gather some more items', Absol replied.

    'I'm just going to hang around the Square for a bit, get some fresh air, then I'll turn in' Amez promised him.

    Pikachu glanced between the two of them. '…Okay. Goodnight' he turned and left the Square, without waiting for an answer.

    Amez didn't make any move to go after him, or even to move at all, which prompted Absol to ask 'Is something wrong?' in a non-pushy, kindly tone.

    Amez continued to stare at the floor. Something was bothering her, but she didn't want to tell Pikachu, for reasons unknown, her instinct was saying to keep it to herself. She looked up at Absol, who was waiting patiently.

    'Well, its just… when Gengar had Pikachu and I run out of town, he said it was because I was causing the world's balance to become upset, but then you heard Ninetales say it has nothing to do with me. But then just now Xatu said that the world's balance is being upset because of that falling star. We still don't know how I became a Pokemon, and…' she couldn't finish.

    'I see. You're worried that despite what Ninetales said, you still fear that you are inevitably tied to the cause of the increase in natural disasters, correct?'

    She nodded, awestruck. He had taken the words right out of her mouth.

    'I'm sorry I can't reassure you of exactly who you are, Amez, but I can say with the up most accuracy that you are most defiantly not tied with the natural disasters. My ability is able to sense these disasters. Do you remember when I first came across you and Pikachu when you were caught in the conflict between Moltres and Articuno? I had said that you had nothing to do with them, and that is still true now. If you had been, I would've known.' Absol told her sincerely, his pale red eyes much more warm then when she had first met him.

    'Thanks, Absol', she said, feeling better.

    'Anytime', he smiled in return, 'Thank you for allowing me into your team. You don't know how much it… meant to me', he stumbled over his words, unable to express his gratitude.

    'Anytime', Amez repeated, laughing, brushing it off easily.

    Absol smiled again, happy to have gotten a laugh out of his leader. 'Are you going to be okay tonight?' he asked, trying to keep the tone light.

    She nodded, 'I will now. Will you?'

    'I will be fine. I must go restock the toolbox in preparation for tomorrow now, before the Square closes. Goodnight, sleep well' he bid her goodbye.

    'You two', she smiled, before heading out towards the entrance/exit of the Square that led back to the base.

    She didn't notice Pikachu watching her from a distance, where he was hidden behind a barrel next to the Kecleon shop. Seeing as she was leaving, he scuttled round the back of the shop, and dashed out of the Square, unseen.

    Glancing behind her as she walked, when she saw that Absol's eyes were no longer on her, and instead he was talking to Persian at the Felicity Bank, Amez turned and shifted round the corner, back to the South side of the Square.

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    Chapter 21

    That night, as Amez slowly drifted off into sleep, she felt sick. Physically sick, like something had gone down her throat and was squeezing her insides, and that something wanted her to suffocate. She could see nothing but darkness, so she was unable to tell where she was, even though she knew this was a dream, because there was no way you could feel like this in reality. Dreams are funny that way, you seem to be even more alert then when you are conscious, yet always have a foggy, clouded memory when you awaken again.

    Urghh… I feel horrible… she tried to soothe her tensed up muscles, her body becoming rigid. The darkness began to lift a little, revealing her to be in another void, but this was not like when she met with Gardevoir. This void, inside of a rainbow off light blending together, it was a spectrum of black, dark purple and dark blue that meshed together, and a harsh, cold wind blew, nipping at her face and paws where her thick fur lessened out.

    This is a dream… isn't it? She had to ask herself again silently, as if any noise that penetrated the darkness would call forth some hideous creature. But why? Why do I feel this terrible? This is… the first time…

    Outside, a large pompous shadow had fallen over the little Eevee, as she laid on her sleeping mat, covered in a light sweat and clutching her stomache, her face fraught with pain.

    'How'd you like Dream Eater? Horrible, isn't it? Kekeh!' Gengar grinned to himself evilly, not bothering to be quiet, as Amez wasn't to awaken any time soon. 'But who would've thought that you were also human before… didn't expect that'. He continued muttering to himself as he glared at the tiny Pokemon before him, only his red eyes glowing brightly in the dark visible, 'But who cares? Someone like you is sure to be some lowlife. Kekeh! I'll expose you yet! I'll expose what's in your heart with Dream Eater! Kekeh!'

    He raised his arms, and opened his mouth, ready to devour Amez's mind through her nightmare. A tinkling noise stopped him, it sounded like a wind chime.

    'Hm? Something's coming!' he gasped, jumping around, knowing he'd be dead if either of her team mates caught him.

    When neither Pikachu nor Absol appeared, he relaxed a little, and turned back to face Amez, but was caught off guard by a small light hovering in the right corner of the room, a few meters above them.

    'What is that light?' he asked himself, as it began to glide towards him, 'It's coming closer!' he turned and ran, passing through the team base door swiftly and silently like the ghost he was, as the light stopped and hovered over Amez's head.

    Back inside Amez's dream, she felt like she was about to collapse from lack of breathe. Her body wouldn't move, her brain seemed to have gone numb, and her entire being was so cold she felt like she was frozen into an icicle in Mt. Freeze. Her breathing was becoming less and less, until it suddenly began to fade. The pain… It's going away… she thought gratefully as the dark colours of the void around her began to fuse into a lighter rainbow and the wind died down to a soft, gentle breeze.

    'Gardevoir?' she spoke softly, knowing she could hear her.

    The green girl materialized in front of her, a smile on her face, but her ruby eyes sad.

    'Gardevoir', Amez greeted her, 'Will you please tell me now? Who or what I am…?'

    'Yes. The time has arrived. Why you have come here? I will tell you all there is to tell.'

    Amez felt her heart race; she was finally going to find out who she was! But… she lost her excitement, and fear began to take over. What if I was… a bad person? Who was I?

    'Amez, you have… Come to save this world', Gardevoir continued.

    That unexpected statement startled her out of her thoughts. 'Come to save this world? The world of Pokemon? I did?'

    'Yes. We learned that this world faced extinction. And so we sought a hero. But though we searched, that hero was nowhere to be found. We were becoming discouraged… until we came across a human. Amez, that human was you', Gardevoir told her kindly.

    'Wait a second! Hero? Me? That's too much, I'm not anything special like that!' if she had been standing, she would've fallen down in shock, only the void didn't permit her to do that.

    'Yes, that is what you said the first time we met', Gardevoir laughed, her face lighting up when she recalled the memory.

    'The first time? You mean, we had met before?'

    'Yes. Like now, I spoke to you in your dreams, and you said that you were nothing special. But what we sought was not power merely for display… but true courage'.

    'True courage?' Amez repeated, 'I'm even less confident about that!' she sighed, hunching over.

    'That, too, is another thing you said when me met', Gardevoir smiled again, 'It was also then when you said this. To see if you were worthy to be our hero or not… You asked that we put you to a test. And only if you were found to be truly worthy, then you were to be told the truth. To fulfil your role, clear of heart and mind, you then chose to erase your memory as a human, and became a Pokemon of your own will to fight alongside your team. That is how you came into this world'.

    'Hang on! Did I have any recollection of this whole thing when I was awake?'

    'No. When you awoke from your dreams, you had no memory of the conversations that occurred, however, when we spoke to you in your dreams, you knew exactly who you were, and it was your final choice, and your choice alone to come to this world after you passed the hero test.'

    So I choose to come on my own free will, and opted to give up my memory in the process. That answers my question of how I arrived in this world. But what was my life like before?

    'Your courage has been proven', Gardevoir continued, regaining Amez's attention, 'You dealt with the townspeople accusing you of your involvement in the Ninetales Legend, journeyed to see her yourself, welcomed Absol into the Team, saved Team ACT, battled and quelled Groudon… Without question, you bear the role of saving the world. And that role… is soon coming to its end'.

    'By stopping the meteor from crashing into this world. That's my role, isn't it?'

    'Yes. And when it is accomplished… You can return to your human world, and your old life', Gardevoir told her, obviously happy for her.

    I can go back to my human life… 'Wait! That means-'

    'It means parting ways with Pikachu and Absol', Gardevoir finished for her sadly.

    'Pikachu, Absol. I have to leave?' she felt like crying, a sudden sadness taking over.

    'Your team mates feel a great kinship with you, Amez, especially Pikachu. If you were to leave, your friends would be heartbroken', Gardevoir, too, also looked like she was about to turn on the waterworks. But she shook her head, closing her eyes to dry her eyes, 'But there can be nothing done. Because where there are encounters, there are also farewells… I, too, once had a friend beyond value. Truly, I cherished our friendship. But my friend has gone away. It fills me with sadness still, losing my friend…But, we will meet again. That is what I believe', she smiled, a small, sad smile, but a smile nonetheless.

    A flash of light obscured the colours of the void for a moment, making Amez jump (or flail around for a while, considering there was no solid ground for her to jump up off) and her fur stick up on end. 'What was that?' she had been so caught up listening to Gardevoir's speech, that the startling movement gave her a big scare.

    Gardevoir was silent for a few moments. '… Who was that? Someone appears to have been looking into your dream'.

    'What?' Amez gasped, feeling very violated.

    'It is fine now. Whoever it was ran off', Gardevoir assured her. 'All that remains in this dream now is a feeling of sadness. That Pokemon… I think it ran off crying'.

    Gardevoir was right, the only thing left was a feeling of sadness. Amez looked down, her heart feeling hard and heavy inside her chest. All the townspeople, Team ACT, Xatu, Ninetales, Absol, Gardevoir, even Team Meanies... Pikachu…

    'It will be morning soon', Gardevoir said gently.

    Amez didn't look up. Gardevoir looked down at the little hero sadly, and softly patted her head.

    'Au revoir', she whispered, and was gone.

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    Chapter 22

    Amez stepped out of the team base the next morning, feeling numb, and she wasn't complaining. She smiled when Pikachu and Absol came ambling up the pathway, both grinning excitedly.

    'Good morning Amez! Did you sleep well?' Pikachu greeted her.

    'This is it; we're off to the sky!' Absol cheered, the mere prospect of exploring the unknown enough to make him jumpy with anticipation, despite the fact that he tried to keep his cool.

    'Are you sure you guys want to go?' Amez asked, her right ear flicking.

    'Huuh?' Pikachu and Absol turned to her in surprise.

    'Well, it's just… it's the sky, who knows what we might find? Xatu said we don't know what will become of any Pokemon sent to the sky-'

    'Amez, we're your team mates! We're not going to let you go and have all the fun by yourself!' Absol laughed.

    'Yeah, and you said yourself when I was having doubts about the Groudon rescue, 'we're a rescue team, we have to try', remember? Besides, I would never let you go anywhere alone, understand?' Pikachu said seriously, folding his arms and frowning, while Absol just laughed again.

    Amez sighed. 'Okay, if you're sure?'

    'We're sure. We're a rescue team, we're in this together!' Pikachu beamed, 'Firebolts!'

    'Firebolts!' Absol cheered back.

    'Firebolts…' Amez whispered.

    When the team made it to the Hill of the Ancients, Xatu and Alakazam were waiting for them, the ever setting sun present in the background, despite it being first thing in the morning. Xatu was staring into it, unblinking, just like he had been the last time they had met.

    Alakazam greeted them, 'Ah, good of you to come'.

    'Kwaaaaaaaaaaaah!' Xatu cried suddenly, extending his wings, making Pikachu jump.

    'What's going on? What's Xatu doing?'

    'It is almost ready', Alakazam told them.

    'The Teleport Gem', Absol replied. It wasn't a question.

    'Teleport Gem?' Pikachu repeated.

    'Kwaaaaaaaaah!' Xatu cried again, as what seemed to be rays of sunlight manifested together in a ball in front of him, before transforming into a little green emerald. '…. It is made', Xatu turned to the other Pokemon, the emerald floating gently in front of him. 'This is the Teleport Gem. This will deliver you to the world of the sky. Now, Amez. Accept!'

    Amez hopped over to him, and the gem hovered to greet her. As she stared at it, unsure of what to do, it floated down and buried itself in the long cream coloured ruffle of fur around her neck, where it glowed gently, like a necklace.

    She sweatdropped, but wasn't that surprised that the teleporting emerald seemed to possess a mind of it's own. Hopping back, she turned to stand with her team again, Pikachu looking curiously at the gem wedged in her fur.

    'That was made using the powers of psychics. By me, Alakazam, and… oh?' Xatu looked around, 'A ghost-type Pokemon. We received help from it'.

    'A ghost-type?' Amez looked up, suddenly a lot more interested.

    'Gone away, it seems…' Xatu concluded, indicating he didn't know who it was.

    Pikachu turned to his team, 'I wonder who it was?'

    'Haha, it must be bashful. Let it be', Alakazam chuckled. 'Now… I must ask you this one last time. This journey will be fraught with considerable danger. Will you still go?' he asked seriously.

    'Amez already grilled us about this earlier', Pikachu laughed, 'Of course. We have to get Rayquaza to destroy the falling star, right? If that will bring peace, I'll gladly give my life for it! That's my wish'.

    'As is mine', Absol spoke up.

    Yes, and when that wish comes true, Gardevoir said 'I can return to the human world'… This will be my last adventure, with Pikachu and Absol…

    'Alright, team! Let's get this done! Amez?' Pikachu turned to her, as she was the one in possession of the gem.

    She gathered her team in a circle around her, and the gem began to flash wildly. All three of them suddenly found themselves surrounded by white light, and were whooshed upwards. The last thing they heard were the adjoined cries of 'We're counting on you!' from Alakazam and Xatu down below, before they were just as suddenly dumped on something soft.

    'Owowow', Pikachu groaned, 'Did we make it?' he asked, sitting up, the other two doing the same.

    'Interesting means of travel', Absol grumbled, brushing himself off with his scythe.

    'This is so cool! We're on clouds!', Pikachu realised, jumping up and down.

    'Careful!' Absol tried to stop him, 'This is only cloud, if you jump too much, you could fall right through. Same when we're in the dungeon, so no messing around'.

    Amez looked up, and was staring at a giant tower that seemed to be made entirely of white, fluffy clouds, that seemed to get thinner the higher it got. The trio were standing on a small platform of cloud at the base of the tower, where the clouds turned wispy where the platform ended. A giant hole was the entrance greeting.

    'I'm guessing Rayquaza is up there?' Pikachu sighed.

    'Let's do our best to climb, then', Amez heaved, and took a step forward, memories of Mt. Freeze coming back into mind.

    Inside, the dungeon was as Absol had said: everything was entirely composed of clouds. Like the usual dungeons, each floor consisted of large rooms, joined together by corridors, and the task was to find the staircase. Unlike the Magma Cavern, the Sky Tower was filtered with light, reflected off the white walls to give the floor a blue tint.

    The first few floors were easy, no wild Pokemon attacked them. At around the sixth floor, a few floating ghost Pokemon attacked them, but Amez was able to defeat them easily from a distance with Shadow Ball, as Absol had told her that ghosts were weak to their own type.

    Soon the little ghosts were joined by floating crescent moons with big orange eyes. When one was coming up the corridor towards the team, Amez used Shadow Ball again, just to get a few early hits, and was surprised when it fainted after one hit. She turned to Absol, surprised.

    'Lunatone, psychic-types. Like the Banette, they're also weak to ghost-type attacks', as he was talking; the team didn't notice a floating skull pop up behind them.

    Just as the skull was about to attack, Absol turned and conjured up a black wind, which slashed through the skull and defeated it easily.

    'Night Slash, a dark move, which ghosts, like that Duskull, and physics are weak too', he stated.

    'There seems to be a lot of those types around. I thought there would have been more flying-types, considering we're in the sky', Pikachu pondered.

    'That's just because you're strong against flying-types', Absol laughed.

    Pikachu blushed, and Amez laughed too.

    The team continued climbing, Amez and Absol easily defeating the wild Pokemon with their attacks type advantage. In one room, a Duskull came swooping out of the wall, but luckily Amez was able to Shadow Ball it, however the scare was enough to make her much more alert afterwards.

    'How could it do that?' she gasped, her fur sticking up on end.

    'They're ghosts', Absol replied simply.

    Pikachu shivered, and Amez hurriedly moved on. They didn't need to scare themselves with ghost stories right now.

    Thanks to the light, the team were able to see nearing Pokemon, even in the corridors. As Amez lead her team on in single file, a large floating bug approached them. She used Quick Attack, but that didn't cause a KO faint. As it got neared, a bolt of lightning shot down above it, getting a direct hit and causing it to faint.

    She turned to Pikachu, who was grinning confidently. 'Ledian, a fly-type'.

    The team continued on, several more flying, ghost and psychic-type Pokemon attacking, but Absol was able to use his extensive knowledge to tell Amez and Pikachu how to counter attack. The futher up they got, the more difficult it became to find the stairs. Soon the team became tired, not from battling, but from fatigue.

    But they continued on, and luckily, when they came to the twenty-fifth floor, all they found was a large chamber, with no wild Pokemon.

    'Alright, let's have a rest', Amez said, as the boys collapsed into the soft cloud floor.

    'Anyone hungry?' Absol smiled, and pulled three large apples out of the toolbox.

    Pikachu dived for his apple, taking a massive chunk out in one go. 'Fank yoo berry moch', he said with his mouth full.

    Absol and Amez laughed together, and started on their own apples in a much more polite manner.

    'The wild Pokemon here don't seem nearly as feral as the ones in the Magma Cavern', Amez stated.

    'I think that's because in Magma Cavern, with Groudon being awake and all the earthquakes, the wild Pokemon were becoming agitated and attacked anything that moves. Here, we're just Pokemon passing through, like in any other dungeon. The disasters that were plaguing the lands below have no effect up here', Absol explained.

    'But what about the star? Wouldn't Rayquaza be the first to know about it?' Pikachu asked, wiping his face.

    'I wouldn't be surprised if Rayquaza didn't know, actually. Xatu knew because he looked into the future, and I knew something was happening because of my ability, but I didn't know what'.

    'Oh, right', Pikachu swallowed his last bite of apple.

    Amez smiled, from where she sat, simply enjoying her team's company, before standing again.

    'Ready to continue?' she addressed them.

    They nodded and stood, and the team turned and carried on forwards, climbing up the stairs to the next floor, which would lead them to Rayquaza, the falling star, and Amez's farewell.

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    Chapter 23

    As the team entered the staircase, they opened up in the next floor in a smaller chamber. Shrugging, Amez carried on down the hallway that led off the room, and was surprised to find another room coming off it after a few metres. Turning inside, it turned out it was a dead end, so the team retreated back into the hallway again and continued forward. Another few metres beyond that was another turn off which led to yet another dead end. Amez growled.

    It continued on like that. Every room was a dead end, and if there was another path leading off the hallway it just led to another hallway in the exact same situation. Eventually the Firebolts found the stairs in a random room that they peered into, and sighing with relief, practically jumped head first down them.

    But their relief was short-lived; the next floor was the exact same layout, a continuous maze with so many dead ends. No wonder there were no wild Pokemon around! They were all probably delusional from wandering in the lonely halls.

    By the fifth floor, Amez was getting annoyed. This is ridiculous, she thought as she hopped into another room.

    Suddenly, what seemed to be hundreds of dragons fell in front of the team causing Amez and Pikachu to scream and Absol to yell out 'It's a Monster House!' and pull out another Petrify Orb.

    Just as suddenly as the wild dragon-Pokemon appeared, they were paralyzed, shaking on the spot as the Firebolts turned and fled the room. It wasn't long before the spell wore off, and the Firebolts soon found themselves being chased by the now extremely feral dragons and thanks to the fact that the dragons could fly, they were coming at them from all directions!

    Soon the Firebolts were corned in a hallway, with no means of escape. Amez struggled to attack the floating dragons, but none of her attacks seemed to do any damage, while Pikachu was able to KO them easily with Thunderbolt, but every time he did more and more would just appear to take its place.

    Seeing as the situation was rapidly becoming an emergency, Absol, who was standing between Amez and Pikachu, and therefore somewhat out of harm's way, opened his mouth and began to sing an eerie, tuneless, yet strangely beautiful song.

    All the Pokemon stopped and listened as he sang, including his team mates. The song continued, but Amez began to get chills. The song… it was too beautiful, impossibly beautiful. She let her ears drop, covering them with her paws, nudging Pikachu to do the same. Pikachu seemed to be hypnotised; his eyes were glassy as he stared at Absol, completely entranced by the song. Keeping her own ears dropped, Amez covered his with her paws, and immediately he snapped out of his trance.

    But the other Pokemon weren't as smart. Soon after Amez had freed Pikachu, the wild Pokemon began to sway violently, before fainting on the spot, one after another. Amez and Pikachu just stared in shock, as Absol continued to sing until all the wild Pokemon were defeated.

    When he was done, he turned to them. 'Perish Song; a move that causes all Pokemon that hear it too faint', he explained, 'Well done for covering your ears, Amez. I've never met any Pokemon that has none to do that after they've heard the song'.

    'You could've done this is Magma Cavern!' Pikachu cried, 'And in all the other dungeons we faced! It would've saved us a lot of trouble!'

    'You saw how easily the song affected you Pikachu. If Amez hadn't have made you cover your ears, you would have been a goner too. That is why I only use this attack in extreme emergencies', Absol sighed.

    'Wait! So you were going to use that move, even thought it meant Amez and I were going to be caught in the field too?' Pikachu gasped.

    'No. It takes a while for the song to work, even longer on civilised Pokemon like your selves. As soon as it began to work on the wild ones, I would've stopped, but luckily I saw Amez catch on and make you snap out of it, therefore I continued, knowing you two were no longer affected'.

    'Good thinking, Absol', Amez interjected, not wanting a brawl to break out, 'Thanks for getting us out of that predicament! Now, I seriously want out of here! The clocks still ticking, and we need to get rid of that falling star, and fast!'

    Having forgotten about the falling star, her team mates bolted on down the corridor, with her following, until they found the stairs, and hurriedly clambered down, the emergency of their rescue mission fully sinking in.

    'Is this the top floor?' Amez heard Pikachu say as she climbed out of the staircase after them.

    The trio were standing on a flat platform of deep blue cloud, where about fifteen metres in front of them was a huge drop. This was defiantly the summit.

    'Who goes there? Who dares trespass upon my airspace?' a deep, nonetheless feminine voice roared.

    Pikachu jumped, letting out a small squeak.

    'Rayquaza?' Absol called out.

    'Indeed I am', Rayquaza replied, 'The sky is my domain. Depart at once!'

    'But… we don't have the time to argue. We came here because we need your help!' Pikachu tried to explain.

    'Never!' Rayquaza shrieked.

    A giant shadow fell across the floor, which was soon followed by the being of the shadow. The trio stared in awe as a huge emerald green serpent landed before them. She had the same dilated yellow eyes as Groudon, and her body was adorned by yellow circular markings. A pair of sharp horns grew out of her head, and she had a pair of small stubby, but nevertheless sharp, arms.

    'I am a being of the sky, and you are but denizens of the ground', Rayquaza continued, as she stood in all her glory. 'To each, there is a world destined as their own! For hundreds of millions of years, never once have I descended to the ground!'

    As she spoke, the light around them flashed yellow, as if a thunderstorm was approaching.

    'And the opposite shall hold true!' the light flashed again. 'Let there be no mercy for those that defy the laws of nature! Prepare for the end!' she bellowed, as the light flashed for a third time, and she charged at them.

    Pikachu and Absol both used Quick Attack together, causing Rayquaza's speed to falter. Absol then used Ice Beam while Pikachu used Thunderbolt, which seemed to cause Rayquaza a great deal of pain, as her cries echoed through the open air. But she wasn't going down without a fight; she sent out cyclones of feathers at Pikachu causing him to fall down, and she used her sharp claws to scratch at Absol, who wasn't able to dodge as Rayquaza was much faster than Groudon was, and a lot smarter too.

    With both her team and Rayquaza engaged in battle, Amez shook her tail, a small blue box falling out from between her thick fur. This is it. I hope this works! She opened the lid, and closed her eyes, remembering what Gulpin had told her about how to use the device, as a small handful of sparkly dust flew out of the box and settled on her body. When the dust was absorbed into her fur, she opened her eyes and jumped over her team mates, so she was now face to face with Rayquaza.

    'Go!' she cried, as she made her move.

    She attacked with Quick Attack, but right after that she was able to use Shadow Ball, Iron Tail and Tackle. Right after each other, as if all her separate attacks were one move!

    'You used a Link Box!' Absol smiled, as Rayquaza fell back in pain, not without managing to get a clear swipe at Amez's back with her claws.

    Amez jumped back down, a moan of pain escaping her, but not stopping her. Absol and Pikachu used their super-effective attacks again, while Rayquaza tried to hit them both with her Dragon Claws again, succeeding with Pikachu but missing with Absol.

    'Together!' Amez cried, as she ran towards Rayquaza, her team hot on her heels.

    She used her linked up attacks, before jumping out the way so Rayquaza could get the full blast of the combined attacks of Pikachu's Thunderbolt and Absol's Ice Beam.

    'Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' she cried, as she collapsed before them, the yellow light flashing once again as the ground began to shake.

    'Wh-wh-what? An Earthquake?' Pikachu gasped, 'It's not possible!'

    'We're on top of clouds!' Absol stumbled, for once completely baffled.

    Rayquaza groaned as she up righted herself. 'These are shock waves. And they're huge!' she too, looked alarmed.

    'That's it! Look straight up Rayquaza!' Pikachu yelled.

    The Sky Goddess did as she was told. Directly above them, hurtling at full speed was the star, a flaming red ball of fire!

    'What is that?' Rayquaza cried in panic.

    'It's a shooting star! And it's enormous-' Pikachu started.

    'And it will destroy the world if it continues on its path!' Absol finished, his pale red eyes trying to express the pure agony of the situation.

    'This is why we came, Rayquaza. Please, destroy the falling star!' Amez begged, trying to stay calm.

    'So, this is why…'

    'Yes! Please hurry!' all three Firebolts exclaimed together.

    'Before I try…' Rayquaza began, 'I need to know your resolve. The star has come too close. If I were to loose my Hyper Beam here… You would not escape unscathed!'

    'So? We accepted that from the start!' Pikachu shouted back, as the shock waves became even bigger.

    'Well said!' Rayquaza replied, as she gathered a ball of light in her mouth. 'Take charge of your destiny!' she cried, as she let loose her Hyper Beam, sending a multicoloured beam of light straight towards the star.

    The Firebolts all scrambled to reach each other, as the Hyper Beam made contact with the star. The sound of explosives and the smell of smoke filled the air, as the collision produced a blinding white light which enveloped everything. The last thing heard was Pikachu's scream.

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    Chapter 24

    Amez moaned, and opened her eyes. She was lying in a weird, misty area; there was dark solid ground beneath her, but nothing else except strange, grey mist all around her. No Pokemon, no plants, no life… just literally nothing but grey mist.

    Is this… a dream? She thought to herself as she tried to sit up, but her legs gave way, leaving her collapsed on the floor. That, and the fact that could physically ached all over, her body going numb, proved that this was in fact real. No, this is no dream. The star's explosion swallowed me… and now I'm adrift… as a spirit. I'm alone, does that me Pikachu and Absol are safe? Did we destroy the star?

    She struggled to look around as she lay there, her body not co-operating with her; the eerie silence so melancholy it was enough to drive even the most happy person insane. What's going to happen to me?

    The mists parted slightly, as a shadow fell over her, and the presence of another became known. This shadow… Gengar.

    'Keke! Amez! Didn't take much to put you down! Serves you right!' he spat, 'Now, what to do with you?' he pondered. 'I know! I'll drag you into the Dark Realm! That'll do it, kekeh!'

    He grinned maliciously, before leaning down and dragging Amez along by the fur on the nape of her neck as he walked forwards. She didn't even have the strength to push him off, she felt numb, weary. Gengar is dragging me into the Dark Realm. What is the Dark Realm? I'm I going to be abandoned in a place I don't know?

    Gengar continued walking, but the mists remained a cloak to everything around them, if there even was anything around them in the first place. Everything looked exactly the same; if there was another Realm leading off this one, the mists defiantly didn't want to give up their secret. After another ten minutes or so of walking, Gengar stopped, the loss of direction getting to him too.

    'Darn it, I took the wrong path…' he muttered.

    What? Amez thought groggily.

    'This isn't like me… I can't tell which way is which. Keh! To heck with this. I'll just ditch you here! That's it', he grinned evilly, 'Good-bye to you!' he turned began to walk off again, leaving Amez behind.

    Gengar, she tried to call out, but her mouth wouldn't work, are you Gardevoir's human?

    Surprisingly, Gengar turned around again, as if he had heard her thoughts. Amez didn't care how he was able to do that, if he was able to look into dreams, he was able to look into thoughts too.

    'W-what?' he said, no tone of narcissism in his voice for once. He just stared at her open-mouthed, until finally he replied, 'How did you know?' in a tiny voice.

    You looked into my dream the other night, didn't you? You said 'to think that you were also human'. And also, why else were you so determined to get rid of me? So that with me gone, and Legend supposedly resolved, no-one would suspect you.

    'It's true', he finally said. 'Let me tell you my story, Amez, and maybe you will understand. My name was, and I suppose it still is, Johnny. I lived in the human world, but in a rough part. My parents always struggled to provide for us, and sometimes I was beaten, as they didn't want to take there angers out on each other, so they took them out on me'.

    That's horrible! I'm so sorry Gen-Johnny!

    'Please, let me finish', Gengar held up his hand to silence her. 'One night, Gardevoir appeared to me in a dream. She wasn't a spirit then, but she still had the psychic power to do that. She told me all about the Pokemon world, this world, and every night when I slept, I would awaken here, with her. She was my first and only friend. We used to go exploring, as the world's balance wasn't upset then either, so it was safe to venture. We came across Mt. Freeze, and when we reached the top, we saw Ninetales. The Legend didn't exist then, it was what took place when I went there that became the Legend it is now. Gardevoir didn't know that Ninetales could lay curses, and I touched her tails because she was sleeping, and I wanted to wake her, to ask her if she wanted to be my friend too. As soon as I did, she awoke, and began to chant her curse. Gardevoir, realising what was happening, pushed me out of the way and took the curse for me, but it was too late to save her. She just disappeared! And what's worse, she had told me she was getting ready to lay an egg! Seeing that, Ninetales then turned me into Gengar, saying I must now forever stay in the Pokemon world to ponder over my actions. I was so scared, I had no-one to guide or help me, and the guilt was eating me up inside, but I didn't want my new life to be like my old one, so that's why I became a team leader, and a bad one so I could control those around me, instead of being controlled like I have my whole life. I haven't seen Gardevoir since, if I could go back in time to change it, I would. I'm so sorry Gardevoir…'

    Before Amez could say anything to comfort him, she was beaten to the punch.

    'You're forgiven', Gardevoir smiled, materialising beside Amez, in front of Gengar.

    'G-G-Gardevoir?' Gengar trembled, staring in disbelief.

    'So Johnny was your Trainer', Amez realised.

    'Johnny, contrary to what you believe, you are a good person inside. Please, forget the past! The curse is irreversible, I will remain a spirit forever, however that gives me immortality, I can forever watch over you. I have pride in my role. Please, Johnny, become the rescue leader you are inside. Help Pokemon, and take pride in your role!' Gardevoir beamed at him, a green light emanating around her, washing away the dark mist.

    'I will, Gardevoir! But, will I ever see you again?'

    'Of course, I will always be with you, Johnny. I am your friend! But now, you must leave. Living Pokemon cannot stay in these Spirit Realms for long. And, it is time for Amez to return home now', Gardevoir turned to the little Eevee, who, in the wake of what had just occurred, had completely forgotten that now she was to return to the human world.

    'What! Amez is leaving?' Gengar gasped.

    'I will explain to you later our story Johnny. But for now, yes. Amez was brought here to fulfil her own role, which is now complete. It is time for us to bid farewell', Gardevoir looked on sadly, 'Goodbye, little one'.

    She bent down gracefully, catching Amez in a full embrace, Gengar still watching in shock, Amez unable to speak as another white light surrounded her, the grey mists swirling around her, before suddenly morphing into the setting sun that resided over the Hill of the Ancients.

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    Chapter 25

    'Hey. Can you hear me? Snap out of it!'

    Amez opened her eyes. She, Pikachu and Absol were all lying atop the Hill of the Ancients, with Team ACT, Bellsprout, Snubull, Lombre, Caterpie, Shrifty, Octillery and Blastoise gathered round them. Xatu stood at the head of the cliff, unmoving.

    'Urgggh', Pikachu groaned, managing to stand.

    '…Regained consciousness!' Alakazam announced.

    Everyone cheered, all huddling and fighting to get nearer to the heroes as Amez and Absol picked themselves up off the ground.

    'Awesome, you're alive!' Lombre decreed, 'You really had us all worried!'

    'You were incredible! Darlings!' Octillery praised them.

    Caterpie shuffled towards them, 'I'm so glad you're safe! It's fantastic!' he snivelled.

    'Everyone, thank you. But what about the star? What happened to it?' Pikachu gasped.


    Xatu turned to face them. 'Fear not! The star is no more! Though it will not be right away… the disasters shall soon be calmed', he informed them, trying to hide a smile.

    'Thank goodness!' Absol beamed to himself.

    'We did it, guys! Everything worked! We've won peace!' Pikachu cried in delight to his team members.

    'I know! Yippee! This is the greatest! You're the greatest!' Snubull hailed, trying to shake Pikachu's paw.

    Charizard cleared his throat, 'This calls for a celebration!'

    'Let me shoot my Hydro Cannon to kick it off!' Blastoise roared in delight, the giant cannons on his back preparing to explode.

    Lombre, who happened to be in his direct line of fire, back up a step. 'Whoa, hold on there! Don't point those things at me! Face the other way! The other way!' he yelled desperately.

    'No, no! Let it loose! He's four times resistant to water! Haha!' Shrifty chortled, everyone else joining it.

    'Y-you've gotta be kidding me!' Lombre cried, backing away to the edge of the cliff, only to be stopped by Octillery.

    'I'll secure him so he can't get away!' she grinned, wrapping her tentacles around him, nearly knocking off his sombrero.

    'Oh? Not bad!' Charizard smirked, as all the Pokemon began to advance on poor Lombre with evil smiles on there faces.

    'What, you're serious? Don't! Noooo!' Lombre pleaded, but to no avail, as it just caused everyone else to crack up laughing again.

    Amez watched them from a distance. She was the only one who hadn't moved.


    Gardevoir appeared beside her, her outline wispy and ghost-like, a desperate look on her face.

    'We owe everything to you, Amez, and your friends. Peace has returned to our world. Thank you for everything. And now, Amez, your role has ended. The time has come for you to return to your human world. You and I have said our goodbyes to each other, but now you must bid farewell to your friends', she said softly.

    It's finally come, then. This time has finally arrived. Her body began to glow faintly, a gold light bubbling around her

    'Amez, I am so sorry for this… to everyone, please bid farewell now', Gardevoir whispered, before disappearing all together.


    She turned, to find Caterpie had inched a few steps toward her, his eyes huge. The little caterpillar nudged Pikachu, which caused everyone to turn and gasp.

    'Amez! Your body… wh-what's happening to you?' he cried in alarm, stepping towards her, but she stepped back.

    'Pikachu', she began, 'Absol, everyone… I'm sorry. But I have to leave'.

    'What?' Snubbull yelped.

    'What are you saying?' Bellsprout muffled, wiping her face with her little green leaves.

    'Everyone', she tried to calm them down again, in order to get her parting words in, 'Thank you for everything all this time'.

    'What do you mean, leave?' Absol insisted, also stepping forward to join Pikachu at the front of the group.

    Amez sighed, 'My role as a Pokemon has ended. I have to return to the human world now', she tried to continue.

    'Unbelievable!' Alakazam muttered.

    'Go back… to the human world?' Tyranitar repeated in disbelief.

    'W-why? WHY? I don't understand, why do you have to leave? I thought… we were friends?' Pikachu sobbed, stepping forward to her again.

    'Yeah. Friends', Absol managed to croak out, stepping up next to him.

    'You guys will always be my friends, Pikachu and Absol. I will never forget you', she smiled, meaning every word.

    'Don't go, Amez…' Pikachu wept.

    Absol just nodded hastily, unable to even speak anymore.

    'I'm blessed to have met you', Amez continued.

    'I… what am I going to do when your gone Amez? ' Pikachu whispered, his eyes shiny with unshed tears.

    'I'm so very sorry, but this is goodbye.' She stepped forward, as the light surrounding her became brighter, catching her two friends in one last embrace.

    At that, Pikachu began to cry a waterfall, while Absol's face became wet and his pale red eyes became cloudy. Amez stepped back, and the light completely engulfed her, lifting her up into the air, slipping out of Pikachu's paw.

    Everyone just stared at the glowing ball of light that was no Amez, watching as she gently floated up and over the Hill. Pikachu, with Absol in dead pursuit, pushed through the crowd to reach the edge of the Hill, even knocking Xatu out of the way in their haste, to watch their leader and friend slip away from them.

    'Amez!' they cried together, their cry echoing around the canyon below them.

    They weren't the only ones crying.

    'Amez… why… I don't understand', Caterpie snivelled again.

    'Why?', Charizard bellowed in anger, 'Why was it necessary to leave us?'

    'Amez saved my life…' Shrifty murmured, 'And I didn't do anything to show my thanks. Left before I could even say thanks'.

    'You're right', Lombre nodded, holding onto his sombrero, 'Just upped and went like that… why now? Why when the world's been saved? Just when things were going to get better…' he sobbed.

    Xatu strode over the group, sighing as he did so. 'This was coming. Our world, it was saved by Amez. I look back now, when bound for the sky, Amez seemed… as if resigned. Resigned to accept what was to come'.

    'I think I know', Pikachu said, his voice dry, grabbing everyone's attention. 'Amez must have become a Pokemon to save us. And when the star was destroyed, she knew that it would be time to leave… Why? Why didn't she tell me earlier? If this was coming… Why didn't she tell me?' he brawled angrily, the tears still falling from his eyes.

    'Tell us', Absol looked up at the sky.

    'Those words couldn't be spoken', Alakazam told them kindly, 'As much as you are heartbroken now, Amez must have felt the same pain of leaving. Try to understand, Pikachu'.

    Pikachu just sobbed harder.

    Up in the sky, Amez floated. She sat in a golden bubble, what had become of what initially was the light.

    I'm floating… home. Pikachu, Absol… She wiped her eyes. What is my old life like? Gardevoir said, I made the choice to come here over staying there. Was my old life… bad?

    As soon as she thought that, images suddenly appeared in her mind. The first one showed a young boy of about sixteen with dark black hair with a purplish tint reaching down to touch a sleeping Ninetales, who awoken and began to chant. Gardevoir pushed the boy out of the way, and was engulfed in a dark light that could have only been the curse. Gardevoir clutched her stomache in tears, while Johnny looked on in horror and Ninetales sighed.

    That's Gardevoir taking the curse! That means the boy is Johnny! He said that she was getting ready to lay an egg… is that why she's clutching her stomache like that? But she didn't die, she said that she became a Spirit because only her body was destroyed… did the baby die too?

    A second image flashed across her mind. It showed a large egg, initially dark brown in colour, with dashes of green and goldish-yellow.

    Did the unborn Pokemon survive?

    Another image appeared. It showed a human baby lying outside on a front doorstep at night, the stars twinkling in an overhead constellation.

    Wait a moment… that's the Southern Cross in the sky, and… that's my doorstep! Is that… me?

    She gasped as memories of her old life came flooding back to her, her old life growing up in the suburbs of Australia with her business managing father, socialite mother, and bratty sister, and how they would always treat her as an outsider; she wasn't part of that family, maybe by blood, but not by soul. She remembered her school, where she was teased and bullied, by everyone. She recalled when she used to climb onto the room and sing of a better place, where for once she would be looked up to as a hero.

    'I don't want to go, I want to stay!' she hollered, crying out into the open air. 'Please… let me stay…'

    'It was decided long ago that you would return to your old life. Gardevoir believes its best for you there', the voice of Ninetales spoke up out of nowhere, 'But I disagree. You saved this world, and have proven yourself a true hero. This world will be plagued by other disasters, though not of this magnitude. We will always need a hero, someone kind, brave and selfless. Our world needs you, Amez. As my personal thank you for all you have done, I have a gift, for which you can choose to accept, or deny, because my gift comes with a price'.

    'I understand', Amez nodded, her mind thankful for the distraction after the reeling return of her memories.

    'My gift…' Ninetales continued, 'Is that you can stay here, as a Pokemon, forever. But', she added quickly, to stop Amez from agreeing without hearing the consequences, 'you will never be able to return to the human world again. Your family, and everyone who knew you, will have no recollection of you. It will be like you never existed. Do you still wish to stay?'

    'Yes. I wish to stay here, with my invaluable, irreplaceable friends, helping Pokemon in trouble. Please, Ninetales, I wish to stay here', Amez answered, trying to keep her voice steady.

    'Then so it shall be. Live well Amez, and treasure your new life. Enjoy your gift!' Ninetales laughed.

    'I will! Thank you, Ninetales!' Amez vowed, laughing in return, as the golden bubble surrounding her intensified, and she felt herself freefall downwards.

    Outside the team base, everyone was gathered. It was dusk, and the time of night seemed to fit everyone's mood. Pikachu and Absol were sitting by the mailbox, both staring up at the base that so resembled their beloved and departed leader and friend.

    A golden light floated down to them, which was unnoticed by everyone accept Caterpie, who gave a huge smiled and nudged Pikachu. The yellow mouse looked up, his face stained with so many tears, turned, and stared and disbelief, everyone following his lead.

    Amez stood, smiling hesitantly, taking a step towards him. He stepped forward too, rubbing his eyes, then he bolted straight for her, tears running down his face again, but this time they were tears of joy. Amez met him halfway, while everyone cheered as the Firebolts were reunited once again, only this time, they wouldn't be torn apart.

    Gengar watched from the shadows, smiling happily, Gardevoir, in her wispy Spirit form next to him, also smiling at the scene that played before them.

    'We're all glad you're here with us, Amez. Welcome home'.

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    From then on, Team Firebolts trained and completed many dangerous rescues, exploring unknown dungeons, battling many Legendaries, and soon their rank increased to surpass that of Team ACT, beating their Gold Rank with the exclusive Lucario Rank, their Team being the only ones in doing so!

    Team ACT, on the other hand, accepted their new rivals with a welcoming hand, taking the young Pokemon under there wing as protégées, teaching them all they knew about the vast world of Pokemon.

    Gengar kept his promise, and soon he and his team mates, Ekans and Medicham, became a model rescue team, specialising in accompanying Pokemon that wished to explore dungeons with them, showing them how to keep themselves safe when exploring. They were much happier leaving the big rescues to the top teams. Unfortunately, they were unable to change their team name, and so were stuck with 'Team Meanies', which served as a constant reminder to them of how they used to be, and as a target to keep on doing good.

    Gardevoir was no longer able to keep appearing before the living Pokemon; she was destined to remain in the Spirit Realms, watching over the living Pokemon through a glass sphere that ran off her psychic powers. But occasionally she was able to break the ties, and appear in Amez's dreams, and Gengar's too, just as before. She was happy, full of pride in her role as a Guardian, watching out and protecting all those Pokemon dear to her.

    Meanwhile, far off in the distance, in an unexplored cave, the sound of an electric shock and cry of pain was unheard by anyone…

    A/N: I apologise profoundly for the terrible quality of the first dozen of chapters, I began writing this story when I was thirteen, and hopefully my writing has improved in the two and a half years later when I finally finish! Thank you for putting up with me, and lasting until the end. I am definitely writing a sequel, so look out for 'Tales of Destiny'. I hoped you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writing it, and thank you to all the reviews! Until next time :D


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