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    This shall be my triumphant return to writing fiction. I have lost interest in FRLG Chronicles and as such it will be discontinued. I have enjoyed writing this fic and can't wait to finish it. This goes off of game cannon which becomes very important later on. This fic is rated PG-13 for some foul language and some more mature scenes near the end of book one and into book two (Nothing overly sexual though) Please feel free to give me any constructive criticism or any ideas in general.

    It was cool summer morning around 4:30 AM. A young man of about 16 years of age walked out of his house in Pallet Town. He had brown hair covered by a green baseball cap that sported the logo of a popular brand of Pokemon food. He was wearing a matching green flannel over a white t-shirt and blue jeans with a pair of of black boots. His name is is Nicholas Adams and he is as a second year coordinator in the Pallet Town Chapter of the JPC or Junior Pokemon Coordinators. The JPC is an organization that helps introduce children to Pokemon Contests. The adviser of the Pallet Chapter is none other than Daisy Oak; however, she has shown little interest in actually educating her students and this caused her students to greatly resent her. Nick had two pokeballs in his hand one contained a larvitar named Rose and the other contained a snorlax named Charlie. Nick put the pokeballs back on his belt and hopped into his blue 1996 Ford F-150 and drove off toward the high school where everyone would be meeting to load all of the equipment for the Viridian City Grand Festival. Nick’s pokegear began to ring.

    “Answer that on speaker.” Nick commanded “Hello.”

    “Hey it’s Tanner I need you to tell Mrs. Oak we will be a little late.” Tanner asked.

    “Ok, but I doubt she’d give a shit, she probably don’t want you there anyhow.”

    “Well she’ll find it to be a good reason to bitch at me .”


    “Are you heading over there now?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Could you stop by and pick Mabel up and take her over I’ll give her all the pokemon?”


    “Alright then, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

    Nick continued down the road until he reached Tanner's driveway he continued down the thin road until he saw Mabel standing with Tanner. Tanner had short blond hair and was wearing a black t-shirt and gym shorts. Mabel had shoulder length blond hair and was wearing a zipped up red jacket and light blue jeans. I looked over and rolled down the window.

    “Well hop in!” Nick said playfully.

    Mabel kissed Tanner on the cheek and ran over and got in the passenger side of the blue truck.

    “Hey Nick.” Mabel said with a yawn.

    “Hey I’m going to the high school to pick some stuff up then we’ll head to the festival grounds.” I explained

    “Sweet!” she exited

    “Why do you only have two pokeballs, where’s Brisket?” I asked as I started to drive away.

    “Tanner isn’t going to show him, he don’t want to deal with Oak’s shit anymore.” She answered

    “Fair enough, how’s Molly?”

    “Still being a bitch as usual.”

    “Oh you’ll do fine.” I reassured

    “She hasn’t grown enough to perform in the normal class.”

    “Oh, well look on the bright side; you’ll have more time to ride the rides.”

    “With who?”

    “Tanner will go with you.”

    “He’s gonna spend all his free time with Candice though.”

    “Well your brother is what we would call whipped”

    “Hahaha, and you weren't.”

    “We’re here.”

    Nick pulled up next to a large pile of equipment, and the site of Mrs. Oak’s empty truck.
    Oak started to walk up to the truck with a smug look of satisfaction on her face.

    “Oh good you're here!” she yelled

    Nick pulled the gear shift into reverse, backed out and drove off.

    “What you do that for?” Mabel asked.

    “She had more than enough room in the back of that truck for all of that shit.” he answered

    “Fair enough.”

    He looked at her and smiled. He then turned north toward Viridian. It takes about an hour to drive to Viridian from Pallet, and Nick thought a lot about what he wanted to accomplish while he was there. He didn’t care about the ribbons (Although he worked very hard raising his snorlax), or the cash prize, or even the prestige of doing well. No, he wanted to find a meaningless fling that he would dump at the end of the festival citing the distance. Nick looked over to Mabel and saw that she had fallen asleep. He always found her attractive but had never considered a relationship with her. He had always wanted to be in a “real” relationship that was based on more than just attraction; although, he couldn’t bear going out with someone who he thought was ugly. Nick just wants to love someone and be loved at the same time. Granted he has never been unfaithful in a relationship he has lost his chance with many girls that he liked because of the number of short relationships he has been in. Nick saw the sun rise to the east of him and he felt like he was ready for anything.
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    Chapter 1: How Dare He!

    Meanwhile back at Pallet Town High School Daisy Oak is going off to everyone else about how Nick had no right to up and refuse to take the equipment.

    “That ungrateful, immature little brat thinks that I gave him a choice to haul that equipment!” she yelled “How dare he think that he is too good to do what I asked so politely of him to do”

    “I thought you said you demanded him to haul the equipment.” responded one of the students present.

    “Was I speaking to you Malcolm!” She barked

    “Why yes, yes you were.” Malcolm retorted

    Malcolm was a tall, heavyset young man. he had light brown hair cut very short. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a blue plaid flannel over it and grey jeans.

    “Don’t you dare talk back to me young man!” Oak shouted

    “Yes ma'am.” Malcolm responded lightly.

    “Malcolm, you have done an excellent job of keeping me informed of what my students think of me and I threat that more and more students are following Tanner.” Oak went on, “I need to find a way to turn everyone against Tanner.”

    “And how would we do that?” Malcolm asked

    “It’s simple, we use Nick.” Oak answered

    “I like the way you think.” Malcolm stated

    Back at the Sanchez residence Tanner and his brother were just about ready to start driving to Viridian.

    “Do we have everything?” Tanner asked

    “Yeah, I think so.” Tanner’s brother responded

    Tanner’s brother’s name is Dillon Sanchez He had short brown hair and he was wearing a white t-shirt and gym shorts.

    “Alright then let’s go.”

    The two of them got in the truck and drove off. Meanwhile Nick and Mabel arrived at the hotel that they would be staying at. The hotel itself was a large 15 story building painted yellow on the outside. They got their bags out of the back of the truck and walked towards the entrance. They entered the hotel and walked up to the front desk. The clerk was wearing a red collared shirt and he had short black hair.

    “Reservations for Adams and Sanchez.” Nick said to the clerk. He started typing something into the computer and he then gave Nick one room keys and Mabel three. A bellhop promptly took their bags.

    “Thank you very much.” Nick said to the clerk as he and Mabel started toward the elevator.

    “Our rooms are right next to each other.” Nick stated

    “Oh well in that case I hope the walls are thick!” Mabel said jokingly

    “What’s that supposed to mean!”

    “You know, haha.”


    “Where do you want your stuff?” the bellhop asked.

    “Right there is just fine.” Nick answered.

    The bellhop placed the bags in between two doors numbered 103 and 104. The bellhop went back to the elevator after he ridden himself from the bags.

    “Do you need help unpacking?” Nick asked.

    “No I’ll just wait til my brothers get here.” She answered.

    “Alright I’ll see you in a few hours.”

    Nick took his bags into his room and shut the door behind him.

    “Hey Tanner I just realized something.” Mabel said

    “What?” Tanner responded with little intrigue.

    “Nick is kinda cute.”

    “Oh that’s nice.” Tanner respond as if he didn’t hear the statement, “Wait what!?”

    “You heard me.”

    “What in the name of Arceus would make you like Nick?”

    “I don’t know; he’s really nice, I've known him for two years, I just do!”

    “No way you’d be dating him, I won’t allow it.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because, he used to date Candice.”

    “And their friends now, what’s your point.”

    “My point is I think he still has feelings for her and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

    “I’m 14 years old, I’ll be OK.”

    “I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say.”

    “I think I do, you don’t want me to be happy!”

    “No, I just don’t want you to fall for someone who will inevitably break your heart, I don’t hate Nick I just don’t think he’s right for you.”

    They heard a knock on the door. Dillon went to go answer it. Dillon opened the the door only to see Nick standing there.

    “Oh hey Nick we were just talking about you.” Dillon said to a confused looking Nick.

    “Well I hope they're all good things.” Nick stated not quite understanding the atmosphere in the room.

    “Hey Nick!” Mabel said excitedly.

    “Hi Mabel.” Nick returned the greeting

    “So what are you doing here?” Tanner asked

    “Well I just got back here after going to get my sister and I heard you guys talking from my room and I could have sworn I heard my name.”

    “Well come on in.” Mabel requested

    Nick walked into the room and leaned against the wall. Mabel walked over to him and started to whisper something into his ear. Nick smiled and laughed then subsequently left the room.

    Well how did you guys like that.
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    Chapter 2: Enter Candice

    Nick went back to his room, laid down on his bed. He hadn't just heard his name, he heard the entire conversation. Nick wasn’t sure what to think, obviously Tanner was not too keen to let Mabel date him, and with good reason. Nick always considered himself to be a “Player” but he has never really found anyone who he can realistically be in a relationship with. He wanted more than just a fling that lasts a few days. He then said out loud the question that was plaguing him.

    “Is she the answer to all my troubles?”

    Nick then saw someone walk in the room. She had long, brown hair, she was wearing a dark purple jacket and blue jeans.

    “What troubles?” She asked

    “This is an “A and B” conversation, Candice.” Nick replied.

    “Sounds more like an A and A conversation.” Candice retorted, “What’s troubling you?”


    “You're lying.”

    Nick sat up in the bed and responded.

    “I know, but I would prefer to see how this will play out before I go and talk about it.”

    “Alright, but I’m going to figure it before then.”

    “I know that.”

    Candice Smiled and left the room and shut the door behind her. Nick laid back down and thought for a few brief moments about the time they used to date. It was December of the previous year and Candice had just broken up with her then boyfriend. Nick had always liked Candice and took the opportunity to finally show her how he felt. Nick grew closer to her as the days went on but they only dated for a week. Candice felt guilty for jumping into a new relationship so quickly. Nick understood but was devastated. He loved her and he always would. Candice started seeing Tanner and Nick tried to find love elsewhere but to no avail. Of course Nick would never tell Candice that. Nick decided that he would turn the TV to get his mind off of his romantic issues. He pushed the power button on the remote and the TV sparked on and showed a man in a suit sitting at the desk. He recognized the man as the Channel 6 News anchor.

    "There have been reports of pokemon going missing near the Grand Festival grounds. Trainers are advised to keep a close watch on their pokemon.

    "How depressing." he thought to himself as he turned the TV off, "Hmm, maybe it was Team Rocket."

    Nick laughed at the thought. Team Rocket was disbanded 12 years earlier by the Current Champion Ethan Hart, the idea that they would reappear again after such a long time is laughable.

    Nick decided to go to the festival grounds to check out the competition. He walked out of the hotel and took a pokeball off of his belt.

    “Sullivan, I need a ride!” He yelled as he threw the pokeball up on the air. The pokeball fell and hit the ground about 10ft from him. A beam of silver energy was emitted from the ball and it revealed a metallic looking bird pokemon. It stood about 5 ft tall and had red feathers on its wings.


    Nick hopped on the pokemon’s back and flew toward a large building with a pokeball insignia on it. He flew over the building and saw a line going into the building. He panicked as he realized he had forgotten the pokemon healthcheck. He checked to make sure he brought the Pokemon that would be in the contest.

    “Alright Sully land in the coolest way possible.” Nick commanded.

    The armor bird pokemon looked at him as to say “hang on” and Skarmory quickly picked up speed. Most skarmory can fly as fast as 190 MPH and Nick’s skarmory is no different; however, Sully evened out at about 150 as he turned around and flew down it closed its wings and began to free fall. At about 15 ft above the ground skarmory spread its wings and created a cloud of dust, As the dust cleared the crowd could see Nick standing right next to Skarmory.

    “Show off!” someone standing next to a blastoise and two Wormadam.

    “Oh, Zack you wish you could do that.” I replied.

    “You using that Skarmory in the contest?” Zack asked

    “No, I used him last year.” Nick replied as he recalled Sully to his pokeball. He then took two other pokeballs off of his belt. “Alright then, Charlie and Rose come on out!”

    Nick threw the two pokeballs in the air and a white beam of energy came out of one revealing a large blue pokemon with a off-white belly. The other pokeball emitted a brown beam of energy revealed a much smaller pokemon. It was green with a red belly and it had a horn.



    “You are looking at two prize winning pokemon right here!”

    “Yeah, I bet.” Zack responded

    “I will admit your Blastoise is quite good, but why teach him attract? I mean attract is a cute move and you're entering a beauty contest.”

    “Isn’t it obvious, so that is I see a good looking girl I can use it.” He responded

    “Wouldn’t that attract her to your blastoise?” Nick retorted

    “No I actually tested that, no it doesn't.” Zack confidently answered

    “So that’s why Ashley agreed to have sex with you.”

    “What, no Ashley was all me.”

    “Then why did the hotel room smell like wartortle?”

    Back in April Mrs. Oak organized everyone and we went up to the Indigo Plateau to watch the Kanto Grand Festival and Nick and Zack shared a room. Zack met a girl from Cerulean City named Ashley and they definitely hit it off.

    “What does wartortle smell like?” Zack asked

    “Apparently bad.” Nick awnsered

    “Whatever!” Zack responded

    “You are sick.” Nick added

    “Well at least I can get a girl.” Zack challenged

    “So can I.” Nick retorted.

    “I have standards.”


    “And besides, attract is a great way to win a battle.” Zack bragged

    “I beg to differ.” Nick challenged

    “Okay, as soon as we are done with this health check we’ll have a battle.”

    “Your on.”
    Thank you for reading I will post a new chapter tomorrow. Also please feel free to give me some constructive criticism.
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    This one is kindof short but I hope you enjoy this is one of my favorite chapters.

    Chapter 3: Vs. Zack

    The arena was occupied with about 100 or so spectators who heard that there would be a battle. Zack stood on one side of the battlefield and Nick stood on the other side.

    “So how many pokemon you going to use?” Nick asked

    “One on one, I don’t got all day!” Zack answered

    “Okay then you go first.”

    “Fine, go Grassy!”

    Zack threw a pokeball and out came a plant cloak wormadam.

    “This will be easy, go Sully!” Nick threw a pokeball in the air and his skarmory came out ready for battle. “Start things off with a peck attack!”

    Skarmory flew towards the wormadam with tremendous speed.

    “Counter with protect!” Zack commanded.

    A blue shield enveloped wormadam and when Sully’s peck attack hit, he was sent flying back but managed to stop it self before hitting Nick.

    “Now use attract!” Zack commanded Grassy

    Grassy emitted a large heart from his mouth that slowly made its way towards Sully.

    “Dodge it and use swift!”

    Sully flew up to avoid attract and then launched many stars from its wings. The attack made a direct hit on Grassy sending it flying into the air!

    “Now use peck!”

    The skarmory flew towards Grassy with tremendous speed and hit it with its sharp beak. The wormadam was knocked against the wall.

    “Grassy!” Zack yelled

    The pokemon managed to get up extremely weakened from the barrage of attacks.

    “Nice, blow that thing out of the sky with leaf storm!” Zack commanded

    Grassy conjured up a strong wind and blew many sharp leaves at Sully, but the pokemon blocked the attack with its strong steel wings.

    “Hahaha, good job Sully now let’s finish this with fury attack!”

    Sully flew toward the wormadam with the intention to use fury attack when suddenly a large transparent wall got in between the two pokemon.

    “Zack what are you thinking!?” a familiar voice yelled from behind him.

    “Mrs. Oak how long have you been there?” Zack asked

    “Long enough to see you put your pokemon in jeopardy!” She responded

    “It was just a friendly battle.” Nick added

    “That wormadam is in the contest and shouldnt be taking such risks!” Oak retorted.

    “Perhaps not but if it gets to the second round it would have to battle!” Nick exp

    We could hear the crowd began to boo at Oak as she continued to scold Zack.

    “Forget this, we’ll finish this on a later date, Sully return.”

    Nick recalled his skarmory and walked out of the arena with the same dignity he walked in with. On his way out somebody threw a pokeball at him it was in its shrunken state and empty, but it did have a piece of paper attached to it. The paper had an 11 digit number and the words “call me <3” on it.

    “Perhaps my luck is changing.” Nick quietly said to himself.

    “Hey Nick!” yelled someone from in the crowd.

    “Hello Dillon!” Nick responded

    “That was an amazing battle.” He congratulated.

    “If Zack wasn’t so cocky he would have won. He knew I would pick skarmory so to try and make himself look even better he chose a pokemon that is four times weak to mine. Even though his wormadam was level 48 and my skarmory is only level 21 I won based on that type advantage alone.” I responded.

    “Technically you didn’t win, infact you kind of forfeited.”

    “I know but I wouldn’t have been able to finish the battle anyway, and besides everyone in that arena saw him get his ass kicked, and look what I got.”

    Nick showed him the pokeball with the phone number on it and Dillon nodded and gave him a high five.

    “Still that was messed up what Oak did.” Nick stated

    “Yeah you should have been able to finish that battle.” Dillon agreed

    “How did Oak stop the battle like that though?” Nick asked

    “She had her milotic use safeguard.” Dillon answered

    “Whatever, that’s life I guess.”


    Thank you very much for reading stay tuned tomarrow for the next chapter!
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    Chapter 4: Rebecca

    Nick stopped by the pokemon center on his way back to the hotel to get Sully healed. While he was waiting for the nurse to bring his pokemon out he decided to call the number that was thrown at him. He dialed the number into his pokegear and called it.

    “Hello?” a voice answered.

    “Yeah hey, you threw this pokeball at me.” Nick said flirtatiously

    “Oh yeah your Nick, hi I’m Rebecca Park and I’d like to challenge you to a battle.” Rebecca explained.

    “Of course, what time and where?” Nick asked

    “How about right in front of the pokemon center?”

    “Sounds great I’m already here.” Nick explained

    “Me to.”

    Nick looked around and saw a girl with orange hair on the other side of the lobby holding a pokegear to her head.

    “Are you the pretty one with the dark orange hair?” Nick asked

    “Aww you're making me blush, and yes.”

    She hung up the phone and began to walk toward Nick.

    “Alright, let’s go outside.” Rebecca commanded

    The two of them walked outside and over to a field.

    “So I must ask, why do you want to battle me?” Nick asked

    “Well I think you are a talented trainer and I think that you should have been able to finish that battle, besides you had a huge advantage in that battle anyway.” Rebecca explained

    “Fair enough, how about one on one?” Nick asked

    “Sounds good.” Rebecca responded.

    “Okay go Leo!” Nick threw a pokeball in the air and a red beam of energy revealed a vulpix.


    “Child’s play, go Mimet!” Rebecca threw a pokeball in the air and a pink beam of light revealed a Mr. Mime.

    “Mime, Mr. Mime!”

    “Mimet use confusion!” Rebecca commanded

    Mimet began to concentrate on Leo and the vulpix was lifted into the air. The mr. mime the threw Leo back on the ground.

    “Leo, use ember!” Nick commanded.

    Leo got up and blew small flames at Mimet. Mimet had received a bad burn from the attack.

    “Oh no, Mimet!” Rebecca cried, “Oh you're going to get it for that Mimet use confusion again!”

    Mimet tried to concentrate on Leo but when it tried to lift the pokemon up it cringed in pain due to its burn.

    “Excellent, Leo use quick attack!” Nick commanded

    Leo ran at a high speed towards Mimet and hit it spot on in the stomach.

    “Oh no! Mimet return!” Rebecca recalled her pokemon.

    Rebecca dropped to her knees.

    “I could have sworn my mr. mime was good enough to beat you.” Rebecca said

    Nick walked up to her and helped her up.

    “That was a fluke, that burn hit on one of Mimet’s joints and it couldn’t move its arms well enough to use confusion.” Nick explained.

    “Well thanks, that was a great battle anyway.”

    “Well I think we should go get your pokemon healed.”

    “I think we should to.”

    The two of them walked into the pokemon center together. They went to the front desk to drop off Rebecca’s Mr. Mime and pick up Nick’s skarmory who had maintained more damage from the battle with Zack than nick had thought.

    “You want to go get something to eat while you wait?” Nick asked

    “Sure where to?” Rebecca asked.

    “I know a great place in Vermilion, It’s right by the sea and you don’t even need a reservation.” Nick answered confidently.

    “And how are we going to get to vermillion?” Rebecca asked skeptically.

    Nick took out Sully’s pokeball and threw it in the air. A silver beam of energy revealed the steel type pokemon .

    “My skarmory can reach speeds of up to 190 Miles per hour, and it can go up to 150 with two people riding him, I say he’ll be fast enough to get us to Vermillion in about half an hour.” Nick explained.

    “Sounds fun, let’s go!”

    “Sully you think you can fly for a half hour with both of us?” Nick asked Sully

    The skarmory nodded and put its head down. Nick got on and helped Rebecca up.

    “Hold on.” Nick said to Rebecca

    Sully took off straight from the pokemon center and began to fly east. It was beginning to get dark and the streetlights came on behind them as they were flying towards Vermillion. Rebecca put her arms around Nick’s abdomen.
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    Chapter 5: Hey There Mable

    Sully touched down in front of the hotel, Nick jumped off and helped her down from the pokemon’s back.

    “Funny that we are in the same hotel.” Nick observed, “Thanks Sully you deserve a nice long rest.”

    “Well you want to head up to my room?” Rebecca asked flirtatiously.

    “Oh, most definitely.” Nick quickly responded.

    “Hey Nick!” a voice said from behind him.

    Nick turned around and saw Mabel. Her beautiful blond hair had a pink flower in it. She had a her hair braided and in front of her shoulder. She was wearing a pink dress that glistened in in the moonlight. Nick, however, was too preoccupied by where the night might lead with Rebecca that he didn’t even notice Mabel.

    “Hey Mabel.” Nick responded and then promptly turned around and began to kiss Rebecca.

    Mabel began to tear up and ran back in the lobby. Nick heard her run off and turned around.

    “Mabel, wait!” Nick yelled, “I’m sorry Rebecca, I got to go.”

    Nick ran after her and caught her when she was waiting for the elevator.


    Nick ran into the elevator after her.

    “What do you want!” She snapped tears flowing from her eyes.

    “What’s wrong.” Nick softly asked.

    “All I wanted was for you to notice me as more than just Tanner’s sister; Nick, I think I love you!” She confessed.

    Nick pressed the emergency stop button on the elevator. the elevator's upward momentum stopped. Nick wasn’t sure how to react, he did like her but he wasn’t sure what to do

    “I’m so sorry Mabel, it’s just I...”

    “You don’t have to explain yourself, you would rather be with that slut.”

    “No. Too be honest I’d rather be with you than her, but i just don’t think it would be the best idea.” He explained.

    “So I’m not attractive enough for you!” Mabel began to tear up again.

    “Mabel you are beautiful, and don’t you ever think any less.” Nick told her.

    “If you think that why don’t you want to be ”

    “I just think it would only cause problems.”

    “So I’m a the problem?”

    “No, I am. Look Mabel I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”

    Nick pushed the emergency stop button again and the elevator began to rise. Mabel stepped forward and began to kiss Nick. Nick was shocked at first but proceeded to return the favor until the the elevator doors opened and Nick and Mabel walked out and towards their respective rooms. They looked at eachother and Nick smiled at her.

    “I just need some time to think, okay.” Nick told Mabel softly.

    When Nick walked into his room he just as shocked to see Candice sitting at the desk inside his room.

    “So Nikki that goofy smile on your face when you walked in tells me that you're ready to talk about Mabel?” Candice inquired.

    “How did you get in my room?!” Nick responded with a twinge of anger in his voice

    “Easy, you left the second room key on your desk this morning.”

    “Ugh, fair enough.”

    “Now what happened between you and Mabel.”

    “I should have figured you were behind that, why would you do that I, the last thing I need is your fiance hating me.”

    “You let me worry about Tanner, Nick you need to follow your heart.”

    “Well thanks but I can make my own decisions.”

    “Perhaps, but you see, hooking up with that one girl really hurt Mabel, do you have no feelimgs!” Candice scolded

    “Look I’m sorry, I was a bit preoccupied!”

    “Yeah, on that slut’s breasts! I wonder what she sees in you?”

    “Rebecca or Mabel?”

    “Both of them! Look you and I both know that you will never be in any committed relationship with ‘Rebecca, but Mabel is exactly what you need, and you are exactly what Mabel needs.”

    “That’s very sweet of you Candice but I can make my own decisions regarding my love life!”

    “Your track record speaks for itself!”

    Candice left the room and shut the door behind her.

    “Why is she always right?” Nick said to herself.

    The hotel phone rang. Nick walked over to the table and picked the phone up.

    “Hello?” He answered.

    “You know why I’m always right.”

    The person on the other end then hung up.
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    A Legendary Spirit Book One http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f227/legendary-spirit-book-one-pg-13-a-136706/

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    Chapter 6: Round One Begin!
    Sorry if this one is a bit short.
    “Alright Charlie and Rose today is you guys time to shine.” Nick encouraged.



    “Attention all coordinators the tough class is about to start.” Said a female voice over an intercom.

    “Alright Rose follow me, Charlie return.” Nick recalled his snorlax and walked to the arena.

    When he entered the arena he saw about 20 or 30 coordinators standing besides their pokemon. He immediately noticed Zack standing by his sand cloak wormadam. Nick immediately thought back to their battle and the possibility of a rematch. The MC then walked out and everyone lined up. The MC was none other than Blue Oak: The Viridian gym leader and Mrs. Oak’s brother.

    “Hello everybody and welcome to the Tough Contest! I will be your master of ceremonies, Blue Oak!”

    The crowd began to cheer.

    “All of the contestants walked into the holding area to await their turn to perform. After about 15 minutes of waiting they finally called Nick to the stage.

    “Alright Rose let’s go.” Nick said to the pokemon as he returned it to its pokeball.

    Nick ran out and started to wave to the crowd he then threw Rose’s pokeball in the air. Rose came out and the crowd began to cheer. The judges looked impressed when they saw Rose.

    “Rose use Rockslide!” Nick commanded.

    Almost out of nowhere a series of rocks came tumbling down toward the floor.

    “Now use bite then follow with sandstorm!”

    Rose began to bite the large rocks and the larvitar's strong jaws turned the stones into dust. Rose then created a large sand tornado with the dust. When the dust settled Nick recalled Rose, took a bow and walked out. When Nick walked into the holding area he saw Zack waiting there to greet him.

    “Impressive we might just get that rematch.” Zack congratulated

    “Perhaps, but the odds are stacked against us.” Nick replied

    Nick and Zack talked for about 10 more minutes when Blue called Zack to perform. Zack entered the arena calmly as the crowd awaited what he would do.

    “Sandy get out here and show them what you're made of!”

    Zack threw a pokeball in the air and the wormadam landed on the floor leaving a small crater around it.

    “Sandy aim a rock blast straight up in the air then flip over and use harden!” Zack commanded.

    The wormadam shot multiple rocks into the air and as they fell down she flipped over on its head and began to spin as it was spinning like a top, wormadam then hardened itself. The rocks fell perfectly into the wormadam feed and shattered. Zack recalled Sandy and left the stage. When he entered the holding room he smiled and nodded at Nick. Nick nodded back, he knew that they would meet to battle each other in the festival. After about an hour all of the contestants had performed and the contestants going to the second round were displayed in a bracket form on a tv screen. Zack and Nick’s faces were next to each other on the screen. Nick looked at Zack and left to head to the stands to watch the next class.

    Malcolm used his mareep named Zeus in the Cool class. His mareep used thundershock and then it used iron tail to act as a lightning rod to create a spectacular display. Despite his display however he did not make it to the second round.

    Zack used his blastoise named Squirtz in the beauty class. He used water pulse and froze it with an ice beam attack. He then had Squirtz fly through the frozen rings backwards with hydro pump. Zack managed to make it to the second round in that contest as well.

    The smart class followed and Rebecca and Malcolm were in it. Rebecca used her mr. mime. She had it create a wall with reflect and subsequently used confusion to smash it creating a sparkling effect. Malcolm used his spoink he named echo. Echo had come down with pokerus earlier in the year and was treated. While pokerus helps a pokemon grow the day it is infected it severely slows growth after it passess. The spoink used its psybeam attack to throw its pearl in the air it then jumped to grab it. Neither of them made it to round two.

    After watching the smart contest Nick and Zack made their way back from the stands to perform in the cute contest. This contest was very important to Nick as he had worked much harder training his snorlax than he did his larvitar.
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    My FanFics:
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    A Legendary Spirit Book One http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f227/legendary-spirit-book-one-pg-13-a-136706/

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    I'm sorry this took so long to get out. This is the first chapter that wasn't finished when I decided to post it here. Still no feed back though, Kind of depressing but oh well I'm doing this for the fun of it anyway but Like I'v said if you have feedback (Be it grammatical, plot holes you've found, or suggestions) I don't care but' I want to hear how you guys like it. I get much more descriptive towards the end of the chapter, probably because I'v been reading more fics and suprizingly enough a novel so it must be rubbing off :) And also a cookie for whoever can tell me the origan of the quote I used near the end.So without further ado Chapter 7!!

    Chapter 7: Wise Pokemon Trainers

    Nick sat down on a bench and waited for his turn to perform. Zack had already performed with Grassy, and he wowed the judges.

    “I can compete with that.” Nick said to himself.

    “Hey Nick!” called a voice from behind.

    Nick turned around and saw Mabel in the corridor.

    “Hey.” Nick replied

    Mabel walked up to to the bench that Nick was sitting at.

    “Look about last night...” Mabel started

    “Wait, go ahead and sit down.” Nick interrupted.

    Mabel sat down but before she could speak Nick kissed her.

    “I’m sorry.” Nick told her, “Candice is always right isn’t she.”

    Mabel laughed and put her arms around him.

    “And now Nicholas Adams from Pallet Town!” came from the monitor.

    “Good luck Nikki.” Mabel told Nick

    Nick smiled and ran out into the arena. He threw his snorlax’s pokeball and a white beam of energy revealed the large pokemon.

    “Charlie use belly drum then follow up with yawn!”

    Charlie started to beat his hands against his chest and then gave off a loud yawn and then dropped to the floor and fell asleep. Nick recalled his pokemon and confidently left the room. When Nick entered the holding room he was greeted by a lobby of support. Mabel ran up and hugged him.

    “You did great!” Mabel congratulated.

    “That was impressive, I have to say all of that hard work had paid off for you.” Tanner told him.

    Zack, Dillon, and Candice also congratulated him. After about 30 minutes of appeals and the judges deliberation the monitor in the holding room showed a picture of everyone who will go on. After scanning through it he saw many coordinators, including Zack, but not him. Mabel was standing next to him.

    “I’m so sorry.” She said softly.

    Tanner patted him on the back.

    “You still have your larvitar.” He encouraged

    “That larvitar can’t beat Zack’s wormadam!” Nick snapped.

    Nick began to storm off, but Mabel grabbed his hand in an attempt to get him to come back but he pulled away and ran off. Mabel started to run after him but was interrupted by Tanner.

    “Let him go, he just needs some time to think.” Tanner told his sister.

    Mabel looked on in the direction that Nick ran off to. She walked out to the lobby with Candice.

    “Mabel now we should go find him.” Candice told her.

    “You think he went to the hotel?” Mabel asked.

    “Yeah.” Candice quickly replied.

    The two of them started walking to the hotel when Mabel spotted Nick sitting on a park bench talking to the same girl he was with the night before.

    “That bitch!” She snapped.

    Candice grabbed Mabel’s arm to stop her from doing anything drastic.

    “You won’t win him over by being a bitch to every other girl he talks to.” Candice explained, “And knowing him, I think you have already won him over. Now the only thing you need to do is convince your brother that you can handle yourself in a relationship.”

    “Well what do I do?” Mabel asked.

    “You go up to them, establish Nick as yours and be as sarcastically nice to her as you can.” Candice explained to her.

    “Okay what if she gets the memo and doesn't take it well?” Mabel inquired.

    “We’ll cross that road when we get there, now go out there and get your man!” Candice encouraged.

    Mabel walked confidently up to Nick and Rebecca and introduced herself.

    “Hi there, I don’t think we've been properly introduced, my name’s Mabel and you are?” Mabel exited.

    “I’m Rebecca, but I’m sure you already know that.” Rebecca replied diligently.

    “Arceus help me.” Nick said quietly to himself.

    Candice smiled at Nick as if she had solicited a thank you.

    “I do I was just properly introducing myself like a lady should.” Mabel retorted

    “So how do you know Nick?” Rebecca queried.

    “I've known him for two years, oh and we made out in an elevator, just an FYI.” Mabel answered smiling sarcastically at Rebecca.

    “I don’t know who you think you are bitch, but you have no idea who you're messin’ with here!” Rebecca said in a low quiet voice.

    “I think I do.”

    Nick has never seen such confidence or aggression for that matter come from Mabel. Candice sat down next to Nick and observed the verbal lashings that were being exchanged.

    “I had nothing to do with this, I am just as shocked as you.” Candice whispered in his ear.

    Rebecca and Mabel continued to bicker until rebecca pulled out a red and white metallic sphere from her pocket.

    “Alright have it your way!” Mabel aggressed, “Go Mol...”

    “Wait!” Nick shouted, “Think about that decision for a sec!”

    Molly was very weak and poorly trained. It also wouldn’t listen to a word Mabel said, so for obvious reasons it was the wrong choice in a battle.

    “Who’s side are you on!?” Rebecca shouted.

    Nick just smiled and winked at her as if to make it look like he was trying to help her.

    “Alright then, go Matilda!” Mabel Shouted as she threw a pokeball in the air. It hit the ground and a beam of blue energy revealed a tall and slender pokemon. It had orange fur on its back and off white fur on its belly. It wore a yellow flotation device like appendage like a scarf. It also had blue fins on its wrists and two tails that looked like propellers on a speed boat.


    “Go Mimet!” Rebecca called as she threw her pokeball.


    “Matilda quick attack!” Mabel commanded.

    The floatzel took off at an unbelievable speed towards Rebecca’s Mr. Mime leaving an orange streak behind it. The Mr. Mime couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and was hit hard in the stomach.

    “Mimem!” the physic pokemon cried.

    “Get up and use confusion!” Rebecca commanded.

    “Mimet began to lift his arms and as she did Matilda began to float in the air, the Mr. Mime then pulled its arms back and pushed them forward causing Matilda to crash into a tree.

    “Matilda!” Mabel shouted worryingly, the floatzel got up and brushed itself off, “Alright use sonic boom!”

    The water pokemon waved the blue fins on its arms across one another creating a huge wave of air that threw the Mr. Mime on its back.

    “Now use quick attack!” Mabel yelled as her floatzel begun the attack as if it knew what her master was going to do.

    It’s quite a simple combo, incapacitated your opponent with a strong move like sonic boom, then using quick attack, it’s also a dirty tactic. Well one shouldn’t expect less from a catfight. The Mr. Mime got up and positioned itself to block another attack. Matilda was breathing heavily about a foot from her opponent. They looked at each other with such a ferocity, they were just as into this battle as their trainers were.

    “Now use Ice Fang!” Mabel commanded.

    Matilda opened her mouth and induced her teeth with a thick layer of ice. The water pokemon lunged at Mimet with its icy mouth wide open.

    “Substitute!” Rebecca shouted

    Matilda continued her attack and bit through what seemed to be a holographic version of Mimet. The fake pokemon disappeared revealing the real mr. mime. It looked drained creating the substitute must have taken quite a lot out of it.

    “Matilda use swift!” Mabel commanded

    The water pokemon waved one of the fins on his wrist across its body creating a volley of stars that hid Mimet knocking it back.

    “A wise pokemon trainer never gets involved in a catfight.” Came from a voice directly behind Nick.

    Nick turned around seeing Tanner looking down on him. He recognized that quote but couldn’t quite determine who said it.

    “Hello Tanner.” Nick replied and then returned his gaze to the battle. Rebecca’s Mr. Mime got in a few decisive blows but could not keep up with her opponent's speed.

    “I suppose there are worse people for my sister to date.” Tanner added, “At least you know I can kick your ass if I wanted to.”

    Nick laughed but was also relieved as he knew this was permission from him to take things further with Mabel.

    “Finish it with quick attack” Mabel commanded

    Her floatzel obeyed and charged the poor psychic pokemon at such a speed you could barely see the slender pokemon.

    “Hmph, Mimet return” rebecca faltered as she recalled her defeated pokemon; she then walked up to Nick and slapped him, “That’s for leaving me with the bill!”

    She then stormed off down a dark alleyway.

    “I deserved that, I did let her pay the bill.” Nick added.

    Mabel then walked toward Nick, her beautiful blond hair blowing in the wind. She faced Nick smiling and promptly slapped him.

    “That’s for leaving that elevator so soon.” She told him, “You also deserve one of these though.”

    She wrapped her hands around Nick’s neck and kissed him, something she hadn’t done when her brother or for that matter anyone that either of them knew. Nick wrapped his hands around her lower back and continued to kiss Mabel. Tanner looked quite uncomfortable with the site until Candice promptly slapped him upside the head. Nick decided to terminate the public display of affection as to show his appreciation to Tanner for not strangling him at the site of him with his baby sister. He smiled and nodded at him to reinforce this. Mabel smiled at Nick but looked disappointed at his self control in the situation.

    I hoped you enjoyed please give feedback :)
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    Chapter 8: Quality Time

    So as one can imagine Nick did ask Mabel on a date, and of course she accepted. Nick thought about taking her to the same restaurant he took Rebecca but he decided against it for obvious reasons. Instead he decided on something cheaper and more quaint.

    “A picnic!” Mabel excited.

    “Yeah I don’t see why not.” Nick responded.

    Actually he saw many reasons not to, first off if Oak caught them out of the vicinity of the hotel, Pokemon Center, or Festival Grounds they would be in hot water. Secondly he hated eating outside he usually got hit with some kind of projectile and knowing of the recent crime spree in Viridian City it could very well be a .32 projectile. Oh well, he thought, He’s had worse endings to dates. They also choose the day that he should be training for his battle with Zack, but Nick didn’t care he was with Mabel and Mabel was with him. It seemed so right, like a dream that he would wake from at the best part, or one that turns into a nightmare. But Nick refused to to think that way infact he wanted this relationship to last, which is something he only said about a few people in his life. Actually he only ever said that about Candice but the past is behind him, and he is looking forward to his future with Mabel. Nick hung the phone up after a few minutes of talking to Mabel. He had to resist the urge to say that he loved her, it was too early for him to think that let alone say it to her, he was determined to make this last, perhaps forever, or as close to forever they could get. He then exited his room to meet Mabel in the hallway. Mabel was outside first she looked impatient. She was wearing a red sundress with small buttons in the chest region which Nick avoided looking as he wanted to be gentlemanly. You could see her white bra straps neatly positioned a half an inch from the equally thin straps on her dress. It always intrigued Nick why that became popular when just a decade ago you’d be labeled a whore for exposing any part of your undergarments, of course this is different for men in which it has been encouraged which also intrigued him as he never found the style to be “Him” nor did he find it the least bit comfortable; Nevertheless, Mabel’s bra straps showing didn’t really bother him that much, just intrigued him. She was also wearing leather boots another thing girls can get away with that guys can’t.

    “Well you just gonna stare or are you going to say something?” Mabel asked

    “You look beautiful.” Nick blurted out without thinking. He wasn’t sure if that was exactly appropriate no matter how true it was. His mental question was answered when she wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him. He put his arms around her and this time they didn’t stop. It felt right for them but to anyone else it looked rather awkward as both of them were around the same height. Nick didn’t care though he felt at home when he was with Mabel and he assumed she felt the same way. Nick finally broke away from her, “We should get going.”

    “Yeah I spose we should.” She responded cheerfully.

    They walked to the park that they were going to have their picnic at, it was nice shady spot under a large oak tree, but when they sat down Nick realized he forgot their Nick realized he forgot the food. That was the worst thing to happen and quite frankly he’d rather be shot.

    “I’m so, so sorry, I’m such a dumbass!” Nick scolded himself.

    “It’s okay we can just spend some quality time together.” She said lightly

    “That sounds nice.” Nick said dreamily

    They sat up against the tree next to each other. A small brown flying pokemon fell out of the tree and into Nick’s lap.

    “Hey there little guy.” He said quietly, “You should be more careful.”

    He let the small pokemon go and it flew off.

    “What a cute little pidgey,” Mabel said girlishly, “I thought someone said you used to have a golden pidgey?”

    “Who told you that?” Nick asked

    “Candice.” Mabel answered

    “Well, for a short bit of time, It’s actually a funny story looking back, not so much when it happened” Nick explained, “Well I suppose we can blame Candice, I was dating her at the time and she wanted to go watch your brother’s battle. The team was going to play in the Viridian Gym, and I didn’t have a license at the time, so I couldn’t drive. So we walked, and about half way there I saw a golden pidgey. Naturally I wanted to catch it, so I sent out my vulpix and battled it. I did catch it, but then me and Candice were attacked by the poor pokemon’s mother. We ran and took cover under a tree. Candice was yelling at me, calling me a dumbass and the like. Eventually the angry pigeot found us and I pushed Candice out of the way so that the pidgey’s mother only attacked me. It ended up picking me up and more than likely was going to drop me off at my death, but then a skarmory, my skarmory, attacked the pidgeot. It dropped me and I thought it was all over, but then the Skarmory caught me and safely dropped me off on the ground and finished the job with the pidgeot. I went to find Candice and we ran as far as we could from that Pidgeot. When we got to the outskirts of Viridian we finally relaxed. I thought quite a lot about whether or not to keep the pidgey, but I eventually decided to release it when the skarmory that saved me let me catch it.” Nick took a while explaining the story.

    “Wow that’s so cool.” Mabel comments.

    “I think that’s why Candice broke up with me, I did almost get myself killed.” Nick said inquisitively.

    The two shared a laugh. They ended up spending a few hours together, until Mabel pointed out the presence of a flock of pidgeotto.

    “Hey look, over their.” Mabel alerted.

    The bird pokemon were resting under a tree and one caught Nick’s eye.

    “See that one over there in the middle, it’s a shiny pidgeotto.”

    He pointed it out to Mabel and she looked at it in awe.

    “Do you think it may be the one you tried to catch?” She asked.

    “You mean the golden pidgey?”


    “Only one way to find out” Nick said confidently, “Stay here.”

    Nick stood up and walked about 10 feet toward the flock and threw a pokeball in the air.

    “Go, Leo!”

    The pokeball gave off a red beam of energy that revealed the flame pokemon.


    “Alright, give that bird something to jog its memory.” Nick commanded

    Leo let out an ember attack that hit the oddly coloured pidgeotto causing the rest of the flock to fly away. The pidgeotto turned around and saw Nick and Leo and looked as if it was in shock to see the two and flew straight for Nick.

    “Quick attack!” Nick commanded

    The fox like pokemon intercepted the pidgeotto knocking it back. It got up and began to flap its wings, it eventually created a small tornado that came right for Leo, it lifted the poor pokemon up in the air and spun it around about five times before dropping it. Leo hit the ground and yelped in pain.

    “Leo!” Nick cried out worryingly.

    The vulpix got up despite the pain, and without its trainer’s command launched an ember attack that hit the pidgeotto but it didn’t seem to phase it much. Then the bird pokemon flew straight up in the air and enveloped itself in a blue flame and began to freefall right towards Leo.

    “Shit! Hurry and use quick attack to dodge!” Nick frantically commanded!

    Leo dodged just in time to dodge the attack and this caused the Pidgeotto to crash into the ground.

    “Alright you son of a bitch, you're mine... Again!!” He yelled as he threw an empty pokeball at the pidgeotto!

    The pokeball hit the bird pokemon and it was absorbed by it. The pokeball began to shake. It shook once then twice and then it shook a third time and clicked.

    “Well that was fun.” Nick said calmly, a few spectators gathered during the battle, and they began to clap after watching the battle, “Thank you, thank you very much, I’ll be here for like five min if you want autographs.

    The crowd immediately dispersed. Nick laughed and walked back to the tree where Mabel was waiting patiently for him to return. He walked towards her smiling and she smiled back. When she was finally at an arms length away Nick he put the pokeball in her hands.

    “Here.” He said

    “Why are you giving me this?” she asked.

    “I want you to have him, I feel that my purpose in obtaining him was just to get back what i had lost, and he may not want to listen to me but you may be able to get through to him.” Nick explained.

    “But...I...I don’t know what to say, this is amazing!” She excited as she hugged him.

    “You’ll need help though, I mean in training him, which reminds me what will you name him?” Nick asked.

    “Goldy!” She quickly answered.

    “That’s a wonderful name.” Nick reassured Mabel.

    Fairly Short but I'd like to get on with the story.
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    I'm Trying to finish this before classes resume so expect more chapters every day.

    Chapter 9: Fear

    Nick stood on one side of the battlefield, his opponent 20 feet away on the other side. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He had a pair of dark black sunglasses on concealing his expression of overconfidence from him. Something felt off to Nick though, Like Zack’s confidence was well placed for once.

    “Go Sandy!” He shouted and the audience that Nick just noticed the presence of began to cheer loudly. The small bug pokemon looked more fierce than usual as it sneered at him.

    “Rose, make me proud!” Nick shouted as if to outdo the other competitor. Rose looked at him disdainfully as if something was wrong but looked forward as soon as the judge gives them the okay to begin.

    “Fissure.” Zack said quietly but firmly to his pokemon. The wormadam’s eyes began to glow bright red and the ground opened up around the defenceless larvitar and her owner.

    Nick and Rose fell into a dark oblivion.

    “Ahhhhh!” Nick shouted as he sat up in his bed, “Son of a bitch, I don’t remember the last time I had a dream like that.

    Nick was sweating profusely so he pulled the covers off of him and regained control over his breathing. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:30 in the morning. He didn’t feel tired so he got dressed and decided to take a walk. Nick showered and got into a pair of blue jeans and a brown t shirt. He looked through the clothes rack that the hotel provided and saw a thick brown jacket that matched his shirt. He took it off the hanger and put on the jacket.

    He walked out the door and to the elevator. He pushed the button to call it up and the doors open and was left in shock as to who was also in the elevator. It was Rebecca. Without saying a word she embraced him and pressed her lips against his. She pulled him into his room keeping her lips securely locked onto Nick’s. She closed the door behind him and slowly unbuttoned his jacket. After his jacket was on the floor he began to unzip her pink dress which revealed her bra and pantys which were both black and made of cotton. He began to run his hand down her smooth bare legs he made his way up her back he began to unclip her bra when he heard the door slam open. He turned around and saw Mabel standing in the doorway, she looked completely furious. She mumbled something that he could barely hear but he could see in her eyes exactly what she said.

    “Were threw.”

    She turned around and slammed the door behind her.

    Nick’s eyes opened violently and he found himself in his room but Rebecca wasn’t there he wasn’t sure if what just happened was real or not. He then heard someone knocking at the door. Nick got up out of bed and opened the door. He saw Mabel’s smiling face. Nick then assumed that he was just dreaming.

    “Sorry, did I wake you up?” Mabel apologized

    “Yeah but it’s no problem, what is it?” Nick asked

    “I just want to show you something.” Mabel responded happily.

    “Cool what is it?” Nick quizzed

    “You’ll see.” She said as she grabbed my hand and lead me down the stairs through the lobby and out to the hotel’s courtyard. The sun was high in the sky and Nick thought he must have overslept due to the nightmares. Mabel threw a pokeball up in the air and a golden pidgeot appeared from the pokeball with a sparkle.

    The pidgeotto Nick gave her evolved and it looked at him with a predatory eye.

    “See all that training paid off!” she said as it flew towards me and picked me up by my shoulders.

    The flying pokemon flew upwards at a 45 degree angle as it flew towards a large skyscraper. The tall commercial complex had a stereotypical pointy pinnacle on the top to act as a lightning rod. Goldy flew straight up and dropped him right above the lightning rod. Nick could feel the air rushing past him as he fell to his death. Right before he became a human shish kabob he found himself jump up again on his bed.

    “GWAAAA!” Nick screamed still thinking he was in the nightmare.

    Nick then looked around it was light outside. He was sweating a lot but before he could make the decision to shower he heard a knock on the door.

    “Who is it!?” Nick asked worried he was going to walk into another nightmare.

    “It’s me.” The voice from behind the door answered.

    Nick recognised the voice, it was Mabel.

    “Come in, ‘Me’” Nick said playfully.

    The door opened and Mabel walked in, her hair was slightly unkempt and she was wearing a thin silk top and cotton pajama bottoms.

    “I heard you scream is everything alright?” she asked softly.
    Nick sat up and answered her.

    “Yeah, I’m fine just had a bad dream I guess.” Nick explained

    “You wanna talk about?” She asked

    “Na, I don’t really remember it.” Nick lied.

    Mabel sat next to him on the bed and kissed Nick tenderly.

    “Today is your battle with Zack.” Mabel reminded

    “Don’t remind me.” Nick said nervously.

    “You nervous?” Mabel asked

    “Na.” Nick answered, another lie.

    Mabel wrapped her arms around Nick’s stomach. She then positioned herself on top of Nick. Nick kissed her but didn’t really feel like taking their relationship all the way yet, or at least that’s what he thought she wanted to do. He couldn’t really help liking the physical contact he was getting. Nick sat up an Mabel held onto him with her arms and legs wrapped around him. They continued to make out on the hotel bed. Mabel began to take Nick’s shirt off until Nick stopped her.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” Nick asked her.

    “Yeah I think.” Mabel responded unsure of whether she knew what she was doing.

    “Well then why don’t we wait.” Nick sudgestied

    Mabel looked surprised but satisfied with what Nick had said. One couldn’t blame her for thinking that Nick wouldn’t question her advances like that but she was happy that she didn’t have to give herself up to him so easily. She didn’t care however she Loved him and She wanted to make him happy.

    “I don’t think that’s necessary.” She said dreamily as she continued to remove his shirt.

    Nick thought that if she really wanted to have sex then he wouldn’t refuse her.
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    Chapter 10: Enter Team Rocket

    Nick looked at his opponent from the other side of the field. Nick knew this wasn’t a dream, this was real and he was going to win. At least that’s what Nick felt.

    “Alright guys, both of these fabulous coordinators are from the neighboring town of Pallet, Nick and Zack!” Blue Oak confidently yelled to the crowd.

    The judge signaled the two trainers to begin.

    “Go! Rose” Nick shouted as he threw a pokeball in the air which revealed his Larvitar.

    “Sandy, you're up!” Zack did the same revealing a sand cloak Wormadam, “Start this off with rock blast!”

    Sandy launched a series of boulders from its mouth towards Nick’s larvitar.

    “Use your horn!” Nick commanded

    Rose pointed her horn at the volley of rocks breaking them into smaller pieces. The bar that represented Zack’s score dropped slightly from the intuitive counter.

    “Now use sandstorm!” Nick commanded

    A wind suddenly caused the small stones left over from Sandy’s rock blast back at her also causing Zack’s score to drop even more. Zack looked at Nick confidently.

    “Fissure.” Zack said confidently.

    Sandy’s eyes glowed red and the ground opened up around Nick’s larvitar leaving it stranded. The bar that represented Nick’s score diminished by half. Nick was about to call out another command to Rose when a sudden explosion in the middle of the battlefield caught him off guard. He saw his Larvitar flying back towards him he caught it in his arms.

    “You okay Rose!” Nick asked his pokemon gruffly, “What the hell, was that Zack’s Wormadam?”

    As the smoke began to clear Nick could see many figures in and around the battlefield, but he couldn’t make out who they were. When the smoke settled completely he saw 10 men in all black holding AK-47 Assault Rifles. Nick recalled his pokemon quietly while he thought of what to do. Many people began to run out of the building but seemed to be held up at the corridors; whoever was doing this had people at the exits. One of the men pointed his rifle at Nick, He promptly threw his hands above his head to show he was unarmed. Suddenly Nick saw a tall man walk out of the corridor that the competitors usually come out of. He wore a white lab coat and had light grey hair, he looked to be in his mid 50’s. Floating next to his right shoulder was a Porygon Z. There was a slight calmness to the situation despite the small platoon of armed men and the screaming that came from the audience who was just as trapped as Nick and Zack, and for that matter so was Blue and the judge. Nick looked at Blue as if to say do something and he nodded slightly and threw a pokeball in the air; an alakazam revealed itself to the armed men and they began to fire at Blue and his pokemon. Alakazam raised the two spoons in its hands and a barrier shielded the two from harm and deflecting the bullets back at the men who fired them. They seemed to be hit by the deflected rounds but not fatally. Then Alakazam put its hands together and blew the rest of the men back with a psychic attack. The man in the lab coat remained however; most likely due to some evasive action by his pokemon.

    “Who the hell are you?!” Blue interrogated the man in the lab coat.

    “I’ll be quite swift with my response, my name is Gideon, I am a scientist that works for Team Rocket.” The man calmly explained.

    “That’s Impossible Team Rocket disbanded 12 years ago!” Blue protested

    “And they did the same 3 years before that, didn’t they Mr. Oak?” Gideon asked rhetorically, “Now there isn’t need for anything rash I just want that boy over their.”

    Gideon pointed to Nick, he froze instantly fearing what he might want with him.

    “No way in hell are you taking anyone!” Blue protested

    “Now don’t you worry he will be returned alive.” Gideon explained

    Somehow Nick didn’t feel any better, but he kept his mouth shut so as not to anger his future captor.

    “Not on your life, psycho! Alakazam use focus blast” Blue commanded

    Suddenly a large metallic looking pokemon appeared in front Gideon blocking the attack skilfully with the “X” shape on its head.

    “Now Metagross, show them your flash cannon.” Gideon calmly goaded his pokemon.


    Alakazam blocked the attack with a translucent shield that surrounded him. Alakazam dropped the shield in prep for another focus blast that Blue had ordered it to use when a huge bolt of lightning hit the psychic pokemon dead in the middle of its chest. Alakazam flew back taking blue with him right into a wall. A helicopter began to descend on the open stadium and landed next to Gideon. The back hatch opened and all of the men went in on foot, save for the two that were wounded by their own bullets; they were taken in on stretchers. The whole thing seemed very military. Nick felt a man grab his shoulder and jabbed him in the back with his gun. He took the gun which in this case was a Makarov pistol and held in to the side of his head as he dragged him towards a side door that Gideon was entering. Once inside the chopper Nick was released from the man’s grip and Gideon signaled him to take a seat. The inside of the helicopter was more sophisticated than the outside would leave to believe. There was a table and two chairs one of which Gideon took his place at. Nick took a seat across from Gideon and asked the only question that he cared about.

    “What the hell do you want with me asshole!?”

    “Such a disrespectful tone young man I should shoot you right now.” Gideon said as he laid a Makarov on the table just out of Nick’s reach, “I will tell you that you are significant in my master’s plan.”

    “And what might that be?” Nick asked a little calmer but still with an angry tone.

    “You will be told in due time.” Gideon stated bluntly.

    “Alright then when are you going to let me go?”

    “When I am done with some simple tests.” Gideon chuckled

    “If you think you're sticking a damn needle in me you have another thing comin to ya!”

    “Oh, nothing so grotesque.” Gideon reassured him, “I just need you to answer a few questions, and don’t lie you will be hooked up to a lie detector while you are doing so.”

    “Okay, shoot.”

    “I’d love to.” Gideon said as he looked at his pistol still sitting on the table. He then handed nick a sheet of paper and and a pen. He then stuck some suction pads on Nick’s forehead and hands. Nick studied the test thoroughly, it was no different than a typical school exam in fact the style was familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on why. He answered all of the questions truthfully and gave it Gideon. He began to type away at his computer looking every so often at the test. Nick was told to not remove the suction cups on him yet.

    “So you are the chosen one.” Gideon said in a serious tone.

    “What, what do you mean chosen one?” Nick asked

    “You hold the embodiment of one of the ‘Sacred Birds’” Gideon explained.

    “You mean like Lugia and Ho-Oh?” Nick guessed

    “Precisely, you have Ho-Oh’s spirit in you, well part of it at least.” Gideon explains, “You are the only one who can control it.”

    “So you want to be able to control Ho-ho, what makes you think I’ll help you.” Nick challenges.

    “You will trust me, heh heh.” Gideon gave off a small chuckle

    The way he said that worried Nick.

    “I will now drop you off at the hotel, we will find you when we need you next.” Gideon said as the chopper began its descent. Nick knew these guys meant business and they had to be stopped. He stepped out and saw Tanner, Mabel, Candice, and Dillon waiting for him at the front of the Hotel.
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    Chapter 11: A Sacred Link

    Mabel immediately ran up to Nick and embraced him and placed her lips firmly on his. She broke away from the kiss shortly to tell him to never leave her again and all that other stuff that couples do when something like that happens. She looked like she had been crying.

    “Mabel It’s okay, I’m fine now.” Nick reassured her.

    “Nick I lo...” Mabel was saying before she was cut off by Tanner.

    “What did they do to you?”

    “They gave me some kind of test and said I was the chosen one, that I embodied the spirit of Ho-Oh or some shit.” Nick explained.

    “That’s exactly what they told me, except with Lugia.” Tanner remarked.

    “Excuse me, you two.” Said a voice from behind them.

    Nick turned around and saw an elderly but fit looking man in a blue police uniform was standing behind them.

    “Grandpa?” Nick said surprisingly, “Hm, well I suppose that being the Chief of Police her in Viridian you ought to wanna know what went down.

    “Yes and you must be Tanner, I’m Chief Melvin Adams.” The introduced himself confidently, “Do you mind if I take you two to the station for questioning?”

    “Not at all.” Nick answered

    Chief Adams led us to his car. It wasn’t a normal patrol car it only had a small siren on top and it was painted brown. It looked like a 2010 Toyota Camry, but it was hard to tell as any indication of brand was stripped from it. The inside of the car was more or less normal as well except for a radio in the center console. The Chief drove them down to a Police station where they were taken into an interrogation room. It seemed a bit much but to Nick but he just assumed that was all they.

    “So what did Team Rocket do to you two.” Nick’s grandfather asked.

    Tanner took the opportunity to tell his story first. Apparently they knocked him out with chloroform, dragged him into a room and forced him to take the test. When Tanner finished one of Team Rocket’s executives came out to greet him. He dressed like a circus performer and his name was Dalton. He was one of the three executives assigned to assist Giovanni in the takeover of Saffron City Back in 1998, he was captured and sentenced to life in prison on millions of accounts of kidnapping as well as other charges including accessory to murder.
    He escaped from prison over three months ago. Tanner went on to explain that they told him he embodied the spirit of Lugia, but he stated it to be total “Taurus-Shit”. In retrospect Nick thought of what he was told similarly but was too scared to really say anything in protest. Nick was unsure of what to really think. If what Gideon had told him was true than he and Tanner were linked, it seemed awkward to think about as they were very different people in the most complicated way but fundamentally the same if everyone was just divided along the lines of right and wrong. Well maybe it would make Tanner forget that Nick was doing his sister, granted he didn’t know that their relationship had progressed that quickly. Just as Tanner had finished telling his story Nick heard the door creak open from behind him. He turned around and saw that it was Blue, but something was different, the confidant gym leader and former champion looked scorned, Nick then noticed that one of his arms was in a sling and his other arm was supporting a crutch.

    “Oh shit, are you okay?” Tanner had asked him.

    “How the hell do you think I’m doing: I was pushed into a wall by my alakazam” Blue said sarcastically, but then took on a more serious look and tone,”He’s a lot worse off though, he took a zap cannon to the chest at full blast, he may not survive.”

    “That’s awful, gives us more resolve to get the bastards that did this though.” The Chief assured the scorned gym leader.

    “I made some phone calls, there are some people who might be able to help us are coming.” Blue explained.

    “Who might that be?” Nick asked

    “Ethan and Red...” Blue began before being cut off.

    “You mean THE Red and THE Champion!” Nick exclaimed.

    “Yes, and lucky for us they will be here shortly as they were both home on holiday.”

    “Yes both of them have a lot of experience with Team Rocket.” Nick’s Grandfather added.

    Nick was quite ecstatic about meeting such legendary trainers in person, but he knew he had to control himself and be more mature than he wanted to, given the more somber mood that was already being given off. After the three of them discussed Team Rocket for about 15 more minutes the door opened and in walked in two men in their 20’s. The shorter but older looking of the two was wearing a red blazer with blue jeans. He was relatively well shaven but had a little bit of a stubble, although this was most likely due to the fact that he had not shaved that morning because of how uneven it was. The taller one was wearing a more orange tinted blazer than the other man’s, but also with a white collar. He was wearing black jeans and a gold hat with a black stripe down the center backwards. Nick recognized the two immediately. The taller one was Ethan Hart, the current champion of the Johto and Kanto Regions. The other a man was Red Rouge the World Champion, a true “Pokemon Master” in every sense of the word.

    “We got here as fast as we could, I was already on my way as soon as I saw it on the news.” Ethan explained, “Oh, how rude of us, allow me to introduce myself, I am Ethan Hart, although I would assume that you know this I do wish to keep such formality in the situation.”

    Ethan shook Nick’s hand followed by Tanner’s, he didn’t give more than a nod to Blue or the Chief though, Nick assumed that they had met before.

    “I am Red.” Red said blankly giving a short nod to Nick and Tanner before looking over to Blue, “It’s been a while.”

    “Yes it has, although I’m not in the best of condition.” Blue responded

    “Well we came to assist you in any way possible in your investigation.” Ethan said to the Chief.

    Chief Adams pulled two images up on his computer and showed them two the two trainers, one was Gideon, and the other was someone that Nick had never seen before but matched Tanner’s description of Dalton well.

    “I remember them.” Red revealed, “Gideon I fought on Chrono Island, he was the head scientist of Team Rocket’s Sevii Island Branch, the other, while I don’t remember his name he was in some kind of position of power in Team Rocket during the takeover of Saffron City.”

    “Any information regarding what they might be planning?” The Chief asked.

    “Well some plans for the event at Lake of Rage were found but disregarded due to the belief that Team Rocket had disbanded.” Ethan explained

    “I know little about the clown.” Red added.

    “I forgot to mention but he did say he was an expert on the Pokeball, like how it worked and how to improve it.” Tanner told the group.

    “Well if they really want to try and capture and use the power of the Sacred Birds they may be trying to create a replica of the Master Ball, that is what they were after when the Silph Building was attacked, only a few people in the world know how to make one.” The Chief explained.

    “Do you think they will invade Silph Co. again?” Blue asked.

    “It’s possible, I’ll call Saffron PD and tell them to up their security at the city gates.” The Chief said as he walked out of the room presumably to do just that. After about twenty minutes of chatting about Team Rocket two officers walked into the room.

    “We are here to take you back to your hotel and serve as your protection.” One of the officers said to the two. Son of a bitch, not a damned ass bodyguard, Nick thought to himself.
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    Chapter 12: Simplicity Itself

    In a small dark room somewhere in Viridian City about ten or so people sat at a table discussing the day’s events, at least the ones pertaining to Team Rocket. One of the men was Gideon who sat at the right side of the end of the table. Next to it at the end was a large black or grey chair. Someone’s arms were on the arm rests but the rest of the person’s body was completely concealed. On the left edge of the table was an empty seat. The rest of the table was filled by men in Team Rocket uniforms and business suits.

    “So tell me Gideon, how exactly are you going to get the Chosen Ones to cooperate?” Asked one of the men in a suit.

    “That has been something we have yet to figure into our equations.” Gideon said rather unsure of himself.

    The corridor slammed open revealing a flamboyantly dressed man with long green hair.

    “Damn your equations Gideon, I have the answer.” He exclaimed with a maniacal laugh.

    “And what might that be Dalton?” Gideon responded sounding agitated.

    “It’s simple, we kidnap their girlfriends.” Dalton bluntly stated.

    “Easier said than done, we have no idea who or even if their dating anybody.” Gideon scowled

    “Are you a total dumbass Dalton, you really think I would bring it up without the proper intell?” Dalton retorted.

    “He is right.” said a female voice from behind the chair.

    “Exactly, now I just need about 10 or so men to pull this off, particularly someone who can defuse alarms and phone lines.” Dalton explained.

    “Done.” The lady said shortly.

    Nick heard a tapping on the door in his hotel room. He slowly made his way over to the door after alerting whoever was on the other side that he was in fact in the room and that he would open the door. He had a small hunting knife in his right hand. He was about to open the door but figured it was best to find out who it was first.

    “Who is it?” He asked quickly

    “Your girlfriend jackass, open the door!” Mabel said jokingly threw the door.

    Nick folded the knife he was holding and put it in his pocket before opening the door.

    “Hey.” Nick greeted

    “Hi.” Mabel responded, “Candice and Tanner want to go to the amusement park today you want to come with us?” Mabel asked cutely

    “Sure, will we be able to lose our escorts?” Nick asked

    “No, bet thats for the best.” Mabe said softly

    “Oh well, lets go.” Nick agreed.

    Nick stepped out of the room and shut the door behind him. He saw Candice and Tanner standing next to each other in the hallway.

    “Were going to have some fun for now.” Tanner said softly.

    “I suppose we should be positive.” Nick agreed

    The foursome walked to the elevator and took it down to the lobby. Two police officers accompanied them down. The elevator doors opened at the lobby and they all walked out of the elevator. Suddenly they could hear gunshots coming from the lobby. The two officers drew their weapons and fired at the culprits. Team Rocket had just stormed the building, killing all of the cops posted at the ground floor to alert the cops in the room were apparently killed before they could do so.

    “Shit, get down!” Tanner yelled as we ducked to avoid being hit.

    The two police officers were shot down as they were reloading. Nick and Tanner grabbed the two guns from the cops. They were Nambu Model 60s, Nick and Tanner had shot guns before but neither of them had shot enough to have very good aim, and Tanner had never shot a pistol before.

    “Mabel, Candice, get out of here; we’ll be fine, they can’t kill us, or at least I don’t think so!” Tanner yelled

    Nick and Tanner ran back with them but were stopped by a group of grunts, they were carrying AK-47s like the last time.

    “Hahahahahaha, you kids and your pety methods of self defence.”

    “Dalton!” Tanner scowled when he heard his voice.

    “Now now you two, you knew we would have to come and get you for the work we need you to do for us.” Dalton said whimsically.

    “What makes you think we’ll listen to you bastards!” Nick said as he pointed his gun at Dalton.

    “hehehehe, challenge accepted.” Dalton giggled almost cutely as he snapped his fingers. Two grunts grabbed Mabel and Candice by the arms and dragged them over to Dalton.

    “Let me go!” Candice screamed Mabel followed suit.

    Nick pulled the grunt off of Mabel with full force and threw him into the grunt that was holding Candice causing him to let go of of her. As they began to get up Nick pulled the trigger on the gun he was holding killing one of them and quickly pulled the hammer back and did the same with the other one. Nick had never killed anyone before but he didn’t seem to be thinking about that at all. He pointed the gun back towards Dalton and pulled the hammer back.

    “Are you sure you want to do that?” Dalton looked at him evilly as he unbuttoned his vest revealing a bomb attached to his chest. He then took out a detonator from his pocket, “Why so serious, you should lighten up.”

    Two more grunts led Mabel and Candice right behind Dalton.

    “Leave them out of this!” Tanner shouted.

    “I can’t, Like you said you need a reason to do as I say.” Dalton responded lightly as he began to break out in a maniacal laugh.

    “We’ll do what you want.” Nick mumbled lightly as he dropped the gun on the floor, “Just please don’t hurt them.”

    Nick looked as if he was about to cry but kept his composure as not to give Dalton any satisfaction.

    Team Rocket made their escape with Mabel and Candice as prisoners. Tanner threw the revolver he was holding at a mirror in the lobby, shattering it.

    “We’ll find them, and I will kill all of them.” Nick muttered under his breath.

    End of book one.

    Well That's it please stay tuned for book two which shouldn't take too too long to start I'm already done for the most part with brainstorming.
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