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Gina sighed. She flipped the map over until the small N on the compass rose pointed away from her. The map still didn’t make much sense. It looked as if some kid had drawn it on some basic computer program. Her eyes shot down to the lower right-hand corner of her paper. Drawn by Lauren King, Winner of KonDraw Contest. So that was it. She sighed again. It was a crude, distasteful map, but a map nonetheless.

She flipped the paper over, looking at the descriptions of the cities in Konnichiwa. She didn’t have to scan far down the list to find her hometown, quaint little Sunrise City. She quickly read over the description:

((2)) Sunrise City -- A small city. Breeding center located here (private, by appointment ONLY).

She glanced up at the “breeding center” as she waltzed past it. It had some fancy name, the kind of name that slips a ten-year-old’s mind. The place was as uppity as it sounded in Lauren King’s description. The large brick building had been painted white and magnificently overdone in random décor. Peeking into the backyard, where many prized Pokemon romped, Gina could see fountains, trees… and grass greener than the cheap ink and oversaturated colors of the map. Not for the first time, she wondered why these Pokemon seemed to live better than she. She sighed, more happily this time. This place—she’d keep it.

“Til? Ca!” The small, overly peppy bird hopped around as if it was desperately trying to get rid of energy—something, Gina thought, which wouldn’t be a bad idea. Of all of the Pokemon her mentors could have chosen for her, they gave her Catiel. Catiel. The most common Pokemon in all of Sunrise. Wasn’t she supposed to get some cool, rare Pokemon? And how was she supposed to nickname a hyperactive bird?

She flipped open her field guide to the page about Catiel. She’d read it before, but maybe she had missed some hidden power… or something.

One the first page was a photograph of the bird which captured its essence very well. Its large eyes were closed happily, and the leaf marks on its cheeks glowed; the bird itself was a full foot off the ground. Its deep green wings were spread out wide, and its lime crest was raised high. It’s scruffy white collar of feathers was puffed and vibrant.

Catiel (Cah-teel)

Ht. 2’3”

Wt. 9.25 lbs.

Catiel are always joyous. They love to interact with everyone around them, especially other Catiel. If no other Pokemon or humans are present, they have been known to squawk at inanimate objects until someone comes along. They can be found in abundance in Sunrise City as well as throughout Triland.

Her Catiel was hopping around excitedly with the wild Catiel. Gina didn’t have the heart to tell him to fight the other Catiel who he had become friends with so quickly, so she sat on a small bump in the ground and watched as Nameless the Catiel socialized.

She pulled out Lauren King’s map again. She wasn’t very far from Sunrise City. That was fine with her. It was much more difficult than she thought it would be to leave home by herself. Her original plan had been to stay very close to Sunrise for the first day, but she didn’t want to have to waste her supplies or set up camp when she was so close to home. She would have to make it to Cuamenara Pass in three days at most, and that meant they would have to leave soon.

Gina stood up. Several Catiel came bounding over to her, as if she had been stone, suddenly come to life. She couldn’t pick out which one was her Catiel. She said to the whole group of them, “C’mon, Catiel. We’re gonna be on our way.” All but one of the birds hung their heads and tottered away. The remaining one chirped happily and started down the path ahead of her. She quickly caught up to him.

“Okay, we need to name you now, buddy,” Gina declared.

Catiel looked up hopefully, as if he had been waiting for this.

“Let me warn you, I’m awful at this,” Gina cautioned, “I couldn’t even name my online Pokemon.”

Catiel cocked his head to the side curiously as Gina continued, “Okay, so. You’re a guy and you’re hyper. What should I call you?” Catiel cooed softly, joining Gina in deep thought.

“I guess “Talkative” would be a stretch, huh?” she asked. Catiel nodded.

“I wish I had my computer right now,” Gina thought aloud, “then I could look up some cool word in some other language to name you… What about “Hyper” or something?” Catiel made a disapproving guttural sound. She sighed, “Okay…”

They strode down the path in silence for a while, enjoying the scenery. There were no disturbances for a while. Not much to Gina’s surprise, Catiel suddenly began squawking. She whipped around. Catiel was being attacked by a small raccoon Pokemon, Zigzagoon. Spontaneously and excitedly, Gina shouted, “Attack it, Catiel!”

Catiel abruptly stopped its manic squalling. It looked to Gina, awaiting a more specific order. However, the Zigzagoon wouldn’t wait. He puffed himself up and charged.

“Ah! Quick, dodge it!” Gina yelled.

Catiel jumped, shooting up several feet and evading Zigzagoon’s quick attack. Gina watched in awe. She hadn’t known he could jump like that! Zigzagoon turned around, and prepared for another charge.

“Okay, Catiel! When he charges, jump and try and land on him. But do a peck attack, so your beak hits him and not your feet,” Gina ordered. She clapped her hands together, aggravated. That hadn’t come out correctly.

Catiel understood what she meant. As Zigzagoon ran, he jumped, and prepared to peck right into Zigzagoon’s back as it ran under him. All this achieved, however, was Catiel getting a face full of the raccoon’s spikes. Catiel shook his head, chirping while Gina looked on, ashamed. She knew better than that. “Catiel…do you know…” she groaned, agitated, “…just dodge him for a second!” She grabbed her field guide from the top of her backpack, and she flipped to the page about Catiel. She quickly scanned over his attacks, “That’s it! Catiel, razor leaf!”

Catiel chirped in agreement. His cheek leaves glowed, and he sent a gust of sharp leave toward the Zigzagoon. The raccoon staggered backwards, having to delay its next charge.

“Okay, now peck it while it’s not looking, but not in the spike things!” Gina commanded.

Catiel ran at Zigzagoon, who was still recovering from the leaves in its face. The raccoon’s head snapped up. It puffed, and charged at Catiel.

“Catiel, jump!”

Catiel took a bounding leap over Zigzagoon, and managed to land a peck on his opponent’s backside. He was met with more spikes in the face, but not without a small victory. Scared by the sudden uncomfortable jar from behind, the raccoon retreated.

Catiel ran over to Gina, chirping excitedly. He hadn’t won, and he knew that, but he hadn’t lost either, now had he? Gina scooped him up. Despite his continual pep, she could see that Catiel was exhausted—his chest heaved in and out.

The sun was hanging low, so as soon as there was forest visible nearby, Gina rushed over to it and found shelter in the trees. She set Catiel down. Exhausted but not injured, he would be fine after a good night’s sleep.

Day 1 (One! Uno!)

Okay, I know this is kind of kiddish, but my sister suggested it, and I think it’ll be fun to look back and see what my thoughts were. So, I’m going to keep a journal for as long as I can remember to. Let’s see. I didn’t do much today. Well, I started my journey! I got a Catiel. A CATIEL. Oh well. He’s cute and he’s really funny, so I guess it’s okay. I’m thinking about naming him Sproing, considering he surprised me during our battle with a Zigzagoon today by jumping like five feet in the air!

Anyway, I got him. The ceremony is never spectacular, but I thought it was cute today. It’s nice that they give us pre-packed bags. The guidebook is super-helpful. It saved me against that Zigzagoon.

So, there were only like seven of us. Usually there are about eleven, but there weren’t many kids in my class, so I guess it makes sense. We all stood on stage in the plaza, and Mrs. Byrne made some speech about how accomplished we were (are??). Then they gave us our bags, and one by one we took the Pokeballs out and opened them for our families and whoever else wanted to watch. Some people got really cool Pokemon. This one kid got a Rattata. I know they don’t get that strong, but that’s so cool! They’re mad rare. I hear you can only get them when like shipments come in from Kanto and Hoenn and stuff. Maybe one day they’ll start to live here. I wonder why they don’t like Konnichiwa.

Hm. Okay, I should probably say something about Konnichiwa, in case if I ever go to Johto and someone reads this, they’ll know what it’s like. Well, it doesn’t have any evil organizations that I know of. Oh, and we don’t have badges here. We call them merits. We each have journeyer I.D., though. I’m not really sure what we call people who battle with Pokemon. Some are trainers, some are journeyers (I like that one), and some are… well, other stuff. IDK. Well, Konnichiwa is named after Konnichiwa City. It’s this huge city that takes up the whole southern coast of the continent! Most of it is forest, though. I live in Sunrise City, the city furthest to the east. Isn’t that cute? There’s a Sunset City in the west. I wonder how the sun comes up there?

Anyway, there are 9 merits we have to get before we can battle the Dirija League, our league. Also, we have something really cool that no one else does. We have a mini-suburb thing called Triland. Triland is three islands and it even has its own league! You need the five merits of Triland to battle in the Triland League. I really want to go there. But, because I’m from Sunrise, I have to beat the Dirija people before I can battle the league in Triland. I can go there for fun, though, and to battle non- merit trainers (AKA trainers who don’t run Arcs, which is what we call what Hoenn people call “GYMS”.) So, if I can get there before I beat Dirija, I’m going to go.

I think that’s it.

Oh yeah. Catiel didn’t beat the Zigzagoon, it fled. The Zigzag-y one fled, not Catiel. So we tied, I guess.

Wins: -
Losses: -
Ties: 1!

Battles: None but one!