i need sum HELP PLZ!
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Thread: i need sum HELP PLZ!

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    Question i need sum HELP PLZ!

    hiya! Does anyone remeber a fan fic called "Mewtwo strikes back... at Misty!?" It was here a long while ago! If anyone saved it plz email me! Purple_Sakura_Fairy@yahoo.com ! THX!

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    If it was here, just go back in the archives. See where the default view is to view things for the past 30 days? Change it to view everything posted since the beginning of the forum.

    Also, a little hint for the future--please spell things out fully, ie "I need some HELP PLEASE!" People will be more likely to answer your requests then.

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    I think it was prior to the current Bulbagarden incarnation. A Google search brings up a single result, with a reference to it being archived at pffa.bulbagarden.com. I'm currently seeing if I can find it using archive.org.

    [Edit] Found it. Gotta love archive.org.
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