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    Chapter 1: Dark Beginnings

    The sun shone brightly on this particular day on the dusty outskirts of Fallarbor town. The two eager and young Pokémon trainers prepared themselves for the battle to come. On one side, was a bright looking fellow by the name of Jason. He wore a green jacket over a plain white shirt, as well as black jeans with a pair of plain-looking white tennis shoes. The glasses that adorned his straight and smiling face were glaring in the bright sun, so that his eyes were barely visible. The other trainer, a darker-skinned boy wearing a gray t-shirt and brown, loose sweatpants, faced Jason about 10 feet away from him, forming something of a makeshift arena between them. Both of them held two Poké-balls: small, round objects with a red-colored top half, a white colored bottom half, and a small button in the center, in each hand, which meant they were ready to face off.

    "C'mon out, Lombre and Mightyena!" the dark-skinned boy shouted as he threw the Poké-balls into the center of the ring. A burst of light came forth from each ball, forming the shapes of two Pokémon inside the ring. One was a small, hunchbacked creature called Lombre, with green, slimy skin, and a large green leaf on top of its head. The other light formed a creature known as Mightyena, a fierce looking canine with shaggy black fur. With his two Pokémon in the battle arena, the boy waited for his opponent to make his selection.

    Grinning, Jason tossed his Poké-balls into the ring. "Lets go, Breloom and Wobbuffet!" he shouted confidently. Just as before, bursts of white light came forth from both Balls. One light formed Breloom, a bouncing creature with a mushroom-shaped top, a long, thick tail with 3 large seeds adorning the end, and something of an facial overbite. The other light formed a Pokémon known as Wobbuffet, a rather simple shaped, slender body that got bigger as it got closer to its stout and proud face, as well as four rather stubby and short legs, and a peculiar black tail that seemed to bear two bright eyes of its own.

    "Wait a minute, something isn't right here!" Jason thought to himself as he looked down at the two Pokémon that had just entered the ring. The Breloom which had just appeared was looking rather sick. Its normally bright green and beige body had turned a deathly gray, with patches of a darker black moss growing on various spots of its body. The Breloom itself had started to crouch on the floor using one of its long claws, panting and drooling as soon as it appeared. Right next to him, the Wobbuffet that had just been called out, was still standing and facing its opponents. However, the typical bright blue that normally covers Wobbuffets body, had turned into a deep, olive green. The Wobbuffet seemed to be sweating a whole lot as well.

    "No!" Jason called out to his Pokémon as he ran toward them. His grinning face from earlier had turned to one of great worry and sorrow for his Pokémon. He knelt close to his dying Pokémon, putting his hands on both of their shoulders. "Breloom, Wobbuffet, are you alright?!" he pleaded. The Breloom's panting had turned into loud choking, and soon, black ooze started to vomit forth from its mouth. Jason had really begun to worry now: he jumped back as soon as Breloom started throwing up. Right next to Jason, the still proud and stern-faced Wobbuffet had just collapsed onto the ground, its face still not changing expression, but the breathing stopping entirely. "Please, oh no! Please!" Jason pulled out the two Pokéballs from before, and, with a small red beam shooting forth from the center, engulfed the two Pokémon. Jasons opponent, the grey-shirted kid, looking nervous, shifted back and forth across the open area. "Listen, I better go!" he said anxiously, and called back his Lombre and Mightyena in the same fashion as Jason had done with his Pokémon, however Jason ignored him entirely. He then made a dash back toward the nearby Fallarbor town, but the entire background seemed to had shifted into complete and utter darkness...

    "Ahhh!" Jason screamed as he leaped out of his bed, beads of sweat completely covering his unkempt brown hair, as well as his lighter face. He began panting heavily as he looked around the dark room. It was still nighttime, and he had awoken from the same nightmare he had been waking up to for the last seven years. Seven years ago he had witnessed the trumatic death of his two first Pokémon, and it had haunted him ever since. Though it happened such a long time ago, he could not remember it any more clearly. Jason had just finished his gym battle with the leader Flannery of Lavaridge town, and recieved his fourth gym badge. He had made a quick stop in Fallarbor town, so he could stock up and head past Meteor Falls and return to Rustboro City, where he had planned on meeting his younger sister, who called him the day before, and had also begun her Pokémon journey the same day he did. That was the day one of the locals challenged him to a battle in that same town, the dark-skinned kid in the same nightmare. It was that same day Jason, horrified by the deaths of his close friends, Breloom and Wobbuffet, completely gave up on himself and his dreams of competing in the Hoenn Pokémon league, and chose to hide in the deeper forests of the Hoenn region.

    Jason sat still, alone in the dark bedroom of his small treehouse. Although he was not quite alone, across from the room sat two other Poké-balls on top of a small desk. The Pokémon inside were most likely quite resting as well: they contained the two other Pokémon that Jason had caught seven years back, and strangly enough, had evaded the strange disease that took the lives of his Breloom and Wobbuffet.

    Jason felt tense: He had no idea how he planned on falling asleep again. It was around 1:00am in the morning, and he felt as if someone shook himself out of his sleep. Just then, a calming, crystalline blue aura began to form in all the corners of the room. Jason yawned and crawled back into his small bed. "Alright...maybe it wasnt sleeping after all..."

    The morning came soon enough. Jason came out of bed, and feeling quite refreshed, helped himself to a breakfast of oatmeal topped off with chopped Tropius fruit. The older looking Jason, who does not look too much different from the younger Jason from the dream, had a slightly broader frame, as well as slightly thicker glasses and longer, but well-kept brown hair. Although he lived alone in these woods, he was still concious of his looks and hygiene.

    Jason finished eating and placed the dishes into a small bucket of water in the corner of the room. He immediately grabbed the two Poké-balls sitting on the desk, and with a quick dash into the main room, slid down and out of the treehouse via a long vine coming down and reaching the ground. Although his aspirations of Pokémon competitions had long died, he still felt it necessary to remain close to his remaining Pokémon, and to keep them trained and fit, so that they could remain to live long and healthy.

    Gripping one of the Poké-balls and smiling, Jason tossed it into the air with a loud and confident command, "C'mon out, Kirlia! Its time to begin!". A burst of light came forth from the Poké-ball and formed a small, rather human-looking figure with a slender white body, and long, green hair topped with two red horns. The Kirlia stood there, smiling at its trainer, on two graceful looking, greenish legs. "Kirlia!" it said brightly, as it curtsied toward its master, which told him that it was ready to begin.

    Jason pulled what looked like 3 golden rods out of his green jacket. With a thrust of his arm, he tossed them spinning into the air, "Alright Kirlia, Will-O-Wisp attack!". The Kirlia focused its mind, and with a twirling of its arms, tossed three bluish fireballs at the airborne rods. As the Wisps floated gently toward the flying rods, they eventually collided. Two of the wisps engulfed the rods with a dark blue flame, while the other, center wisp flew right past its target rod. "That's good, but we need to work on your aim a bit more. I know Will-O-Wisp is a tricky attack to use, but it will probably save you when the time comes and we need it." The Kirlia listened intentively and nodded, "Kirlia!" it said, ready to begin another round.

    As the training session between Jason and Kirlia continued, a shadowy figure had been watching. The figure smiled devilishly, as if it had found what it was looking for. Softly and calmly, a sinister and feminine voice spoke into a small communications device lodged behind its hood, "Come in, Base 3. Over".

    Seconds later, a second voice spoke. "We hear you, Agent Stacey. Have you found the target then?".

    The feminine voice began again, "Yes, i've found what the Boss has been looking for. One Kirlia, and a hapless fool who's about to lose said Kirlia."

    "Good." the device spoke again. "Secure our prey, and return to us swiftly. Our boss has plans, which he wants have started shortly."

    "Roger that. Stacey out" The figure smiled evilly, and began to emerge from the bushes in which she had been hiding. She began to walk toward the trainer and Pokémon to introduce herself.

    "Hey there! Like...that's a nice Pokémon you've got there!" Stacey called out to the duo-in-training. "I've been looking around these woods for a good challenge! Wanna have a quick battle?"

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    Chapter 2: The Forest Thief

    "Who are you exactly?" Jason asked the young girl who had emerged from the nearby bushes, and challenged him to a battle. "Name's Stacey!" she had said in a perky, high pitched voice. Stacey stood around four feet away from Jason now: She looked somewhat young, maybe around fifteen years of age, with flowing, dark brown hair and a light complexion. She wore long, black boots, along with a small white skirt, a white tanktop shirt with a black vest, and a crimson red scarf around her neck. She never seemed to stop smiling. "Oh, ive been wandering this woods for a long, long time. No one seems to come out here much! Its really quite out of the way!". Jason smiled back at the girl, "I actually live here." he said as he pointed toward his treehouse home nearby. Stacey simply continued smiling at Jason "So then, you up for a battle?"

    Jason looked down at his partner, the Kirlia. It had been watching this conversation the whole time, and looked rather eager to battle. "Kirlia! Kirlia!" she exclaimed. Jason smiled at Kirlia and nodded, and then looked back at Stacey. "I think my Kirlia's up for it."

    "Great! Lets get started!" Stacey said as she increased the distance between herself and Jason. "The small clearing in the middle of these woods will be so perfect." Stacey thought to herself, a hidden and sinister smile crossing her face. She turned back toward Jason, now ten feet away from him, forming the battling ring. "Ready when you are!" she shouted.

    Jason looked back down his eager Kirlia and said, "Dont worry, this is as good a training as we can get.". "Kirlia!" it said in its enthusiastic voice.

    "Alright then, I choose Kirlia!" Jason shouted at Stacey as he pointed toward the ring. Kirlia heard this and danced right onto one side of the ring.

    Stacey pulled out a tiny Poké-ball from her black vest. With a small click, the Poké-ball grew larger. Stacey then tossed the Poké-ball into the ring with a shout, "Go, Zangoose!". A burst of bright white light came forth from the ball, which formed the shape of a Zangoose, a fierce looking, hairy white creature with two sets of very large and wicked claws, a bushy white and long tail, and the most notable feature, a long red scar across its face and reaching down to its chest. "Zaaannnngoose!" it screeched as it entered the ring.

    Jason shouted confidently toward the ring, "Kirlia, Will-O-Wisp attack!". Kirlia began to spin her arms in a ritualistic fashion, and a small blue fireball formed in her hands, which launched itself toward Zangoose. Stacey countered with a command to her Zangoose, "Zangoose, Swords Dance!". Zangoose nodded and its whole body began to spin rapidly for a few seconds. As it began to spin like a whirlwind, Kirlias fireball continued its course. It soon collided with Zangoose, and engulfed its entire body in a flash of blue fire, which dissapeared as soon as it appeared. Zangoose stopped its dancing and raised its claws in defiance toward Kirlia. It looked ready to strike, though Zangoose's perfect white fur had now been charred black on most parts of its body.

    Stacey would not stand around while this happened. "Zangoose, Quick Attack!" she commanded with confidence. Zangoose knelt down on all fours and began to charge toward Kirlia. Jason saw this coming and responded with, "Kirlia, Psychic!". Kirlia nodded and focused its mind. With blazing speed and agility, Zangoose had closed the distance between itself and Kirlia, and had charged straight into the psychic type. Kirlia took the force of the blow head on and was thrown back a few feet from its standing position, but managed to stay on its feet. Kirlia continued to concentrate and, after it recovered from the force of the blow, Kirlia began its attack. It opened its eyes, which revealed a bright white glow, and at the same time, Zangoose's body began to glow as it was lifted into the air. Effortlessly, Kirlia used its mind to throw Zangoose into the trunk of a nearby tree. The shock of that blow seemed to do considerable damage to Zangoose, though it managed to get back on its feet.

    "Kirlia, finish it with a Thunderbolt!" Jason shouted as the Zangoose attempted to recover. Kirlia nodded once again and with a small twirling of her arms, it seemed to engulf itself in electrical energy, which she directed toward the dazed Zangoose. The fierce Thunderbolt attack seemed to make even the very ground rise, and had hit Zangoose with a great powerful force. Zangoose's charred and unconcious body fell to the ground.

    Stacey grinned at this sight. She pulled out her Poké-ball, which she used to call back the fallen Zangoose. A bright red beam came forth from the ball and toward Zangoose, and seconds later the Pokémon had been gone. Jason knelt down and smiled toward Kirlia, "That was more than impressive! Great battle!" Jason had congratulated his Pokémon, and at the same time ignored the presence of Stacey. Kirlia seemed to be impressed with itself as well. "Go ahead and rest for a while". Jason drew forth Kirlia's Poké-ball, and recalled Kirlia as Stacey had with Zangoose.

    Jason stood there, smiling and proud of his Kirlia, now inside its Poké-ball. Just then, Stacey had run right past him and snatched the Poké-ball from his hands. Stacey then whistled toward the forest, and in a heartbeat, another Pokémon had emerged from the safety of the forest, a large and firey horse known as Rapidash. Jason, shocked at this sudden development, yelled at the thief, "What're you doing!?". Stacey pulled her scarf over her head, which formed a crimson red hood with two black horns adorning its top. She then mounted her Rapidash effortlessly, and smiled evilly at Jason, now holding his Poké-ball.

    Jason looked even more shocked, "You...You're Team Magma!" he shouted as he pointed angrily at Stacey.

    Stacey continued smiling, "Good job, Genius". She then mentioned toward her Rapidash, "Lets go!" and in a flash, they had both dissapeared into the thick forest.

    Jason stood there, dumbfounded at the whole event. He then came to his senses, and within him, formed a new resolve. He then drew the remaining Poké-ball from his green jacket, and sternly vowed to himself, "I've lost two Pokémon, and i'll be damned before I let it happen again!" Valiently, he tossed his second Poké-ball into the air and shouted, "C'mon Skarmory, lets go get our friend back!"

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    Chapter 3: Conspiracy

    The lab was dark, filled with the aura of mystery and intrigue, as well as wall to wall computers and lab equipment. Dr. Vorkov paced around nervously, waiting for the conformation that the mission had been successful. Dr. Vorkov himself was a tall and well built man, reaching six feet high, with a long, thick black beard along with short and shaggy hair. You could not be able to tell that he was a scientist, if not for the white lab coat he was wearing.

    "Any word then?" a mysterious figure spoke in the shadows.

    "No! No! Will you stop asking me that! We expect her to call shortly!" Dr. Vorkov exclaimed in his deep, Russian-sounding voice.

    "She had better be safe, for your sake..." the figure responded coldly. With that, the figure raised a curved, green tinted, wickedly sharp blade from out of the shadows.

    "Put that away, you fool!". Dr. Vorkov was obviously angry now, likely frustrated at having to submit to this...freak. "Dont forget who gave you that."

    "Yes..." the shadowy figure spoke again. "With this...with all of this...my revenge shall soon be complete."

    As the two spoke, a small red light on one of the computer panels started to noise. "That must be her." Dr. Vorkov spoke calmly. He then pushed a large green button near one of the speakers, "Stacey, come in".

    "Yes, its me." The speaker spoke with a sinister and feminine voice, but with a slight mix of static. "I am on route toward the base with my capture."

    Dr. Vorkov looked relieved. "See, she's fine. One of our most skilled agents". The figure however, spoke nothing in response.

    The speaker began again, "But tell me, why must we, the great Team Magma, resort to becoming common Pokémon thieves? It just feels so...so sleazy."

    "We will do as ordered and nothing more." Dr. Vorkov said. "Master Maxie specifically ordered that a Kirlia be found and secured. Those were his explicit instructions. He has plans for it, as well as his worthless daughter."

    "Roger. Understood. I will be returning shortly. Stacey out." With that, the speakers turned off on its own.

    Just then, two other Magma agents stepped into the control room. They wore the typical uniform of Team Magma agents: long, crimson red pants with black shoes, a sleeved, crimson red shirt bearing its logo (which looked like two mountainous peaks with a large circled space in its center), as well as a red, black horned hood similiar to Staceys.

    "The preparations are complete, Dr. Vorkov." one of the Magma agents spoke sternly. "The Boss' daughter has been drugged and subdued, we await only the specified prey."

    "Good! Let us go then." Dr. Vorkov said, grinning. "Hakon, welcome your 'girlfriend' back into the compound."

    "Yes..." the shadowy figure spoke.

    Stacey rode through the forest, atop her gallant Rapidash mount. Inside her black leather vest, contained the Pokéball with Jason's Kirlia inside. As she rode throughout the forest, she surveyed her surroundings, "Nothing can stop me now" she thought to herself. A few minutes later, she had exited the forest and entered a clear, open meadow. Various wild Pokémon were roaming the plains. Grazing Tauros, frolicking Furrets, as well as swarms of Beautifly searching food were among the wild Pokémon. Stacey however rode past them all and continued her course.

    A great gust built up in the airspace above Stacey. She looked up and was being pursued by a small man atop a large, silver bird. "Damn that man. Well at least this shall be slightly interesting now."

    Jason continued to pursue Stacey atop his loyal Skarmory. Skarmory was a large, metal bird with a sharp and shiny beak. It flew on wide and sharp wings, with crimson feathers that streaked across the sky. "Good job Skarmory!" Jason yelled as they raced through the air. Pleased with its swiftness, it screeched at the sky, "Skaaaaaaaar!".

    Stacey herself felt a little startled by the loud screech. "These guys mean business" she thought to herself. "Rapidash, Flamethrower attack!" she commanded. Rapidash continued its blazing run across the plains, but at the same time, its head turned toward the pursuing pair and unleashed a long stream of flame. "Skarmory, dodge it!" Jason said. Skarmory lifted one of its wings slightly in order to change its flight pattern, which allowed it to dodge the Flamethrower just in time. Due to the distraction, Stacey gained a little extra distance from Jason and his Skarmory.

    "Oh no you dont!" Jason said to himself. "Skarmory, Agility!" Skarmory heard the command and focused its mind. Skarmory felt its body grow much lighter, and as it did, its speed increased dramatically. They were almost above Stacey now. "Now Skarmory, Swift Attack!". With that, a long stream of bright stars burst forth from Skarmory's open beak and toward Stacey. The Rapidash swearved to the side, dodging the Swift attack.

    The exchanging of these blows went on for a while, until they crossed into another forest. The battling pairs soon came across a rustic grey and sinister looking building. Jason saw that one of the gates had opened from a wall of the building, possibly for Stacey to enter. "At least we've got her trapped now!" Jason's predictions were correct. Stacey and her Rapidash had entered the dark compound though the rusty, upward gates. Jason and Skarmory then made a beeline as the gate began to close itself downward just as quickly.

    Jason and Skarmory made it inside the compound just in time. It was rather dark, though light enough to see. This rundown building almost looked like some sort of garage, greasy streaks ran its walls, although there was a potted plant (possibly to make the building less dingy-looking) straight ahead of Jason, in the corner of the long hall, which turned sharply to the left. Stacey and Rapidash had already dissapeared, though Jason knew for a fact that they were inside somewhere. Skarmory stood by its trainer on its two sturdy and sharp talons, its wings now folded into its body. "Skaar?" it asked.

    "We've got no choice." Jason answered. He knew Kirlia was inside, taken prisoner by the vile Magma agent. "We shall press on and rescue Kirlia." And with that, Trainer and Pokémon began to cautiously tread on into the long and dark halls.

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    Nice chapters, I presume you're going to post these quite often. But given your laer works, it's starting to make sense to me..


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