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    Ariana clung to her Crobat fearfully as they neared the island. She just couldn't shake the feeling that he was waiting for her. The man from that night in the alley in Goldenrod. That wicked smile full of hate... She felt a chill run down her spine. Her stomach was doing backflips over the ordeal and she had to struggle to hold down the urge to throw up. Add to that the fact that some kid beat them all again... It wasn't even supposed to be possible. Archer had been meticulous in making sure the kid wouldn't be able to stop them. She glanced over at Petrel. He is the only one who doesn't seem to be affected by this... What is he up to? Proton had gone berserk over the ordeal. Feeling the bile surge in her stomach again, Ariana let her thoughts go and concentrated more on not throwing up.

    The great flock of Crobat and Golbat landed on the beach of their island and moved out of the way so all the other grunts could land. Archer had the unmistakable air of defeat around him. Ariana pushed her way to him. "Now what do we do?"

    All the grunts were listening to what he had to say. Archer turned to face them all. "I'm sorry... I failed. We have a ship to take us back to Kanto- Madame will be there. Just go back to the lab, heal your Pokemon, and we'll leave this place."

    "Why do we have to go? It's not like the Guild is after us," one grunt in the crowd asked.

    "No... But I can't lead you anymore. We were safe and flourished in power under Madame's rule- Let's just go back to where we can be strong again. Maybe Giovanni will be able to find us there." Seeing no need to argue with the ruler who had at least tried to keep them safe. The grunts all trudged back to the lab behind him. None of them had any idea who was waiting for them to do just that.
    Hayle sent a hand signal to Danatalion as soon as all the grunts disappeared into the lab. Danatalion passed the signal to Koga who shot off through the forest to tell Sam.

    "They're all inside."

    Sam picked up the walkie-talkie with a devious smile spreading across his face. Scyther had a smirk. Mewtwo stood beside him, swirling his great tail impatiently. "Release them all," was the single command given. Across the island, Gyarados were released into the water to destroy the ship and guard the waters so no aid could come and no one could try to swim from the island. A legion of Rapidash and Ninetails were set out into the wild to burn the trees and foliage so there wouldn't be anywhere for Team Rocket members to hide. Electrabuzz and Ampharos were sent on a similar arsenal mission. Finally, an army of Nidoqueen, Nidoking, and Machamp were discharged to break windows in case of poison gases and knock down trees for easier burning as well as block the exits with dirt, logs, and rocks to keep the Team Rocket executives in for as long as possible.

    Hayle, Danatalion, and gym leaders from not only Johto, but Kanto as well were placed at various positions for when the swarm came. Sam, Red, Blue, Mewtwo, Scyther, Tao, Koga, and Sabrina were all going in. They were in front of the back door. Sam eyed the lock carefully. Sabrina pulled her charcoal black hair out of her face impatiently. "Can you pick that lock?"

    "I can... But it'd take too much time. It's too complex," Sam responded. He pulled out his new, sharp, black dagger and slammed it through the steel door and simply cut the lock out and opened the door. Koga laughed at the action, greatly amused by Sam's improv. Tao smirked and giggled. Sam tipped his hat and winked at them. He opened the door wide for them. "Ladies first."

    Sabrina snorted and stormed in with Tao close behind her. Once the rest of their crew passed him, he ghosted in behind them and closed the door quietly.
    Ariana was packing her bags unhappily when she caught the smell of smoke. At first, she thought it was just her nerves- but her nerves got the better of her. She ventured out into the silent hallway- all the grunts were milling around packing things up. She strode down the hallways to the southern end of the building where the security room was. She knocked on the door and waited for them to open it like they were supposed to. After standing there for longer than she believed necessary, she opened the door for herself.

    "Just what do you lazy-" Ariana cut off her scolding when she turned around one of the chairs and saw the grunt slumped in the chair; his throat cut wide open. All five grunts were dead. She looked at the security monitors in fear. One screen showed the fire spreading rampant through the island, another showed Gyarados attacking their ship viciously, another one showed her staring at the screens in fear, yet another showed the intruder. He was dressed in all black. As she stared at him in horror, he looked up and flashed a bone-chillingly evil smile at the security camera as if he knew she could see him. Icy fear coursed through her veins. Then she realized that that security camera was just down the hall. She turned on the alarm system and then threw herself from the room and ran down the hall calling for help.

    Ariana never saw the barbed trip wire, only felt it rip through the flesh of her ankle. She hit the ground hard. She tried to roll over to try and free her foot from the wire. Standing right in front of her... Looking down at her with a cruel glint in his eyes was Sam. He didn't even pause for a second. She tried to scream, but he cut her off forever by slamming his blade through her forehead.

    With the alarm going, grunts were coming out of their rooms. He cursed under his breath. The Rockets knew they were here now, though he knew he'd be discovered eventually. Scyther came to his side, panting heavily with the excitement of battle.

    "Arceus, Scyther, don't have a heart attack," Sam scolded him with a smile. Scyther clashed his blades together as a quiet substitution for a war cry. The flow of grunts coming towards them dismissed the idea of further banter.

    "Intruders! There they are!" one particularly loud grunt yelled out. A large number of grunts pulled out Poke Balls and prepared to release their Pokemon. Sam pulled out several of his throwing knives and threw them at the forerunners of the pack with accuracy and speed. That made the rest hesitate, and that hesitation was all Sam needed. Both he and Scyther carved a bloody gash through the Rocket's ranks. Most were dead before they hit the ground. Grunts towards the back decided to high-tail it way from the man in black and his scyther. Within moments, the rest of the crowd that had stayed or weren't fast enough to get away perished. Leaving a job well done, the two shadows disappeared into the darkness and continued down the hall after checking every room to ensure that no one was left.
    Red and Blue had decided to stick together. They had both realized that when it came to something like this, petty rivalries were the least of their concerns. They didn't have the capability to kill another human being, necessarily, but Koga was close behind them and he cleaned up what they left behind. Niether boy wanted to think about what happened to the Rockets they left in their wake. Sabrina had gone off on her own. They could hear the barbed whip crack and the screams of her victims as she lashed out at them. Mewtwo was on his own, but chose to be nearby Sam in case one needed the other. Tao was hell-bent one thing and one thing only- getting Arthur. No one knew where she'd gone, but it was obvious that she was hunting Arthur.

    The alarms started going off. A whole legion of grunts ran out of their rooms and quickly recognized Blue and Red, even without the hat. In a fair fight- you only used one Pokemon. Red decided that this wasn't supposed to be fair. He pulled out all his Pokemon and released them.

    Blue stared at him in shock. "What the hell are you doing?"

    "Forget the rules, Blue."

    Koga chipped in as he released all of his Pokemon as well. "He's right. You guys couldn't take out all of their Pokemon within a year even if they had them stand in single file line."

    Blue scowled. Playing dirty wasn't his thing, but Koga was right. No one was playing fair here. "Alright, let's go!" He released all seven of his Pokemon- Machamp, Gyarados, Rhyperior, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Tyranitar, and his old trusty Pidgeot. It was Red's turn to stare in shock. Blue shrugged. "What? I wanted to be prepared, so took seven Pokemon." Red shook his head in disbelief.

    Despite the huge and on going fray, Red and Blue both noticed that the Team Rocket grunts were falling suddenly and quickly. Red's Pikachu let loose a huge burst of lightning that reached all the Pokemon by chain reaction. The small mouse Pokemon was thoroughly tired at that point, but it cleared the air. All Pokemon left were wiped out by a large blast of psychic power that cut them all completely in half. Standing on the other side of the battlefield was Sam, Scyther, and Mewtwo.

    "Sam! I've never been so glad to see you of all people," Koga said with a laugh.

    Sam smirked in the shadows. "Koga, you old dog, I thought you could handle something like this. I'm disheartened to see I was wrong."

    "I wasn't about to walk through that battle just to get to those Rocket worms," Koga stated. Sam walked towards them. As he got closer and stepped into the light, they realized that he had blood all over him. Koga looked at him with something like concern. "Are you okay? You're drenched in blood."

    Sam looked down at himself then back up with at them with an oddly cheerful grin. "It's okay. None of it's mine."

    Red and Blue stared at him in shock and a bit of fear. Both of them also felt a great deal of respect for him at the moment. Koga grunted. "Koga, go find Tao for me. I don't want her out there alone. I don't want to lose anyone to this mess. Red, Mewtwo will go with you. Between you guys, take out any grunts you see. Just keep walking down the main hallway; don't bother straying from it. There has to be some type of commence somewhere where they'll try to make a stand- we'll meet up there. Blue, you're with me. Disperse." Koga nodded in agreement to the plan and disappeared. Red followed Mewtwo, who'd already started walking away.

    Blue stared at Sam nervously. "What are we going to do?"

    Sam smiled. "You're going to help me find Ditto." Blue's eyes widened. "I'll need a good trainer I can trust watching my back- So let's go." He began walking away.

    "Do you... Have any idea where to find him?" Blue asked as he followed quickly. He had to jog a little bit to keep up with Sam's long strides.

    "There's got to be blueprints somewhere... They might be in the security room- that's where we'll check first." Blue nodded. Ditto... In all the excitement, I'd almost forgotten why Sam is even doing this... I hope Ditto is okay.

    As they walked through the halls, Blue saw all the dead Rockets everywhere. He blanched and paled as he realized that Sam and Scyther had done it. The Scyther was walking behind them, lagging a bit. Blue could hear his ragged breath and felt a pang of sympathy.

    Sam opened the door to the security room and went inside as he told Blue to wait outside. He came back out with the blueprints and laid them on the ground. He studied them carefully. "Hmm... Looks like I was right about the commence. It's near the entrance to the building too. They'll definitely put up a fight there... And here- this must be the Laboratory." Sam looked around getting their bearings. "We're here which means... We need to go that way." He pointed to the hallway to his left. Blue left figuring out the proper route to take to Sam. He looked at that map and saw nothing but senseless squares and rectangles. Finally, Sam stood up and took the hallway to the left. He turned at various intersections, but never faltered in his decision. They met little resistance.

    "It's quiet..." Blue commented.

    "Yes... it is. I'm not sure I like it. They've probably moved towards the exit or fled the building... I'm sure the captains outside are getting the fight of their lives," Sam responded. As they passed a room with the door wide open, Blue peered inside. There were several desks and the soft glow of computer screens. Sam looked to see what had stopped Blue. "What is it?"

    "I guess it's where they do their research..." Blue walked to the nearest desk and flipped through the papers. There was a checklist of some sort. Blue took it out of the room and into the hallway to where he could see it better.

    Sam looked at it. "It's... A list of Ditto."

    "They have over a hundred," Blue commented. All the Ditto were named with a number, so it was imposible to tell one from the other with just a sheet. Some names had big X's by them and five had check marks. "What do you think the checkmarks stand for?" Blue asked nervously.

    "Well, if you consider that they took over the Radio Tower to broadcast a message to Giovanni... My guess is that they completed his dream for him. Five more Mew have been added to the world," Sam answered emotionlessly.

    "... What will you do if... if your Ditto was turned into a Mew?" Blue asked nervously, tripping over the words. He wasn't sure how Sam would react to a question like that. Blue watched him closely.

    Sam stared up at the ceiling for a moment, considering the possibility. "Well... I guess I'd have to think of a proper name for him."


    "What? Why on earth would I keep calling him 'Ditto' if he's a Mew? Doesn't make any sense. I'd have to think of real name for him."

    Blue processed the logic. "You... wouldn't be bothered by his new form?"

    "Were you bothered when your Growlithe evolved into an Arcanine?"

    "Well... no."

    "Exactly. It's the same Pokemon, just a different form... Which hardly makes a difference to me since Ditto never stays in one form for too long anyway." Sam walked away from him at that. Blue tossed away the clipboard and followed Sam. At the end of the hallway was a big, steel double-door. Sam stopped in front of it. His hand had a hold of the handle. Every fiber of his being wanted to believe that Ditto was still here, but he refused let his hopes get high. It was that damn optimistic hope that had crushed him last time. He let out a slow breath and opened the doors to the laboratory.

    Cages lined the walls on every side containing hundreds of Pokemon. Sam looked around him and saw all of their scared, hurt faces and saw the all the pain in their eyes. But more than anything, he just wanted to find his Pokemon- Ditto. But he couldn't just abandon these Pokemon, even for a second. The cages were built in columns and one lever controlled the whole row along with individual levers. Sam started going down the line, releasing all kinds of Pokemon. Many were too afraid to come out of their cages. Sam picked up his phone and dialed Hayle's number.

    "Sam? What happened?"

    "Nothing happened... But I'm releasing Team Rocket's stolen Pokemon. I'll see if I can find some Poke Balls, but some may have to just run free outside for awhile. I don't want you to hurt them."

    "Right. Got it." Hayle hung up. Sam put his phone back in his pocket. Blue continued pulling levers and freeing the Pokemon. Sam took care of one side of and Blue worked the other, but there were easily a dozen shelves.

    "Damn... We need some extra hands," Blue commented. Hearing this, Blue's Machamp joined in, wanting to help his master. Sam sighed, but kept going. They heard someone come in. Sam had a dagger out and was posed to strike at whoever it was. A Machamp was standing there. Sam recognized it as his own and the same one who'd helped him and in truth, saved his life in the burning hotel. Sam put his dagger away. The big Machamp saw what they were doing and picked up work speedily. He ran from one lever to the next. His effort brought a smile to Sam's face. He looked at Blue. "How's that for an extra hand?"

    Blue and his Machamp started working faster as well. Eventually they turned the corner and looked down a little hallway dedicated to nothing but dittos. Sam looked around him. Machamp gave Sam a sympathetic look.

    The Machamp continued pulling the levers, releasing the Pokemon quickly. Sam didn't help this time. He just walked down the aisle staring at every ditto in turn. Some of the cages were already empty. He's not... here. Sam whirled around, checking every ditto again desperately. Sam finally slowly looked around, searching for a cage that had been attacked viciously in some way. Ditto would never just sit here... He would have tried to escape. None of the cages had much damage done to them.

    Blue thought about asking Sam if he saw his ditto at all, but when he turned around to do so- he saw the pale and distraught look on Sam's face and decided that it was a bad idea. Sam walked down the row of cages slowly. Blue watched as Sam ran a hand through his hair and look at the ground, defeated. Scyther, who'd been resting at the laboratory's entrance most of the time, stood beside him. Then, the old Pokemon leapt off with a cry of what sounded like hope. Sam looked up and finally noticed what Scyther had seen- the obvious sign he'd been looking for.

    In the corner of the lab was a giant steel cage with iron bars that were easily two inches wide. The cage was built to keep a real monster in. Blue anxiously approached Sam, who was standing in front of the cage with his back to him, one hand covering his face and he was shaking. A nervous Blue got closer and soon realized why Sam was laughing.

    True enough, the cage had been built to contain a monster- but Ditto had been far stronger and far more terrifying than the Rockets had given him credit for. The thick iron bars were twisted and broken everywhere. The iron top was bent and ripped. Ditto had made his escape the moment he sensed his master's presence, knowing that there was a battle to be fought and won.
    Ditto had been held in captivity for far too long. As much as he wanted to (and could have) escaped much sooner, he couldn't leave all his brothers here. They were suffering too, though whether they understood that or not was hard to tell. Sometimes he wondered if they knew what having someone as kind as his master was like.

    He missed Cat a lot, even though it was her games that got him in this mess. He found that lately, he had the capacity to think more and understand things... It was weird, but he rather liked the change. He'd properly terrified all of his enemies here and when he growled, they jumped. He loved it...

    But he missed Master.

    Even though he hadn't seen him, he knew that he would be looking for him- he just had to wait and hold out and everything would be fine. Ditto had felt his master's presence in the Pokemon Mansion too, but the stupid mint enemy took him out of there too soon. Where they'd gone after that and where he was now, he didn't know.

    Now, Ditto could feel his master's presence again... He's here...! He found me! And Scyther will be with him! The excitement had gotten to him, he didn't want to wait in his cage, he wanted to go find Master and Scyther... The problem was, that even though he could sense his master somewhere- he couldn't pinpoint exactly where.

    So he transformed into an Arcanine and started sniffing around. He caught Scyther's scent, so he followed it. That led him to Master's scent and trail. Ditto followed it excitedly. The trail led to an open door that revealed the burning woods beyond... Master... Did not leave... I went the wrong way. Ditto growled menacingly with his frustration. He would have to refollow the trail.

    He did, but the eventually, Master's trail was covered with the heavy scent of blood and it was lost. Ditto was forced to turn back and try to follow Scyther's trail- which led him to a great battle scene between his enemies and people he recognized as comrades... And Mewtwo. Finally!
    Red was fighting the countless Rocket's as well as he could, but his Pokemon were starting to get tired. He'd found that Mewtwo, despite the fact that he scared absolute shit out of him at first, was an nice and almost reasonable companion. Neither of them had any interest in speaking to the other, it was pretty great.

    Koga had found Sabrina while looking for Tao. In turn, they'd found Tao trying desperately to cut through the army of Rockets to get at Archer. Koga finally convinced her to calm down and try to work through them slowly. As she cut down Rockets with her blades, she sang out to Archer all manner of threats. "Oh, Arthur? I'm here! And I've missed you soo much... I have so much planned for you for when I get my hands on you again! I have the scalding hot water ready... The Scavenger's Daughter and the Streetsweeper's Daughter, both are cleaned up and absolutely ready just for you... I pulled my Witch's Chair from the basement... I don't even know what to use first! I even got the Head Crusher from my mother!"

    Across the room Archer turned an unhealthy green color as he listened to his swan song. He sent several of his best grunts to fight to try and kill her so he could at least die at somebody else's hand... Anyone who wasn't Tao was fine with him.

    Red tore his gaze from the train-wreck type situation with Tao as a Pidgey flew in and landed on Mewtwo's shoulder, who was holding his ground not too far away. The Pidgey on his shoulders chirped like mad, apparently telling Mewtwo something. Mewtwo seemed to understand what he'd said and responded. The little bird seemed to scowl before it flew out quickly the way it came. The randomness of it almost struck him as funny- almost.

    A few minutes later saw most of the combatants on the Guild's side tired and injured in some minor way. Tao was the only one who was still fighting with the same amount of energy, but she seemed to have tunnel-vision and was taking several wounds without really noticing the impact of them.

    One grunt got behind her and was about to slam a knife into her back. He didn't make it. A well-thrown dagger appeared to grow out of his temple and he fell. A tidal wave of Pokemon appeared on the field. The army of ditto transformed into all manner of Pokemon and started taking down anything in their way. Sam and Blue had finally shown up.

    "Where the hell have you guys been?" Red yelled at Blue.

    "Freeing caged Pokemon so we'd have more on our side," Blue said with a cheerful grin. Red scowled. Both watched as Mewtwo went over to Sam to tell him something. Sam smiled and shook his head in response. Sam directed Scyther to stand by them and protect them. Sam himself moved to stand over by Tao on the front lines. He cut down Rocket after Rocket like they were nothing. If Tao was good, Sam was an undisputed master at the art of fighting.

    Tao smirked at him. "It's a good thing I never challenged you to fight. I would have lost!" She laughed.

    Sam smirked back. "More the pity for me. I would have enjoyed proving a friend of mine wrong. He thought you could beat me."

    "Maybe... If I was having a really good day and you were having a really off one!" Tao laughed. "Actually, all this blood reminds me of Arthur and how much I'd like to get my hands on him... Any ideas on how to speed this up?"

    "Watch my back for a second, I may have something that can clear a path for us pretty quickly."

    Tao did as he asked as pulled a Poke Ball out of his pocket. "Us? Who are you after?"

    "Lance." There was a flash of light as he released his silver Rapidash. The grunt around them backed up nervously. The Rapidash reared on its powerful hind-legs and slammed back the ground with enough force to cause it to vibrate. Sam pointed straight infront of him. "Charge all the way through to the end, if you would be so kind." He turned to Koga quickly and shouted to him, "You're on your own again. Make sure nothing happens to Red and Blue!"

    Rapidash charged through the sea of black and purple Pokemon, Sam and Tao followed behind her. Archer saw what was happening and fled. Lance had fled a long time ago, as soon as the man that he recognized as Sam appeared and started helping Tao.

    Mewtwo had told Sam that Ditto had been there just minutes before he arrived, but Sam couldn't do much about it. Ditto was looking for him. And he would probably have better luck considering that Ditto could transform into something with a great sense of smell and track him easily enough. For now, Sam had decided to just find Lance. Unfortunately, Lance wasn't about to make it easy for him.
    After recognizing Sam, Lance fled down a hallway and to the small little crawlspace disguised as a vent. He removed the vent cover and slid inside the cramped room. He replaced the cover and curled up quietly with a dagger at ready.

    He didn't have to wait long. He heard the footsteps down the hall within a few moments. Lance held his breath as Sam got closer and closer. Finally, he stopped just in front of the vent. Lance could tell that the boot he was wearing was armored for protection, but there was a chance there would be a weak spot just below the ankle for mobility.

    Lance took that chance. He lashed out through the vent and slammed the dagger home, right through the boot. Sam hardly had time to react before Lance shot out of the crawlspace and knocked him off balance. Sam hit the wall on the other side and Lance ran off down the hall.

    Sam cursed repeatedly under his breath as he tried to pull the dagger from his foot. As the blade slid out, blood started leaking from the stab wound. He cursed under his breath again and slid the blade back in to block the blood flow. He took out his own daggers and cut off the handle on the one in his foot. Unable to run with the injury, Sam followed as quickly and quietly as he could on the gamble that Lance would slow down if he thought that Sam wasn't following anymore.
    The arrival of all the freed Pokemon and Sam's powerful Rapidash turned the tables quickly. Within ten minutes, the battle was almost won. The battle had taken its toll on the Pokemon, but they had grown so much at the same time. Koga and Sabrina glanced at each other and exchanged silent communication before approaching Red and Blue.

    "Look, boys, me and Sabrina are going to make sure Sam... And Tao are alright. Just stay here and keep up the good work. You've got Scyther here and Mewtwo to protect you but don't be reckless. Kay?"

    Red nodded, but Blue had other ideas. "I want to come too. My Pokemon don't need me to tell them what to do..."

    Koga was going to argue with him, but Sabrina over ruled him. "Whatever. Just come on." She turned away. Mewtwo cleared a path for them quickly. Red watched them go nervously. Sure, the Scyther had protected him numerous times so far, but the old Pokemon sounded terrible and Red wasn't sure he could count on him anymore.

    Then, the Pidgey returned, this time from the same hallway Sam had come through minutes before. The little bird saw Scyther and hovered in front of it. Some type of joyful conversation passed between them and ended when Scyther pointed in the direction Sam, Tao, and the others had gone. The Pidgey darted off quickly.
    Ditto followed Sam's trail all the way to the room of cages and saw that all of the Pokemon there had been freed. Ditto also knew that his master had lingered in front of the cage before leaving. Ditto kept following his trail desperately, and he wasn't the only one. Blue was there as well as two others he knew. He hovered over them, watching what they were doing... There was blood on the floor. Ditto transformed into an Arcanine again and pushed them aside to sniff at the blood.

    Koga was shocked at the appearance of the giant dog Pokemon. It sniffed around the blood. It put its ears back and growled angrily before bounding off down the hallway, following the blood trail Sam had left behind. Koga and Blue looked at each other in shock and confusion.
    Sam kept following Lance and, like he'd hoped, Lance had slowed down and sauntered around carelessly as he collected items he thought he could escape with.

    Unfortunately, Sam was also slowing down. The blood flowing from the wound was increasing and he could tell he had lost a bit too much. His foot had gone numb, he felt a lot weaker, and he had a little bit of double-vision.

    Lance had gone into some type of room that seemed to be Archer's office. A dizzy spell hit and Sam staggered and had to pause to lean against the doorframe before stepping inside.

    Lance was hurriedly stuffing anything expensive into a bag. He turned around to leave Archer's private quarters and saw Sam in the doorway. He wasn't scared at first since he could see that the damage he'd managed to inflict had been enough to significantly weaken him. "Oh, look! It's you, Sam. You know, you caused me quite a bit of trouble in Pokemon Mansion... I had to kill several grunts to make sure they wouldn't hear about how you got lucky." Sam glared at him, but swayed on his feet as another dizzy spell struck.

    Lance went on as he stepped closer to Sam with his dagger out. "It was rather inconvenient... And you killed my gengar? That was just mean... But on the bright side, I got your precious little Abra." Lance smirked. Sam hadn't even heard the comment since the dizzy spell was blocking out almost everything around him, but there was someone who had.

    Lance was about to strike Sam when darkness started to swirl around him, as if the shadows reacted to him. Lance paused nervously. Slowly, Sam seemed to get bigger... Lance stepped back, he wasn't sure what was happening. Sam didn't know either. He could see the illusion of himself getting bigger around him and the shadows surrounding him. Not wanting to break the illusion, Sam stood still. Lance kept backing up until he was against the wall.

    Ditto, furious at Lance for hurting Cat (he'd understood that much), and for hurting his master, was using Night Shade to fend off his now sworn enemy. Master didn't move. Ditto transformed into a Pidgey and flew over his head and then transformed into his favorite Pokemon: an oversized Eevee with extra sharp teeth and a larger jaw for good measure.

    Sam saw the Pokemon in front of him and couldn't help but smile at his Ditto's use of disguises... He hasn't changed.

    Lance was too focused on the ever-growing illusion of Sam. He couldn't figure out why that was happening. In the end, he couldn't tell what baffled him more; the illusion or the snarling Eevee that ended his confusion forever.

    No longer able to keep standing, Sam slid to the ground. Ditto bounded up to him and rushed into Sam's arms, happily snuggling up with his master. Sam smiled and hugged the Pokemon a little tighter. "You couldn't just wait in your cage for me, could you?"

    "You took too long." Ditto responded in the voice of a soft-spoken child.

    "I know..."

    Koga rushed in after realizing that the blood was Sam's. He was worried partially because he did care about Sam's well-being, but also the fact that the Thief Lord wanted him to make sure that Sam came out alright. He saw Lance first, slumped over with his neck ripped out and vicious bite wounds to his stomach. Then he noticed Sam sitting on the floor beside him with a small pink cat-like Pokemon that had blood all over its mouth. "Is... that... A Mew?" Koga asked in disbelief. Sam nodded in response. "Aren't they... supposed to be kind, benevolent Pokemon?"

    Sam chuckled. "I'm sure the lone and natural one is a very sweet creature... But this is Ditto... He appears to have... Evolved, I suppose."

    "I see..." Koga said, though he didn't truly understand. Seeing the blood seeping from Sam's boot, he remembered his original objective. "You're hurt?"

    Sam finally remembered the wound. The fact that he wasn't standing on it anymore helped significantly. Ditto was still clinging to him as he sat up a little straighter and leaned over to get a better look at the wound. "Not badly. I got stabbed just below the ankle... Might have nicked an artery. I left the blade in to block the blood flow. If you can find a first aid kit, that'd be ideal."

    Koga nodded. Sam's face was a bit pale, but he seemed to be holding out okay so Koga left him in search for the item in question. He returned with it quickly.

    Blue had been told by Koga to wait in the main hallway and he was happy to do so. All the blood around him was starting to get to him. Sabrina and Tao appeared with a Houndoom Archer in tow.

    "Where are Koga and Sam?" Sabrina asked him, her voice carrying a demanding tone.
    Blue pointed down the hallway. "Down there." Sabrina nodded and strode purposefully down the hallway. Blue looked back at Tao and her charge. Archer had been completely and utterly captured with a thick cord binding his hands behind his back and collar/noose around his neck with a leash that Tao had a fierce hold of. Archer had the look a dead man walking. I wouldn't want to be him.

    Finally, Koga came back supporting Sam who was limping pretty heavily. A Mew with blood all over it was curled up around his shoulders and clinging to his clothing tightly. Blue stared at it. "Ditto?"

    Sam smiled. "Yes."

    Ditto stared at Blue with its sweet and innocent-looking baby blue eyes, but they had a deep look of intelligence to them. "... Blue? ... And Red is here as well? Where is Scyther? Is he still with Red?"

    Right... Scyther. Ditto doesn't know... "Sabrina, take Blue out of here. Tao, take your prisoner as well. We're done here." Sabrina, despite being older and technically Sam's superior officer, obeyed instantly. She grabbed Blue by the arm and proceeded to drag him from the building.

    "Don't over-exert yourself, Sam. You don't look so hot," Tao warned with a casual wave. "C'mon, Arthur. My babies are just waiting to make you scream." She tugged on her leash and Arthur followed obediently. Tao's Houndoom pranced around her heels and nipped at Arthur happily. Sam and Koga watched them go.

    "What are you planning on doing now?" Koga asked.

    "Get my Scyther. C'mon, don't make me walk there by myself," Sam said grimly. Koga sighed but nodded and they turned back to where the commence was. They got there, though Sam was slowly becoming more and more reliant on Koga. When they got there the battle was over. Mewtwo was standing awkwardly off to the side, as if not sure what to do. Red was kneeling down beside a fallen Scyther. Sam felt Ditto's hold on his shirt tighten and the little Pokemon tense up like he wanted to go to him, but refused to leave Sam for any reason.

    Koga helped Sam maneuver through the countless fallen bodies of Pokemon and Rocket alike. Koga muttered under his breath, "Damn... Did that old boy take them all down with him?"

    Sam smiled sadly. "Probably." Red was still kneeling down in front of the Scyther. Koga turned away after leaving Sam standing beside his fallen Pokemon. Koga hardly knew Scyther, but had felt a great deal of respect and even affection for the old battle-scarred Pokemon. Sam knelt beside Scyther. Ditto slipped from his shoulders and sat on his knee, staring at the still Scyther with wide-eyes.

    Sam saw the tears streaming from Red's eyes. "I'm... I'm so sorry! If I would have been paying more attention and seen that... Arbok a little sooner... He wouldn't have... He protected me!"

    Sam looked around- It was obvious that Scyther had taken more than his fair share down with him and his last fight had been fierce battle with a worthy opponent; a powerful Arbok that Scyther had still managed to take down with him. Sam reached out and ruffled Red's hair. "Don't worry about it, kid. I'm sure he wouldn't have preferred it any other way. I told him to protect you, and he did just that."


    "He was old, Red. There's nothing to feel guilty about," Sam said. Ditto had heard what he'd said and slowly climbed back up to his shoulders. Ditto was clearly very upset, but seemed comforted by Sam's logic. Sam started to get up and Koga quickly turned around to help him. Red stood up as well.

    "What... Will you do with him," Koga asked carefully.

    "I don't want to leave him here... I want to give him a proper burial... But I don't know that we have much choice. He's too heavy to carry and I don't have a Poke Ball for him at the moment." The Machamp that had been standing nearby, the same one who'd been helping Sam all day, walked over to the Scyther. Sam watched silently as the powerful Pokemon picked up his comrade carefully and respectfully and turned to face him with a grim face. Sam managed a slight smile for it. "Thank you..." The Machamp matched his eyes and nodded a simple understanding of gratitude.

    Sam turned away and Koga was forced to turn with him and they walked away, leaving a slew of fallen Rockets in their wake.

    It was over- finally.
    AN: Chapter 17 is next and then that is the end of Johto, my dear readers! On to Hoenn! Where everything is light-hearted and fun!


    Thanks to DarkAngelTorchic, my awesome beta. And Soulmaster!

    Thanks to Fearless Neko for Lizeth Cole and JestieUchiha for Tobi. Neither were mentioned in this chapter, but they still deserve their due credit. :)

    Always accepting OC's :)

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    Ok that was great. There were so many good parts on the last few chapters.
    You had plenty of mistakes but I'm tired and so on so the main ones were capitals in this last chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulmaster View Post
    Ok that was great. There were so many good parts on the last few chapters.
    You had plenty of mistakes but I'm tired and so on so the main ones were capitals in this last chapter.
    Hee hee....... I don't doubt that for a second. I have just finally rid myself of the biggest drama on another website... EVER. My god, was it crazy. UGH. Take any of those stupid youtube video arguments and times it by 100 and you'll get what I have been trying to work through. @_@ But- I finally just quit and I intend to uphold my end of the bargain now for sure. :P

    Anyhoo- I intend to go back and fix it... Maybe tonight... Or tomorrow. I will also be posting both chapters of Hoenn tomorrow. :) Hoenn will be so much fun! XD Now- to post the Epilogue!

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    No copyright infringement intended. (For the Pokemon Franchise or with Heather Dale - Mordred's Lullaby.)

    Next chapter in GSTA: HOENN
    Captains from the two regions had waited on the beach for Sam's return. They had fought a horde of terrified Team Rocket members and had captured a fleeing Patrick. The Thief Lord had been very explicit in his directions to listen to Sam's orders. When he had finally met them on the sands of the burning island, his directions were clear. "Kill Patrick."

    Patrick reacted immediately. "NO! Wait- we had a deal! You said you'd let me live!"

    Sam had stared down at him, not a flicker of any emotion on his face. "I said that I wouldn't kill you. I didn't say anything about someone else killing you." At Koga's nod, Janine had lept forward and slammed a blade home in his neck- all but beheading him.

    Sam continued giving his orders. "Capture all the freed Pokemon here, they may belong to someone... It's high time they return to their rightful owners." The process of catching so many Pokemon was arduous. Some Captains had to go to the Department Store in Goldenrod to get enough Poke Balls, but the task of catching so many Pokemon had eventually been completed. Sam's next orders were simple. "Destroy everything." They'd done just that. Machamp and Nidoking and queen toppled the building over and the fire Pokemon burnt everything. Sam did not leave until the whole island was covered with nothing but ashes that were already blowing away on the wind. Red and Blue left long before he did with their flying Pokemon. He sent most of the Captains away with them, letting Koga, Jasmine, Sabrina, and Falkner help him out with the task of calling all of his Pokemon back. Once they were finished, Mewtwo teleported them all back to Goldenrod.

    Sam had, with the help of Koga, limped back to his apartment, but didn't last long after that. Between his cough coming back with a bloody vengeance for being ignored and the blood loss, he finally blacked out.
    "Hey... I think he might be coming back around." Steven...? Feeling more than just a little dizzy, Sam opened his eyes. Ditto was curled up beside him with Cat. He was still in his apartment, but he wasn't staring at the ceiling in his living room.

    "What the hell happened?" Sam murmured, obviously confused.

    "You passed out... You know- you're a real idiot sometimes."

    "I agree."

    Sam turned in the direction of the new voice. "... Riley?"

    "Sam... You know, Steven told me about this curse of yours and yeah... You're an idiot."

    "Okay, okay. It was a bad move, I get it," Sam said with exasperation. "Now can we please get rid of it?" He sat up in what he finally realized he was in the bed in his apartment. He gave Steven a confused look.

    "What?" Steven responded to the look indignantly.

    "Why did you take me here?"

    Steven rolled his eyes, finally seeing what Sam meant. "I know you've got a bad habit of sleeping on that couch as opposed to the bed, but this is better for you."

    "Couch is closer," Sam grumbled.

    "Not to break up your pointless argument, but can we get back to getting rid of the curse?" Sam and Steven shut up and gave him their attention. "Yes? Okay, look... The Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town no longer exists. It's been replaced by a Radio Tower, but a lot of what was in the Tower was moved into the House of Memories... Including those healing tiles. I'm guessing that's our best bet."

    It took Sam a moment to understand the reference. "Oh! You mean those funny looking tiles on the fifth floor of the Tower? Yeah, that'll probably work."

    "Then let's not waste any time. You've done quite a bit of that for us." Sam shot Riley a glare at that comment, but didn't argue - too much. All the Pokemon Team Rocket had stolen needed to be returned to their owners. Riley made arrangements with Whitney and Ryan to put the Pokemon in Sam's clearing and spread the word that people could go there if they asked Whitney. But, of course, Sam had to look for himself and make sure that all was truly well. He also had to find Lyra to say goodbye.
    Lyra found him first. She saw him standing in the grass with two other men in suits beside him. They seemed to be discussing something important, but that wasn't going to stop Lyra. She ran up and hugged/tackled him, unintentionally causing great pain as he stumbled onto his bad foot.

    "Mr. V- I mean, Sam! I missed you!" She hugged him tightly and buried her face into his shirt.

    The other two men were incredibly surprised by the action and one seemed very alarmed as he looked at Sam. Biting down a stream of curses and any type of expression of pain, Sam hugged her back with a soft smile. "Hey, Lyra."

    Lyra was all but trembling with excitement. "You'll never guess- but guess what!"

    "What?" Sam asked with an amused smile.

    "My Marill evolved! Its a... a... Well- it's still Marill," Lyra told him seriously.

    Sam resisted the urge to chuckle. Steven and Riley could only gape. "I see... You must have been training a lot lately."

    "Oh yes! Me and Annie and Marill and... Oh! Your Scyther and the Xatu! I need to give those back now. I don't need them much anymore." After rummaging in her bag, she pulled out the two Poke Balls and held them out to Sam expectantly.

    He glanced at them and flinched slightly. Slowly, he reached out and took them from her hands. "Lyra..." he started.

    Lyra saw the sad look in his eyes and immediately switched the topic. "And- and... Ethan... He got his eighth badge from... That... Dragon lady...!" She'd already choked up.

    Sam sighed heavily. He took her hand and put the Poke Balls back in it, closing her small hand around them. "Lyra..."

    "You're leaving aren't you." She sniffled.


    She sniffed again. "Will you... You will you come back?"

    Sam paused. Do I tell her the truth... Or give her a happy lie? ... "... Someday."

    Lyra searched his countenance for a moment then nodded. "Okay..."

    Sam smiled at her, trying to get one back. "Hey- Stay out the forest... No more getting lost."

    Lyra flailed her arms indignantly. "That only happened one time! ONE time!"

    "And don't go to the Underground."

    "Yes." Lyra pouted indignantly.

    "And," Sam paused for a moment as Lyra gave him a suspicious look, "If you need a friend- Matt is still here. Plus, you can always call me if you ever need anything."

    Lyra smiled happily. "Okay..." She gave him another hug. "Goodbye."

    Sam hugged her tightly. "Goodbye, Lyra."
    They left Johto as soon as possible after that. Riley had politely refrained from asking about the random girl and had managed to silence Steven. They entered the House of Memories without causing too much of a fuss. The trio did, unfortunately, draw quite a bit of attention. Steven had repeatedly tried to help Sam, who was still limping, but had been repeatedly refused and pushed away. Much to Riley's amusement, they'd argued almost the whole time. They were still arguing as Riley spoke to Mr. Fuji.

    "Hi, could you open the door to the basement for us."

    Mr. Fuji recognized Riley as the man who'd funded the building of the House of Memories. He handed over the keys instantly. "Of course, sir."

    Riley offered him a fake smile and took the keys. "Come on, both of you." Riley opened the door to the basement and started walking down the stairs. Sam was right behind him, much to Steven's expressive dismay.

    "I can't believe you! Can I at least help you now? Damn it, Sam- You're supposed to take it easy! Stairs are not easy... And if you fall you're going to hit Riley!"

    Sam rolled his eyes and answered back with an irked tone. "Arceus, Steven. What are you? My mother? All you do is nag anymore. Give it a rest."

    "What? I do not nag! I am trying to look out for you and make sure you don't do anything stupid."

    "Whatever. Why don't you walk in front of me so if I trip I can knock you down the stairs."

    "Ha! Like hell I will. You'd trip on purpose," Steven sneered back at him. Ditto, posing as a Pidgey, was sitting on Sam's shoulder and trying to figure out what was going on.

    Riley interrupted any further comments. "Could you two fight quietly? It's a bit disrespectful, don't you think?"

    Sam said nothing. Steven was clearly not about to give up though. He continued, though much quieter. "You goof around for three years with a curse that keeps getting worse and worse... And you just blow it all off like it's nothing?" Sam didn't say anything. "Well, it's not nothing! I can't believe you didn't tell me how sick you really were... Actually, I can. And that's the worst part!" Sam still maintained his silence.

    When they reached the bottom of the stairs. Sam leaned against the wall. His breath was a bit shallow and he was grimacing slightly. Riley stopped to give him a chance to recover. Steven, however, was still carrying on. "And now you insist on walking on your own with a bad foot... Seriously, what is your problem? ... ... And for the record, we were told to fight quieter, not shut up completely." Sam flicked an annoyed glace at him, but maintained his silence. Partially because his silence was annoying Steven, mostly because he wasn't interested in arguing with Steven at that moment since his throat hurt and breathing was becoming a little difficult.

    As Riley waited for Sam to recover a little more, they were approached by a channeler. "What are you doing here?"

    "We have permission to be here, I promise," Riley assured her with a pleasant smile.

    She stared at Sam. Then she edged a little closer to him and then backed away. "You... You are cursed."

    Sam opened his eyes and stared back at her. "Lucky guess?"

    "Mmm... Not good, not good. You don't have much time left... Come with me. The spirits can break the curse, it is not strong. You have been fighting it long and you are both weak... It is a good thing, good thing... You will live... Come now, now." She grabbed his wrist and dragged him away from the way. He landed on his bad foot wrong and almost fell. Riley caught him quickly. Ditto chirped angrily at the woman. The channeler let go of his wrist and continued walking incredibly fast for a woman of her age. Sam swore repeatedly under his breath, but pushed Riley away.

    Riley stared after her. "I guess we have no choice but to follow... Quickly." Steven followed her closely enough to keep an eye on her. Riley followed behind him slightly in front of Sam, who could only limp so fast. Shortly, they all gathered in front of the tiles. The channeler was standing there still as a statue. She didn't blink her wide-open eyes and it seemed as though she wasn't breathing either.

    Sam gave her weird look and whispered to Riley, "That lady is starting to creep me out a little bit." Riley held back a smile at the comment.

    "So... How do these magic tiles work?" Steven asked cautiously.

    "You just step on them," Sam answered. He stared at the tiles nervously. Last time he'd used these tiles, it had left him completely drained and exhausted... I don't even have energy to lose this time... Ditto read his thoughts and stared at the tiles with curiosity radiating in his eyes.

    "What are you waiting for?" Steven asked impatiently.

    "I'm just-"

    "Stop being such a baby about it." Steven pushed him roughly. Sam's foot landed on the tiles and that intensely bright light exploded from the tiles. Sam lost consciousness almost immediately. He started to fall, but caught himself a grave stone before slipping down the floor. His vision blackened around the edges and he started to feel numb and lightheaded. The last thing he remembered before passing out completely was a meek 'oops' from Steven and the gravestone in front of him that read:

    "Rest In Peace, Raticate. Owner- Blue."
    Sam awoke later that evening in an unfamiliar room. Like last time, the healing tiles had undeniably taken its toll on him. Severe exhaustion and extreme muscle fatigue was now his punishment. Despite being so sore, he sat up. It was a bad move and he regretted it instantly. Ditto was right beside him, and Cat had been released from her pokeball to lay with him as well. Steven walked in and sat on the corner of the bed Sam was lying in. "How are you feeling now?" He asked cheerfully.

    "Try not to look so chipper... I've been a hell of a lot better, but I've been worse too." Cat and Ditto woke up. Cat yawned and smiled at him cutely. Beside her, Ditto stretched his cat-like body. Both Pokemon made him smile. Seeing Ditto reminded him that he needed to think of a real name for the Pokemon.

    Riley walked in at that point and sat in the nearby chair, hiding a devious grin. Sam sighed. "Alright, shoot- How long am I out? Give it to me, I can take it."

    Riley put on a very serious face. "Well, if you consider the facts that you are clearly not well after being absolved of your curse... and the fact that I have been consulting with several doctors and there may be a way to repair some the damage done to your hand so you can use it better. That would, of course, take several surgeries..."

    "Alright stop. I can't take it," Sam groaned.

    Riley continued on. "The Hoenn region has also changed quite a bit since you were last there... And I want to give you time to settle back into your own home... Gosh Sam... I'm thinking... About a year."

    Steven smiled. Sam sighed again and put his head in his hands. "Damn you, Riley."

    "Oh, I'm not done. During this time, your accounts will be completely frozen and your thief card revoked. You will stay at home and forbidden from stealing anything... Though I realize I can't stop you from being a pick-pocket. I am considering also having some guards making sure that you won't leave and no one suspicious comes to see you."

    "You can't be serious! A year is not necessary."

    "Not quite, but I figured... Why not just round up?" Riley smiled. "You'll be spending the first six months recovering from this and the surgeries planned for your hand. I'm guessing a good three months would suffice for getting you used to your own home region again."

    "So why can't I just have those last three months to get back to being a thief?"

    "I'm taking those months as a form of punishment for disobeying direct orders back in Kanto and for lying to Steven and causing us all so much worry."

    "I... Hate you both."

    "It's for the best," Steven told him cheerfully.

    Sam pushed his hair out of his face and sighed. After a moment of thought. "Are you two opposed to me tying up loose ends here in Kanto?"

    Riley stared at him suspiciously. "And just who would you be talking to?"

    Steven nodded at Sam. "Go ahead. I suppose you want to go alone?" Riley gave him a sharp look, but it was clear that Steven knew something he didn't. Riley trusted Steven enough to let it slide for the moment.

    "Well, you two certainly aren't coming with me," Sam stated as he slid off the bed. Ditto crawled back onto his shoulders. Steven approached him to help, but Sam stopped him. "I don't need your help." Steven stepped back with a sigh. Sam picked up Cat and walked away. Steven and Riley followed. Sam knew it was evening, but the last time he'd been in Kanto, the second sun still shone. When he opened the door, the sun had set and it was actually dark in Kanto.

    "The second sun burnt out, it was probably a long time ago if you consider lightyears. Hoenn now has nighttime as well." Steven answered Sam's unspoken question.

    "Interesting..." Ditto slid off Sam's shoulders and transformed into Articuno. Sam turned to Steven and asked sarcastically, "Do I have a curfew?"

    "You have to be back before midnight."

    "Fine." With that, Sam left. Steven motioned for Riley to follow him as he went back inside.

    "Any particular reason why you're letting him do this?" Riley asked.

    Steven smiled. "He has to go say goodbye to Daisy."

    Riley stared at him. "Daisy?"

    "Oh yes... Apparently, those two have a bit of a thing for each other... Before he left to get Team Rocket, he gave her his hat to hold on to and promised that he'd come see her before he left. Of course, he also gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek after that," Steven informed Riley with a happy grin and a wink.

    "Sam and Daisy... That is interesting."

    "It's pretty cute... He treats her quite a bit differently than any other girl. He'll listen to pretty much anything she says and she is not amused by his reckless behavior."

    "Hm... Well I hope this goodbye goes well then... We need someone or something to tie him down a bit."
    Sam went to Blue first though. He opened the doors to the gym as he masked how terrible he felt with a smile. Blue had his necklace back and Red was there with his hat back on. Blue almost ran up to hug him. "Sam! I was worried you might just leave without saying goodbye."

    "Of course not... I see you did go visit your sister, good boy. You should at least make an effort to go see her more often."

    Blue made a wry face. "Fine... I guess."

    Red approached Sam timidly. "I'm... Sorry about... What happened."

    "Don't worry about it, Red. I already told you."

    Blue looked at them both confused. "What... are you guys talking about."

    "Nothing, Blue... Don't worry about it. Red, are you going back to Mt. Silver?"


    Sam pulled out a piece of paper with his number on it and put it in Red's hand. Red looked startled. Sam explained with a devilish grin. "If you ever find yourself in Hoenn, give me a call, and I'll give you the honor of challenging Hoenn's retired prodigy."

    "Retired prodigy?" Red repeated, mildly amused.

    Sam winked at him with a grin. "I got a little side-tracked before I got to the Elite Four... Never went back- but I've still got my old team and they're not getting any weaker."

    Red smiled slightly. "I will have to take you up on that challenge someday." With that, Red left. Blue was staring at Sam expectantly.

    "So... Are you going to explain what the whole 'I'm sorry' thing was about?"

    "I'll explain if you tell me about what happened to your Raticate."

    Blue flinched at the comment. "What does that have to do with this? ... How do you even know about that?"

    "I saw the stone in the House of Memories... I'm sorry... And it has to do with this because I understand."

    Blue stared at him wide-eyed. He had Ditto curled up around his shoulders, the pokemon appeared to be sleeping. Cat was curled up in his arms, biting the end of her tail playfully. Scyther was not with him. "No... Don't tell me-"

    "Don't worry about that. Now, the Raticate. I didn't know you had one... When did that happen?"

    Blue frowned. "It was... a long time ago. After I fought Red on the S.S. Anne. He... got my Raticate pretty badly... In all the chaos, I didn't make it to the Pokemon Center in time. They couldn't save him."

    Sam sighed. "The universe never did have any qualms in ending someone's life too soon... Well, the challenge to fight me is extended to you too... Take care of your sister, Blue." Sam left at that. Blue watched him go and wondered exactly what kind of relationship Sam had with his sister.
    Daisy was sitting at the table playing Sam's hat while she waited. Blue and Red had come to her and gotten their things. Red was clearly not comfortable with staying around, but she'd seen him go to talk to his mom. Poor thing... His mom hardly seems to worry about him. Or maybe Blue is right and I worry too much? Blue had stayed for a little while and told her the tale of what happened with Team Rocket. It was nice... But he had to go back to his gym in the end.

    The door opened and Sam walked in that charming smile of his. "Miss Daisy, I see you have taken good care of my hat."

    Daisy threw it at him. "Yes, I took care of your precious hat."

    Sam caught it and put it on. "I missed this hat."

    "Oh? Is that so..." Daisy looked at the odd pink pokemon sitting on his shoulders. It was awful cute, but it wasn't Ditto. "Um... Sam? What happened to Ditto?"

    "This is Ditto. He has... Evolved? I guess... It's complicated. I'd heard some rumors about how people believe that a Ditto is a failed Mew experiment since were they are generally found in Pokemon Mansion... I don't know how Team Rocket managed to do this... But Ditto seems to appreciate his new form and powers, so I won't complain." Ditto seemed to smile and curled its tail around happily in response.

    Daisy stared at its pretty blue eyes and nodded. "Oh... And... Goodness- hello, Cat? Is it?" Cat had crawled onto the table and wondered over to Daisy to get into her lap. She then sat there and stared a Daisy expectantly.

    Sam laughed. "Yes, that's Cat. I think she wants a massage."

    "Oh... Ha ha! Okay... Well, anyway. Thank you for coming to see me... I guess I shouldn't be so surprised though, I mean. You did leave your hat with me." Daisy flashed him a smile with a fake glare. Sam smiled back. His hat was sitting at that slightly crooked angle. He looks good in that hat... Daisy felt her cheeks start to turn red.

    Sam noticed her staring at him and the slight blush come to her cheeks. "You're so cute when you blush," he teased.

    Daisy jumped in surprise and punched him. "Hmph... Grow up! Geez... You are so immature sometimes."

    "All a part of my charm," Sam replied. Daisy's blush deepened. She focused her gaze on Cat instead, who was clearly enjoying the massage. "So... When are you leaving?" she asked. She expected some type of joking 'later' comment.

    "Shortly," Sam admitted quietly. Daisy looked up sharply. She was done massaging Cat, and the little Pokemon darted over to Sam quickly. He'd taken the hat back off and set it on the table. He pet Cat's head affectionately before setting her on the floor along with Ditto, though Ditto refused to give up having physical contact with his master. Daisy stared at him, confused and a little hurt.

    "Look... I'm not staying here. I'm going home very soon and it's... And I'm really hoping that I never come back. Ever."

    "Why... Sam-"

    "Because I honestly can't stand the sight of this place anymore. I'm absolutely sick to death of it and I can't wait to leave."

    Daisy stared at him, shock, confusion, and hurt mingling on her features. She finally understood that he didn't really come for the hat. He didn't even come to say 'see you later' or something temporary like that. It was goodbye. "I guess... I mean you're going home so..."

    "Daisy... C'mon. Don't cry."

    "I'll really miss you... You and those damn jokes of yours," Daisy admitted with a sad smile, trying to hold back tears. "Just when I was really starting to like you too."

    "It would never work out between us..." Sam sighed.


    "... I know you're technically a part of the Guild since you know about it, but you haven't seen its true colors. Blue doesn't have any enemies yet. He's well-liked and just a kid still. Me? I've got a lot of friends in high and low places, but I have a long list of enemies... Add that to the fact that I'm always dodging the law and the police... Almost constantly doing something dangerous and I'm rarely ever home... You deserve a lot better than me..." He'd played with the hat while he spoke and when he was done, he leaned over and put it back on her head with his typical smile. "You can keep the hat... Or burn it if you want. I don't care."

    Daisy was stared at him quietly. He started to get up to go when she reached out and his arm and pulled him back to her. She could see the confusion on his face at first, but he soon realized what she wanted. He leaned close then paused for a moment. Daisy didn't give him the chance to second guess. She knew it was stupid... Pointless, even, since he was leaving, but he'd always given her kiss on the cheek. Last time, before he left to take out Team Rocket, she was sorely disappointed when he did that again. She wanted a real kiss from him. She pulled him the rest of the way and met his lips with hers. She could tell he was surprised at first, but he kissed her back. The moment was painfully brief. He pulled away quickly, picked up his pokemon and left immediately without another word.

    Daisy heard the wings beats of a large bird as he left Pallet Town, or in truth left Kanto. She held her head in her hands as she resisted the urge to cry again. She realized that she still had his hat. She took it off and stared at it. The black fabric was well worn and the purple silk ribbon was fraying in spots. She took the hat and put it on the shelf, where it would sit for a very long time.
    Riley and Steven were shocked to see him return so quickly.

    "I said midnight..."

    "I don't recall asking for more time," Sam answered flatly.

    "Where's your hat?" Steven asked, not sure what to make of this new situation.

    "I left it. I got it in Kanto and it can stay in Kanto."

    "But... It's your hat..."

    "I'll steal a new one. Now let's go," Sam responded flatly. Riley and Steven stared at each other in confusion. Ditto snuggled closer to Sam's face. Their bond was stronger than ever and Ditto could sense his pain. Sam set Cat and Ditto down on the table to put on a jacket. He eyed them suspiciously. "You two have been pretty quiet..." Sam commented to them.

    Ditto winked at him, something he'd picked up from his master recently. "We've been talking behind your back." Sam stared at him in shock.

    He looked at Cat. She answered his questioning stare. "Ditto haz coome bak... I 'ad lotsah stoarees tah thel!"

    Ditto's voice cut across his thoughts again. "So... Where exactly are we going?"

    Sam smiled. "Hoenn... Or rather, home."

    Ditto saw his master's happy smile and felt his joy at thinking of this place... "Then let's go now. I... Don't want to stay here."

    "That makes two of us," Sam chuckled. He picked up Cat and Ditto happily wrapped himself around Sam's shoulders again.

    Steven, recovered from the turn of events, met him at the door. "Alright, are you ready?"

    Sam flashed him a devious grin. "I thought you'd never ask."
    In a dark room in a house surrounded by its own darkness, a tv was on and flashing news about how an orphanage had blown up. The police and fire fighters identified it as a gas leak that had caused the terrible explosion that took the lives of over twenty children. A simple accident. A woman dressed entirely in black watched the news coverage quietly with an evil smirk. The wind whispered through the prison-like bars of the open window, blowing her long, curly locks of shining, pure black hair. The moonlight highlighted it with blue like the feathers of a crow. This woman knew better. It was no accident. It was no accident they weren't finding bodies either. She rocked the baby boy in her arms as she sung a lullaby to him. Her eerily beautiful voice soothing the child and freezing the very air around them. The melody rose and fell into deep tones and rose to beautiful heights as it carried a message of death, revenge, and greed. The infant gazed at her adoringly with his blue eyes. Every word singing in his young mind, leaving scars that would never heal.

    She laid the baby to rest in his crib, reminiscent of prison bars, in an all black room except for the giant red R painted in blood-red. His eyelids drooped and he yawned sweetly. She stroked the child's cheek affectionately with a her long, red, talon-like fingernail. He responded to her gesture by grasping her finger in his tiny hand. She cooed to him as she leaned over him. She smiled at him- her red lips pulling into a brilliant smile as she continued to stroke his cheek.

    Her crimson eyes stared into the child's beautiful blue ones- hypnotizing and infecting them with her corruption as she spoke to him. "Dear sweet child... Sleep now... Let the darkness take over to carry you into its abyss... Each day you grow older, I'll shape your mind and create your world so you'll always know that your enemy is the Thief... Your very spirit will hate Him... That man who ruined your future... Who destroyed your throne! But you will find Him and expose Him for who He really is. Each day I'm watching my vengeance unfold... You'll never know the cause of your grief, but you'll always follow the voices beneath. Guileless child... Your loyalty and love is to me alone. You... My son," her voice dropped to low purr as the baby stared at her with sleepy eyes, "will die in returning what He stole from me."
    AN: I took the song lyrics from "Mordred's Lullaby" by Heather Dale (GREAT song by the way) and morphed them to suit our questionable woman of impeccable evil as she speaks to that poor... poor child. Sometimes I think that I am a terrible human being (certainly demented) for imagining something like this... But I digress.


    DarkAngelTorchic :) We spent a lot of time working on this chapter. I hope that it was as awesome as I meant for it to be.

    All you romanticists out there... I don't have a romantic/love bone in my body and struggled with the goodbye between Daisy and Sam... But it was necessary for the end of the story so I managed. As far as my inspiration went... Assassin's Creed with Ezio and Christina was good source and likely as not, those pesky Disney movies from my childhood with all that romantic crap in it probably influenced my way of thinking. T_T But my beta didn't say anything about it so I'm assuming it turned out alright. :) I actually considered hunting down a romance Beta for help... But decided against it.

    Soulmaster as well, who has always been such a great help. ^^ (and I hope that he will continue to be :P)

    Again- A quick mention for JestieUchiha and FearlessNeko for their OC's; Tobi and Zeth.

    Heather Dale for Mordred's Lullaby... That song along with the book, "Mistress of the Game" by Sidney Sheldon served/are serving as inspiration for that awesomely creepy woman at the end. ^^

    And then... I would say... Eh... My brain... because it apparently can't function like a normal person's.

    Tomorrow- be on the lookout for GSTA: Hoenn!! XD
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    Default Re: GSTA: Johto

    Aww sad about Blue's Raticate and that was one of the saddest leavings I've ever seen.

    I can't wait for Hoenn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulmaster View Post
    Aww sad about Blue's Raticate and that was one of the saddest leavings I've ever seen.

    I can't wait for Hoenn.
    Quite actually.... I didn't come up with that. That is a conspiracy theory that I threw in for kicks. :P

    As far as spelling Marill... I originally thought that it was Marril and then found out I was wrong but I kept reverting back to Marril... So... :|

    And they are quite actually in Kanto at that point. The went to the Soul House and where still in Kanto when he woke up for the second time this chapter.

    (working on Hoenn now)

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