TEEN: Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

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Thread: Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

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    Default Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

    okay, here's my entry to the challenge, and I am going for Silver rank, around 10000 words. this is a spin-off/co-quel to the second series of my flight saga, it's teen for death and braking some ohio laws. i hope you enjoy!

    Glove of the Ancients (working title)
    By Daniel Ridley (<= not real-life name, just Daniel from TF)


    Thank you for picking up and reading This book. Once again, you can take this as fiction or the truth, like my other novels. But to me and the characters in this story, what happened was real.

    This is written in the point of view of a friend of my nephew’s, about two years ago, just like in the journal that he gave me.

    Chapter 1

    I was practicing, repeatedly punching my punching bag, which was chained from the ceiling. I have been at it for about sixteen minutes, and I was starting to break a sweat.

    I want to be a boxer, and make my father proud. He’s dead now, but I know he can see me from somewhere. He wrecked his motorcycle just a little while away, between here and the town. But that was four years ago, and now it doesn’t bother me anymore.

    Once I was done, I wiped the sweat off of my face and put on a shirt. I planned to go to a friend’s place and have some fun. So I walked outside and started up my four-wheeler, listened to the engine hum, and hopped on. It only took a minute to get to their house and I’m thanking the fact of living in the country, able to drive on the non-public roads.

    I pulled into their “driveway”, which if you drove far enough, you’d be able to reach my other friend’s home. When I honked the horn, she came out.

    Her name was Ariel, she’s about my age, has long, reddish-brown hair, and not to be mean, dresses like a tomboy, and she probably is.

    “Hi Andon!” she shouted over the sound of the engine. “You want to go on a race through the field, against me and my dirt bike?”

    “Nah,” I replied, turning the engine off. “I was thinkin’ something like a race to Deersville.”

    “Kinda long way, ain’t it?”

    “I got gas containers in the back.” I said, pointing to the red cartons with yellow nozzles.

    “What about Darin?”

    “It’s fine; I’ll go get ’im” I assured her. “I’ll go now.”

    So I restarted the engine, and drove in the direction of his house, along the way passing a steep hill and a small pond, it took less than five minutes to get there. Knocking on the door, it was only a short time before his uncle opened the door.

    “Hi Daniel. Is Darin here?” I asked the tall, curly-haired man.

    “Yep Andon; he’s playing his game on the couch in the living room. You can go get him.”

    I walked into the house, and Daniel directed me to the living room, where, just like he said, Darin was on the couch, playing on a certain double-screened game system. At first, he didn’t notice me. I had to practically clear my throat so hard and loud that it made my throat hurt for him to notice.

    “Oh, sorry about that, I was busy trying to beat the champion. What do you want?” he asked, closing the system.

    “Do you want to go on a race with me and Ariel to Deersville?”

    “Sure. Let me get my go-kart ready.”

    Sighing, I walked back outside and got back on my four-wheeler, and started it while I waited for him to fill his kart up with gas, put on a helmet (unlike me), rev up the engine, and pull up next to me.

    “Ready!?” he asked me.

    “No, I’m just sitting here dazing off into nothing.” I replied sarcastically.

    So we drove on back to Ariel’s trailer, where she was waiting for us on her bike.


    “On three!” Ariel shouted. “One! Two! Three! GO!!”

    And on that mark, we sped off, with me first, Ariel second, and Darin way behind in third. In a second, she was right besides me, and was about to pass, but I switched to four-wheel drive and instantly sped up. And surprisingly, Darin was catching up too. Soon everything started to look like a blur of green as we passed by hills, barns and eventually the outskirts of the town.

    I think we all tied when we started to slow down. After we shut off our rides, we stopped by the town’s general store, to get their county-famous ice cream.

    I chose their new flavor, chocolate cake, I think Ariel had butter crunch, and Darin had strawberry. Choosing a table outside, we continuously ate the frozen delights in this hot weather. Soon, other kids came and sat around us, swapping useless rumors and chatting. Most of the rumors were useless, besides this one that a fifteen-year old was telling all of us.

    “Some say that there is a old shaman that lives in the woods just outside of the town. The man can curse you for intruding on his land, and you will lose all sense of direction. They even say he’s the reason that that one guy that lived in that white, trashy house over there,” he pointed to a house with the roof starting the fall in and it’s trash-filled porch. “to kill him self, driven mad by one of his curses.”

    Once he finished, another kid piped up. “Sounds more like a ghost story than a rumor…”

    “But it’s true!” the kid countered, and then his face changed from being serious to being amused. “I bet y’all are scared of this. I dare one of you to going out into the woods and find him.”

    Not scared, I answered the dare. “I’ll do it; just to prove that you’re a liar. I’ll come back completely sane.”

    At that, I headed back to my four-wheeler, and Darin and Ariel came up to me. First D spoke. “Are you crazy, what if that man is real?”

    “Please don’t tell me that you believe that garbage, do ya?”

    “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t, but I can’t let my friend go out there by himself.”

    “Then come for Pete’s sake!” I unnecessarily shouted at him.

    “Fine I will!” he shouted back, equally as loud.

    Finally, A spoke up. “Jeesh, do you two have to be so loud? I’ll come too.”

    So on that agreement, we all got on our vehicles and started out on the old beaten path that was across from the store. At first the path, which was clear, soon spread out into a field on a hill, with a old run-down barn at the bottom. The first thing we did was stop there.

    The barn had been worn down with age, with the red paint on it giving away to pink-stained wood, a door laying on the grassy ground, and surprisingly, a few chickens randomly moving around throughout the floor.

    “Well, nothin’ important here.” I said, and as soon as I turned around, Darin tried to step onto the barn’s floor. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you; it might collapse on you.

    Backing up, he followed us as we walked down a dirt road that was leading from the right side of the barn. We walked on it for at least a half hour, with it ending at a small cabin. Curious, I walked up onto the porch. And that caused Darin to freak out.

    “Stop! What if that is the shaman’s house?”

    I turned to Ariel to see what she thought. “This does seem like less of a coincidence that we’re in the woods, there’s a cabin, and look, there’s Indian stuff. It’s just too… shamanie-ish to not be a shaman’s building.

    “Fine, if you two are so scared of this, than I’ll just go in myself.” I shrugged. At that moment, I opened the door.

    Inside, it was something else. Indian/Native American rugs were on the floor, medicines and herbs were on the tables, the walls were decorated with deer bones (wait ’till Deersville hears that one) and pictures of a family I don’t know, but they appear to be on a reservation of some sort.

    “Ah, a visitor. I haven’t had one of those in a while.” a voice said.

    “Who’s there?” I said, somewhat freaked out.

    “I should ask you the same thing, young man.” an elder man came in from another room, the one who spoke before.

    “Are you the shaman?” I said, still somewhat scared.

    “I guess you can call me that, but I refer to myself as a medicine man.”

    “So… you’re not gonna curse me?” I said, somewhat relieved.

    “Of course not! Whoever told you that is full of rubbish, aren’t they?”

    “I guess… but what about that one man who killed himself?”

    “Oh, that man. It wasn’t on purpose; the medicine I gave him might have accidentally made him delusional.” he explained, with a sympathetic look on his face. “You can have your friends come in; they won’t be hurt.

    So I did as he said, walking out of the home and told them it was okay.

    “Guys, it’s okay, this man is good!” I shouted out to them.

    “How do I know you’re telling the truth?” Darin said paranoidly.

    “I’m frippin out here and perfectly normal, ain’t I?”

    “Fiiiiiine. I’ll come up.”

    As for Ariel, she came right up. Altogether, we all went back in the cabin. They observed the place the same I did I guess, and we went back to the “shaman”, who was now sitting in a chair.

    “Well hello young’ins. Now that you all are here, let me introduce myself. My name is Erison. I have been living here ever since I was fifty, trying to help anybody that happens to come along here.”

    “But-” I cut Darin off, I’ll explain to him about the man who killed himself later.

    “But now, I think my time has come. I have lived a long life, and for that I am glad. But before I go, I might as well give you three something special. Each of you.” he said, first pointing to Ariel. “You, step forward.”

    She did, and he started again. “I can see wisdom in you. For that quality, I shall now give you ability to call upon the advice of the spirits, for wisdom, strength, and will of the mind. Use it wisely”

    Suddenly, the room was filled with a blue, bright light, and when it finally dimmed, she was stumbling.

    “Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt her, she just received a lot of power, and I think all she needs a rest. Now you, the one who looks nervous,” he pointed to Darin, and I noticed he was starting to look transparent. “Though you don’t look it, you are very courageous and powerful, and for those qualities, I will grant you the spirit of a warrior. Use it wisely, for power can consume a person, and courage sometimes leads to doing foolish things.”

    And just like last time there was an orange light that filled the room and when it dimmed, he was on the floor. And now, the man was just barely an outline.

    “Yes, I see that look on your face, and let me tell you that your guess is correct: as I’m giving you three your powers, I will completely use all of my life force. Do not feel sad, I had always known that I would someday pass on my powers and my life. And I can see all of the three qualities in you. Your wisdom, your power, and your courage all show that you are a great young man, just like you all should have. I will give you the last bit my of life for you to give you the ability to be a hero. You may not know what to use it for, as neither I, but I have a feeling you’ll use it wisely, completely balanced by the three.”

    And then, finally, pure white light surrounded me, and for some reason, a tear was rolling down my eye, which now I know is because this man was like my father, and then when the light dimmed, he was gone.

    I felt full, not the food full, but like I was complete. When I looked around, I noticed the cabin was fading too, like it’s purpose was fulfilled too, and looked down on the floor, now turning into grass, that Ariel and Darin were still asleep.

    So I waited for about a half hour, staring at everything that Erison had, and grabbed a couple of books that were on a non-fading shelf, one of them inscribed that it was about Cree mythology, another about herb remedies, and another about battle techniques. I took them, along with a few others of interest, and then they woke up.

    “What happened? Why are we in the forest? What happened to Erison?” Ariel asked drowsily, getting up off the ground

    “He’s dead now. But I have a feeling he’s not gone, at least to us, and his house disappeared also.”
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    Default Re: Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

    been busy yesterday, and i couldnt write, but here's chapter two

    Chapter 2

    By the time that Darin woke up, the sun was directly overhead, and I would presume it was almost one, when we left at eleven. Brushing off the leaves that were stuck to their clothes, they both followed me back to our vehicles. It took us around the same amount of time to get back to the town.

    By that time, most of the kids left, probably to go inside and to play their video games. One of the few kids that were there was the one who spread the rumor of Erison, and he came up as we pulled up to the store to get some water bottles to drink.

    “Did you guys find the shaman? He said, nervously looking at D and A, who still looked drowsy. You took a while to get back.”

    “There was no shaman, and the path was steep. They fell off their vehicles and they both got knocked out from the fall. The shaman didn’t curse them or anything” I lied to him. It was more like he gave us something.

    “Okay,” he said, still not looking certain that I was telling the truth. But then he just turned and walked away. “I believe ya.”

    Entering the store, I walked over to the fridge area, and I grabbed four bottles (I tend to drink two) and walked back up to the cashier.

    “Back again, are you?”

    “Yeah, I guess…” I said, handing him six dollars. “Here’s the money for the water”

    When I got back to the vehicles, I handed two of them to Ariel and Darin. After taking a sip or two of mine, I started my four-wheeler up, and they followed suit.

    We first stopped by Darin and Daniel’s house, at least breaking the public roads law by taking the short route, but luckily, no cars passed us, and we left Darin. Daniel didn’t even care that we were gone for around two and a half hours, saying he was busy writing at the time.

    It was the same for Ariel too, for she goes putting on her bike all the time. But for me, my mom was all over me, making sure I was alright, and even told me that she went as far as to think that I crashed my ATV. But I told her that I was just having a lot of fun.

    Afterwards, I was just watching TV, and reading a manga that Darin allowed me to borrow, and it was like the incident involving Erison didn’t even happen. That is, ’till later.

    I was feeding the animals dinner, first the chickens, then the dogs, cats, sheep, and the one cow. Everything normal, right? Well, as I was closing up the chicken coop, I saw a flash of light. At first, I dismissed it as the evening sun getting in my eye, but then I saw it again, but this time closer, and my father’s tales of a “white monster” came to mind.

    Fists up, prepared to fight, I saw what it really was; a man, well I think. If you examined closer, you could see that he was chalk white, and that he was transparent.

    “You’re dead if you think your gonna steal my animals.” I threatened, grabbing a 4-10 off of the chicken coop.

    “Relax; I am not here to harm your property” the man, with his ancient accent. “ I was just here to see Erison’s choice of succession. You.”

    “Okay,” I said, confused, “what are you then?”

    “I thought you would of known by now.”

    “A… spirit?”

    “Correct, my child. I see that he made a wise choice of choosing you.”

    Starting to get impatient, I said, “I know you have more that you want to tell me, so spit it out.”

    “Fine, there IS something wrong. Our master has lost contact with us and-”

    “You want me to do something about it. No, I have a whole summer of training and what I want to do, not something that you old geezers can’t do.”

    “But how did you know what I was going to say?”

    “Hello; I live in the neighborhood of an author who happens to write all kinds of things like this, and his nephew is my friend, and he makes me read every darn book of his series. So of course I knew what you were going to say.”

    “But it’s a matter of crisis. The land might sink into the sea now that the Great Coyote is gone.”

    “Fine! What the heck do you want me to do!” I screamed at him, angry.

    “There is a barn that is just miles away from where you-”

    “I know where the darn barn is!”

    “Okay! You little brat. In the barn, there’ s an item that could help you find the Coyote. And the next time I see you, you better have more patience.”

    “Okay, I’ll go tomorrow; I just need some sleep. It’s been a long day.” I said, calming down. “You can go now.”

    “It’ll be my pleasure.” he said as he faded away.

    Walking into the house, my mother asked me, “Who was out there?”

    So I just told her that it was a hooligan from Deersville trying to bother me, but I chased him away. After that, I went to my bedroom and flopped on the bed. I watched TV until I fell asleep.

    When I woke up, I got ready, putting on a new set of close; a short sleeve shirt and shorts. But when I walked out, I noticed that it started to drizzle out. Good, I thought, no kids will be out in this.

    When I passed Ariel’s, I was thinking about telling her, but then I thought better of it. She was probably busy anyhow. So I sped to Deersville, not worrying about having to wait for anybody. I passed by the store and I turned on to the path, and I was about halfway. And then it shut off on me; out of gas, and I left them back at home. So I started to sprint to the barn, stumbling every couple of minutes or so on the marshy ground. I didn’t even notice that there were other people down there when I reached the old building.

    “Andon?” a familiar voice said, and when I got my breath back, I looked up.

    “Ariel? What are you doing here?”

    “Well, there was this one spirit that told me to come here.” she explained.

    “Wait, did this spirit tend to ramble, was a man, and tended to get angry when you interrupted him?”

    “No, actually, it was a lady. Wait, did you-” she tried to say before a go-kart came speeding down the hill.

    “Darin?” we both asked as it came to a stop.

    “Yep!” he shouted.

    When he got off, we all started again. “So were you called down here by a spirit Darin?”

    “No, it just felt like instinct to come down here. Do we have to go in there?” he asked, pointing towards the barn entrance.

    “I guess,” I answered.

    So we walked in, only to find a big gash in the floor, separating it into two parts.

    “Well, we could always grab some chickens and hover over it.” Darin said, which made both me and Ariel to turn to him.

    “This isn’t the Prophecy of Eldo Darin!” I shouted, thumping him on the head with my fist.

    Turning to Ariel, I asked her, “What do you think we should do?”

    “I don’t know I… Ooh!” she started to say, but then came up with an idea. “You know the door at the entrance?”


    “We could use that as a bridge between. Let’s go get it.”

    So we ripped the still solid as timber door off of the hinges, and placed it over the gap, just enough, as it was on the edges. We tested it by making three chickens run over it, and it didn’t break. So the first person to go over was Darin, and he was able to get across without putting a crack on the sheet of wood. Next was Ariel, and the results were the same. It was just me now, and I got over safely also.

    The next thing was to find this “item”, which, according to the spirit that Ariel talked to, looks different to each person, which will make it oh so easier to find!

    First, we checked on this floor, only finding a broken broom and pitchfork, next, we checked the second. And we found… a glove, an old wooden sword, and a banjo. Not to be stingy, I took the glove and then Darin spazzed out and yelled at me.

    “But I want the long blade!”
    “What are you talking about, the sword is to the left. I grabbed the glove!” I told him, and then I realized what Ariel said. According to that one lady, the item differed per person.

    “Fine, I can do with this darn bow…” he said, grabbing the “sword”.

    “And I guess that leaves the harp.” Ariel said, picking up the “banjo”.

    Then, there was a flash of light, and I guess the “items” took on their true forms, because my glove turned into a boxing glove, albeit gold, the sword, or rather the bow, turned into a pair of what looked like silver blades, and the banjo, or rather the harp, turned into a long acoustic guitar, with copper strings.

    “Whoa, what happened?” Darin asked, probably as shocked as I was.

    “Great, you found them,” a voice said to me, and it sounded similar, “and yes it’s me Andon, it’s Erison.”

    Turning to Ariel, I asked, “Can you here him?” Her response was a nod of the head; yes.

    “Hear who?” Darin asked, possibly confused.

    “I am basically you three’s watcher now, but before I get distracted, there is kind of a witiko behind you three.”

    “Do you know what a witiko is, Ariel?” I asked, daring not to look back until I knew what it was.

    “Umm…” she started, closing her eyes to concentrate. “they are the evil spirits, usually associated with cannibalism.”

    “Oh, that doesn’t sound very good, does it?” I mumbled, now scared that I knew what was behind me. By instinct, I put on the boxing glove, and I turned around.

    The creature was about the height of professional basketball player, looked like it had bloody gashes coursing through it’s body, claws as sharp as a chef’s knife, and was covered in torn fur.

    “Holy sweet mother of-WHOA!” Darin said, shocked at the appearance of the monster, and rolled away from it when it lounged at him, unlike I have ever seen before from him. And now the creature was charging at me and A.

    Quickly, I asked, “How do we kill it? FAST!”

    “I don’t know, just attack it till it is…?” she spluttered nervously.

    Looking at the little options I had, I met the abomination, fist ready. But when I tried to mark a blow on the thing, it unnaturally dodged it at a high speed. So I had to change tactics.

    “Darin! I need ya to weaken it for me with your blades. You think you can do it?”

    “I’ll try!” he answered, charging forward, blades slashing.

    Turning to Ariel, I asked, “Do you think you can do anything?”

    “Well, I could try to play something on this guitar to make it drowsy. I know of a few songs.”

    “THEN PLAY ’EM!” I shouted as I dodged another one of the wikito’s attacks.

    She then went on to play a melody that I never even heard of, but it seemed to be doing the trick; the monster’s movements were getting sluggish.

    Running over next to Darin, I started to attack with him.

    “How you doing?”

    “Fine, you know, fighting a seven-foot tall monster while you are chatting away.”

    Ignoring him, I waited until he sliced before I punched it with my glove. The chain started to form from there. Slice! Thump! Slice! Thump!

    Soon, the witiko fell onto the wooden floor, turning into clumps of leaves and mud.

    “We did it!” we all shouted, happy that the enemy was gone.

    “Well done you three!” Erison telepathically praised me and Ariel. “You kids should be getting home before anymore of those show up. And you three got the items that you were told to get, they will help you out on this quest.”

    As we left, with me filling up my four-wheeler with gas that Darin brought, we all left for Darin's house; to ask Daniel about this situation.
    This chapter:2099 words
    total:4259 words
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    "...My god, our soldiers were right. War. War never changes."

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    Default Re: Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

    Still no comments? >:/
    Chapter 3

    The trip was short, with us driving through the woods on paths made by groups of turkey and deer. By the time we made it, it stopped raining, and we were all soaked. But Daniel still let us in, and he gave us towels to wrap up in, and one large one placed on the couch to keep it dry.

    So, once we were settled in, I asked Daniel about the monster.

    “Daniel, do you know what a witiko is?”

    “Umm... I don't know off the top of my head, but I'll go online to look it up.” he said, walking out of the room and into what looked like a bedroom. He was in there for at least five minutes before he came out with a couple of papers. “I printed it off of a Native American site. It says; 'A witiko, or otherwise known as a wendigo is a Cree mythological creature that, according to tales, is covered in fur, and is most often mistaken as Bigfoot. They are an evil spirit that is cursed to be turned into a monster. Though most legends don't say why they turn evil, but it is said that it involves cannibalism.' Why did you guys need to look up this?”

    He handed me the sheets and I looked at the first page and saw that he just read the first paragraphs on it. “Will you believe what I told you?”

    “After what I've been through, I learned to believe anything that I hear.”

    “Okay...” So I told him about what happened yesterday and today, and he just nodded when I explained, not interrupting once until I was finished.

    “Dang, I though this stuff would be over for me....” He said, but it seemed like he was talking to himself rather than us. “Well, it seems like you three were unlucky enough to be caught up in the crap that 'the ancestors' want you to do.”

    “What do we do?” I asked.

    “I don't know... play it out?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, I was slapped in to a prophecy I didn't even want to be in about two years ago.”

    “You mean your books are telling the truth?”

    “Yes, in a way. I kinda added a few characters here and there that weren't really there, but they didn't change the story any.” he said, having a embarrassed look on his face. “Anyways, I just followed my prophecy the best that I could, and I didn't really question it that much.”

    “That still doesn't help us out...”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, we didn't even get a prophecy, it was more like a command. 'The Great Coyote is gone. We need you to find him.'” I explained to him, repeating the general message that the spirits told us.

    “Oh well then,” Daniel shrugged. “Do you need anything else researched?”

    “No, I think we're good.”

    “Be safe. Oh, and if Darin has to go with you guys on anything, keep an eye out for him; my sister wouldn't be very happy if she finds out her son got hurt.”

    And at that, me and Ariel went down to her trailer. When we got there, we started to talk.

    “So, what do we do now?” she asked me.

    “I don't know, wait 'til they tell us more?”

    “No, I think we need to do something by ourselves for once.”

    “Like what?”

    “I don't know, maybe... what in the world is that?” I asked, pointing towards a small creature that was heading towards us.

    The creature looked like a small man, but had a few scales here and there on it, and it was soaking wet by the look of it, as it just came out of the stream.

    “I think it is a Memekwesiw,” she said.

    “Meme- what?” I asked.

    “May-may-qwi-sew, they are 'little men', and though they are not evil, they are tricksters and are known to flip canoes on people for a joke. I think we should be careful talking to it; it may trick or lie to us.”

    It took a minute for it to walk up to us, and then it started to speak to us. “Young lady,” it started, talking to Ariel, “I have to let you know that I'm a man; we don't like to be called its.”

    “Well I think we can call you whatever we want to call ya.” I said, looking down at him. “I don't think you could do anything about it anyway.”

    “Boy, you think just because your larger than me, does not mean that I can't hurt you.”

    “Yeah, I would like to see you try- whoa!” I said right before he grabbed hold of a finger and flipped me onto the gravel.

    “Like I said, don't think you have an advantage over me,” the small man smugly said to me.

    Ariel, who helped me off the ground, then politely asked, “Excuse me sir, but would you happen to know we have to do...” she explained everything, and the man listened intently.

    When she was finished, he spoke again. “I wouldn't know much to help you, but I think our leader could tell you something. But first, you have to do something...”

    He told us that another witiko has been terrorizing their home, ransacking their houses and eating people. Though he said it was a witiko, the description of it sounded different, this time like an alligator instead of a wolf.

    So we agreed to help him, and he told us to follow him as he swam upstream. We passed a few old barns, a broke-down trailer home, and eventually, a four-wheeler path. The path then led to a small pond.

    It was a marshy area, clear of trees, and if one looked close enough, there were mounds of dirt and wood, and according to the Meme, was their homes.

    “You see, when people used to come down here, they thought that we were beavers building a dam, and that's what most mistake us as.”

    “Okay, where did you say the 'tiko was again?” I asked the small man, who told us his name was Jimmontis, Jim for short.

    “Reports say that it lives in the woods just east of here,” Jim said, pointing to the other side of the pond.

    “Thanks, I guess...” I said to him, not really wanting to do this. I pulled the leather glove onto my hand, and it transformed back into the boxing glove.

    As we started to walk around the bank, Jim shouted at us, “Be careful not to be knocked into the water by it!”

    It took around five minutes to reach the woods, and the place had freshly fallen trees. We followed the carnage, and eventually we reached the creature.

    Just like Jim described, it looked like a gator, albeit a large and bi-pedal one. It was turned away from us, so it didn't notice us, yet. So Ariel started to play her guitar, and apparently, the witiko fell asleep.

    Or, so we thought it was. Just as I was going to throw a punch at it, it spun around, and it's tail knocked me onto the ground. It roared and then it went to lunge at me. I shut my eyes, not wanting to see what was going to happen. But the attack never came.

    Opening my eyes, I saw a sword, and the first thought that went through my head was: Darin.

    And it was him. “Next time, tell me when you guys plan to do something.” He said.

    So, we ganged up on it. I distracted it by hitting its back, and while it wasn't paying attention, Darin slashed its torso. But, as it seemed we were about to destroy it, it knocked us into the water. In the water, the thing was lightning fast, and it kept attacking us, and I ended up with a gash on my stomach.

    Writhing in pain, an idea suddenly hit me. I shouted out what sounded like gibberish, “Ahkwatita!” and suddenly the creature was frozen solid in ice. And then I punched the ice, and it shattered. So we went up into the surface, and I gasped for air, once we on the shore, Darin started to question me.

    “What the heck was that?”

    “I have no idea, but I think I shouted “freeze” and that's what happened.”

    “Great, now you know how to use the elements to your advantage.” Erison “said” to me.

    “Shut up.” I said to him.

    “Who are you talking to?”

    “Erison, is there a way for you to speak to him too?”

    “Say pehtaw and he should be able to hear me.”

    “Pehtaw. Darin, now you will here Erison like me and Ariel. He can tell you what is going on.”

    So he explained to us, and Ariel, who came down to the bank, that we all can use “elements” to our advantage. All we have to do is say what we want to happen if we say it in Cree.

    “Why are you here Darin?” Ariel and I asked.

    “Well, I was hearing roars, and my uncle asked if I could go find out what was making it. I followed the sound here, and then I saw you being attacked by that gator.”

    “Well, let's go back and see Jim.” I said

    “Jim? Who's Jim?”

    “Okay, I'll get the chief.” Jim said to us when we came back. When he came back out, a elder man followed.

    “So your the three that slain the witiko. I will answer anything that needs to be asked.”

    Ariel looked at me, telling me to speak, “Well sir, do you know anything about the Coyote. Like what happened to him or where he is.”

    “Why yes, young man, I think I do know what happened to him, information strait from the ducks.”


    “Yes, they are his guards, and they helped form the world with him. They said that something had caught him.”

    “Is it true that if he isn't found, that the world will sink into the ocean?”

    “Andon?” Ariel and Darin asked with shocked expressions on their faces.”

    “That may be true. If so, he needs to be found soon.”
    current chapter: 1733 words
    total words: 6219 words (over half way there!)

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    Default Re: Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

    Well, here it is, the midpoint of the story...
    Chapter 4

    “Do you know what we should do then sir?” I asked.

    “Well, according to legend, the Guardian Ducks reside on the land of a thousand Lakes.”


    “You're correct young lad. May I speak to your spirit guardian alone for a minute?”

    “Sure,” I answered and the glowing outline of Erison appeared and went up to the small elder as they silently conversed.

    When they were done, we had to leave for home, with the sun almost below the horizon. But just as we almost left, Jim came sprinting towards us. When he finally caught up, he said, “Take me with you.”


    “Because I happen to know where the ducks are, at least, more specifically than the elder.”

    “Fine, but no tricks or the like.”

    “Watch the propaganda fella.”

    We first stopped at Ariel's, where she said Jim could stay with her, and then we went our separate ways, Darin walking up their road (which just happens to say “Drive at your own risk”...) and then I drove home.

    As usual, when I walked in the door, my mom started to fuss over me, this time worrying about my injuries, dampness, and dirtiness. I just told her that I fell into the pond while we were all fishing and that I scraped myself on some rocks and briars when I did. I hated to lie to my mother, but at least my klutziness gave me an alibi on getting hurt.

    After taking a shower, I slipped on a white T-shirt and pajama bottoms and went to my room to think out a checklist before I went to sleep.
    1. How are we going to get there? At the thought, I realized that we had all worked over the school months. For myself, after checking through my wallet, I found a hundred-twenty dollars. Great.

    2. How are we going to get there? After pondering for a few minutes, I remembered that Daniel had a car. Solved.

    3. What would be our excuse for going? I glanced at my TV, which for some reason was on the news, had a segment on titled: Canadian-Indian Festival Starting In Ogoki, Ontario This Week. Guessing on my geography skills (not good, but still) I guess the festival was somewhat near the lakes. I then had a plan set up.

    We would go there with Daniel, sneak off for a day, and then be back before the day ends, and then have fun the rest of the week, hopefully.

    So I summoned Erison to get him to notify Ariel and Darin. So he did that, but came back unsuccessfully when he said Ariel was sleeping, but he managed to tell Darin afterward.

    Soon, I drifted off into sleep.
    The next morning, around nine, I got up and ready, promised my mom that I'd be safe, asked her if I could go (the answer was yes), and started for Ariel's. I knocked on the trailer's door when I got there, and then her mom came out in her nightgown.

    “Hello Andon, did you come to see Ariel?” she asked.

    “Yes I did, ma'am.”

    “She should be in her room. Don't forget to knock.” she told me as she let me through.

    Going through the living room, I followed the one hallway of the house to her room. Forgetting to knock, I walked in to a surprise. She was getting undressed, and now was just in underwear and boxers. She was about to undress even more until she noticed me.

    “Ah, Andon! Get out for a minute so I can finish getting dressed.” she said, pushing me out with a shocked and embarrassed look on her face to match mine.

    In a few minutes, she opened the door back up, and she was in a tank top and shorts. “You can come in now.”

    “I knew you were a tomboy.” I said with a grin on my face, referring to her boxers.

    “Shut up! Do you want me to bash you on the head with this guitar?” she threatened, still embarrassed and with her guitar in hand.

    “Not really...” I answered, wiping the look off my face. “ Actually, I have something to tell you...”

    And I told her about my plan, and that I tried to contact her last night. “How much money do you have?”

    “Umm... around eighty dollars.” she said, counting the bills in the leather fold.

    “Good. Oh, ask your mom if you can go, tomboy.” I chuckled.

    Fist raised, and red face, she said, “I'm serious Andon!”

    So she asked her mom, and she said yes, as long as it was okay with Daniel. After that, we went up to Darin's house. When we pulled in, Daniel's Great Dane started to bark from it's doghouse, where it was chained up. Soon, hearing the dog's loud mouth, Daniel came out.

    Turned to the dog, he shouted, “Shut up Louis, you know them! Hi you two. Darin's still asleep though-”

    “Actually, we came to talk to you sir.” I interrupted. “Do you know the Festival that's goin' on in Canada?

    “Oh yeah, that. I was planning to go there with Darin and show him some Blackfoot and Cherokee art and other stuff...”

    “Could you handle two more kids then?” I asked, “It's already okay with our moms.”

    “Sure, just get ready tonight; I was planning to go tomorrow.” he answered with a shrug.


    So we went back down to my house and played a co-op shooting game, every time losing, until her mom called to get ready. When she left, I grabbed a few pair of clothes, pajamas, the three books that I took from Erison's shelf, a portable game system, and an extra boxing glove to go with the one in my pocket, and put 'em all in a case.

    My mother drove me in her compact car, Ariel had her mom's boyfriend drive her, and we were dropped off at the same time. When we went in, Daniel came to us and told us to lay down our stuff and that Darin was in his room. We walked in, and he was still playing that blue double-screened system.

    “Hey guys. You goin' too?” He asked, eyes still glued to the screens.

    “Yep. Hey, you two, here's some books that I think we should read on the trip, I grabbed them back at Erison's house.” I handed them the battle and element books.
    “Great! Something about fighting!” Darin said happily, finally taking his eyes off of his game, grabbing the first one. “Why though?”

    “Well, I think we should get familiar with what we're dealing with, like your sudden interest for violence or Ariel's smartness.”

    “What now?” Ariel asked me with a quizzed look.

    “Come on, just how exactly do you know all of these things without even telling us how you knew it?”

    With that, we changed the subject, with the three of us competing in a battle on our systems, with me surprisingly the winner. After that and a few other things, we were told to go to sleep.

    I slept until seven in the morning, with Darin's alarm clock going off. I got dressed into shorts, and when we all had woke up, we got into Daniel's Saturn Ion.

    Well, looks like it's time...
    The next chapter will involve them going to Canada, and from here on out, massive spoilers on the second series of books I'm goin' to write (Yes, I've planned that far!)


    Word count:1256 words (short, I know)
    Total:7446 words

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    Default Re: Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

    This is the highest point of spoilers...

    Chapter 5

    We just made it up to Lake Erie, and now we're going to go on a ferry over into Canada once we get something to eat. So we stopped at a fast food restaurant (a non-chain one that sounded like the title was French, so it wouldn't help to say what it was, nobody would know). I got a bacon cheeseburger, fries and lemon-lime soda, Darin had a grilled chicken sandwich and sides, and Ariel had a chicken salad and a drink.

    After eating, we got back in the car, and drove to the dock, with it's many boats and ferries. Daniel got out when we stopped at one, paid a boatman around twenty dollars, switched around a hundred for Canadian money, as did we, when we had the chance, and then drove onto an almost filled deck.

    While waiting, Darin pulled out his smartphone, and then started playing French words with English on the screen, and he said we need to know some of it if we were to bump into someone who is on accident. After that, we watched some videos (to pass time) about a orange (weird, I know).

    Eventually, long after his phone died, we reached the shore of the other country. As we were driving, I noticed that some of the street signs were in another language that wasn't English or French, but Cree. Soon, I realized that I was able to read them, and it freaked me out a bit:What if I forget English in the process?

    “You won't Andon.” Erison suddenly spoke up.

    “Wow, you've been silent for a while; what's up?” I asked him.

    “Nothing young lad, I just have nothing to say.”

    But I could tell he was lying, but I didn't bother him anymore. Instead, I paid attention to the signs, and they were saying that we were getting close to Ogoki. So I started to read the elements book while Ariel was sleeping, just in case.

    By the time I was done memorizing most of the “chants” as the book called them, we reached the small town, already in Indian décor, and it was around eight in the evening. So Daniel stopped at a hotel that was called l'auberge Ogoki. Once we got a room and got all of our stuff in, D, A, and I told him we were goin' to walk around town, and he surprisingly let us.

    As we were walking, we made our plan. First, me and Ariel would go headin for the lake, with Jim's direction, we would leave a trail, and then Darin, with his uncle's permission, would come looking for us. When we meet, we can find the ducks, and then come back.

    The only people out were the three of us and a few people attending to their concession stands, but it felt like something was watching us, or at least me. But I shrugged off the feeling when we went back into the inn.
    The next morning, we ate at the lunchroom, with surprisingly warm eggs, waffles, and bacon. Then, we left for the festival.

    In a stark contrast to last night, the streets were filled with entertained kids and adults alike, and Indian-ish music was playing from speakers. Ariel bought herself a bead necklace, I bought an owl pendent, and Darin was with Daniel looking at art. So it was time that we took off.

    But right as we were in an alley that was heading out to a plain, a roar rumbled the ground and it sounded like it was further in the town. So we started to run as fast as we could to Daniel and Darin, who were both at the door of the hotel, only to find them with two adults around Daniel's age.

    “Where have you two been?” Daniel asked with a worried look on his face. “A monster is out there. What would I tell you parents if you were killed.”

    “Who are they Daniel?” I asked, pointing the the brown haired lady and the blonde man.

    “Okay, I lied when I told you three that we were coming up for the festival. I came to meet up with these two. Something is wrong with-” he was silenced by another roar.
    “Ever mind about that though these two are Blake and Malinda. Like me and you three, they have had contact with Indian spirits or gods. Something is happening though to the spirits though. And with their help, we are going to find out the matter.”

    “You know what's makin' that noise Darin.” I told him. “We've gotta stop it.”

    He sighed and drew his swords. “Fine, let's go.”

    Then Malinda spoke up, “Where are they going Daniel?”

    I was about to tell her, but Daniel cut me off. “I'll tell you,” and then he turned to us, “Go, but be careful.”

    So the three of us charged through the main square, and another witiko, somewhat same to the first one we ever fought, but looked more like a bear, was destroying a stand. I picked up a piece of rubble and chucked it at the creature. With it's attention, I slipped on my gloves and slugged it in the face. Darin started to slice, and Ariel bashing it with her guitar, without the slightest scratch on it. Handing me a sword, me and Darin went in for the kill by jumping up and slicing at the neck. The head didn't even hit the ground before it turned to clumps of mud and leaves, along with the rest of the body.

    We sat there for a minute, and then noticed everybody was staring at us. Then they started to cheer. Once we got our breathes back, we walked back to Daniel.
    “We lied too sir. I'll tell you on the way, but can you take us to...” I told Daniel, and I waited for Jim's response.
    “Lake Simcoe if I'm correct.” the small man said, having his head pop out of one of Ariel's jean pockets.

    “What he said sir.”


    So, he took us out of town, on a small road that was on the edge of the water. Soon, we stopped at a rest area to park. We got out, and then followed the small man's directions. We ended up at least a mile west of the car, and then we saw the ducks.

    There were two of 'em guarding a door that was in the cliff wall. They were small, but not as small as the Memekwesiw, were human like, and had arms that were covered in feathers, with spear-like weapons in their hands.

    Going against Ariel's wisdom about them, I walked right to them and spoke.

    “Hello, we came to find the Coyote.” I told them, with D and A following behind me.

    “He isn't here human.” the one on the right told me.

    “I know, we came to rescue him; we were told he went missing.”

    “Fine, come with us.”

    They opened the door, and we followed them. It was a short time and then we were in a high-arching cave with a pond that looked like it was leading out into the lake. They then took us to a hut that had four of them in it conversing.

    “Sirs, these three humans have come to see you about our leader.”

    “Okay. Thank you and you can return to your posts.” one of them said to the guards. “Well, you three, the Coyote...”

    “It was a few weeks ago. Something was causing this place to collapse, so he went to find out along with his two highest men, but none of them came back. Search parties were sent, but they didn't find any trace of them.”

    When they finished, something happened: everything went white around me, and I was by myself. But then something appeared around me: the lake. It was nighttime, and there was three figures by the lake. Everything was calm. But then, something shot out of the lake. It appeared to be snake-like, but it had arms and wings, and was dark in color. It grabbed the two figures besides the one in the center, swallowed them whole, and then grabbed the last and flew back underwater.

    After that, the scene started to fade around me, and I was back in the cave. I must have fell to the ground, because my face was on moist rock, and Ariel was by my side.

    “Are you okay Andon?”

    Sitting up, I answered “Yes...” I got up and walked to the four “ducks” and told them. “I think I know what happened to the Coyote.”

    I told them my vision, and they nodded and said, “Dang, sounds like the seal is broke,”

    “Seal?” all three of us asked.

    “The seal that was placed on Misikinebik the great serpent, centuries ago. He was sealed for his wrong doings to the world after the land rose out of the sea. But something caused the seal to possibly weaken it to the point to where he could get out. If that vision was true, then it may be seeking revenge.”

    “What do we do then sir?”

    “We attack.”
    The last chapter is tomorrow and it will be huge and it'll have an epilouge too...

    This chapter:1566
    all:9013 (almost there!)

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    Default Re: Glove of the Ancients (SuBuWriMo)(working title)(taking Flight spinoff)

    Here it is...

    Chapter 6

    Everybody around us was in armor. We would've gotten armor too if it fit us. The plan was to get to the center of the lake, and have the fighters distract the Serpent while me, Darin, and Ariel to find the Coyote and get him away.

    So we marched down to the bank of the lake. They gave us something to cover our faces so we could dive without air and then we started to swim. About at the halfway point, we broke off the main group and waited in a sheltered island just a little bit away to wait for the monster.

    And then, it shot out of the water with a spray of water that covered everything around. After the call, a quack of all things, was called, we started towards where it shot out.

    Thankfully, it had moved far enough that we weren't in it's sight, so we dived. The water was freezing for summer, and strangely, there was light glowing at the bottom. We dived for the light, and when we got close enough, we just fell out of it, as impossible as it was.

    On the moist, algae covered stone floor, Darin screamed “How in the heck is this even frippin possible!”

    “This isn't a natural place boy.” a voice said behind us. We got up, turned around, and saw a dog on stuck to the floor by cuffs. The Coyote.

    “Excuse me, do you happen to be the Coyote sir?” I asked in a rhetorical way.

    “What do you think boy! Get me out of these cuffs!”

    Darin pulled out one of his blades and smacked the sharp edge against one of the cuffs, and it shattered. At least for a second. It reformed.

    “Well that ain't gonna work...” Darin said. Then I got down to examine the cuffs.

    Each one had a different symbol on it: the right front one that Darin hit had a slash through it, the front had what looked like an explosion, one back one a musical note, and the last had a Cree symbol on it that stood for element. It then came to me.

    “Ariel, try to play music near the back cuff.”

    Without question, she did that, and the cuff opened, but when she stopped, it closed. I tried to punch the front one, and it shattered like the first.

    Then the Coyote murmured, “I see now. They react to what you did to them. Now all you have to do is-”

    “Do it all at the same time” I finished.

    So at my count, we broke em, with me shouting “ ahkwatita” at the last one, and the Coyote was free.

    “Thank you, you three. Now let's get out of here.” he said, stretching after the long time stuck to the floor.

    It seemed like everything was ending up well, with us almost back at the water. But then, with a rumble, the serpent burst through the gravity-defying water.


    “You fiend, I'll be glad to reseal you back in this heckhole!” the Coyote said angrily at it as he charged forward, but he was bounced back here with a crash.

    “Quick you three, get back to the surface. I'll try to hold him off.” I said as we ran and dodged the large snake's attacks, but of course, someone had to disagree.

    “Andon you can't do this by yourself. You'll get yourself killed!” Ariel shouted.

    “Yes he can, and I know he will.” the Coyote reassured her.

    “Alright, but be safe.” and with that, she kissed me in the face.

    “OH HOW TOUCHING, YOUNG LOVE! TO BAD YOU WILL DIE BEFORE YOU EVER WILL HAVE IT AGAIN!” it roared, trying to crush me with it's tail, but I managed to move out of the way, and only got a scratch on my shoulder.

    “Go!” I shouted to them.

    As they listened, I charged and slugged it in the face, twice, before it knocked me back to the ground with it's head, and I think I cracked a rib in the process. I tried to move, but I was stuck to the ground by algae, bleeding. But then the pain in my ribcage just disappeared. When I looked up, I saw the Coyote, now in the shape of a half-man-half-dog, with spears in both hands.

    “Need a hand up?” he asked me.


    Once off the ground, he handed me a spear and told me to stab stab it in the head while he stab the neck. So I jumped and dodged the attacks all the way to the tail, where I climbed up, and eventually, ran up. When I reached the head, I plunged it into the head, but it did nothing and the handle broke. So I got down on my knees and pounded it with my glove. When it went in far enough. A beam of light shot through it, and then it fell, with me on it.

    When we crashed to the ground, I was knocked off and into the air. When I landed, I was dazed. It took a few minutes to get a clear head. When I did, everybody was around me.

    So I asked. “Is it dead now?”

    “No, I'm afraid: since Misikinebik is my opposite, it can never be destroyed, only sealed, and hopefully better this time.”

    As he said it, I noticed his form was faltering and shaking like an image on a bad VCR tape. “What's wrong?”

    “You three weren't told, were you?” we all shook our heads, “Well... deep in the south, there was a statue, of another god of another tribe. For some reason, it was what connected us to the world. But now it has gone missing. And everything in our existence is getting weaker. Soon, we'll be gone forever. But with a meeting between the gods and spirits had decided on who would have to go find it. Their names are Daniel Ridley, Blake Derrickson, and Malinda Rupe. And I think you three can do something as well. But right now, we need to get out of here and re-seal this place.”

    So we swam up to the surface, where we were greeted by a few survivors from the attack.

    “There's no time to talk; we have to make sure that that creature never gets out of it's prison.” the Coyote said before he glanced at Ariel's guitar. “We might need your help young lady.”

    He explained to her that, for Misikinebik to stay sealed, she would need to play a song. He howled the notes the best he could, and she replicated it. During then, I started to hum along subconsciously as she played.

    The lake started to glow in a blue light, and then, when she was done, the lake was a lighter shade of blue.

    “There the job is done.” he congratulated us. “I need you to come with me Andon.”

    I followed, and we were walking on the lake shore.

    “Andon, are you ready to go on another adventure?”
    “I guess I am.”

    “Then call out your guardian spirit.”

    “Erison, the Coyote needs to speak with you.”

    “Coming” the elder man replied, appearing between me and the dog.

    “Your job is complete. You may now join the rest of the spirits.

    “Thank you sir. Just let me say goodbye to these three before I go.”

    “Goodbye sir, thank you for everything.” I said to him.

    “And thank you too lad. I will now talk to your friends.” at that, he faded in the direction of Darin and Ariel.

    “Now, Andon, for this journey, you will need more power than ever before. That, and the fact that I am losing my physical body is why I will need to combine with you. Is this okay with you?”

    “Yes, it is sir.”

    “Be prepared, for the power of many centuries are going to be running through your bones,” he warned me before his spirit entered my body.

    Just as he warned, power came over me, and I almost fell down because of it, and I was doubled-over. It was a while before I could stand straight up.

    “Now, you are ready.”

    The End... or is it?

    this chapter:1441
    altogether:10454 (I MADE IT!)

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