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    Default Glockenspiel (Comashipping one-shot PG-13)

    This is something a certain comashipper mod *Throws CommanderPigg under the bus* had asked me to do in exchange for fanart for my other fic :D So yeah...


    Paul fell to the ground as he heard the words, “Electivire is unable to battle. The victory goes to Ash and Infernape.”

    Grinding his teeth in anger he looked up to see Infernape and Ash hug each other in celebration of their victory. Paul pulled out Electivire’s pokéball with his shaking hand and recalled the electric pokemon. He gave one more glance at his fiercest rival and the pokemon he had once captured. They were happy. They were almost beaming.

    Paul got up on his feet and left the battlefield. He ended up in the stadium’s locker room and sat on a bench, shell shocked.

    “What does it mean?” thought Paul “Was I wrong? Are Ash’s training methods better? All this training and battling, I’m still not on Ash’s or Brandon’s level. What else can I do?”

    Paul hadn’t realized he has spoken that last part aloud and was shocked to hear his rival answer him.

    “You can stop moaning for starters,” Ash said from the entrance, “I lost many times and I’m still here today.”

    Ash flashed a friendly grin at him. Paul hated him for it.

    “Does Ash really think that this one victory will make us friends?” thought a confused and vulnerable Paul.

    The last thing he wanted was to look weak in front of Ash. In the back of his mind, he couldn’t help wondering why he cared so much about what Ash thought of him.

    “This doesn’t change anything,” screamed Paul, “I still think you’re wrong about pokemon and about how to train them.”

    Paul started to walk towards the door but Ash stood in his way. His rival grabbed is wrist to force him to stay. Paul wanted to leave the room and Ash’s presence as he felt the tears building up beneath his eyes. Ash’s grip didn’t hurt him, but kept Paul frozen in place by the authority it carried. Paul was shocked by Ash’s forwardness. The trainer from Pallet Town then raised Paul’s left hand near his face, bringing the losing trainer from Veilstone City closer. With his free hand, Ash searched his jeans pocket and pulled out a small bracelet that he tied around Paul’s wrist. After he did, Ash release his grip and Paul was free to move his hand. Though, with each movement he made, a soothing melody came from the bracelet tied around Paul’s wrist. He looked up in Ash’s eyes and was surprised to see them lit up by a newfound inner fire and filled with gravitas. This wasn’t the same Ash.

    “It’s a soothe bell,” said Ash, “It’s one of the ones we won in Hearthome. Don’t you remember? They’re usually used on pokemon but I figured if they can make you happier and friendlier, it’s worth tying one around your wrist.”

    As he said that last word, Ash took Paul’s hand in his hands and started playfully caressing the bracelet’s string.

    “What’s going on?” thought a confused Paul, “He beat me. He proved he was stronger than me. Why is he still here trying to be my friend?”

    Paul was quickly brought back to reality when he felt his hand being pressed against Ash’s jaw. Paul quickly withdrew his hand and shot a quizzical look at his rival. At the same time, Paul felt his boiling blood rush throughout his body, painting his cheeks with a crimson hue. He touched the spot on his hand that had caressed Ash’s delicate alabaster face. Far from being revolted by it, Paul felt inebriated by the warmth of his rival’s face.

    Ash stepped in even closer slowing leading Paul against a wall. Their faces were inches apart. Despite being the same height, Paul felt as though Ash towered over him.

    “You’re wrong about one thing,” said a convinced Ash, “Everything’s changed.”

    Paul gulped. Ash’s right hand was now resting on Paul’s chest, right above his beating heart. Ash caressed Paul a few times and started fiddling with the zipper on Paul’s jacket before yanking it all the way down.

    “You made me so mad,” continued Ash, “Every time we met, it made my blood boil. Every word you said to me lingered within me, haunting me. I wanted to know why and now I do.”

    Ash dove in and planted a kiss on Paul’s lips. As if he was possessed by a raging inferno of passing, Ash moved to kiss Paul’s bare neck. Paul let out a pleasurable moan and grabbed Ash’s chin. He raised it so they could kiss again. As the two broke off their kiss to get some air, Ash looked deep into Paul’s ebony eyes.

    “I wanted to beat you to prove to you that even those you consider weak can be worth loving,” said Ash almost out of breath.

    Paul nodded, silently acquiescing. As they looked at each other, the League, their friends and family, their pokémon, the entire reality seemed to fall away leaving nothing but the two of them. Their breathing synchronised, the distant soothing sound of bells ringing in unison was the only thing breaking the silence of this moment. Without the need of words, they both realized they were happy at last.

    - - - - -

    So thoughts, comments, questions?

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    Default Re: Glockenspiel (Comashipping one-shot PG-13)

    Oh arceus didn't...
    I thought that this was made for my eyes only *shirks off in despair*

    Well, you've already seen my initial reaction to it, which was just short of a hamster in a cheese factory...but yeah. I still love it ^^

    If I may, could I critique it a bit now? I mean, now that the league is over, the "real" ending can be used as a comparison point XD

    Your characterizations are much better than most Paul fics I've read. He's not too domineering; instead he's confused and angry with himself (I like that, it gives him the "depth" that most people claim he's missing). However, I don't see him that extroverted...meaning any bitterness and brooding he does will be inside his head (definitely not the vocal "WHY MEEEE??" type of person, at least not often XD)

    I'm very happy you decided to include the soothebells in this! they should have appeared in the canon, dammit

    I think when I requested this fic, I told you to make Ash seme....and boy is he XD It's a nice change, but seme!Ash isn't like seme!Paul. I think he'd still retain his silly naivete somehow (yeah, this type of seme can be done, but it's a bit hard). Perhaps he was a bit OOC in this fic, he's a bit more mature and full of malice. what's the shipping name for king of pokelantis x Paul? :D

    This is just a formatting tip: I'm used to seeing thoughts italicized.

    After all these months, I still love this~ There needs to be more steamy comashipping fics like this ;D or more in general ;_;

    "seasons change, people change"

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    Default Re: Glockenspiel (Comashipping one-shot PG-13)

    Hawt! I love how you portrayed Paul. Usually Paul is made to be just a shallow butt hole, but gave a reason for his roughness. Loved it!


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