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    Default Future Sight- 20 years in the future!

    DISLAIMER: This is not my fanfic, but this is my friend's <MAREEP> fanfic :D

    Ash, A Gym Leader?

    Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking on their way to Johto and the next gym. They enter the nearest town Boulder Town, a small quiet village on top of the mountains. The trio entered the Pokemon Center and healed up their Pokemon. While they were waiting, they sat down. Near them was a poster that said in big bold words, SEE THE FUTURE, TODAY! The trio was curious so they asked Nurse Joy about it. She said that there was a special lecture in the back room where everyone sees his or her future. The trio were interested and walked to the back room where the lecture was. In the room was a big a machine with an Alakazam attached to it. Wires extended to separate helmets. Everyone in the room put a helmet on. “When the machine turns on, this Alakazam will use future sight. Its power will travel through the wires and into your heads. Close your eyes to see the projected future in your mind.” Nurse Joy said. Everyone closed their eyes as the future vision came.

    20 years in the future

    The alarm clock buzzed off at eight o’ clock sharp in the morning. Ash Ketchum eagerly tries to press the snooze button but can’t reach it. Misty opens the door to Ash’s room and yells, “Get up sleepy head!” Ash finally woke up.
    “You didn’t have shout at me.” He looked in the nearby mirror to see his face. A much older Ash, with his short black hair. Misty helped him up. She had longer red her and much taller than she was a kid. Misty and Ash was married for five years already.
    “Breakfast will be ready at eight thirty.” Ash was still snoozing in bed. “Get up!”
    “Ok! Ok!” Ash pleaded. He finally got up. He got dressed and headed straight to the kitchen. Scrambled eggs with toast served on the table. Brock came to the table and greeted the duo good morning, but in a sad type voice. Ash asked curiously, “How was your date last night, Brock?”
    “Horrible! She dumped before we started dinner!” Brock jumped.
    “Gee, that’s low,” Misty said. She was cooking more scrambled eggs. Ash sat down at the head of the table. He was one of the five eating. Tracey and Gary also lived in the house. When Ash and Misty first moved in, Brock wanted stay together with them. A few days after Brock moved in, Professor Oak suffered from a disease and died. Gary decided to move in with the group because of the incident. Professor Oak’s pupil, Tracey took over the lab and his research. Tracey came over to the table.
    “Morning Tracey!” Ash said.
    “That’s Professor Tracey, Ash.” Tracey corrected.
    “Whatever Tracey!” Gary finally entered the table without saying a word. They all sat down and eat their breakfast. After about ten minutes breakfast was devoured.
    “Good breakfast Misty!” Ash said. He got and went to the Pokemon room. The Pokemon room is a really big room where the Pokemon stay. He went to Pikachu special room. Pikachu lately was struck with a bad case of Pokerus. He was getting old, and very weak. Ash gave Pikachu the medicine that Tracey gave him. “Be careful Pikachu.” Pikachu was going to respond Pika, pi, but was too weak to do so. He gathered some of his Pokemon for his job.
    Ash’s job was at the Pallet Town Gym. He was the gym leader and he holds the All-around Badge. It’s named that because he used all types of Pokemon. He had at least one of every type. After Ash became champ at the Johto League, he vowed to catch and train as many Pokemon as he can get his hands on. He trained over 30 different Pokemon. That includes, Houndoom, Alakazam, Scarmory, Gengar, and the mysterious Sucicune. Ash became famous for catching the water dog and got a gym for himself.
    Ash took out the keys to the Pallet Town Gym. Just about when Ash was going to open the door, a voice spoke.
    “Are you the Pallet Town Gym Leader?” the voice asked.
    “You bet I am!” Ash said.
    “My name is Sam and I come from New Bark Town in hopes of winning the Indigo League. I just need one more badge to get in!”
    “Sam you should have went to the Viridian Gym because I’m the toughest of them all.”
    “Viridian gym?”
    “Never mind. Come inside.” Ash went to his part of the battlefield. “You realize your dealing with an expert here. I use all different types against my challengers. It will be the best two out of three battle. Scarmory, Go!”
    “I call out Charmeleon!”
    Scarmory started out with a steel wing attack but missed. Charmeleon did a flamethrower. It didn’t scratch it. Scarmory used agility but Charmeleon wasn’t easily intimidated. It used a fires spin to trap Scarmory for the win of the first round.
    Sam called out a Chansey.
    “Heracross, go!” Ash’s first Johto captured Pokemon was ready for action. “Heracross, Tackle!” The Chansey dodged the attack.
    “Chansey, Sing!” Heracross fell into a deep sleep. “Now Doubleslap!” Heracross got the crap beaten out of it. Ash called back Heracross. Without hesitating, he called out his final Pokemon.
    “Umbreon go!” Sam feared the dark type. He took out his pokedex to analyze it. Sam then called out a Magneton. The Pokemon clashed in battle, one attack after another. Then Ash said, “Umbreon, Pursuit!” The dark type defeated Magneton.
    “No,” Sam said.
    “Try again next time, kid. Come by tomorrow and I’ll give you another chance.”
    “No. How can I lose?” He walked away. Ash felt sorry for the defeat.
    For the rest of the day, there were no challengers, so Ash decided to close the gym early. He locked the front door and headed home. Ash opened the door and saw Misty.
    “What are you doing so home early?” Misty asked.
    “Well, no came for a challenge.” Ash replied.
    “Now that you are home early, I got some good news to tell you!”
    “What’s that?”
    “Well, I just came back from the doctor’s office for my check when he told me something.”
    “Well, what did he say?” Ash asked curiously.
    “We’re going to have a baby?”
    “What!” Ash said shocked.
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    What's Wrong ASh?

    “Aren’t you happy Ash?” Misty asked.
    “Who, what, where, what, why?” Ash said.
    “Are you okay Ash? Maybe you should see the doctor.”
    “No, I’m fine. I’m just overwhelmed about our baby. Hey where is everybody?”
    “Tracey’s at the lab, Brock is in his room planning a date with some girl to go to Goldenrod City with, and Gary is…well I don’t know where Gary is.”
    “I’ll be over at the lab. Call me when dinner is ready.” He ran out the door and running to Tracey’s lab.
    “That Ash,”
    Tracey’s lab was just a block down from their house. He knocked on the door. Tracey answered the door.
    “Oh, hi Ash! Come on in!” Tracey welcomed. Ash walked in door. “Why are you so nervous?”
    “Oh, its that Misty came home from the doctor and we’re having a baby!”
    “I see. You nervous to have a child. Don’t be afraid Ash.” They sat down on a couch. “You want anything, like a drink?”
    “No I’m fine Tracey, thanks anyway.” At that moment the doorbell rang.
    “That must be the new trainer. The kid is picking up his first Pokemon.” Ash opened the door eagerly to meet the trainer. It was a little boy dressed in his pajamas with a sweaty face.
    “Hi, you must be a new trainer, right?” Ash greeted.
    “Yeah,” the youth replied.
    “Isn’t to late for pajamas right now?”
    “Ah! I overslept and forgot to change.”
    “Don’t worry kid. It happened to me when I first started out. Come on in, and what kind of Pokemon do you want?”
    “I want a Bulbasaur. It looks really cool. By the way my name is Kyle.”
    “I’m Ash, a good friend of Professor Tracey. Lets head over to the lab.” The two walked into a hallway and into the lab.
    Meanwhile at the Ketchum household, Misty was feeding the Pokemon for their lunch. It was Brock’s homemade Pokemon food. Misty was making some lunch for herself and Brock. Brock didn’t have a job so he mostly spends his time in his room looking through the personals. Misty was stirring some stew when Brock busted out of his room.
    “I got a date tonight Misty!” Brock jumped for joy.
    “Another one Brock? Hope she’s not like the one last night.” Misty said.
    “Don’t remind me. The feeling is painful!”
    “You only went out for ten seconds, how’s it so painful?”
    “Cause you don’t know how love is, Misty,” Brock said quietly.
    “Haven’t you forget I married Ash and you thing I don’t know what love is!” Misty screamed.
    “Really, why didn’t you tell me?”
    “You were to busy hiding under a rock!”
    “Oh, gosh. I’ll just leave.” Brock walked away mumbling, “How did Ash managed to marry her” Brock entered his room which was filled with posters with pretty girls on them. He picked up a magazine entitled “Curious: Magazine For the Curious.” It was the latest issue that came in the mail. Brock would always flip to the love section to find out tips for dating, knowing he was going to date a girl that night. Brock and his date, Alicia, were going to the famous French restaurant in Goldenrod City. Alicia lived in Vermillion City, so had to prepare now for his date. He put on his best-looking tuxedo with a red tie with some black pants. He had already bought roses and candy and was ready to pick up his date. He walked out the door.
    “How do I look Misty?” Questioned Brock.
    Misty, still tempered over what Brock said, replied, “You look like a shipwreck. Your hair is not combed, your tuxedo is inside out, your left shoe is on your right foot and vice versa, and you’re not wearing your clip-on tie right! How embarrassing can you be? I guess that’s why the other girl dumped you. You’re a mess!” She laughed.
    “Why do you have to laugh at me like that?”
    “Because you are funny looking!”
    “I don’t care what you say. Good day Misty?” Brock walked out the door.

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    A Date To Forget!

    Brock pressed the unlock button on his key to open up his convertible. Entered the driver’s seat roared up the engine. Without putting his seatbelt on, he drove away. In Brock’s mind he was thinking, stupid Misty. Telling me what’s right and wrong. He entered the nearest highway, route 1.
    Alicia lived in Vermillion City. The drive there was about a half hour, then about fifteen minutes to get to Saffron City, where they were going to the magnet train. Brock arrived at Alicia’s at 6 o’ clock. He knocked on the door.
    “Coming, just a sec!” a voice said. The door open and there was Alicia. A black, longhaired girl with a green dress on stood in front of Brock. He was just staring. “Hey. You must be Brock. Let’s go.”
    “You lo-lo-loo-look beautiful.” Brock stammered.
    “Thanks. Come on you don’t want to be late for dinner.” Alicia said.
    “Right. Let’s go.” Brock, the gentlemen he was, opened the door for Alicia into the car. He shut the door and went into his side.
    Back at the lab the new trainer left on his journey to set off on an exciting adventure.
    “He was just like me when I started out.” Ash said to Tracey.
    Tracey laughed. “Maybe you are right Ash.” The telephone rang. “Hold up Ash, I got a call.” Tracey headed down the hallway to answer. The telephone went on. Misty was on the line.
    “Hey, Tracey!” Misty screamed. “Is Ash there?”
    “Yeah, he’s here. Wanna talk to him?”
    “Yeah, why’d you think I’d call!” Misty burst. Tracey thought, what a grouch.
    “Hey Ash, telephone.” Tracey yelled down the hall.
    “Coming.” He picked up the receiver. “Oh hi Misty!”
    “Where’ve you been? You know that my sister’s are coming over for dinner tonight. Get home right now!” The phone hang up.
    “Sheesh, women.” Ash muttered. “I gotta go Tracey.”
    “Before you go take this. It’s the medicine for Pikachu’s Pokerus.” Tracey tossed the medicine over.
    “Thanks professor! I’m off. Bye!” Ash slammed the door on the way out. He ran down the road strait home. Not to far away two mysterious people were watching Ash.
    “The boy is heading home.”
    “Yeah, no kidding. Let’s make are move before he gets away. Remember what happened to us before. Gary will fire us.”
    “Let’s not be worried. Let’s just do this.”

    The sun set at seven that night since of the fall season. Brock and Alicia finally got out of the magnet train. It was fast ride to Goldenrod. They walked together to trough the huge city heading towards the French Restaurant.
    “Oh, Brock the stars are shining bright tonight.”
    “They’re beautiful, just like you.”
    “Oh, Brock!” The two enter French place. The two were greeted by a waiter and was given a table for two, with candles lit to set the mood. The waiter asked for their orders. Brock realized he didn’t understand French and unluckily enough for him, the menu was in French. Doh, now I’m going to embarrass my self Brock thought.
    “All have this.” Brock pointed to the menu. He didn’t realize that he was ordering squid, something Brock really didn’t like. He also ordered a Coke. I hoping that’s a steak Brock thought. The waiter went away.
    In the kitchen the waiter gave the order to a person named James to cook the food. Yep, you guessed it was James from team rocket. He was working here for some pay after he quit TR. He quit because of Jesse. He still remembers the day when he quit.
    It was after Ash made TR disband a few years ago. After the cops left most of the rockets went to a secret hiding place to plan our next strike. We were going to take over the world with one of the secret plans. First Jesse became the head boss of TR, to take Giovanni place. James got jealous so he left the place. James still thinks why he ever quit TR.
    “Cook this up James!” the waiter gave the order. It was Brock’s meal. He looked outside the kitchen door and saw Brock.
    “One of the twerps! I haven’t seen him since the disband of team rocket. He must be rich. A lot of people can’t afford French restaurants, especially this one. I plot my revenge on that twerp. He and his other twerpy friends were the ones that made me work!” By then he was angry. “I go to cook this twerp’s food, so I know what to do.” He started laughing out loud.
    “Shut up James, you’re scaring the people!” another cook said.

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    Mysterous Disapperence!

    Its been hours since Misty made the phone call to Ash. Her sisters ate all the food all ready, they couldn’t wait for Ash. Misty was worried something could have happened to Ash. She called Professor Tracey up again but he didn’t have a word on Ash.
    “I haven’t seen him since he left three hours ago.” Tracey spoke over the phone.
    “Are you sure Tracey? I’m so worried. Ash could be hurt somewhere!”
    “Misty you have to stay inside and watch Pikachu! He’s sick!”
    “But what about Ash?”
    “I’ll go look Misty.”

    Tracey ran out the door of the lab. He brought along his Scizor if any trouble was too brew. He searched the path between his lab to Ash’s house. There was no trace of Ash anywhere. Tracey checked each bush and tree for any clues of his disappearance. He had no luck. It was like he vanished into thin air. Tracey called the police.
    Misty and her sisters, with Tracey were outside with the authorities to set up a case. Officer Jenny and crew combed the area for clues. Growlithes sniffed the area for a scent of Ash. Even Ash’s Pokemon were trying to find him.
    Brock finally came home. He locked his Convertible and asked what was the commotion. Tracey told him the news, but he got in a dizzy spell over the officer Jennies. Misty was already in tears. Her sisters were comforting her. It was about 2 AM when the search crew called it a night and said they’ll start up tomorrow.
    Misty couldn’t calm her emotions. She worried the rest of the night about Ash and where could have he gone. She didn’t sleep the whole night. In the morning she was a wreck. Her hair was all frizzed up, he eyes still teary and red, her face covered in dried tears from the night. Where could Ash could have gone? She kept repeating that to herself.
    Tracey and Brock set the table for breakfast. Pancake short stacks with syrup dripping down. But something was missing besides Ash. Gary wasn’t at the dining table either. It seem strange he’d disappear when Ash did.
    Misty did some thinking. Why would Ash just vanish without a clue she thought. Why, Ash why? What happened to you, please give me a clue.

    Tracey walked out the door and said good luck to Misty. He said if you have a clue about Ash, to call him. He was heading towards the lab as usual, the morning routine. He was also looking around for anything that could have involved Ash’s disappearance. He walked up the long steps until he was finally at the brownish-orange door. He took out his key and opened the door. He walked into the lab and found something that could have been a clue to the disappearance.

    A Clue From Somewhere!

    Tracey had been shocked! It was a device that he never seen. He observed it well and it was labeled, “GoYolp.” But what was the significance of this device? It was some sort of gun looking thingy. He noticed that it had a clock on it and some sort of timer that said, “2020.”
    “Interesting.” Tracey said. “Where has this come from? It wasn’t there yesterday. And its not mine either.” He looked at one side and it shocked him. It was another label which said, “Invented by Professor Tracey Sketcher, 2021.” The year now was 2020!

    Brock was combing the area for any remains or clues of Ash. He was searching with the officers and Growlithe team. Helicopters searched the skies, Growlithe sniffed the ground. Nothing.
    “Ash, where can you be?” Brock asked. Then a familiar face appeared at the scene. It was Gary.
    “What’s up Brocko?” Gary asked.
    “Um, Ash has disapp-“ He stopped. “Wait a minute! Where have you been Gary?”
    “Me? None of your business! What I do is my concern!” He screamed.
    “So haven’t you heard Ash has been missing? Since last night?”
    “Really? Have the officials found anything yet?”
    “Nope no clue at all. We’ve been searching since last night.”
    “I wonder what happened to them.” Gary thought for a while. He smirked.
    A voice was shouting in the distance. It was one of the search people. “I found something!”
    Brock and Gary ran to the man was shouting. When they arrived they unconscious body on the ground. It was Ash. He was beaten up, they can tell by the blood and bruises on his face. It was fresh blood.
    “Weird. We searched this area this morning and he wasn’t there.” Said Brock.

    In the distance the two weird characters were talking. (the same suspicious characters from before.)
    “So how are we going to get back? We left the machine in the lab”
    “Then we break in again, you idiot! We have to get back to see what we affected! It will make Gary happy!”
    “Yeah. Let’s go!”

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    Team Rocket Returns!

    Tracey examined the broken window in the lab. Someone had broken in. He further examined the place. He found out the in the medicine cabinet, all the cures for Pikachu’s Pokerus was gone.
    “This is getting weirder and weirder.” Then the doorbell rang. “Who can that possibly be?”
    Tracey opened the door. It was Brock. “Come in Brock! Sit down!
    "Thanks! Anyway, they found Ash's body near a cave in the forest. He was sent to the hospital right now. Misty is there too."
    "Some weird things hav been happening. I found this device that wasn't mine at my desk. Some of my medicine was missing too."
    "That is weird Tracey." Brock said while thinking of a soultion.
    A loud shattering noise was heard.
    "What was that?" Tracey asked.
    "Let's check it out!" The two went to the lab because that was were it came from. Tracey looked at his desk and the device wasn't there. They went into another portion of the lab and found out two strange characters.
    "Who are you two? And why are you breaking into my lab?" Tracey yelled.
    "Us. Hahahaha! We are the notorius Team Rocket!"
    "Team Rocket! Ash disband you guys a few years ago! You must be playing a trick!"
    "No trick! We just need this little device you made one year from now okay!" He was waving the device in his hand. "Go Weezing! Smokescreen!"
    Smoke covered the place up. Brock and Tracey were surrounded with smoke. They coughed and choked on the poisoness gas that was let out from Weezing. Tracey let out a Pidgey he was testing things on and told it to use whirlwind. The smoke receded and the TR members were gone.
    "Where'd they go?" Brock said. At that instant Brock started holding his stomach and staring making aching noise. "Ohhh. I feel sick."
    "What's wrong Brock?" Tracey asked.
    "It must have been something i ate last night." I'll tell you the story about my date." Flashback scene appaers. "It must have been the food i ordered. I didn't know i was ording squid, but that might have not been just the food. Becuase James was there! The one from Team Rocket! He serving my food. He must have did something to it! He overpriced my food, he purposly gave me a different drink. I think he did something."
    "James. Have seen him in the longest time. What's that old fool doing?" Brock was still in pain.
    "Let me get some medicine." Tracey went to the medicine cabinet and found out all of them were gone. "Strange, it was here an hour ago..."

    Misty was at Ash's side at the hospital. She was still in tears. Those tears were filled with happiness and sorrow for Ash. It was suggested that Ash got mugged and was dumped into the cave. A Chansey placed band-aids on Ash's cuts and bruises. "Oh, Ash" Misty said. "Please wake up! For me!"

    Jesse was a low life nothing these days. She's been trying to survive on her own ever since the disband of TR. She walked the streets begging for some money, but one would. She finally caught a glipse of French Resturant.
    "Oh, how I wish I can there. I'll beg for food!" She walked in limping because she hasn't eaten in days. She went to the kitchen and asked for food. There she saw James for the first time since the disband.
    "Je-je-Jesse?" James stammered.
    "James?" Jesse said. They both hugged each other. They were both happy to see each other. They were crying as always and told each other their stories of their life since the disband over lunch. Jesse had never been so much happy to eat food again.
    "I wish Meowth was here," James said.
    "Yeah. What's that old cat doing these days?"
    The front door open and a familar face came through it. It was Gary and he didn't look like he was there for food, but for something else.

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    One Healed, One Not

    "I need you two to come with me!" Gary said to the former TR duo.
    "Who are you! And why should we!" Jesse screamed. Everyone in the building looked at her.
    "Look Jesse and James! If you want to get rich, you have to come with me!"
    "But how did you-"
    "Quiet! We don't have much! Its now or never!" Gary shouted.
    "Ok." The trio walked out the door. Gary was up to something all right.

    Back at the hospital Misty was at Ash's side. She's been weeping away her tears. The nurses checked his breathing and pulse rates every 15 minutes to see if he was okay. Then a cough came from Ash.
    "Ash?" Misty said. He coughed three times. His eyes opened slowly. The bright light stinged his eys. "Ash! Your away!" She gave Ash a big hug. "I'm so happy!" More tears ran down her face.
    "What happened? Misty?" Ash was still drowsy.
    "Its okay Ash you'll be okay! Just tell me what happened last night? You had me all worried."
    "What time are we in? Huh? Is this the present?"
    "Don't be silly Ash!"
    "I'm not. In fact, i remembered what happened. Sit down." Misty dried her tears as Ash started. "It happened last night. I walked out of Tracey's lab and was walking home. Then two people confronted me! They were like Team Rocket member, but they disbanded a few years a go. They attack me and i didn't have any of my Pokemon with me. They held a gun looking thing at me, pointing it at me. Then a flash happened and I found myself somewhere esle. Like a future Pallet Town. I realized that i was in the future. Those two punks that mugged me, their names were Jeff and David. They were TR members.
    "They took me two years into the future for a reason. They told me their story. Their plan started in 2 years ago, (2020), to restart TR. Giovanni passed away so Gary was the new leader. He lead TR to have world domination. Then i stopped them with Pikachu and they disbanded again. But Tracey invented a machine called "GoYolp" to control and use a pokemon's power, this is where the muggers came into place. In the year 2022, the year i was sent to, they stole the only copy of "GoYolp" from Tracey and used it to control a Celebi! They caught their very on Celebi!
    "I stole the machine from them and i transported my slef back here, to this time. They followed me somehow and puched me. That's all i remember." Misty's eyes were popping out of her sockets.She didn't believe anything Ash said.
    "What kind of fool do you take me as! You don't suppose that I would believe that bull crap!" She screamed her lungs out. An hour later they left the hospital to go home. It was night time.

    Tracey still couldn't figure out those two people. (aka, Jeff and David). They just disappeared without a trace. How is this possible Tracey thought over and over. He thought why did he steal medicine, and how they got into it because their was a lock, and Tracey had the key with him all day. Then the phone rang. Tracey rushed to the phone and answered it. It was Misty.
    "Tracey, come over fast! Please!" The screen went blank. Tracey grabbed his coat and walked out the door. But he forgot about poor Brock. Tracey went inside and asked Brock to come over.
    "I'll just-" He fell asleep. The stomach pain was keeping him down. Tracey locked the door and hurried over to Ash's house. There Ash told Tracey the story about the future thing.
    "They broke into my lab and stole my medicine!" Tracey said.
    "Oh, no Pikachu! The medicine i don't have it!" Ash said. He ran over to the room where the Pokemon were. PIkachu was sound asleep but still sick. Ash didn't have any medicine to give the sick mouse.
    "We can order medicine from the nearest town. Let me call!" Tracey picked up the phone and diled all Pokemarts in a 50 mile radius. The closest Pokemarts were sold out of Aditdotes for Pokerus. But the farthest did. But there was no time left for Pikachu. He was going to die within the hour if he doesn't get medicine.
    "Tracey where's the nearest town with the antidote?" Ash asked.
    "An island called Slash Island. 15 miles southeast of Cinnabar Island." At that instant, Ash rushed out the door with his Dragonite and flew off.
    "Ash wait! The hurricane is near Slash Island! Don't go!"
    It was already too late. He was gone in the darkness.

    Through The Wind!

    The two future TR members, Jeff and Dave, just returned to thier own time in 2022. When they reappeared into their time they headed staight to the TR HQ. This world was full of fear. TR still did not disband and they kept stealing Pokemon. The two reported to Gary, the future leader of TR.
    "We changed the past sir. The Pikachu will die within the hour of their time, then that Pikachu will disappear from this time! Then time will change. We will dominate within the hour! TR will rule the earth!" The loud Jeff said.
    "Good! Everything accoring to plan!" Gark laughed. He smirked with evil.
    TR tried to get together again in 2020 (future past) to achieve world domination. In 2021 they were stopped by Ash and Pikachu. Pikachu was his strongest Pokemon and stopped them all.. Now in 2022, they want to achieve world domination again.
    Gary's hypothesis was this. If he sent Jeff and David to the past (2020) and make sure he died from Pokerus, the future would changed. Gary knew that Ash cared for his Pokemon a lot so if Pikachu died he would be to sullen to fight. So in the battle of 2021, Ash would lose and would achieve world domination. Thus affecting the future. (confusing right?)
    Gary sent them to the past using the machine "GoYolp" to take control of a pokemon's (Celebi) power to go back in time. Gary said to steal all the medicine from Tracey's cabinet. He gave them the key to it. So they went to the past, broke into the lab, and stole the medicine. Everything was going well for Gary.

    Present (Future-2020)
    Ash was racing through the night sky on his Dragonite that he trained himself. The dragon pokemon had a flashlight over its neck so they can cut through the darkness. He screamed faster every five minutes. They must have been going 70 miles per hour. But they had to be faster if they want to get the medicine. Rain began to fall.
    "The hurricane must be near by. I must be near Slash Island. Drop down low Dragonite! We don't want to get caught in the storm!" The dragon flew down. "I see lights we must be near Cinnabar! Not much longer Dragonite!"
    They flew awhile longer until they reached Slash Island. Ash hurried to the Pokemart but it was closed due to the coming hurricane. Ash banged on the door lots of times cause he knew a person was inside.
    "What do you want? We're closed!" The store owner said.
    "Please I need an antidote for Pokerus! Please!" Ash pleaded.
    "Can't you see we're closed! The hurricane is coming!"
    "I need it for my sick Pikachu! I flew all the way from Pallet town to get it! He's going to die in a half hour!"
    "Really! Then take an antidote! Here!" He passed it to Ash. Wind was blowing up really hard. "Bye!" He locked the door.
    "Ready to fight the storm Dragonite?" It made a noise. "Let's go, we don't have time!"

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    Pikachu's Real Goodbye!

    Misty was at Pikachu's side checking to see if he was okay.
    "Ash is not here yet. He's got 15 minutes left." Tracey said sadly.
    "Where's Ash? He should be back already." Brock said nervously.
    "Maybe Ash got caught it the storm. I hope he's ok." Misty said. Her eyes were watery already as she was looking down at Pikachu.
    "Pika, pi." Pikachu said then coughed.
    "Poor Pikachu." Tracey said.

    "Hurry Dragonite! Faster!" Ash yelled. The dou were fighting the storm. Unfortantly the wind was blowing at them so that held them back. "You have to try your best Dragonite! I believe in you!" The dragon Pokemon was tired, but he kept on going. They went faster, but the wind got the best of them. They got blown back to Slash Island. "There has to be a way back!" He looked at the town clock. 10 minutes were left. Ash knew he couldn't fly off the island because of the hurricane. Put he hadn't given up hope. He race to the nearest pay TV Phone. He called Misty. She picked up.
    "Hello. Ketchum house."
    "Misty send my Alakazam now!" Ash screamed.
    "Ash? Where are you? You have 7 minutes left? Where are you calling from? Are you okay? Are-"
    "Misty! Now! There's not much time!" The screen became static, but you could still see the through. Misty came back to the screen and sent his Alakazam. The screen went blank. Ash released Alakazam and called back Dragonite. "Alakazam! I need you to teleport us back home!" It shook its head no. "Alakazam! We have to get home!" A pyschic wave hit Ash's head. He felt in his brain.
    "We can't Ash." A voice in Ash's head said.
    "Who is this?" Ash asked.
    "I'm the pokemon you see in front of you!"
    "Yes. I am talking to use telepathly. I can't teleport that distance"
    "How come?"
    "Becuase my Psychic abilies can't reach that extent."
    "But Pikachu!"
    "I already know the future Ash. Pikachu will perish."
    "Don't say that! Pikachu will live!"
    "Its true Ash. Take a look." At that moment, Alakazam sent a future sight into Ash's head. Ash saw Pikachu dying from the sickness. Ash was broken down in tears. The future sight continued. Ash was battling a Team Rocket member. Ash's son saving Ash. All these things were going to happen.
    "Pikachu." Ash was crying. There was 3 minutes left. "My first Pokemon. Please Alakazam Teleport us from place to place to get to Pallet town."
    "As you wish. We can teleport from Slash Island to Cinnabar Island. Then to a small Island named Kay. Then to Pallet. Bear with me." They teleported to each island until they got to Pallet town.
    Ash rushed into the house into the Pokemon room where Pikachu was, but he was two late. He was dead at the scene. "Pi-pi-kachu?"
    "Ash." Misty started with watery eyes. "I don't know how to say it but Pikachu is..." She stopped. She didn't want to break Ash's heart. Pikachu was dead. "He's dead"Sh broke out. She gave Ash a tight hug. They were both crying because they lost a love one. Tracey and Brock were both dishearted about Pikachu's death, but they didn't break out in tears. Then all of Ash's pokemon came into the room. They all had tears into their eyes too. Sad that they lost their friend. A friend they had for so long. The Pokemon wanted to comfort Ash too. It had been the sadest day in Ash Ketchum's life.
    Outside they lit a candle in memory of Pikachu, in memory of all the things he did for Ash. Ash thought back about the good times. When he fought for him in battles. When they were in trouble with Team Rocket. When Pikachu was always there as a friend. Ash was teary eyes still, but he tried to stop. He couldn't. He thought about when they first met and how Pikachu saved him from danger. He slowly whispered. "Goodbye Pikachu."

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    Chaos In Time

    Days rolled on since Pikachu’s death. Ash tried and tried not to think about it because whenever when he thought about it he would cry. It kept getting harder and harder to forget about Pikachu. The others too, couldn’t stay straight about it. Ash’s gym was closed ever since the day Pikachu died. Ash just wanted peace. But he kept thinking to himself. Why did I let him die? I should have gotten here faster. Why did I fail?
    Misty was watching the television. She was watching her favorite soap opera, “The Drama.” It was about two people who loved each other but one gets sick and is going to die. Then a news thing interrupted the soap. Misty was confused and mad because she was about to find out what happened then the newsperson came up.
    “We interrupt this program to give you an announcement!” The newsperson said. His name was Tom Ices. “Chaos has broken out in Goldenrod City! Team Rocket is on the loose again. They have just banded up again in hope of dominating the world! They are stealing Pokemon from everyone! They claim to have a secret weapon if anyone was to get in their way. More details at eleven! Back to your normal programming!” The credits appeared for “The Drama.”
    “Oh, my. I missed it!” She started crying but remembered about Team Rocket. “Team rocket? Oh my! Ash quick come here!”
    “What Misty?” Ash yelled from the room next door.
    “Team Rocket is on the loose again! They broke out in Goldenrod! We have to help!”
    “Team Rocket!? Why those freaks! I told them to stop their evil ways. Time to pay them a lesson! Misty to the Ashmobile!”
    “Ash, get a life!”

    At Goldenrod Jesse, James, Gary and a whole lot of Team Rocket members were making chaos. They kept shooting their bazookas at buildings. The held guns to people and told them to hand over their Pokemon. They were tougher than ever. The finally got hold of the satiate system. They were going to broadcast their message to world. Their goal: power.

    Future 2022
    Jeff and David were relaxing in their chairs next to the old boss Gary. They had done it. They achieved world domination. They were so happy since the Pikachu died and history changed. They laughed with enjoyment. They told people what to do and if they didn’t they would be torture. It was a horrible world to live in.
    In this world Ash’s son was born. He was two years old already. He followed his father’s footsteps and he wanted to be just like Ash. A Pokemon Master. Even though Ash wasn’t a Pokemon master, he vies for it. His name is Ash Jr. Named after his father. He had his traits, his abilities. He was a natural for a two year old.
    A few years passed in the future. The year was 2030. Little Ash Jr. was nine years old. The next day would be his birthday and he’ll turn 10. He could own his very first Pokemon. Little Ash Jr. was excited, but he didn’t know what was going on. Team Rocket was stealing Pokemon and Ash’s parents didn’t want him to start Pokemon training until the Team Rocket was disband. But no one was strong enough to defeat them because they stole all their Pokemon. Ash’s remaining Pokemon were his Bulbasaur, His oldest Pokemon, Alakazam, and Machamp. They were all two old to fight so they couldn’t possibly beat TR.
    The next day came and Ash Jr. was at Professor Tracey’s Lab to get his first Pokemon. He insisted he wanted a Pikachu, in memory of the Pikachu that his father had. When Ash Jr. showed it to Ash and he remembered about his old buddy Pikachu. Its been 10 years since that fateful day. When Pikachu died. A glass broke.
    “What was that?” Ash Jr. Asked.
    “Someone’s breaking in!” Tracey said.
    They ran to the broken window. It was Jesse and James.
    “Hand over that Pikachu!” Jesse yelled.
    “No, you’re not having my new buddy!” Ash Jr. yelled.
    “Well we’ll have it the forceful way!” James said.
    “Ash and Tracey get out of the way! I’ll take them myself!” Ash said.
    “But papa!”
    “Now son!”
    The two hurried out the door. Little Ash was watching thought the ajar door. He watched as Bulbasaur attacked an Umbreon, but failed to win. Ash had no choice but to forfeit the match because he was too weak. Then TR handcuffed Ash and they were going to bring him HQ.
    “Dad!” Ash Jr.
    “Use GoYolp! Celebi!”
    They took him away.
    “Daaadddddy!” He yelled. He went to Tracey. “I need Celebi and GoYolp, Professor.”
    “As you wish, Ash.”
    Ash knew what he had to do. He had to defeat Team rocket, only in the past. Tracey had his very own Celebi and he used the GoYolp on it. Then Little Ash traveled back in time, 10 years earlier, where our story takes place.

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    A Team Rocket Battle!

    “Team Rocket, give up!” Ash yelled.
    “Never Twerp! We got a lot stronger than the old days!” Jesse yelled.
    “Yeah and my Pokemon got stronger too, you know!”
    “Even your Pikachu can’t beat us!” James Remarked.
    “Pikachu?” Ash said.
    “Where’s your muskrat Pokemon, twerp!”
    “Pikachu is dead.” He said quietly.
    “The rat is dead?” James said.
    “That means no more shocks!” Jesse yelled.
    “This is going to be more easier than I thought!”
    “Hey that’s not funny, TR!” Ash screamed. “Pikachu was my buddy and it was because of you dorks from the future!” He pointed to the other TR members. They were crowded behind Jesse and James. He pointed at the young versions of Jeff and Dave. “You guys are going to pay!” He threw out his pokeball. It was Umbreon.
    “Machamp, Go!” James yelled.
    “Politoad, go!” Jesse yelled.
    It was two on one but the Umbreon could handle it. It did some agility to confuse the two Pokemon. Then it tackled them both, but Machamp caught the Umbreon and used Submission.
    “You two got smarter two since the old days. You actually know weaknesses and advantages. But you don’t know is that Submission hurts the Pokemon who uses it!”
    “Hey, are you calling me stupid?” Jesse screamed.
    “Yes a I’m! Umbreon Quick Attack!” Ash ordered. The Machamp went flying. Politoad rolled back.
    “Return!” The duo yelled together.
    “James, more Pokemon!” Jesse yelled.
    “To late guys! Umbreon Faint Attack!” At that moment TR was blasted away, but it was so fast no one saw it. “That was easy!”
    “My turn!” A voice yelled from the crowd. The person jumped out and was in front of Ash. “Let me battle you Ash.”
    “Who are you!”
    “I’m the executive of Team Rocket! I challenge you!”
    “Accepted. And your name?”
    “Anthony. And this match you will lose!”
    “No I won’t!”
    “Best two out of three! Before we begin I’d like to tell you my Pokemon are a lot stronger and tougher than yours! You’ll never win against Team Rocket! Typlosion, go!”
    “In that case, go, Feralagater.”
    “So you choose a water type Ash. Wise choice. But not good enough if you want to beat me! Typlosion, Thunder Punch!”
    Ash’s Feralagater, the Totodile before, got hit badly with the shock. It weaken the alligator Pokemon a lot. “Don’t give up!”
    “Good job, Typlosion! Finish the fool off with another thunder punch!” The fire Pokemon’s arm raced towards the fallen Feralagater. But just in time, the gator grabbed the arm of Typlosion.
    “Now! Water gun into its face!” Ash yelled. Typlosion got a dousing. It got weak from the water.
    “Good.” Anthony laughed slowly. “Typlosion hang in there!” The fire Pokemon got up ready for more even though in was weakened by the water gun. But Anthony had a plan. “RAGE NOW!” Typlosion’s flames burst out like a volcano. He sped towards Feralagater like a comet. “Mega Punch!” Typlosion knocked out Feralagater. It was obvious that he was a hard trainer.
    “Return.” Ash said. “You did a good job. You need rest! My next Pokemon will be Alakazam!” He tossed out the pokeball.
    “Okay then, Meganuim go!” The tow Pokemon squared off. Then did the old fashion stance, eyeing each other.
    “Psychic! Now!”
    “Meganium, Light Screen!”
    The psychic attacked was blocked by the wall.
    “Darn it!”
    “Gotta be faster than that to win! Meganuim, Sleep Powder!” The sleep powder dust put Alakazam to sleep.

    Meanwhile, Jesse and James set up their new catching device. It was one of those machines from the old days only this one was more complex. This one was proven to successfully catch Pokemon. They got inside the thing. It was a metal tank with an arm on top to grab the Pokemon. They looked out the window and saw the sleeping Alakazam.
    “James lets grab it!”
    The tank raced towards the Alakazam.
    “What the hell?” Ash yelled. The arm reached out and was about to grab the Alakazam when a electric shock blocked it from grabbing it. But where did it come from? Everyone looked for the source of it. There was a boy with his Pikachu on top a building. He was the one who blocked. It was Ash. Jr.

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    Counter Attack

    Who’s that?” Ash said in confusion. He stared at the kid. He studied the kid and came to a conclusion. He thought that it was himself. The little 10 year old from before. The one who started a Pokemon journey 20 years earlier. “Is that me? From the past? I wasn’t that short was I?”
    “Ash, who is that?” Misty yelled from behind Ash.
    From inside the tank, Jesse and James were in confusion too. “That looks like the twerp only younger!” Jesse said. “He ruined our chance to grab that Alakazam! Let’s get him James!”
    “James, please don’t say that.”
    “Forget about it.”
    The tank shot a missile towards Ash Jr. It sounded like a screeching bird as it flew in a spiral motion towards Ash Jr. Ash Jr.’s Pikachu was ready to shock the missile.
    “Pikachu.” Ash Jr. said. “Don’t! If you shock it will explode and you’ll cause red and blue lights to flash continuously and cause everyone to have seizures!” A sweat dropped down Pikachu’s back. He had the kind of face that said What-the-hell-are you-talking-about. Obeying his trainer, he didn’t shock it. Instead, it tackled the missile to redirect it to TR’s tank.
    “Oh no, the missile is coming this way!” Jesse yelled.
    “Roger that!” James.
    “James you fr-“ The bomb hit the tank. The two went flying though the air. “I guess we’ll rediscover our youth days. Team rocket is blasting off again!”
    “That was earlier than usual!” Ash said. “Now let’s continue out battle!” Ash fell down (in the anime style). Alakazam was still snoozing. “Alakazam get up!” Then Ash heard a voice in his mind. It was Alakazam.
    “Ash, I am awake. I am faking the sleep. This one is going to be a sneak attack. I’ll use teleport at the right time and attack that Meganuim with a Mega Kick! Just play along!”
    “Um, okay. Come on Alakazam get up!” Ash said sarcastically.
    “Heh. Your Alakazam is not getting up. Come on Meganuim, finish this weakling off with a body slam!”
    The Meganuim was about to jump the psychic Pokemon when it teleported to the side of Meganuim and kicked its wind out. It hit a building. Anthony gasped.
    “Meganuim! Return, you loser! Your Alakazam is fast. But you won’t beat my next Pokemon. Feralagater, go!”
    Ash was about to call out Pikachu but remembered he was gone. Then Ash Jr. came up to Ash.
    “Who, who are you?” asked Ash.
    “I’m your son, Ash!” Ash jr. said.
    “Whaaaaat!!!!!” Ash screamed. Misty, Brock, and Tracey were in awe.
    “Yes that’s right. Let me take it from here.”
    “But how-how-how?”
    “I’m taking my fathers place since he’s in awe to fight. Please let me fight!”
    “Sure kid. I’ll get some experience points from this battle! Right Feralagater?”
    “Grrrr! Let’s go Pikachu! Thundershock!”
    Feralagater didn’t get hurt from the shock.
    “Your stinky little muskrat of a Pokemon is too weak, novice!”
    “Don’t mock my Pikachu! Pikachu, try a thunderbolt!”
    Still Feralagater did not get hurt.
    “Novice. You’ll never win! Feralagater, Mega Punch that rat!”
    “There’s one thing about this Pikachu you don’t know. It’s fast.” The Pikachu avoided that punch. It went so fast that you couldn’t see it move. “Pikachu speed up with Agility!” Pikachu was moving at the speed of light. The Feralagater was so confused. He couldn’t see Pikachu.
    “Where is it! Use Surf to fish the rat out!” The gator did so. A giant title wave was heading towards the city.
    “Are you insane? Your going to wipe the whole city out with that surf attack! Its giant!”
    “Well, let it be!” Anthony laughed.
    “Oh no.” Ash jr. exclaimed. “What now?”

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    Flight Fright Fight!

    The giant wave was heading their way. It wiped out a few buildings, including the radio tower. Everyone was in awe at the giant wave that they couldn’t move.
    “You stupid oaf!” Ash Jr. screamed towards Anthony. “You’ll knock out everything! Even yourself!”
    “Oh. Never considered that! Oh, well! Pidgeot go!”
    The bird Pokemon came out of its pokeball. Anthony climbed onto the Pidgeot and flew off. He was getting away.
    “He’s getting away!” Misty yelled.
    I gotta act fast, Ash thought. The choice was up to him: Stop Anthony from getting away, or stop the title wave rushing towards them.
    “Alakazam, Hold the wave with a disable attack!”
    The wave was stopped, but Ash knew Alakazam couldn’t hold it for long. Then he called out his Cloyster. He commanded it to use an Ice Beam. Soon the water was freezing up. Meanwhile, Ash Jr. was trying to shock Anthony. But Pidgeot’s agility got the best of them. They were too fast. By now the water was completely frozen.
    “Good job guys! Take a rest!” He returned them to their pokeballs. “Dragonite, come out!” He climbed aboard the dragon Pokemon. They set off for Anthony. Ash soared into the sky and saw the whole Goldenrod City. Almost the half the city was ice. Down at the bottom, Ash Jr. was in awe at his father’s performance.
    “Dad is awesome!” He said to himself.
    “Come on Anthony! You can’t be running away from our battle!”
    Anthony turned around. “Fine! I challenge you to battle, now! Between your Dragonite and my Pidgeot!”
    “I accept!” He yelled.
    “Lets go then!”
    “Ash, don’t do it! You could get hurt!” Misty yelled from below. She was afraid he would get hurt.
    “Don’t worry Misty!”
    At that spilt-second, Pidgeot used a tackle at Dragonite.
    “Mistake one, Ash! Stay focused in the battle! Pidgeot speed tackle attack!” Before Dragonite recovered, it got tackled on. Ash felt like he was riding a bull. He was hanging on for his life. If he fell, it was the end for him.
    “Dragonite use Dragon Rage!” A flame shot out its mouth heading towards Pidgeot.
    “You’re quicker than that attack Pidgeot! Agility!” They disappeared to another spot.
    “This guy is fast! He’s using confusion to beat us! But that won’t work against us! Speed up with agility!”
    The two Pokemon were moving so fast that you couldn’t see them. Ash Jr. was amazed by his courage and spirit in his father. He wished that he was up there with him but here didn’t have a flying Pokemon, but just his Pikachu.
    “Ahh!” Ash screamed. He fell off his Dragonite.
    “Ash!” Misty screamed.
    At that moment the dragon Pokemon caught his falling trainer.
    “Thanks Dragonite!”
    The flying attacks kept flying. The two finally appeared in a face to face showdown. The two Pokemon were tired because they were carrying their trainers and battling at the same time. But the two Pokemon had a lot more fight left in them.
    “Dragonite,” Ash whispered into his Pokemon. “Use agility one last time to appear behind him and use an Ice Beam!” Dragonite nodded. “So you tired yet Anthony?”
    “Never! I never give up!”
    “Are you focused?”
    “Of course I am!”
    “Then look behind you!” Anthony turned around. Ash appeared.
    “Now! Ice Beam!”
    “What the—“ They froze. It was one big ice structure. It started to fall towards the ground, on the ice side of the town.
    “Alakazam! Psychic!” Ash called his Pokemon. In mid air, Alakazam used a Psychic to levitate itself and hold the iced Pidgeot and Anthony. When it landed on the ice, Alakazam collapsed. He was still tired from holding the wave.
    Ash landed on the ground. He returned them to their balls. Ash sighed. TR was getting harder to beat. He know he had to train harder. He could have gotten killed. Misty was listening to a radio to listen to TR activity. They were attacking Saffron City!
    “We have to get there before they do any damage!”
    Ash Jr. ran towards his parents. “Let me come!”
    “Who are you?”
    “Your son!”
    “What!!!!” It was déjà vu all over again.
    “But how!” Misty sad. She was looking down at her tummy. Where the fetus resided.
    “I’ll explain” Ash Jr. said.

    The Wrath OF Team Rocket!

    “I’ve came to the past to save the future.” Ash Jr. said. Misty and Ash were just staring at him with a blank expression. “Two Team Rocket members from my time are taking orders from Team Rocket Leader Gary. Using a Celebi and a device called GoYolp to take control of the Pokemon’s power. They used it to travel to this time and get rid of Pikachu. With Pikachu gone, the future would be rewritten so that Team Rocket would rule. Because Dad stopped them.”
    Ash, Brock and Misty were still awed by this. Also they were confused by this little story of Ash Jr. But the smart guy around here (Tracey) understood everything.
    “So your saying that there are 3 times right now.” Tracey spoke. “One time now, another from your time were Team Rocket ruled, and another when there was peace and Team Rocket was gone.”
    “Correct Professor Sketcher. I come from 10 years from the future using your GoYolp device. My job is to fix the past so Team Rocket can finally be dead! Lets head over to Saffron City! Team Rocket is attacking!”
    Misty, Ash, and Brock were still dumfounded. But then, Ash Jr.’s Pikachu shocked them awake. They hurried to the next magnet train that was leaving. They would make it to Saffron in no time.
    After going at least 300mph on the magnet train, it arrived in Saffron. But they had an uneasy welcome party. Team Rocket members were everywhere using powerful Pokemon to hurt people.
    “Passengers stay calm! As long as I don’t open the doors, we’ll be safe.” Said the driver of the train, who was obviously chattering his teeth in fright. “Stay calm!”
    “Hey!” Said a rocket grunt. “The passengers aren’t come out!”
    “Lets force them out!” Said another grunt. “Machamp! Smash open the windows! Show no mercy!!!”
    People screamed as glass shattered everywhere. The driver shouted on the speaker phone. The train flipped over to its side causing the people to fall down.
    “Now Hyper Beam! Charge up to full power!” The Machamp powered up the hyper beam.
    Misty screamed. “We got to get out of here!” Screamed Ash.
    “Over there!” Screamed Tracey. He pointed to the widow that was above on the wall which was now the “ceiling”. Ash carried Misty through the small window. People were shoving and screaming trying to get out through the same window. Ash and Misty climbed out.
    “Stay there!” Ash screamed to the crying Misty. Ash ran back inside the train to get the others. He climbed on top of the flipped train and saw the Machamp was almost done with his Hyper Beam. He saw the TR members laughing.
    “Tracey! Son! Grab my hands!” Ash yelled down the broken window. The two grabbed and Ash pulled them out. “Jump to the side quick! Brock! Grab my hand!”
    Brock leg was stuck in between some chairs and tables. “Ash!” Ash jumped into the train and tried to get the things off Brock’s leg. But there was no time left. The Hyper Beam was done charged.
    “Release it! Now!” Yelled the grunt.
    “Ash get out and safe your self!” Brock yelled. “You got more to live for!”
    “No! I’m not letting you die!”
    Outside of the train, the people jumped for cover as the Hyper beam was going to hit.
    “Train is going to explode as soon as it hits!” Brock yelled. The Hyper Beam was coming close. Brock quickly called out Geodude to send Ash away. “Geodude, take Ash out of here!” The Geodude lifted Ash out of the Train.
    “Goodbye Ash!” Brock yelled from below. Ash watching in horror as the hyper beam hit the train. It exploded. Ash had a bird eyes point of view.
    “NOOOO!!!!!!!!” Ash yelled. Another friend has left this world. The people near the train ducked and covered and the Team Rockets laughed.
    “Good work, Machamp!” The grunt said. Sadness and anger entered Ash’s heart. He watched as the TR members were laughing maliciously. He couldn’t stand watching the smoke arise or hear the laughter or the cries and scrams.
    “NOOO!!!” Ash screamed. “Its all your fault!!!” He pointed the TR’s. “Geodude, drop me near those guys!” The rock Pokemon obeyed. Ash landed and was ready to fight. “First my Pikachu! And now my friend Brock! Now its your turn!”
    From the other side of the train, Misty was crying her eyes out and Ash Jr. was comforting her. Tracey heard what had happened. Brock didn’t make it. He didn’t know how to break it to Misty. He was furious with the Team Rocket people.
    “If you want to kill people, you have get through me! Go, Umbreon!” The dark Pokemon came out. “Lets do this Pokemon style!” His Umbreon felt the rage in Ash’s heart. It also felt the sadness in it. Umbreon’s rage when up as Ash’s. “Rage!”
    The Umbreon tackled each of the members till they went flying. As the rage went higher, the attack was stronger. It tackled each Pokemon down with one blow. Ash cheered his Pokemon on until each one was unconscious on the ground.
    “Good work! Return! Feraligatr go! Use rain dance!” The water Pokemon made it rain to stop the fire from the train. Ash hurried over to the other side of the train to check up on the gang.
    “Is everyone ok?” Ash asked. They all nodded.
    “Where is Brock?” Asked Ash Jr.
    “Brock…Brock.” Ash spoke disheartened. “He…he didn’t make it.”
    Everyone had a dead look on there face. They had lost another friend. Now what was a battle with Team Rocket has become a war. A war for power. And it was up to a strong trainer named Ash to stop them.
    “I know that voice.” Said Ash. “But it can’t be.”
    “Can’t be what Ash?”
    “No! Its not true!” Ash yelled! “It can’t be-“
    “Its Gary!”

    “But why, Gary?” yelled Ash. “Why? How!” The rain poured down harder and lighting broke through the sky. Misty winced.
    “A battle is going on,” said Tracey. Another flash of lighting appeared. He looked in his binoculars that he had brought to see where the voice was coming from. It was coming from on top of the Sliph Co. building. “Its Gary all right,” said Tracey.
    “Let me take a look Tracey.” Ash demanded. Tracey handed it to him and Ash took a peek. He saw Gary on top of Sliph Co. with a megaphone in his hand. “We have to go after him!”
    “Yeah!” Said the little Ash. He was determined to fight someone.
    “Everyone come with me. Its time to go to Sliph Co.”
    AS they rushed to the building, they encounter many members that wanted their Pokemon. But they refused. So they battled and won. But then they encountered Jessie, James, and Meowth at the front door of Sliph Co. They held a gun to them.
    “All right punks. Stop right there!” Jessie yelled.
    “Jessie and James!” Ash yelled.
    “Shut up and put your hands! We’re not allowing you to enter.” The group put there hands up.
    “All these years of torment and defeat.” Said James “Well now its are turn to win. Meowth! Get the rope!”
    Together, TR tied Misty and Ash Jr. down. Then they took them away inside the building. Ash and Tracey followed, but they went into an elevator.
    “Damn! They got away!” Ash yelled. He furiously pressed the buttons for the elevator to open, but it didn’t work. You needed a card to open it.
    “How are we supposed to get to the top now?” Tracey asked.
    “I don’t know Tracey. Misty and my son are up there. And I’m determined to get revenge!”

    Ash Jr. and Misty were sent to a room on the 8th floor. There they were tied up against the wall. They were robbed of their Pokemon.
    “Where’s the GoYolp kid?” Jessie screamed!
    “I’m not telling!!” Yelled Ash. “Why should I tell you!”
    Jessie slapped Ash.
    “Hey! Don’t slap my son like that!!” Misty yelled. She too got slapped. She started to scream those bad words until Jessie shoved an apple in her mouth.
    “Now kid! Give me the GoYolp!”

    Downstairs on the first floor, Ash Sr. was having trouble with some rocket grunts, but Tracey helped him out with the battle and won. They stole the key card from them but it only can take them up to the 3rd floor only. There was 12 floors and they had to search each one.
    “Well Tracey! Lets go beat some grunts up!”

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    Ash and Tracey fought every person they saw in hopes of a key card for higher floors. They encountered many Pokemon with pumped up powers. It was like they were on steroids. But Ash and Tracey’s Pokemon were strong. But they were growing tired of fighting.
    “Tracey. I don’t know how much of Pokemon can take. They are all tired from the fights.”
    “We can’t give up Ash.”
    “Yes I know. You have any potions?”
    “I’m all out.”
    The two were on the third floor of the building and still no key card. They looked around the third floor for any healing items so they can continue with there raid of Sliph Co. Then they entered a room that was labeled “TOP SECRET”
    “I wonder what this is all about.” Said Ash.
    “It looks like a lab.” Tracey replied.
    “You’re right. Look around. We can find something useful.”
    Tracey took a look at a strange liquid that was in a bottle. As he observed it, he found out that it was some weird chemical, possibly a new one.
    “Strange.” Tracey whispered.
    “What’s up Tracey?” Ash asked.
    “This liquid. It contains some weird chemical that even I don’t know.”
    Ash looked confused and looked at other bottles. “They all look the same to me! How can you tell Mr. Smart Guy?” Ash teased.
    “Just take a look Ash. This liquid is boiling, but there is no fire around. And if you touch the bottle, its not hot.”
    “I guess…” Ash said with a confused face.
    “Fascinating! I have to study this.”
    “Sure, knock yourself out” Ash exaggerated.
    Tracey took a closer look at the chemical and trying to figure out its secrets
    “I hear a noise inside!” said a voice from outside the room.
    “Tracey! Hide! Get under the table!”
    “But…but I’m—“
    “No time! Get down!” Ash shouted pulling him down under the table.
    “What was that!” The voice said.
    “Stay quiet.” Whispered Ash.
    They watched from under the table, the feet of the rocket grunt. They were breathing fast trying not to break their cover. If they did, they had to go into a battle, but there Pokemon were took worn out. Their hearts were pounding as hard like the grunt was a killer about to murder them.
    “There seems to be nothing here.” Said the grunt. He spoke into his radio. “There’s no one in the Formula Pokemon X Lab. I secured the area.”
    Static. “Good work. Keep your guard up Park!” Static.
    “Park?” Whispered Ash. “That sounds familiar.”
    “What was that?” Park said. Fear stuck through Ash and Tracey.
    Static. “What Park? Have you sighted something?” Static.
    “I heard something. I’m investigating. Over.”
    Ash and Tracey stat under the table dead silent to get away from trouble.
    “Nothing. Leaving the room.”
    Tracey was relieved to have him leave. But as he leaned back, he tipped a metal bowl off the table. It hit the floor with a large clang sound.
    “What the-“ Park turned around.
    “Crap,” Ash uttered.
    “Come out bandits! I know you two are in here.”
    Ash jumped out of the table.
    “I’m not scared of you!”
    “So you show yourself!” He spoke into the radio. “Base, I found the two bandits, over. No one will be leaving this room until some backup arrives.”
    “Then I’ll just have to battle you until they come!” Ash challenged.
    “Deal!” Park excepted.
    “Ash!” Tracey, who was still hiding under the table,” your Pokemon are still weak!”
    “I don’t mean a Pokemon Battle!” Ash said. He headed towards Park. He took his right arm and took a big swing into his face, right into the nose! Park went flying across the room. “Tracey! Now’s our chance!”
    The two ran out and found Emergency Stairs to just of there luck. Now they can make it to the to the top to face off with Gary.

    Ash Jr. and Misty were still tied to the wall on the 8th floor. They wanted to get out of this mess but didn’t know how. Jesse had finally let them alone for awhile.
    “Mom, we need to find a way out fast.”
    “Yea right. But how?”
    “Do you have a hairpin? I can pickpocket the lock.”
    “Sure.” Misty undid the hairpin in her red hair and handed it to Ash Jr. He then fingered it around the keylock and set himself free. Then he unlocked his mother. They picked up there Pokeballs on the nearby table and left the room to find Ash and Tracey.

    Ash and Tracey ran up the flight of stairs as fast as their tired bodies could. Stair after stair they gasped for breath. They didn’t know weather or not if Park was following them up the stairs. They just hoped for the best.

    Park got up from the punch he just received from Ash. He touched his faced to examine any damage. He looked at his reflection in a bunch of test tubes. He saw a bloody lip and a big black and blue bruise on his right cheek. A tooth went loose.
    “Ah damn it! That guy knocked me good! Well if he wants a non-Pokemon fight, then I’ll give him one!” Park laughed evilly. He picked himself off from the floor and took a look at the test tubes.
    “Ah! Perfect!” Park said. He picked up a test tube with some green liquid in it. “This can help me out.” He placed it in his pocket for safe keeping. He took his radio from his belt and warned the other Team Rocket members about Ash and Tracey.

    Ash Jr. and Misty looked around in the corridor just outside the room they were just in. They searched around for a door some type that would lead them out of here. They checked every door but they were all locked. Ash Jr. spotted a sign that said they were on the 8th floor. He immediately told his mother.
    “Really? On the 8th floor and we can’t find a away out!” Misty yelled.
    “Don’t give up hope Mom!”
    “But its hard with all this tension.”
    “Yeah I know. Come on lets keep looking.”

    Ash and Tracey stopped to take a break. They just traveled five flights of stairs to the eight floor.
    “This is the floor where they held Misty and my son!” Ash yelled.
    “How do you know?” Tracey asked curiously.
    “I overheard one of the grunts before.”
    Tracey tried opening the door.
    “It locked!”
    Ash kicked down the door with anger. They entered the hallway to see Misty and Little Ash. They had a little reunion with each other when they heard a slam of the door that lead to the flight of stairs. Then they heard a locking noise.
    “Crap!” Yelled Ash. He ran to the door trying to unlock it. He try kicking the door, but it didn’t work this time. “Damn! It bolted lock!”
    “All the doors are locked around here Dad!”
    “There’s got be another way around to the top. I need to dispose of Gary!”
    Then Ash had an idea. He unleashed his tired out Dragonite. He was still worn out from the fight with Anthony earlier.
    “Dragonite! I know you’re tired, but do you think you can fly me to the top?”
    The dragon Pokemon nodded its head yes.
    “Ok! Guys hop on!”
    Dragonite could only hold three of the group. He held Misty and Ash Jr. with him.
    “Tracey! I need you to hack into their computer systems to unlock the doors so we have an escape route! Meet us on the top ok!”
    “Right Ash!”
    “Let’s fly Dragonite!”
    Dragonite flew out the window and flew four stories above to the top level. The sky was all gray and cloudy. It looked like it were about to rain. Dragonite soared to the top of the Sliph Co. building. It landed on the roof.
    “Thanks Dragonite! Return!” He pulled out his arm to return his dragon Pokemon. “Now where’s Gary!”
    “I’ll look around!” Ash Jr. said.
    “No! You two stay here while I search the roof.”
    “There’s no need,” said another voice. Ash and Co. turned around to see the bruised up Park. “If you want to get to Gary, you have to pass through me!”
    “Ok! My Pokemon may be tired, but I’ll still be ten times more powerful then you!” He held a pokeball out. As he was about to throw it into action, Park spoke.
    “Stop!” Ash stopped. Park took out a device that looked like a taser. He pressed the button on it and electricity formed around Ash’s pokeball.
    “Ow!” Ash screamed. He dropped the pokeball. “What have you done!”
    “Oh I temporally shut down your pokeball’s mechanism so you can’t call out your Pokemon. It’s a device I call Anti-Pokeball.” He smirked.
    “Why you—“
    “Now now. We still never finished our duel remember? Well you decided not to use Pokemon right?”
    “Er….then bring it on Park!” He ran towards Park with his right arm about to swing.

    <--- There were more at Serebii.Net but I havent saved the chapters. :(

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    It was good, Ardhamon, except for one problem -- it will take a loooong tme for anybody to get through the entire story if you post it all at once. Typically, the "chapter-a-day" style of posting is preferred. If you have a lot of chapters, you can make the story stretch for a while. You can write new ones, in the mean time. Not to mention, you can also get reviews from readers quicker.

    Take it from me - I used to post "JTC" all at once. It didn't go over at all. Only Hanatori would read it. (I guess she's a quick reader!) On top of it, I had to stress because I needed to get new stories done almost instantaneously after I posted the last one. If you post one chapter a day, you get a nice cushion of time that you can be using to plan out your next ficcle.
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    Wonderful fanfic!
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