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    This is an anime based fanfic so I am using the PASBL attack lists for the Pokemon. Well enjoy.

    “Alakazam is unable to battle,” the ref concluded as Justin’s psychic Pokemon landed on the ground with an earth shuddering thud, “Ninjeti wins the round.”

    “I told you your Alakazam was no match for my Poliwrath,” Ninjeti taunted from his side of the field, “Even with it’s type advantage.”

    “The match isn’t over yet Ninjeti,” Justin stated plainly as he returned Alakazam, “We are both down to our last Pokemon now and I have saved the best for last, I choose my Charizard, Inferno.”

    “A Charizard?!” Ninjeti squealed with delight, “If your Alakazam couldn’t defeat my Poliwrath with it’s type advantage how can you possibly believe your Charizard with it’s type disadvantage could win?”

    “Your Pokemon is strong but Inferno can defeat it,” Justin stated calmly as Inferno landed on the field. The flame lizard let a small stream of fire out from his nose and spread his large wings showing he was ready for the battle.

    “We’ll see about that,” Ninjeti stated preparing for battle, “Let’s end this quickly Poliwrath, use your Surf attack to put out their flame!” The evolved tadpole Pokemon raised his hands to his chest. Taking in a deep breath, the Poliwrath released an immense amount of water in one large stream at Inferno.

    “Typical,” Justin smugly remarked, “Inferno use Reflect.” Inferno gave a quick nod before activating the attack and creating an opaque barrier before himself. The Surf attack turned upon connecting with the barrier and instead of hitting the Charizard completely soaked the origin of the attack, Poliwrath.

    “Wow, not extremely bright are we?” Ninjeti injected with a smile, “Water attacks don’t have much of an effect on Poliwrath here.”

    “Who said I was trying to hurt Poliwrath with the attack?” Justin stated simply, “Inferno why don’t you show them your Hidden Power.”

    Without a word Inferno raised his arms above his head and a small white light appeared. After a few seconds the white light was replaced by crackling electricity as the Charizard powered up his Hidden Power attack. The Charizard’s muscles appeared to be reaching their breaking point as his skin stretched and stretched to accommodate the electric energy building up in them.

    “Now Inferno unleash your Hidden Power!” Justin commanded as the ball of electricity reached its maximum diameter. The large ball of electricity crackled with energy as it glowed the purest white light. As Inferno’s Hidden Power made contact with the waterlogged Poliwrath a huge electrical explosion occurred. Justin shaded his eyes from the blast and when he looked back the arena was completely gone.

    In place of the Pokemon Stadium arena, complete with the battlegrounds and cheering crowd, was a large oval room occupied only by a few single paintings on the walls and the long oval shaped table in the center of it. The only source of light in the room was from the large holographic display projector at the head of the room.

    “What happened to my battle?” Justin pondered as he removed the reading glasses from his face, “Why did the program shutdown?”

    “Because I shut it down sir,” a voice called from behind him, “Now please tell me that you did not have that running throughout the entire meeting.”

    “Then I won’t tell you I was running the simulator throughout the entire meeting,” Justin said as he stood and turned to his personal assistant and “care taker”, William. He was an elderly gentleman that always reminded Justin of Alfred, the butler from Batman with the exception that Will did not have the English accent.

    “Sir, you’re supposed to be learning how to run the company now that…” William stopped.

    “You can say it Will, now that my father has passed on,” Justin stated flatly as he pulled his trench coat on over his business suit, “Let’s just go home.”

    The long drive back to the large mansion that was left to him by his father gave him time to think about the recent events in his life. His mother, Kay, died while giving birth to him. His father, James, quit his Pokemon training after the death of his mother and set up Pokemon Training Equipment Incorporated, or PTE Inc. A few months ago James passed away after a heart attack. James left his entire corporation to his son, Justin, leaving a heavy burden upon his seventeen year old son.

    As the limousine pulled up to the immense mansion, Justin thought back to the last few months of his father’s life and how unhappy and distant he had seemed. Justin’s grandmother, James’ mother, had told him how happy his father been when he was training his Pokemon and competing in the Johto League. James made a sacrifice for his family by quitting his training to support his son.

    Justin slipped into the warm mansion after the retina scan at the door. His father had implicated the best security features throughout the mansion as a way to protect the blueprints for his inventions. James had become a master inventor creating everything from a new Pokedex to new Trainer belts. Many companies had tried to reproduce the creations but had failed miserably. James’ inventions had become so popular that the Millennia League had made them the official training equipment for all trainers in their league. The Millennia League had replaced both the Kanto and Johto Leagues after the collapse of the original Elite Four.

    The Millennia League had several differences from it’s counterparts as the creators of this league had learned from past mistakes. Instead of just having to gain eight badges to get into the Millennia League Championship, a trainer must challenge and defeat ten gym leaders and one of the eight Elite trainers that were constantly traveling throughout the world. Defeating the ten gym leaders was considered the easy part of the league, finding one of the Elite trainers took forever. There were reports of trainers looking for an Elite for two years and more. Trainers were also allowed to carry eight Pokemon as a way to increase the number of Pokemon that could be used in the League and Gym battles. The change in the number of Pokemon one was allowed to carry made creating a well balanced team more of a challenge.

    Justin wandered up to his room reflecting on his life. Justin knew he wasn’t made to live the life that his father had set up for him. He had started training when he was fifteen but hadn’t caught many Pokemon or challenged a Gym Leader before he was called back to Ioni Town after his father had gotten sick. Justin reached his room and realized that it was time he put his plan into action. A few weeks ago Justin realized that he could not take this life anymore. He wanted to be a trainer, just as his father had been before he created his corporation. He wanted to finish his father’s dream of being a world class Pokemon Trainer. Justin still had the Pokemon that he had started to train with two years ago in his room in their Pokeballs. He let them out to roam around most of the time but they had been in their Pokeballs for most of the day to rest. He knew it was time to wake them up and tell them his plan.

    He quietly walked over to the shelf where the three Pokeballs lay upon their stands. His father had the Pokeball containing his first Pokemon gold plated before he left for his journey. His father had also created a custom design for his other Pokeballs as a way for him to recognize them if he were ever to loose them. The custom design included the top half of the balls being painted blue instead of the usual red, and in the center on the top was a gold flame engraved. His father had been an avid fire type trainer through most of his training career, though he had other types, he used his fire type Pokemon the most. Justin opened the all three Pokeballs at once, releasing his Pokemon that he had begun to train almost two years ago to the day. The ivory light that was released from the Pokeballs quickly materialized into his Pokemon. Now bouncing on his once made bed, was his Mankey, Bruiser. The fur ball seemed to be enjoying bouncing on the bed throwing punches into the air as he went. Sitting on Justin’s nightstand watching Bruiser was Grizzly, his Teddiursa. And standing a few feet away wondering what was going on was Inferno, Justin’s first Pokemon, a Charmeleon.

    Inferno hadn’t started out as a Charmeleon. He was a Charmander when he was given to Justin on his fifteenth birthday. Justin had trained with Inferno for months in the fields around Ioni City before he evolved one day while battling a large Snubbull. Once Inferno had evolved Justin set out on his journey. On his way to Sierra Vista, the next town over, Justin found a farm being ransacked by Bruiser and Grizzly. Grizzly was distracting the farmer’s with her Charm attack while Bruiser went through the farm house taking food and other supplies. Inferno and Justin quickly defeated and captured the two Pokemon who have since stopped their mischievous ways. The two were actually quite strong, and Bruiser was nearing his evolution level. Justin quickly informed his Pokemon that they would be leaving that night to restart their journey.

    Justin allowed the Pokemon to stay out as he went throughout the room getting his training gear together. He took the backpack from his closet that he had originally used two years ago. The backpack was one of the large camping style packs that still had many of the essential items in it from two years ago. Justin simply put new clothes into the pack and some food that he had Inferno get from the kitchen while he packed. From his desk, Justin removed his Pokegear and slid it onto his wrist, locking it into place with a snap of the clasp. Justin reached up onto his shelf and took down his belt. The belt was specially designed by his father for him as a gift to start his journey. There were clasps to hold eight Pokeballs for the Pokemon currently in his team on the right hand side of the belt. On the left side of the belt there was a large pouch containing spare Pokeballs. Just past the pouch as a special containment unit for his Pokedex. Looking into the pouch he counted that he had fifteen spare Pokeballs, and he placed his Pokedex into its pouch.

    After all of his gear was packed up Justin changed out of his ‘office’ clothes and into his clothes that he was more used to. He removed his tie, shirt and slacks, and pulled on his blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a blue button up casual shirt that he left unbuttoned, to complete his outfit Justin slung his trainer belt around his waist. The belt did not fit too well though as it was too large and thus hung at an angle around Justin’s waist. For the final preparations for his journey Justin pulled the paperwork out of his desk that would release all of Justin’s power over the company to Michael, Justin’s father’s vice president until Justin returned. Justin signed the contract and placed it on his desk. Justin returned his Pokemon to their Pokeballs before placing the Pokeballs on his belt and slipping out the window and into the cool night air. It felt good to be out in the air again by himself with no body guards or security agents to follow him around. The night was calm as Justin walked through the immense fields that belonged to his Father’s estate. Though the fields were usually live at night with the hooting of the Hoot-hoot and the high pitched squeaks of the Rattata, tonight was ominously quite.

    After a few hours of walking through the dark and desolate forest Justin reached the farm that Grizzly and Bruiser had been destroying. This was a moment of triumph for Justin as it marked the half way point between Ioni City and Sierra Vista. The farmhouse now appeared to be abandoned as there was no one in site and the building looked as though it was barely standing. Justin looked at the large barn that was the closest structure to him. The barn seemed that it had held up well for the two year that it had been abandoned and Justin pulled open the door and let himself in. Inside the barn there were many stall that Justin assumed once held Tauros and Milktank. At the end of the barn there were special stalls that looked to be flame resistant, stalls to hold the farmer’s Ponytas. Above all of the stalls and extending to the rear of the barn was a loft that looked in rather good shape. Though he was not sure of the barn’s structural integrity, Justin decided that this was the best place to rest for the remainder of the night. Justin reached down to his belt and pulled off the three Pokeballs off of his belt that contained his three devoted Pokemon.

    After a few brief moments of arranging where they would sleep, everyone rested in their beds. Everyone that is but Grizzly, who volunteered to stand ‘guard’ while the other’s slept. The small bear cub Pokemon had found a wooden bowl which he now used as a hat and a stick that became his ‘rifle’. The little Pokemon marched back and forth in front of the barn door in a militant fashion. Inferno let out a quick snort before curling up in the flame retardant stall and falling asleep. Above Inferno’s stall was Bruiser, sleeping on the support beam. Justin made his way up to the loft and laid out his sleeping bag. Justin took off his belt and laid it on an old crate next to his sleeping bag. As he went to remove his Pokegear, Justin changed his mind and logged onto the PokeNet. He had received numerous challenges from trainers he had faced before. In total there were one hundred and twenty eight challenges and random messages. Justin quickly deleted them all and checked his buddy list. He could not remember many of the names and just cleared his buddy list, all of the names except for two. The first was his communication link with the mansion and the second was the number of his rival, Allen. Justin had not spoken to Allen since their last battle, right before Justin had been called back to Ioni Town. He could still remember the battle vividly. Inferno had wiped through half of his team before Bruiser came in and destroyed two more. To add to Allen’s humiliation, Grizzly defeated his last and most powerful Pokemon, his Poliwhirl.

    Allen had strong Pokemon, but he had no strategy. He wasn’t that great of a trainer, as Justin proved time and time again beating him in VR and real battles. The two trainers had grown up together, living right next door to one another. Allen’s father had deserted his mother when she was pregnant with Allen’s younger brother. Allen spent most of his childhood with Justin and the two kept each other company. The two were constantly trying to get ahead of one another, even in school. Once they were given their first Pokemon, Justin with Inferno and Allen with Poliwag, the two decided they would be rivals. However while Allen set out to begin his journey, Justin remained in Ioni Town to train Inferno and to study up on Pokemon some more. Allen returned a week later with two new Pokemon and Inferno tore through the entire lineup before Allen left again. This occurred regularly until Justin left to begin his journey. Once on his journey, Justin heard nothing from Allen until the day he was called back to Ioni Town. After clearing his Pokegear and laying it on the crate, Justin laid down and fell into a peaceful sleep.

    Well his sleep was peaceful until he was awoken by the sound of Grizzly howling in pain. Justin bolted upright grabbing his belt and Pokegear as he ran to the edge of the loft. Standing on the edge of the loft, Justin saw a Quilava and Elekid shocking and burning Grizzly while the two trainers simply laughed. Justin slid down the ladder quickly remained in the shadows to hear what the two trainers were now talking about. “What’s this little thing doing in our hideout?” the first trainer asked as he walked over and poked Grizzly.

    “How should I know?” the second asked as he reached to his belt, “But I plan on capturing it.”

    “What?” the first yelled as he turned to face the other trainer, “You caught the last one, I want this one.”

    The two began to have a heated argument and took their attention off of Grizzly. Justin burst out of the shadows and running past the two trainers, picked up Grizzly before skidding to a stop just before the flame retardant stalls. The two trainers now stopped their arguing and turned their attention to Justin who cradled the wounded Grizzly in his arms. “Neither of you will be capturing my Pokemon,” Justin said as he faced the two.

    “You hear that Todd?” the first trainer said almost laughing.

    “Yeah, it sounds like the guy is dreaming Bill,” the second trainer responded, “What are you doing in our hideout kid?”

    “Your hideout?” Justin asked looking around, “Not a very good choice,”

    “Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with?” Todd asked. Justin looked at him. He did not seem to be any older than Justin. He was shorter than Justin with black hair and gray eyes. He was in a uniform that resembled the old black Team Rocket uniforms but instead of the large R in the center of the chest there was only thin white and silver circle in the center.

    “We are members of the Eclipse Squad, a Pokemon stealing organization,” Bill stated with a grin. He was taller than his partner, with the same black hair and gray eyes, which Justin now assumed were contacts. He wore the same uniform as his partner. “You and your weakened Teddiursa there don’t stand a chance against Quilava and Elekid here.” The two Pokemon slowly began to close the gap between Justin and themselves before they were stopped short by stream of flames coming from above Justin.

    In a blur, Inferno and Bruiser both jumped down from the support beams and positioned themselves between Justin and the two Eclipse Pokemon. “Looks like the odds just evened out,” Justin stated with a grin, “Inferno use Flamethrower on the Elekid and Bruiser hit the Quilava with a Low Kick.” Both Pokemon nodded quickly before beginning their attacks. Inferno took in a quick breath before releasing a stream of flames at the Elekid. Bruiser on the other hand took to a full out sprint before diving onto the ground a sliding feet first at the Quilava’s belly.

    “Elekid get out of the way now!” Todd called to his electric Pokemon but it was too late. The flames had already engulfed the Elekid and knocked the Pokemon back behind the Quilava. After taking the Pokemon down with so much ease, Justin thought that it looked like it was still in the process of recovering from an earlier battle. The cloud of dust that followed Bruiser as he slid at the Quilava obscured Justin’s view of his Mankey. However once the dust cleared Bruiser was standing a few feet in front of Inferno and the Elekid was out cold and being recalled by his Todd.

    “Alright Quilava it would seem that it is time for us to take them down,” Bill stated as his partner whispered in his ear, “Heh, perfect, Quilava use your Rollout attack!” The fire Pokemon curled up into a large ball and began to roll in circles to pick up speed before attacking.

    As the Pokemon began to roll at Inferno and Bruiser, Justin looked calm and collected. “You just made a fatal mistake with that attack,” Justin explained, “Inferno and Bruiser Counter the Rollout!” Both Inferno and Bruiser sidestepped the rolling Quilava but Inferno used if tail as a ramp and launched the Quilava into the air. In midair, the Quilava unraveled itself to figure out what was going on only to get double elbow dropped from Inferno and Bruiser. The Quilava was knocked out as it landed on the ground with a thud that shook the entire barn.

    “Return Quilava,” Bill solemnly called as he raised his Pokeball, “You haven’t seen the last of us.” With those last words Bill threw down a small pellet that exploded into a smoke screen and shielded their getaway.

    “Char?” Inferno asked pointing at the swinging barn door.

    “No they’re no threat to us right now, we have to get Grizzly to the Pokemon Center in Sierra Vista though,” Justin said gathering his all of his equipment together, “You two battled excellently.” Justin recalled his Pokemon to their Pokeballs and re-clipped them onto his belt before leaving the barn and making a dead on sprint towards Sierra Vista.

    After a brief period of running, Sierra Vista came into Justin’s view. The town was extremely large and was often compared to Goldenrod and Celadon city. Luckily for Justin though, there were three Pokemon Centers in town and one of them happened to be at the edge of town he was approaching. A few minutes after the town came into view, Justin was at the counter of the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy had just taken all three of his Pokemon into the back to heal them. Deciding there was nothing he could do; Justin went to the guest room Nurse Joy had offered him to sleep in. Setting his backpack down, he removed his belt and Pokegear as he had before and laid them on the table by the room’s window. Without as much as a second thought, Justin plopped down onto the bed and fell asleep.
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