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    Firesong looked around curiously at her fellow vulpix. They simply stared back and their tails twitched in wonder. Firesong turned to see a human girl walking through the forest. She was calling out for vulpix. What was she doing? Firesong turned back around to her "friends." But they'd gone. Firesong ran after them, mewing out for them to wait for her.
    Lady Nina, the ninetails who protected the local vulpix clan, stopped Firesong and gestured out to the human girl who wandered the forest.
    "Do you want me to help her?" asked Firesong in the usual vulpix tongue.
    Lady Nina shook her head solemnly and replied in the same tongue, "No, my dear. You must go and challenge her. You do not belong with us. You're different."
    Firesong just stared in shock and disbelief at Lady Nina. "I'm not different. I'm a vulpix, same as them." She gestured with her head to the clan of vulpix crouched in the shadows.
    "You ARE different." Lady Nina insisted. "Now go away. Please, Firesong. This is for your own good. Farewell, my dear." She turned and all nine of her tails swished delicately in Firesong's face as th evolved Pokemon left.
    It wasn't the fact that Lady Nina ordered Firesong to leave, but it was the fact that she insisted Firesong was different from the other vulpix. After all, had she not grown up under Lady Nina's watchful eyes, playing and wrestling with her fellow vulpix. So why did--
    "Oh my gosh! That vulpix has blue eyes!" said a human voice.
    Firesong turned in shock to see the human girl standing near her with an Evee at her feet. Firesong growled as fiercely as possible. The girl ordered Evee to tackle Firesong, but the vulpix let out a powerful Flame Thrower which sent the Evee tumbling back towards her trainer. Firesong fled immediately running through bushes, passed gathering Squirturtles and floating Hoppips, zigzagging between trees and dirt paths.
    Finally, having barely any strength left, Firesong stopped under a tree, panting heavily. She laid down in the cool shade and curled her tails around her body. Firesong wanted to cry, if she was the sort of emotional creature who did cry. The little vulpix replayed the conversation with Lady Nina over and over. Was it true? Firesong knew she had blue eyes, but was that really the reason Lady Nina turned her away. If it is, Firesong thought bitterly, it's the stupidest reason I've ever heard of! Oh dear, what am I going to do now?

    To be continued...

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    I loved reading that!

    It was great! ^_^

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    I think the rules are pretty clear :

    -COMPLETED fics go in the library.
    -UNCOMPLETED fics go in the main forum.

    This is uncompleted, therefore I'm moving it.
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