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    I also noticed more errors than usual. Not sure whether that was because of the length or something else.

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    Wow. I wasn't expecting to get so many reviews on that last chapter. Thank you for them everyone (and the previews too!) Looking back from the previews for this chapter , I did see a couple of mistakes thanks to your observations. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to make so many mistakes, but I can only assume it's because most of the time I was writing late at night. I've corrected the ones that have been pointed out so far, so if you see anymore please tell me!

    Okay, now on to the chapter! It's by far the longest one I have written so far, almost double the length of any other. But we get some nice plot resolutions, a few unexpected twists, and (I hope) an overall enjoyable read.

    Chapter 31: Heartbreak


    It was dark. Very dark. Even the moon was obscured by low-lying clouds, and there was not even a breath of wind that threatened to disturb them. He trained his eyes on the Poketch that Paul had loaned him for this one mission. His pulse began to quicken as the minutes and seconds counted down. At last, it was time.

    Getting to his feet with as much stealth as he could muster, he slunk off down the hill as quietly and as invisibly as possible. For the first time in his life, he wished he wore the standard black uniform instead of the shiny white he had adorned for years. Still, he managed to make it down the hill and onto the field with minimal problems, although he had to admit that it was more due to the town being on the other side of the hill than his own mediocre stalking skills.

    Once back on level ground, he abandoned caution in favour of speed. If the hills didn’t keep him hidden from view at this point while he travelled across the field, no amount of stealth could help him. Speed was of the essence for this particular task. Still, he made it a point to run as quietly as possible so as to avoid any undue attention. Many of the Pokemon had run off after the attack, but some might have returned since then. The last thing he wanted was to disturb and anger a Nidoking or Rhydon in the darkness.

    While his sight and other senses may have been hindered by the night, he was profoundly grateful that he had been ordered to complete this task under the cover of darkness. For one thing, while he could barely see anything, it meant the chances of his being seen were also reduced. And for another, the night hid the ravaged land from his view. Had he started his task at dusk the mighty scars would have been all too visible, and he doubted that his already strained courage could have taken that frightening sight. But while he could not see the remnants of the Rayquaza’s attack, nothing could prevent him from hearing it. The dead and charcoaled grass crackled underneath his feet with every step, making him wince. In some ways, it made the scene more eerie than the sight of those scars did. He breathed a silent sigh of relief when the crackling sounds stopped and he felt a mixture of gravel and concrete under his feet instead.

    Knowing he was close bolstered his tattered courage. Slowing down, he tried to gather his bearings. He had been here many times before, but never inside the actual building. Still, he knew the rough layout of the construction from his visits prior to the attack and his brief observations earlier in the day. Skirting a few girders and a half-completed wall, he quickly saw what he had been looking for; a doorframe with intricate stone steps beyond that led into the ground. He was surprised. He had not expected to find it so easily.

    His confidence growing by the second, he made his way through the doorframe and carefully descended down the steps. He was expecting them to lead belowground, but was surprised when he saw that at the bottom of the steps, there was a tunnel curving its way through the rock. Once inside, he felt safe enough to turn on his flashlight for the first time since starting out. His breath caught in his throat at what he saw.

    Ancient carvings, scripts, and archaeological treasures decorated the curved walls and ceiling of the tunnel. Only down here had Professor Oak’s massive collection been spared any damage. Pausing briefly to examine the tunnel walls more closely he realized all the priceless artefacts were not hung from the walls and ceiling, but rather contained behind it. Rapping his knuckles gently against the sides, he saw that they were all covered by a clear and seemingly durable clear alloy. He wasn’t sure exactly what the material was, but it had been enough protect the Professor’s collection from the Rayquaza.

    He bent his nose close to the wall, examining one of the ancient tablets with interest. He breathed in sharply at what he saw. The paint was faded and in some places chipped away altogether, but there could be no doubt about what had been painted.

    A man stood alone, his back to the painter. Surrounding him on the ground were 18 tablets, each one a different colour and with a different symbol carved into the top. Facing the man in the distance were what appeared to be the legendary Pokemon Raikou, Moltres, and Regice. The sky was dark at the edges, a violent shade of purple. Closer to the center, however, it took on a whitish tinge, the edges of the thunderous closer becoming more visible. At the center itself, the white clouds swirled into a dangerous looking vortex, coalescing into a white and violet orb that hung low over the man’s hand. From the man’s stance, it seemed apparent that he was sneering, his arms raised in defiance, a golden and silver Poke Ball clutched in his hands; the GS Ball.

    The GS Ball... That’s what I’m here for, he thought. But... why is it here, in this ancient painting of all places? Is it the same one? If it is, how can it possibly have lasted for so long without being aged or damaged? He was startled from his thoughts by the worst sounds he could have possibly heard; voices and footsteps.

    Panicking, he covered the beam of the flashlight with his hand and ran as swiftly and silently down the passage as he could, hoping against hope that he was imagining it, or if they were real that they would just pass the tunnel by. He reached the pass coded door and began fumbling with the keypad, mistyping the several password possibilities he had been given in his haste. He heard several footsteps approaching from within the tunnel, and stopped trying. It was useless. The people were close enough that they would hear the door opening, and even if they didn’t it would not take them long to find him in the lab.

    As a flashlight beam broke around the final corner, he turned to face them, calm etched onto his face and a Poke Ball clenched in his hand. James was ready for the battle of his life.


    “This is going to be very tricky,” Professor Oak said, forcing himself to speak calmly. “We’ll need Blissey, Sudowudo, Bayleef, Totodile, Sceptile, Gallade, Glalie, and Latias. Joy... you’ve done enough for now.”

    “I can do more!” she protested as the eight Pokemon were released. “I should have done more...”

    “You’ve given her a fighting chance,” Oak answered. “But your hands are trembling and time is running out for May. What we need now are bandages, and foam pads. I need you to get as many of those as you can, okay?”

    “Okay,” she whispered before running out of the room.

    “This is going to be unpleasant for every one of the Pokemon,” Oak said, returning his attention to Brock and Ash. “None of them are trained for medical surgery, but they are the only chance we have to save May.”

    “They’re ready... aren’t you, guys?” Ash asked, receiving a chorus of calls in response.

    “Pi-Pikachu, pika!” Pikachu called, waving his arms anxiously at the screen.

    “I know you want to help Pikachu, but there’s nothing you can do here,” Oak answered. “But if her heart stops... we’ll need you to restart it.”

    “Pika,” the electric-type nodded, retreating closer to the bed.

    “Bayleef, you have to hold May steady with your Vine Whip. Be sure not to compress her chest too tightly; that could just squeeze the blood out more calmly. She may get agitated again, so you have to aim your Sweet Scent directly at her nose. Be careful with your aim; we don’t want our surgeons getting too relaxed while they work.”

    “Surgeons?” Brock asked.

    “Sceptile, Totodile, Gallade, and Glalie,” Oak replied. “Glalie, use your Icy Wind to cool May’s temperature. Her blood flow will slow down, and it’ll buy us some time. Totodile, use your gentlest Water Gun to wash the blood away from the pustule. The last thing we need is clotting hindering our cuts, or a pool of blood to stop us from seeing what we need. Ash and Brock, one of you needs to tilt May a little to one side so that the blood and water can drain away. ”

    “Tile,” Sceptile sighed, seeing where this was going and powering up his Leaf Blade.

    “I know you don’t want to Sceptile, but you and Gallade are the only ones who can do it,” Oak said, sensing the grass-type’s mood. “The accuracy of a Pokemon is much greater than that of a scared human, and you’ll have the advantage of being able to feel the pustule as you work. Are you ready?”

    “Er!” Gallade nodded, his face a grim slash of determination as his arms began to glow black from a Night Slash.

    “Good, then get started! Totodile first, then Glalie, Sceptile and Gallade.”

    “To-to-to-to-to-to-da,” Totodile mumbled, spewing out a light stream of water into the bloody opening around the pustule. As the water-type Pokemon worked Ash, Brock, and Bayleef gently lifted May up, allowing the liquids to flow away from the wounds. Calculating both the power and spread necessary, Glalie began to exude a cold blast of air on May’s body, cooling her temperature and restricting the flow of blood. Sceptile’s and Gallade’s eyes met; nodding briefly, they turned to May and positioned their blades.

    Trying his hardest not to wince, Sceptile concentrated and carefully focused the power of his Leaf Blade; focusing the attack narrowed the blade, making it more accurate to work with in delicate situations such as this, but the power became much more concentrated. One slip could be fatal for May.

    “Lade, erlade er,” Gallade urged the grass-type, his Night Slash also narrowed.

    “Scep,” Sceptile nodded, lowering his arms and gingerly worrying the Leaf Blade through May’s cold flesh. A spurt of blood instantly rose to the surface, and was quickly washed away by Totodile’s Water Gun. Glalie spat out a cold lump against May’s chest, lowering the temperature even more and causing the blood to congeal slightly beneath the flesh. Gritting his teeth and trying to ignore the blood that slowly welled up around his Leaf Blade, Sceptile continued to work the blade through May’s breast, gently scissoring muscle and tissue apart as he tried to manoeuvre beneath the pustule.

    May moaned and began to twitch as consciousness crept in. Sceptile froze and halted the Leaf Blade, worried that it might slice through something he didn’t intend. Her brow furrowed in concentration, Bayleef wafted a Sweet Scent towards May. May continued to move for a moment and then relaxed as the overpowering fumes reached her brain and she fell back into unconsciousness. Bayleef let out a silent sigh of relief and nodded towards Sceptile.

    The large grass-type stepped back, breathing nervously. He had done all that he could with his blades, and he feared that by continuing he might cut right through her breast and puncture a lung, or even the pulmonary artery. It was time for Gallade, with his smaller and more accurate blades, to take over.

    The Psychic-type worked quickly and effectively. Where Sceptile had worked vertically, his cuts were horizontal. With minimal blood leakage, he was able to slide his Night Slash through the fatty tissue without much difficulty. Angling his blades diagonally upward Gallade completed the cut, slicing the pustule away from May’s body. Brock quickly wrapped his hand in a plastic glove and reached down to grab the pustule. He expertly removed his hand, turning the glove inside out, and tied it tightly. “I have it,” he announced.

    “Perfect,” Professor Oak replied. “Put it in the transfer station and send it here immediately; I’ll send an empty Poke Ball in return.”

    Joy rushed back into the room, her arms filled with foam pads and bandages. “I brought all that I could find,” she panted.

    “Start padding the area, get rid of the excess blood,” Oak ordered. “This next part is especially tricky, and we need the opening as clear as possible.”

    “What do we need to do?” Brock asked as he initiated the pustule’s transfer.

    “Blissey has to place both arms inside the wound and use Heal Bell,” Oak answered, reaching down to his own transfer and holding the tightly wrapped pustule up to his eyes. “We need Sudowudo to do the same with Mimic. That should hopefully seal it up. Then we need Latias to use Recover; that will hopefully regenerate the flesh and restore the blood. ”

    “Is that even possible?” Brock asked, awed.

    “Heal Bell is a technique that seals flesh wounds,” Oak answered. “It’s difficult to use in surgery at the best of times, and your Blissey isn’t trained for this kind of operation. That’s why I want Sudowudo to help her out with Mimic.”

    “I meant Latias’s Recover, being able to regenerate all of that tissue and blood... this isn’t a surface wound. There’s a lot more at stake here than flesh and capillaries, Professor. If the Recover only repairs the flesh, it could cause May long-term health problems.”

    “I know that, Brock,” Oak snapped. “When a Pokemon uses Recover, it repairs all of the damage done to their body. All of it. It will be tricky for Latias to direct it into May, but it will heal her.”

    “Will Recover be enough?” Nurse Joy asked quietly. “It’s a technique we have to use from time to time on severely injured Pokemon, and it doesn’t always work that well.”

    “I know... I have to use it occasionally too,” Professor Oak answered. “But remember that Latias is a legendary Pokemon; her capture by Ash doesn’t lessen her strength. Her Recover will be incredibly powerful, far more so than that of an Alakazam, or even a Metagross. If any Pokemon can heal May, it’s Latias.”

    “Can you do it, Latias?” Ash quietly, unheard by Brock, Oak, or Nurse Joy. “Can you really heal May like that? Professor Oak only has his theories, but if anyone knows, it’s you.” The legendary Pokemon gazed at him for a moment, her deep eyes clouded in contemplation. They cleared abruptly and she gave a light chirp, nodding her head in reassurance. Ash nodded back, not feeling himself able to speak.

    “Blissey, Sudowudo; are you ready?” Nurse Joy asked, continuing to sponge up the blood leaking from May’s breast. Both Pokemon let out affirmative cries and took a step forward. “Then let’s get started,” she said.

    “Ash,” May moaned, her eyes flickering open. For a moment, nobody moved. Then Ash quickly knelt down by her side.

    “I’m here, May,” he whispered softly. “I’m here for you.” She grimaced and reached for her breast, but Ash caught and stayed her hand.

    “...Hurts...” she mumbled.

    “I know, May, I know. Blissey, Sudowudo, and Latias are going to take the pain away. Stay calm, it won’t take long.”

    “Char,” the baby Charmander added, reannouncing its presence from underneath May’s bed.

    “Char?” she murmured.

    “That’s right May; your egg hatched,” Ash said, leaning down to pick up the Charmander. He placed it on the bed, where it nuzzled against her cheek affectionately. He stroked her bangs for a moment and then looked at Bayleef meaningfully. “You have a new friend,” he continued quietly.

    “New friend... Char...” she whispered, smiling faintly. Her eyes closed as Bayleef’s Sweet Scent took hold of her mind again, sending her back into sleep.

    “Sweet dreams, May,” Ash murmured quietly as Blissey and Sudowudo approached. “I hope that when you wake up, this whole ordeal will be over for you.”


    He writhed in agony as the pain hit him, obliterating all else. His vision was dark, his hearing nonexistent, his touch gone. All that there was, all that there ever had been, was this pain. It was an agony he had never felt before, one that was both physical and mental. He could not think, he could not breathe; all he could do was writhe and wait for death.

    And then it was gone. He lay on the ground, heaving in great gulps of air, sweat cascading out of every orifice in his body. He felt incredibly weak and vulnerable. He squinted as a dark shadow fell across him, and made out the figure of Max kneeling at his side. Hatred and fear rose in his throat; he wanted to run, but he knew that he didn’t have the strength to even stand.

    “She wanted to die, Drew,” Max said softly, tracing patterns into the dirt with a finger. “She wanted to die, and it was because of you. I think a part of her did die, actually. She changed inside.”

    “I’ve never done anything I’ve been ashamed of,” Drew managed to croak. Max’s gaze shot from the dirt to his eyes, and in that one moment the Coordinator realized just how much the younger trainer despised him.

    “She loved you,” he spat. “She loved you; she gave her heart to you...” He stood angrily, punching his fist into an open palm. “You betrayed her,” he hissed. “You took her heart and threw it away as easily as you do a rose... You deserve this pain.”

    “No... Don’t... I can’t ...”

    “It’s a fraction of the pain you caused when you ripped her world apart,” Max retorted. “Gardevoir!”

    Drew’s spine arched agonizingly as the burning pain of a Stage-3 Psychic assailed him once again. He contorted into impossible positions as the pain enveloped him, filled him, consumed him. But through it all, a memory appeared at the forefront. And as the memory, the source of this agony, took over his consciousness, a single tear of regret rolled down his cheek.


    “A perfect landing again, Flygon!” Drew said happily, stroking his dragon-type on the neck. “You’ve really gotten fast; we made it to Blackthorn City in no time at all!”

    “No kidding,” May said, looking around curiously. “Hey, where’s the Contest Hall? I want to enter as soon as possible.”

    “It’s only a couple of streets away, next to the Blackthorn Gym,” a young woman with carmine hair said from behind them. Drew kept his cool, turning around quickly to see who had spoken. May wasn’t quite so composed, leaping up in the air with a shriek of surprise only to land and trip over Flygon’s tail, sending her sprawling on her back in the dust.

    “Oops,” the girl said, giggling and holding out a hand to help her up. “Sorry May, I didn’t mean to startle you like that.” Grudgingly, May took her hand and clambered to her feet. “How do you know who I am?” she asked. A shadow of disappointment crossed the girl’s face.

    “You don’t remember me?” she asked. May studied the girl carefully; the style of her short, reddish hair was familiar, as was the yellow tank-top that she wore. Realization began to dawn as a Masquerain and Vibrava appeared from behind her, and she looked at the girl’s face more closely. Yes, it was a face she knew well, although it had filled out and matured well since she had last seen her all those years ago. Speaking of filling out, she wasn’t sure where this chest that rivalled her own in size had come from; but there was no longer any doubt in her mind.

    “Brianna?” she asked at last. The girl gave a huge grin and threw her arms around May.

    “I knew you’d remember me!” she laughed, “I knew it! How have you been? Still doing Contests, I guess?”

    “I’ve been great,” May beamed. “Drew and I are together now, and yeah I’m still doing contests. The first three ribbons came by really easily, but the fourth one took a while. Now I’m on my last chance to get a fifth before the Grand Festival. How about you? Finally travelling around to become a Contest Master?”

    “Hmm? No...” she said slowly, a shadow across her face. “I tried it out for a little while, but I realized while I love watching Contests, I don’t actually enjoy competing in them that much. So I switched to Gyms. I decided to try out Johto before going back to Kanto, and now I only need one more badge. I’ve been to the Gym once today, but Clair wasn’t in; she’s supposed to be one of the toughest Gym Leaders there is, mostly thanks to her Dragon-types.” Drew’s eyes lit up.

    “She’s a dragon trainer?” he asked with interest. Brianna turned to him, her face suddenly a bright crimson.

    “Yeah, that’s right. I think she gives out badges after a three-on-three battle. Why, are you interested?” Drew shook his head.

    “Not for a badge,” he chuckled. “I’ll be a Coordinator my entire life; I love it too much to give it up. But I would like to challenge her to a one-on-one match with my Flygon; Dragon-types are really hard to raise, and I’d like to see what she thinks about mine. If anybody knows how good a job I’m doing, it’s her.” He eyed her up and down quickly, his eyes lingering at certain points. “It’s been a while since I last saw you too, Brianna,” he said softly. “You’ve grown up a lot; and I mean grown up! You’re looking really good.” She blushed in response.

    “I’m not the only one,” she murmured, feeling tongue-tied. “Want to go check out the Gym now then? I’m sure she must be back by now.”

    “I’d love to,” he grinned, recalling Flygon. “Show me the way!” May cleared her throat noisily as the two started off towards the Gym.

    “What about me?” she asked, as they paused and turned. “What am I supposed to do?”

    “The Pokemon Centre is just over there,” Drew said, pointing to the side. “Why don’t you book us a room for tonight and give your Pokemon a check-up?”

    “Oh... okay... I guess,” she said quietly as they turned and walked off once again.

    “Bye May!” Brianna called cheerfully over her shoulder. “See you later, okay?”

    “Yeah... whatever...” she muttered, watching them walk away. With a sinking feeling in her heart, she turned and moved toward the Pokemon Centre.

    “I mean, we’ve only been together two days, but I’ve liked him for so long. I was really happy when he asked me, but things just... they don’t seem right to me, Brock,” May complained into the videophone.

    “Why do you say that?” Brock asked.

    “Well, before my last Contest he’d told me that the one in Ecruteak City was the last of the region. Then after I lost there and he asked me out, he told me that he’d lied and the last Contest was here in Blackthorn. He said that it was to try and take the pressure off, since Solidad is entering the Blackthorn Contest. But that just adds more pressure to me, you know? And it really hurts that he’d just lie so easily to me.”

    “It’s a small thing, but if he bothers to lie about something so small... it really brings up an issue of trust,” Brock mused.

    “Exactly! I mean, why even bother lying? There was no reason too... And now he’s just left me alone while he goes off to the Gym with Brianna...”

    “Brianna?” Brock asked, frowning in thought. “You mean that girl from Kanto who had a crush on Drew?”

    “Yeah, that’s her,” May groused. “They just took off for the Gym without inviting me. Would it take so much to be polite?” She sighed. “It just hurts... Drew and I are supposed to be together, but it feels like he’s treating me worse than he did when we first became rivals.”

    “Well...” Brock said, hesitating. “Give it time. This whole relationship thing is new to both of you; maybe he just needs time for it to sink in.”

    “Yeah... maybe...” she said quietly. “Thanks Brock.”

    “No problem, May. Call me any time you need,” he said.

    “I will... How’s Ash doing?” she asked.

    “Oh, he’s doing great! You know he won the Sinnoh league a couple weeks ago, right?”

    “I didn’t!” she said, surprised. “I’ve doing a lot of travelling recently. When I was in Ecruteak, it was the first time I’d been in a town for a month.”

    “Well, it was really close in the end. And he beat his rival Paul in the finals, which made the victory even sweeter. Now he can take on the Elite Four challenge. If he beats a member from each region, as well as the Elite Champion, he’ll be recognized as a Pokemon Master. His first match is against Agatha of Kanto. He knows she’s a Ghost-type trainer, so he’s been spending a lot of time thinking about what Pokemon to use against her.”

    “That’s really great,” she said, trying to be enthusiastic. “Give him my congratulations and wish him luck from me, okay?”

    “Sure thing,” he said, before hesitating again. “Are you sure you’re okay, May?”

    “I’ll be alright,” she said evasively, disconnecting the call. Sighing, she got up from the videophone’s desk and threw herself backwards onto the bed. Closing her eyes, she immersed herself in thoughts and memories. She wasn’t sure exactly how much passed, but it was a good while later when Drew finally let himself into their room.

    “How was your battle?” she asked without opening her eyes.

    “I lost,” he sighed. “Her Dragon-types are incredibly powerful. I’ve never seen those kinds of moves used so effectively. Flygon didn’t last more than a couple of turns; even my Contest techniques didn’t faze her. But on the plus side, I learned a lot. Maybe one day Flygon will be able to give a good match to even a Salamence. I should visit Gyms more often... Try and work their strategy into mine for Contests...”

    “How did Brianna do?” May asked, sitting up.

    “Her match was close, but she lost too,” Drew answered. “She’s gonna try again in a few days, and give her Pokemon some rest time until then. We’re going to take a look around Blackthorn City tomorrow, and maybe spend some time in the Ice Cave too.”

    “That sounds like fun,” May said, forcing herself to sound cheerful. “I can’t wait to take a look around the Ice Cave either.”

    “Well... The thing is,” Drew began haltingly.

    “You don’t want me to come along,” May said, dropping the happy tone and crossing her arms.

    “It’s not that we wouldn’t you like to come with us,” Drew said quickly. “It’s just that, you know, your time would probably be better spent training. There’s just over two weeks left to go until the Contest; don’t you think your time would be better spent spending that time training if you want to beat Solidad? You both have four ribbons; one of you is going to miss out on the Grand Festival. If you want to beat her, you’ll have to train as much as possible.”

    “So you don’t think I’m good enough to beat her?” May demanded, her temper flaring.

    “No,” Drew said, choosing his words carefully. “I’m saying that since you know Solidad will be training her heart out for this competition, so you should be too.” May sighed, giving up the argument.

    “Fine, whatever; I’ll spend all day training tomorrow.”

    “Great,” Drew smiled, getting into his bed. “You should spend some time with Ledian; she’s got a nice array of attacks and she combines them well, but she just isn’t strong enough for this level of competition. If you really train her, she’ll be ready in time for the competition.”

    “Maybe... I’d been planning on using Munchlax and Bulbasaur though,” May answered.

    “Whatever you want,” Drew shrugged, “it’s your choice. Goodnight.”

    “Goodnight, Drew,” May said quietly.

    And so it continued. For the remainder of the week, May spent each and every day training the Pokemon she had on hand. They worked on movement, their speed and the timing they needed to execute a perfect dodge. Attacks were refined as they focused on making each attack as quick as possible, and improved their accuracy. Blaziken even managed to use two attacks simultaneously, a technique that was almost impossible to pull off because of the amount of willpower required.

    But while she spent those days working hard with her Pokemon, Drew was nowhere in sight. Each and every day, instead of helping May with her training and giving her the encouragement she needed, he chose to spend his time with Brianna. She wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing; Drew tended to be rather vague about that. She could only assume that they were exploring Blackthorn City, the surrounding area, and in Brianna’s case, rechallenging the Gym Leader.

    “Bulbasaur, combine Razor Leaf and Vine Whip!” May ordered.

    “Saur!” Bulbasaur grunted, trying to combine the two attacks with all of her might; only a single vine extended and hit the target. “Bul...” Bulbasaur said sadly.

    “It’s okay, Bulbasaur,” May sighed. “I know it’s hard, but it’ll be worth it in the end. It’s really difficult for any Pokemon to escape a dual attack; you’ll get it soon.”

    “So, you’re trying to teach your Bulbasaur how to do a dual attack?” an unfamiliar voice asked from behind her. Jumping a little, May turned to see a tall, lithe woman dressed in a tight form-fitting blue suit that had a black-shoulder trim and a dark red cape. Her long blue hair was tied into a tight ponytail that snaked partway down her back. The only word May could possibly use to describe her was “stunning”.

    “Uhh... yeah, I am,” she answered. “My Blaziken can do it, so now I’m trying to teach it to my Bulbasaur too.”

    “Mind showing me your Blaziken’s dual attack?” the woman asked with a raised eyebrow. “I’d like to see it.”

    “Sure, I guess,” May answered, calling out the massive fire-type. “Blaziken, use a Fire Spin and Mega Kick combo!”

    “Blaze-ah-kehn!” the fire-type roared, spewing out a jet of streaming fire while running towards the flame with its feet glowing blue. Moving quickly and without warning, the woman stepped forward, directly into the path of the attacks.

    “No!” May screamed. “Blaziken, stop!” It was too late; the Mega Kick smashed directly into the woman at full force, knocking her backwards into the flame. Fearing the worst, May ran towards her Pokemon and the woman, berating herself for allowing Blaziken to show off the attacks so close to the strange woman. Her worry was completely unfounded, however, as the woman stepped forwards from the smoke, casually brushing some dirt off of her short sleeves, completely unharmed.

    “I see,” she said, eying May’s Blaziken. “Your Blaziken may be able to launch two attacks at once, but there is no power in them.”

    “What?” May asked, open-mouthed. “That’s ridiculous!”

    “I should have been hurt by those attacks,” the woman replied. “But I wasn’t. You don’t have to believe what I say if you don’t want to, but you can’t deny what your eyes tell you. Now, I can teach you about dual attacks, if you like. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know more about them than most people.”

    “Why would you want to do that?” May asked suspiciously.

    “Because,” the woman replied patiently, “I’m a teacher... of sorts. I enjoy helping others, and if I enjoy making people into stronger battlers. I don’t want to sound vain, but there aren’t many people who are at my skill level when it comes to battling. It gets boring, demolishing one opponent after another. I want to help improve people’s battling skills, because then my own battles will become more enjoyable. So, would you like me to tell you?”

    “Uhh... Sure, I guess,” May answered.

    “Excellent. Now, I’ll start with a little background knowledge which everyone should know, but few actually do. Pokemon are not the same beings as humans. They are composed of a myriad of different elemental types; humans are not. This elemental composition means that all Pokemon have a fairly unstable genetic coding. Some, such as Eevee, have more unstable codes than others.

    “There are eighteen different elemental types that a Pokemon can be made up of. Each element is found within a Pokemon’s genetic code, although only one or two are dominant in a species. Grimer, for instance, has the Poison element as its dominant type, while Blaziken has two dominant elements; Fire and Fighting. The ability for a Pokemon to use attacks is dependent on the elements that they are composed of. Bulbasaur, a Grass- and Poison- type Pokemon, is best able to use Grass- and Poison-type attacks. Even though it contains the Water-type element in its genes, it cannot use Water-type attacks such as Bubble or Hydro Pump. Are you following me?” May nodded.

    “Good. Now, on some occasions a Pokemon can be tricked into using an attack that it shouldn’t be able to learn naturally. A Starmie using Thunderbolt is one example, and a Blastoise using Earthquake is another. This takes a lot of time to teach a Pokemon because it requires physical manipulation of the environment, as opposed to naturally using the elements for your own advantage.”

    “I don’t really understand,” May said.

    “When a Pokemon uses an attack, it is manipulating the elements for its own use,” the woman explained. “It’s important to remember that every attack requires energy. In their most simple form, attacks
    are energy. A Flamethrower and an Ice Beam are really the same attack; it’s just different Pokemon using the same energy, and manipulating it into their own predominant element. Pokemon also only have a finite amount of energy that can be used. In battles you often find that as the Pokemon gets weaker, so do its attacks.”

    “I think I get that now,” May said, comprehension dawning on her face.

    “Good, now we can move onto dual attacks,” the woman said. “It’s relatively simple from here on in. When a Pokemon begins to use double attacks, the attacks become much weaker. To use an attack, a Pokemon must use the energy stored in their body. Two attacks require twice the energy of one, and that is impossible for a Pokemon to do. What happens is that half the energy goes into one attack, and half the energy into another; this makes both 

    attacks half as powerful as they would be when used as a standalone move. For your Blaziken to use a dual Fire Spin and Mega Kick with the same power as one alone, it would have to be twice as powerful as it is now. And if you did that, just one of its attacks would be twice as powerful as it is now.”

    “So you’re basically saying that teaching my Pokemon to use dual attacks is a complete waste of time,” May sighed. The woman raised an eyebrow.

    “And when did I say that?” she asked. “There is no doubting that a single attack will always be more powerful than a dual attack. But dual attacks can be very useful, depending on the situation. You can trap a Pokemon and attack at the same time, for instance. And when a Pokemon uses dual attacks, it grows stronger much more quickly than it would otherwise. No, there are definite advantages to using dual attacks; it just depends on where and how you use them. Keep working at it, and keep it simple too. Instead of calling for a dual Mega Kick and Fire Spin, for example, try calling it a Mega Spin, or a Fire Kick. It makes it easier for the Pokemon by doing that too.”

    “Thanks,” May said gratefully, “I will. Thank you for teaching me all of this.”

    “No problem at all,” the woman said, holding out her hand. “I’d love to battle you too, once you’ve practiced some more. Are you entering the Contest?”

    “Yeah, I’ve already registered and everything,” May said, shaking the woman’s hand. “If I win, it’ll be the last ribbon I need for the Grand Festival. Are you entering?”

    “I might,” the woman said, flicking a stray strand of hair away from her eyes. “It depends on how busy my battle schedule is. I tend to get challenged more often this time of year. In fact, I have a rematch lined up in twenty minutes.”

    “I guess lots of people like challenging themselves against a tough wandering trainer like you, huh?” May asked.

    “Wandering trainer? Oh no,” the woman answered laughing. “My name’s Clair, and I’m the Blackthorn City Gym Leader. And I’d better get moving or I’ll be late for the match. See you later!” Humming to herself, Clair walked off quickly, heading in the direction of the Gym. May stared after her, almost in shock.

    “No wonder she knew so much about it,” she murmured. “I just got taught by one of the most powerful Gym Leaders in the world, and I didn’t even realize it!”

    Drew entered the room grumpily, slamming the door on his way inside.

    “Everything okay?” May asked.

    “No, it’s not,” Drew growled. “We both lost to that damned Gym Leader again. Brianna did even worse than last time. It’s ridiculous.” There was an uncomfortable pause for a moment before he began speaking again. “May, I have something really important to talk to you about,” he said.

    “What’s that?” she asked.

    “It’s over,” he said flatly. “It’s over between us. I thought we had something special, but we don’t. I can’t be with someone I don’t feel anything for anymore.”

    “What? But... it’s been so long!” she said, tears rising in her eyes.

    “We’ve only been together a week.”

    “We’ve only been in a relationship for a week! We’ve loved each other for years!”

    “I thought I did... But I confused love for lust. May, I only loved you because of your chest,” he said bitterly.

    “Drew... please, don’t do this,” she begged. “I love you...”

    “Well I don’t love you!” he shouted, his temper rising. “We don’t connect, May! We have nothing in common besides Contests and a love of roses! So don’t even try pleading me to change my mind with your sad, big eyes, because it won’t work! I don’t love you, May; I love Brianna.”

    “No... It’s not true,” she whispered. “It can’t be true.”

    “It is true,” Drew said coldly. “Now get out of my room; Brianna’s sleeping in here with me tonight. I’m sure she won’t mind if you take hers.”

    Sobbing, May ran out of the room, out of the Pokemon Centre, out of Drew’s life. She moved blindly, her hands covering her face in a vain attempt to prevent tears leaking from her eyes. She didn’t know where she was going; she didn’t care. Her heart burned painfully, and it wasn’t from the exertion of running. She would never have guessed just how much a broken heart could hurt. She ran and ran until at last, her muscles screaming with agony, she collapsed.

    As the sun dropped below the horizon and the stars came out, as the moon moved across the sky, she stayed there unmoving, unable to concentrate on anything except for the pain in her heart. Lost in her misery, she was unaware of how much time passed before she was roused by a tap on the shoulder? Tears blurring her vision, she groaned as she saw one of the last people she wanted to see at that moment.

    “What’s the matter, Hun? Sleeping rough tonight?”

    “Go away, Harley,” she growled. He frowned, seeing the sadness in her eyes.

    “What happened?” he asked, kneeling down beside her. She hesitated a moment before answering.

    “Drew split up with me for another girl,” she answered, fresh tears coming to her eyes. She half-expected him to make a snide remark in reply, or jump around shouting with joy. She was surprised.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked gently.

    “What is there to tell?” she asked. “I loved him, he didn’t love me. All he wanted were my breasts. When he couldn’t get those, he threw me aside like I was a piece of rotten fruit and went on to somebody who would give him what he wanted.” She looked bitterly at the ground. “I gave him my heart, Harley, and he threw it back in my face.”

    “Every bright cloud has a silver lining,” he said gently. “Right now you’re in a lot of pain, but you’ll come out of this as a stronger and better person. You’ll see, May.”


    One week later...

    “I finally beat her, Drew,” Brianna said, a tight smile on her face. “I finally beat Clair and won the badge.”

    “That’s great, Brianna,” Drew replied, lounging easily on the bed, his hands behind his head and his shirt discarded on the floor.

    “Drew?” she asked.


    “I, uh... I have something really important to talk to you about.”

    “What’s that?” he asked.

    “It’s over,” she said flatly.

    “What?” he shouted, jumping to his feet.

    “I’ve had a crush on you for a long time, and I thought it was love. But... it wasn’t,” she said. “I’ve found someone better; someone who really knows how to handle me.”

    “Who?” he whispered, feeling crushed. She turned and looked back into the hallway.

    “You can come in,” she called with a big smile. Drew’s eyes grew huge as he saw who it was.

    “No way,” he whispered.

    “Hey, Honey-bun,” Harley said jovially as he walked into the room. “How are you doing today?”

    “Brianna... How could you possibly pick Harley over me?” Drew shouted. “This is a joke, right? Right?”

    “This is no joke,” Brianna said, looking at Harley lovingly. “He’s everything I’ve ever wanted.”

    “But... why?” Drew asked, desperation tinged in his voice. “Why would you fall in love with Harley, of all people!”

    “Well, like I said before,” Brianna said with a slight blush. “He really knows how to handle me, if you know what I mean. And the way he dresses like a Cacturne is so adorable! But now we should probably go; I’m sure you’re upset and we don’t want to bother you.” Harley looked at Drew as Brianna walked out of the room, the smile gone from his face.

    “And now,” he said, barely constrained rage evident in his voice, “now you know how May felt.” He gave the stunned Coordinator a supremely disdainful look before turning to follow Brianna. Only one word that he’d said appeared to register with the native of Larousse City, however.

    “May,” he whispered. “I’ve got to go after May...”

    “I need you back, May,” he pleaded to the stony-faced Coordinator. “I made a mistake, and I admit that. I should have never broken-up with you like that over something this silly. Please say you’ll take me back, May. Please.” May sighed.

    “I can’t take you back,” she said softly. “How can I when you’ve hurt me so badly? If I were to take you back, I would be living with the fear that you’d leave me again for the rest of my life. I can’t do it; I just can’t.”

    “You’re making a mistake,’ he warned.

    “My only mistake was in letting myself be deluded by your claims of love in the first place,” she snapped angrily.

    “If you leave me here, I won’t stop following you until we’re together,” he retorted, a dark look in his eyes.

    “Good luck with trying to do that,” she said, standing up. “You have a Grand Festival to compete in; I don’t. Goodbye, Drew.” She stormed out of the room, leaving him standing there feeling slightly dazed. He didn’t think it could have possibly gone worse.

    Standing in turn, he began pacing the room. As the memory of recent events began to assail him once more, he realized just what he had lost. He’d lost his friends, his rivals, and the people he loved. This was not something he could casually shrug off. This would haunt him forever. When the enormity of his actions struck him, Drew lost his mind.


    “Drew!” May screamed, waking from the nightmare of her past. She bolted upright, her eyes wild. “Stay away from me!” she screamed. “I’ll never go back to you, never!” Two strong hands clamped around her arms, holding her in place for a moment before leaning her gently backwards.

    “It’s okay, May,” Ash said reassuringly. “You’re safe now. We got the pustule on your chest out, and you should make a full recovery. You could have died if it wasn’t for our Pokemon, including your new Charmander.”

    “I have a Charmander?” she asked blankly. Ash frowned.

    “Do you remember anything that’s happened, May?” he asked in concern.

    “I remember running down a hill and a Pokemon that I’ve never seen before,” she said slowly. “Then the next thing I remember is waking up just now.”

    “Well, everything’s that happened is a really long story,” Ash said. “After meeting Mewtwo, you got sick. We don’t know what it was, but we think it may be a variant of the Pokerus. Whatever the disease was, it caused a pustule to form on your chest. We had to dig it out or you would have died, and during this whole ordeal the egg that I gave you evolved into a Charmander.”

    “Wow,” May said after a moment’s pause. She looked down at her chest and frowned. “How come there’s no mark or scar?” she asked.

    “Blissey and Sudowudo used Heal Bell to regrow your skin, and then Latias used Recover to regenerate the tissue and blood that was lost. It was incredible the way it reformed; I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    “Ah,” she said, and yawned. “I’m really tired,” she said softly. Ash immediately lowered her down gently onto the bed.

    “Sorry, May,” he said. “We’ll let you sleep.”

    “Thanks,” she said, and then after a moment’s pause, “Ash?”

    “Yes May?”

    “How come nobody put a shirt on me after I was healed?” Ash blushed.

    “I’ll get you one now,” he said hurriedly, stepping out of the recovery room and into the room where May had been operated on.

    “Ash,” Brock said sombrely when he saw his friend enter. “We’ve got a major problem.”

    “What’s that?” Ash asked, bending to pick up May’s discarded shirt.

    “You remember how Professor Oak wasn’t answering when May was losing all of that blood?”


    “Paul was in your house. He wanted the GS Ball and was threatening your Mom with his Scyther. Professor Oak couldn’t talk to us because he was trying to stop Paul from hurting her.” Ash froze, his heart thundering in his chest.

    “And... and does he know that we have it?” he asked.

    “He does,” Brock said, and hesitated. “I told him when Professor Oak asked whether we still had it; I didn’t realize he was there.”

    “Does he know where we are?” he asked, a dry fear in his throat.

    “He does,” Brock answered. He stepped forward and looked Ash straight in the eyes. “Ash; he knows where we are and he knows that we can’t go anywhere because of May. He’s already on his way.”

    “We’re in danger,” Ash muttered. He looked up, worry in his eyes. “Maybe I should just give him what he wants,” he said quietly. Brock looked at him, aghast.

    “You can’t!” he said.

    “It’s just an old Poke Ball,” Ash protested.

    “You and I both know that’s not true,” Brock snapped. “There’s more to this than what we know at the surface. Mewtwo said that May had a dark presence around her. I don’t know why that is, but I’m guessing it was the GS Ball. And what would Paul want with a 400 year-old Poke Ball anyways? It doesn’t add up, Ash. Paul was always nasty towards you, but by the time your rivalry finished he was just dark. I don’t know why he wants the GS Ball so badly, but the last thing we should do is give it to him.”

    “So what do we do?” Ash asked hopelessly.

    “If I know Paul, he’ll use his Pokemon to get the GS Ball for him,” Brock said, pacing. “We could get in touch with Lt. Surge, but I don’t think he and Forrest combined could hold Paul off for more than a couple of minutes. The only person who has a chance of beating him is you.”

    “So you think I should battle him for it,” Ash said.

    “Your Pokemon are the strongest around, and unlike Paul you have more than six with you thanks to your Ex-Dex. And you’re the only trainer Paul has ever been afraid of.”

    “Paul, afraid of me?” Ash snorted.

    “It’s true, and you know it’s true,” Brock said quietly. “It’s obvious from the way he treated you at the start.”

    “I don’t believe it, but you’re right that I’m the only one who has any real chance at beating him,” Ash said. He sighed and looked down at Pikachu, sleeping next to the baby Charmander in the tattered remains of May’s backpack. He slipped a hand inside his pocket and clenched the ancient GS Ball tightly.

    “Looks like we’re in for a real battle,” he murmured.


    Max looked down at the prone, unconscious body of Drew disdainfully. Dirt matted the Coordinator's once immaculately clean face, and tears coursing down his cheeks had carved deep rivulets in the skin. He looked dead, but the steady rise and fall of his chest revealed the life that remained within.

    "You killed her, Drew," he whispered. "She gave you everything, and you gave her Hell."

    A great shudder ran down the young trainer's body. Tears sparkled in his eyes, clouding his vision and causing him to take great shuddering gasps. A torrent of unchecked emotions ran through his mind, and he dropped to the ground next to the half-dead man he hated.

    "What have I done?" he whispered into the wind. "What have I done?"

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    So, here it is; Chapter 32, ahead of schedule. I've actually had this done since Friday; the delay was in trying to add content to this chapter. But it just didn't seem to fit, so I'll put it into the next chapter instead. I've also noticed a couple of strange stats with this story recently on; the average number of reviews has increased substantially, but the number of views has decreased quite a bit. Up until Chapter 24, I had an average of around 800 views per chapter. At Chapter 24 it surprisingly dropped 300 reads from Chapter 23, made it's way back up to 1100 views for Chapter 26 (which if I recall was the major ContestShipping portion, strangely enough), but since then has dropped quite a bit. Chapter 31 has had only 278 views so far; does anybody know why this may be? What have I done to drive away so many readers of this story? Any ideas?

    Chapter 32: Cyas


    Two weeks ago...

    It was gone. It was gone. The beast let out a shrill scream of rage at the discovery, at the realization... at the loss. Twisting its long, silver neck, it reared back its head and bayed its loss to the sky. The call carried for miles across the oceans and echoed against the rocks of the Whirl Islands. It bayed again, and again. It bayed until its throat was raw and bleeding, and until the sun’s first rays began peeking over the horizon.

    Its child, its purpose in life and its dedication for 10 years, was gone. It had been taken once before, but had been quickly found then. Given the coldness of the den, it didn’t seem likely to be the case this time around. For a brief moment it entertained the faint hope that its child had merely set out for an exploration; after all, it was close to the age when it would leave the nest forever. But no, the human footprints laying fresh on the floor amid several scuffle marks put paid to that fragile hope

    The tears slowly stopped flowing as the deep sorrow it felt in its heart became rage. The eyes glinted and hardened as it turned its head towards the rising sun and hissed angrily. The first of the day’s warmth struck its feathers, illuminating its dazzling silver plumage. It did not remain there for long. The beast’s fury swelled and became so great that the very air began to change.

    The sparkles of light playing on the water’s surface vanished as the sky returned to darkness, and a chill breeze picked up, causing waves to begin splashing violently against the rocks. A vortex of air began to form, ripping out some nearby vegetation and sending it hurtling away.

    The Lugia let out a high, keening shriek of rage and loss before taking to the air and spinning itself into the form of a tight cyclone. With the full power of a hurricane behind it, the legendary Pokemon dove into the sea and swam off, searching for its young. Only a single thought pervaded through its mad rage.

    The humans had taken its child; now it would search the globe until it was found, exacting vengeance on any whom it encountered along the way. And woe betide those who had kidnapped the only creature it had left in this world.

    As the Lugia moved away from its home, the intensity of the hurricane faded until it vanished altogether. With the first wisps of bright sunlight that emerged from behind the final black cloud, a sudden dazzling ray of light shot upwards, reflecting the strong rays of the sun. This area of the world was almost completely uninhabited; a prime reason why the Lugia had chosen to nest here. It would therefore be over a decade before this object was discovered, although its worth was nigh unmeasureable.

    A silver feather.


    400 years ago...

    It was dark, near midnight. The field glistened with early dew, and a cool breeze ruffled the blades of grass. It was truly the most tranquil of nights. To any passing person or Pokemon, it would have seemed like a typical night in the wilderness; save for the curious pattern of several large stone tablets, and the group of people who stood off to the side.

    “The tablets have all been arranged?” the King demanded.

    “Yes, my Lord,” the captain of his army replied.

    “And the Pokemon have all been gathered?” The captain hesitated.

    “All save for Ho-Oh, my Lord,” he answered in a low tone. “However, if the ancient words are true...”

    “If they are false, then this whole endeavour shall be in vain!” the King roared. “Do you in any way realize how difficult it was to find and subdue each Pokemon, let alone keep them secured? It was an almost impossible task!”

    “My Lord, as the one who planned out and led the captures, I understand full well just how difficult the task was; Rayquaza, Regice, and Kyogre were almost impossible to reach. And if the ancient words are false, then it would not matter whether we had each legendary Pokemon and the stone tablets, as it would also fail.”

    “Failure is not an option, Captain,” the King growled. “The Cyas Wars have drained Kentou, Shannah, Whoeen, and Gotou of both soldiers and resources. We remained independent, and so are now at our strongest; if we are to seize Cyas before the four forces recover their previous strength, we must act now! With Cyas, no country can stand before us! The whole world will be mine for the taking, and all shall kneel before the King of Pokelantis!” His eyes shone madly, already seeing himself established as the ruler of the known world.

    “Yes, my Lord,” the Captain said, bowing. He turned and strode off towards the temporary barracks. “Bring the Pokemon!” he ordered the nearest group of men.

    The King reached into the folds of his robes and carefully drew out the stone Poke Ball. He examined it for a moment, and then snapped his head upwards. “Smith!” he roared. The short, humpbacked man pushed his way hastily through the nearby crowd of servants, attendants, and guards, panting with the effort.

    “Yes, my Lord?” he asked. The King’s eyes bored into him.

    “You have crafted what I requested?” he asked. The smith swallowed.

    “My Lord... It was not as simple as I expected. Metal is not as easy to shape as rock, and it possesses different properties. It took several attempts, and even now I am not sure...”

    “Did you forge it or not?” the King roared, causing everyone in the vicinity to jump.

    “I... I did, my Lord,” the smith whispered.

    “Where is it?” the King demanded. Not taking his eyes off the King, the Smith slowly reached into a deep pocket woven into the side of his robe and drew out a beautiful violet-coloured velvet bag, tied tightly with shining silver tassels. He knelt and proffered the bag to the King reverently, who snatched it with little care. Ripping open the delicate tassels, the King upended the bag and dumped its contents into his palm. A stunned gasp rose from all who were nearby.

    A smoothly shaped sphere rested in the man’s hand. It was roughly the size of a clenched fist, and shone as if it had just been polished. Two runes, representing the initials of the King, were stamped into the surface on the top half of the sphere, but it was the colouring that so stunned the crowd.

    The bottom half was a stunning silver, reminiscent of the glow from the night’s full moon. Dazzling everyone, it reflected the face of anyone who gazed at it. The top half of the sphere shone a bright gold, perfectly capturing the essence of day’s dawn. Separating the two was a dark black band, the width of a single finger, which ran around the center. Just underneath the runes the band formed into a circle, leaving a small silver nub of metal protruding from the sphere. For likely the first time in his life, the King was held speechless by the sight of the beautiful craftsmanship.

    “It is to your liking, my Lord?” the smith dared ask. For a moment the King did not respond, and the smith feared the worst.

    “It is... a wondrous thing,” he said at last, eliciting an audible sigh of relief from the smith. “This is truly a worthy object with which to contain Cyas.” He looked up from the sphere and beheld the captain as he approached and knelt.

    “My Lord, the casters are in their positions. Each has been properly placed between the stone tablets. All that we require now is your presence.” The King nodded.

    “Escort me to the center,” he ordered. Motioning several guards into a protective formation, the captain fell into step behind the King as they walked towards the large circle of casters and tablets. Several casters moved silently out of the circle, making room for the King to pass through. Once he moved by, they retook their positions.

    At the centre of the circle, the King stopped. He gazed first at the sky then turned in a slow circle, ensuring that every caster was in the right location between the tablets. He nodded silently to the Captain who saluted in turn. The guards moved silently out of the circle to stand behind the casters, leaving the King alone. He gazed at the moon and waited. He did not wait long.

    A strange shimmering appeared within the moon; it glowed in several colours, and grew swiftly in size. A harsh, yet somehow melodic cry rang faintly out. There would have been murmurs of fear and wonderment were it not for the King’s need for silence. Several men shifted uncomfortably; their movements were completely ignored by the King, whose eyes were fixed on the shimmering apparition approaching from within the shape of the moon. Unblinkingly, he watched as it suddenly blazed gold with all the intensity of the sun. It swooped down towards the gathering and let loose a harsh screech, causing many to cringe as it swept directly overhead, its body glowing brilliantly, its eyes staring savagely downward with the colours of the rainbow.

    “Ho-Oh...” the King whispered. “After all the plans that you have thwarted, after all the times you have emerged the victor... at long last you shall be mine, and the jewel of my collection. Casters!” he roared, and each man standing between the plates held out a spherical stone at arm’s length. From each stone shot a jagged violet beam that caused the hair of each man to stand up on end. The bursts of light collided at the centre of the circle, directly over the King’s head. He laughed as he beheld the beams fuse and grow, and at Ho-Oh’s surprised screech of pain as a strange purple aura began to drain from its own body and meet with the rest.

    “You are powerless,” he hissed sibilantly. “There is no escape from the ancient spell; a spell layed down by Cyas itself, the Lord of all Pokemon. Your power will be used for my purpose, to summon and capture Cyas!” He laughed again and, in a low voice, began to recite the ancient words in a strange dialect over and over again.

    From the land and the sea, mine power flows from thee
    From the earth to the sky, the wet and the dry
    I rule land, air, and sea.

    Spirit, will, and thoughts
    Life, death, and dreams
    I come when I am called
    Awakened with a scream.

    When hearts are blackened by power corrupt
    And hatred taints the will of the free
    My energy is used only to disrupt
    Call me in a desperate plea.

    Take with you the strength of my sons and daughters
    And my mortal ties to the earth.
    I require earth, wind, rock, ice, fire, and water
    For this world to give me rebirth.

    But heed me now and heed me well;
    I give and I take away.
    The arm that created your world and your life
    Has the hand that shall take it away.
    Meddle not in the ancient powers
    My wrath cannot be controlled;
    If called before the day my presence is required
    Naught but chaos can unfold.

    If worst comes to worst with the end drawing near
    My rampage causing naught but harm
    There is but one way to stay your fears
    Self-sacrifice stills these arms.

    The fused violet beams of light made a sound like a great roar and expanded into a sphere of incredible size. The eighteen plates in the circle began to glow a brilliant and blinding white, before rising several inches into the air and turning so that the inscriptions on each faced the violet sphere. In response, a great formless image appeared from within the gigantic structure, growing larger and larger with each passing moment. The brighter the plates glowed, the larger and more structured the image became.

    A maniacal laugh pealed out above the sound of the roaring sphere and the expanding shape within. His arms stretched outwards in desire, the mad King of Pokelantis beheld the apparition with utter glee.

    “Cyas, I summon you!” he roared. “You will be mine, and none shall stand before our might! Cyas, I call you now from the void you entered when our world was born. The time has come for you to awaken and serve me as you are meant to! For I have done what the combined forces of Kentou, Gotou, Whoeen, and Shannah could not! I summon you now to this world; Cyas, arise!”

    With an earth-shattering scream from within, the purple sphere imploded, blinding every man who did not shield his eyes. A creature unlike any ever seen before by mortal creatures stepped sedately out from the glow to stand easily on the hard ground. A deep rumbling sound came from deep within its throat as it beheld the casters and their stone spheres, sensing what each contained within. Its angry red eyes travelled around the circle, and rearing back its head it let loose a long baying call. There were terrified screams from the casters as the spheres that they held began to shake menacingly. Suddenly, one after the other, the stone spheres exploded, releasing the behemoths contained inside.

    The King froze uncertainly as the casters, his servants, and even the guards and soldiers broke ranks and fled. His face paled momentarily as he beheld the entity Cyas stand before him, and the crowd of legendary Pokemon that surrounded them both; the massive Groudon, the solid Regigigas, the intelligent Latios, the fleet Articuno, and the ones who controlled his very existence: Dialga, Palkia, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. He turned once in a long, slow circle, holding the eyes of each Pokemon that gazed at him. Holding up the magnificently coloured metal sphere, he faced Cyas with a sneer upon his face; in response, the legendary entity let loose a bellow that shook the earth to its very core.

    “Having summoned you, Cyas, I now claim you as my own,” the King roared. “Behold, the GS Pokemon Catcher, named in my honour! These devices allow humans to capture and control any creature!” Cyas snarled menacingly, a harsh, guttural sound; but this time, the vocalizations were accompanied by telepathy.

    Foolish human; my will cannot be controlled by beings as weak as you. I have seen how you imprisoned my brethren, and now you have seen how easily I was able to destroy your cages. No force you create can hope to contain me.

    “But this is much stronger than the rocks used to capture the legendary Pokemon,” the King whispered. “Into the GS Pokemon Catcher, the spirit of my greatest nemesis has been imbibed. Yes, Ho-Oh, the one who has thwarted so many of my plans in the past, unwittingly assisted me with this endeavour. Several months ago, Ho-Oh dropped a single feather at my feet after halting my army’s march against Pokemopolis. My smith used the power of this feather in the flame that was used to forge this magnificent catching device.” He sighed theatrically. “The power and strength of Ho-Oh flows through this sphere, this ball. You have no hope of escape.”

    Grinning wickedly, the evil King raised the golden and silver ball above his head, pointing it at the entity.

    “Cyas, I call you to my side! With the power of Ho-Oh, you are mine!”

    A glistening red beam shot from the centre of the GS Ball, on dead course for Cyas. The entity vanished, reappearing behind the King almost instantaneously.

    You are naught but foolish, the entity rumbled. You have summoned me for the purpose of greed. My arms created your earth and your life; now they shall be reclaimed. Human, your life is mine.

    Letting loose a high, bellowing shriek, Cyas opened its red maw and lunged forwards. The King screamed in terror as the massive mouth closed around his body and the front teeth dug into the ground around his feet. He felt his body become suddenly inverted as Cyas lifted its head and swallowed. The dark, pulsing walls of the throat pummelled his body and forced him to slide ever onwards down the esophagus.

    “You were mine,” he wailed, flailing around as best as he could, striking the walls of the throat with the GS Ball. “You were mine!”

    The legendary Pokemon watched impassively as Cyas’s mouth closed around the mad King, and swallowed him. For a moment, all was silent. And then, seemingly from within, Cyas’s body began to glow a deep red. A look of surprised pain spread across the entity’s face and then, in a cloud of energy, its body writhed and contorted into a scarlet cloud which condensed inwards.

    With a wet and somewhat slimy thump, the King of Pokelantis fell from midair to land painfully on the ground. His eyes reflected astonishment as the beam of red energy that had once been Cyas was sucked slowly into the GS Ball. For several moments, the Ball writhed violently, so violently that the King feared it would break. But the power of Ho-Oh held true, and after a time the Ball ceased moving.

    “Cyas is mine,” the King muttered, surprise and delight in his tone. “Cyas is mine!” He laughed raucously, but his delight did not last for long. With a deafening scream, Ho-Oh lunged downwards, its rainbow-hued body sizzling with rage. The King did the only thing he possibly could; he ran.

    An intense jet of fire burst from Ho-Oh’s mouth, lapping along the ground and scorching the King’s robes. The King only ran faster, laughing madly as he tried to escape the ferocious flames. An unsighted root proved his undoing, as the King tripped and fell forwards, tumbling end over end. His grip on the GS Ball was lost, and it flew unsighted into a nearby stream where it sank and slowly drifted off with the current.

    Spitting out dirt, the King rolled over onto his back and beheld the terrifying sight of Ho-Oh descending, its talons and beak outstretched. Blindly, he groped for what he thought was the GS Ball beneath his body; he held it out at arm’s length and called.

    “Cyas, I summon you now! Protect your master from the savage Ho-Oh!”

    A feeling of blankness and dread spread across his body as he realized that it was not the GS Ball he held, but the stone sphere; worse, the small opening was pointing not at Ho-Oh, but at himself. His vision slowly faded out into a violet spectrum as the purple aura flowed from the stone and enveloped his body. As the atoms of his body broke apart, disintegrating him into a pure energy, he writhed and struggled, letting out a high-pitched scream of pain as he tried to avoid his own imprisonment. It was to no avail. The last thing he saw before he vanished from the world for centuries to come was the face of Ho-Oh staring down at him.

    “I was King,” he screamed, sobbing bitterly as the darkness claimed him; “I was King!

    And then he knew no more.


    Well, I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter; it's much shorter than the last one but about the same length as most of the others, so I hope you aren't too disappointed with it! And hey, just over a week in between updates is absolutely fantastic for me! Especially considering updates have only occured monthly since the new year (=S). I'm glad to finally get these portions introduced/wrapped up though; the first part should have been written, oh, about ten chapters ago. Better late than never though, I guess.

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    I liked it cyas, let me guess, im not supposed to tell.

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    They must have been preparing for examinations! Relax!

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    Its.....BEAUTIFUL!!! So well-written! I envy you! My story is an epic, like yours. However, I got the ideas - its just translating from paper to computer - that's the hard part.

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    I like the explanation of the GS Ball's origin. I wonder what the King's name is?

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    So...when's the next chapter?

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    I wonder how long you were waiting to pull that one.

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    i just read the whole thing. It is AWESOME! (So far)
    can i pm you with my guess at cyas' identity?

    My card. Pm me to challenge and lose!

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    I am Cyas. :P

    I don't think I got e-mail notification for this chapter from for some reason. Maybe more people have been reading it here or at other places you've posted it? Or fewer people are reading/opening it multiple times? Those are the only things I could come up with.

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    I wonder if this fic follows this classic plot - evil gains ultimate power, but the heroes defeats them.

    And I have a pretty good guess who is Cyas - the Alpha.

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    Here is what I meant : is Cyas Arseus, the Alpha Pokemon?
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