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    Default F&P's Pokemon Journey (Yup...it's a Trainer Fic...)

    I guess I'll be the first to post in the fanfic
    Table Of Content
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4

    -1/4/2002 (AIM USER DOUBLES)
    Not much changes in this one. Chapter 4 is slightly reworded though.

    -1/3/2002 (fr00t l00ps)
    *unveils new edited chapter* Yes! It's here! The second Chapter! For those of you familiar with the old Second Chapter, it's changed. I've replaced the battle scenes with a fresh, much more enlonged, and spiced up version! WHEE!...

    -1/2/2002 (Chat Invaders of Dhoom)
    Here it is! Chapter 2...just some battle...lol.

    -1/1/2003 (Attack of the Matt Clones)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Yup! It's a new year, and I'll be posting the next chapter up soon! I've edited the Prolouge, adding stuff to it, hopefully improving it.

    Chapter 1 is up! The story starts off a like cliche, but gets better later one, so don't just say, eh, you copied the games, I'm leaving. Thanks!

    It's New Year's Eve! I'm going to start posting my fic here in Bulbagarden today! w00t! Anyway, this first post is the Table of Content and Update's section. Click the links in the Table of Content to get to the Chapter you want and check in the Updates section to see what's going on! I've already written up to Chapter 6, but I'm only going to post one chapter a day. Alright...let's begin with the Prolouge...
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    “The world just passes me by…”

    Frank was sitting in a plane, staring out the window, watching the land pass by, on his way to Kanto. He glanced around the plane, the lights glowing as the plane soared though the night sky. The chairs were filled with many people of different race and origin. He fidgeted in his blue cotton seat, unable to sleep, with anxiety and fear creeping around him. What would it be like there? What would happen in the journey? He glanced to the seat next to him. In that seat, was his sleeping little cousin, Peter. Peter just turned ten today and Frank was turning 14 in three months. ”He’s sleeping like a baby…I wish I could sleep."

    Frank loved Pokemon. He was always found in a book on Pokemon, from books about famous trainers, to books devoted to a certain Pokemon. He wanted to learn everything there was about Pokemon. He was an average person. He wasn’t tall or short, fat or skinny. He was pretty light for his age, and not very strong. Frank had deep brown eyes, dark brown hair, almost black. He always wore a pair of blue jeans and a blue sweatshirt with a dark blue stripe on each sleeve.

    Peter wanted to be the best, the best Pokemon trainer in the whole world. But he didn't want to just be the best, he wanted to be a legend, the person that everyone knew, everyone could recognize, and no one could forget. He came from a rough family, drunk dad, who loved to gamble off most of the family's money, and abuse him. His mom was seldom around, working to pay the family debts. He had to raise himself, and his little sister. He had a rough life, and his attitute could show it when aroused. He was pretty average for his age, nothing special, average weight, height, and strength.

    They were both starting their Pokemon journeys tomorrow. They were eager to get their first Pokemon from Professor Oak. They had played the Pokemon Game Boy Games and have used the Pokemon Battle Simulators, but had never had a real Pokemon. They had never touch or felt one. They had never felt the warm feeling when raising a Pokemon for your very own, never experienced the love and care given and received when you form a bond between your Pokemon. Never, not in their entire life. They had lived in a part of the world where no Pokemon existed.

    Frank grabbed his blanket, and tried to get himself to go to sleep, he glanced at Peter. “One thing’s for sure,” Frank thought as he began to fade away, gazing at Peter, sleeping like a baby in his seat. “We’d do this together…”
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    Well, I suppose it's not a bad start for a trainer fic. It isn't very original at the moment, but then again, it's hard to judge how original a fic will be by the prologue.

    Anyway, first things first, this was *VERY* short, and very...bland. The description was thrown at us all in a jumble, without any action or emotions to allow us to better get to know the character. As they say, an image is worth a thousand words.

    "Peter was an ambitious kid who always wanted a Pokemon. He wanted to be the best, the greatest trainer in the world."

    Peter had always wanted a pokemon, but not only that. He wanted to be the best, the greatest trainer in the world - he wanted to be on top.

    You don't need to tell us "Peter was ambitious." Telling us that he wants to be the best, the greatest trainer in the world illustrate that well enough, and makes for a more interesting reading than a simple "Peter was ambitious.", which is rather bland, and actually detract from things if you have both.

    " Peter was a tough kid with a bad attitude when it comes out, but only when it comes out."

    could be

    Peter wasn't one to be trifled with. His attitude fortunately rarely came out, but Frank had long since learned that tryign to bring in out was only one step removed from suicide.

    "He was average for his age as well. He was averagely built. He had brown eyes as well, and had a dark brown, almost black, hair."

    Physically, there was little that made Peter stand out - average sized, brown eyed, dark-haired, he would go unnoticed in a crowd.

    Makes the description more lively.

    So yeah. Try to make everything more lively. To add some length, try to add some more in teh emotional side.

    Otherwise, it's not a bad try.
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    Yup...It's official...I suck...lol

    Yeah, not much emotion to it. It's just the prolouge though...but I kinda agree. The ways you phrase it sound a lot better then what I wrote...

    Anyway, I'll change it later...when I figure out how to word it better without copying what you wrote...

    btw...my Prolouge's are never long...just enough to introduce the characters a little, introduce the storyline, or both.

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    Chapter 1-9/23/2001 8:00 am
    RING! The alarm clock went off. Frank and Peter had arrived in Pallet Town late last night. Frank’s dad had bought a house a long time ago, in anticipation of the move. He had bought a blue three story house near the crystal clear lake in Pallet Town. The house had been empty for months, waiting for a family to move in. The house was located in the middle of a grassy field, filled with wild flowers of every color. The backyard was huge, with the lake close by.

    Their room was filled with items, hastily unpacked in the middle of the night. The walls were filled with posters of Pokemon, framed Pokemon cards, pictures of Pokemon, and many more. The shelves were filled with books like To Be a Pokemon Master and The History of the Pokemon League. The desk was littered with papers, little sketches of different Pokemon, and names of different Pokemon and their attacks.

    "Wake up Peter!," Frank yelled into Peter's ear.

    "AHHH!" Peter screamed in fright as he rouse from his sleep.

    "Quiet down you two," Frank's mom complained. "You'll wake up your sisters."

    "Come on Peter! We're going to be late!" complained Frank as he finished changing from his pajamas to his clothes.

    "No! Need more sleep! Leave alone!" Peter grumbled as he shifted under the covers, moving to what he thought was a place he could get more sleep.

    "Peter, somebody might take the Pokemon you want," taunted Frank.

    "What! Ah! Gotta get dressed! Hurry up Frank!" said Peter.

    "Whatever you say Peter," Frank laughed as he went downstairs.

    When Peter finally finished changing, Frank was finished with his breakfast.

    "Alright Peter, my mom packed your breakfast, lets go already," said Frank as he gestured to leave.

    "Hold it!" Frank's mom said aloud. "Are you guys forgetting something?"

    "I don't think so, do you?" asked Peter.

    "I bet it's behind my mom's back," guessed Frank.

    "You're right, here," said Frank's mom as she handed a Pokegear to each of them.

    "Thanks mom," thanked Frank as he took one.

    "Yeah, thanks Aunt Cindy," thanked Peter as they rushed off to Professor Oak’s Lab.
    "Well here it is, Professor Oak's Lab," said Frank, staring at the white lab. The lab was a whitish building, with window all around. There was an endless field of green all around, each part with a group of Pokemon walking around. There were Caterpies and Tauros, Mankeys and Butterfrees. The emerald field of Pokemon seemed to go on forever.

    "Lets go inside, I want...," Peter stopped for a moment. "...someone."

    "AHHHH!" Frank cried as he fell anime-style in unneeded suspense.

    "Very funny!" Peter said, very unamused. "I'm going in without you," he yelled as he ran off.

    "Hey! Wait up!" Frank yelled as he chased after him, up the dusty brown path.
    When they made it to the doorstep, they looked at the mahogany colored door. The golden handle glimmered in the warm sunlight. Frank walked up to the door, turned the handle, and walked inside. Professor Oak was standing in the middle of the hall, waiting for them.

    "Welcome," greeted Professor Oak. "Are you ready to pick your Pokemon?"

    "Oh yeah!" they both chanted in unison. "We were born ready!"

    "Okay then," said the Professor. "Who will choose first?"

    "I will," said Frank. "I want..."

    Frank was cut off. He was cut off by a brown haired boy about Peter's age. His name was...

    "Larry, come in," the Professor told him. "And bring your sister in too. Boys, this is my grandson, Larry Oak. And this is my granddaughter Mary.

    "Grandpa," whined Larry. "I want to pick first. I'm your grandson. Let me have it!"

    "Uhh..." said Professor Oak as he was cut off.

    "NO!" said Frank firmly. "We were here first."

    "I'm his grandson!"

    "So what"

    "I don't care," said Peter. "I just want to pick fourth. OK! I'll be quiet," said Peter as Larry and Frank stared at him.

    "Hold on!" commanded Professor Oak. "Frank was here first so he gets to choose first. Peter wants to pick fourth so he gets to. Larry is so eager so he gets to choose second. And my sweet granddaughter, Mary, you haven't asked for anything, you can pick third." "Oh, and stop by the lab when they're not here and I'll give you something," Professor Oak added silently. “Now,” he said to them all. “Come with me.”

    He led the group down a long hallway. The walls were plain white, reflecting the bright lights in the hall. The floor was a shiny brown, polished with care and detail. It was covered with dark brown lines and little knobs, each detail carved into it by nature itself. They made their way down to the last door on the left. The good Professor opened the door, and gestured to everyone to go inside.

    Inside this room, was the Professor’s main lab. It was filled with many computer consoles, beakers, glass bottles with different chemicals in it, fish tanks, and many more. There were bright orange Magikarp with little wires attached to them, monitoring their life force. There were tables with books and papers scattered on them, each one about a different aspect about Pokemon. Frank imagined what it would have been like to live here. It was like a dream, studying, learning everything to know about Pokemon, and never running out of things to learn.

    Oak led the group a dome-like object sticking out from the wall. It was a transparent door, glowing bright red, with oval-shapes inside. All around the dome, there were multi-colored blinking buttons. The professor pushed one of the buttons and the dome spilt open and revealed five eggs. “This is the Pokemon Incubator,” he said to them. “This is where I store the Pokemon I’m giving to new trainers. Frank, what’s your pick?”

    "All right, Professor," Frank started. "I want a Charmander."

    "Are you sure?" asked Professor Oak. "All right then, Charmander it is."

    Professor Oak took an egg out of an incubator and handed it to Frank. As soon as it got to Frank, it hatched, curled up, one of the cutest things you could ever see. It was a Charmander. It was an orange skinned, with a bright orange, yellow, and red flame. Its claws were small, almost unseen, but twinkled brightly in the light. His eyes glowed brightly, like a new star in the sky, with a deep green. Frank hugged the Charmander gently, and the Charmander hugged back.

    "Sorry to break this sweet, warm moment, but I want to pick my Pokemon now!" Larry said, ruining the warm feeling that surged though the room when the Charmander hatched like a cold, bitter, icy wind.

    "All right Larry," said Oak. "Pick your Pokemon."

    "If he picked Charmander," Larry began. "Then I'll pick Squirtle. Ha! Fire types have weakness to water types.

    "All right," said Prof. Oak as he handed Larry his Pokemon egg. "Mary will get Bulbasaur, the last starter."

    When the Bulbasaur hatched out of its green speckled shell, Mary said, "He's so cute! Thank you Grandpa!"

    "Your welcome," said Oak, smiling. "Now Peter. Do you want the Eevee or the Pikachu, both are hard to raise. None of them are supposed to be starters, you know.

    "I want a Pikachu!" yelled Peter, almost knocking down Professor Oak in his excitement.

    "All right!" exclaimed the good Professor. "You don't have to yell. Uhh, Peter, I wouldn't do that..."

    Peter picked up the yellow mouse. It was yellow, with three brown strips on it’s back. It had a thunderbolt shaped tail, bright red cheeks, and black tipped ears. Its eyes shined like new light bulb, just screwed in from the wrapped package. He proceeded to hug it tightly. The Pikachu seemed annoyed with this.

    "PIKACHU!" Pikachu screamed as he used a Thundershock.

    Blinded by the light, they couldn't help Peter...

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    Chapter 2-9/23/2001 8:30 am A Kindling Rivalry
    "Peter!" yelled Frank as he reached out, worried that his cousin could not handle the shocking power of a Pikachu.

    "I'mmmm alllllll right?" said Peter, slightly disoriented.

    Frank grabbed Peter and started to shake him, trying to shake Peter awake.

    "AlL RiGHT!" yelled Peter, as he was shook. "I'm AwAke!"

    "Oh, sorry," Frank said sheepishly.

    "I almost forgot," said the Prof. "Here are your Pokedexs and your Pokeballs."

    They all scrambled over to the mahogany table and grabbed a hand-sized red encyclopedia and five red and white Pokeballs. The Pokedexs were red and had a little blue light on the top. There was a little lens at the tip of it and had a lid on the top. Frank flipped it open and there were buttons of different shapes and sizes. There was a screen in the middle. Frank aimed the lens at Charmander and the screen flashed a picture of Charmander. Frank started to fiddle with a Pokeball in his other hand. He started to push the button, making it open and close.

    "The Pokedexs record what you've caught, seen, record data on a new Pokemon, and even send data on your battles!" exclamed Professor Oak.

    "I guess that means we can't afford to lose," guessed Frank.

    "That's right," said Oak. "Which reminds me, you all should be off."

    "All right then," said Frank. "Goodbye Professor. Thanks for the Pokemon."

    "Right. Bye Professor," followed Peter, as they walked to the entrance.

    "Hold it!" yelled Larry. "Listen hotshot, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle..."

    "I'll be the referee," said Professor Oak plainly.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    "This will be a one on one Pokemon match," said Oak. "Frank's Charmander vs. Larry's Squirtle. Let the match begin.

    "Charmander, go!" yelled Frank. "Scratch attack!"

    "Squirtle, go!" yelled Larry. "Tail Whip!"

    Squirtle shook his tail as Charmander charged forward, hands held out to the side. Charmander stopped and laughed at Squirtle and his silly attack.

    "No Charmander," complained Frank. "That what he wants you to do! Ahh! Watch out!"

    Squirtle rammed into Charmander in a full-fledged Tackle. Charmander flew into the air and landed on the floor with a thud.

    "Come on, Charmander," said Frank encouragingly. "Get up, you can make it."

    "All right, Squirtle," said Larry, almost laughing because of how easy this seemed to be. "Do a final Tackle!"

    As Charmander got up, Squirtle got closer and closer. Ready to ram into Charmander, just like before.

    "Hold it," said Frank, watching carefully as Squirtle got closer and closer. "Now scratch."

    Charmander jumped forward in an orange blur, gliding right past Squirtle. They both landed on their feet. Then, suddenly, Squirtle fell.

    "That's right," exclaimed Frank. "Squirtle was just born, which means his shell isn't hardened yet! Now do a final Scratch!"

    Charmander ran up full speed and scratched Squirtle so hard that his bright orange shell started to spin around like a bright orange top. The shell stopped and Squirtle got up and began to stagger around, dizzy from a the spinning.

    "All right! We won our first match Charmander!" Frank exclamed happily.

    "Char!" exclaimed Charmander, happily.

    "Check Charmander with your Pokedex," the Professor told him. "You might find it very interesting."

    "Hey! The Pokedex displays stats!" exclaimed Frank in surprise. "My Charmander is at level 6! All right!"

    "Who cares," Larry jeered. "You won that battle because you were lucky. But next time, I'll pound you to the ground."

    And with that he left, storming off arrogantly.

    Frank walked toward the group after the battle. Peter and Mary were talking and hugging their Pokemon with loving care. As he walked up, Mary looked up and slung her pack over her arm.

    "Well, I should be going now," said Mary as she walked off. "I gotta go show my mom the cute Bulbasaur I got. Bye!"

    "Well Peter," said Frank. “I guess we should battle and see whos Pokemon is better…"

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    Chapter 2-9/23/2001 9:00 am The First Defeat
    Professor Oak looked around the lab. There were overturned desks, papers scattered everywhere. Bookshelves where knocked over, and some were even broken in half. The floor and walls were filled with dents and scratches, remnants of the battle. All four windows located near the battle were broken, shattered into many shards of blue.

    "I think you better take this battle outside," said Professor Oak, noting the damage in his wondrous lab.
    They walked out to a grassy field of emerald green. There was a light breeze, and made the grass move in a wave-like fashion. The light from the warm sun shimmered off each blade of grass.

    "All right," started Professor Oak. "This will also be a one-on-one battle."

    "Pikachu?" asked Peter. "Will you battle for me?"

    "PIKA!" said Pikachu angrily as he turned his back.

    "I'm sorry Pikachu," apologized Peter. "I didn't mean to squeeze you so hard. I just wanted to show you that you’re the best Pokemon in the world."

    "PIKA!" said Pikachu in an angry tone that implied that he didn't care.

    "I'll give you a cheeze stick," Peter whispered into Pikachu's ear..

    "Pika!" said Pikachu happily, taking the bait.

    "Begin," yelled out Oak, starting the match.

    "Charmander," Frank said as he called for his Pokemon pal. "Start off with a scratch!"

    "Go Pikachu," said Peter, knowing that Pikachu would win, with that cheeze stick on the line. "Thundershock Charmander before he can touch you!"

    The two Pokemon jumped into the cool, green grass and started their attacks.

    "PI-KA-CHU!" Pikachu cried as he launched a bright, glowing Thundershock through the warm, clear air.

    The Thundershock hit Charmander, full blast.

    Charmander skeleton flashed as he was shocked by the bright lightning bolt.

    “Try again!” Frank cried, seeing if Charmander could get though.

    Charmander dashed up to Pikachu, and then leaped into the air, arms back, ready to slash his claws right though the little yellow rodent. But a bolt of yellow electricity streaked towards Charmander and blasted him back, electricity surging through his body.

    Frank though frantically, knowing that at any moment, Peter would call for the finishing move. ”Scratch wont work…he’ll just get shocked…”

    “Now, Pikachu! Thundershock for the finish!” cried out Peter, victory gleaming in his eyes.

    Then it clicked. It was so obvious. ”Why didn’t I see it before…” “That’s it!” Frank cried out. “Scratch! But run towards him in a Zig-Zag pattern. Change direction when you see the bolt coming for you!”

    The flashing yellow thunderbolt flew towards Charmander, but missed as Charmander leaped away from the deadly electric bolt and began running towards Pikachu, claws ready.

    “Pikachu! Thunderbolt again!” cried Peter in a panic.

    Each Thundershock missed its mark, Charmander dodging to the left, and then to the right, and then back to the left again! Then, Charmander was in perfect position to Scratch away at that Pikachu!

    “Alright Charmander!” Frank praised. “We’ve made it this far, Charmander, now lets finish it! Scratch!”

    “Don’t give up Pikachu!” cried out Peter, still having hope. “Thundershock!”

    Charmander dove for Pikachu, claws ready to slash out. Pikachu’s bright red cheeks began to spark as he prepped them for the final blast. Maybe it was pure luck, or maybe it was just destiny for the next part to happen. Charmander claws were just touching Pikachu, ready to pierce into the rat’s skin, ripping it away in a fury of Scratches…but a violent flash of thunder emitting from Pikachu’s body blew him back, blowing him far away, away from the chances of victory, getting the full blast of the Thundershock…

    Frank fell to his knees…he had lost. He had miraculously come up from behind, but had come short at the last second. He should have known it was too good to be true…
    "Charmander!" Frank cried in a worried tone as he ran toward his Pokemon friend. "Are you alright?"

    "Char..." said Charmander faintly.

    "Don't worry," said the Professor. "Bring him to the Pokemon Center in town and Nurse Joy will fix her right up.

    "All right," said Frank. "We gotta get there right away!"

    They dashed out of Professor Oak’s Lab and ran down the hill into town. The streets empty, with only a few people strolling down the streets. They passed many houses and buildings. The dust fluttered though the air as they ran though the streets. Then, it was in sight. They saw the Pokemon Center.

    "Nurse Joy!" Frank called as he rang the bell. "NURSE JOY!"

    "All right," said Joy. "You don't have to yell. What's the problem?"

    "Charmander's hurt," said Frank, worried for Charmander.

    "Don't worry," said Nurse Joy confidently and happily. "Come in and we'll have Charmander fixed up in no time."

    The Pokemon Center in Pallet was unlike the Pokemon Center in any other place. It was more like a house. The walls were painted in a warm, soothing pink. The carpet was a calming blue and the sofas were a nice green. Nurse Joy took Charmander into the back and Frank and Peter sat in the sofas. On the table were snacks that were prepared, anticipating an arrival. Peter helped himself to some of the cookies.

    "Chu!" Pikachu nudged, wanting his cheese stick.

    "Oh yeah," said Peter as he rummaged through his backpack. "Here's your cheese stick, Pikachu."

    "Chu!" Pikachu cried out happily as he ate the pale yellow cheese stick.
    Soon, Nurse Joy returned with Charmander.

    "How ya feeling buddy?" asked Frank.

    "Char!" Charmander cried out happily, flame burning bright.

    "I see you've enjoyed my cookies," said Nurse Joy with a smile.

    "Yes, umph," said Peter with a mouth full of delicious chocolate chip cookies. "Umph, delicious, umph, thanks, umph."

    "Well, thanks Nurse Joy," complimented Frank, as he dragged Peter across the carpet. "See ya."

    "Bye," Nurse Joy said, giggling.
    The waterfront at Pallet was a wonderful place. The sand was the perfect warmth, with very little people on it. The calm water lapped at the sand as the two sat, watching the shimmering sea, and gazing at Cinnabar Island in the distance.

    "Why did you drag me out?" asked Peter. "Those cookies were good!"

    "Cause I wanted to start going," said Frank. "Where did you get that fishing pole anyway?"

    "My dad used to take me fishing," replied Peter. "I brought the pole I used."

    The pole looked ancient, almost falling apart. It was dusty gray, with a reel, red from the rust. The string was thin, worn over the years. It was a really pale gray, with little dents in it, like the string was bent around a lot.

    "I don't think that old things going to catch..." started Frank, but he spoke too soon.

    Cause next, Peter's line was being pulled.

    "Ahh!" Peter yelled. "You could help!"

    "Oh! Sorry," Frank said as help went over to help Peter hold on to the pole.

    Peter reeled it in slowly, but it kept pulling the line back. Soon, they finally reeled out a...

    "Tentacool!" exclaimed Peter. It was a small blue jellyfish, with red jelly spots on the top of its body. It had two small eyes, and two long, dirty gray tentacles. "All right, go Pikachu, Thundershock!"

    The brilliant, shimmering bolt of electricity hit Tentacool with a bang. The jellyfish plopped to the ground in deep paralysis.

    "All right," Peter yelled happily. "Pokeball, go!"

    The Pokeball hit the Tentacool and a bright red laser shot out of it's button and enveloped the Tentacool. The ball opened and the laser sucked the Tentacool in. The ball wobbled viciously as the Tentacool struggled to free itself. Then, the ball stopped.

    "Yes!" yelled Peter. "My very first Pokemon capture!"

    "Pika!" Pikachu nudged, wanting another cheese stick.

    Peter patted Pikachu on the head.

    "Cool," Frank said. "Your first catch! Can I borrow your rod?"

    "But I thought you said this rod couldn't catch anything?" teased Peter.

    "I guess I was wrong," said Frank, slightly annoyed.

    "All right," said Peter, as he moved the rod closer to Frank. "You can use it...if you can catch me!"

    Peter picked up his rod and dashed off, with Pikachu following behind him.

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    Chapter 4-9/23/2000 12:00 pm The First Catch
    "Finally," said Frank. "We've started our journey. Into foreign lands, exploring the wild roads, and climbing the snow capped peaks."

    "I got a Tentacool," boasted Peter. "I got a Tentacool..."

    "Hey!" said Frank, trying to shut Peter up. "Let's race on our bicycles."

    "Sure," said Peter, eagar for the challenge.

    They took out their bikes. Frank took out his ten-speed mountain bike. It was a shiny and red, as if it was polished everyday, which it was, in preparation for today.

    "On your mark," started Frank. "Get set. GO!"

    They raced off, into the bright woods of Route 1. They passed bright green trees and through the grassy plains. Each plant was a blur. They passed by many Pokemon like Rattata and Pidgey, but didn’t bother to stop and catch one, for fear of losing the race to the other. Soon, they came to a denser part of the Route. Not much light was able to penetrate though the thick mass of branches and leaves.

    "Hey Peter," Frank yelled. "Maybe we should slow down."

    "No way," replied Peter. "You just want to stop cause' I'm ahead.”

    Just then, one of Peter's bike tires hit a stray rock in the road and he crashed into a tree, leaves falling as they were shook loose from the branches.

    ”Are you ok?" Frank asked worriedly.

    Peter's bike was a mess. The bike was totally bent out of shape. Also, some parts were flattened where five Mankeys fell on top of. The Mankeys had a fluffy white coat, with brown arms. They had blood-shot red eyes, flickering with a fiery anger. They stared down the two, giving off a feeling of vengeful wrath.

    "Umm Peter," Frank stuttered. "There are five Mankeys behind you...and they don't look very happy."

    Peter looked back, and as Frank said, there were five angry Mankeys, each with a bump on it's head. The Mankeys took, a step forward. Then another step. Then another. Then, Peter and Frank ran for it!

    "Remind me to kill you if we survive!" Frank yelled to Peter.
    "I think we lost them," said Frank as he sat down under a tree.

    "I guess so," said Peter. "Are you OK Pikachu?"

    "Cha!" cried Pikachu happily as he nibbled on the cheese stick he found in Peter's backpack.

    "Where'd you get that?" asked Peter sternly.

    Just then, the Mankeys jumped out from one of the trees.

    "Oh great," sighed Frank. "They're back... Go Charmander."

    "Same with you Pikachu," said Peter.

    "Charge toward them and then do a Scratch," yelled Frank.

    Charmander ran in an orange streak and blazed right through the pack of Mankeys. Most of them fell over in pain.

    "Pikachu," started Peter. "Finish them off with a Thunderbolt."

    "Cha?" asked Pikachu, looking very puzzled.

    "Don't you know that move," asked Peter.
    "Cha," replied Pikachu as he shook his head.

    "AHHH!" moaned Frank and Peter as they fell over in an Anime-style fall.

    That error gave the Mankeys the time they needed to attack. They Scratched Charmander and Pikachu.

    "Hang on Charmander," Frank yelled to Charmander. "Scratch again, just like before."

    Charmander ran toward the pack of Mankeys again, arms out. Like an orange blaze of fire, Charmander sliced through the pack of Mankeys like a hot knife and butter.

    "All right," Frank yelled happily. "Pokeball go!"

    The ball hit one of the Mankeys and the red laser envapored it, sucking it into the capture device. The Pokeball started to wiggle violently. The ball suddenly bursted as the Mankey freed itself.

    "MANKEY!" the Mankey yelled in what was like a war cry.

    The Mankey glowed strange rainbow of colors. He became larger, more impressive, more advanced. His arms became longer. His legs became more agile. He was evolving, evolving into something clearly dangerous. It had metal cuffs on its arms and hands. A vein pulsated above its left eye, matching the violent heartbeats of the two frighten boys.

    "PRIMEAPE!" it yelled as it charged toward Frank and Peter.

    "Oh crap!" yelled Peter as he started to run.

    "Oh boy," sighed Frank. "Charmander, run toward the Primeape and Scratch it!"

    Charmander ran toward the Primeape, using its speed to increase the attack's effectiveness. Unfortunately, Primeape was stronger and had gathered much more speed then Charmander. Charmander went flying!

    "NO!" Frank yelled. "Charmander! I'm coming buddy!"

    Frank ran toward the Primeape as he tried to get to Charmander. The Primeape, kept charging, making it’s way closer and closer to Frank.

    Suddenly, out of nowwhere, Peter jumped in pushed Frank out of the way. The Primeape ran right past.

    "Thanks man," said Frank, battered and bruised. "I would have been down and out if you let that Primeape run me over."

    Frank got up and ran toward Charmander.

    "Charmander," Frank said, in a worried. "Are you ok?"

    "Char," he said, faintly.

    "CHU!" yelled Pikachu.

    Charmander and Frank looked back and saw that Pikachu was trying to keep Primeape back! It wasn't working though. The Primeape kept getting closer and closer and closer.

    "CHAR!" yelled Charmander as he got onto his feet.

    Charmander stumbled toward the Primeape as he wiggled his tail, spraying glowing hot orange and red fire all around as he used an Ember. Primeape was hit with some flames, and caught on fire!

    "PRIME!" the Primeape yelled as he ran around in circles, trying to put the bright burning flames out.

    "All right," Frank yelled happily. "Pokeball, go!"

    The Pokeball hit the Primeape and sucked it in. The ball fell to the ground and started to wiggle as the Primeape tried to free in self. It didn't look like Primeape was going to be captured, but then the Pokeball stopped wiggling! Frank had caught the Primeape!
    They soon began walking again. Not knowing where they would end up.

    "Do you want to race on our bike..." Peter was about to ask.

    "Don't even try," Frank replied sturnly. "We're walking from now on."

    "Hey look," yelled Peter. "It's a Pidgeotto! I gotta catch this."

    Peter ran toward the Pidgeotto, with Pikachu following closely behind. The Pidgeotto, noticing that Peter was chasing after it, took off, flying away, trying to shake off my cousin. The Pidgeotto flew into a tree. My cousin stopped in front of it and stared up into the branches.

    "Pikachu," he commanded. "Thundershock into the tree!"

    "CHU!" cried Pikachu as he launched a flashing bolt of lightning into the tree.

    A whole flock of Spearow flew out of the branches and stared angrily at Peter and Pikachu.

    "SPEAR!" yelled the Spearows angrily as they stared down upon Pikachu and Peter.

    "Not again," Frank sighed. "Why do I even travel with you...go Charmander..."

    Charmander and Pikachu leap into action, Pikachu with Thundershock and Charmander with Ember. Their combined attacks’ shimmer and brightness was overwhelming. Each Spearow fell, one by one, until there was only one left. This Spearow zoomed through the blazing fire and the shocking electricity.

    "SPEAR!" yelled the Spearow as it sped right by in a brown blur as it used Quick Attack.

    "Pika," cried Pikachu as he was hit full blast by the Quick Attack.

    "This Spearow's smart," Frank said aloud. "He's weakning the Pokemon that's the most threat to him, Pikachu, the electric-type. Charmander! Prepare another Ember!"

    Charmander's flame grew bigger as a burst of energy surged to his tail. The flame roared, burning brightly in a combination of orange and red. The Spearow was getting ready to do another Quick Attack. Suddenly, the Spearow dissapeared into another brown blur, aiming for Charmander, and...

    "PIKA-CHA!" yelled Pikachu as he launched a Thundershock.

    The Spearow fell limp as it was burnt to a crisp.

    "Pokeball go!" said Peter excitedly as he through a red and white Pokeball at the Spearow.

    The ball shot out the ever familiar red light that envapored the Spearow and sucked it in. The Pokeball fell to the ground and started to wiggle as the Spearow tried to set itself free. The ball stopped wiggling...and opened! A ball of red light showed through the crack and...the ball closed.

    "All right!" Peter yelled as he ran over to the Pokeball. "I caught a Spearow!"
    They soon began walking again, trying to make their way to the next city. They had trudged along the dusty paths, made their way around fallen trees, and jumping over bushes.

    "Do you know where we're going?" asked Peter. "We’ve been walking for hours."

    "Nope," Frank replied. "When we were chased by the Primeape and the Spearow, I lost the trail..."

    "You mean you have been leading me around when you had no clue where your going?" Peter yelled in sheer rage. "You moron!"

    "Hey look where this moron led you too," Frank said to him mockingly.

    They looked on at the city before them, their eyes shined with hope as they gazed at its lights, its houses, and its clean streets. They walked a few steps into the city and realized that something was very wrong...


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