I had tried to ask her what she meant by that, but she always avoided answering. She was infuriating in that way, not only that she would not answer me, but also that she treated me like anyone else.

When we were at work, I expected it. But I asked her in our own time and she replied the same.

She did that a lot, and it tested my loyalty to the core. Not that other things she did didn't yield the same result. The Team was my ideal, as I knew what it could be. But she held it back, as she did not realize its full potential. It was infuriating, being under the command of someone like her. She was not only my leader, but my blood as well, two things I cursed daily.

Yet it was for exactly those reasons that I could not rise against her. I could get away with it, that much I knew. It wasn't a matter of that. It was that I could not bring myself to do so.

There was one time I came close, though. I thought of every evaded question, every time she had underestimated me, and my hand rested on the handle of my gun.

I know she saw me. She had to, I was seated only a few feet before her. But she did nothing, knowing full well that I would not draw it out.

I hated it when she was right.