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    It's an amazing story. I liked the use of words and the way they allowed me to paint a mental image of what was going on.

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    Chapter VIII: Zephiro

    My body propelled itself through the narrow alleyways; trying desperately to shake off my pursier. I could almost feel the 1967 Dodge’s fender slamming into my spinal cord; cutting deep into my skin while expelling hot gases from it’s V-8 torque engine. The bluish police vehicle was only fifty meters away from me, but I could hear it’s rubber treads of hell gaining acceleration; devouring anything in it’s path.

    My legs nimbly sway, and hopped over manmade debris, as I vainly brushed aside any hapless human whom tried to assist the cop without any prior relationship. I too could not think about modesty right now. As the sound of ripped rubbish bags, and crushed aluminum cans mingled with human screams, I motivated my fatigued legs to keep pushing forward. There was a tight corner only 20 meters ahead of me, and I had to defy the limits of my comfort. My chest starts to ache in pain, but hearing the moans of a mother who’s child was recently flattened by the corrupt officer’s chariot; motivated me to press on.

    The muscles in my legs flared up in agony once I was within five meters of the turn. My left leg gave in, and I pummeled onto the cement face first. A creek of blood dripped from my nostrils, but otherwise my body was not fazed much. As I picked myself up; my weary eyes caught sight of the Dodge, only 10 meters away. It’s headlights flickered like the sun, and I could hear the drugged officer behind the steering wheel laugh cynically. Then I heard him activate the nitros.

    Garbage was shot up into the air like leaves as the two-ton vehicle darted across the alley. One hobo was clipped by the officer’s left rear-view mirror causing him to crash against the ground with a horrid bloody scratch across his right cheek. It was only six meters away, and even at my current state there would be a slim change of surviving the officer’s onslaught. I analysed my environment hastily, and saw a metal pole supporting a homeless man’s house. I grabbed for it, but then an oily hand clinched onto my right wrist,

    “Don’t be runnin’ off with ‘dat!” and the man picked up a shard of glass. He swung it at my eyes, but them my head moved to the right, and head butted his scruffy face. Then I ripped the bar out, causing the tin roof to avalanche on him. I held the bar like a lance, and pointed it down at a 25-degree angle.

    The Dodge was just two meters from me, and the gases from the exhaustion system spewed from the griddle like cigar smoke. The officer swung out his left hand, and fired a round from his 9mm. The bullet missed me by a meter, and letting instinct take control, I swung the metal pole at his windshield. As the glass shattered, I applied all my weight onto my side of the pole, and pushed upward, evading the hood of the car.

    The officer tried to make a 180-degree turn to catch me on my decent. Fortunately for me the alleys were only two meters wide, so he was only scuffing up his vehicle. It crashed into the former hobo’s dwelling with the rear wheels still spinning.

    As my body pummeled onto the cement again, I vainly tried to pick up my body, but now my legs where numb. I managed to poke my head off the ground, but all I could see were the bags and leather scraps of many bums who viewed me as a future investment. They rubbed their hands all over my body trying to salvage any goods I may have. I tried to intimidate them, but I couldn’t form any words from my mouth.

    I shivered with disgust; they made me feel like a game animal that was brutally murdered. They ripped off my red robe, and started to brawl for my wallet. Their disgruntle moans and threats made my eardrums sore. I just pray that they would not vandalize Itabo… As I felt their fingers ruffle my nude body in attempt to steal my Pokemon, I could hear the muffler of the Dodge sputter.

    The vehicle rammed towards my body in reverse; causing the hobo’s to flee like swallows. They did not bother to drop any of my belongings. A chance like this to steal discreetly doesn’t appear often. I could almost feel the burning rubber of the tires crush my feet as I heard the officer chant,

    “You mother fucking bitch! You are going to cost me a year’s salary due to that fucking maneuver! I’m going to murder your pasty ass!”

    I submitted to my own humility,

    “Was this lout really the harbinger of my existence? If so, I simply submit to my demise without remorse, nor denial.”

    When I closed my eyes, I attempted to neglect the possible pain that was closing in. But then, I felt my body being pulled away from the Dodge at phenomenal speed. Was this the frankness of death?

    All I could see was darkness. The bosom that connects all sinews of life was now my savior. I’ve expected I would dwell in the forges of hell for my sins… It doesn’t matter now. I simply would just have to savor this uselessness as a remedy from the world I’ve began to truly despise.

    “Sir, could you please wake up? I need to have a little palaver with you, for time is the demon that denies us both serenity,” a wheezy voice asked,

    “Am I becoming delirious in my limbo state?” I wondered. Then again I could smell a concoction of scents in my vicinity; which must be a sign that I have not yet embraced death. Since when does the fallen have the ability smell incense, and moldy vegetables? My eyes slowly began to open, as the sight of wrinkled skin engulfs my retinas. More and more my eyes open, I began to gaze upon a man close to his 70’s.

    He had squinted black eyes with a halo of scars across his scalp. Stringy white hair draped his shoulders, but they couldn’t conceal the man’s anorexic styled frame. He appears not to of eaten in ten days, and all that he wore happened to be a gray loincloth that barely concealed his genitals,

    “Before you say anything; allow me to introduce myself. I am Zephiro; once one of the most feared psychics in Hoenn, and a retired Pokemon trainer. I have been secluded from the public eye in over a year to find solace in my soul to ease the torment I’ve inflicted on many a person,” Zephiro stated.

    The name sounded awfully familiar,”…are you the legendary trainer I’ve heard about on these streets?”

    “Hehe…Daniel, you have a lot to learn about myself before you may start to conduct ‘truth’ from scant rumors…”

    I lifted my body up in shock,

    “How did you discover my birth name?!”

    “Son, I am a psychic. I can completely strip down a person’s memories to the time they were conceived by their mothers. That is why I am hiding in the first place; to hide my face since I’ve unveiled the truth too many times.”

    “Still, I do not wish to be labeled by that name no longer. I’ve brushed aside that piece of my past eons ago.”

    “When Kenshiro was murdered by the K—“

    “No, stop your foolhardiness at once!” I ran my hands along the floor to retrieve my switchblade,

    “See? Humans are creatures that simply hail under curtains and behind walls. Whenever a outsider from their social norm attempts to unearth the truth; it is only human nature to do whatever it takes to deny the truth; even if it means by murder or deceit,”

    I sat motionless,

    “I already knew that you would equip your blade, run it through my throat, and then flee from my hovel in another attempt to evade reality. You’ve already have quite a portfolio on taking matters into your own hands by silencing potential friends in Richland, Portland, Lincoln City, and even on the freight to Slateport. Those poor victims; can you just imagine how their loved ones are dealing with the pain? You do acknowledge their suffering, but you do not give any concern for them. Only your concealment from reality is your zeal in ‘life’,”

    “Why are you trying to torment me Zephiro?”

    “I am not tormenting. I am just trying to prove a point here. I can tell that you will meet many more people you may have to disable in order to keep your persona in the shadows. Face it; being a recluse in this age of handheld computers, and global markets is rarer than a newborn Lugia. I just feel obligated to hammer this down into your thick skull. Besides—I haven’t had anyone to piss off in a while, so you will have to do?” Zephiro flashed a rotting smile.

    I felt violated by this man. Could he possibly expose my inner-hells for me to endure yet again? I have done my best to keep those demons at bay, but now they have a messenger on the mortal plain; tempting me to release them again! However, I simply cannot abide his rambling, so I will just have to play his own game,

    “So Zephiro, how did you acquire your psychic powers in the first place?”
    His face was calm like the dawn sky,

    “They just kicked in one day. I know; crappy excuse, but that is the best way I can explain them. One day I was shoveling shit in my neighbor’s barn, and next I am tossing farm tools by thinking about them.”

    “You mentioned before you had to escape the modern world to amend your sins, did you kill anyone by forcing the truth upon them?”

    “Put this scenario in your head: if you just all of a sudden received abilities to manipulate the bodies of strangers, read someone’s mind like a book, and cause head to detonate like cherry bombs; would anybody be at ease around you? Oh sure it was fun at first, peaking into my crushes minds to see if I had a chance with them, but in the end they began to barricade themselves whenever I strolled by their houses.”

    “Did any of your crushes wanted to embrace a full-fledged relationship with yourself?”

    “Hell no! They considered me a stalker with the perseverance of a tick. Dan—Horosha, if you were one day minding your business and all of a sudden some stranger asked you questions about your personal life; would you embrace them full-heartedly?”


    “As I thought. I made them feel vulnerable because I knew whom they had sex with, personal phobias, and even what kind of foods gave them gas. One girl I read killed her brother so that she could get some oral from a punk who disliked him due to his appearance…”

    “Did you attempt any vigilante justice for the boy?”

    “Never gave him a second though. I just kept burning through women like matches. I haven’t gotten laid by even a prostitute since I could use her favorite customers as blackmail. They were rather ‘admirable’ men. You know, the white, CEO types that blame their lack of villas due to some poor people living in the area? Well, I just scared all sorts of people shitless. I still do to this day hee-hee.”

    Zephiro seemed to be a cold, egoistic bastard that plays with others lives to amuse himself. Still, I was keen to learn more about him for I had this strange notion in my soul to keep interrogating,

    “Before you attempt to denounce my moral ethics with your questions Horosha, I wanted to state that here in Hoenn your type of attitude would not be tolerated amongst the masses. Because Pokemon training is a social sport; even if you prefer seclusion with super powered animals. Even with your precious Nincada; you still cannot ward off association with potential rivals and friends,”

    I shook my right fist at him with a snarl on my face,

    “What about yourself Zephiro?! Are you just trying to be a hypocritical fuck?”

    Just then, a pair of ruby colored eyes shimmered in the far left corner. From the various books, and incense burners a plump brown owl darted through the mulberry scented clouds, and landed on Zephiro’s shoulder. It’s feather were bare in some clusters; and it’s wings could break at any given moment,

    “This is my friend Jasper. He was my starting Pokemon 60 years ago when I first left Olivine city. Jasper was attracted to my psionic powers since after I imploded a few beer cans with my thoughts; he just wouldn’t stop following me. Even since we’ve raised hell; until this year…”

    I was a bit astonished by this owl. What kind of stories could he tell about Zephiro? Are both of them outcasts from their societies? Zephiro’s eye clouded up, and then Jasper began to float. The Hoot-Hoot grumbled slightly as Zephiro placed the owl on his legs. Then with the most delicate of strokes; Zephiro caressed his partner,


    I smiled briefly, but then glared at Zephiro,

    “Where are the rest of your squad members?”

    “I had no use for more than one Pokemon. I’d be a waste to the environment to rob them of more pieces of their respected ecosystems. Besides, Jasper was all I ever needed.”

    “How so?”

    “Hoot-Hoots are peculiar birds. Even though they have psionic powers; they are not legally classified as a Psychic type due to the lack of frequent alpha waves their brains produce. They are in fact one of the most least intelligent Pokemon known to man, and even their evolved forms known as Noctowl have the intellect of a three year old child. However they do not need much IQ since how they capture prey is by alluring them with hypnotic waves, and distortion of the mind. They play mind games with the prey by conveying false images, and temp with their senses causing the hapless victim to die of insanity.”

    Jasper puffed up his chest in pride,

    “You see Horosha; when I was younger I taught Jasper here a few tricks that are considered illegal in the Pokemon league of today. Such as total manipulation of an opponent, and how to detonate organs. Hee-hee Jasper and I were banned from formal Pokemon training 48 years ago when ‘proper’ etiquette of battle was established by those rich boys in cardigans because their billion dollar pets couldn’t take even a single scratch.”

    “So that is why you took to the streets, and hammered down punks with Jasper’s tweaked abilities?”

    “Of course. Slateport is one of the most liberal areas in the Pokemon federation. Some say it is a cesspool on the brink of damnation, but I considered it an opportunity for men like myself to branch out, and hone in on our skills without big brother constantly nagging. You could even buy counterfeit master balls if you had the connection or the cash. No worrying about the law since they always accept new foreign investment…heh.”

    “Since we’re speaking of Slateport; when I docked into the harbor I noticed that after the battle between team aqua and the sailors from the S.S. Genyosha; the whole city seemed to have social amnesia. If there were explosions and oceans saturated with blood, I don’t why in the hell nobody raised a commotion!”

    Zephiro and Jasper just blinked,

    “Hey I am in the mood for coffee? Would you like some? I have some great beans fr—“

    “Answer my fucking question!”

    He seemed unfazed by my frank expression of displeasure. There was something about this city he did not want me to know about. To keep the image of a liberal utopia planted firmly in my mind where even children could acquire munitions for a bargain. And there he was bitching about me keeping my past in a iron cage…

    “Ott ho!”

    Cried Jasper as he leapt from Zephiro’s crossed legs into the air. The Hoot-Hoot darted past a large statue of Shiva, and then he started to push down small boxes of tom ramen from the shelf to our left using his psychic powers. The ramen did not make a sound for the ground was covered in discarded candy and hamburger wrappers. As Jasper continued searching; Zephiro waved his right hand, and a large coffee pot hooked onto a kerosene burner bobbed hastily to the space between us. Jasper flapped his wings with delight as he discovered the green package of coffee. Zephiro then levitated two bottles of Dasani water, and poured them into the pot. Jasper opened the package, and flung six spoon-fulls of coffee into the pot.

    “It will take us just 15 minutes for the coffee to be done. So why don’t you just take a brief nap until it’s ready?’ suggested Zephiro.

    I stood up, and kicked over the coffee pot,

    “I don’t want coffee! Just let me get the hell out of this trash heap!”

    Before I could ever search for the stairs, I felt a numbing sensation in my legs. Then the pain in my knee and both legs erupted violently. I screamed out in pain, as I was paralyzed from head to toe. Zephiro just sat there with his eyes clouded over.

    My vocals were muted. I couldn’t even blink as the old man sat there keeping me in place for whatever morbid pleasure he needed satisfied. My nude body was expose for his satisfaction. I could swear he was smiling.

    Jasper floated in front of me with his eyes flickering. The old owl began to emit hypnotic waves from his retinas into mine, causing drowsiness to seep in until I was released from Zephiro’s grasp. I could do nothing, but submit to this torment. I was being subjected; to the whims of a man who wanted to keep me down here with them both for ages to come. Zephiro blinked, and then my body fell straight to the ground.

    Before darkness claimed me; those large crimson eyes stared into my soul. I knew that my sanity will soon rot away upon gazing into those eyes whenever I awaken from this slumber…

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    ~*{ Kixque }*~
    Chapter 8: Tails up!

    Poe sneaks up on the Pokémon and snatches the unsuspecting victim in the air. I felt too nervous for Radic to keep my opens enough to see what Poe grabbed, especially with Poe being so vitally important for Radic. It started happening again, my heart feeling like it’s being pummeled with the force of Hariyama’s ‘Belly drum’. My legs felt as lax as the body of Gulpin. The part that made my hair feel as white as a Swablu’s wing was that this was a battle I was not even involved in. Then I heard a shriek that forced my eyes wide open with the speed of a Dodrio.

    I heard a shriek from Poe’s claw scream, “Wuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrmmmmmm!” That shriek made my face as red as a Magcargo’s underbelly. I’m just lucky nobody was able to see it. Radic merely nodded to the scream and commanded, “Poe, ‘fly’ higher into the sky and then swoop down to the ground with full force.” Poe slowly moved himself straight up above the trees. With how small the Wurmple was from where I was standing, I could clearly see the face of fear on it. Radic shouted to Poe, “That’s high enough Poe.” Poe nodded.

    Just before Poe began his crushing descent to the earth, the Wurmple desperately tried to wrap itself around the Noctowl’s legs. This caused a great disturbance to Poe as he chirped angrily at the Wurmple. The Wurmple continued to hold Poe’s feet close together. This angered Poe to the point where he snatched the body of the Wurmple with its beak and yanked the small bug from the rugged talons and flew straight down, with the Wurmple being Poe’s cushion.

    When Poe and the Wurmple hit the ground, Radic tossed a Pokéball and commanded, “I can’t see the Wurmple, so I won’t be able to catch it. I need you to throw this for me.” I nodded as I tossed the Pokéball at the Wurmple. As the Pokéball rattled to try and tame the Wurmple to obey Radic, it made a ding after every other rattle. Radic used those dings to locate the Pokéball. Finally, the Wurmple could no longer resist and accepted being caught.

    As Radic picked up the Pokéball, I inquired, “Are you sure about your hunch?” “Which one is that, Kixque?” replied Radic as he began dusting off the Pokéball. I continued, “The one about a good Pokémon being close by.” “I am as certain as you were red when you found out it was a Wurmple,” chuckled Radic as he held out an arm for Poe to fly onto. My eyes widened as I stumble to reply, “H-H-H-How did you know about that?” Radic turned his head towards Poe and added, “And you might want to check your dampness factor.” I felt afraid to look, so I just reached down and patted. Radic and Poe laughed as Radic commented, “You actually fell for that too? And here I though I was a foolish trainer.” I could only grumble at Radic’s amusement. Radic then commented, “I shall call you Dustin.” The Pokéball grew into a blindingly bright light and disappeared. Radic suggested, “Come on Kixque, we should probably get to the next town before night fall, because we don’t have too much extra food.”

    Radic and I continue deeper into the forest. I inquire, “So what happened to Dustin’s Pokéball?” “He was sent back to my hometown because I already have six Pokémon,” answered Radic as we continued walking. I then asked, “So, what makes you think it is a good Pokémon? Wurmples have never been famous for anything more than a beginning stepping stone.” “That’s what so many trainers think. However, wouldn’t you also say that about Feebas and Magikarp? Yet, when they evolve, they become some of the most feared Pokémon you know of,” replies Radic. I merely nodded since I do remember Feebas evolves into the awesome Milotic and Magikarp evolves into the dreaded Garados. Radic continues, “Also, bug-type Pokémon evolve really early, allowing them to develop their final form far more thoroughly than late bloomers like Metagross and Rhydon. That is why there are very many powerful Butterfrees in Kanto and why Beedrill are always in such large and dangerous numbers.”
    About an hour later, we reached the end of Petalburg Woods.

    Radic commented, “Now that we are out, how much further until we reach town?” “Umm…Well, it should just be a wurf away from here,” I reply as I begin looking, but am soon distracted by the coastline. Radic uses Poe’s help to look around and calls to me, “Kixque…this way. It’s close enough that a Slowpoke could get there before nightfall.” “Alright,” I say as I nod and head towards Petalburg City.
    As we enter Petalburg City, the first thing I notice is how much smaller it is than my hometown, Rustboro. Radic begins, “It doesn’t seem like too bad of a place. I wouldn’t want to live here, since if anyone knew of my past, within a week, everyone else would too.” “Well, I think we should get a good rest at the PokéCenter, because I want to get a good night’s sleep for me and Casanova and take the gym leader down first thing tomorrow morning,” I suggest. Radic suggests, “I think we should take a quick peek at it first. That way we can know what you are going up against and know if you have a chance or not.” “Good thinking,” I reply as I follow Radic around.

    We pass by a few houses and then find the Pokémon Gym for Petalburg. It was an enormous dojo. I think it is probably three times the size of Onyx’s Gym. I then turn to Radic and inquire, “Are you sure?” “Yup, let’s check out some of the key details,” answers Radic. The first thing Radic has me look at it is the sign at the entrance stating, “Balance is the key. Home of the ‘Balance Badge’.” “Ah…finally, a wise gym leader. So far, all the gym leaders I have met have focused on using a specific type of Pokémon. It seems like this one would easily annihilate a trainer like me,” remarks Radic. I inquire, “Are you sure they are that strong?” “Yeah…” comments Radic. I suggest, “Well, I can’t let them scare by seeming smart. If I want to be a true trainer, I must enter without fear, right Casanova?” Casanova merely nods. I then knock on the door, awaiting a chance to have a look at the gym.

    An elderly monk clothed in black robes opens the door and calmly asks, “May I help you, sirs?” “Yeah, I want to check out this gym,” I eagerly reply. The monk asks, “Could I please have your registration form?” “My…registration form?” I answer with a puzzled look on my face. The monk explains, “Yes, this gym is not for beginners, young pupil. You can acquire a registration form from the Pokécenter. However, you have to prove some experience as a Pokémon Trainer, in order to receive a form.” “See Kixque, I told you I’m not good enough for this gym,” commented Radic. I reply, “Well, we’ll just see, won’t we Radic? Come on, now I have to see if I can get my registration form.”

    We both walk out and head on over to the PokéCenter. Luckfully, it was only three houses down from the gym. I eagerly rush up to the counter and Nurse Joy happily says, “Hello. May I treat your Pokémon?” “Sure, and what would we do about registration forms?” I reply as Casanova hops onto the counter. Radic tells Nurse Joy, “Yes, mine my might need some healing. Also, where is a PC so I can switch some of my around?” “Over there,” replies Nurse Joy as she points with a smile. Nurse Joy informs, “I’ll take care of your Pokémon and then check to see if you are eligible for a form. Usually, four badges are what most trainers qualify with.” She then takes the Pokemon and the Pokéballs behind a door.

    I respond to Radic, “Four badges? I have only the badge I won from Onyx.” “That must be a pretty intense gym. There is no way I’ll be able to win a badge there,” replies Radic as he looks at the PC. Radic then turns to me and inquires, “Why are you so anxious and in a hurry to see this new gym anyways? You seem so much more hyper than normal.” “To be completely honest, I’m not certain myself. I just know there is something pushing me to find out and to find out now,” I answer to the best of my abilities. Nurse Joy then returns with our Pokémon and Radic goes to the PC.

    Nurse Joy inquires of me, “What’s your ID number?” I reach into my pocket and pull out my Pokédex. I then answer, “04160.” Nurse Joy types in the ID number and begins reading her monitor. She trembles and nervously hands me a form. I see in the corner of my eye that Radic’s head turns toward me with a confused look. Radic inquires, “Kixque…?” I just merely shrug and begin filling out the form. Nurse Joy turns towards Radic and inquires, “What is your ID number?” “60099,” answered Radic as he began walking towards me.

    I look up towards Radic, and inquire, “What does Odayakamon mean? I know it sounds familiar.” “That’s a new style of training that has recently begun a few years ago. It allows the trainers to actually participate in battle,” answers Radic. Suddenly, a dark blurry image fills my mind. I can only make out of an image filled blood covering the ground and a bunch of bodies that I can’t even tell if they are Pokémon or human. There were flames roaring violently and rubble everywhere. How such a scene could ever exist, even in slums or the depths of the underworld is something far beyond my comprehension. I slowly take a step back and try to escape this horrific scene, when I lose my balance as I trip over something and begin falling. Nurse Joy and Radic rush over to try and help me up. Radic instantly exclaims, “Kixque! You feel as if you are frightened to death.” “It was horrific. It was a scene of slaughter, and I could not make anything out except for the horrid pools of blood all over the place,” I answer. Nurse Joy replies, “Oh my. How frightening!”

    We walk back to the desk, as I help Radic in the general direction. I take a very deep breath and begin filling out the form. Radic comments to Nurse Joy, “Could you fill it out for me? I am blind.” “I’m sorry, but I will gladly fill it out for you,” answers Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy and Radic exchange questions and answers as I finish filling out the form. Nurse Joy then takes both forms and faxes them off. Within minutes, a few papers are faxed back to her. Nurse Joy then hands us our forms and hands me a box. I open the box and inside, I see an Odayakamon katana and a sheath to carry the katana in. I take them out and attach them to my hip and inquire, “Radic, why didn’t you get a box?” “I prefer to stick to my old fashion methods,” he replied. Radic pauses, and then continues, “However, do you need a warm-up with your Odayakamon skills?” “Um…sure, but how?” I reply. Radic explains, “While I was in the Johto region, I met a trainer named Eiji who trained my Raichu to become an Odayakamon trainer.” “You’re the trainer of that Raichu?” I replied in shock as I have trouble standing up. Radic gives me a puzzled look and inquires, “I thought you haven’t heard of my history.” “Nope, I haven’t out of what you have personally told me, but our region has heard a lot about Pokémon starting to be trainers. However, your Raichu, was etremely well talked about since he was the eigth Odayakamon Pokémon to be a trainer and he was always displaying training sessions with Eiji in every town they visited,” I marveled.

    Radic releases her Raichu from a Pokéball. There then stood the most rugged Raichu I’ve ever seen. He even had a black leather jacket and shades. I comment, “That’s definitely him! He’s the one I’ve heard of.” “Rai…” comments the Raichu and he smiles with confidence of his popularity. Radic comments, “Nova, he’s one of your fans and your reputation has spread all over this region.” “Rai!” exclaims Nova as he smiles with joy towards Radic and jumps up joyfully and giddily. I then inform, “Nova, it would be an honor to challenge a legend such as you to an Odayakamon duel.” Nova leers over towards me and smiles with a confident, “Chu.” “Not so fast! No dueling in the PokéCenter!” exclaims Nurse Joy.

    We then walk out with Casanova sitting right in front of the entrance of the PokéCenter. I call out to Nova, “Nova, although you have Pokémon too, let’s just have this be between the two of us.” Nova nods, unsheathes his dagger, and entering his starting stance. I begin to enter my starting stance when feelings and sensations of familiarity begin reminiscing in my body. Radic calls out, “Begin!” At that instant, I lost all control of my body. I was helpless as I saw my body had already taken over. My katana was already unsheathed, and swung the dagger in Nova’s hand straight out of his hands and a hair away from Radic’s ear. I then dropped the katana onto the ground and regained control of my body. I looked at Radic and asked, “Radic, are you alright.” Radic slowly reaches up and feels around the dagger and answers with a slight tremble in his voice, “Yeah…I’m…I’m fine.” I then turn towards Nova and see his mouth is still wide open and the rims of his eyes skimming out from behind his shades. I look down at my hands and begin to ponder, “What…what just happened? Is my past really the past I remember?”

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    Chapter IX: The eyes of Jasper

    A crisp autumn breeze brushed against my face. I opened my eyes, and saw that I was not in a hobo’s hell, but in a wheat field. The maple colored stalks of wheat brushed against my body as I pushed through. I squinted my eyes for I was unaccustomed to the intensity of the country skyline.

    While the sound of larks, and crows pierced the serene appeal of the land, I noticed that I was no longer nude. A pair of Levi jeans fit snug on my lower anatomy while a black sweat kept my upper regions warm. Confounded with these radical changes, I began to have paranoia.

    I began to wonder if this was a crude trick by Zephiro. To devoid me of reality performing god knows what horrendous tasks on my body! Yet, I got a hold of myself. I could still feel the slightest of touches such as the stern wheat brushing against my fingers,

    “Hey Danny I found a corn snake!”

    The tiny voice from the midst of the wheat, it sounded deathly familiar…Kenshiro?! Before I could investigate, a petite figure ran through my legs. It was a boy with shoulder length hair dressed in the exact same outfit as me. I double taked, and still saw that boy run through the field,

    “Kenny don’t let it get away! I wanna put him in my jar.”

    “This one’s a bit fiest. Maybe if we use a stick he’ll stay put?”

    “Yeah! Just a little bob on the noggen, and he’ll be ready.”

    “What should we name it?”

    “Just focus on keeping it steady. Then we’ll argue about names later!”
    The cryptic laughing the boys caused my body to ache. Kenshiro, is this an omen? Why must you taunt me so! I fell on the ground barely able to contain my tears. I still heard them giggle as if they got their first kisses. Why must I relive these extinct moments of bliss?

    A veil of darkness flooded my eyes. My body started to wane, and submit to the infinite damnation of the shadows. I could not call out for the children, nor endure my suffering to see my friend alive one last time. If this was your punishment for my failure to protect you Kenshiro, I shall not resist my punishment.

    I opened my eyes, and returned to grim shade of reality. I expected to see Zephiro looming over my body; attempting to rape me, but he wasn’t here. I wondered how long I’ve been asleep. However, I do not believe time has penetrated this battalion of solitude for eons. As I pushed my body up, a burnt envelope rolled to the ground.

    Intrigued by this, I picked it up, and undid the low grade seal,

    “DAN I…Run ‘way from HOOTIE HOO! Brain fondle, ‘ever ‘cause I PUPPET useless…RUN AWAY be’ore HOOTIE HOO pop up!”

    The frantic scribbling of the letters disturbed me slightly. It seemed like they were sketched in midst of a struggle due to the wavy lines and drops of blood along the edges of the paper. As I tossed it aside, Zephiro ran towards me frightened. Creeks of blood poured from his eyes as he crashed onto my shoulder, and cried,

    “No no no sorry I hurt! Bird bad bad he no life!”

    I pushed myself away from the man. Unable to find a viable solution, I sat still biding my fear. His glue colored hands grabbed onto my knees as a ominous shadow with red eyes swooped behind Zephiro, and began to peck violently. The old man leapt up screaming as chunks of his hair were tossed like confetti. He crashed against the left wall with the shadow flapping it’s wings and splattering blood everywhere. Zephiro crashed to the ground without putting up any resistance.

    Jasper then flew towards me without modesty. I plunged my head on the garbage, and I could feel the dagger styled talons scratch my back. A few drops of blood rolled down my sides. As I began to stand up, the damn owl was in my face cooing slowly. I could feel my soul being peeled like a banana,

    “Greetings Daniel, did you miss me? Sorry for my barbaric actions against the geezer. He just simply lost his purpose…”

    “You asshole! Was it because for a brief second of his life he was free from your iron fist to inform me of your dastardly nature?!”

    Jasper simply cooed with intensity,

    “You humans are always the same. When will ‘society’ learn that conformity is but the true anchor that secures all balance? Zephiro here was but an outcast of society. Someone who was bound to live in obscurity, if not ‘pushed’ to the greater extents of his programmed purpose. I merely discovered him, and he became my personal avatar…”

    I flipped Jasper off,

    “Your just a greedy heartless bastard! What use do you have for a helpless man in the first place?”

    He stopped flapping his wings, and began to levitate,

    “Alone, I could not dare achieve to dominate these lands. But if in sync with the suppressors of nature, I would be on the next step of supreme dominance. Yet; I only made the best of what was offered, but now I need to back on the hunt to complete my goal…”

    “Even if you had the most stable of men under your possession, it would still be impossible to rule all with just a few mind games. And even if you feel inclined to flaunt your ‘superior ness’ over others, it will be in a short amount of time someone will knock you off the scene. If I must be your harbinger, so be it! Zephiro shall be the only gimp you’d have the nerve to possess!”

    I picked up a piece of glass on the ground, and swung it at Jasper. He kicked it out of my hand, and attempted to peck my face. I swayed to the left, and tried to connect a jab on his face. Nimbly, the bastard performed a aerial back flip, and teleported to the other side of the room. Placing my hands on the ground, I stared at his red eyes and patiently waited for the next strike.

    Jasper’s eyes flickered like a kerosene lamp. A bundle of trash levitated in front of him, and propelled towards my body. I pummeled onto the ground; narrowly avoiding the cube of garbage. As the rubbish scattered all over my body, I picked up a can and tossed it at Jasper. He shot it back, and I kicked it away,

    “Stupid ape, trying to frighten me with aluminum? Oh how this will be fun he…he…he…”

    Jasper closed his eyes, and landed on the ground. This was not a good sign, but this may be the only chance I could make an offensive stance. As I began to sprint, his eyes opened up wide launching a series of rainbow colored circles at my head. I tried to duck, but the confusion attack logged itself in my brain. I could feel a smack as my head recoiled in pain. My brain felt like a semi ran over it, and I kneeled down sobbing,

    “Tisk tisk tisk… And that was one of my weakest of abilities too…”

    “Fuck you!”

    I stood up, and shuffled towards Jasper. He shot off another confusion ring, but I bit my lip enduring it’s ferocity. As I kept jerking, Jasper fired them in a more continuous fashion. I fell on my back as the 6th one made my eyes swell. My brain was throbbing madly.

    As the scruffy owl landed on my chest, I could feel those demonic talons dig into my flesh. He lowered his beak onto my chest. I could not bear the thought of my heart being ripped out by some damn power-tripping bird! I tried to stand up, but the confusion attack numbed my muscles momentarily,

    “I hope your primitive notions of hell are suitable for a waste of flesh like you…Danny!”

    Zephiro rose up, and body slammed Jasper. He screeched in agony as the stubborn man slammed him against the wall. Slamming Jasper with a head butt, Zephiro attempted a right hook at the bird. Before the fist could land the final blow, Jasper possessed Zephiro, and made him strangle himself! With a final confusion, Jasper propelled Zephiro to the floor knocking the man unconscious.

    The aftereffects of the confusion attack wore off, so as I picked up a piece of iron, I ran towards Jasper, and cracked his beak with a single swing. As blood spurted out of his mouth, I picked up the wounded bird, spat into his mouth, and muttered,

    “Burn in hell bitch,”

    And in a single blow I made Jasper become an organic fresco on the wall. Dropping the iron bar, I walked to Zephiro, and looked into his eyes. Most of his face was slashed off, but I could tell he was relieved. Free from the mental slavery of a egoistic owl who’s goals would of never been achieved. At least now, Zephiro will never worry about people playing mind games on him ever again.

    I kneeled next to Zephiro, and held his hand. I misunderstood him, but it was not his fault. I searched for a blanket, and as I pulled it from the clasp of cardboard containers. Wrapping his body in the makeshift cloth, I found a lighter on the ground with enough oil for one last flick. I flicked on a ember, and lit the end of the blanket on fire. Zephiro did not deserve to be eaten by rats.

    The morbid stench of rotting flesh began to simmer in the concealed room, as I climbed up the latter. An envelope was tired on the trapdoor’s handle. I plucked it off, and to my surprise a fat roll of 1000 dollar bills popped out. I placed it back in the envelope, and looked back at Zephiro. I smiled for I wish we could have gotten to known each other, without the mistrust, and hatred imposed by what it seemed to be the lesser of the evils.

    As I turned back, and pushed the trapdoor open I closed my eyes,

    “God, please ensure Zephiro returns to this life. He still has a purpose yet to be unveiled.”

    Termia kasih sujunta Flare-Espeon!
    Dale's Gold version team of 'de babylon!:

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