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    Um, here's a trainer fic fresh from TPM, BBP is sure to hate me for this and poke steak knives at me, but I hope I get a good deal with em. Enjoy.

    Electric Buggy to Victory
    By OzAndrew
    Chapter 1: Tim Tams, Aquariums and Folders

    It was the day before my Pokemon escapade and Jessica, my sister, had given me a folder. Within the folder were profiles on all the Pokemon Jessica wanted, with front and side views, lengthy descriptions of all the Pokemon and they were colour coded on where to find them according to the latest online information.

    “You had better get them Andrew, because all my friends have cute Pokemon and you ARE taking our one and only Pokemon – Mr. Mime on your journey, which leaves ME, to do the chores that he does”, said Jessica in a snooty tone.

    I replied with a smirk on my face, “Well you can look after Rocky then, he’s better than any Pokemon I MIGHT send you”.

    “WHAT!!! You aren’t taking that silly dog with you!?” she said horrified.

    “No. Rocky can’t be put in a Pokeball and plus dogs aren’t allowed places, and remember the time he chased that little girl on her tricycle down the road?” I replied with a sneer

    Jessica admitted defeat and said, “Well, well… Fine! I’ll get my own cute Pokemon then!” She stormed off and with a flick of her blonde hair and with a scowl she cried out to mum, “MUM!!! Andrew said he won’t get me any Pokemon when he goes on his journey!”

    As she stormed off I thought, “God she’s immature for a 14 year old”.

    After lunch, which Mum and Mr. Mime had prepared, we all went down to the local Pokemon office and it was there I was to be issued with a Pokedex after taking a simple test that checked whether he knew the basics of Pokemon.

    The test was fairly simple, multi choice is seriously easy, there is no way you could possibly fail it, plus the test was severely easy. Plus you were allowed to take in any books you wanted into the exam. As I leaned on the counter, pulling the ballpoint pen to reach further I felt a pang of regret. I was taking a year off of school to do this little bit of fun. My mum had tried to talk me out of it, but being the stubborn person I was, I finally got my way.

    I handed in the test and passed easily, after the clerk had taken a picture, which had been uploaded to my Pokedex and then registered, I looked at the picture. It was pathetic to say the least, I hadn’t even managed a smile before the picture was taken, but I was ecstatic. With a happy cry I grabbed Mr. Mime’s hand in mine and punched our arms in the air and I cried out, “YES! No school for a year!” But I quickly recovered when I saw the shocked look on my mother’s face, “Umm…” I stammered, “I mean! We’re going to win in the Pokemon League on TV Mr. Mime!”

    “Mi Mime!” cried the Pokemon, happy for this turn of events. I’m sure he was happy to finally get out of the house and into the big bad world.

    That evening my mum and I had a talk on the lounge about what I was planning to do. Yet she was already fretting about all the trouble I’d run into, saying that pedophiles, burglars and kidnappers would all be out for me, I knew she was sensationalizing the very slim risk of that happening, but I smiled and nodded all the same.

    “Mum, I’ll be fine. I’ve got Mr. Mime with me, he’s pretty strong and plus, he can make a great dinner too!” I finally got a word in edgeways.

    “I know, it’s just that there are a whole heap of weird people out there and I want you to be careful, so give us a call every now and then” she said regretfully.

    “Mum. I’ve got a mobile, I have the emergency number saved in the mobile’s memory, its gonna be fine” I said as sincerely as I could.

    “Well…I hope so Andrew. Just remember that I love you, and don’t get into any trouble” she said and gave me one last hug.

    With a groan I replied, “Mum! I’ve never ever gotten a detention at school; I’ll be ok mum. Love you mum. Night”.

    The next morning, as I set off on my Pokemon adventure with Mr. Mime, a Pokemon who had lived with my family for a few years, I thought about why I hadn’t have started my journey sooner. My mother hadn’t allowed Jessica or I, to own any Pokemon with the exception of Mr. Mime. My Mum thought that Pokemon were too dangerous to be around, and could cause serious damage to almost anything. The only reason we got Mr. Mime was that Aunty Maureen sprung him on our family, as a surprise Christmas gift and mum couldn’t refuse without offending her.

    But with the sun shining and a nice breeze in the air, as well as an eighteen-ton backpack crushing my vertebrae, Mr. Mime at my side, we left Hanlon Town and headed onto the track heading to Volup City. As Mr. Mime and I were walking along the track, which was right next to the river, I was on the lookout for nine more Pokemon. The official Pokemon Board, which consisted of well-known trainers and retired Gym Leaders, and bumbling bureaucrats had decided on increasing the number of Pokemon to be carried, from six to ten. And to get into any league, a trainer had to have at least eight badges from the many certified gyms spread across the country. It was a time old tradition, which still continued on today.

    After an hour of walking, I was already exhausted and Mr. Mime and I sat down at a picnic area and had lunch next to the river. I pulled out of my backpack, two water bottles and a packet of Tim Tams, which from the heat had melted. I’d snavelled the biscuits from the fridge so that Jess couldn’t get them. Mr. Mime didn’t care that they were melted, getting chocolate all around his face and on his gloves, so I followed suit as he happily repeated various syllables of his own name repeatedly. I had a bit of a laugh when I saw his others chocolate smeared face and so we went down to the river to wash it off.

    “irtle, Squ” came a cry from the river. “Oh my god Mr. Mime! Its a Squirtle!” I yelled out in a hushed delight when I saw the turtle come out of the river to feast on the melted remains of the Tim Tams. I quickly whispered to Mr. Mime to get his back to the river so that Squirtle couldn’t escape.

    I jumped out in front of the surprised Squirtle, enlarged Pokeball in hand and yelled, “Now Mr. Mime! Use barrier to block off the river so Squirtle can’t escape!” Mr. Mime happily complied as a steel wall quickly appeared. The Squirtle looked confused, it hadn’t been attacked yet so it didn’t know what to do. “Good job Mr. Mime, use Light Screen to box Squirtle in!” the charismatic turtle never saw the Mime sneak up behind it and put up a glass window, then when it turned around to try see Mr. Mime, it was already in front of Squirtle boxing it off, Mr. Mime then put a final Light screen on top. Squirtle was now afraid, and used its water gun to try escape the fish tank that had been craftily constructed around him. However this just filled up the tank and Squirtle had filled up the tank with water in a vain attempt to escape.

    I laughed at the site before me, Squirtle was trying to get out of the fish tank using his water gun and tackle and was getting nowhere. Mr. Mime slapped me out of laughing and pointed to Squirtle that it was running out of air. “Ok Mr. Mime, take down those walls and use confusion”. Squirtle was pretty scared now, and I wonder if I had just made it claustrophobic. Mr. Mime clutched his head in concentration and I saw ripples in the air around Mr. Mime, traveling to the Squirtle, the turtle then clutched his head in pain and stumbled around before collapsing.

    With the enlarged Pokeball still in hand and I stood there in a trance and tried to convince myself that this was real. Finally, thanks to Mr. Mime again, a slap around the cheeks brought me around. I threw the Pokeball and hoped my hand-eye co-ordination would let the ball fly straight to Squirtle. It did! The blue skinned turtle turned into nothing more than a red silhouette before becoming a red shapeless blob of energy and being sucked inside the Pokeball. As the ball rocked on the ground with the red light still on the Pokeball’s button, I hoped that Squirtle would be captured. I stared in amazement, as I had never seen a Pokemon being captured in real life, with a metallic sound the Pokeball stopped moving and it now looked as if Mr. Mime and I had a new teammate – Squirtle!

    When we continued walking on the track to Volup City, I couldn’t believe it, it was only my first day of my journey and already I had caught a hungry Squirtle, I was glad I had stolen those Tim Tams now. My bag still did weigh a ton and I did need to get to the next city before nightfall because I really didn’t want to sleep outside, but I did have a tent and portable cooked and enough food to feed an army and so I trekked on and listened to my walkman.
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