I felt sorry for them, I really did. But it seems to be the way things happen around here.

Ok, so it all started with a letter. Lu was coming back for a visit, and Eevee was happy. They scheduled a date--a picnic, of course, it being summer.

So of course, it rained.

For two weeks.

The picnic was set for inside, on the last day she was here. (And no, I don't know what they did the rest of the time. With that brat Hazel around, do you think I'd leave Almond alone at his house? Knowing Eevee, it probably involved teaching her how to play chess or do addition or something.)

So yes, the blanket was spread on the floor, the picnic basket was arranged with various picnic foods (fortunately, Pistachio knows someone who could get us some supplies in the middle of nowhere. Whose idea was it to put a town out in the boondocks like this, anyway? I bet it was Grandpa. Seems like something he'd do) and the two were happily starting in on their romantic picnic.

And of course, fate picked that moment for the doorbell to ring.

With a sigh of trepidation, I opened the door.

"Hiiiii!!!" Hazel flounced in, wet curls bouncing. I looked down and sure enough, her Pikachu was shaking itself off on my new boots.

"Oh, are they having a picnic?" came a high voice. Of course. Where Pikachu goes, Clefairy follows. "Gracious me, a picnic in the lab! How fun!"

"No!" Eevee protested, but it was too late, of course. A resounding crash filled the air, followed a moment later by blue smoke.

An odd creature emerged from the smoke, and it took me a moment to realize that it was a hairless Eevee. An equally hairless Lu giggled in the background as the smoke cleared.

Eevee looked at me, then at Lu, then at Clefairy (who was shrinking rapidly), then back at me.

"...Well," he muttered, "I guess we know what that blue stuff does."