there's minor language, but it's been bleeped out like so: d***. i guess that covers it.

The Dragon Master: Chapter One

I’m all alone, forsaken, abandoned. How did I get here you ask? I mean, standing on top of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. I guess that I should start off by telling you my name. My name is Bob. Bob Shepardson. The world wishes to dispose of me, afraid of what I am capable of. To tell you the truth, not even I know what I am capable of. But you’re more interested on why or how a 14-year old kid is standing on top of the Goldenrod Radio Tower wearing a teal hooded cloak in the middle of the raging storm. But I am the one causing the storm. I suppose that I should tell you why and how I got here. I was born on August 1, 1988. My parents gave me to an orphanage right after I was born. Now it is sometime early August 2002, and I am not sure of the date because I am running from the Pokemon League. I have no idea who my “real” parents are, but they are the ones who put me in that God-forsaken orphanage in Cherrygrove City. Here’s my story, beginning in 1990, when I was only two years old…
……………………..….……………*Flashback*…………………………………… …
A woman, about in her early thirties with a Butterfree on her shoulder, and her 10-year old son, entered a run-down orphanage in Cherrygrove City in between the PokeMart and the PokeCenter. The woman’s name was Delilah, and her son’s name was Lance.
“Mom, what’s taking you so long?” whined Lance. “I wanna go get my first pokemon from Professor Elm, Sr.”
“This won’t take long, Lance,” replied Delilah. Delilah walked around for a while before making her decision on which on which child she would adopt.
“Lance, get over here and help me decide which one you want to be your new little sibling,” Delilah said.
“Let’s get one that likes pokemon,” Lance suggested. “Let’s get that one over there, he looks interested in your Butterfree.” Then he pointed at me. I was just there staring, transfixed at the Butterfree.
“Lance, you stay here while I go talk to the manager,” Delilah ordered. So Lance stayed there. As he stood there waiting for his mother, he took a look at my wristband.
“So your name is Bob,” Lance asked. “Well, I’m Lance, your new big brother.” From that day on, I grew to look up to Lance.
When the adoption was final, I went and moved in with Delilah and Lance. But the day after I moved in, Lance had to leave for his pokemon journey. His starter pokemon was the rare dragon-type Dratini. Then Lance was off for his pokemon journey. But he did not come back often, either. He only came back at Christmas and on Delilah’s birthday, but that was it.
Four years later, when I was six, Lance had entered the Pokemon League with his team of dragons and won the competition. Then he left again and took on the Elite Four. He, Gyarados, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Charizard, and Dragonite, first took on Will, the first of the Elite four, with his psychic pokemon. Lance wiped him out with ease. Next came Koga, the poison ninja. Lance and his team had a little bit of trouble with him, but eventually defeated him. Thirdly, Lance had to cope with Bruno, the 7-foot, 250 lb. fighter. But Lance’s Charizard took out all of Bruno’s Pokemon. Finally, Lance had to take on the leader of the Elite Four, Karen, with her dark pokemon. It took all of Lance’s pokemon, but his starting Dragonite eventually defeated Karen’s last pokemon, Houndoom. Finally, Lance was the Pokemon League Champion. But after Lance became Pokemon League Champion, he just stopped visiting us.
When I was 10 years old, Professor Elm, Jr. gave me my very first pokemon, a Dratini, like Lance’s. I named the Dratini, Puff. I wanted to follow directly in Lance’s footsteps. As I went on my badge quest, I gained many new pokemon, and soon, I had a team just like Lance’s. Then, like Lance, I won the Pokemon League Competition and two weeks before my 14th birthday, I challenged the Elite Four. My dragons were so powerful that the Elite Four never even got an attack off. But then, I came to Lance. He was 22 years old now. I having not seen him for 8 years, wondering how much he had changed since I had last saw him. I entered the full stadium and walked up to him.
“It’s been a long time Bob,” Lance said softly.
“It’s only been 8 years,” I replied.
“You’ve grown so much since I last saw you,” Lance said softly. “But I know why you are here. You’re here to become the Pokemon League Champion. I’m sorry, Bob, but that won’t happen today.”
“There’s only one way to find out about that, Lance,” I replied.
“I was hoping that it didn’t have to be this way,” Lance said, “but you were always so stubborn. Go, Gyarados.”
“I choose you, Scarlet,” I yelled as the battle begun and my Red Gyarados came out of its pokeball. “Use your Ice Beam, Scarlet, and freeze that Gyarados into a solid ice block.” Scarlet obeyed and successfully, froze Lance’s Gyarados.
“Uh…the Blue Gyarados is frozen solid and therefore cannot compete,” shouted the referee. “The Red Gyarados is the winner.”
“Good move, Bob, but I’m afraid that’s no match for Dragonite,” Lance exclaimed as the dragon/flying pokemon emerged from its pokeball. “Dragonite, Thunder!” It must have been a million volts of electricity that came forth from Lance’s Dragonite and hit Scarlet.
“Scarlet, no,” I yelled as Scarlet’s 4x weakness to electricity hit it full blast and knocked him out.
“The red Gyarados is unable to battle,” the referee yelled. “Dragonite is the winner!”
“I’ll fight dragon with dragon,” I yelled, with anger at Scarlet’s fate. “Go, Dragon.” Then, my first of my 3 Dragonites came forth from its pokeball. “Dragon, use your ice beam.” He obeyed and blew Lance’s Dragonite back 20 feet at the impact of the blow of ice. Dragonite struggled to get up but he fell back to the arena floor.
“The Champion’s Dragonite has fainted,” the referee yelled. “The Challenger’s Dragonite is the winner!”
“Not bad,” said Lance quietly. “Go Dragonite.” I was expecting this. Our teams were pretty much exactly alike, you know.
“Dragon, use your ice beam again,” I shouted at him. But Lance’s Dragonite was faster.
“Dragonite, Blizzard,” Lance yelled at his pokemon. Dragon didn’t have time to react. The blizzard hit him full and knocked him out.
“The Challenger’s Dragonite is knocked out,” the referee stated. “The winner is the Champion’s Dragonite!”
“Go, Dragonight,” I yelled. “Use your rapid ice beam before it can react.” Dragonight obeyed me and shot dozens of ice beams at Lance’s second Dragonite. Every one of them hit but Lance wasn’t about to give up.
“Dragonite, Fly,” Lance yelled, though that did no good as the ice beams kept on hitting him. Finally, one caught its wing and it fell back to the earth with a crash.
“The Champion’s Dragonite is unable to battle,” the referee yelled. “The winner is the Challenger’s Dragonite. Lance was looking worried now. His almost 14-year old adopted brother had demolished half of his team. He had to make a critical decision right now or he would have to forfeit.
“Go, Aerodactyl,” cried Lance. His ancient rock/flying pokemon took flight and was prepared to take on my Dragonight. “Aerodactyl, use your Ancientpower over and over.” Rocks were flying every which way, but Dragonight was one of my most agile pokemon, and he was doing a good job dodging all the rocks that were thrown that him.
“Dragonight, use your Ice Beam,” I yelled. But just as Dragonight was about to release the ice beam at Aerodactyl, a huge rock came and smacked him in the stomach and he promptly fainted.
“Dragonite has been knocked out,” the referee called out. “The winner is Aerodactyl!”
“Go, Aeroy, and show him what a “real” Aerodactyl is made of,” I cried as I threw a pokeball out there. The pokeball exploded as Aeroy came out and roared at the enemy Aerodactyl.
“Aerodactyl, use your Ancientpower again,” yelled Lance.
“Aeroy, use your Fire Blast to melt down those rocks,” I screamed. Both pokemon obeyed their trainers and the attack combined. The chemical reaction from the rocks in the field and Aeroy’s Fire Blast made the rocks explode and both pokemon were surrounded by smoke with the rocks still exploding. When the dust cleared, both Aerodactyls were lying on the ground, fainted.
“Both Aerodactyls are unable to battle,” the surprised referee shouted. “Both trainers must send out a new pokemon, starting with the Champion.”
“Go, Charizard,” Lance yelled. So I followed suit with…
“I choose you, Flare,” I cried as both of our Charizards standing out on the battlefield. “Start off with Fly!”
“Also, use your Fly!” Lance ordered his Charizard. “When you get close enough, use your Seismic Toss!” Lance’s Charizard promptly got a hold of Flare and started to fly back down to Earth. Flare was in trouble, so I had to think fast.
“Flare, use your Dragonbreath right in Charizard’s face,” I commanded Flare. Flare obeyed and Lance’s Charizard immediately let go of Flare, yet he continued to fly blindly back to the ground. Dust flew up as Lance’s Charizard hit the ground. After the dust had cleared, the referee went out to inspect Lance’s Charizard.
“The Champion’s Charizard is paralyzed and is unable to continue,” the dumbfounded referee shouted. “The Challenger’s Charizard is the winner.” Lance only had one pokemon left. This was his last chance, and I knew what it was. It was his…
“Dragonite, I choose you,” he said in a dangerous tone. I knew that tone. That tone meant that he was done playing games and he was ready to attack relentlessly.
“Charizard, use your Dragonbreath,” I shouted.
“Dragonite, Hyper Beam,” he said quietly and dangerously. Flare had no time to react; the hyper beam blasted him back until he smashed the back wall of the stadium. I only had one chance left, my starter versus his starter…
“Go, Puff,” I yelled. “Puff, you’re my last hope. I just ask one thing of you, try hard. Let’s go.”
“Dragonite, Outrage,” Lance said as his pokemon prepared to use the attack. I only had one hope of defeating Lance and his Dragonite.
“Puff, Elemental Imbalance,” I yelled. As Dragonite’s attack came toward Puff, Puff readied himself for the blow. Suddenly, Puff turned into pure teal energy and struck Dragonite and knocked him down. That’s when I saw it. A Focus Band on Dragonite’s head. Dragonite got back up. The Focus Band saved it from being knocked out!
“Dragonite, Hyper Beam,” Lance called, then he merely laughed as the arena filled up with a light brighter than bright.

- End of Chapter One -
Elemental Imbalance: Only dragon types can learn this attack. Always attacks 2nd. Foils the opponents attack. When the opponent attacks that user, the user is transformed into pure elemental energy of the type being thrown at it. Then, it zooms past the opponent, delivering a blow 4x the damage that the user received. If Elemental Imbalance fails, the opponent's attack succeeds.

Elemental Imbalance is just an attack created by me.

The Dragon Master: Chapter Two

After the dust cleared, Puff, my starter pokemon, who has always been faithful to me, always obeyed me, was lying on the ground, knocked out. And Lance. Just standing there, still laughing. I had many thoughts going through my head. Too many thoughts. What I was thinking of, I don’t know, but there was just one thought that had stood out in my mind. I lost.
“Puff, return,” I said, with no tone in my voice at all. A thin red beam of light came from Puff’s pokeball, engulfed him, and brought him into his pokeball. Slowly, I picked up all of my pokeballs, and left the stadium.
On the ferry back to New Bark Town, I stayed in my room the entire trip. When I got back home, I said nothing to Delilah, and went directly up to my room. I stayed there for a week. When I came down for breakfast the day after the week was over, I ate my breakfast and was about to go up to my room when Delilah said something.
“You know, Bob,” she said gingerly, “if you ever want to the Pokemon League Champion, you’re going to have to train harder. You almost did beat Lance.” For the first time in a week, I felt like talking.
“You’re right, Delilah,” I said, hinting a smile, “You’re always right. I’m gonna train harder, and then I’m gonna go back up there and beat him.” I grabbed my belt with my pokeballs and I grabbed my backpack. Then I started to head out the door. But Delilah stopped me.
“Where do you think you’re going,” Delilah asked me. I smiled back at her and simply said…
“Training.” Then I ran out the door and headed for Route 29.
“Are you going to be home for supper,” Delilah yelled at me.
“Maybe. Don’t wait up,” I yelled back.
When I got to Route 29, I was looking for trainers to battle. Yet, there were none to be found. I kicked a rock in anger. The rock hit a tree. Dozens of Beedrill came out of it!
“Holy Miltank,” I muttered under my breath. Then I took off in a dead sprint. It was only another mile to Cherrygrove City, I thought. Soon, the Beedrill got tired and stopped chasing me. As I walked into Cherrygrove City, catching my breath, a building caught my eye. It was run-down, it sat in-between the PokeCenter and the Pokemart, and it had an “ABANDONED” sign on it. I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I remembered. This was the orphanage that my parents dumped me in because they didn’t want me. There was really nobody around, so I decided to take a look around. It couldn’t hurt. As I walked in, there was an eerie silence about it. The kind of silence that made you think that something would scare the living daylights out of you.
“HOLY S***,” I yelled, as a flock of Zubats and Golbats flew out from the building. I continued through the orphanage. After about 10 minutes, I reached the front desk. There was still a filing cabinet in there. I went through the door to the office. There were three drawers in the cabinet: A-H, I-R, and S-Z. I opened the S-Z drawer. Inside were all the files of all the people that had ever been put up for adoption here. There was only one folder. All of the others must have been taken. The name of the folder read SHEPARDSON, ROBERT. My name, this was my file. With trembling fingers I opened the file, there read my birth records, my birth certificate, and numerous other things. I was looking for something certain. My parent’s names. There they were, but no, it couldn’t be…
I took off in a dead sprint out of the orphanage, and had the intent of going and talking to Delilah. After all, it was my 14th birthday tomorrow and I must know if those two people on that sheet are my real parents or not. As I went out of town, I turned the corner and ran into someone.
“Ouch,” I yelled. I was about to cuss out the person that I ran into, but then I saw who it was. It was a girl, about 3 inches shorter than me, red hair worn in a ponytail, a red bag worn over her shoulder, jean shorts with suspenders, and a yellow tank top. She happened to be with two guys, one with black hair, a red Pokemon League hat, blue jacket, jeans, a black t-shirt, a green backpack, and a Pikachu sitting on his shoulder. The other one was tall, tanned, squinted eyes, spiked hair, khakis, an orange shirt with a vest and a bug blue bag over his shoulder.
“What the heck do you think you’re….” said the redhead, but she trailed off when she caught sight of me.
“Are you okay,” I asked the redhead.
“Yeah,” she replied, though she seemed dazed. “Just fine.” We both stared at each other for some time. It took a while before someone broke the silence. It happened to be the kid with the Pikachu.
“Uh…okay…that settles everything…except for…who are you,” the kid with the Pikachu asked.
“What…O…how rude of me. I am Bob Shepardson,” I replied.
“Hey, you’re that kid that lost to Lance by one pokemon,” the kid with the Pikachu exclaimed.
“Yeah, that’s me,” I answered him. “But that doesn’t solve the mystery of who you three are.”
“O, we’re sorry,” the redhead girl offered quickly. “I’m Misty, that kid with the Pikachu over there is Ash, and this one over here is Brock.”
“So where are you headed in such a hurry,” asked Brock.
“New Bark Town,” I replied to him.
“It’s getting dark,” stated Brock. “It looks like we should turn in.”
“You’ll never make back to New Bark Town in time,” Misty said. “Maybe you should camp with us tonight.”
“I guess you’re right,” I replied. “I better just set up camp with you guys then.” So we started to set up camp. Brock tried to start a fire with matches, but he couldn’t do it. So I had Flare use flamethrower to start the fire. It was about 9:45 P.M. when we turned in. Right before I fell asleep, I remembered that it was my 14th birthday tomorrow. I was determined to get some answers out of Delilah about who my real parents were. The last thing that I saw before I fell asleep, was the clouds above, blocking out the stars.
I woke up at midnight with a terrible pain in my head. I couldn’t fight it back any longer. I got up, went into the woods away from the group and find out what was going on with my head. It felt like it was about to explode. I started to hear a ripping sound. My shirt had huge holes in the back. Extending from the holes, were wings, two wings like a Dragonite’s. My eyes turned a teal sort of color. The clouds above were swirling savagely. A twister was forming right above my head! I held out my hands and a hyper beam exploded from them! I wasn’t sure what was happening to me, but it wasn’t normal, that’s for sure. After the hyper beam, a dragon rage came forth from my hands. Next, I could feel my mouth warming up; Dragonbreath was flowing from my mouth. I wanted the twister above to stop and the clouds to go away. Miraculously, the twister stopped swirling and the clouds went away. My wings merged back into my body, my eyes changed back to normal, Dragonbreath stopped flowing from my mouth, and the dragon rage stopped. I felt so weak, I collapsed.
“Bob…Bob…wake up,” somebody was tapping my face. I opened my eyes. Misty was tapping my face. I was in the ground away from the campsite. I tried to recall what had happened the night before, but I couldn’t. Then I remembered, the twister, the hyper beam, and the dragonbreath, all of those strange and weird things that happened last night.
“I’m all right,” I assured them. But deep down, I knew that I wasn’t all right. “I just gotta pack up and then I will leave you guys.” So we all packed up and said our goodbyes, though Misty tried to persuade me to stay.
“Please can you come along with us,” Misty begged.
“I really gotta go to New Bark Town,” I said. “Family emergency.” It took me a while to get going, all these thoughts rushing through my head. When I got to New Bark Town, there had to be at least 20 Officer Jennies there. All parked at my house. There was an ambulance there, too. I sprinted there and asked one of the Jennies what was going on.
“There was a stabbing here last night,” Officer Jenny replied. “But only family may go in there.”
“That’s my mother,” I calmly told her, even though I wasn’t calm at all.
“Fine,” she said, all choked up, “Get in the ambulance.” I got in the ambulance right before it left.
“Bob,” Delilah exclaimed, “I’m so glad you’re here.” Her nightdress was soaked with blood. Evidently, someone had stabbed her in the stomach.
“Delilah,” I asked calmly, “who stabbed you and with what?”
“It was a man in a teal hooded cloak,” Delilah answered, now apparently gasping for breath. She wouldn’t make it to Violet City, where the hospital was located. “He stabbed me with a…a…agh.” Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. She breathed her last breath. She was gone.
- End of Chapter Two -
The Dragon Master: Chapter Three

I couldn’t say anything. When they stopped in Violet City, the coroner said that she had been stabbed with a lance. I was shocked. Who would even want to kill Delilah? I was sitting in the PokeCenter in Violet City, when Ash, Misty, and Brock walked through the door. They saw me and immediately ran over to me.
“What’s wrong, Bob,” Misty asked kindly.
“Delilah,” I answered in a low, quiet tone.
“Who’s that,” wondered Ash out loud.
“The woman that adopted me,” I replied in the same tone as before. “My mother.”
“What happened to her,” Brock asked.
“Someone killed her,” I said, in the same tone.
“Who,” Ash asked.
“I don’t know anything except that a teal cloaked man stabbed her with a lance and killed her,” replied except this time, there was some anger in my voice. “I’m going to find Lance.”
“What would that do,” Brock asked.
“She was his mother, too,” I said in finality. I went outside, Ash, Misty, and Brock followed me. I sent out Flare and hopped on.
“Flare, fly to Indigo Plateau,” I said and we took off, leaving Ash, Misty, and Brock behind in Violet City. As Flare I flew to Indigo Plateau, he eventually got tired and we stopped somewhere outside of Blackthorn City to set up camp. I let my pokemon out, and we got a fire started. My pokemon went to sleep, but I stayed up, wondering how these powers got within me. I would get revenge on whoever killed Delilah. I would make sure of it. I didn’t care if it took my life, but I would get revenge. In the morning, I got on Flare again and we took off for Indigo Plateau once more. After an hours flight, we got to the front gates of Indigo Plateau. The guards let me in and said to proceed directly to Lance. They said that he wanted to talk to me.
As I walked through the Elite Four’s chambers, I noticed that none of them were there. But when I got to Lance’s chamber, I found them all sitting around a table with six chairs around it. One was empty. Lance stood up.
“Sit down, brother,” Lance said calmly. He was not even disturbed. “Now I am sure that you know that Delilah is dead. She will be buried in New Bark Town’s cemetery tomorrow at 12:00 P.M. But unfortunately…”
“What do you mean, ‘unfortunately’,” I asked with suspicion.
“Unfortunately,” Lance continued, “you will not be there.”
“What do you mean,” I asked. “Of course I will be there.”
“No, you won’t,” Lance stated, his voice still calm. “Because you killed her!”
“Bob would never,” Karen butted in. “I’ve seen them together. If it weren’t for her, he would most likely be turned out on the streets by that abandoned orphanage.”
“I have good reason for believing what I believe,” Lance told her. “Guards, search his bag.” Five guards appeared from the doorway and ripped my bag off my shoulder. They opened it, and out came tumbling all of my training supplies… along with a teal cloak and a lance.
“This is bulls***,” I yelled in Lance’s face. “I would never…” But Lance cut me off.
“This lance has your fingerprints and this cloak has some DNA that matched your hair,” Lance said, his voice rising in anger. “Guards, arrest him for the murder of Delilah Largway.
“I didn’t do it,” I pleaded. “Help me, Will…?” He didn’t even move. “Koga?” He had his eyes closed and arms folded. “Bruno?” He was still in shock. Evidently, he wasn’t sure what to believe. “Karen?” She was just staring at me, eyes tearing up. The guards moved in closer.
All of a sudden, my wings sprouted out of my back as they had done the night of my birthday. This was my only chance. I had to fly away. I jumped and flapped my wings, hoping that it would work. I was moving up. Ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet, I went up so high that not even Lance’s Dragonite could catch me now. I took off from Indigo Plateau and did not look back, as I flew towards the one thing that I could see in the distance. The Goldenrod City Radio Tower. A storm was coming. I told the storm to come. Dragons control the weather. I am The Dragon Master.
This is where you came in. I am still sitting on top of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. I am framed for murder of the woman that adopted me. I don’t know how that cloak and lance got in there, but I didn’t do it. I would go to the PokeCenter in Goldenrod City, but Lance has already put out a reward for my capture. The reward is 500,000 PokeDollars. I will still have my revenge on the person that killed Delilah. Nothing will stop me. I just need to find some allies. Those three people down there on the street look familiar. It’s Ash, Misty, and Brock! I have to let them see me without being seen by anyone else. There’s an alley beside the PokeCenter. I’ll hide there and wait for them. My cloak disappeared and wings took they’re place. I jumped off the Radio Tower and glided down to the alley quick. I recalled my cloak back and ordered my wings to go in. They were about to head in to the PokeCenter…
“Ash, Misty, Brock,” I whispered from the alley. “It’s me, Bob. Come over here.” Ash and Brock looked confused. But Misty immediately ran towards me. Ash and Brock followed suit.
“Bob, what are you doing here,” Misty asked me. “The last thing that I heard was that you were arrested by the League for killing that woman.”
“You mean Delilah,” I told her. “I didn’t do it. I was framed…but by who… I don’t know.” So I explained what had happened after I left them on Route 29.
“So, you’re able to wield the powers a dragon pokemon could,” Ash asked, with a tone telling me that he didn’t believe me.
“I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth,” I exasperatedly explained. “Meet me on Route 35 in a half-hour and I’ll prove it. Don’t be followed.” As I ran off into the dark alley, they ran off into the PokeCenter. My cloak faded away when I told it to, my wings appeared, and I took off for Route 35 by flight.
Ash, Misty, and Brock, were a little late but that was okay. I had my cloak on, so they would know that it was me, and it blended in, so nobody would notice me unless I talked.
“You’d better not be wasting my time,” Ash said grumpily. “I could be sleeping.”
“I’m not wasting your time,” I said, not believing that Ash didn’t know the seriousness of this matter. “Just trust me.” I willed my body to change. My eyes turned teal, my cloak disappeared, my wings sprouted from my back, I blasted a hyper beam from one of my hands, a dragon rage with the other, a twister formed around me, and hot, steamy, dragonbreath flowed from my mouth. Then, I made it all stop, everything went back to the way that it was, and I recalled my cloak.
“Now do you believe me,” I asked, enjoying the astonished looks on their faces.
“If you had all this power,” Brock asked suspiciously, “how do we know that you didn’t kill Delilah?” In the blink of an eye, I generated a teal katana under my cloak and held it to Brock’s neck.
“The only weapon that I can generate is a katana,” I stated calmly. “All Masters have a designated weapon. Delilah was stabbed with a lance. The one who wields the lance…that’s the one that killed Delilah.” I degenerated the teal katana and put my arms back within the folds of my cloak.
“I believe him,” Misty stated firmly. “He wouldn’t kill the only person that cared about him enough to give him a home.”
“I’ll help, too,” Ash said.
“I’m in, on one condition,” Brock said, “don’t hold that sword to my neck ever again.” Then he smiled. I held out my hand, and Ash shook it.
“Where are we heading first,” Ash asked innocently, “Indigo Plateau?”
“No,” I said, with my mind made up. “Not yet. Do you really think 3 kids and one Pokemon Master can stand up to the Elite Four and the League Champion. Not to mention all of the guards and trainers.” Ash shook his head quickly. “Didn’t think so. What we need…is more Pokemon Masters. Let’s go.”
“Where are we going,” Brock asked.
“Pallet Town,” I answered with finality in my voice.
“But what’s in Pallet Town,” Misty asked.
“Professor Oak,” I replied. “If anyone’s gonna believe me, it’s him.
“How are we gonna get there,” Ash asked.
“Are any of you guys cared of flying,” I asked innocently. “Go, Dragon, Dragonight, and Puff.” My three Dragonites came out of their teal pokeballs in a flash of teal light and Ash hopped on Dragon, Brock got on Dragonight, and Misty got on Puff’s back. I had my cloak degenerate and my wings appear.
“Let’s go,” I said. “Fly fast so we aren’t seen. Remember, we’re wanted now. Ash, Misty, Brock, hold on tight.” Then we took off into the night sky.
As we were flying over Silver Cave, I heard a strange noise. Sounded like a rocket of some sort.
“Get out of the way,” I screamed at my Dragonites. They all performed some aerial maneuvers to dodge the missile being fired at us from the League helicopters coming and I followed suit. “Ash, go ahead to Professor Oak’s place. I’ll be fine here. I can handle these helicopters.
“You there,” a League Trainer shouted though his microphone, “Come with us silently before force is necessary.”
“What’s the fun in that,” I asked sarcastically. “Go Scarlet, Flare, Aeroy! Use your attacks to stop those missiles that they are firing at us.” That’s when the rally of missiles came at us. Scarlet and Flare were blowing them up with Flamethrower, Aeroy was exploding them with Fire Blast, and I was deflecting them into the other helicopters with Twister. I turned my head around just in time to see a hyper beam nail me right in the back coming from the direction of a helicopter. I started falling down towards Silver Cave, with helicopters landing all around me. The last thing that I saw though my blood-filled eyes was League Trainers and coming towards me. Following them was a man in a teal hooded cloak, holding a lance…
- End of Chapter Three -

The Dragon Master: Chapter Four

Whack! Someone was hitting me in the face to wake me up. Whack! I didn’t feel like getting up anyway. Whack! It would be better for me to die than for them to get any information. Whack!
“Wake up,” said a soft voice. It was so familiar. It made me angry and calmed at the same time. “Wake up.” Whack!
“Stop,” ordered the soft voice. I willed myself to open my eyes. I was looking into the dark hood of the teal-cloaked, lance wielding sorry excuse for a man that had killed Delilah.
“AGGGGHHHH,” I yelled as I tried to attack him. I found that I couldn’t, as I was chained to a wall.
“Bob,” the soft voice instructed, “calm down.”
“You killed Delilah,” I said with a tone of the utmost hatred for this man.
“Yes, I admit it,” he said in the same quiet voice. “I killed Delilah Largway.”
“But you’re not getting punished,” I said in a voice so quiet that only he could have heard it. “They think I killed her. I was framed.”
“Yes, you were,” the cloaked figure admitted, “and I was the one that framed you. I put the cloak and the lance in your bag. But look what you’ve grown to be. To me, you’re a rival Dragon Master. You must be disposed of. After I kill you, I will tell the police that you were accidentally killed when we apprehended you at Silver Cave. I will be let free, and you will be dead for the murder that you never committed. That’s the real irony you see. It’s a shame that she went so easily. One stab with my trusty lance and I knew that she wouldn’t survive. She was weak.”
My mind was exploding with all of these thoughts, ideas, and plans to escape were going through my head until I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t…
“AGGGGGGHHHHHH,” I screamed as my eyes turned teal, then bright silver. My wings exploded from my back. I couldn’t control myself and I took off. Before I did so, the teal-cloaked man got a taste of my hyper beam. I sent another one through the roof and I flew out towards Pallet Town.
I crash-landed in Professor Oak’s backyard. Ash, Misty, Brock, and my six dragon pokemon followed them.
“It’s Bob,” Misty exclaimed.
“Quick get him inside on the couch,” Professor Oak said. After they found me, I started to get dizzy and I blacked out.
When I awoke, there was a wet cloth on my forehead and someone was sitting next to me. It was Misty.
“Hey, you’re awake,” she said as she broke into a smile.
“You left a crater in my backyard, Bob,” Professor Oak said, though there was something different about his voice. “But the good thing is, is that you’re alright.” He said this hastily as Ash had started to look at him differently after that first comment that he made.
“Something’s not right,” I said.
“So you’re not stupid after all, Bob,” Professor Oak stated with a smirk on his face. Then he ripped off his clothes and there stood James, of Team Rocket. Jessie and Meowth came through the door at that precise time.
“Prepare for trouble,” Jessie said, starting their motto.
“Better make that double,” James said his line.
“To protect the world from devastation,” Jessie said.
“To unite all peoples within our nation,” James said.
“To denounce the evils of truth and love,” Jessie said.
“To extend our reach to the stars above,” James said.
“Jessie,” Jessie said.
“James,” James said.
“Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light,” Jessie said.
“Surrender now or prepare to fight,” James said.
“Meowth, that’s right,” Meowth said, finishing the motto.
“That’s all very nice,” I said sarcastically, “but where’s Professor Oak and why the heck are you here?”
“That old coot doesn’t matter,” Jessie retorted, waving her hand aside. “But the reason we came here is to bring you to our boss.”
“You can’t seriously mean that you’re gonna…” I started.
“Yes, right about now, too,” James said. “Victreebel, go. Use your Sleep Powder.” I tried to dodge, but the sleep powder hit me and I went right out. Ash, Misty, and Brock went out right away, too.
The next thing I know, I am sitting in an interrogating room, someone was spraying water in my face. It looked like a Rocket Grunt. I decided to use a twister on him to knock him out so I could get myself out of here. The twister worked perfectly, but then another Grunt came in with a Magneton right after I had freed myself from my bonds.
“He’s getting away! Magneton, use Thunder Wave.” Said the 2nd Rocket Grunt. I wasn’t quick enough and the thunder wave hit me full blast. I fell to the ground and watched helplessly as the Rocket Grunt tied me back to my chair.
“The boss told me that I couldn’t use any damaging attacks one you,” the bitter Rocket Grunt said to me, “otherwise, you’d already be dead, you Master scum.” Then he spit on my face. “The boss will be with you shortly.” After about 15 minutes, a man came in with a Persian. He sat down in the chair across from me. His face was in the shadows, so I couldn’t tell who he was.
“Ah, Giovanni,” I said though gritted teeth, because the paralysis hadn’t worn off yet. “What is the pleasure of having the criminal mastermind behind Team Rocket in front of me?”
“Can’t a father spend time talking to his son,” Giovanni asked innocently. He finally admitted to me that he was my father. I already knew that, of course, thanks to the birth records that I had found in the abandoned orphanage. But what about…
“Your mother,” Giovanni said in a tone of remorse, “I suppose you are wondering whatever had happened to her. Well, let me tell you. After they had kicked her out of the Elite Four, and had replaced her with Will, she went pretty much insane. Where she went, nobody knows, but that was three years ago, and everybody has forgotten all about it. That is, everyone except me. But you are wondering how Lorelei, the Ice trainer of the Elite Four, and I, the Viridian City Ground gym leader, the leader of Team Rocket, got together and had you. Well, we dated in high school for about 3 years, but at the beginning of our senior year, Lorelei happened to get pregnant with you. We didn’t know what to do, but we weren’t going to get married, as we had talked to both of our sets of parents about it, and they wouldn’t let us. Lorelei didn’t want to disobey her father, who wouldn’t let her have an abortion. He’s the only reason that you’re here. After you were born, we went into Cherrygrove City in Johto and gave you up for adoption. Our strict orders were that you were never to be told who your real parents were. After high school, Lorelei went to audition for the Elite Four and they let her in. Graduation was the last I saw or heard from her directly.”
“So why contact me now,” I queried Giovanni, my father because the paralysis had worn off. “I mean…if you didn’t want me to know all of this stuff, why are you telling me now?”
“I know that you are on the run from the law and the League,” Giovanni answered. “I am also. So why can’t we run together?”
“Are you suggesting that we do commit crimes together,” I asked unbelieving of my father.
“Yes,” Giovanni simply said. “With my Rockets, and your newly discovered powers over the Mastery of Dragons, we could take over the League and make it our own.”
“No,” I said.
“What did you say to me,” my father asked with a dangerous tone in his voice.
“No,” I repeated. “I will not slaughter innocent people to clear my name. I will clear my name by myself.” I knew that he wasn’t happy with me, and he would most likely dispose of me himself. But I had a plan. I had been working on the binds that had me confined to my chair. I had a little twister ripping the binds apart as he explained what had happened.
“Fine, if you don’t want to be the vice president of Team Rocket,” Giovanni said as he pulled out a gun, “then you don’t even deserve to be my son at all.” Just as he fired, I ducked under the table, and sent a twister at his legs. That made him trip and fall down. He hit his head against the wall and was knocked out. As I ran out of the interrogation room door, more Rocket Grunts tried to stop me. Tried. I just sent a twister at all of them and knocked them out. As I rounded the corner, I ran into Misty.
“Agh,” I said as we both fell down. “We have to stop meeting like this.”
“Save the wisecracks for later,” Misty said with a slight smile on her face. “But we have to get out of here…NOW!” We met some more Rocket Grunts coming towards us. I was just about to knock them out, but Misty dragged me away. After running through the twisted tunnels dug underneath the Viridian City Gym, Misty had told me, we had finally hit a dead end.
“O crap,” I said. “We’re trapped, and Rocket Grunts are coming from every direction. There’s no way out of here.” The Rocket Grunts started to release their pokemon.
“Dugtrio, Fissure,” one of them yelled as their triplet mole pokemon sent a One-Hit Knock Out directly for us. As the attack zigzagged directly for us, I suddenly had an idea.
“Misty, hold on to me,” I ordered her.
“Fine, but why,” she asked me as she obediently grabbed on to me.
“You’ll see,” I assured her as I aimed my hands upward. “Hyper Beam!” At my command, hyper beam blasted from my hands and shot a hole through the roof. It was only a short ten feet to the surface.
“Misty, climb,” I yelled as the fissure came speedily closer. “I’ll follow you.” She started to climb up, and I got up through the hole as the fissure hit the dead end. We finally got back up to the surface right when Ash and Brock came out of the door to the Viridian Gym.
“Bob,” Ash asked me in shock. “What happened to you?”
“I’ll explain everything later,” I said. “My father might be after me now.”
“Your father,” Brock asked questioningly, “Who is he?”
“I’ll explain everything when we get back to Professor Oak’s place,” I ended in a tone of finality. Then we took off for Pallet Town. Professor Oak was waiting there for us when we arrived.
“Ah,” Professor Oak exclaimed as I degenerated my cloak away. “You must be Bob. Come over here so I may examine you.” I obeyed him and lied down on his table. He started to scan me with some sort of device. Beep beep beep beep, the machine went. At the top, the machine said Dragon.
“What does that mean,” I wondered out loud.
“It means that you indeed possess the power over the Dragon Mastery,” he answered. “Now your body is changing at an abnormal rate, in abnormal ways.”
“Really,” I asked sarcastically.
“Indeed,” he retorted, not catching my sarcasm. “Have you been able to control your powers lately?”
“Yeah,” I said, “but I can could control them a couple a days ago.”
“I see,” Professor started to explain. “Your condition is not unlike many others that have been reported. Certain trainers, mostly with only one type of pokemon, have developed a Mastery over that specific type. But, the League comes and investigates, then the trainer is discovered missing a few days later.”
“So,” I began, “the League comes, takes these ‘Masters’ away, and does what with them?”
“As to that, I have no idea,” Professor Oak explained. “They could be killing them, torturing them, or even training them to work as an army.”
“I have to go,” I said suddenly. Then I ran out the door. Misty, Ash, and Brock followed me.
“Wait, Bob,” Professor Oak stopped me, “Take this Human Elemental Detector. Or HED for short. Good luck.” I took the machine and off I went.
“Where are we going,” Ash called.
“To find more Masters,” I yelled back. We snuck around to Diglett’s Cave. When we got inside the tunnel, I turned to the other three and asked them a question.
“Ok, out of all gym leaders, who is the least connected to the League,” I asked them.
“Sabrina, Erika, me, and Brock,” Misty listed. “But you would have to tell Sabrina and Erika what the League is up to. Then they would secretly break off. As for the Johto Gym leaders, I wouldn’t know.”
“Not many of them do hold allegiance to the League,” I said to them. “Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, and Jasmine will come with us. But as for Clair, she’s Lance’s cousin and won’t break off. Chuck is constantly worked to be one of the Elite Four. Pryce won’t want to leave Mahogany Town.”
“But Brock and Misty aren’t even Masters,” Ash stated. “So we only have Bob for sure, Sabrina, Erika, Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, and Jasmine if they’re masters.”
“I know,” I said quietly. “This doesn’t look good. But we always have to try.”
“AGGHH,” Brock screamed in pain. “AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!” His body was changing, his flesh hardening, turning the color of rock. After he was done, his entire body had turned to stone, yet he was still moving and breathing.
“So much for Brock not being a Master,” Misty stated faintly. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Now Misty was yelling out in pain. All of a sudden, she just liquefied and turned into a puddle of water. The water started to seep into the ground.
“Misty,” Ash yelled. He stared at the wet ground in shock, but an even bigger shock came next. Water droplets came from all over and came together in a big ball. After that was done, the ball of water transformed itself into Misty’s solid form. When she was back in her solid form, she just fell back and fainted. It took her three hours to re-awaken. After she did, Ash looked kind of disappointed.
“So now, I’m the only one that’s not a Master,” Ash stated grumpily. “How come my body isn’t changing?”
“O shut up, Ash,” Misty said. “Going through all of this pain is not a picnic.”
“She’s right, Ash,” I agreed. “Shut up. We have to get to Saffron City without anybody noticing. We’ll take the Digett’s Cave and head to Lavender Town. Then, we’ll head over to Saffron City.
“But what about the guards at the entrance,” Misty asked, sounding a little worried, “I mean, won’t they arrest us because we’re Masters?”
“Only if we go in wearing are cloaks,” I replied. “Which we won’t. We’ll have to go in wearing our regular clothes.” I concentrated on a pair of teal jeans, a teal shirt, and a teal cap. My eyes glowed teal, and the clothes that I envisioned took place on my body.
“Brock, try to change your body back into flesh,” I added, because he was still in rock form. “If you don’t the guards will know that you’re a Rock Master.”
“I don’t know how,” Brock whined.
“Just concentrate on your original form,” I reassured him. He closed his eyes. Then he abruptly opened them again! They were glowing brown. His rock skin was changing back into flesh. When he looked back up at us, he was changed back to normal.
“Good,” I said. “Let’s go.” We started to walk through Digglet’s Cave. It took us an hour, but we finally got through the cave. When we came out of the cave, we saw Vermillion City in the distance. Something was going on. There were League helicopters flying all over the town.
“We have to hurry up and get to Sabrina,” I told the others. “If we don’t we’ll all be killed.” They didn’t need telling twice.
As we ran toward Silence Bridge, a helicopter spotted us and started to tail us. Then it started to fire machine guns. We had to dodge them all. Brock just turned into rock and let the bullets hit him while he was running. They didn’t do any damage, after all. I took flight and whipped around behind the helicopter. I fired a hyper beam from my hands into the propellers. The helicopter went crashing down. It was going to fall on Misty! I dived down towards her and grabbed her out of the way before it fell on her. I set her down, recalled my wings, and we continued to run towards Lavender Town.
Before I had hit the helicopter, however, it looked like it had called for backup. Three more choppers were coming after us. We were almost to the bridge. There were fishermen on the bridge! We couldn’t risk hurting them.
“Jump off the bridge,” I shouted to my companions.
“Why,” Ash asked, still running.
“We’ve got more company,” I yelled pointing to the backup.
“Aren’t we the popular bunch today,” Brock said sarcastically. When we got to the edge of the bridge, we all dived off. But Brock hadn’t changed from his rock form yet…SPLASH. I immediately tried to find Brock. He was back in his human form, however, he was trapped underneath a piece of the bridge that he had caught with his foot when he jumped off. We couldn’t get them out of there. Something was coming. It was huge. It was a League sub. Brock motioned for us to leave him, but we motioned that we wouldn’t. The sub fired a huge torpedo at us. We were all running out of breath, except Misty, because her newfound Mastery allowed her to breathe underwater. The torpedo was headed directly for Misty, but I dived in front of her, shielding her from the torpedo as it came closer to us. I grabbed her and we swam away. Yet, the torpedo followed us. The League sub sent out some more and they locked on to us, too. Whatever way that we turned, there was a torpedo in our face. We were trapped…
- End of Chapter Four -

The Dragon Master: Chapter Five

The torpedoes were moving in closer. An idea had just popped into my head. I started up a huge twister all around us, and then Misty figured out what I was doing. She started up a whirlpool. I called my wings, and shot up to the surface, the both of us till concentrating on our attacks. When the torpedoes reached the whirlpool and twister, they got sucked up and went around and around. When I gave Misty my signal, we both slowly moved our attacks toward the sub. I let Misty go, and she dived into the water to save Ash and Brock. I concentrated on my twister and Misty came up with Ash, but Brock was still down there.
“Misty,” I yelled, “take care of the whirlpool. I’ll go down and get Brock.” The whirlpool kept going, and I stopped my twister. I dived down into the water and swam to Brock. He had been down here for at least three minutes. I used hyper beam to blast away the rock, and Brock changed back to his human form. Then we both swam back up to surface. We swam over to Misty and Ash, when the League submarine exploded and split us up. Ash and Brock went one way, and Misty and I went another.
“Ugh,” I said as I sat up and I tried to figure out where I was. It looked like I was on some sort of beach. Misty was knocked out and lying beside me. But Ash and Brock were nowhere to be found.
“Misty, wake up,” I said as I shook her gently. “Wake up.”
“What…” she said as she opened her eyes and sat up. “Where are we Bob? What happened to Ash and Brock?”
“I don’t know for both questions,” I told her. “Don’t worry, we’ll find them.” I hope, I added silently. We started to walk along the riverbank towards Lavender Town. We had our cloaks off and we weren’t using our pokemon or out abilities for fear of attention. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing.
“What’s that,” I asked Misty.
“That’s my cell phone,” Misty replied as she pulled it out of her bag and put it to her ear. “Hello. Uh…okay.” She handed the phone to me. “It’s for you.” She had the blankest look on her face that I had ever seen.
“Hello,” I asked the person on the other line. “Who is this?”
“You know perfectly well who I am,” said a soft voice on the other end. “We have your friends here with me. If you’re not here within the next half-hour, the one with the Pikachu will be dead. If you’re not here within an hour, the Rock Master will be dead, too. There is a hatch underneath the water under the bridge. Go through there. Some guards will direct you to me. If you attack the guards, your friends will die. When you come here, you will stay and they will go free. Don’t bring your Water Master girlfriend. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” I answered with my teeth clenched.
“Good,” the teal-cloaked man said. Click.
“Who was that,” Misty asked me.
“Nobody,” I said. “Go to Lavender Town. Go to Mr. Fuji’s house. Tell him who sent you, and he will hide you until I get there.”
“But why,” she asked.
“I can’t tell you now,” I said and I kissed her on the cheek. “Goodbye.” Then I dove into the water. I called my wings to make me go faster. It only took me a couple of minutes to get to the hatch. Opening it though, that was a different matter. I summoned my Dragon Mastery. My eyes turned teal and I sent a twister to open the hatch. It worked. After I had gotten in there, the guards appeared just like the teal-cloaked man had said. I let them handcuff me and take me down a couple of halls and through a couple of doors. I ended up in a room where Ash, Brock, and Pikachu were being held. Brock was being suspended over a pool of water, Pikachu in an Electric-Absorbent container, and Ash was being held captive by two League trainers holding a gun to his head.
“Ah,” said the teal-cloaked man. “So good it is to have you here. Guards,” He snapped his fingers. “let them go.” On his command, the trainers brought Brock down, freed Pikachu, and let Ash go.
“Ash,” I whispered to him, “go to Lavender Town at Mr. Fuji’s place. Tell him who sent you and he will show you to where Misty is. Tell her I’m all right. I’ll be there shortly.” Then the guards showed them the way out.
“So,” the teal-cloaked man said. “So.”
“So what,” I asked him. He walked up to me. Then he hit me across the face with the wood side of his lance.
“You sacrificed yourself so you could save your friends,” he said. I could tell that he was wearing a smirk on his face, though he was hiding in the shadows of his cloak. “How very noble. But, it is ironic. The noble ones always die first. It’s the fools that live on.” I didn’t even know what I was going to do. I didn’t think of a plan before I barged in. I would have to stall.
“Who are you,” I said out of the blue. “I want to see the face of the Master that finally defeated me.” Perhaps this would work. Perhaps it wouldn’t.
“You will see my face and know my name,” he said mysteriously, “when you’re on your last breath.” He looked away from me and at the guards. “Guards, if he wants to see my face and know my name, put him to his last breath. But away from my eyes.” This was my chance. This is how I am going to get out of here.
As the guards took me from the teal-cloaked man’s sight and out the door, I had a twister hidden in my hand, building up power so it could knock out the guards. Once they had me a minute or so from the place that the others were being kept in, I let out my twister. Not only did it knock them out, it destroyed the handcuffs that they had kept me in! I called my cloak and sprinted down the hallway. As I was running, I saw some League trainers which I easily knocked out with my Dragon Rage. I decided that I must destroy this place before I left. I saw an electrical socket on the wall. Maybe if I overloaded it with electricity, the whole place would shut down.
“Go Dragonight,” I whispered as I threw out one of my teal pokeballs. Dragonight erupted in a flash a teal light. “Dragonight, use your Thunder to overload that electrical socket.” As it did so, I saw the light flicker and go out. Then water rushed in through the doorway!
“Dragonight, return,” I whispered as he got back in his pokeball through a thin teal beam of light. “Go, Scarlet.” My red Gyarados came out of its pokeball in a flash of teal light. “Scarlet, use Surf.” I got on and it obeyed. Soon, we were back on the surface of the water and surfing towards Lavender Town.
Once I got there, I was glad to see that the League had not gotten to this city yet. I quickly ran towards Mr. Fuji’s house in my regular clothes and went inside.
“Ah, it is Bob,” Mr. Fuji said as he came forward to shake my hand. I took it and he continued. “Some of your friends came by.” He winked at me. “Follow me, Bob.” I followed him to his basement and there sat Misty, Ash, Brock, and Pikachu.
“Bob,” Misty exclaimed as she ran over to me and hugged me. “I’m so happy that you’re all right. But what the h*** happened to you?” I sat down with them and Mr. Fuji and explained what Ash and Brock never saw after they left.
“So the teal-cloaked man got away again,” Ash exasperatedly said as I completed my story. “Don’t you want to beat the living crap out of him?”
“I don’t know what I want anymore,” I said solemnly. “Except for one thing. I want to stop the League for what they are doing to all of the Pokemon Masters. We have to get to Sabrina. And we have to get there quick. Let’s go.” With that, I used my Mastery to change into my regular clothes, as I had put on my cloak when I went into the basement. Misty and Brock did the same.
As we walked outside, we noticed a troop of League soldiers bursting into the door one of the houses in Lavender Town. When they came back out, they had within their grips a teenage girl with glowing bright purple eyes.
“What kind of element responds to that color,” Misty queried nobody in particular as the League troop carried away the girl.
“Poison,” I said simply. “Wait, she looks familiar. There’s no way that that could be…but it has to be.”
“Who is it,” Ash asked.
“That’s Janine,” I answered him, “Koga’s daughter. We have to help her.” Before anyone could contradict me, I ran out from our hiding spot and sprinted directly for the League troop. I realized that I could never defeat them without my powers so I picked up the nearest garbage can and hurled it at them. I took out at least half of the troop, the other half happened to notice me. They let go of Janine, and I saw Ash appear from behind a tree and grab her. I was about to use a dragon rage attack on them, but the very rocks underneath their feet started to move and knocked them down. I ran by them after Ash, Misty, Brock, and Janine that went down the route to Saffron City. Brock was waiting for me at the exit from the city.
“Nice Ancientpower,” I complimented him as we ran off for the others.
“I’ve been practicing,” her answered as we continued running. When we had finally reached the others, we set up camp and explained to Janine what was going on with the League and the Elite Four.
“You’re all crazy,” she said in our faces as I had finished. “My father, Koga, would never do anything like this.”
“The Elite Four don’t know anything about it,” I explained. “Lance doesn’t either.” This was going to be harder than I had expected. “Look, do you want to save your father from the clutches of the League?”
“Well, yeah,” Janine said.
“Then you have to help us,” I finished.
“Fine, I’ll help,” Janine conceded. “But I can’t even control my powers. I’ll probably be more of a nuisance than a help.”
“I’ll teach you how to control them,” I assured her. “You just need a little bit of training.” So we started. We taught her how to generate and degenerate her cloak, and her weapon of choice, a bright purple poison-tipped katana. Next we taught her how to use all of the poison attacks. By the next day, she was getting pretty good at it. Then we headed for Saffron City. As we reached the gate, I suddenly heard a voice in my head.
“Help me,” the voice said. “The League has trapped me here in my own gym.” It had to be Sabrina. She was a Psychic Master. We had to save her.
“The city is being controlled by the League,” I said. “Sabrina is a Psychic Master. We’re going in.” I walked up to the gates that were around the city. I tried to open them with my arms, but I ended up failing. “A little help?” Misty, Brock, and Janine came immediately, but Ash just stood there. Then, he and Pikachu grabbed their heads and started to moan in pain. Ash’s eyes flashed black. He was becoming a Master. A Dark Master. As suddenly as it had started, it had stopped. Ash and Pikachu collapsed to the ground to awaken a few moments later.
“What happened,” Ash wondered out loud. All of a sudden, he produced a black cloak that seemed to come from the shadows themselves.
“Welcome to a Mastery,” I explained to Ash. “The Dark Mastery. It’s too bad that we don’t have any time to train you, or we would. We just have to save Sabrina. Now help me open these doors.” We tried with all our might, but it seemed that five teenage Masters could not even budge the gates.
“Screw it,” I muttered under my breath. I then went up to the doors and said simply, “Dragonbreath.” I blew on the door, and it melted o hole big enough for us to enter through.
When we entered the city, it seemed as though warfare was going on. The League troops were savaging all the homes and the gyms, taking out anybody who showed signs of Mastery. I ran towards the Psychic Gym, where Sabrina was located. There were at least 20 soldiers firing at us, but we used evasive maneuvers and finally reached them in which I used my Outrage. My eyes turned teal, my hands erupted with a teal fire, and I started punching all of the guards that I could see. When they had been all knocked out, I generated my katana and Janine did the same. Misty formed twin blue sai knives form the moisture in the air. Brock changed into rock, and formed a rocky sword from his palm. Ash wasn’t sure what to do as he had just received his powers. He looked disappointed until the closest shadows came and crawled up to his hand and formed a black katana. We entered the Psychic Gym cautiously, keeping our eyes opened for League trainers. If we met up with any Masters, that wouldn’t be good. As we rounded the corner, five guards came at us.
“We’ll all take one,” I yelled to the others. I ran up to them and cut down the closest one to me. He fell after a small scream. When the guards had been disposed of, I immediately ran towards the arena where I had fought Sabrina all these years ago. There she was, knocked out and tied to a chair. I supposed that they had to knock her out to prevent her from using her powers. I ran up to her while the others stood guard.
“Sabrina,” I whispered so we didn’t attract attention. “Sabrina, wake up. We have to get out of here, or they’ll kill us.” She immediately opened her eyes.
“Ah, Bob,” she said with a slight smile on her face. She must have been really happy, because she never, I mean never smiles at all. “I sensed you coming right before they knocked me out. No need for help untying my bonds. I can do them myself.” With that, her eyes turned a deep purple color, and the ropes binding her immediately came apart. When she had got up, she called her purple cloak to her, and called us over here.
“Everybody,” she snapped, “get over here in a circle and link hands.” We all did obediently. “Now Bob, who are you going to persuade to come to your side next?”
“Erika,” I told her. “She’s the Celadon City gym leader.”
“Good,” Sabrina said. “Erika will be a powerful ally. Now, Teleport.” We got away just as the League troops entered the arena and started to fire. After the teleporting had ended, we found ourselves in front of the Celadon City Grass Gym. We all called our cloaks as we went in. There were some grass trainers there with pokeballs that were going to try and stop us. I didn’t want to hurt them, but if they didn’t let us past, I just may have had to. But Sabrina used her hypnosis and sent them off into a deep sleep. As we continued through the gym, more grass trainers had to be hypnotized as we walked towards Erika’s chamber. When we had finally got there, there were yet more grass trainers trying to stop us as we went to Erika. Sabrina put them to sleep like she had done the others and went right up to Erika.
“Hello, Erika,” I greeted her as we approached her. “We need your help. The League is taking all of the Pokemon Masters, whatever element, and bringing them to the Indigo Plateau to do…something with them. What we have know idea. We know you are a Master, Erika. We need you to help save Kanto and Johto from the League.”
“Hey, I remember you,” Erika said suddenly as I finished my sales pitch. “You’re that kid that came and wiped me out a few years ago with those dragons. Which all knew some kind of fire attack. You’re Bob, Lance’s little brother. You killed that woman that adopted you.”
“For the record, I didn’t kill her. I was framed,” I admitted. “But, if you’re coming with us, we have to leave now.” Some of Erika’s guards had finally awoken and came to her chambers.
“Mistress Erika,” the guard said, “the League has taken over the city and now they’re coming for you.”
“Now do you believe us,” Ash asked Erika.
“Do I have a choice,” Erika asked sarcastically. “Guess not. You caught me. I am indeed a Grass Master.” Then she called her forest green cloak around her right as the League troops came in and started to attack.
“There are seven Masters here,” one of the guards said into his walkie-talkie. “I repeat seven Pokemon Masters.”
All the League soldiers pulled out a hand-to-hand combat weapon as Janine, Ash, and I generated our katanas, Misty generated her twin blue sai knives, Brock made his sword, Sabrina made a foot-long knife made out of pure psychic energy, and Erika made an ebony staff. When we had finished off the first set of soldiers, more flooded in. But this time, they had guns. Sabrina wasn’t paying attention to a certain soldier and got hit over the head with the butt of his gun. He was about to finish her off when I noticed and hyper beamed him unconscious.
“Bob,” Misty asked as she fought off soldiers with streams of water and her sai knives, “what are we going to do since or only way out of here is unconscious.”
“That’s a good question,” I responded. “With many possible answers. The most common answer would most likely be ‘We’re screwed.’”
“That’s your plan,” Misty exclaimed as we knocked out the last of the soldiers.
“Maybe there’s a back exit,” I asked Erika.
“Yeah, there is,” Erika exclaimed. “Well, it’s kinda a secret passage, but it will work.”
“Good,” I said. “We have to hurry before more League soldiers come.” We didn’t even get a chance to start running away. The teal-cloaked man was standing in the way of getting out.
“How nice to see you again, Bob,” the teal-cloaked man addressed me.
- End of Chapter Five -
The Dragon Master: Chapter Six

“I let your friends go before, but this time, they’ll die with you,” the teal-cloaked man continued.
“Who’s he,” Erika wondered out loud.
“That’s man that framed me,” I told her. “He’s the real one that killed Delilah.” The teal-cloaked man then generated his lance.
“Now’s the time to die, Bob,” he said as he charged at me with his lance right as I generated my katana and blocked the blow while I did a flip over him so I landed behind him, ready to attack.
“Get out of here, guys,” I yelled at the others. “I’ll find you as soon as I am through with this.” I started slashing at him furiously. Yet, he blocked and parried every blow. That didn’t discourage me as I kept on swinging my teal katana at this man that had killed the only person in my life that had cared about me. My eyes turned teal as I sped up my swings, throwing him off balance. Soon, my eyes were bright silver, and I had no way of controlling my body. I could see myself aiming for his weak spots, trying to penetrate his high defense. Yet, it was not mine to control.
The guards had gone after Ash, Misty, Janine, Erika, and Brock, who was carrying the unconscious Sabrina. However, the teal-cloaked man and at were still going at it. He was so busy being on the defense that he didn’t have any time to do anything offensive. I finally managed to get to his defense and slash him across the chest. The cut wasn’t deep, and he would survive if I didn’t finish him off right now… Some League guards burst through the door and aimed their guns at me. The teal-cloaked man was on the floor, bleeding profusely. My eyes changed back to normal, and I realized what was happening.
“Hold it right there,” one of the guards shouted at me. “You are wanted for the murder of Delilah Largway.” I had no choice. I couldn’t finish him off yet. If I wanted to clear my name, I would have to leave him love for now, so they wouldn’t think me as a murderer. I noticed that there were some chairs to the right of me. I jumped on them, then out the window, glass shattering all around me, not just from the impact, but also from the bullets that they were shooting at me. Before they could find me, I ran off towards Cycling Road. It was nighttime before I had got there. When I had got there at last, I heard a voice calling me.
“Bob,” the voice said. “Come over here.” It was Misty. I followed here voice and ended up in a clearing.
“Hey, Misty,” I said to her, masking the regret in my voice.
“What happened,” Misty asked me. “Did the teal-cloaked man get away again?”
“Yeah,” I said. “He did. I slashed him across the chest once with my katana right when the League guards came in. Otherwise, I would had finished him.” We weren’t standing very far apart. She was actually moving closer to me.
“We’ll get him next time,” she said, moving closer to me.
“Yeah,” I replied, going closer to her, too. As we were moving ever so closer, neither of us knowing what the consequences would be, many thoughts raced through my mind. There was about a centimeter between out lips…
“Misty,” someone whispered from behind some bushes. “Did you find Bob? Where is he?” We immediately came apart and looked like we were walking towards the campsite where everybody else was located. We were both very awkward walking back to the others.
“Yeah,” she replied, with a dangerous tone in her voice. She sounded as though she would kill the person that interrupted us. “I found him.” When we got back to the others, it was actually Ash that interrupted us, and Misty didn’t talk to him for the rest of the night. I explained what happened to everybody what happened after they had left the teal-cloaked man and I fighting.
“That’s how I escaped,” I finished. “But how did you guys escape?”
“After we ran out of the room with the guards chasing us,” Erika started, “we headed directly for the secret passage. I left them some of my sleep powder and right off to dream land they went. We proceeded to the secret passage and out we went.”
“What other Masters do we need to get from Kanto yet,” Ash asked.
“We have all the ones that we need from Kanto,” I explained. “The ones that we didn’t get will never have come with use in the first place. We would most likely be dead if we went after one of them and failed.”
“So when do we set out for Johto,” Brock asked.
“First thing in the morning,” I replied to him. “There’s only one way out of this country without being caught.”
“What’s that,” Erika asked questioningly.
“We’ll have to fly away from Fuchsia City,” I replied simply. “But we’ll have to be quiet about it.”
“I don’t see why we have to do that,” Janine stated. “Being a Pokemon Master isn’t a crime.”
“The League says it is if you’re not on their side,” I contradicted her. “The only problem is getting on the ship. You guys might not have any problem, but I’m a wanted man. They have my face posted everywhere.”
“If we’re leaving first thing in the morning,” Sabrina said, apparently tiring of all our talk, “we must get our rest. I will keep watch all night. I can keep watch while I’m sleeping.” With that, she closed her eyes and did not open them. We all just lied down, though none of us were even close to falling asleep. We were all thinking about what we had to do tomorrow, and what bit of law breaking that we were about to do next. Everyone but me, that is. I was thinking about who was Delilah’s murderer, and what I was going to do to him when I got my hands on him. Misty was lying right beside me, clearly not even trying to sleep, the moon reflected in her deep blue eyes.
“Go to sleep,” I told her as I kissed her on the cheek and rolled over on my back. Even though my eyes were closed, I could feel her stare on me.
When we awoke the next morning, we extinguished the fire, created some clothes of the color of our elements, and headed down Cycling Road. Luckily, there was no League troops and we all created bicycles with the color being our respective elements. As we were zooming down the hill on our bikes, we noticed that there were some League troopers ahead. I tried to turn my face so that the troopers could not see it. They all had wanted posters of me so I had to be extra careful. They let us pass and I let out a sigh of relief. The sigh came too soon.
“Hey, stop them,” one of the troopers was yelled. “They’re Pokemon Masters!”
“O s***,” I muttered as I sped up my bike. They were all hopping on their motorcycles and chasing us. The end of Cycling Road was coming closer, and I didn’t slow down.
“Bob, are you crazy,” Erika yelled at me. I ignored her and I nodded to Sabrina. She seemed to get my drift as her eyes started to glow a deep purple. Our bikes all did the same. She was going to turn the bikes for us! The troopers were going too fast and they were catching us. Right at the end of Cycling Road, Sabrina used her Mastery to pick up the bikes and turn them at a ninety-degree angle. After our bikes were placed in the direction of the checkpoint at the end of Cycling Road, we sped off through the open doors and watched the troopers fly over the fence because they were going to fast. As we were biking extremely fast towards where Fuchsia City meets the sea, we saw a girl with teal hair running as fast as she possibly could from a group of League soldiers.
“I have to help her,” I stated. “Don’t wait up for me.” I then changed direction towards the girl. I didn’t know why they were chasing her, but most likely it was because she was a Master. We needed a lot of Masters on our side right now. The soldiers were catching up with her. There was no way that I would reach her on my bike. I jumped off the bike and called my wings. They came and the dust flew. Now I was going to make it. I picked her up, and laughed at the soldiers as they shot at us. They were terrible shots.
“You’re a Master,” the girl said in awe. “Thanks for saving me.”
“Anytime,” I replied still flying after the others. “My name’s Bob. What’s yours?” After I had told her my name, she suddenly went berserk and tried to get away from me.
“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHH,” she screamed high-pitched. “A murderer kidnapped me! AGGGGHHHH!”
“Shut the h*** up,” I told her as I put one of my hands over her mouth, which she promptly bit. “AGGGGHHHH! Maybe I should just drop you now, huh? How does that sound?”
“As long as you don’t murder me and take me home,” she said, hysterical now, “I won’t say anything.”
“I didn’t murder anybody,” I explained to her. “I was framed. Why would I kill the only person that ever even cared about me?” She saw that I was looking sad and comforted me.
“That explains it,” she said. “I believe you now. I’m a Master, too, and my name’s Duplica.”
“What element are you,” I asked her out of curiosity.
“An element that only one pokemon is,” she started mysteriously. “Change.”
“Change,” I said, puzzled. “So, you can transform into anything you please?”
“Yep,” she said. “Anything I please. So where are we going?”
“Seafoam Islands,” I told Duplica. “After that, we’re heading to Johto.”
“Johto,” she asked, suddenly panicking. “Why are we going all the way to Johto?”
“We’ve collected all the Masters that we need from Kanto, I explained as the Seafoam Islands came into view. I gently set down and put Duplica down. I spotted the others, and ran over to them, with Duplica close behind.
“So, who’s the new Master,” Ash asked as he saw us coming into view. “Hey, Misty, Brock, it’s Duplica! Hey Duplica!” He ran over to her and started talking to her. I however, went up to Misty and started to talk to her.
“So, did you guys get out of Fuchsia okay,” I asked her.
“Yeah,” she said, looking like we both felt. That happened to be awkward. I knew what she thought had happened after I had saved Duplica, and I wanted to set the record straight.
“Misty,” I said to her, “nothing happened between me and Duplica. I just picked her up, and flew her over here. Boy, there’s something that I thought that I’d said in my life.” After that, we both started laughing. It took awhile to stop. After we did, however, it seemed as though Ash had started a fire and we went over there.
“So where are we going after this,” Erika asked. “I mean, I just don’t know how we’re going to get to Johto from here. It seems like a long flight without any stops.”
“I have the answer to that,” I started my plan. “Every day, the S.S. Fast Ship comes by these Islands. What I figure is, is that we’ll hop aboard without anybody knowing, and hitch a free ride to Olivine City.”
“But what if we don’t make it,” Duplica said, sounding worried.
“We have to make it,” I said. “The fate of Kanto and Johto rests upon our succeeding.” After that little talk, everybody looked decided. We were going to get to Johto. Or die trying. However, we had to push Duplica’s training a little bit too fast, as we had to leave the next day. She learned how to control her metamorphosis and change into various pokemon. She also learned how to create her weapon of choice, a pink bow and arrow. Sometimes that she got out of her metamorphosis, she happened to forget to put some clothes on using her Mastery. By the next day, she had almost perfected it and we were ready to take off towards the S.S. Fast Ship. We got ready, as the ship would zoom by us, hence the name. When it came, we barley had time to react. Misty was surfing as fast as possible, with Ash hanging on to her for dear life. Duplica had changed into a Dragonite, the fastest known flying pokemon, and was flying close to me. Since there was a strong wind, Erika had chosen her Jumpluff, and the wind was carrying them faster than anybody. Sabrina was using her Psychic Mastery to lift Brock and Janine towards the ship. When we had caught up to it, Sabrina teleported us all inside one of the cargo bays.
After about a 10-minute trip, the ship had stopped and we were being teleported out of the cargo bay and on top of the PokeCenter in Olivine City. Next, we had to persuade Jasmine, most likely the Steel Master, to come with us. We had to sneak around to the gym, but with the help of Sabrina’s teleport, we got inside the gym easily. Now to find Jasmine. She had no underlings, as there were not many steel trainers. When we found her, she was training her Steelix, her Magneton, her Skarmory, her Forretress, and her Scizor. Her team had greatly increased since I had last battled her. She would indeed be a good ally to have.
“Who’s there,” Jasmine said, worriedly as she turned her head in our direction. “Scizor, please go check it out.” Her Scizor obeyed and sped over here to our hiding spot. We didn’t have time to react, and it was there, before our eyes, in less than a second.
“Scizor,” the Scizor said, it’s eyes flashing. It raised its hand ready to use a metal claw. Janine raised her hand to perform a toxic, but the Scizor was unaffected.
“Janine,” I said to her, “Poison attacks don’t even affect Steel types.” The Scizor was about to use a metal claw on Janine, but Erika put it to sleep with a Sleep Powder.
“Jasmine,” Brock yelled as he ran over to her.
“Brock,” Jasmine wondered out loud, “what are you guys doing here?” We all walked up to her and explained what was going on. She took it pretty well, and her eyes glowed steely silver as her cloak came about her. “I’ve had to hide my Mastery until now. Mostly because I had heard that the League was taking them from Kanto, so they would eventually come to Johto.”
“You’re right,” I agreed. “They are taking them from Kanto. We’re not sure about Johto yet, because we haven’t seen any.” BOOOOOOM! The door to the gym was blasted open. The teal-cloaked man was standing there in the doorway, his hand smoking, evidently from the dragon rage that he had used to blow the door open.
“You’ve escaped my grasp three times,” the teal-cloaked man said furiously, “and that is three times to many.” He then generated his lance and charged at me like a raging Tauros. I ripped off my cloak and threw it in his face. That blinded him for the moment, while I blasted a way out of the gym for the others with my hyper beam. When I looked back at him, he was charging again. He started swiped at me with his lance. I was doing fine dodging them, but eventually, he hit me right across the chest.
“AGGGGGHHHH,” I yelled out in pain as I fell to the floor.
“Now you die,” he yelled, pinning me down with his legs. All I could see was his lance coming down right for my chest…
- End of Chapter Six -

The Dragon Master: Chapter Seven

“DIE, BOB,” the teal-cloaked man yelled as his lance came closer to my already freely bleeding chest. Right before the lance had got there, a jet of water came and knocked the teal-cloaked man off of me. Brock came, picked me up, and followed Misty, who was running after the others. Then, I blacked out.
“How long do you think he’ll be out?”
“I dunno, he took a pretty bad gash to the chest.”
“He’s lucky that it didn’t hit anything vital.” These were the voices that I heard as I awoke. I opened my eyes and it was Misty and Erika sitting above me.
“Hey there,” Misty said as she smiled.
“Where are we,” I asked. As I took a look of my surroundings, it looked like we were in a barn of some type.
“We’re at the MooMoo Farm,” Erika explained. “The farmer here told you to drink this as soon as you got up.” She handed me a glass of their famous MooMoo milk. I tried to sit up, but Misty put her hands on the uninjured part of my chest to stop me. That’s when I noticed that I had no shirt, and blood soaked bandages were wrapped around my chest.
“Where are the others,” I asked as I drank the milk.
“Waiting inside the house,” Erika said. “They told me to come get them when you awakened. I’ll leave you two alone.” Then she walked out of the barn and went into the house next to it.
“How long was I out,” I asked Misty as I finished that milk. I actually did feel stronger.
“About three and a half hours,” Misty replied. “But you did get pretty beat up.” We were moving closer as we had done that one night in the clearing. Our lips were a few millimeters away…
“Hey, Bob, how you doing,” Ash said as he entered the barn with his black cloak on. Misty and I acted like we were just waiting for the others. The other six Masters followed him in and all of them immediately crowded around me.
“I’m fine,” I told them. “We leave tomorrow morning.”
“What,” Janine exclaimed. “How can we leave tomorrow when you’re not even better yet?”
“I heal quickly,” I explained. “All Dragon Master’s do. Did you see the teal-cloaked man? He was fine and I slashed him across the chest a couple of days ago.”
“This is crazy,” Erika said. “Misty, you’re not gonna let him do this, are you?”
“Yes,” she said. “Yes I will. We will take on the League and defeat them, just him and I if we must. We’re leaving tomorrow morning, like he said.” With that, everybody went back into the house where they were going to stay for the night.
When we awoke the next morning, we got ready and set out for Ecruteak City. We were in disguise in the clothes that we created with our Mastery. As we were walking down the road to Ecruteak City, I felt that we were being watched by something. I tried to remember back to the days that I was traveling this route. I gave up on that, as I had more important things to do. We were walking along in silence, until Sabrina said something.
“Where’s Misty at,” Sabrina said, looking puzzled. “My mind didn’t detect that she was gone.” I, however, knew something was wrong. Sabrina would know about it unless…
“Head on to Ecruteak City,” I told them. “I will not be long.” Then I ran off the other way. I was walking down the route back to the MooMoo Farm when many powerful psychic blasts went through my head. I collapsed to the ground. Those were so powerful that only a Master could use produce. And a Master it was. Will teleported right beside me. He put one of his hands on my back and teleported us away. I then blacked out.
“Wake up,” a voice said in my head. “Wake up.” It was Will, the first of the Elite Four and a Psychic Master. “WAKE UP!” The last one was loud and a psychic blast followed. I opened my eyes involuntarily. Will was using his telekinesis to hold me down. When he had stopped, I noticed that Misty was right beside me. All he did was look at her and she burst out in pain.
“AAAAGGGGGHHHH,” she yelled and then went quiet again.
“Now Bob,” Will started, “you must know by now that the League has been abducting Masters and taking them away.”
“Do the other Elite Four and Lance know about this,” I asked him.
“Yes,” he said. “Well, Lance doesn’t. He thinks were on a ‘Special mission.’ We were more than willing after we knew that you had killed Delilah. I was given certain orders by a higher power than I, that any Masters found in company with you, should be killed. Now, I’ll start with her.”
“No,” I yelled in his face.
“No,” Will questioned me. “And why not? If you wish. I shall not kill her.” I sighed in relief. “You will.” I looked at his face in utter hatred.
“You can’t make me do anything,” I told him.
“How can you be so sure,” he argued with me. “I can control you if I want. And I do.” I felt myself lift off the ground, and to my surprise, I raised my arms and called my teal katana. I was going to stab Misty!
“No,” I told myself out loud, “I will not kill Misty. There is no way in h*** that she will die now, at my hands. I WILL NOT!” I had yelled that last part and broke the psychic hold over me. I went over to Will in the blink of an eye, and sliced right over his wrist. I saw his hand fall off. He looked at me and teleported away. His hand remained there, blood still flowing out of it. I degenerated my katana and went over to Misty. She was still unconscious, so I picked her up and went down the route to Ecruteak City after the others.
When I had reached them, they were just entering the gate into town. When I had reached the guard, he told me to get Misty to a hospital right away. He asked if I needed any assistance.
“No,” I replied quickly as saw a wanted poster of me inside his post. I ran inside Ecruteak City and quickly spotted the others at the entrance of Morty’s Gym. I ran inside after them with Misty in my arms. Morty was having a gym battle with a trainer in there. Sabrina ran out onto the arena and stopped the battle. I then ran up to Morty and started talking to him.
“Morty,” I started, “the League is kidnapping Pokemon Masters and taking them to the League. We don’t know what they’re doing to them. All that we know is that you’re a Master and you have to come with us to stop the League and the Elite Four.”
“I’m not a Master,” Morty denied.
“This device says you are,” I said as I turned on the HED that Professor Oak had given me. I pointed it at Morty and it went crazy. The type said Ghost.
“That’s probably just my pokemon,” Morty said with a wave of his hand.
“Nope,” I contradicted him. “HED stands for Human Elemental Device. As it is pointing to you, and it says ghost, you are Ghost Master. If you don’t come with us, the League will kill you.”
“Okay let’s go,” Morty said as a put my device away. His eyes turned a light purple and his cloak appeared.
“I thought he said that he wasn’t a Master,” Erika suspiciously said.
“I lied,” he simply said. “I just didn’t want to be affiliated with you people. I didn’t want the League thinking that I was working against them.” He then walked right though the wall of his gym and proceeded outside. We all followed him, except we opened the door. Morty was waiting for use outside in a light purple T-shirt and pants.
“So,” Morty asked, “where are we headed next?”
“Goldenrod City,” I explained. “We’re going to get Whitney, then Busgy at Azalea Town, finally, Falkner at Violet City.” Misty then awoke.
“Where are we,” she asked dazedly.
“Ecruteak City,” I replied, “and now were heading to Goldenrod City.”
“Uh… there may be a bit of a problem with that,” Erika said, worried. Soldiers, hundreds and hundreds of League soldiers. Ecruteak City had just quadrupled its population.
“There has to be a way out,” I said. Misty was now walking on her own, mostly because of the shock of all the soldiers there.
“Come to think of it,” Morty said, “there’s an abandoned sewer that heads out on the route going to Goldenrod City.”
“Any other ways,” Janine asked hopefully.
“It doesn’t even smell down there,” Morty reassured her. “It hasn’t even been used for 30 years. We got a new one that long ago. As we don’t have much time, I suppose that we should get going.” Morty led the way, as the rest of us followed. We all climbed down and put the lid back on just as the soldiers tramped above us. As we went down, it got dark, so Misty threw out a blue pokeball.
“Togetic, Flash,” she ordered as the evolved form of Togepi with wings came out and lit up our path. We were walking for quite a bit when Morty suddenly stopped.
“O s***,” Morty cursed. “There’s a huge puddle of toxic waste from here all the way to the end.”
“Toxic waste, you say,” Janine asked with one eyebrow raised. “I just might be able to help out here. Just let me through.” She walked up past Morty. Her eyes glowed bright purple as she spread her hands apart, and the toxic waste spread enough for us to get through.
“I don’t think that she can hold it if we walk,” Morty said, because he knew the length of the tunnel. “We’ll have to sprint to the end.” He took off in a dead sprint and we all followed him, Jasmine in last because poison doesn’t affect steel. We finally saw light up ahead. The end of the tunnel. The light was blocked off. Something wasn’t right here. As we got closer, we saw that it was a massive pile of Grimer, waiting for us to get there so they could attack. As they all started to throw sludge bombs at us, we had to dodge and we all threw our attacks back at them. There was a huge explosion. Not only was that enough to faint them, it was also enough to blow off the grate. When we finally got out of the sewer, we saw the Goldenrod City Skyline in the distance. We were almost there. We had almost finished our quest. Almost is not good enough.
As we continued to head for Goldenrod City, nothing happened to us. There were no League guards, soldiers, trainers, or Masters attacking us. This was too easy. There had to be something behind it all. What, however, I wasn’t sure. All that I knew was that we had to get there, before we were ambushed.
“Let’s pick up the pace,” I said to the others. “I have a bad feeling about this place. A very bad feeling.” We started to run towards our destination. I didn’t know where we were going to stay when we got there, but I knew that we had to get Whitney. Wham! Someone’s Tauros had just rammed into me and had me pinned against the tree.
“AAGGHH,” I yelled as the Tauros was still charging, though its horns were stuck to the tree.
“Sleep Powder,” Erika yelled as she held out her hand over the Tauros. The trainer was coming down the hill as the Tauros fell asleep.
“O my gosh,” the trainer said, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah,” I replied. “I’m fine.”
“What the h*** do you think you’re doing,” Duplica exclaimed. She had been quiet for some time now. “Letting your Tauros run wild and hurting people like that. Do you know what I should do to you? I should-”
“I’m fine,” I cut her off and steered her further down the path. “We’ll just be on our way sir.” He looked like he didn’t believe me. I heard him mutter something under his breath as he returned his Tauros to its pokeball.
“Duplica,” I said, “I know, I wanted to hyper beam his a**, but I couldn’t. We have to stay as secluded as possible. We can’t go in and fight every battle. We just have to go on to Goldenrod City and get Whitney.”
“Bob,” Sabrina said, “I heard him mutter something under his breath after we left, psychically, I mean.”
“What did he say,” I asked, fearing what the answer would be.
“He said, ‘There’s no way on Earth that a teenager could walk away from an attack like that. He’s gotta be a Master,’” she said.
“So much for staying secluded,” Duplica said in a smart-alecky tone.
“Be quiet,” I ordered her. “We have to stay as private as possible. That means not worrying about it and just taking it.” We continued to walk to Goldenrod City. It was dark when we got there, and there was something going on in the middle of the city. It was the trainer with the Tauros.
“There are ten Pokemon Masters coming to Goldenrod City,” the trainer was yelling into a microphone. “Wee must drive them out of town before it’s too late. Ah…there they are now.” He pointed at us. Most of them had torches and other weapons. “Go get ‘em.” With that, the crowd started to chase us down the street. This was not the kind of welcome that we wanted. But this wasn’t ours to decide. The mob of people came closer. There was no way out…
- End of Chapter Seven -

The Dragon Master: Chapter Eight

We were running away, wondering how we were going to get out of this predicament, when an ice beam came out of nowhere and formed a wall stopping the mob. I looked from where the ice beam had come from. There was a woman standing on top of the roof of the Goldenrod City gym wearing a light blue Master’s cloak. She saw my gaze and ran away. We ended up right in front of the Goldenrod City Gym. Whitney was watching us from the window and opened it.
“Come on in,” Whitney said hurriedly. “We have to get out of here.” As we got in, we saw that she was wearing a gray cloak.
“Ah,” Morty said as he walked through the wall. “Whitney, the Normal Master. One of the Masters that cannot defeat me.”
“Hey,” Whitney retorted, “The only reason that I can’t beat you is because we always get into a stalemate.”
“We have to get out of here,” I said, cutting them off. “Whitney, is there any way out of this town without going past them.”
“Well,” she said, “it depends where we’re going. If we’re going to Ecruteak, which I don’t think we are since Morty is here, just go through the gate. But I guess we’re heading to Azalea, so we’re going to have to go straight through them.”
“Great,” I said as I sat down on the floor. “There’s no way that we can get past all of them.”
“Maybe there is,” Morty said, “If we scare them.” He had a devilish look on his face.
“What do you have in mind,” Brock asked. He was intrigued.
“What are the biggest thing that non-Masters are afraid of,” Morty asked everybody. He waited for somebody to answer. As no one did, he continued. “Ghosts.” His eyes grew a light purple color, and hundreds of Gastlys, Haunters, Gengars, and Misdreavuses appeared all around them.
“Ok, we know how to get them away,” Misty said, “but how are we gonna get past that big ice wall?”
“I have the answer to that,” I said, “Morty, come with me.” I sent out all of my pokemon. “Scarlet, Dragon, Dragonite, Flare, Puff, use Flamethrower on that wall on my signal. Aeroy, use your Fire Blast on that same signal…NOW!” Their flame attacks combined and hit the wall. Soon it was nothing but a huge puddle of water.
“Go,” Morty commanded his ghost pokemon. They went and they scared all the people of the mob. “Now’s our chance.” We ran through all the scared people and went right through the gate. After we had left, the ghost pokemon left and the townspeople were left there, wondering where the Masters had gone off to.
We were still running towards Ilex Forest while the crowd was wondering where we had gone. Once we had reached it, we stopped running because we knew that we had lost them.
“How are we ever going to get through this forest,” Duplica asked.
“I was hoping that someone had a pokemon with cut,” I replied to her. “Anybody? O well, we’ll have to improvise.” I generated my teal katana and twirled it around my hands. I then started slashing at the brush stopping us from getting through. After about an hour of slashing, I realized that this was getting us nowhere because I saw cut marks from a half-hour ago.
“Don’t tell me we’re lost,” said Erika
“Okay,” I told her. “I won’t tell you.”
“I should have just done this from the beginning,” Erika said waving her hands up in the air. She pointed the trees and they bent aside, leaving us a path to Azalea Town.
“Maybe you should have done that from the beginning,” Brock agreed.
“Don’t start with me,” Erika snapped at him. None of us even talked to Erika on the way there. After about 10 minutes, I realized that there was beside the Ilex Forest shrine. I ran over to it, and looked at it. It was the G/S ball!
“Hey,” I called to the others. “I found something.” I decided that it must have fell out while the others ran over to me.
“What is it,” Duplica asked, “it looks just like a gold and silver pokeball.”
“Hey it’s the G/S ball,” Ash exclaimed. “Kurt never did tell me what to do with it.”
“It must have fell out of the shrine,” Sabrina said, intrigued.
“I guess that I should put it back in,” I said, while I put it back in. The G/S ball started to glow, and it opened. Inside was a letter:
I used to be here when I was young,
But I moved on to a different time.
You will most likely not see me,
For all of your lifetime.
Many years back, and many years forward.
That is where I live.
Yet I am not in the present,
But I have a gift to give.
The gift I have is timeless,
Nothing that you’ve ever seen.
The reason that it is timeless,
Is because that the gift is me.
You have discovered a mystery,
That is solved and yet it is not.
For I have seen all the corruption,
Of all the battles that have been fought.
I leave you with these wise words,
That have helped me through my life.
Never try to make peace,
Unless you are prepared for strife.
Now I must leave you,
As it is my time to go.
The question is who am I?
As of this, you may or may not already know.
“What does it mean,” Erika asked. I had my face looking directly at where the League was located at.
“What it means,” I answered. “Once we took upon the weight of the world, we can never put it down. We have to continue with our quest. What happens when you drop something fragile?” They looked at me, not understanding what I was saying. “It breaks.” I then picked up the G/S ball, and let it slide out of my hand. It shattered when it hit the ground below us. They were all looking upon the shattered remnants of the G/S ball. For the G/S ball wasn’t a pokeball at all, it was a model of the Earth, and what would happen if the Masters fell, and dropped the fragile world with it. We had to stop the League, there was no way that we could fail. We couldn’t. I walked on, though the others were still standing at the shrine. Soon, one by one, they left and followed me. Until, only Sabrina stood there, as a single tear ran down her unemotional face, for she understood. She then walked after the rest of us.
We entered Azalea Town solemnly, after what we had witnessed at the shrine. I proceeded directly to the gym, where Bugsy was located. The others following me, in the same mood as I was. The bug trainers that ranked below him in his gym did not try and stop us, though they recognized that we were Masters. They showed me the way to Bugsy, who was training his bug pokemon.
“Bob,” Bugsy asked questioningly as I walked in. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in jail for murder.”
“I was framed by the League,” I explained as I generated my Masters cloak. The others walked in behind me and generated their cloaks, too. “I didn’t kill Delilah.”
“I knew it,” Busgy exclaimed, “I knew you weren’t a cold-blooded killer.”
“Yes,” I hastily agreed. “But we have to take you with us.”
“Why,” he asked of me.
“Because,” I told him, “you’re a Bug Master.”
“How do you know that,” he asked as I pulled out the HED and pointed it at him. It beeped and said Bug at the top. “Fine, I’ll come with you.” He generated his light green cloak, gathered up his bug pokemon, and led the way out of his gym.
“Where are we going next,” Duplica asked as we walked down the street out of town.
“Violet City,” I replied to her. “We just have to get Falkner and we’re done getting our Masters. She took a quick count of how many people we would have.
“But that means that we would only have thirteen Masters,” she said, sounding worried. “The League has been abducting all of those others Masters. They must have at least a hundred.”
“Your point,” I asked her, getting a little annoyed.
“We won’t have enough,” she continued, not noticing that I was becoming annoyed.
“How many we have doesn’t matter,” I assured her. “What matters is that we take over the League without any fatalities if possible. Now, let’s just go through Union Cave as quickly and as quietly as possible.” We continued until we got to the entrance, where we entered.
“I’ve got an idea to make this trip shorter,” Brock said. He held his hands against the rock wall and his eyes glowed brown. The rock started to morph and a hole appeared. The hole grew larger until it was big enough for us to go through. It looked like we were right at the exit.
“Nice one Brock,” Ash congratulated him as we all proceeded to the exit. It was quite bright outside, considering that it was nine o’clock.
“If we hurry,” I said, “we can still make it to Violet City in time.” We ran and didn’t stop. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it in time and stopped at a PokeCenter for the night. There was only nurse Joy and her Blissey there, so we hoped that they wouldn’t ask many questions.
“There’s beds in the back,” Nurse Joy said cheerfully. We quickly walked back to the beds. I got into one of the top bunks and Misty went under. Ash took the bottom bunk on the other side and Brock took the top. The other eight Masters went off to different rooms. Janine, Erika, Sabrina, and Whitney went off to one room, and Morty, Jasmine, Duplica, and Bugsy went off to another.
We awoke very early that morning, as we wanted to get out of the PokeCenter before Nurse Joy was up. Alas, she was already up and her Blissey was making us breakfast. Sabrina tried to persuade her, but the rest of us had not eaten for a while and were quite hungry. After we ate and were about to leave, Nurse Joy called me over to the counter to talk to me.
“Listen,” she said, “I know that you twelve are Masters. But I also know what the League is up to. If a League soldier stops here, I’ll cover for you guys. Just get yourselves out of here. Falkner isn’t at his gym. He’s training in the field that you will come to right after Violet. Don’t ask any questions, just take him and go. You guys are running out of time.” She then winked at me and went back into the halls.
“What was that all about,” Erika asked.
“I just got some information that will help us to find Falkner,” I replied. “Let’s go.” It took us about an hour to reach Violet City. There weren’t any League troops there, and that was a good sign. We proceeded to go out of town, just as Nurse Joy had instructed us.
“Mistress Erika,” a voice questioningly asked from the bushes beside us. We followed the voice and we found a young girl, with some pokeballs on her belt. “What are you doing here? Isn’t you’re gym in Celadon City? That’s all the way in Kanto.” She was evidently a bird trainer from Falkner’s Gym. That’s what her uniform looked like anyway.
“Cassandra,” Erika said as she saw the young girl. “I see that you got a position as an underling.”
“Yeah,” she replied.
“Cassandra was an underling for me,” said Erika, “but she decided that she liked flying pokemon better. So I got her a position in this Gym.”
“Um…Cassandra,” Misty said as she approached her. “We’re looking for Falkner. Can you take us to him?”
“Sure, follow me,” Cassandra answered as she took off into the field. “Master Falkner, Master Falkner! Some people are here to see you.”
“Ah…” Falkner said as he spotted me. “I was wondering when you were going to ask me, the Flying Master, to join your group to take on the League. I would assume that that’s why you’re here, Bob.”
“You assume correctly, Falkner,” I agreed with him. “We are here for you to join us. Will you?”
“Yes,” he replied firmly. “The League has taken away countless Masters from Kanto and Johto. We must put a stop to it. I will come with you.” He then generated his gray Masters Cloak.
“Good, then let’s head to New Bark Town,” I said. “I have some unfinished business there and then we will continue on to the League headquarters.”
“I know a shortcut,” Falkner said. “Follow me.” He then took off for the other end of the field. We all followed him and we came to a very large tree. Falkner walked up to the tree and evidently said a password. “Zephyr.” The tree then split down the middle, leaving a pathway large enough for us to walk through. It looked at bit like an elevator shaft. We all got in. The tree closed again, and we felt like we were moving downwards.
“Where does this go,” Duplica asked.
“It goes about fifty feet down, then we get out and start walking,” Falkner replied to her. “When the passage ends, it comes up on the end of Route 46. Then, it’s only a little walk towards New Bark Town. Bob can finish his business, and we will head on to the Elite Four.” We continued to walk. The passage started to go at an uphill slant, and it started to get hot in there. We finally saw light up ahead and we all ran towards the exit. As Falkner had said, we were on Route 46. We walked through the checkpoint between Routes 46 and 29, and headed off towards new Bark Town.
It was nearly dark by the time we reached there. It looked like it was going to rain. Nobody lived at my old house anymore, so we were all going to stay there for the night.
“I gotta go do something,” I said as I left the other twelve at my house.
“Do you want me to come with you,” Misty asked comfortingly.
“No,” I said. “I just want to be alone right now.” Misty was going to run out after me anyway, but Sabrina stopped her.
“He wants to grieve for Delilah,” Sabina said knowingly. “He hasn’t had time to since he’s been running from the League.” Misty just stood there, watching me go into the distance.
I knew where I was going. I was headed to the cemetery. Sabrina knew what I was going to do. As I entered the cemetery, it started to rain. I noticed Delilah’s headstone right away. I went over to it and read what was on it. It said:
Delilah Angela Largway
October 23, 1957-August 1, 2002
Beloved Mother
Lance and Bob shall miss her for all eternity
I read the inscription on her headstone. I would miss her. She was the only reason that I am doing this; taking on the League. I generated a teal rose from my hands and placed it in a flower holder. I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry that you had to go through this, Bob,” a soft voice said as I turned around to see who it was. The teal-cloaked man was standing there, with his hand on my shoulder…
- End of Chapter Eight -

The Dragon Master: Chapter Nine

I immediately jumped up and got away from him before he tried anything. He didn’t call his lance, or even come towards me. He just stood there, rain coming down on top of the both of us.
“I know what you are going through,” the teal cloaked man said to me.
“How would you even know,” I said with anger on my face.
“I guess you’re right,” the teal cloaked man said. “I wouldn’t know. It’s just an expression that people use when someone loses a loved one.”
“What do you want,” I said, the anger rising.
“It was a beautiful eulogy,” the teal cloaked man said, apparently not listening to me. My anger faded away quickly and confusion replaced it.
“How would you know,” I asked him.
“Because I gave the eulogy,” he stated. I was in shock. The murderer of Delilah had given her eulogy. I didn’t know who gave the eulogy, as I wasn’t even there.
“Who are you,” I asked him. He didn’t even reply. He lifted his hands to his hood and pulled it down. For the first time, I saw who the teal cloaked man was. It was Lance.
“How could you,” I asked in wonder. “How could you kill the woman that gave you life?”
“Easy. I took my lance and stabbed her,” Lance said, shrugging his shoulders. “She had served her purpose.”
“What was her purpose,” I asked through gritted teeth.
“She had me,” Lance simply stated. Behind my back, I generated my katana and charged. He immediately took off his cloak and sprouted wings. I followed him. We flew out of the cemetery and off towards New Bark Town. We flew right by my old house where the other twelve Masters were waiting for me. Misty was still standing at the doorway.
“Bob,” she wondered out loud as Lance and I flew past. “Guys, let’s go. Bob’s got the teal cloaked man. It’s Lance!” She then dived in the water west of New Bark Town and Surfed across. She was about ten foot behind me. When she had hit the land, she just kept on surfing. Falkner had sprouted feathery wings from his back and was flying behind her. Duplica had changed into an Alakazam and was teleporting a couple of people away. Sabrina was doing the same. Soon, all of the Masters on my side were in pursuit of Lance and I. He was headed for the League. I couldn’t let him reach it. It was too late he was already in the doors. I followed him and the other twelve Masters followed me.
When we all got in there, there were thirteen Masters waiting for us in there. They were hidden in the shadows so we couldn’t see their faces. As the lights came on, their faces were revealed. We had thirteen Masters, and they had thirteen Masters. It was fair…or was it? I knew whom I was going to take. I pulled off my cloak and let it fall to the floor. My twelve companions did the same. Lance pulled off his cloak and let it fall to the ground. His twelve companions did the same. They were Karen, a Dark Master; Bruno, a Fighting Master; Koga, a Poison Master; Will, a Psychic Master; Chuck, a Fighting Master; Pryce, an Ice Master; Blaine, a Fire Master; Giovanni, a Ground Master; Lt. Surge, a Thunder Master; Aya, a Poison Master; Clair, a Dragon Master; and Agatha, a Ghost Master. All of them against Misty, a Water Master; Ash, a Dark Master; Brock, a Rock Master; Duplica, a Change Master; Janine, a Poison Master; Sabrina, a Psychic Master; Erika, a Grass Master; Morty, a Ghost Master; Whitney, a Normal Master; Busgy, a Bug Master; and Falkner, a Flying Master. They would all fight while Lance and I would fight each other.
“Let’s begin this, Bob,” Lance said quietly.
“Ladies first,” I insulted him. He screamed in rage and came towards me with his lance. I ran towards him, my katana raised. Lt. Surge came towards Misty with a double-bladed axe made of pure electricity. She quickly blocked with her twin blue sai knives. Bruno came directly for Ash with no weapon but started to punch away as Ash repeatedly dodged his huge fists. Lance’s cousin, Clair, came right for Brock and started to send dragon attacks at him while he blocked them with his stone sword. Will came at Duplica with a foot-long psychic knife like Sabrina’s. Duplica transformed into Will and another psychic knife, which startled him. Janine ran at her father, Koga, and slapped him across the face. He looked surprised, yet mad and generated his katana, as did his daughter, and whichever one struck flesh first would send the other into a slow, painful death. Karen came right for Sabrina with a bow and arrow made out of complete shadows. Sabrina tried to counterattack her, but dark is immune to psychic. Aya, Koga’s sister and Janine’s aunt, jumped immediately towards Erika with her poison-tipped katana while Erika created her ebony staff and blocked all of Aya’s swipes. Giovanni, my father, came directly at Jasmine with a sword made out of what seemed like dirt. She countered with a shield and sword made from sharp steel. Agatha came at Morty and threw a shadow ball at him. He dodged it, and made a ghostly set of double two-foot long apiece swords. Agatha retaliated with a ghostly blade. Chuck came at Whitney with no weapon, like Bruno, and started to use a Dynamic Punch. Whitney used a Counter, and the blasted back at him. Blaine came at Bugsy with a double-bladed flaming sword. Bugsy counted with morphing his arms into Scyther blades, and blocking Blaine. Pryce came at Falkner riding a wave of ice. He created double-ice blades and went off, slashing at him. Falkner made a sword with a hilt of a bird on it, created his wings, and blocked Pryce’s swings.
Lance and I were still swinging our chosen weapons at each other. We were blocking and parrying, swiping and slashing, each of us aiming to kill. I looked him straight in the eye and saw only hatred staring back. Why did he hate me so much? Why did he hate Delilah? I had top answer these questions later, as there was a huge battle going on. Twenty-six Masters, all fighting to the death. Lance and I, mostly. Out of all the Masters, it was I that drew first blood. I slashed Lance across the arm; just to tell him that I wasn’t playing games, that I was here for revenge. For revenge is so sweet. He responded with more furious slashing and jabbing with his lance. He then backed up, away from my reach, and made his weapon twice as deadly. A spearhead formed on the other end of his lance, and the lance itself grew in length. After Lance was done making that adjustment, he came in furiously.
“You can’t win, Bob,” Lance said to me, still swinging his double-tipped lance. “You people are nothing for vigilantes.”
“But we’re not vigilantes,” I argued, swinging my teal katana all the harder. “Vigilantes don’t have a cause. We do.” This made Lance even more furious as he sped up his swipes.
Misty and Lt. Surge were slashing and jabbing at each other also. Misty was blocking every one of Lt. Surge’s swings of his bulky weapon. Misty kicked his legs out from underneath of him, and the eight-foot giant came tumbling back down. She was about to finish him when he sent a zap cannon at her. It hit her full blast and she was thrown backwards. She was lying against the wall, unable to move from the zap cannon. Lt. Surge went over and picked up his axe and walked over to Misty.
“Any last words, little baby,” Lt. Surge asked Misty as he raised his axe over his head.
“No,” she said. “Just a last action.” She came up with her foot and nailed him in the crotch. He fell down to the floor, whimpering like a wounded dog.
“Ouch,” he said, still whimpering.
“Now who’s the baby,” Misty asked as she went over and picked up her knives.
Bruno was still punching at Ash, yet he wasn’t even connecting a single blow. Ash couldn’t use dark attacks against Bruno, as they wouldn’t be very effective. As Bruno was punching and Ash was dodging, Ash went on the offensive and used a roundhouse kick on Bruno right in the stomach. He followed with many different punching combinations combined with kicks. That tables just turned as Bruno was now on the defensive and Ash on the offensive. Ash sent a fake punch and then a drop kick right on Bruno’s nose. This knocked him out and gave him a broken nose.
Brock and Clair were still going at it, with Brock dodging and Clair sending attacks. She sent a twister at him, which Brock promptly got out of the way, just in time. Clair then did a flip over Brock and landed behind him. Brock turned around and blocked Clair’s kick with his arm. The impact of Clair’s leg on Brock stony arm left Clair’s leg in much pain and Brock’s arm just fine. He then sent a rockslide at her and she was buried under a huge pile of rocks.
Will and Duplica-Will were still stabbing and dodging with their Psychic knives. Will seemed to be getting tired and that’s when Duplica caught him off guard. She then transformed into an Umbreon and used its faint attack. Will tried to stop her with a Psychic, but it didn’t even affect her. She finished the faint attack and Will was left lying on the ground, unconscious.
Janine and her father, Koga, were slashing away with their poison tipped katanas. One nick to the skin from either of them would deliver a fatal dosage of poison directly into the other’s bloodstream. Neither of them got a hit off, because neither of them wanted to get a hit off. They weren’t sure why the other one was here, and which side was at fault. They just continued their dance of death, blocking and parrying.
Karen was still shooting at Sabrina, and Sabrina still dodging the dark-arrows. She had no chance to hit Karen with a Psychic blow, so she teleported away. Karen was very confused.
“Where are you,” Karen shouted into nowhere. She had and arrow in her bow, ready to fire. Sabrina teleported in behind her, with Karen not noticing. She tapped Karen on the shoulder, and when Karen looked at her, Sabrina punched her in the face, knocking her out.
Erika and Aya were still attacking and counterattacking each other, each one trying to penetrate into a weak spot. Erika was thinking that she couldn’t let Aya touch her with that blade, because that meant instant death. Erika had a plan. While Aya made a downward cut, Erika quickly got out of the way, throwing Aya off balance. Erika then hit Aya on the back of her neck, sending her face-first into the wall and knocking her out.
Giovanni was still attacking Jasmine with his dirt blade, her blocking it with her steel one. Giovanni sent an earthquake right at Jasmine’s feet, taking her down. She then kicked his feet out from underneath him, making him fall. She just knocked him out with the butt of her sword.
Morty and Agatha were still swinging their blades at one another, Morty twirling around so he could get some leverage. But Agatha was quicker than she looked. She was about to send her blade right through his heart, but Morty sent a shadow ball right at her face.
“Fast, but low hp,” Morty said as his blades disappeared and Agatha fell to the floor.
Whitney was still dodging Chuck’s blows, and he started to get tired. She then used a double team, making it appear that there were more than one of her. Chuck was confused now, and Whitney came in and finished him off with a stomp right to his forehead.
Bugsy and Blaine were going still. Well, mostly just Blaine. He was sending fire blasts at Bugsy, and Bugsy was badly burned. Bugsy hid behind a pillar while the fire blasts hit it, melting it further and further.
“I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die,” Bugsy kept repeating as the fire blasts got faster. All of a sudden, the fire blasts stopped, and Bugsy built up the courage to look around what was left of the pillar. Blaine appeared to be frozen solid somehow. Bugsy decided that he would find out later and ran off towards the others.
Falkner and Pryce were still fighting with their weapons of choice and Pryce sent ice beams at Falkner was out of his reach. Finally, Pryce got annoyed and sent a blizzard that followed Falkner around. Falkner just stopped near the ground and let the blizzard consume him.
“Ha,” Pryce said as he went into the blizzard to finish him off. “I’ve got him now.” He stopped the blizzard and there Falkner stood, a little shivering, but conscious all the same. Falkner then used his most powerful wing attack before Pryce could finish him. That knocked him out right away.
Koga and Janine were still going at it, with sweat pouring down their faces. Koga was looking at his daughter with inquisitive eyes and Janine was looking at her father the same way.
“Why are you here,” Koga asked, unrelenting in his skirmishing with his only daughter.
“To stop the League,” she replied, also not stopping.
“To stop the League from what,” Koga continued the conversation. “All the League ever did was-”
“Take anybody with the Mastery into custody,” Janine cut him off. “They were going to take me, Father. They were going to take me away somewhere, just because I happened to have a gift. If it hadn’t been for Bob and the others, I don’t know where I’d be.”
“What are you talking about,” Koga denied. “The League never tried to do anything of the sort.”
“Yes they did,” Janine persisted. “They tried to take all of us. We just couldn’t take it anymore. We had to do something to stop the League. I just have one thing to ask.”
“I’ll be honest with you,” Koga told his daughter. “Anything that you ask.” They had continued fighting with their katanas this entire time.
“Did you or Aunt Aya know,” Janine asked her father.
“No,” Koga answered. “No, we did not. The League called us up here so we came. That is the only reason that we are still fighting.”
“Then why should we continue,” Janine asked, with tears in her eyes. They stopped fighting that very moment. They both dropped their katanas to the floor, and embraced.
Lance and I, however, were not so forgiving. We both wanted the other dead. Lance’s hair was soaked with sweat, and I had not even started to sweat. I didn’t have the time. I was too busy making sure that Lance would be killed. I had to finish this soon. I sped up my pace and so did Lance. He faked me on way, and shot another. I dodged both of them but ended up on my back.
“I was always just a little bit better than you, little bro,” Lance said. “In pokemon, fighting, life in general, you always came up a little bit short. Don’t worry, that won’t happen again.” He was about to shove his lance into my heart. My katana was inches away from my hand. Suddenly, an ice beam shot out from nowhere. Lance looked away from me, his lance still raised above his head. This was my chance. I stretched and grabbed my teal katana. I then shoved it right through Lance’s heart. He looked at me.
“You won, little bro,” Lance said. He then fell over, dead. I stood up and looked for the others. They were all walking towards the middle, bringing the knocked out Masters with them. The only enemy Master that was not knocked out was Koga, who explained to me later, that he and Aya knew nothing about abducting Masters. Blaine was frozen in a solid block of ice. I wondered how that had happened. Pryce was busy with Falkner at the time, and he was also on the other side. That’s when I saw her again. The woman standing in the doorway in a light blue Master’s cloak; the one that had saved us in Goldenrod City that night. Once she saw my gaze, she immediately ran away. I followed her on my wings. She was surprisingly fast and I couldn’t catch up with her she was out of view before I landed. I piece of paper drifted down from the sky. It fell in my hands and I read it:
Dearest Bob,
I know that you know who your parents are. You found out at the Cherrygrove City orphanage that your father and I put you in when you were born. Then your father, Giovanni, told you anyway. I am truly sorry for everything that I have put you through. If I could have kept you, I assure you that I would have. But the fact is, is that your father and I could not have provided for you at the time. I just hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I have never forgotten about you. I never will forget about you. I have watched you throughout the years and have watched you grow. You are my son, and I am very sorry about your loss of Delilah. You loved her very much, as she did you. She loved you as her own. You have endured much pain and suffering in the past month, and that shows the man that you have become. I love you, and I will see you soon.

Love Your Mother,
Lorelei, The Ice Master

After I was through reading the letter, I realized the sacrifice that my mom had made for me. She gave me up for a better life, though she could not bear it. I have never met my mother, yet I know her. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, I just know that she is always with me.
I walked slowly back to the Palace of the Elite Four. Misty was waiting for me at the door.
“We defeated the League,” Misty exclaimed as she threw her arms around me. “What’s wrong?” I tucked the letter inside my cloak as I walked back in. I didn’t feel like sharing it with anybody yet, not even Misty.
“I’m fine,” I replied.
“Who were you chasing,” Janine asked, her father by her side.
“No one,” I said. “Let’s go home.”
“But Bob,” Koga said. “This is your home. You defeated the League Champion. So now, you are the League Champion.”
“I don’t know, Koga,” I said. “I don’t think that I’m worthy to stand up there with you, Will, Karen, and Bruno.”
“And give me one good reason why not,” Koga persisted. “You waltzed through us four and almost beat Lance. And today, you did.” I was considering it. I seriously was. I looked at Misty, and made up my mind.
“Koga,” I told him. “I’m gonna have to accept your offer.” He smiled. I then kissed Misty on the lips as we had been interrupted so many times before.
It has been a year since the phenomenal takeover of the “evil” League by me and twelve other Pokemon Masters. I am battling a red-haired boy about my age, with his Feraligatr. It’s just his Feraligatr and my Puff left.
“Feraligatr,” the red-haired kid yelled at his pokemon. “Use your Blizzard!” His Feraligatr obeyed and ice shot everywhere.
“Puff,” I shouted, “counterattack with Thunder!” Electricity exploded from Puff and hit the Feraligatr. Amazingly, the Feraligatr got back up after being hit with the powerful blast.
“Feraligatr, Hydro Pump,” the red-haired kid screamed at his pokemon. A blast of water came towards Puff.
“Puff,” I said quietly, “Elemental Imbalance!” Right before the spray of water hit Puff, he turned into pure blue energy and knocked down the Feraligatr. It didn’t get back up.
“Feraligatr is unable to battle,” the referee declared. “The winner of this round and the match is the Champion!” The kid returned his Feraligatr to its pokeball and walked over to me. Misty ran to me from the bench in the dugout that she was sitting in alongside the arena.
“Good match,” I said, holding out my hand for him to shake. He looked at it for a second, and then he spit on it.
“You’re nothing but a f****** murderer,” he said to me.
“My name was cleared,” I replied politely as I wiped my hand on a handkerchief in my pocket.
“I don’t care,” he said in my face. I turned and started to walk away with Misty. “Fine, walk off with your whore.” That was it. He could insult me all day long and I wouldn’t even care, but if he insulted Misty…I ran at him and held him up by his shirt.
“What did you say,” I asked him, rage in my face.
“Ah,” he said. “I see that I have touched a nerve.”
“More like slashed it to pieces,” I said. Two guards came up to the red-haired kid and me.
“Sir,” one of them said to me. “Should I take this young man away?”
“Yeah,” I replied, letting him go. “Show him out.”
“You should have just let me win,” the red-haired kid yelled as he was led out. “It would have obliterated all the murderers in the League. You’ll pay for this someday, Bob!” Then he was gone.
Later that night, I was in my room, watching out the balcony. Misty came up beside me. I kissed her on the lips, as we had been interrupted so many times before.
“What’s bothering you,” she asked.
“Nothing,” I replied. “I was just wondering…Did we do the right thing? I mean, should we have really taken over the League?”
“We’ll never know,” Misty said.
“I think we will someday,” I said. I watched something glittery speed away. I knew that it was Lorelei. She had come to watch my battle. “That day could be soon.”
- End of Chapter Nine -
- End of The Dragon Master -