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    Default the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    for those who are desperately alone.

    the devil's gift.
    by rachel "starlight" fallin

    the following story contains sexual themes, explicit swearing, violence/gore, drug/alcohol usage, and sensitive material (i.e, self harm, depression, suicide, mental illness, religious themes, and homoerotic themes).
    reader discretion is advised.

    the devil's gift guide/manual


    chapter one; the discovery

    Twenty-six years ago:

    The snow fell steadily, freezing and cold to the touch. There was no light on in the dark street as the early morning's darkness fell over like a blanket over the sleeping city.

    But, there was one person who was awake, and she was carrying a bundle of fabrics in her thin arms. Her breath clouded into a mist in the chilly air as she walked, cloaked in a long dark coat.

    She turned and stepped up the couple of steps towards the entranceway to an orphanage. She glanced up and down the street and into the dark windows, making sure no one was watching her. Delicately, she placed her bundle down on the welcome mat, and it made a crying noise in displeasure. She made a cooing sound and stroked the small child inside, her fingers numb from the cold.

    She placed her hand in an inside pocket of her coat and withdrew a letter, placing it on the child as it slept soundly despite the chilly night air.

    From there, she blew a kiss to the baby and rang the doorbell two times, before scurrying away into the shadows, looking back for a minute to see what would happen.

    A lady had answered the door, her brown hair beginning to gray from old age. She looked down at the child and hastily picked it up, taking the letter, and closing the door. The onlooking woman smiled and knew her work was done.

    “Good luck, Taylor.” She said underneath her breath and like that, vanished like a ghost into the night.

    Four years later:

    “Sweet dreams, Taylor.” The little boy smiled up at his caretaker as she kissed him on the cheek, walking away from the bed he slept in and turned off the light.

    “Can you keep the night light on? The monsters will come out if you don't.” Taylor mumbled, curling up underneath the covers and giving his caretaker a pleading look.

    She sighed, “Oh Taylor, you heard me, I already checked for monsters under your bed and there is nothing there.”

    Taylor made a whining noise, “Okay...” He then ducked his head underneath the sheets.

    “Goodnight.” The caretaker gave a smile and closed the door behind her as she walked out.

    Taylor kept his ears pricked, listening intently for the music that would help him fall asleep. In a couple of minutes, he heard the music box from across his dorm and grinned, closing his eyes and trying to think of something happy to dream about.

    The music box suddenly stopped though. Taylor opened his eyes again, the darkness of being under the covers surrounding him. That wasn't right, the music usually lasted longer. Maybe his caretaker hadn't winded it up enough.

    He made a little moan of discomfort as he began to hear the scary noises of the night chorus around him. The wind howled outside from an oncoming storm. The rap of branch hitting the window beside Taylor's bed kept him from falling asleep. He tried covering his ears, but the noises were just muffled and didn't help at all. He began to squirm around in his bed, fidgeting and afraid that something was coming for him.

    Suddenly, the window flew open, bringing the howling winds inside his room. He made a little screech and tore the covers off of him, running out of bed and desperately trying to shut the window panes. With great difficulty, he managed to push them back into place and latched them up, hoping it wouldn't open again.

    He drew the curtains, and the silhouette of the tree branch outside looked just like the hand of a deadly witch, ready to open the doors, crawl inside, and kidnap Taylor, turning him into a frog. He whimpered like an abused dog and flopped face first into his pillow, trying to wipe the image of an old, creepy hag taking him away from the orphanage. This was his only home.

    However, the night only got scarier as the room was filled with an utter silence, a silence that made Taylor's skin crawl. This was just too unreal. Hesitantly, he withdrew his head from the pillow and looked around his room, freezing in place when he saw something he wished he had never laid eyes upon.

    There were two, unblinking red eyes staring at him from the far corner of his room. He held in a gasp and stared right back at it, shivering up and down. The eyes never moved, never disappeared, and were unending. Gulping down his fear, Taylor tried to speak to it, but was interrupted and he made a flinch as the thing, whatever it was, talked to him.

    I'm coming for you...” It hissed, it's voice ringing in Taylor's ears. He couldn't take it anymore.

    From his lungs, he released a bloodcurdling scream and began to desperately crawl underneath his covers, trying to wish the eyes and voice away.

    The door was flung open, and his caretaker entered the room, flicking on the lights.

    “Taylor, what's wrong!?” She demanded, worry making her voice crack.

    Taylor pointed to the corner of his room with a shaking finger, “T-they're going t-to h-hurt me...” He stammered.

    “There is nothing there, Taylor, it was just a nightmare.”

    “No! Don't you see it it's right-” Taylor crawled out from underneath his sheets and pointed at the corner, and was surprised when he saw that the eyes had vanished, “there...”

    His caretaker walked up to his bed and gave him a hug, “It's okay, it was just a nightmare. Everything is going to be alright.”

    “But it was there! I saw it!” Taylor complained, struggling against his caretaker's embrace. She made a chuckle, “Oh, Taylor, monsters aren't real... And if they are, I promise that I will protect you from any of them. You can count on me.”


    “Really.” His caretaker gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked out, wishing him another goodnight.

    Taylor curled back into his sheets, feeling a little better, but he still couldn't shake the feeling that someone, or something, was out there somewhere, and was watching him.

    Throughout the years as he grew from a little boy to a teenager, his fear of someone out to get him worsened. Although he stopped seeing the monsters eventually, he knew that out there, there was always somebody coming for him, and eventually he, she, or it would find him. He was never the same after that night.

    And his jumpy attitude, his fear of people hurting him, made him a magnet for bullying in school. It began in fifth grade and chorused throughout him during his middle school years. He would cone home, bawling his eyes out to his Deborah, his caretaker, and she would hug him and tell him that things would get better.

    The bullying had taken it's toll on Taylor, though, who already had a fragile mind. It broke him to pieces, making him so scared that he would refuse to go outside some days because he was afraid to face his peers, who were all his enemies. He would sit alone in his room and cry, hoping for some kind of miracle. He hoped for a friend; a friend besides Deborah, a friend that would stick with him through the hard times.

    As high school rolled around, everything began to fall into place.

    This is the story of the Devil's Gift.

    Eleven years ago:

    Taylor Duncan was never the kind of guy that liked to put up fights. In fact, he was deathly afraid of them. He was deathly afraid of everything.

    He was just your average looking teenager; slightly taller than normal, and he was fairly skinny. Taylor had very messy and coarse blond hair that was slightly wavy in the front but curly in the back. It was cropped short and looked as neat as he could possibly muster it to be. His skin was pale from not being out in the sun a lot considering he never really liked to go outside. He had a rather narrow face, with his chin being slightly pointy. He wasn't what someone would consider handsome, but, if he really worked at it, he could steal a glance from a girl or two.

    He warily cast a glance at the cafeteria table in front of him, taking note of the big and buff blond-haired boy who met his emerald green gaze with a death glare. He immediately looked back at his food tray and continued to eat his glob of meatloaf with small bites.

    Just as he was about to swallow down his last bite, the bell called, saying that lunchtime was over and he got up and threw his tray away, quickly walking past the buff boy's table to throw it in the trash.

    Just as he left the cafeteria with his class, he could feel the cold stare of the boy's blue eyes upon his back and he felt a shiver up his spine.

    Back in class, Taylor busily wrote down notes as the teacher droned on about an algebraic equation. The rest of the class was fast asleep, and the only sound of a pencil scraping against paper was from Taylor's desk.

    A yawn from behind nearly made him fall out of his chair, and in the process, he dropped his pencil. He groaned as he picked up the pencil and when he went to go take notes again, he forgot what the teacher had previously said. A bit angry, he faced the kid behind him and growled, “Thanks a lot.”

    The kid looked at him and just laughed, “I did you a favor. Stop being the smartass around here and be cool for once, nerd.”

    Taylor's face went red and the kid smiled a devilish smile. Feeling like an idiot, Taylor faced his paper again and just wrote down what the teacher said next.

    “Can you quit with the noise...?” a kid mumbled a few desk rows over as her head lay flat on her desk.

    Taylor ignored her and continued to write.

    Apparently, some other kids heard the noise as well and moaned as they awoke from their slumber. Someone threw a ball of paper at Taylor's head, another sent a paper airplane at his back.

    One kid in the way back make a frustrated growl and cursed Taylor under his breath for awakening him from his “beauty rest.”

    Taylor could feel anger welling up in his stomach and chest. When would these kids learn to be mature and actually try to excel in school?

    The bell rang and Taylor almost jumped ten feet in the air. The rest of the class laughed at him and gathered up their things.

    Taylor slowly packed his things up, and looked at the teacher as if to ask if there was any homework.

    “No homework. It's a Friday, remember?” The teacher replied with a shake of her head.

    Taylor nodded and picked up his books and pens and went out into the school hallway. Immediately, he was greeted by the same boy from the cafeteria.

    “Hey nerd, what's going on, huh? You got some free time after school?” He said. His buddies came up from behind him and snickered at Taylor.

    “What do you want, Joe?” Taylor asked with a deep frown.

    “Oh, I just wanted to hang out with you today. I decided to stop being my usual jock self and maybe get to studying with you.”

    Taylor raised an eyebrow, “... And why should I trust you?”

    Joe shrugged and gave a friendly smile, “People change, including me. C'mon, I just wanna be your buddy. You've never had friends before anyway.”

    He blinked, what Joe said was true. Taylor's fear melted away and he began to trust him; now was his chance to be apart of a friendship.

    Taylor's frown went away and he smiled back, “... Thanks Joe, I'll see you after sixth period then.” With that, he walked off to his locker, Joe and his crew snickering behind him.

    Sixth period came and went. Taylor walked out of his English class with his new book he got from the library in hand.

    He went to his locker and put his book in his backpack and dragged it out of the locker. He walked out of the front doors of the school and down the steps. He scanned the crowd of teenagers that were coming out and spotted Joe and his friends sitting down at a bench near the stairs to the school. Feeling excited that he made a new friend, Taylor gleefully walked toward them with a skip in his step.

    “H-hey guys!” Taylor called, now running towards them with a waving hand in the air. His feet caught in a crack on the concrete sidewalk and Taylor fell flat on his face with an “Oof..”

    Joe's friends laughed at Taylor. Joe just smiled and walked over to Taylor, offering him a hand up.

    “Thanks...” Taylor said as he stood up and dusted his clothes off.

    Joe nodded as a “you're welcome” and he ushered Taylor over to his buddies who were now standing.

    “So, where are we hanging out at?” Taylor asked, “Certainly not my place I hope, I do think you know I live in an orphanage home.”

    Joe nodded again. “Yes we know, and we're just going to take a walk to the park today. Get to know each other, eh? The studying will begin tomorrow.”

    “OK, cool. Just make sure that I go early so I can get home before six. I want to finish my homework before the weekend.”

    Joe looked at his friends and they laughed quietly to themselves, “OK, we'll make sure of that.”

    Taylor, Joe, and his friends, Daniel and Noah, walked on the streets of their city, Manhattan. They headed towards the park, barely speaking if not at all. Taylor wondered why, Joe had said they wanted to know more about Taylor. Was he supposed to spark up a conversation? He was new to this whole friend thing. He never had a true friend before. The only person that came close to a friend, was his caretaker at the orphanage. The other kids there ignored him completely.

    The thing was, Taylor was very shy. He was afraid of saying something stupid and his new friends would abandon him for his idiocy. He tried to think of a topic to talk about, but nothing came up, and he was left with this impulse hanging on his tongue.

    Finally, Joe and his friends turned around to face Taylor, stopping abruptly as they did so. Taylor almost ran into them, but stopped himself.

    “Hey, what gives? I thought we were heading to the park?”

    Joe laughed, “You aren't as smart as a I thought you were, Taylor. I thought you would know that we were lying the whole time.”

    Taylor could feel sweat fall down his brow, “You mean... You don't want to be my friend?”

    “Of course we don't; we hate your goddamn guts.”

    Just then, Joe tried to make an advance at Taylor, but he was off running in a second. He ran down the back streets, straight towards the orphanage which was his only sanctuary. He pushed passed crowds of people, and was always fearfully looking behind his back to see if Joe was chasing him.

    It was a couple blocks away that Taylor finally tired out and was left panting on a corner of a street, out of breath and winded from his flight.

    He looked up and tried to figure out where he was. He felt fear well up in him as he realized he was in a place he had never been before. He was located on a darkened street, that was getting darker as the afternoon turned into dusk. All he could hear was the wind blowing softly, and the skitter of a newspaper skimming the ground, trying to take into the air from the breeze.

    At once, Taylor felt betrayed and hurt. He couldn't believe he had fallen for Joe's tricks. What a fool he was. But then again, Taylor was desperate. He was so alone in the world. He had no friends or family, and felt as if the world had turned his back on him. Was he really supposed to be on Earth? If he killed himself, would anyone even care? He was fifteen years old, never had friends, never been in a relationship; everyone he knew at school wasn't a virgin except for him, and they had girlfriends and boyfriends. A lot of people thought he was gay, or a devout Christian, and a lot of people made fun of him for this, too.

    Taylor sighed and dug into his jeans pocket to grab his phone and call somebody at the orphanage to find and pick him up, but then a noise alerted him.

    It sounded like a whisper, which Taylor quickly realized that there was words being formed.

    The whisper spoke of the seven deadly sins, along with other evil things. Taylor was intrigued, he had never heard something like this before. At first, he thought it was his imagination playing tricks on him, but this was real.

    He looked around, trying to locate where the sound was coming from. It whispered quietly with the wind from a dark and deserted alleyway a few feet from where Taylor stood. He walked towards it and called a cautious “Hello?” as he peeked into the alleyway.

    Strange shadows danced off of the red brick walls that surrounded the narrow road. A large pile of trash sat at the end which was where the sound was coming from.

    Feeling a sinking feeling of dread bubble up in his stomach, Taylor stepped towards the rubbish, and that's when things started to get really strange.

    sorry for the smallish chapter. the next one will probably be longer, i don't know.

    anyway, thoughts on the story so far?
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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    i lied, this one isn't long LOL. it would be longer, but i wanted to leave a cliffhanger :V

    oh welllll.

    chapter two; hello, fallen angel.

    It was immediate when it happened. Suddenly seeming like a harmless pile of trash, it was now something that would come from a nightmare.

    Just as Taylor was about to open the trash bags and look inside for anything suspicious, he was blown back by a blast of oddly frigid flames and thick smoke.

    Frozen in fear, Taylor looked up at the strange and frightening phenomenon before him. The flame and smoke twisted and formed into figures that reminded Taylor of demons. He saw people screaming in pain as they were being tortured by an unknown person.

    Finally, he realized he was just laying flat on his back staring at something that was possibly deadly. He scampered up on his legs, grabbed his backpack that had fallen off from the blast and ran out of the alleyway. He ran out of the street, a mental map unfolding in his mind, telling him where to go.

    In no time, he found himself back at his orphanage. He breathed a sigh of relief, while still remembering the strange thing he had seen. Should he tell his care owner about it? No, she would think he was crazy.

    He entered the orphanage doors and was greeted by a plump old woman, who took his backpack and gave him a hug.

    “How was school today, Taylor? I was getting worried when you didn't arrive at your usual time.”

    Taylor shook his head, “Horrible as usual. I was used by people I thought I could trust...”

    The old woman, Deborah, gave him a pitied frown, “I'm sorry, baby, maybe tomorrow will be better.”

    Taylor snorted, “I doubt it.” He took his backpack from her and headed upstairs toward his dorm. He didn't have a roommate yet, which made it worse.

    In all of Taylor's fifteen years of living here, he had never been tried for adoption. Sure, he had interviews with a lot of people, but no one seemed to want him. He sighed, what if he never got out of here? He was almost eighteen, so he could go out on his own once he was eighteen. He didn't need a family.

    But then again, Taylor felt his loneliness surround him and feeling defeated, he sat on his bed, took of his shoes and laid there. He didn't even get up to go to supper, and when Deborah came in and asked if he was hungry, he turned down the offer of food even if his stomach gave a deafening growl.

    He sighed and pretty soon, he fell asleep.

    Taylor was wandering around in a dark forest. He knew he was dreaming, but he wondered why he was here. Dreams will be dreams.

    A sound could be heard from the bushes. He realized it was the same sound that he had heard from the alleyway. Scared, he ran away from it, but no matter how far he went, he could still hear it.

    Suddenly, something could be seen ahead, and it wasn't a pretty sight.

    There lay thousands of bodies of dead people, with their hearts ripped out of their chests and blood covering everything solid. The smell of death flew up Taylor's nose and he restrained himself from vomiting.

    He heard a ripping sound of flesh and his eyes focused on a large, half canine, half ram figure that was greedily eating a corpse's heart out.

    Taylor wanted to scream, but he felt paralyzed. The creature noticed him through his eating and swung his head to look straight at him.

    Piercing, red as the blood that stained the ground, eyes looked into Taylor's light green ones. Pieces of the heart dripping down the creature's chest, it smiled at him.

    Taylor wanted to move and run. Run away from this terrible forest. But he couldn't, he was still frozen in place.

    The creature unfolded jet black, and disheveled wings from his back and gave a strange roar, that was a mixture of varied screams and a growls of predators. It then launched itself at Taylor.

    Not being able to do anything, not even raise his hands up to protect his face, Taylor found himself on his back, facing the creature that had pinned him down.

    But before the creature could give a killing bite to the neck, it whispered something in Taylor's ears, the voice sounding harsh and ancient.

    Meet me at the alleyway or you will end up like the poor people here.

    With that, it and everything around it, disappeared and Taylor's eyes opened to see his familiar room.

    He looked at the digital clock on his bedside table. It read “3:00 a.m”

    Taylor shook his head and thought about the dream. He wanted to go back to the alleyway now, but then again, it was just a nightmare. But it was so vivid. Taylor actually felt as if he had been there.

    He remembered the name of street that he saw on a sign when he was running out of the alleyway, and he fumbled through his backpack, looking for a pen and paper to write it down.

    After writing it down, he laid back in his bed, wondering what the creature was and what it wanted from him.

    Deep down, miles underneath the Earth's crust, there lay a figure, who continuously gnawed on a bone. He was canine in appearance, but had goat features. Red ram horns adorned his head and his back legs were that of ram hoofs. His legs were all black skeleton, and the jet black fur that clung to him, hung loosely off of his skin and bones figure. He waved his skeletal demon tail back and forth and his glowing, pupil-less, blood-red eyes stared at nothing ahead of him. His black and ragged angel wings were unfolded and continuously moving up and down, sending chilling air into his chamber, and to the other levels above.

    No light shone in this cavern. It was dark and dank, and smelled like sulfur and death.

    A slightly annoying scratching sound was coming from behind the fallen angel. He growled under his breath and whirled around to face the noise.

    Cassius!” He screamed and the scratching stopped.

    A solemn canine face peeped from the darkness, and Cassius's master growled again, “When will you ever learn to not etch mustaches onto the frozen sinners?”

    Cassius dipped his head, “Sorry, Lord Satan, I will resist.”

    There was a rumble from Satan's throat, “Good.” He hissed.

    He turned away from Cassius, “I need silence while I think...” He mumbled.

    Cassius groaned, “Is it the boy again?”

    “Yes, the boy. Don't moan at me, it is troubling that he is so scared of everything. I just hope that nightmare I sent him will work.”

    Cassius just nodded and seemed to melt into the shadows behind him, leaving Satan alone.

    Beyond the shadows in front of him, Satan could see the other two betrayers, Brutus and Judas, sleeping soundly in a corner, their heads bleeding from Satan's constant chomping on the only flesh available in Cocytus, his lair.

    “What a joy it would be to rule more than just the underground...” Satan mused to himself.

    Taylor hurriedly ate his breakfast in the dining hall. He inhaled the bacon and eggs and swallowed his orange juice in one gulp.

    “Hungry?” A boy that sat beside him asked.

    Taylor just nodded, and got up from the table, asking if he could be excused.

    After being excused, Taylor ran to his room, grabbed his coat, ran back downstairs and flew out the door. He was determined to find the street, even if it took him hours.

    And it did take Taylor hours to find the street again. Already the sun was dipping below the horizon as twilight fell over. There had been many calls and texts from the orphanage on his phone, but he promised them he would be back before eight o'clock, which was curfew.

    Finally, he arrived in the abandoned and blackened street. He stood around and waited, and in an instant, he heard the whispers. Sucking in his fear, and taking a deep breath, he went into the alleyway, and at once, the familiar trash cans that sat at the end burst unto flame and smoke.

    Taylor stood his ground this time, and after the scenes of horror passed, he found himself staring at a pair of red eyes. He realized, these were the eyes that he had seen in his dream.

    The thing inside spoke in that same, raspy voice. It boomed and echoed as the noise bounced off the buildings surrounding Taylor.

    Taylor Duncan... I have seen your heart, and I know your fears... You are all alone in the world, with no friends or family to help you... You are weak and pitiful, and require strength...

    Taylor tensed up, how did this thing know so much?

    “Who are you?” Taylor shouted.

    The flames seemed to intensify as the voice went on, “I am everything evil, I am every sin and every scrap of hate in the world. My name is Satan, the fallen angel once known as Lucifer. Lord of Hell; the fear of the holy, and the revelations of the sinners.

    Taylor almost fainted. Satan, the rebellious fallen angel told in the Bible was real? Taylor didn't consider himself of any religion, and he never questioned the Bible, but now the truth was out. There really was a devil.

    An eerie laugh flew into Taylor's ears as Satan continued on, “I know you crave strength and power...

    “What do you want from me?” Taylor interrupted.

    As I had said... You want power... You want to be known at school as not the loser, but the winner. The most cool kid on the face of the Earth. You crave acceptance from your peers... I have since watched you as a small child and I have felt your pain... You are just like me, craving power and having the world only grant you a turn of trust. From my small amount of pity I have for you, I have decided to share you my power... So you can witness the true feeling of being a king. You will fear no more, and I will guide you as a guardian and friend in every step you take...

    Friend? The word echoed in Taylor's mind. Lord of the Underworld, as a friend? And power... Satan was right, he did want acceptance. He did want to be powerful, and have pride in himself.

    Well? Will you accept my humble gift of immense power, or run away, and continue to be the loser you are known for?” Satan pressed. He then held out a skeletal, and blackened wolf paw, “Take my hand... I will show you the way.

    Taylor gritted his teeth, and looking at Satan straight in the eye, he said, “I will accept.”

    Satan smiled and stretched out his appendage further. Taylor closed his eyes, and grabbed the paw.

    At once, flaring pain welled up inside him, and he screamed out in agony. Beyond his screams, he could hear Satan laughing, “Such wonderful screams! Dearest Taylor, you will feel my pain, you will feel my anger at the ones who let me fall, you will be me! You will fall from grace!

    The pain was so great, Taylor could hardly scream anymore. He wondered if anybody heard him, if anybody would come and help him. But he was alone as always.

    But I won't be alone anymore... He thought.

    Fire blazed all around him, in the buildings, out on the street. Taylor didn't notice, but he did notice the large amount of anger swelling up inside him. It came from nowhere, but Taylor expected it was Satan's anger, and he was sharing it with him.

    The agony continued on, and Taylor could feel himself getting faint. Just before he could take it no longer, he heard Satan's voice again, “You are mine...

    Then he saw no more.

    :V i feel like i rush things too much LOL. damn you guys don't even know what taylor looks like besides having green eyes. i'll add something about his hair in the next chapter, but i know you guys already have some kind of image of him in your head.

    and yes, for those who have read dante's inferno, i have depicted satan's lair in how it's described in dante's inferno. :P
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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    That was awesome! The first chapter really pulled me in, I obviously found it sad and the imminent realisation of Joe's lies made it even sadder. I loved the paragraph on Taylor's self-reflection after he had gotten away. Chapter two turned things especially dark with the Dante's Inferno-Paradise Lost type themes and I agree with you that things are moving a little bit too quickly.

    I'll definitely keep reading :)

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    Wow I've been tryig to read other fics to get better an I saw this one and read it. It's awesome!
    Pika to the mofoing Chu!

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    thanks for the comments, guys! <3

    sorry about the long wait for the next chapter. some stuff sprang up in my private life and i didn't have time to write the third chapter until today. hope you enjoy!

    chapter three; of feathers and ram horns.

    Wherever Taylor was, he certainly was not longer in the alleyway. The minute his mind had gone blank from passing out, he found himself, in a bright place where a beautiful valley was laid out in front of him. He was wearing a white robe and he felt as light as air.

    He ran through the valley, a sense of calm washing over him, and somewhere beyond the mountains that surrounded the valley a harmonic sound of a chorus, flutes, and violins filled the holy air.

    Taylor closed his eyes as he pranced around like a ballerina on pirouette. He felt so alive and calm... Peaceful. Something he never thought he would feel before. Before he knew it, he felt gentle snow flakes fall on his cheeks and he continued to dance in the winter flurry. He hummed along with the song, as church bells joined the music, chiming on rhythm and ringing in Taylor's ears.

    Is this Heaven? He asked himself, the smile that stretched the wrinkles on his face widening.

    But suddenly, the feeling of peace was over, as the song suddenly sounded darker, an organ beginning to play in the background. It sounded like Taylor was in Dracula's lair. The snow stopped falling and around him he could see the valley and the mountains disappear in thick black smoke that slowly moved towards him. He looked down and saw a wide and black hole forming underneath his feet. He didn't fall into it though, he just stayed in place.

    He stayed in place for a reason, as he couldn't move. A sense of panic overwhelmed calm and the shadows that were slowly gathering enveloped his feet, legs, arms, then torso until all that was left was his head.

    The song got distorted and freaky, and slowed down as it got lower in pitch. Just as Taylor was about to disappear from this strange world, a voice whispered in his ear. It wasn't Satan's voice, it wasn't of anybody he knew.

    “What a fool...”

    And Taylor saw nothingness once more.

    Something wasn't right. Taylor could feel it the instance he woke up.

    First off, there was a sudden change in his mood. He didn't feel the instant panic or fear of everything as he always had, instead, he felt something completely different. Anger.

    In fact, he had never felt as angry as he had now. He felt like a bull being taunted by a bullfighter, and he hated it.

    Second, he felt like there was someone else crammed in his head, sharing thoughts with him. In an instance he was consciously aware of this someone, a voice rang in his ears.

    Welcome to your first taste of wrath. No refunds or exceptions. Does it feel good?
    The voice was familiar, and Taylor instantly responded, “Satan? Is that you?”

    A chuckle, “Of course it's me! Because you now share my power, you share the power to contact me through telepathy. I'm always available, so call me whenever. I may pop in from time to time as well.

    Taylor no longer felt alone as Satan said he was always available. Satan was like no other friend in the world, probably. A human friend would always have a time when they were busy, but Taylor could talk to Satan any time he wanted! That was great! Who cares if Satan was evil, Taylor shared his power and he was his first true friend. That was all that mattered.

    The third thing that Taylor noticed was that when he got up off the ground, and checked his head to make sure he had no injuries, his once wavy blond hair was straight and shaggy, and it wasn't blond anymore. As Taylor looked at a few pieces of fallen glass that lay on the ground, he realized his hair was now jet-black.

    Oh crap... How am I going to explain this to Deborah? She hates it when the kids at the orphanage change their hair-style and dye it... What am I going to do? Taylor thought, a little bit on the edgy side.

    Still lightheaded from his faint, Taylor walked out of the alleyway, no longer looking fearfully behind his back. He kicked the stones that got in his way. He felt a surge of pride, he had power now. How on Earth he would use it, he had no clue. But at least he could defend himself from a bully's attack for once.

    Looking up, he realized that the stars were high in the sky. He checked his watch on his wrist. It read “8:30 P.M”

    “Damn, I'm already late for dinner...” Taylor told himself and he picked up his pace, running for his home.

    The minute he walked into the front doors of the orphanage, he was greeted by a tight and warm hug from Deborah. While his breath was being crushed out of his lungs, he gasped, “S-sorry... I'm... Late...”

    Deborah realized she was choking Taylor and let go of him, “I was about the call the police! Where were you, young man?” After she demanded this, her eyes caught the look of his hair and she drew in a breath.

    “Did you... Get your hair styled without my permission?” She crossed her hands across her chest and gave Taylor a “you're-in-so-much-trouble-right-now” glare.

    Taylor made a huff, “It's not my fault! I...” He quickly thought of a lie out of the top of his head, which was something he would never normally do, “I was met by some people from school, and they told me to follow them, so I did, and they took me to an alleyway and beat me up! I guess when I got knocked out they dyed my hair...”

    “... And straightened it?” Deborah asked, not believing Taylor's story.

    “It's true, I swear! I didn't do it! I didn't have my wallet with me in the first place, where would I have gotten a haircut and style for free?”

    “Good point...” Deborah mumbled. With a beady eye, however, she gave Taylor a very sour frown, “I'm watching you, though...”

    Taylor watched her as she walked away, and right before he went into the dining hall to eat supper, he said out loud, “The hair isn't permanent is it?”

    Satan's voice whispered back, “Can't promise that.

    Taylor groaned.

    “The plan is going exactly as I wanted...” Satan mumbled to himself quietly.

    Other than the continuous flap of his wings, Satan could hear Judas and Cassius laughing at something.

    “What the fuck are they laughing about?” Satan said out loud to himself. Whirling around and stalking over to the noise, he saw Cassisus and Judas laughing at something frozen in the ice. In the ice, there always had been the worst sinners frozen there.

    “What's going on?” Satan asked, pushing past Cassius and Judas to see Brutus who had his long, pointed demon tongue stuck on a frozen cube of ice that held a sinner.

    Satan twitched a bit. Cassius and Judas just continued to roll on the ground laughing. With a deafening roar of anger, he grabbed Brutus's hindquarters, and with brute force, ripped his tongue clean out of his mouth and threw him across the cavern.

    Cassius and Judas looked up as they heard Satan, and continued to laugh as they saw poor Brutus being flung across the room.

    Satan faced them and barked in their faces, at once, they scampered away with pitiful whimpers and cowered beside Brutus, who's mouth was still bleeding from his recent tongue removal. But, Brutus's tongue had already grown straight back.

    Like Satan, the three betrayers were also part canine and part ram. It was a common trait with the four of them, as they were related in a way.

    “Enough fooling around! This is the deepest level of Hell, do you expect there to be fun and games down here? Do you want me to continue chewing you guys's heads off?”

    All three looked at Satan, scared out of their wits.

    “I didn't think so!” Satan cried and turned his back against them, laying down on the ground and letting his thoughts wander mindlessly around his demonic head.

    Taylor yawned. Morning sunlight crept into his bedside window and he blinked the sleep away from his eyes. Sitting him, a sudden spark of pain flared up in his back. He made a shout and gritted his teeth. It hurt really bad.

    He looked at his bed, wondering if he had accidentally slept on something hard. After dinner, he had ran straight up to his room and fell asleep, not mindful of anything that was on his bed.

    Taylor saw something different though. Scarlet stains had blossomed on his white sheets, and he immediately became aware that this was blood.

    Worry flared in his stomach, and he hopped out of bed, running down the hall to the bathroom. Once he was there, he took off his shirt that he had slept in and examined his back.

    Taylor really did almost keel over when he saw what caused his back so much pain.

    Beyond the blood from two open wounds on his back, Taylor saw black feathers peeping out from within.

    His mouth open in shock, Taylor screamed, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?

    In an instant, he began to freak out, and he could hear someone come up the stairs as he continued to observe his strange new feathers.

    A voice popped in his head, “Surprised? Because you share my power, you will also share my features too. You will grow large black angel wings like mine. You will grow red ram horns out of the top of your head. You will have a demon tail, and you will have sharp teeth and claws.

    “Will I have ram hoofs as well?” Taylor asked, remembering those depictions of Satan with hoofs as back legs.

    Satan laughed, “No. I'm not sure why, but I know you won't have hoofs.

    Taylor breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't even want to know how painful that would be to have hoofs.

    “Wait a minute, how the hell will I be able to hide these features? Everyone at school and here will think I'm some sort of freak.”

    Not to despair, my friend, you can hide your features. As long as you don't lose control of your power, your features will cease to exist, and they will only flare up if you are angered, or in trouble.

    “What other powers do I possess besides my features?”

    Well, you will have the power to control and cause fires. Plus, you will have immense strength, and if you get wounded, your wounds will heal faster than most human being's wounds.

    “That's pretty badass...” Taylor mumbled, a smirk on his face.

    He could just imagine Satan smiling as he went on, “Precisely...

    Taking a Kleenex from inside the bathroom cupboard, Taylor wiped up the blood that was trickling down his back.

    “Satan...” Taylor called,

    Yes, friend?

    Taylor smiled about the “friend” thing and continued on, “What do you look like? Are you human? I mean, in my dream I think I saw you, but you were a wolf, and I thought that was just my dream-self and how it imagines you.” In truth, Taylor really was curious about Satan's appearance. In the alleyway, all he saw as Satan was smoke and fire. He had to have some sort of figure.

    Would you like to see?


    Before Taylor knew it, he found himself being whisked off to some place far underneath the Earth. He knew this, because when he was on solid ground again, the pressure had definitely changed, and he felt as if a load of it was above him.

    And wherever he was underground, it was cold, Antarctica cold. He crossed his hands over his chest and shivered violently, teeth chattering. It was noticeable that this was the only sound he heard in the dark cavern.

    “S-satan?” He called into the darkness.

    “Who's there?” A voice replied. He whirled around and saw three canine figures slinking towards him, their movements secretive and cat-like.

    “Look what the master dragged in... Some fresh meat...” Spoke the figure in the middle, licking his chops.

    The figure on the left laughed insanely, slobber and foam from his gaping mouth spraying all over the ground, “Fresh meat! Hehehe!” He yelled.

    “Who are you?” Taylor asked, backing up as the figures moved closer.

    The one in the middle looked to his left, “This is Judas,” then looked to the right at the seemingly retarded canine who's tongue lolled at the side of his mouth, and his eyes were bulged and crossed, “This sad mutt right here is Brutus.”

    He then faced Taylor straight on, “And I'm Cassius.”

    And then in unison, they said, “And we are the Three Betrayers.” Brutus made another insane laugh after they spoke and they all began to growl and look at Taylor, trying to figure out which of his body parts were the juiciest.

    “Stop.” A familiar voice behind Taylor said.

    “Lord Satan!” Cassius gasped, and the rest of his group scrambled behind him.

    Taylor looked behind him, “Satan!” He cried and for the first time, he caught a glimpse of the Lord of Hell.

    It was just like Taylor imagined him in his dream, only bigger and a bit more disheveled. His skin hang loosely from his chest, and some the his bones on his body stuck out of his black fur. A bony demon's tail swayed behind him, and his intestines were visible and protruded out of his abdomen, leaking blood and gore.

    “You will not mess with this human.” Satan continued towards the Three Betrayers, “He is a friend.”

    Cassius and the rest gasped, “It's the boy.”

    They all moved forward, not in advancement, but in awe. Cassius approached him and bowed his head deeply in front of Taylor.

    “Please forgive me... Second master... I shall now kiss the ground you walk on.” Cassius then started licking the ground near Taylor's feet.

    Taylor made a disgusted face, and, out of instinct, kicked Cassius's face away. He expected Satan to yell at him, but he laughed at Taylor's movement instead in a friendly way as if to say that was the right thing to do.

    Cassius made a slight whimper and drew back, “Terribly sorry, sire... I will make up for my actions... Forgive me...” He said, head still bowed.

    “So pitiful...” Taylor murmured. Satan seemed to overhear and nodded at Taylor's answer.

    “Pesky little shits, they are. They are under my control now... I feel like I'm babysitting more than keeping them as companions.”

    Taylor nodded, “So, this is where you live?”

    “Yes. It's called Cocytus, and is the deepest level of Hell.”

    “This is Hell? I-it's p-pretty c-cold.”

    “Well, sinners here are frozen for eternity. Generally they're people like... Eh, let's say Adolf Hitler. Betrayers of country, family, dictators, you get the deal.”

    “I see...” Taylor said, “I think I'm going to go back now. I don't really have much to do and... I-I'm f-freezing m-my n-nuts o-off.”

    Satan smiled, but his smile wasn't friendly at all, it was sadistic and cruel. But he spoke friendly anyway, Taylor guessed this was how he always smiled, after all he was the Lord of Hell.

    “Alright then, you can talk or visit me any time you want.”

    “Thanks.” Taylor said and he was yet again whisked off, but he landed back in his bathroom in the orphanage. It was apparent after looking at the clock that sat on the white tile walls of the bathroom, that no time had passed from his visit.

    There was a knock on the door. It was Deborah.

    “Taylor? I heard you yell. Is everything alright?”

    “It's fine!” Taylor assured her.

    “OK... Just to remind you, you do have a doctor's appointment in thirty minutes, I suggest you get ready.”

    A doctor's appointment!? I completely forgot about that! How am I supposed to hide my feathers when they aren't fully grown out yet and are still wounds?

    “Satan!” Taylor hissed.

    Yes?” came the familiar reply.

    “I have a doctor's appointment today, and I don't want the doctor seeing my wing wounds. Am I able to hide them somehow?”

    If you have an extra pair of skin lying around. Otherwise, you can't.

    “Oh God... How am I supposed to explain feathers coming out of my back?”

    Can't help you there.” Satan said, and the link between them was broken.

    Taylor made an exasperated sigh and headed back into his room, changing into some day clothes. He then walked downstairs and towards the play area, a room where the little children played with toys and interacted with each other. Deborah was generally found here, playing with any of the kids that were alone. The bond between Taylor and Deborah was caused by this. Whenever Taylor went into the play area as a toddler, he was always alone and Deborah was the one that comforted and played with him.

    He walked in and was bombarded with a toy tractor that a little boy had thrown carelessly. It hit Taylor in the chest, and it bounced back off, as if his skin was made of rubber.

    Weird... Taylor thought to himself, but he expected this was some kind of addition to his powers.

    Deborah noticed him at once. She had a crying girl on her shoulder. Taylor walked over to her, “I guess you're not taking me? You seem a little full here...”

    Deborah made a stressful sigh, “Oh yes. Julie's taking you instead.”

    “Oh, OK.” Taylor remembered Julie, the Taiwanese young lady who was in her mid-30's and very short for her age.

    He then looked at the weeping girl, “What happened to her?” He asked.

    “Oh, little Susie here tripped and fell on a stray toy. She's feeling better now I think.”

    “Poor thing. Hey, you OK?” Taylor said and patted Susie on her arm.

    She looked up and once she saw Taylor's face, her eyes widened and she buried her head in Deborah's shoulder again.

    “Scary man! Go away!” She shouted.

    Deborah looked at Taylor, then at Susie, “Scary? It's just Taylor, sweetheart. He's not going to hurt you.”

    Susie made a noise of protest and Taylor gave her an odd look, “Was she abused or something?” He asked.

    Deborah shook her head, her face scrunched up in question as she wondered why Susie reacted that way towards Taylor.

    Sometimes children can see the true form of ghosts and demons. In your case, Susie saw your demon-like features and got scared. This is common for little kids, as they have active imaginations and believe in more things than what an adult or adolescence would. Generally, as they age, they stop believing and don't see surreal things anymore.” Satan spoke up in his brain.

    Taylor nodded. He remembered when he was a child, he would sometimes see things out of the ordinary at night. Such as spirits, or strange phenomenons. Deborah and the rest of the adults at the orphanage had told him it was just his imagination, and that he shouldn't worry. Taylor ended up believing the adults and stopped seeing these monsters.

    “Well, I'll go get Julie now and leave you with the kids. Hope you get them under control.” Taylor told Deborah and left the room.

    Apparently, Julie was waiting for him all along, and he almost bumped into her.

    “Hey Taylor! Ready for you appointment?”

    Taylor nodded and Julie walked with him to the parking lot on the side of the orphanage, heading out the front door and going out to the side. They took the orphanage's vans that carried the children to wherever they needed to go. Mostly they walked, though.

    On the drive there, Taylor sat in the front seat, watching gloomily at the cars that passed. The feeling of dread at what the doctor would discover worsened as they got closer to the clinic.

    “Are you OK?” Julie asked, noticing the way Taylor sat, sagging deeper in the leather car seat.

    “I'm fine, I'm just a little scared of doctor's visits.”

    “Do you want me to go in there with you?”

    “No! Like I said, I'm fine.” Taylor protested, his cheeks tainted a soft pink.

    Julie laughed and her silky black hair moved with her head as she giggled.

    Taylor made a snort and continued to stare out the window, looking at the clear blue sky above him.

    Taylor and Julie arrived safely to the clinic and as Taylor sat in the waiting room, he could feel the warm and scared eyes of a little boy burning into him. As Satan had said, this boy was clearly looking at Taylor's true form.

    Fidgeting restlessly under the boy's stare, he looked back at the boy and he quickly turned around and began to tug his mother's cherry red sweater.

    “Mommy, mommy! That boy scares me!” He told her, pointing a chubby little toddler finger at Taylor's face.

    “Jack, that's rude! And, don't point, that's rude as well.” She whispered to him sternly, and forced his arm back down at his side.

    Julie didn't seem to notice the ordeal about Taylor's appearance to the little boy named Jack, and she continued to hum quietly to herself as she read a gossip magazine from the table next to her plush chair.

    Finally, the nurse walked out of the office area and called Taylor's full name. He stood up and Julie gave one last glance at him, “Are you sure you don't need me in there?” She asked.

    “I'm fine. Really.” Taylor hastily replied, that same pink tint of embarrassment coming back to his cheeks.

    He followed the nurse down the hallway and into an examination room. He sat down on the cot that was covered with paper and waited patiently. He twiddled his thumbs nervously, then began to bite the nails on his thumb. What would the doctor say? How could he conceal the evidence in a minute's notice? The doctor could walk right through the door right now.

    He got up and paced the room, trying to think of a scapegoat. Right before he was about to not take it anymore and just run out of the room, the doctor came in, a clipboard and pen in his hand. He looked stern looking, and his brow was furrowed as he looked Taylor up and down.

    “It's been a busy day for me, so sorry if I come off as rash.” The doctor said glumly in his Manhattan accent, “Sit.” He ordered next and Taylor quickly sat back on the cot.

    As the doctor examined his ears, Taylor looked over and read the name tag on his scrub. “Dr. Riley,” it read.

    Dr. Riley then looked into Taylor's eyes, watching his pupils dilate and shrink. “... Interesting...” He suddenly said and stopped flashing the light on his doctor's equipment.

    “What's interesting?” Taylor asked, curious.

    “Your pupils seem to shrink into slits when contacted with light, just like a cat's. Are you wearing some of those fancy contacts the kids always wear these days?”

    Taylor's heart began to race, “Uh... Yeah.” He stammered.

    Dr. Riley narrowed his eyes and continued on, testing Taylor's reflexes with a doctor's hammer.

    He hit Taylor right below the knee cap, and Taylor's leg shot up a little too far, hitting the crouching doctor square in the nose.

    Dr. Riley yelled in pain and grabbed his nose. Taylor noticed it was bleeding and possibly broken. He began to blush and apologized at once, “I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that!”

    “It's OK...” The doctor mumbled, and grabbed a tissue from the counter on the opposite side of the cot. He dabbed his nose to get rid of the blood and continued on with his work, a small trickle of scarlet liquid still left behind underneath his left nostril.

    Next, he checked Taylor's heartbeat and then he felt around Taylor's arms and chest.

    “Just checking for tumors and the like.” He reassured. Finally, he passed his hands over Taylor's back, and just when he bumped up against the wing wounds, a look of concern flashed over his face. He drew back.

    “That's very odd... Take off your shirt, I need to look at your back.”

    “I prefer to keep it on, thank you.” Taylor retorted.

    Dr. Riley sighed, “Look, kid, I don't care about the size of your muscles, I just need to check out something I felt on your back. This is for your own good. We can do it the easy way, or the hard way.”

    Feeling reluctant, Taylor hesitantly pulled off his shirt and let the doctor examine his back.

    The doctor peered behind at his back and flew back in shock, making a startled noise in his throat.

    Taylor's heart leaped, “What's wrong?” He asked, even though he already knew what Dr. Riley saw.

    “Excuse my language but... What the fuck did you do to your back? There's dried blood all over these circular wounds, and they're parallel to each other. What kind of wounds are those? And were those feathers I saw in the injuries?”

    Taylor could feel sweat drip down his forehead as he looked back at Dr. Riley, “Ah... Um... Er...” He stammered.

    Satan, what do I do? He asked Satan quietly.

    Tell him you're an angel or something.

    “OK. Um... I don't know how to say this... But please don't tell anybody what I'm about to tell you.”

    “OK...?” The doctor mumbled, raising an eyebrow.

    “I... I'm an angel.”

    “... That's nice kid. No, seriously, what the hell is that on your back?”

    “It's true! I'm part angel, and I'm growing my wings! How the hell else would you explain that on my back?”

    Dr. Riley looked at Taylor up and down as he had done when he first saw him, “Alright, I believe you. Whatever. At least it's not a tumor or anything.”

    “Thank you...” Taylor mumbled and put his shirt back on.

    That was it for the physical examination, and Taylor had no shots to receive, so the doctor let him out. He greeted Julie in the waiting room and they went back in the van to the orphanage.

    “I'm healthy.” Taylor said as he was greeted at the door by Deborah when they got back.

    Deborah smiled and Taylor walked back up to his room. For the rest of the day, he read some of his library book and did his homework. Afterwards, he went on the laptop in his room that sat on a desk in the corner and got on the Internet, checking his E-mail as he did so. He made another entry in his blog, and then got off just as Deborah called for dinner.

    He ate his dinner, sitting next to Julie and the rest of the assistants in the orphanage and they laughed and joked, and explained how their days went. The usual for a dinner at the orphanage.

    When Taylor was done with his food, he excused himself and went back up to his room, setting his alarm clock to ring early as it was Monday, and a school day, tomorrow. He then took off his shoes and changed into his pajamas, lying in bed.

    In three hours that he lay there, he talked to Satan about how the doctor's appointment went. Satan laughed when he told him about the kicking incident, which made Taylor smile. They then talked about other things, such as the way Taylor's days usually worked. Satan was a very curious fellow, and when Taylor asked why he questioned everything Taylor said, Satan replied, saying that he knew very little about the world of the living. Taylor couldn't help feeling bad for him.

    Finally, Taylor yawned and said goodnight to Satan. He turned his bedside lamp off and snuggled underneath the covers. He thought about how his day would go tomorrow, and for once, he didn't dread the school day because he knew he had Satan on his side now.

    brutus is the retarded of the bunch, apparently. well, his name DOES mean stupid LOL.
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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    Wow, this was impressive. Very rich and epenjoyable to read, as your obvious writing skills are on full display. I especially like your description and style with which you show what's going on. Taylor so far looks like a deep, likable character.

    Really awesome.

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    thanks legacy ;D

    next chapterrrrr.

    yeah, idk about the name either :V

    chapter four; first glimpse of power

    Taylor awoke to the alarm clock blaring in his ears. He yawned and stretched, but as he swung up his arms, something beside him swung out and made the clock on his desk fall to the floor.

    He opened his eyes at once, and felt around him. Shock fell over him as he felt glossy and sleek feathers. He looked to the side and saw large, black wings that were very similar to a crow's.

    “Damn, they grow that fast?” He said aloud.

    He sat up and observed his feathers more closely. When he tried to flap them, they flapped, when he tried to fold them, they folded. It was an odd feeling. It was notable that they caused a heaviness on his back, and having another appendage made it feel weird.

    Enjoying your feathers?” Satan's voice whispered from somewhere far off.

    “Yeah. Will I be able to fly with these things?” Taylor queried.

    Of course. You can fly anywhere now.


    Taylor walked out of his bedroom and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. As soon as he got in and noticed his reflection in the bathroom mirror, he made a little jump. Instead of his usual self, he saw a monster staring back at him.

    And this monster possessed tightly curled red ram horns; pointed canine teeth; a demon tail with a spade for a tail-tip; long black claws; and yellow eyes with slitted pupils that looked kind of like an alligator's.

    Be careful with mirrors; though you may think your eyes are misleading you, mirrors actually show your true form in the reflection. Always be conscious of mirrors.

    Taylor nodded in understanding, even though Satan might not have been able to see him. He took a shower (it was kind of an annoyance with wings; they kept bumping into everything and it was a pain to dry them) afterwards and got dressed for school.

    When he put on a clean shirt to wear, his folded wings suddenly disappeared. He expected they disappeared because he wasn't going out of control, but why were they noticeable when he was sleeping?

    When you sleep, sometimes your dreams can be exciting, or frightening; Depending on if it's good or bad. Thus, your wings can possibly flare up without you realizing it.” Satan's voice echoed.

    “I hope nobody walks in on me when I'm sleeping then.” Taylor said.

    He got his backpack and packed it with his text books and binders for his classes, making sure he had pencils and pens.

    He grabbed his coat, just in case it was chilly, and walked downstairs to eat some breakfast, which included Nutella on a piece of toast.

    It was odd though; generally when Taylor ate the toast, he was fine until lunch, but he wanted more now. Trying to shrug off this want, he walked back upstairs to brush his teeth.

    Afterwards, it was back downstairs. Deborah hugged and said a “good luck” to him. Taylor smiled back and walked outside into the moderately cold, Manhattan spring morning.

    And to the high school he walked. It was close by, so there was no need for a bus or a van to take him there. The middle and elementary school however were all the way across town so the kids at the orphanage who went there had to take a bus, carpool, or take a van.

    Digging out his iPod from a pocket on his backpack, Taylor turned it on and listened to some music by his favorite band, Coldplay.

    He hummed “Clocks” quietly and while walking closer to the school, he stopped to put on his coat, and pulled the hood over his head. Continuing on, he saw people he knew from school (technically he didn't know them, but he had seen them walking around the campus before and some were in his classes). He didn't wave, just continued to walk along, head down and staring intently at the sidewalk.

    In no time, he was going through the front doors of the school, putting the stuff he didn't need in his blue lockers located in the hallways and getting the stuff he did need. First period: chemistry.

    He walked into the chemistry class, the lab located in the back cluttered with beakers and scientific instruments made for tests of all sorts of chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide bottles and slivers of magnesium littered the top of the counter nearest to the sink.

    Sometimes I wonder... Taylor thought, what the hell does the teacher do on weekends?

    It was true; every time Taylor and the rest of his class got back from the weekend break, there was always some odd objects on the lab counter tops.

    As the rest of the kids walked in and sat down at their desks, unpacking their belongings, the bell rang and the talking ceased. The teacher seemed to waltz in. She was in a good mood. But then again, Taylor's chemistry teacher, Mrs. Huzzon, seeemed to always be in a cheerful mood.

    She was a very short and stout woman. About the same age as Deborah, her curly graying hair was always without frizz and clean. She wore plain t-shirts and jeans, and had round frames in her gold tinted glasses.

    Turning on the overhead projector, she addressed the class as usual with a bright and cheery good morning. The students groaned in return, and Taylor remained silent, waiting for instruction.

    “Does anyone remember what I said about balancing chemical equations last Friday?” She asked the class in her sing-song voice.

    Many kids sank low in their chairs, but Taylor was practically jumping out of his seat with his hand straight up in the air, whispering “Pick me! Pick me!” under his breath.

    “Oh Taylor, you're always so quick to answer! Yes? Do you remember how to balance a chemical equation.”

    Taylor took a deep breath, “Well...” And then he continued on, re-teaching the lesson that the kids already learned on Friday. As he babbled, a student slammed their head on their desk and went to sleep. There was a slap as one kid's hand connected with their forehead.

    Taylor talked so fast, it was like he could become an auctioneer. Everything about the lesson came rushing back to his brain as he went on. Mrs. Huzzon was smiling so wide at him. A familiar smile Taylor had came to recognize with all of his teachers. He was the star student in every class. He had one first place in student of the month at least four times, and on every report card of his, you would always find straight A's.

    “... And that is how you balance the chemical equation for photosynthesis; of course it's already balanced though.” Taylor finished, panting from his on-going explanations of various chemical equations and balancing them out for the teacher and the rest of the class.

    “Good job as always, Taylor! Everyone give him a hand for his brilliant explanation.” And of course, after Mrs. Huzzon said this, there was complete silence. It was so silent in the classroom, you could hear a pin drop from the classroom on the opposite side of the hallway.

    Taylor sat down again and Mrs. Huzzon started to write a chemical equation on the whiteboard near her desk.

    “Now, can anyone tell me what the name of this chemical equation i-”

    “Cellular respiration!” Taylor yelled, without raising his hand.

    “Good, now what type of reaction-”


    “Anyone else besides Taylor now?”

    No one spoke up.

    “Alright, fine. I finished grading your last tests, I'll pass them out now.”

    Mrs. Huzzon went over to her desk and grabbed a stack of papers marked “first period” on a green sticky note. She took the note off and started giving kids their test results. Most of them groaned when they saw their grade, others exclaimed, “Yes, a B!” or “A C plus! So close!” It was clear most were trying, but they really didn't care all that much.

    Taylor's got his back and as usual, a big one hundred percent was written at the top in forest green ink. He smiled in contentment and the teacher went over the answers for the kids who got them wrong on the overhead projector. Taylor read his library book as Mrs. Huzzon went around and explained the answers. Taylor was the only one reading, as the next to highest grade in the class was a high B.

    It was noticeable people kept staring at Taylor, anger and possibly jealousy lighting their gaze. Taylor paid no attention, this is what always happened whenever he aced a test. Everyone seemed to want to blame him for their low score. It made no sense, really.

    Damn, you're a smart one, aren't you?” Whispered Satan's voice.

    Why thank you! Taylor said back through thoughts.

    I never commented you on your grades in a good way, Taylor.

    What do you mean by that?

    I mean, being smart is good and all, but have you ever broken the rules? Maybe even once? Or have you ever been lazy and just didn't do your work, or failed a test on purpose? Though it may sound stupid to you, it's really fun. You should try it sometime; if you want the people here to appreciate you, then break the rules.

    Taylor was about to reply back, but the connection between Satan and him was broken and Taylor was left to linger on Satan's words.

    Fifth period economics rolled by and Taylor casually walked in, sitting at his desk and waiting for the teacher, Mrs. Jone, to start class.

    The late bell rang and kids ran inside. It was notable that most kids were late for this particular class. Taylor did have to admit, economics was boring, but it was good to learn about it as the kids were approaching the age where they would have to start investing in a savings account and learn about how to spend and distribute their money.

    As soon as the teacher was finished with roll call, Taylor could feel himself slipping away to somewhere above the clouds. He never really dozed off or daydreamed in any classes, in fact, this was his first time it had ever happened to him. He wasn't tired or anything, just bored out of his mind. Thoughts began to wander into his head, asking him questions he never asked before. Should he even continue to care about school? Was Satan right when he said that to be appreciated by the kids here, he had to break the rules? Taylor didn't want to do that; he was a good kid at heart.

    But friends... I need them... A voice told him.

    “Taylor? Taylor, are you awake?” Mrs. Jone's voice snapped Taylor out of his trance.

    “Mmm... What did you say...?” Taylor mumbled. Some kid behind him snickered at his answer.

    “Well, what's the answer to my question?”

    “How the hell am I supposed to know when I don't even know what you asked?” Taylor retorted, a little too harshly. More chuckles could be heard around the classroom.

    “Well maybe if you got your head out of the clouds, you would know!” The teacher yelled back, pissed off at Taylor's back-talking.

    “OK! Jesus Christ, calm your tits, woman. God...” Taylor hissed. He slowly sagged a bit more in his chair. A boy laughed and another gave him a thumbs-up.

    Mrs. Jone glared at him then went on to address the day's assignment.

    “You will all copy down notes from page two-hundred thirty through two-hundred thirty-seven in your text books. You may start now.” Mrs. Jone walked back to her desk and sat down, typing something up on her desktop.

    Instead of pulling out a piece of paper like Taylor would normally do, he just sat there and stared at his fingers which were conveniently folded onto each other on his desk. This continued on for a few minutes, and kids were starting to glance at him with odd looks. Wasn't Taylor normally almost done with his work by now, or was he already finished?

    Taylor didn't pay any attention to either of the students. He just sat there are stared at his hands as if they were a piece of art to examine.

    Finally, the teacher noticed him not doing any work and got up from her desk, walking over to his. She tapped Taylor on the shoulder with her pen, “Are you finished with your work?”

    Taylor turned around and looked up at her. He opened his mouth as if he was going to answer, but turned around and faced his fingers again as if he had chose not to.

    “... Well?” Mrs. Jone asked, puzzled by Taylor's sudden change in weather. On Friday, he was answering every question she threw at him, and now he was being just plain lazy.

    “Nope. I'm not.”

    “You should get working then.”


    “Why not?”

    “Because, shut up.”

    The moment Taylor said shut up, people began to notice and looked up at the oncoming storm that was about to happen.

    “... Excuse me, Mr. Duncan?” The teacher asked, flabbergasted.

    Excuse me, Mrs. Jone?” Taylor mocked, turning around to face her again, a sly smile crossing his face. A huge difference from the smile Mrs. Jone had seen on Friday. On that day, she saw a happy, eager to learn smile. Now it was just... Evil looking.

    The kids around Taylor began to get rowdy as they laughed at the quarreling going on. Taylor seemed to bask in this moment. He was actually getting attention.

    “I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Get to work or I will write you a detention.” Mrs. Jone demanded.

    Taylor laughed and turned around again, lifting up his legs on the desk.

    “Just shut the fuck up, bitch, I mean seriously, what's a detention going to do? It's not going to teach me anything,” more students began to laugh and join in as Taylor continued. One person looked like he was about to come over and give him a high-five for his comments.

    “I mean, really, what the fuck is any punishment going to do?” Howls of laughter and agreement followed Taylor's statement. And it was at that moment, when Taylor snapped back to being... Well, his usual self.

    He immediately began to blush, face as red as a ripe tomato. He turned and looked at Mrs. Jone, who was just as red in the face.

    “I'm so sorry, Mrs. Jone! I... I really don't know where that came from. Really.” Taylor apologized, stammering a little.

    Now the kids weren't laughing anymore, and instead they looked at each other in question. Wondering what Taylor was talking about and why his sudden change in behavior.

    “Is he bi-polar?” Taylor heard someone whisper to a student, “No, I think he's on drugs...” Was the receding person's answer.

    Enough.” Mrs. Jone said sternly. Everyone stopped talking and faced her.

    “Mrs. Jone, I swear I didn't mean what I said-”

    “Mr. Duncan, I want you to report to the principals office. Now.

    Taylor opened his mouth in protest, but she gave him one look that made him realize that she wasn't accepting any kind of apology.

    Obediently, Taylor stood up and left the room, heading towards the principals office all the way across campus. As he walked down the hallway towards the doors that would lead outside and eventually to the office, Taylor saw Joe and his crew come out of the boy's bathroom near the end. Once they saw Taylor, they snickered and headed towards him.

    “Hey, why the long face?” Joe said, a smile creeping across his wide lips.

    “Leave me alone... I am not in the mood...” Taylor muttered.

    Joe, Daniel, and Noah laughed at his answer and stopped him from going any further.

    “Move out of the way! I have to get somewhere!” Taylor yelled at them.

    “We're not gonna let you go without a fight...” Joe said. He pushed Taylor into Daniel and Noah's arms who grabbed him from behind and held him in a head lock.

    “There's classrooms right by here... Someone's going to see you...” Taylor spat through gritted teeth. Joe made a menacing laugh.

    Leaning in close, Joe mumbled in Taylor's ear, “Does it look like I care? All I care about is seeing you crying for your mommy... Oh wait, you don't have one, ha ha ha!” Joe's crew joined in with his laugh and dragged him back to one of the blue lockers in the hallway, as if they were going to punch and kick Taylor until he was knocked out then shove him in a locker.

    He was finally held in place in front of a large locker, and Joe stood in front of him, cracking his knuckles satisfyingly.

    “Where should I punch you first? The forehead? The eyes? The nose? The mouth? The chin? The stomach, maybe? Hmm... Decisions, decisions...” Joe mumbled to himself, snorting a chuckle here and there.

    “The nose should be a good first spot, don't you guys think?” Joe asked his buddies, who nodded in eager agreement. They just wanted to see someone get hurt.

    “Good...” Joe said, and as fast as you could say duck, he launched a powerful punch at Taylor's nose.

    It made contact with the cartilage on the tip of Taylor's nose. Pain shot up his face as it was broken instantly from the impact. Taylor did not cry out, and in anger that there was no reaction from Taylor, Joe punched him again, this time in the mouth.

    Taylor tasted blood in his mouth as the punch was finished. Pain was no longer present however, instead it was rage. Hatred. He never hated anyone as much as Joe right now.

    “Such a bad idea...” He mumbled to Joe.

    “What's that, loser? I can't hear you because there's so much blood in your mouth! Ha!”

    Taylor faced him, fury lacing his fiery green gaze. He spit out a tooth that had been knocked out. A tooth from the bottom row.

    It happened before Taylor even knew what he was doing. Joe was on the floor on the opposite side of the hallway, writhing around in pain while clutching his heavily bleeding face.

    Finally gaining control, Joe faced Taylor, his mangled face making him looked wild.

    “That hurt, you fucker!” Joe yelled at him, and tried to stand up and fight back.

    Taylor made an advance at him again, and before he knew it, he lost control and the wings on his back grew and ripped out of his clothes. He was left hovering over Joe who was huddled on the floor in fear, jet-black wings spread out and flapping in small, quick movements. He made a weird hissing sound at Joe and he backed up until he hit the wall.

    Before Taylor or Joe could do anything, the bell rang and people filed out of their classes, heading to their sixth period. But they all saw the scene and they circled around Joe, Taylor, Daniel, and Noah. The teachers noticed the crowd not moving in the hallways and they too investigated the scene. Upon arrival of seeing Joe on the floor with his face broken and bloodied, and Taylor with black angel wings and hissing a kind of threat at Joe's cowering figure was enough to make one of the teacher's go and get the principal himself.

    “P-please... Don't... Don't h-hurt me again...” Joe whimpered, and then he began to cry in front of Taylor.

    Taylor's senses came back to him, and he realized a bunch of people were staring at him and his knuckles which were stained with Joe's blood.

    And his wings were present.

    Turning to look at the sea of eyeballs gawking with horror at him, and glancing at Joe with a waterfall streaming down his bloody face, he smiled at everyone in front of him, regularly pearly white teeth now stained red from his own blood.

    What have I done...

    .self-assured mutual destruction.

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    wowwww, this hasn't been updated in a while. sorry for the wait, i was wondering what i should write for the next chapter. i ended up coming up with something different than what i expected.


    chapter five; comeback kid.

    “I can't believe you'd actually get yourself into a school fight, Taylor!”

    Taylor made a mumble and continued to stare out the window of the van.

    “I thought you were better than this! What happened to the kind boy that left the orphanage this morning?” Deborah continued to talk some kind of sense into Taylor, but it was like it was going in one ear and out the other.

    “He got stronger...” Taylor muttered under his breath.


    “Never mind...”

    Deborah sighed and continued to focus on driving. Taylor could still remember the stinging words that the principal had told him when he and Joe were sent to the office. “We don't need animals like you in the school! Control yourself or face being expelled.”

    He knew it was directed at the both of them, but Taylor couldn't shake off the feeling that it was mainly focused on him. He was an animal.

    It explained the wings, at least.

    Speaking of the wings, when the people had seen the wings they all breathed the word in unison, “Angel.” It was the only explanation they had.

    But Taylor was the polar opposite of an angel.

    And he couldn't get the nerve to correct the students. So now, everybody assumed he was an angel, and when he returned from his three day suspension that the principal and given Joe and him, he would expect people to either fear him, or bow down at his feet.

    And Taylor didn't want neither.

    He wanted attention. And it was something he achieved when he lost himself in fifth period.

    At least people knew about his wings and he didn't have to hide them anymore, but he vowed to try to not lose control as often.

    The bad thing? Deborah still didn't know. And Taylor was afraid to confront her about it. He wanted her to find out by accident, as it had happened with the doctor and the school.

    Unfortunately, he had to do it the hard way this time.

    “Um... Deborah I... I need to tell you something.” Taylor mumbled.

    Now, Taylor trusted Deborah. He trusted her more than he trusted himself. Through this trust he was willing to tell her the whole truth: about him receiving power from Satan, and that he wasn't just an angel, but a fallen angel.

    “What is it?” Deborah asked. The tone in her voice signified she was still annoyed about the incident at school.

    Taylor hesitated. If she was still mad, he didn't want to possibly anger her anymore.

    “Never mind, I'll tell you later.” He said quickly.

    Deborah just sighed and nodded.

    “By the way, you do have an interview today. God forbid you screw it up.”

    Well, if you say God forbids it, then I'll probably screw it up anyway. Taylor thought to himself.

    He could have sworn he heard a chuckle from his Hell-bound friend.

    The rap of a fist on Taylor's bedroom door awakened him from his nap. It was Deborah.

    “It's time for your interview!” She called to him.

    Taylor jumped out of bed, anxious and hoping these people would be the best fit for him. He hadn't had an interview in ages, so he would probably be a bit rusty.

    He fixed his hair and made sure he looked at least half-decent. He told Satan he would be at an interview, so it was best to not interrupt him with anything. There was a pause before Satan had said a good luck to him, which Taylor found a bit odd. He shrugged and went downstairs to the interview room.

    Once he got there, Deborah gave him one last hug and led him into the room.

    Sitting at a small wooden table, there was a man and a women, and they happily gave Taylor a friendly smile. He made a tiny uplift in his lips back at them, and Deborah introduced him to the people.

    “Mike, Cassandra, this is Taylor Duncan.”

    “Hi.” Taylor said. He didn't add a lot of emphasis in his greeting, but he was excited nevertheless. Butterflies flitted in his stomach and tickled the insides, trying to push out and be released.

    Calm down... He told himself and took a deep breath.

    Deborah handed him a manila folder that held his report cards and test grades. He didn't have anything else to show his interviewers, and it was mainly his grades that he tried to impress them with.

    He sat down at the table and faced the couple. He noticed they both had graying brown hair, with the wife's hair being a bit darker in color. Mike seemed to wear a friendly smile, and Cassandra had her hands folded neatly in her lap, giving Taylor a look of pleasure.

    Deborah left the room, but Taylor knew she stayed right outside the door as always to eavesdrop on the conversation and make sure everything went fine.

    “Well um... I don't really have much to say about myself except...” Taylor pushed the folder towards them, hands shaking slightly.

    Mike seemed to notice his worry and gave a reassuring grin, “You don't have to worry, son. We're not going to hurt you.” His voice had a hint of a country accent, and Taylor wondered if they had moved here from the south.

    As they observed his grades, Taylor tried to find some sense of calm inside him, but the butterflies kept screaming at him.

    Let me out! Let me out! They shouted and Taylor gritted his teeth and gave a silent demand that they remain quiet.

    “Very nice grades!” Mike exclaimed and gave Taylor a thumbs-up.

    “Th-thank you!” Taylor stammered.

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Cassandra asked. Her voice was very cheery and higher pitched than most women Taylor had met.

    “A lawyer.” Taylor replied and smiled a tad.

    Mike put the grades back in the folder and commented, “I'm sure you'll get there someday.”

    Taylor smiled a bit more and Mike started to ask him questions.

    “So, do you play any sports?”

    “No... I just do good in school. I never had an interest in athletic activities.”

    “What about your hobbies?”

    “I like reading, I read all the time if necessary.”

    Mike nodded and Cassandra spoke up this time, “Well, I guess you want to know about us. We used to live in Florida and decided to move up here just recently. I really wanted a child, but of course I was too old, so we decided to try for adoption. We're a Christian family, so do expect to go to church every Sunday if the decision is made.”

    The instance the woman had said “Christian”, it put Taylor on edge. He didn't know why, it just irritated him. The first reaction was like the woman was an annoying bug he needed to swat at, but then it turned to an irritation as if there was a huge itch Taylor couldn't scratch.

    Mike went on, “I'm a businessman, and I do good business up here at an accounting company. My job was why we had to move up here.”

    “It was hard for us to move from our humble town in Florida. We had lived there for over twenty years so it was hard to let go of our good friends there.” Cassandra piped up.

    Taylor was barely listening as the irritation continued to grow and grow.

    “So, did you always live here o-” Mike was interrupted as Taylor bumped the table with his knee when he fidgeted restlessly.

    “You OK?” Mike asked, noticing Taylor's fidget.

    “I'm fine, it's just an itch.” Taylor lied, the butterflies in his stomach stopped tickling and fell asleep, replacing the anxiety with an irritating hatred for something Taylor didn't understand.

    “Alright. Well, as I was saying, have you always lived here or...?”

    “No, I've lived at this orphanage since before I could even walk or talk.” Taylor said.

    “Oh, really? Wow. I would hate having to be your age and still be here. It must be terrible.” Said Cassandra, a hint of pity in her voice.

    “Yeah... I get bullied a lot at the school I go to... I actually... Got in a fight today.” He then pointed to the bandage that crossed the bridge of his nose.

    “You didn't start it, I hope?” Said Mike, looking a little surprised.

    “No! It was started by some other guy and his buddies.” Taylor said, throwing his hands up in the air a bit.

    Mike narrowed his eyes and then nodded. Taylor immediately doubted telling them about the fight. Hopefully it wouldn't ruin the possibility of him getting adopted. He liked these people, as he always did with the people that interviewed him.

    Well, he liked a lot about them except...

    There it went again, that same nagging irritation. Taylor was starting to get a little pissed off. What was throwing him this way?

    “That's good, I bet those boys were punished, righ-”

    Taylor abruptly stood up from his chair, about to scream at himself for being so irritated, and he remembered he was in the middle of an interview, and that would be extremely stupid.

    “Is something the matter?” Mike said, looking at Taylor with a very puzzled expression.

    “... I need to go to the restroom.” He bluntly excused and hurried out the door.

    “What, Taylor what happ-” Deborah asked him as Taylor suddenly rushed out of the room.

    But Taylor was gone upstairs in a flash and Deborah was left to finish her sentence at nobody. Shrugging, she walked in the room to ask the couple questions about the interview.

    Taylor slammed the door to the bathroom and began washing his face with cold water from the sink. He turned the water off and watched it drain. He was panting slightly and as the irritation wore off, he dried his face and looked at himself in the mirror.

    The monster was staring right at him, the expression of puzzlement, anxiety, and a slight anger was read on his ghastly face.

    “... Why...” He blurted out at himself. Then, feeling like an idiot for rushing out in the middle of an interview, he dug his head in his hands and mumbled, “I'm so stupid...”

    That was a close one.” He heard a familiar voice rumbled in his ear.

    “What?” He asked aloud to Satan.

    I should mention I hate anybody who worships... Him...

    “Oh...” It all made sense now. Taylor was irritated because Satan was irritated from the fact that the woman was a Christian.

    In short, Taylor felt like screaming at Satan now for screwing up his interview and the possibility of him getting adopted but then Satan objected him.

    You don't want a family anyway... Sometimes people are best to just ignore and not trust. Trust only yourself and the ones that have proven their loyalty. And always be aware for a sense of betrayal. Don't ever let trust turn into obsession; always watch and listen and be alert for any sign of danger, and feel free to lash out if you encounter it.

    Taylor nodded and began to understand Satan's words though. He really didn't need a family... He had Satan now so, he shouldn't label himself as completely alone.


    Even so, there still remained an emptiness in his heart.

    That night, Deborah returned to Taylor's room and said that the couple had refused to adopt Taylor. He expected this and pretended to be sad.

    “Don't give up though, I'm sure someone perfect for you will turn up eventually.” Deborah said hopefully. She then started to walk out, but Taylor stopped her.

    “What is it, Taylor?”

    “I... Need to tell you something.” Taylor started up. He took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself for what he was about to say.


    “On Saturday... I didn't really get beaten up and some thugs dyed my hair.”

    Deborah didn't seem at all surprised, “I knew it; you had no bruises to back up your lie anyway.”

    “Yeah um... I don't know if you'll be able to believe this or not but... On that day I was walking down the street and I heard something strange in an alleyway. I went in there and nothing seemed out of the ordinary until... These trash bags burst into flame and gave some sort of ghostly illusion that showed scenes of terror and horror.

    “Anyway, it began to speak and... It really was... The devil and he told me he wanted to... Give me his power as he had watched me all my life and felt... Pity for me, I guess. I... Agreed and well... I possess his power now...”

    He looked at Deborah. At first, she didn't have any expression, but then when she put it all together in her mind, she began to look terribly shocked. Her mouth and eyes were wide open.

    “... What?” She said, dumbfounded.

    “I know you probably don't believe me but... Here, come with me. I'll show you.”

    He took Deborah by the hand and led her into the bathroom.

    “Look at my reflection.” He told her and she did. Now she looked close to fainting.

    “Taylor I...” She started, then stopped. She started again, “But... Why on Earth would you want the devil's powers?”

    Taylor took a deep breath again, “Because I wanted to be stronger!” He shouted. “I... I... Didn't want to be weak, or be alone... Satan promised me he would be my friend... I just didn't want to be alone anymore... I wanted to... to...” Taylor's voice teetered off and he stopped talking.

    Deborah urged him to continue, and swallowing his remorse, he said, “... Like myself...”

    “Oh Taylor...” Deborah sighed, she then reached out and put a hand on his shoulder, “You know that everybody here likes you and enjoys your company. You aren't alone.”

    Instead of feeling relieved and happy, Taylor instead felt more miserable then he had been.

    Stop it.” He said with emphasis.


    Taylor then shrugged Deborah's hands off and faced her, anger getting a hold of him, “Stop giving me your senseless pity party! The last thing I need is someone slaving over me like some sick child. I do not deserve what you guys give me, and I feel like some spoiled brat. I know your feelings. I know you all can't stand me. So shut up, and just...” He ended his sentence off with a growl and pushed past Deborah and to his room.

    “Wait, Taylor!” Deborah called after him and caught up with him, trying to stop him again.

    Go away! You'll never understand!” Taylor yelled at her behind his back. He then loudly slammed the door to his bedroom shut, locked it, and practically face-planted into his bed, smothering his head with a pillow.

    Deborah knocked on his door and called his name, but he ignored her. She gave up and he heard her walking back down the stairs. Taylor realized he just yelled at someone he cared a lot about and wondered if he should go back down and apologize. But, he was still angry and agitated and decided he needed to cool down before asking for forgiveness.

    Sighing, he laid in his bed for what seemed like forever and gradually fell asleep.

    The days Taylor was suspended from school was spent in bed and not wanting to get up except to eat and go to the bathroom. In all honesty, he felt terrible. He had screwed up the interview and probably hurt Deborah's feelings. He noticed when he went down to the dining hall that she ignored him most of the time.

    Eventually, though, on the last day of suspension, Taylor had apologized for his actions and she had laughed and said she wasn't hurt, but surprised. Then she told him that the power secret would remain with her and she wouldn't tell anybody. She also said she didn't mind, as long as Taylor didn't hurt someone outright offensively. She expected him to use his power defensively.

    On the morning of the first day back, Taylor could feel a sense of dread welling up inside him. Now he would find out if the students were afraid of him, or simply in awe of him.

    He walked casually to school and when he entered the hallway and got to his lockers, he noticed behind him that two girls were whispering quietly to each other. He looked at them and they noticed him glancing at them and they quickly glanced back, only to continue muttering with each other afterwards.

    Taylor shrugged and put his stuff he didn't need in his locker, heading towards his classroom.

    First period wasn't as bad as Taylor had thought. He answered all the questions Mrs. Huzzon asked him with dignity and never hesitated to do so. It was also noticeable that the students didn't jeer at him like they usually did, now they just seemed to give him an admiring stare and some even clapped when he finished explaining something.

    Maybe... Taylor thought, this is the start of new friendships...

    When second period, French, rolled around, Taylor began to get anxious. He shared this class with Joe and Joe sat right behind him. It wasn't uncommon for Joe to stick “kick me” signs on his back and have the rest of the kids laugh at his motives.

    But today, when Joe walked in, he seemed to give a little jolt as he saw Taylor sitting at his desk. Joe still wore the bandages he had received from the nurse from the fight he and Taylor had, but he was OK nonetheless.

    He scurried up to the teacher and whispered quietly to her. Taylor sat close to the teacher's desk and overheard their conversation.

    “Um... Can I move to another seat...?” Joe mumbled, stammering a bit. He glanced at Taylor who did so.

    The teacher, Ms. Leia, looked at Taylor and nodded, “Yes, you can. Go sit behind Adrian.”

    Joe thanked her and walked past Taylor's desk to where Adrian sit in the back.

    As he passed, Taylor tried to stop him and apologize for his actions.

    He reached out a hand to touch Joe's arm, “Hey, man, I'm sorry for what happ-”

    Joe swatted it away and shouted in Taylor's face, “Don't touch me, freak!” He then hurried off towards the back and Ms. Leia just shook her head at Joe's actions.

    Taylor dropped his arm and faced the front, the hope he had of making new friends faltering under Joe's words.

    As sixth period wandered on by, the English teacher in Taylor's class had assigned a reading day where all the kids would go outside to the high school courtyard and read. There, in the courtyard, were pretty olive trees that the kids enjoyed sitting under and reading their books. The trees were especially popular in the hot Summer months and sometimes you had to wrestle a person to get under one.

    Taylor and the rest of his class walked outside in a line and settled down under the swaying olive trees.

    Feeling relaxed and at ease, Taylor opened his library book and began to read silently to himself.

    He was being dragged into the book's plot and couldn't stop reading until suddenly a chirp right beside him alarmed him.

    Taylor almost dropped his book in surprise and looked up around him and spotted a tiny white dove on the grass, looking right at him. Taylor at first was intrigued. Generally, the doves around here were the regular mourning doves or collared doves. Most of the time, it was pigeons that held roost in the branches, but this bird was special. He had never seen a fully white dove before in Manhattan.

    “Hey.” He said. He expected the bird to get frightened and fly off, but it stayed put. Maybe it was so used to humans around it, it had gotten tame to them.

    The dove waddled towards him on tiny, gray legs. It stopped at times to look Taylor over and started towards him again.

    Taylor didn't move an inch, and instead allowed the dove to walk around and explore him. Finally, he held out a hand. He knew the dove would get startled and fly off, but shock fell over him as the dove actually came up to inspect it's hand. It seemed as tame as any pet dog Taylor knew.

    The dove came closer to Taylor's outstretched hand. It halted right at the end of his middle finger, and after a long pause, it decided to climb up on his palm.

    But the minute it placed it's delicate clawed feet on Taylor's hand, it suddenly burst into flame.

    Taylor had barely time to shout that a wild dove was on fire, when the flames dispersed and all that was left was ashes.

    He stared at the ashes, immobilized by shock. Taylor gave a slight whimper from his throat. He just made a living thing burst into flame and disintegrate into nothing.

    Before he could get his mind off of it and get back to reading, a voice from somewhere called in his mind. It wasn't Satan's or anyone he knew. In fact, it was the same as the voice he had heard in his dream he had when Satan had given him power.

    Taylor Duncan, who do you really trust? Are you sure the one that said to trust no one, trusted you?

    Taylor instantly knew what the voice was talking about and shouted back at it through his thoughts, You don't understand! Satan spoke the truth! I know he did!

    Fool...” The voice whispered and it vanished as soon as it appeared.

    Taylor, dumbfounded, looked at the ash again. There now lay a single white feather from the dove's wing.

    He realized that it was slowly turning black.

    It was the end of the period and people brushed past Taylor to get out of the school and go home. Taylor too, was in a rush to get out. He was deeply disturbed by the dove bursting into flame and the feather changing to a black color. He was also disturbed by the voice; who was it? Why did it talk to him? How did it know Taylor's name? What did it mean?

    He pushed and shoved people out of the way. They cursed at him but he ignored them. He was furious and wanted to know answers right away. Taylor didn't like lingering questions.

    And Taylor remained furious until he saw her.

    .self-assured mutual destruction.

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    *dies* i'm done with chapter six. that took FOREVER.

    chapter six; the girl

    She stood a few feet away, putting her algebra book in her backpack in a locker that she owned. Her silky black hair was cut in a rounded short fashion and made her already round face look plumper and fuller. Her mouth was pasted into a calm and content smile that matched nicely with her casual outfit of a plan white tee and bootleg jeans. Her eyes were the deepest shade of violet and her indigo eyeshadow made her irises really stand out amongst her pale white face.

    Taylor was starstruck by the mere sight of her and found his feet were walking straight towards her path.

    He had to know her name. There was something about her that intrigued Taylor; not just her stunning beauty but something more... Something Taylor wanted to find out and understand.

    She saw him coming up and tilted her head.

    “Hi...” He mumbled, as he shambled up to her.

    “Um, hi?” She answered back, not a clue as to why Taylor was talking to her.

    “I saw you from afar and...” Taylor trailed off.


    “Um, you look like you needed help with some of your books so I decided to come over and aid you with them...” Taylor blurted. He didn't know what to say to her.

    Yes, he had initially wanted to say she was pretty, but he had never done stuff like this before and was horrible at trying.

    “Oh, no I'm fine! But thanks for asking.” She replied with a soft laugh that sent sparks up in Taylor's stomach.

    She then began to walk away, but Taylor called out a signal to stop and she turned around to face him again.

    “I... Want to know your name. My name is Taylor, yours?”

    Before the girl could reply, Taylor's ears had focused on another group of girls who were laughing as they chatted together. Taylor ended up overhearing what they were talking about.

    “Look at that weirdo Natalie over there, talking to that bum of a boy known as Taylor!” Laughter followed the unknown girl's outburst.

    “I wonder if they'll fall in love, I mean, they're just like each other. All weird and they think they're so smart.” Another girl chimed in.

    Taylor whirled up on the girls across the hall. Forgetting the girl he had seen, which he presumed was Natalie, he stomped towards the girls.

    “Excuse me...” He growled as he approached the girls.

    “Oh, what do you want? Did you hear me complaining about you? Funny because I was being serious. You and Natalie share a lot in common; you guys both are smartasses and are so weird and awkward. Do you really think you belong in this school? I would love it if you two both leaved.” Said the same girl that started the chat.

    At that point, Taylor had lost control. Not only had she insulted him, but someone he had begun to care about. His wings unfolded and he almost launched himself at the girls, but instead hissed a few words of anger.

    “You may insult me because I have the power to defend myself... But don't ever drag innocent people into the picture!”

    Most of the girls backed a few ways away when Taylor showed his wings, but the girl who had started it stood her ground.

    “Innocent? Ha! Angel boy, I can tell you wouldn't dream of hurting a poor girl such as myself, would you?”

    “Watch me.” Taylor said, and he smiled wryly. He could feel his fists balling up and felt as if his true form would show itself.

    But it never did, as Natalie and stepped herself in between the arguing students.

    “Stop it! This isn't a civil way to settle our differences. We should try to make up. I... I don't care what anyone says about me, so keep talking shit if you want. I just don't want anyone getting hurt.” She exclaimed, looking back to Taylor, and then to the girl, then Taylor again.

    Taylor blinked and backed off a bit. He did still keep a wary eye on the girl though and through his intense stare, he could feel tension crackle like lightning in the air.

    “Go away, Ashley.” Said a voice from behind Natalie.

    A girl came up beside Natalie, her face screwed up in a serious frown at Ashley.

    “Sarah! Looks like Natalie's bitch came to help her out as usual.”

    Sarah rolled her large sky blue eyes at Ashley and put a hand on Natalie's shoulder, “I am not her bitch, just protecting her from whores like you.”

    Ashley opened her mouth to say something, but shut it again and walked off, her girlfriends following her to the school's doors.

    “Sorry about Ashley. She's a bitch. Don't listen to her.” Sarah said to Taylor.

    She whipped her straight and neat chocolate brown hair once over her shoulder and looked Taylor up and down before walking towards the door.

    “Meet you outside, Natalie!” She called, then stopped, and turned towards Taylor.

    A pause, then, “You know, you're pretty cute.”

    With that, she walked out the school doors and they slammed shut, leaving Natalie and Taylor alone in the hallway.

    Natalie looked at Taylor, “That was Sarah. She's been a friend of mine since elementary school and... I've admired her ever since. She's always so strong and cares a lot about me. I wish I was her... I feel like more of a burden on her back than a friend.” She bowed her head before glancing up at Taylor again.

    “You... You're strong too. I've never known someone besides Sarah to stand up for me like that. Maybe you really are an angel.”

    Taylor smiled and sighed at the same time, “I'm much more than that.”

    “Um...” Natalie started, reaching into her purse that was around her arm, “Here's my number if you want it. Call or text me if you want to talk to me.”

    Natalie then handed Taylor a piece of paper with her number on it. She waved a good-bye and walked out the door to meet up with Sarah.

    Taylor stood there, too stunned to speak. He looked at the number in his hands and whipped out his cellphone, adding it as one of his contacts.

    Then he ran out of the school doors, past the crowds of kids and right to the orphanage.

    Rushing into the orphanage, he literally hugged the floor and began to kiss it and cry in happiness.

    “Um... Taylor?” Deborah asked as she came up behind him, “Everything OK?”

    Taylor got up off the ground and shook himself before flashing the piece of paper with Natalie's number written in black ink.

    “I got a girl's number. For the first time. Ever.” Taylor panted, holding the paper close to his heart and making a longing sigh.

    Deborah blinked and put a hand on Taylor's shoulder, “It would be best to congratulate you if I was a guy, but unfortunately... Now we have to have 'the talk'”

    Taylor's smug look disappeared and he began to blush, “Oh God.”

    Taylor's face twitched into a kind of disgusted and frustrated twinge of disapproval as Deborah finished her speech.

    The two were talking in an empty interview room for about half an hour, and Taylor wanted to just slap Deborah and run off.

    “... And that's why you should never allow a girl in your bedroom.” Deborah finished, “Any questions?”

    Taylor stood up from his seat, “What the hell, Deborah!? I was taught about human health and body systems in seventh grade; do you think I don't know about this kind of stuff after that project I had to do that one day?

    “I spent hours slaving over that thing. I had to look through all sorts of pictures and draw what I saw. My innocence was lost on that day; don't you remember me waking up the morning after the project and saying how my eyeballs were burned?”

    Deborah blinked then said, “Oh... I remember that now. Sorry for uh... Disturbing you, again?”

    Taylor face-palmed.

    The weekend arrived and on Saturday, Taylor lay in thought. He spoke with Satan about the girl and Satan seemed... Jealous? He didn't really know the tone that Satan spoke in, but he did sound angry and annoyed. Taylor didn't understand why.

    “I'm going to call Natalie.” Taylor said aloud after the connection between Satan and him was broken.

    He picked up his cellphone and scanned through his contacts, calling the number that was Natalie's.

    “Hello?” Said a tentative voice across the line that belonged to Natalie.

    “Natalie? Hey, it's me, Taylor. Remember?”

    “Oh, Taylor. I thought so. So, what's going on?”

    “Nothing much... I just wanted to ask you something.” Taylor could feel sweat running down his forehead and his hands shook. This was the first time he would ever say the following words to a girl.

    “Well, what is it?” Natalie replied.

    “I... Do... Do you want to hang out or something?” Taylor stammered.

    A pause, then, “Oh, sure. I have some free time. Where do you want to go?”

    Taylor felt like he could faint from happiness, “Oh, um, the park is fine.” He replied hesitantly.

    “Alright. Do you want me to pick you up or should I meet you there?”

    “I'll come get you.”

    “OK. See you in... A few hours, I guess?”

    “Sounds great. See you then.” Taylor then hung up the phone, his heart hammering and butterflies sprouting up in his stomach.

    Still excited about his day, he quickly took a shower and got dressed for his day out with Natalie.

    “It's totally a date.”

    “It is not! We're just friends.”

    Sarah laughed her high-pitched and girlie giggle, “Sure you are. C'mon, I know love at first sight when I see it. You should have seen Taylor's face when he saw you! It totally read 'insta-boner.'”

    Natalie sighed, “No matter what you say, we're just friends. And we're never going to be together.”

    Sarah made a smirk, “You say that now... I said the same thing about Nick and I, and look what happened?”

    “True...” Natalie whispered as she looked for an outfit to wear for the walk with Taylor.

    Sarah was getting her make-up on, readying for another date with Nick at the movies that night, “I know you two will warm up eventually. Taylor does share some similarities with you.”

    Natalie just nodded, “I'm not counting on it though...”

    “Hey, come on, he'll be your first boyfriend if you two decide to go the extra mile.” Sarah replied with a wink.

    “I know...” Natalie mumbled, “Also...”


    “I was thinking about it last night. What am I going to do when you leave for college next year? I'm a freshman and you're a senior. I'll never get to see you again.”

    Sarah made a tiny laugh, “Silly Natalie! It's simple: I won't go to college until you get enrolled.”

    Natalie blinked in surprise, “Really? You'd do that... For me?”

    “Of course!”

    “Thank you...” Natalie breathed.

    Sarah put up her make-up bag and fluffed up her brown hair. She then walked out the door of Natalie's bathroom.

    “Thanks for letting me stay the night, by the way. Oh, and I'll be back by around ten in the evening. Call me if you need anything.” With that, she disappeared behind the door and Natalie was left to stand there, wondering if Taylor liked her at all.

    Taylor came by Natalie's house that she sent texted the address to for him. He knocked on her door and her head popped out. Seeing Taylor, she stepped out and the two walked silently towards the park.

    As they walked along the sidewalk, a car rolled up onto the road and there sat Sarah in the driver's seat, waving towards Natalie. She waved back and watched the car disappear.

    “She can drive?” Taylor asked, puzzled.

    “Yeah, she's a senior. Older than us. I'm kind of scared for next year because she won't be with me... I think she's going to fail this year on purpose just so she can still be around.” Natalie explained.

    “Really? Wow, she's devoted to you.”

    “But... I want her to move on. I don't want her to stay behind and miss the chance of making a future.”

    Taylor nodded, “I see.”

    They continued to walk to the park without speaking. Eventually they arrived and they both sat on a park bench.

    “So um... Do you have any hobbies?” Taylor asked, trying to spark up a conversation.

    “I like make-up, but I'm more interested in drawing.”

    Taylor nodded, “That's cool, I should some of your drawings sometime.”

    “I actually have some in my phone, would you like to see?”


    Natalie took out her phone and scrolled through her pictures. She showed some pictures of her artwork to Taylor. Most of them consisted of portraits of Sarah or herself. She also had some still life paintings and sketches, all of which were amazing to Taylor.

    “Wow, I could never draw that good. You have natural talent there.”

    Natalie blushed, “Oh, it's nothing really.”

    Taylor shook his head, “I can't do anything like that. I tried getting into piano but I ended up going nowhere with it. You're awesome, though. The only good thing I have is my brain I guess.”

    Natalie nodded, “I heard from a teacher you wanted to be a lawyer. Judging by your grades, I guess you could get into Harvard and study law there.”

    Taylor made an exasperated sigh, “Oh no, I'm not that smart. There are a lot of things that confuse me.”

    “Like what?”


    Natalie laughed, “See, you are smart! Don't doubt yourself when you know you have a bright future ahead of you.”

    “I guess that's one thing I never really figured out.” Taylor said.

    Natalie smiled, “Well, you know it now.”

    “Apparently so.”

    The two continued to stare in front of them, watching the cars as they drove past.

    “So, you've known Sarah since elementary?”

    “Yeah. She's always been there for me.”

    “That's nice. I wish I had a friend like that... I've never really had friends besides maybe you.” And Satan Taylor added mentally.

    Speaking of Satan, he began to remember what he had said about trusting people. He should never trust strangers and people he had just met.

    Taylor stole a glance at Natalie and realized how stupid he was being. He could trust her. She was a good person.

    The two continued to talk all throughout the afternoon, making jokes and talking about their daily lives. Natalie was curious about how the orphanage worked and Taylor was glad to explain everything to her.

    Finally the day began to break and evening approached. Taylor and Natalie walked back to her house and they said their farewells. Natalie said she would be willing to spend the next few days of the long weekend off that they had, with Taylor. Taylor was more than happy to accept and when he walked back to the orphanage he knew that this meant friendship.

    But he wanted more than just a friendship.

    Down below was restless. Satan clawed at the stone ground, making scratch marks and the noise echoed inside the hollow chamber.

    “Will you cut that out?” Judas moaned, covering his paws over his ears.

    “Shut the fuck up! I'm frustrated!” Satan roared behind him and continued to grind at the floor.

    “What seems to be the problem, master?” Cassius said, sitting besides Judas.

    “The boy is the problem. He is in love with that damn bitch. I can feel it. It's not what I want; this wasn't supposed to happen.” Satan ended his sentence with low growls and curses at Taylor.

    Cassius and Judas looked at each other, and suddenly Brutus popped up behind them and burst out singing.

    “Satan and Taylor sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-”

    There was a roar from Satan and he turned around facing the Three Betrayers. They cowered in fear as his anger built up.

    “I... Am... Not... Jealous!” He screamed and the cavern began to shake from the massive sound waves that were coming off from his voice.

    “Don't... Change into your true form... Calm down master...” Cassius stammered.

    Satan faced him as the last echoes of his voice faded off, “You were lucky this time...” He muttered and he sat back down, scratching at the floor as he had done earlier.

    On Tuesday, the last day of the long weekend, Taylor decided to have lunch with Natalie at the sandwich shop around the corner.

    The “date” was not what was troubling Taylor, who had worry flaring up in his stomach. He was worried about Satan. The whole weekend he had ignored Taylor and when he tried to call out to Satan he was always ignored.

    He isn't... Jealous of Natalie and I's friendship, is he? Taylor thought.

    Confused and frustrated, Taylor got ready and left the orphanage, texting Natalie to tell her he was on his way.

    At the sandwich shop, Taylor and Natalie chatted about how their weekend had gone.

    “It would have been boring if I hadn't hung out with you!” Taylor said and Natalie smiled.

    “Same here.” She replied.

    “Remember that movie we went to see yesterday? That was hilarious!”

    “I loved the part where the guy fell in the pool.”

    They both laughed as they remembered that scene from the movie. Afterwards, their food came and they ate silently, talking occasionally.

    “Sarah's been silent recently.” Natalie suddenly said when she finished her sandwich.

    “Oh yeah? Why?”

    “I don't know... I guess she's jealous that I've been hanging out with you more often.”

    “Oh... That's silly. I think she should understand.”


    There was a sudden beep from Natalie's phone and she picked it up. It was a text from somebody, apparently.

    Immediately, Natalie's face grew dark in terror. She grabbed her purse and stood up abruptly.

    “Thanks for the meal but... Something happened and I have to be there. Sorry...” Natalie then ran out of the shop.

    After paying for the meal, Taylor walked out. He wondered if Natalie was OK, and that whatever happened didn't deal with her family.

    Suddenly, Taylor could feel his phone vibrate in his jeans pocket and he grabbed it. It was a text from Natalie. He opened it and it read,

    “Come here.”

    “Where are you?” Taylor texted back. He continued to walk along the sidewalk when another reply from Natalie stopped him in his tracks.

    The responding text read, “At the hospital. The one nearest your orphanage. Please come now and don't ask what happened.”

    Taylor blinked and could feel a sense of anxiety welling up at him. The hospital? Maybe one of her family members did get into something bad.

    Hurriedly, he started to run towards the hospital a few blocks away from his orphanage, scared for whatever happened.

    Natalie was in the waiting room near the E.R. Taylor sat by her and realized she was crying. Her hands were cupped over her face and she sobbed quietly.

    Hesitantly, Taylor reached out a hand and placed it on her shoulder in reassurance. She looked up and realized it was him.

    “What happened?” He asked.

    “It's Sarah... I... Got a text from her boyfriend saying that... Her parents were drunk and they were driving her somewhere and... They got into an accident.”

    “Is she OK?”

    “I... Don't know...” Natalie whimpered and continued to cry in the palms of her hands.

    Feeling sorry and not knowing what to do otherwise, Taylor leaned over and hugged Natalie. Surprisingly, she didn't draw away and a strange feeling crept into Taylor.

    Realization fell over him. He loved her, he really did. He wanted more than to be just a friend to her. Holding back his tendency to talk about this with her at that moment, he said something else, “I bet she's going to be just fine. The doctors here will take good care of her.”

    A few hours passed in the waiting room. Natalie had eventually stopped crying and the two weren't hugging anymore. However, she did stay close to Taylor. Even when he got up to get a drink from the vending machine, she trailed beside him, careful not to be lead astray.

    Finally, a nurse walked into the waiting room and beckoned Natalie over. Taylor followed her as she walked to the nurse.

    “Is Sarah...?”

    The nurse did not answer at first and sighed.

    “Please tell me...” Natalie whispered.

    “Her mother and father are fine but...”

    “What's wrong with her?”

    “Mrs. Natalie Parkinson...”


    “Sarah's dead.”


    ok whatever i'm lame at cliffhangers jadnskdmaskda.

    .self-assured mutual destruction.

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    This is very good. I like Taylor, Sarah and Deb as characters, as I think you do a very good job at fleshing out their personalities and voices as unique. That is my favorite part of your story I think. I'm not very good at making supporting characters personable and deep, but that is something that you are obviously very good at :)

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

    Coming Soon...

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    thanks again, legacy! :3

    for those who don't know yet, i'm going to be updating this on weekends when i have time to write. so you may have to wait a little while for the next chapter!

    chapter seven; the city lights

    Sarah could have easily been mistaken for being asleep, as she lay on a hospital cot, eyes closed and a serene expression on her face.

    Natalie was at her side, head in her hands and her shoulders being racked from the oncoming storm of sobs that escaped her.

    Taylor was speechless; was the dead girl on the bed really the full of life girl he had met a few days ago at school? He had just met her, but then she died. Strange how things like that happen.

    The nurse had left the two alone in the room to mourn. Taylor only had to take one step before Natalie whirled around.

    “You're an angel, right? Could... Could you revive her? Please! If you can, I beg of you! Bring her back!” Natalie pleaded, her hands cupped together as if in prayer.

    Taylor stared back and then he shook his head, “I'm sorry Natalie... I can't.” Taylor was more shocked of the fact that Natalie still labeled him as an “angel” but then again, he hadn't shown his true form ever in front of her.

    He didn't like the fact that he had to lie to his whole school and friends that he was angel when he was the complete opposite. He had to somehow tell the truth; he never liked dishonesty.

    “I don't care if it's not supposed to be seen by the human eye or whatever, I just want you to revive her! I can-”

    “Listen to me! I can't do it! I don't possess that power. At least, I never really found out, but I'm sure I don't have it, so don't ask me to try. Just...” Taylor broke off as he saw the expression of deep anguish painted on Natalie's face.

    “S-sorry...” He stammered and looked down.

    “It's not your fault... I just... I can't lose Sarah... She was my only friend... We promised we would never lose our ways and part... This is stupid.” Natalie said and turned around to look at Sarah again.

    “I should go and... Text her boyfriend about this. I don't know if he already knows-”

    The door burst open and a tall boy about Sarah's age rushed in, nearly knocking Natalie to the ground as he shoved her out of the way.

    “Sarah!” He cried as he got to her bed and stared at her cold, dead face, tears falling from his chocolate brown eyes.

    He flashed a glance at Natalie and screwed his face up in anger, “How could you let this happen!?”

    “What? Me? You should be mad at the doctor's and nurses, not me!”

    Sarah's boyfriend (Taylor had presumed this was him) sighed, his fists releasing from their clench, “I know, I'm sorry... I'm just angry... But more importantly,” He turned and faced Taylor.

    “Who the hell are you and why are you here?”

    “I'm a friend of Natalie's. I came here when she did.”

    Nick narrowed his eyes and looked back upon Sarah, “You two can go now... I just want to be left alone with her right now.”

    Natalie and Taylor looked at each other and just left Nick alone to mope over Sarah's dead body.

    The days passed quickly. Even after the death of Sarah, Taylor still had to go to school. Although, for the three days they had that week, Natalie was not present in school. Sarah's funeral would be held Friday at six p.m and Taylor had been invited for being a friend of Natalie's.

    As Taylor was getting dressed in a nice suit and tie for the funeral, Satan popped into his head.

    “You look nice. Where are you going?” Satan asked.

    “Funeral. It's for Natalie's friend, Sarah.”

    “I see... Ugh, that means church visits. I'm not the best in there.”

    “Well, try not to act out while I'm there. Whenever you get angry I get angry and I don't want to look like some weirdo.”

    Satan just sighed and the link was broken. Taylor didn't know what was up with Satan; he seemed very peeved about something. Not just the church visit, but something else.

    Taylor decided he would talk to Satan after the funeral and find out what was up.

    Taylor sat down in the pew where Natalie was. Nick, Sarah's boyfriend, sat beside her, his hands clasped together and his head down.

    Deborah had come along with Taylor even if she didn't fully know Natalie or Sarah. She just knew Natalie was a friend of Taylor's. Taylor had never brought Natalie over to the orphanage nor had she ever came over.

    The casket that held Sarah's corpse was placed at the front of the church. Bouquet's of flowers and lit candles were placed around the casket with pictures of her as a little girl beside them. Taylor had brought some flowers himself and had already placed them near the casket. He guessed Natalie and Nick had already done the same.

    The procession started and the priest that addressed the funeral said some excerpts from the Bible. Nick had a turn to talk about Sarah before he was too choked with emotion to continue talking. Natalie tried to stand and talk but started crying before she even opened her mouth and had to sit back down again.

    Sarah's parents also took a turn to talk and they too wept while they did.

    At the end, Sarah's casket was brought out to the cemetery behind the church and was buried in a row of graves. She had her own gravestone with her name written upon it and the words “a beloved daughter and friend” under the R.I.P and name.

    Taylor and the rest had all followed after the casket and they wept beside the grave and littered flower petals around it.

    The crowd dispersed and all that was left was Taylor, Deborah, Nick, and Natalie. Both Natalie and Nick were knelt on the ground, eyes streaming tears. Nick had his hand on Sarah's name and he stroked it occasionally is if it were Sarah's own hair.

    “Taylor, we need to go back home.” Deborah said. He looked behind at her.

    “No. You go on and I'll stay here until Natalie has to go. I need to escort her home. Her parents already left.”

    Deborah paused for a minute, but nodded in understanding and walked off towards the van that brought them here.

    After she was gone, Taylor got in between Nick and Natalie and knelt down on the ground like they did. After a few minutes of listening to Natalie's sobbing, Nick looked at Taylor and he looked back.

    “Wait a minute... Aren't you angel boy, from the high school here?”

    “Hmmm? So I'm labeled now, eh?” Taylor retorted. He didn't like the name he had been granted.

    “Sorry... Anyway... Do... Do you know if Sarah's... Up there?” Nick mumbled, his voice stilled cracked with emotion.

    Is she? Taylor asked himself.

    “Well I know she's not in my Hell, so I guess she's up there.” Said a familiar voice in the back of Taylor's head.

    “Yes... She is.” Taylor replied.

    Nick looked up at the ominous gray sky and sighed, “That's good... I hope to be with her soon someday...”

    He then abruptly stood up and began to walk away. Taylor stood up as well and called after him, “Hey, Nick, where are you going?”

    Nick stopped and without looking back, he replied, “It would have only been a few more years and I would have asked her hand in marriage... It's too late for that now... As for where I'm going? I'm going to see her, so good-bye.”

    And that was that, and Nick started walking again. Taylor called after him once more, but Nick ignored him and soon he was swallowed up by the fog that was growing around.

    “Don't listen to him. He doesn't have the guts to do it.” Natalie mumbled.

    “Do what?” Taylor asked, turning around to face her.

    Natalie stood up and looked at him, violet eyes somber, “Kill himself. Why else did you think he said good-bye after wanting to go where Sarah is?”

    “Oh...” Taylor breathed.

    Natalie just looked back down on the grave and feeling sentimental, Taylor walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder. They both stared at the grave for several minutes before Natalie spoke up.

    “What's it like?” She asked.

    “What's what like?”

    “You know, Heaven.”

    “Oh... I've never actually been there before.”

    Natalie laughed, “Don't hide secrets from me! Come on, you're an angel; one of God's messengers. You have to know what that paradise in the sky looks like.”

    Taylor chuckled and shook his head, “I was actually granted this power; I never descended from Heaven.”

    “Then who and how granted you those angel powers and wings?”

    Taylor smiled and looked at Natalie, “It's a long story.”

    For the long and sad day, Natalie managed a smile, “I'd like to hear it someday.”

    “Yeah...” Taylor mumbled and looked back at the grave.

    A few more silent minutes passed and Natalie then moved away from Taylor's hand.

    “I think I should go back home now.” She said as she walked away.

    Taylor followed her, “I'll escort you.”

    “Thanks...” Natalie mumbled with a tiny smile.

    Just as the two were about to exit the gates of the cemetery, a shot of a gun rang out from somewhere near the two.

    Natalie's eyes widened, “Oh no...” She whispered and ran back to where the sound came from.

    “Wait, Natalie!” Taylor called after her but she continued to run and Taylor had no choice but to follow her.

    What was found at the target was not a pretty sight. Nick was sprawled out on the ground, a pool of blood forming underneath his head. His eyes were wide open and glazed and he had a regular pistol in his left hand. A bullet wound was present on the side of his head and blood leaked out of it.

    “He's dead. Shot himself. I'm just surprised he has a gun.” Natalie said dully.

    Taylor took one look, and feeling frustrated, walked away from the scene.

    “Hey, where are you going, Taylor?” Natalie yelled.

    “Home. I'm tired of this shit.” Taylor replied, still walking.

    It wasn't that Taylor was angry that Nick had killed himself, but the fact that what he had said about Sarah probably forced him to.

    And Taylor didn't like it one bit.

    On Sunday night, Taylor was kept wide awake. He had forgotten to talk to Satan after the funeral as he was still frustrated over the suicidal attempt by Nick.

    He didn't go to the funeral that was held a day after Nick was found. Natalie didn't go either as she wasn't invited and didn't want to go.

    But tonight, something was tugging at Taylor's heart. He did really have feelings for Natalie, and the hug they shared that one day in the hospital waiting room was enough to make him fall for her. He wanted to know more about her. He wanted to be with her; despite how he had met her not too long ago.

    Taylor's mind was racing so much he couldn't possibly fall asleep. It was midnight already and he had to wake up early for school the next day. He just wanted to be left in his room to sleep, or out on the streets walking and talking to himself.

    Taylor sat up and looked out the window at the waning crescent moon in the night sky. He wanted to be free; free with Natalie, and have her accept him for who he was.

    He got out of bed and put on some day clothes. He also put on his coat, as even in springtime, the spring nights in Manhattan were generally chilly.

    Opening his window, he looked down at the streets before going back into his room and creeping out of his door; tip-toeing downstairs.

    As quietly as he could, he opened the front doors of the orphanage and walked out, closing the door behind him.

    He then walked down the street, going wherever it led him. Eventually, he found himself at the park where he and Natalie had first hung out at.

    And he wasn't the only one here.

    There sat Natalie at the same park bench they had both sat at. She was staring at the road in front of her and Taylor quietly walked up to her.

    She tensed up at first as she heard his footsteps, but relaxed as she realized it was just him.

    “What brings you out here at this time of night?” She asked as Taylor approached.

    Taylor made a slight laugh, “I would ask you the same thing.”

    Natalie looked up at him, the stars that were reflected in her violet eyes sparkling, “Insomnia. You?”

    “Same thing...” He answered.

    Without a word, Taylor sat beside Natalie and they both stared at the paved asphalt.

    Natalie tilted her head back at stared up at the constellations in the sky.

    “The sky is pretty tonight.” She breathed, her breath being painted in cold air around her.

    “Yeah...” Taylor said, looking at her, “... But I know something prettier.”

    He had blurted the line out without realizing it and when Natalie looked at him in confusion, he turned away to hide his blush and stammered a “Never mind.”

    Natalie peered a little closer at him, “Are you alright?”

    “I'm fine.” He murmured back.

    Natalie's right eyebrow arched up and she looked back up at the sky again.

    “Natalie I...” Taylor started, then stopped. He felt so embarrassed and didn't want to know how Natalie would react to his spilled feelings.

    That is, if he would ever tell her.

    She looked at him and he stared into her eyes. Her gorgeous, violet as the flower the color was named for; eyes.

    And he couldn't help himself but to lean in and whisper in her ear, “... I love you.”

    Abruptly, Taylor stood up and left the park bench and Natalie behind him. He didn't want to look back. He didn't want to look back and see her possibly disgusted face.

    The patter of footsteps behind him told Taylor that she was following him. He forced himself to look back and found not disgust, but sincerity written on her face.

    “Taylor!” She yelled as she came up to him and he stopped, looking at her.

    Her face was red from blushing and suddenly, she grabbed his hands in hers, “Taylor I... I kind of do have feelings for you, I will admit.”

    Taylor's breath caught in his throat, “What?”

    “I thought you would hate me if I told you... But I guess not.”

    Taylor's mouth turned upwards into a grin, “I would never be disgusted by you.” He then pulled her into a hug.

    And they stood there in embrace for what seemed like an hour until Natalie drew back, “You aren't what people say you are, Taylor. I don't think you're a nerd or disgusting, or anything people say about you behind their backs. We share a lot of things in common, you and I, and I think... This could work.”

    “You mean it?”

    “Of course I do. Taylor, I love you too. Sarah was right all along; we were meant for each other.”

    “Natalie...” Taylor breathed, but found himself leaning towards her face. He then planted a light kiss on her plump lips. His first kiss.

    A tingle flared up in his stomach and somewhere beyond, a Lord of Hell was screaming in rage at Taylor's feelings. The feelings Satan didn't enjoy.


    Taylor was falling in love.

    “Oh, brother...”

    .self-assured mutual destruction.

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    Heh, I read the first three chapters and I'm intrigued. I might edit this post once I read more. :D

    Oh, and Satan is such a good friend. xD

    EDIT: Read it all, I'm pretty sure Satan was involved with Sarah and Nick's death. -.-

    One thing I find silly is that everyone found it okay that a boy from their high school was a freakin' angel. I mean, one would expect other teens to ... overreact? Not to mention if government found out about it, lol. xD

    Anyway, keep it up! :D
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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    haha, MAYBE. ;D

    and i never thought about that xD. stupid me. i should totally make a chapter where the fbi comes and investigates taylor xD. takes him to see the president and stuff. that would be either hilarious or awesome LOL.


    .self-assured mutual destruction.

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}


    somebody get me a doctor i think i broke my brain.


    chapter eight; love and hate

    The Three Betrayers cowered as they saw their master pace restlessly around the gloomy cavern he called his lair.

    “This is bad... Really bad.” He kept muttering under his breath.

    “Sir, what do you think we should do?”

    Satan stopped pacing and turned to face Cassius who had spoken out, “Nothing. It's over. That damn bitch has taken him bait. There's nothing I can do to stop the thing between them.”

    He sighed and laid down on the cold earth.

    Cassius and Judas looked at each other. Their master, the Lord of Hell, was giving up? It seemed hard to believe.

    “... Unless we make a diversion.” Cassius suddenly said.

    Satan turned to look at him, a familiar light of revenge glinting in his pupil-less eyes, “I'll think of something...”

    The first thing that happened when Taylor went back to school was the reaction the rest of the kids had when they saw Natalie and him walk through the front doors of the school holding hands.

    “What?” Joe mumbled as he stood beside his crew, “That freakshow has a girlfriend?

    Taylor passed right by him, giving Joe a slight smirk as he did so. Joe looked like he was about to explode.

    “Show off...” He hissed at Taylor, and he ushered the rest of his crew to his locker and they began to talk quietly to themselves.

    “I have to get to class.” Natalie said as she stopped by her locker.

    “OK. I'll see you after school I guess. I have no classes with you, unfortunately.” Taylor replied, letting go of her hand.

    The bell rang and everyone began to file into their classrooms. Taylor had already gotten his things for his next class and Natalie quickly dragged some things from her locker.

    She hurriedly hugged Taylor and they said their 'love you's' and walked off to class.

    As Taylor entered his first period, he noticed Mrs. Huzzon was talking to an unfamiliar boy beside her desk.

    New student. Taylor guessed in his mind and sat in his desk.

    The late bell rang and everybody quieted down and waited for the teacher to make an announcement. All the students seemed to notice the new kid and wondered who he was.

    “Good morning, class! Before we get started, I'd like to introduce our newest student. He's from Great Britain. Please treat him nicely.” Mrs. Huzzon introduced the new kid, and she allowed him to speak for a bit.

    “Hello everyone; nice to meet you all. My name is Chris. I hope I can make some new friends here.” Chris spoke with a slight British accent; but it wasn't too heavy.

    Taylor made a wave but the other kids didn't move an inch. Taylor didn't understand why people were being so rude; Chris seemed like a nice kid.

    Chris noticed his wave and gave a shy wave back before Mrs. Huzzon gave Chris an empty seat beside Taylor.

    “Hi, I'm Taylor. I hope you don't mind the other students; people here can be jerks.” Taylor whispered as Chris sat down.

    Chris looked at him and made a tiny smile, “Thank you... I didn't have many friends back in London where I used to live so I don't expect to get many here either.”

    Taylor grinned, “Consider me a friend. You'll find more friends too if you look hard enough.” He then held out a hand and Chris shook it.

    The two then faced the front of the classroom as Mrs. Huzzon began to teach.

    During lunch, Taylor saw Natalie and the two sat down together at the cafeteria table eating their food and talking about how their days were going.

    “Did you see that new kid, Chris? He's in my first period class and I wondered if you had him in any of yours.”

    “Oh yeah. He's that new British kid, right? He's in my third period.”

    “He seems like a nice kid. A lot of people in my first period paid little attention to him.”

    “Funny, same here. People here can be such jerks, am I right?”

    “Yeah...” Taylor mumbled.

    He looked around the cafeteria and noticed Chris's class had just come in. Chris carried his own lunch in a brown paper bag and was looking around for a place to sit.

    “Chris, over here!” Taylor called.

    Chris faced where he heard his voice come from and he beamed as he saw Taylor.

    “Hello!” He said as he sat down across from Taylor.

    He looked at Natalie, “You're in my third period class, right?”

    Natalie nodded.

    “So, are you two friends or what?” Chris said, looking from Taylor to Natalie.

    “Well, I guess you could say that. We're boyfriend and girlfriend actually.” Taylor said with a slight laugh as he put his arm around Natalie's shoulder.

    “Oh.” Chris breathed. Taylor found an air of sadness around Chris as Taylor announced his love for Natalie. It was also present that there was another emotion. Was it... Disappointment? Taylor didn't quite understand.

    Suddenly Taylor's class was called to go and he got up and said good-bye to Chris and Natalie. Chris just waved and Natalie stood up and hugged Chris, them both ignoring a shout of “PDA!” from a teacher across the lunchroom.

    Taylor then walked off with the rest of his class, Chris's strange reaction still bugging him in the back of his mind.

    Should he really trust him?

    Satan was still lying down in his chamber, thinking hard.

    “I can't lose him... I can't...” He continued to mumble as he stared at nothing.

    He heard a psychotic laugh behind him and whirled around to face Brutus who was rolling on the floor laughing. Cassius and Judas just looked at him as if he was crazy (which he was).

    “Satan's je-” Brutus's howl was interrupted as a roar escaped Satan's rotten lungs.

    Don't say I'm jealous or I swear on my name I will ban envy as a sin for all eternity!

    At once, Brutus remained silent and whimpered slightly, dragging himself up to hide behind a frozen sculpture of a sinner.

    Satan gave him a menacing stare and growl and plopped back down on the ground, looking towards Cassius and Judas.

    “Well, since you guys and I are the only ones who aren't either frozen or mentally challenged in this cavern, why don't you make yourselves useful and help me come up with a plan?”

    The school day came to a close and Taylor walked among the bustling hallways, looking for Natalie. Finally he spotted her beside her locker and came up to her.

    “Hey. Want to go somewhere today?”

    Natalie looked at him, “Sure! How about my house? I have a TV in my room where we can watch some movies if you want. I'm sure my parents don't mind.”

    Taylor could feel himself blush. His girlfriend's house. In her room. Watching movies. He felt like everything was going too fast.

    But a part of him kept saying to not mind and just go with the flow.

    “Alright. I just need to call the orphanage to see if it's alright.” Taylor walked off to a quieter spot in the hallway to call the orphanage and tell him where he was going, but someone tapped him on his shoulder and he turned to see Joe looking at him.

    “Hey there, buddy. I couldn't help but eavesdrop on your conversation with your girl but... You're going over to her house for a date?” Joe said. Taylor was surprised he was even talking to him after what had happened nearly a week ago.

    “Oh, um, yeah. We're going to watch movies in her room-” Joe grabbed Taylor's right hand and slapped something in his palm.

    “What...?” Taylor looked down and realized Joe had put several condoms in his hand. Immediately he began to look flustered.

    “Wh-what are you hinting at!? We're not gonna...”

    Joe laughed and placed a hand on Taylor's shoulder. He had the nerve to touch him now? Was Joe easy to forgive, or what?

    “Come on, man. You're practically the only guy here who's a virgin. Lighten up a little; you know you want some.”

    “Well... I guess... So...” Taylor mumbled under his breath, blushing.

    “I knew it! I'll leave you alone now; go get some, man!” Joe walked past Taylor with a pat on his back and trotted out of the school.

    Taylor stood there, flabbergasted, and trying to comprehend what just happened. He looked down at his hand and sighed, gulping a little.

    This is it... A voice told him. Time to go get some.

    With a huge breather and a whisper of, “I can do this.” Taylor walked towards Natalie and the two headed off for her house.

    Taylor had already called the orphanage about the visit to Natalie's. Deborah had asked him to come back at curfew and to not forget about any homework he had.

    Natalie had introduced her parents to Taylor while saying he was her boyfriend. Natalie's dad, Max, narrowed his eyes at Taylor and took him to the side once the introduction was over.

    “Listen here, boy,” Max said to Taylor in the corner of the living room of Natalie's house, “If I find that you two are having sex I will personally rip off your testicles and feed them to the cat.” He then left the corner with a smile on his face and Taylor was left to feel like he was some criminal.

    “Natalie's mom and I are going out to have dinner together. You two have fun.” Max mused and as he and Natalie's mom walked out the door, he gave a frightening glare at Taylor and said at a tone to where only Taylor could hear his voice, “Remember what I said...” And then he was gone.

    Natalie looked at Taylor, “You OK...? Sorry about my dad... He can be a little... Bi-polar.”

    Taylor tried to wipe the look of horror off of his face and grinned at Natalie, “I'm fine. Let's get to watching those movies, eh?”

    It was awkward, Taylor had to admit. He was sitting beside Natalie on her double bed, and not paying any attention to the movie that was playing on the TV screen in front of the bed.

    Taylor looked at Natalie who had her eyes glued to what was going on in the movie. He sighed and looked back at the screen, not a clue about the plot of the movie.

    An urge took him by surprise. He stretched his arms and placed them over Natalie's shoulder. She didn't move away and instead got closer to him and laid her head on his chest.

    Taylor could feel his cheeks burning up as Natalie cuddled up next to him. Taking another deep breath he steadied himself and continued on to his plan on how to move closer to her.

    “This movie is boring...” He said.

    Natalie made a laugh, “Explains why you weren't focusing on the TV screen all that much.”

    Taylor smiled and Natalie continued to talk, “Well, do you want to do something else?” She turned off the TV with the remote beside her and placed it on her bedside table. She glanced up at Taylor.

    Yes, I want to do you. Taylor thought and blushed harder at his own opinions.

    Natalie noticed how pink his cheeks were and asked, “Why are you blushing so hard?”

    Taylor bit his lip, “Well I kind of...”


    “... Want to...” Taylor rolled over to where he was on top of Natalie and looked down at her with an awkward smile.

    Natalie immediately understood, and gave a surprised expression, “Don't you think it's a little too early...? And my dad would kill you if he found out.”

    Taylor gave a little disheartened frown, “Just this once; I promise I'll go easy on you. It's my first time too.”

    Natalie gave a sigh, “Alright. Keep it a secret from my dad though, I don't want him finding out. If he does this may just as well be the last time we see each other.”

    “I promise.” Taylor said.

    Taking a deep breath, he leaned in and kissed Natalie.

    And that was how he spent his afternoon with her.

    Taylor got back to the orphanage right on time. Deborah gave him his usual hug and told him to get to work on his homework. Taylor was still thinking about what had happened between him and Natalie. He smiled every time he did. It was probably the most magical moment in his life time.

    He sat down on his bed and did his homework, still thinking about that moment. He felt so good then. That was the way he always wanted to feel.

    An urge tugged at him and he began to wonder if Natalie would allow him to do it again.

    But he had to admit, there were more important things in love than what goes on in the bed.

    With the growing bond between Natalie and Taylor forming, a growing hatred was forming in Satan's heart. A month had passed and Satan was ready to explode at any minute.

    “No idea, yet.” Cassius and Judas always said and Satan himself was running out of plots.

    “Is there any way to get rid of that fucking bitch? She's like a damn tick. I just want her out.”

    Cassius was about to say something when Satan popped his head up, “I see now...” He mumbled and turned to look at Cassius.

    “Cassius, I need you to do me a favor...”

    Taylor looked up from his test and made a groan as he saw Chris was staring at him again. Noticing Taylor's glance, Chris looked back down at his paper but kept making sideways glances at him.

    What does he want? He's been doing this staring thing ever since he asked for my number.

    Feeling slightly disturbed by Chris's all-watching royal blue eyes, Taylor wondered if he could ask the teacher to switch his seat for him.

    It was another day after school. Taylor had finished his homework and was sitting in his bed in his dorm, waiting for Natalie to arrive. He had asked her to come over at least an hour ago, and she had said yes.

    Normally it would take her only fifteen minutes to get to the orphanage as she lived rather close. Taylor wondered if she had been caught up in other plans.

    No, she would have told me if she was... Taylor thought. He immediately started to worry for her. Did her dad find out about the sex and made her stop talking to Taylor?

    He grabbed his phone to call her and make sure, but a voice made him stop.

    Psst, Taylor! Taylor, come quick!

    Taylro held his breath. Did Satan possibly know what happened to Natalie? “Yes, what's wrong?”

    It's Natalie... I was watching her walk towards your orphanage to make sure she got there safely and then...

    “What? What happened?” Taylor asked, his heart beginning to pound restlessly in his chest.

    I'll show you.” Immediately Taylor's legs started to work without his brain telling them to and he was off walking out the orphanage and towards Natalie's house.

    “Where am I going?” He asked aloud to Satan.

    You'll see...

    And eventually Taylor did see. He found himself hiding in some shadows in an alleyway. There he saw Natalie and a shadowy figure he didn't recognize. Shadows hid his face and the only thing he could see was the person's mouth. From the outline of the figure, he could see it was a young male about Taylor's age and height.

    The boy smiled and leaned in towards Natalie and from there planted a kiss on her lips.

    Taylor flew into a panic as well as a rage. And it kept building as the boy's kiss grew more intense.

    I knew what was happening... I heard her talking to the boy... It seems like they've known each other for a long time...

    “What...?” Taylor breathed. But the other night, while the two were entwined together in Natalie's bed, she had told him she loved no other man but him, and she would stay that way.

    Liar... Taylor thought and his fists bunched up. In his rage, his wings were set loose and they unfolded to show their true size.

    Taylor ran out of the shadows, startling the boy that was kissing Natalie. In the instance the boy saw Taylor, he stumbled away.

    “Hey, come back here!” Taylor shouted, but his footsteps were interrupted by Satan's voice, “Don't go after him. Deal with your girl and let it go.”

    Taylor stopped and gritted his teeth. Whirling around, he grabbed a piece of gravel from the ground and threw it at a nearby brick wall with a roar. He then faced Natalie.

    You bitch!” He shouted. He felt his teeth start elongating and his nails sharpen. He tried to calm down as much as he could, but he was nearly out of control of himself.

    Natalie didn't answer. Tears were streaming down her face as Taylor continued to pick up debris from the ground and throw it at walls.

    “Why!? You told me last night... That you would love no other man but me. You fucking told it to my face! You're such a goddamn liar!”

    “Taylor please... You don't understand...” Natalie started, still sobbing.

    “Understand what? That you're a lying whore?” Taylor hissed.

    Natalie tried to open her mouth and say something, but she was consumed by her tears and looked down.

    “Yeah. Feel bad about yourself. Crying is not going to help any.” Taylor sniffed, his face curling in disgust at the thought of Natalie trying to gain some sort of pity from crying.

    Natalie just stared at him through watery eyes, “What are you? I thought you'd be understanding... I thought... You're a goddamn angel, aren't you!?”

    Taylor roared in anger. So she was still going along with the angel lie? He ran to the wall and punched it. His fist broke through one layer but it still left him with bloody knuckles.

    He looked back at her, “I am not a fucking angel. I'm the exact opposite. Maybe I should have told you this later. I would have if you didn't go off and be a slut and start making out with random douche bags off the street.”

    Natalie was hiccuping now from crying so hard, “Then... What are you?” She asked in between hiccups.

    “I'm a fallen angel to be exact. I was given my powers by the devil myself. He talks to me sometimes and is my only friend. Go ahead, run, call me a freak. See if I care.”

    “Taylor... I don't care what you are. You are you. When you were with me you were so kind... I've never met anyone as kind as you.” Natalie explained. She had stopped sobbing and was now walking towards Taylor.

    She came up to him and stopped right in front of his face. Her purple eyes gazed somberly up at him. Taylor curled his lip up but he couldn't resist the urge and leaned in, kissing her intensely on the lips.

    He drew back, Natalie's tears gone.

    “Hey, Natalie...” He whispered.

    “... Yes?”

    Fuck you.

    And Taylor left Natalie without a look back.


    cookies to those who can guess who the shadowy figure was. and get it right.


    i hate those goddamn pda's.

    fucking school.

    and natalie's dad is just like my dad LOLOL. totally tsundere.



    oh it's just chris.


    k hope you enjoyed this crappy chapter.

    .self-assured mutual destruction.

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    Default Re: the devil's gift. {non-pokemon}

    Yay, Taylor finally got some! xD

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