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    I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but the Delusions of Mediocrity is a fic I've been working on and continuously revising for years, since I started Pokémon. It originally debued on the old bulbagarden forums as Legends in the Making, and was quickly re-written for Pojo boards with an entirely different title, but same names, concepts, personalities, and ...secret... I hope you enjoy my story as much as I have dwelled on it. I'll try me best to update it at least weekly. Any support or constructive crticism you can give me through posting is greatly appreicated, and will only fuel me to post more.

    -This Prologue is basically unchanged from the Pojo version. I did it entirely from memory though, since it wasn't saved with my other stuff on my comp. It's was designed to be short, and to the point, everything being said having some impact on where the story is going. I did it so short and in prologue form originally to gain readers early on. Hopefully there's enough here to keep long chapter seekers entertained until the first chapter comes out. Enjoy.


    Prologue: Between A Rock and A Hard Place

    The first thing I should say is that I have no idea who I am or how I got wherever it is I am. It may be hard to believe. My head is aching with pain, the rest of my body is equally sore. I’ve been fighting through it since I woke up, about an hour ago, to the sounds of distant bells. Whether they were in my head or real, I can’t be sure.

    When I did wake up, I was in a heavily grassy area, my makeshift bed imprinted with my outline quite well. I could’ve been asleep for days, which would explain why my stomach hurts so much. I’m really thin, less of a gut than I had, or so I would imagine. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and my skin is pale.

    I’ve only been awake a few hours, enough to tire of seeing the moon, nearly full, overhead. I’m wearing a grayish-blue work suit, that one would find worn by employees of manual labor. I don’t have a nametag though, but rather, the only piece of identification a small bracelet around my left wrist, the chain part connected to straight, with the numbers 69014835 on it. I have heavy, black work boots.

    Also near me are three Pokéballs, containing a Bulbasaur, a Mankey, and a Sandshrew, all of which with their fair share of aches and pains, with the exception of possibly the Mankey, which is still fairly aggressive.

    I don’t have any money. The only thing I found was a backpack a few feet away from where I first woke up. It matches my uniform fairly well, so I’d assume it’s mine, another indication being the same number on my bracelet is written on the ID tag inside.

    And what’s inside the pack are a mere three things, the only clue to who I am. The first of which is a musical instrument it appears, an ocarina. It’s crystalline blue, and shines in the moonlight. Although I’ve tried, I can’t play it, which makes me second guess if it’s mine or not.

    The second item I wouldn’t be surprised is mine, although I’m not quite sure why I’d have it, is blue hair dye. It seems really out of place, and out of character, but then again, I don’t know me very well.

    The third item, however, is what frightens me the most. It’s a large butcher knife, with reddish stains all over it. It pains me to think if I had actually used this on something, or someone. However, my clothes seem only to be soiled with dirt and grass stains, and not that of blood, which makes me feel only a little better.

    My mind has been swimming with thoughts of killing someone, robbery, homocide, things of that nature. But the way I feel, I don’t think I’m capable of carrying out something like that. The more I think about it, the more questions arise, the more panicky I get, and the more my body throbs. I’ve decided to end these thoughts until morning comes. There’s a large mountain in the east, a city in the west. Tomorrow I will make my way to the city. Hopefully, it will hold the answers to the questions I have.

    Among all the internal chaos that’s tearing at me, a voice in the back of my head keeping repeating a phrase to me. And I’d agree that you should know I didn’t ask for any of this.
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    That's pretty good. I'm already trying to figure out who it could be (although watch, it's probably an OC, right?)

    But you call that short? That prologue alone is longer than most of my fics! *cackles insanely*


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