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    This is my FIRST fanfiction ever....*hides*

    Replies will be accepted gratefully...if you are interesed, I have a site for my fanfiction, complete with artwork. http://spectreon.clawz.com

    By Spectreon


    Machines hummed and whirred in the dimly lit laboratory. Scientists’ voices spoke quietly as they moved around, checking and adjusting various machines.

    um um whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
    umber ummmmmm fayuuuuuuuun
    um um whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Bubbles rose slowly in liquid enclosed by glass. The glass formed a tall cylinder, in within grew life. Computer screens flickered around the room, displaying all vitals of the being within the tank.

    um um whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
    umber ummmmmm fayuuuuuuuuun
    um um whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    The machines pulsed, never faltering in their task-to keep the being alive. Tubes fed into the tank from the machines and into the life form. Four tubes went into her back, all in a vertical line. Two went in each of her arms.

    um um whuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
    umber ummmmmm fayuuuuuuuuun
    um um whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    The girl in the tank, seeming about fourteen years of age, floated peacefully. Her eyes were closed in slumber, and her dull brownish-grey hair floated around her face, giving her an angelic appearance. She was naked except for a white gown, which served the dual purpose of keeping her decent and marked her as a experiment, artificially grown from a fetus and grown at an extraordinary rate. She had been born only a month ago.

    In a corner of the room was a writing table. The head scientist, Dorian, sat hunched over a journal, writing quickly.

    January 14, Winter Cycle
    Report # 54: Week 7
    Project Destiny

    The experiment is going smoothly. Tomorrow, we will infuse her with Pokemon elemental energy, and then her true pokemon warrior spirit will awaken! She has been codenamed the Goddess, and when the process is completed, she will be able to utilize every Pokemon attack known to the world, making her a true god of Pokemon. The one to rule them all. Research data suggests that this much elemental energy may awaken an old spirit, an ancient Pokemon spirit, older than time itself. Supposedly she could become an actual Pokemon-a God Pokemon. But it’s doubtful. The poor, unsuspecting fools of scientists do not know what her true purpose is! They think she will be a super weapon to fend off Team Rocket’s dominion with their Andros-genetically mutated and cybernetic Pokemon. But little do THEY know that I work for you, Team Rocket. When the Goddess is finished, we will use her to truly complete our domination of all Kanto. The survivors have all either fled to the other regions, or they choose to stay in the rebel city of Zeiryu. Fools, all of them. We will have the Goddess destroy them all. We run Saffron City now, and all the once-glorious cities are now in ruins. Silph Tower is the source of our Andros. Regarding the scientists, I will have three Andros-Scyther come and kill them all, then they and I will deliver the Goddess to you. My regards to you, Giovanni.

    Dorian smirked and put away the report in his notebook. Standing up, he watched the girl floating peacefully in the tank.
    The Goddess slept, not knowing her true purpose or her fateful destiny.

    “Initializing Project Destiny...Project Destiny activated. Commence?”

    Dorian punched in the series of commands that would activate the crucial process of infusing the Goddess with elemental energy. Dorian glanced at the girl. As of now, she had been coaxed into a fetal position, and countless pipes now entered every inch of her body from all directions, giving her a weirdly frightening appearance.

    “Project Destiny Sequence activated.”

    The machines’ humming rose to a thunderous crescendo, and their vents glowed. Steam hissed out the vents in a piercing whine. However, something very interesting was happening to the girl...

    Every pipe rumbled, and glowed, channeling pure elemental essence through the girl’s body. The Goddess jerked, went still, then jerked once more. Then she shuddered and went limp, no longer fetal but simply floating. There were minute clicks as each of the pipes withdrew from her and retracted into the machines.

    All the scientists, including Dorian, was now watching the limp body of the girl with nervous anticipation. The tension was thick in the atmosphere. Suddenly, the computer screens flared, and started shrilling. Scientists jumped with fright, and several ran to read the information displayed. Their voices rose, shrilling with astonishment.

    “Heart rate is rising by 20 percent...40 percent!”
    “Her brain waves are going crazy! Activity has tripled!”
    “Body temp is rising steadily...all other vitals are stabilized.”

    All the scientists murmured, and fear rippled through the room.

    “My god.” murmured Dorian. The Goddess was waking up.

    All eyes were on the tank. The girl stirred slightly, and several scientists sharply inhaled. Her eyes fluttered, then flew open, seeing for the first time. They were a brilliant pearly blue, and very light-colored. The girl’s head swiveled, taking in the new sights. She moved forward, pressing against the tank with her hands. The girl was silent, and raised her head.


    All the scientists jerked. The girl had spoken to them with her mind.

    “Amazing. Such a rapid utilizing of her powers...she will truly be a force to be reckoned with.” thought Dorian, grinning as he envisioned his promotion in Team Rocket.

    My name is Serra.

    For a brief instant, electricity skittered over her hands, then faded. Leafy tentacles sprouted from her back, then withdrew. The Goddess was experimenting, expanding upon her newfound powers. Dorian quietly spoke.

    ”Congratulations, everyone. Project Destiny is a complete success.”

    Cheering rose to the roof, and the girl cringed, frightened by this new sound. Her fear was converted to flying energy, and the air roared and blew through the room, scattering research papers and documents everywhere. Soon, the laboratory resumed its usual routine-scientists quietly working, studying the Goddess, and reading the computer screens.

    Two weeks later...

    Serra awoke with a start, and moved in her tank. It was early morning, and still dark, although Serra did not know this. She was comfortable in the laboratory, but she had no way of knowing there was a real world out there. To her, the world was the laboratory, and although she never left the tank, she was happy there. Dorian was especially kind to her, she thought. Of all the scientists, she trusted him. But this morning....Something was wrong. She couldn’t feel Dorian.

    With her psychic energy, she scanned the entire laboratory. The complex was situated underground, in the area between where Viridian City had used to stand, and the forest. Serra felt each of the scientists, sleeping in their quarters. No one was awake. But where was Dorian? Feeling panic rising in her, Serra sank to the bottom of the tank, bubbles streaming from her mouth. Frantically, she ran her hand down the tubes extending from her arm, knowing she was helpless. She sensed, with growing trepidation, that something was irrevocably wrong.

    She was right. Hearing distant shatters, then screaming, Serra’s eyes grew wide with fright. She couldn’t move very well due to the tubes in her arms and back, so she was defenseless. A few scientists staggered into the room, bleeding copiously from long, deep gashes in their abdomens. As they fell, three silhouettes appeared in the gloom of the doorway...Sinister figures. As they stepped into the light, Serra’s heart started beating wildly. They were the Andros that she had learned of, the ones that Team Rocket used as instruments of slaughter and death. Three Andros-Scyther. They looked almost normal, but they had metal poking out through various openings in the gaps of their skins. Steel pulleys were inserted in their joints, and their blades were pure titanium. The blades gleamed wickedly, casting lights over the dark room. Their right eyes had been replaced with a mechanical lens, which glowed a soulless red. Their wings were steel, and had jet packs under them.

    Serra sent out a psychic signal, desperately seeking to summon any scientists to help...but she was alone. Every scientist was dead. Serra felt a black rage rise in her chest.

    Snapping her head up, she shrieked, a bloodcurdling sound. All the computer monitors rippled, then exploded, showering the three Andros with glass fragments. The middle one roared in fury, an eerie mechanical sound. It leaped at the tank, followed by the other two. The tank fell under their combined weight and shattered against the floor, sending out a wave of pinkish embryonic fluid. Serra slid on her back among the glass and fluid, scrabbling on the metal floor. Her tubes whipped around wildly as she flailed her limbs. Serra’s mind was a blur of emotions, of fury, and terror. She’d never been outside her tank, and she was terrified. Her emotions overwhelmed her and she shrieked once more, sending out a blasting wave of psi energy. The laboratory groaned, unable to withstand such force. The three Andros looked around uncertainly, as the laboratory started rumbling. The roof broke up and fell, sending showers of rubble crashing down. Dust rose in white puffs.

    By this time, Serra’s rational mind was gone, blanked out by a torrent of white fury. Her eyes began blazing, a pure searing white. She sat up, then slowly stood up. Particles of white light collected into her body from the air itself. Then her body flared, and the laboratory dissolved into a shrieking inferno of white.

    Cherrygrove City, Johto
    Everyone rushed to their windows, gaping in awe. A great beam of light and energy roared upwards, extending into the clouds. It seemed to be coming from beyond New Bark City...

    Olivine Port, Johto
    A distant beam of white light flared in the far distance. A sailor looked up, and made the sign against evil. Other sailors looked up from their crates, and murmured, awed by the sheer brilliance.

    Petalburg City, Hoenn
    A boy looked up at the sky, sucking his thumb. As he stared at the lights in the far distance, he felt the smallest of tremors pass through his body. He shivered and went back to playing with his Zigzagoon.


    White snow, gently spiraling down from the sky. They landed with soft whispers, upon the still body of Serra. A snowflake landed on her eyelash, and the girl twitched. She blinked, then slowly opened her eyes. Serra gazed around in utter confusion. She sat at the base of an enormous crater, which was feasibly as big as an entire city. Soft morning light filtered down, the sky a light rosy tinge. Serra looked around, and flinched in horror. Rubble and twisted pieces of metal littered the entire radius of the crater, flung outwards by the sheer power of the explosion. Some were still warm to the touch. As Serra struggled to figure out what has happened, a jolt of realization hit her. She could not remember. The girl had no recollection of how she had come to be sitting out in a huge crater. She only remembered one thing.

    “My name... is Serra.”

    Her voice rang in the crisp morning air. As Serra looked down, she gasped. Tubes extended from her arms, their ends limp in the snow. Shuddering, she yanked them out. They detached with a sticky sucking sound. Flinging them away with disgust, and yanking out the ones embedded in her back, the girl stood up.
    It was cold...so cold.
    As the small frail figure climbed up the snowy slope and disappeared from sight in Viridian Forest, her footsteps slowly disappeared, erasing all traces of her existence. As she left, the crater remained a grim blight upon the landscape.
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