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    “Ah yes, there are always those people who ask, ‘What is the ultimate purpose of Pokémon training? Isn’t it just stealing creatures from their homes and turning them into slaves who battle for the glory, profit, and entertainment of their human masters?’ Yes, I’m aware of such people.”

    “You make them sound like an idiot minority asking a ridiculous question. But the truth is everyone should be asking those questions. Everyone with a conscience, anyway. Which is apparently not that many people, at least in my experience.”

    “Really? Then I guess you’d be surprised at just how many people really do ask the same questions. Many of these people are trainers themselves, just like you, and like you, they are usually young people who have begun to leave the innocence and ignorance of childhood behind and have begun to truly desire purpose and direction in life.”

    “Your point?”

    “Well, the loss of naïveté makes them more acutely aware of the darker side of human nature than they ever were before, and this cynicism, combined with their need to find meaning in their lives, causes them to question their own actions and the actions of all others around them—”

    “In other words, causes them to become pain-in-the-asses who try to throw a wrench in the workings of society, right? So whatcha do to people like us? Lock us up? Torture us until we agree to be part of the machine? Feed us Prozac until we revert to our former ignorance? You obviously do something, because I haven’t heard anyone besides me questioning the system.”

    “That’s because the first thing that most of them try to do is to find the answer on their own. At least that’s what I did.”

    “You?! You’re saying you…?!”

    “Yes, is it so hard to picture?”

    “And you found a satisfactory answer? Who could you possibly trust to give you an honest answer? How would you know that the people you asked weren’t just feeding you doctrine?”

    “Ah, but that’s why I didn’t ask people.”

    “Then who…No way…you asked Pokémon?!”

    “As strange as that might sound to you, yes. I asked Pokémon—my Pokémon. And you would too, if you thought about it enough.”

    “Oh yeah? Well how would you know they weren’t just telling you what they knew you wanted to hear?”

    “You ought to ask that question to your Pokémon, not to me. In fact, now that you’re aware of this option, I think I’ll leave you to explore it. Have a nice day, and take care. Maybe we’ll meet again someday.”


    I was originally planning for this to be part of a bigger fic, but I'm not good at those. Tend to give up on 'em after a couple chapters. So. Just a random, conversation-only one-shot. And I did not have any specific characters in mind when I wrote this, so technically the speakers are just random OCs, but if you want to imagine it as a convo between two existent canon characters, be my guest.
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    Very interesting, but yes, the excerpt-ness of it does show. However, it's a very effective hook.


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