It's a chain story. Of course, I'll start:

The centerpiece of Goldenrod City is the Magnet Train station. Day after day, thousands leave the metropolis of Saffron City in the Kanto region for Goldenrod. Some are visiting the department store, trying to obtain for their children a Sammy the Squirtle plush toy during the holiday rush. Others are visiting family, either in Goldenrod or otherwise. Still others are coming on business, as many of the shipyard workers in Olivine are Vermillion natives.

The sailor's union was currently striking for higher wages, shorter hours, and some crap I'd never get back at the Center in Cerulean. That's why Blissey and I headed out this far. We've bought an apartment, and I've got most of the bags unpacked.

I'm not in a good mood, because Kecleon ate most of the snacks I brought for the ride. Not that I needed much; it's only a fifteen minute trip either way. But it's the principle of the thing that counts.

I'm not here to eat. I'm here to finally exact revenge on the bane of my existence.

Traveling Pokemon Trainers.

I'm something of a trainer myself, and despite my former job as a nurse I've managed to gain some respect as a battler. I've even managed to beat the local Gym Leader (The new one, not those morons who ran the place before, mind you), which, if you check the records, is no small feat. I take great pride in the way Farfetch'd in particular battled, but that's besides the point.

You've probably guessed my intent by now. I realize that there aren't any male trainers working at Goldenrod Gym, but there's always a first time for everything. My Normal types and I are going to make it big here!

Yes, Whitney turned down my application. I realize that. But Whitney has a monopoly on junior trainers around here. She's the only Leader this town's ever had, and she hasn't been in the business for too long.

It's time Miss Emerson got some competition.