A bit of angst poetry: "Venom." (PG-13)

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Thread: A bit of angst poetry: "Venom." (PG-13)

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    Default A bit of angst poetry: "Venom." (PG-13)

    Hackers are stupid. Virus-weavers are stupider. >:E

    the world is against me
    i found a hole in my heart today
    ripped from my very soul by another
    this assailant has no face, no name to me
    yet forever his deeds are burned into me

    for months i toiled to perfect my dreams
    for months i remained in the comfort of the dark
    for months i poured out my visions
    but now those memories are dead
    forever forgotten
    forever removed

    this weaver of destruction
    had nothing better to do
    than to ruin the life
    of some pitiful otaku girl in texas
    impersonated another familiar to me
    then stabbed me in the back
    and tore the hole in my heart
    that now runs over
    with bitter blood

    why could he not have just taken my whole heart?
    why could he not have taken in the virus himself?
    why could he not have been found?
    he had no life, that much is sure
    he wouldn't have exercised his sadist desires
    and wouldn't have been drawn
    to destroy mine

    i sit here now in total shock
    anger washes out of me
    replaced by a neverending flow of tears
    cold, colourless tears
    with naught a thought of their own
    all they carry
    is the anguish pouring from
    my unmendable heart

    there is nothing more for me
    no more purpose in my existence
    who cares if i even complete the vision?
    the heart of my heart is gone
    i'd scream out, but what's the use?
    i'd cry some more
    but there would be no point
    no one that could ever possibly console me would hear me

    i want this weaver of destruction
    to pay for what he's done
    to feel what i've felt
    to know what agony he's wrought
    i want him to be sliced slowly from the edges in
    i want him to bleed slowly
    i want him to feel the blade lodged just above his heart
    i want the blade to hover hairs from cutting his heart open
    i want him to die
    i want him to die

    i'm broken
    i can't be fixed
    he broke me
    now he must be broken
    break him! shatter him!
    burn in your victims' pain!
    writhe! writhe in the path of destruction you've beaten
    your hand lies feet from your arm!
    die! die the death your victims have felt
    know the soul-snuff you wield!
    die by your own fucking poison!

    -=: [rose.iii] -=:=- [the.kuraitenshi] -=:=- [those.things.with.wings] :=-

    i'll believe all your lies, just pretend you love me
    make believe, close your eyes
    i'll be anything for you

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    This is a very good poem, Kurai! I enjoyed every aspect of the meaning. It is very good and you have talent. I wish to read more of your amazing work. The more depressed the better!

    Peace, love , and Chicken grease,

    "It's only funny until you get hurt.....then it's HILARIOUS!"

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    Wow. That's a very powerful poem, tho a tad violent. Never actually been in such hate towards another before, though I was actually quite suicidal for the longest time. Those were the harsh days... Well written, Kurai.


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