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    Default BILL [One-Shot]

    “Trainers from all around the globe have been rioting against the Pokémon League,” A reporter spoke to her microphone in front of a camera that broadcasted her report to the entire world. “This is all due to the new rule that have been set by Pokémon Leagues from all the regions, which restricted all trainers’ parties to just six Pokémon. We will now cut to a recording of their statement.”

    The screen went black for a second, and then faded to the image of Lance, a member of the Elite 4. His hands were supporting his entire weight as he leaned against the stand in front of him and spoke to the microphones in front of him. “This rule has been passed in order to give everyone a fair chance,” He said. “Trainers who can afford more Poké Balls catch more Pokémon, and that was seen as unfair, as everyone should have the same limit. True trainers will be the ones able to pick only six Pokémon and work with them.”

    The screen faded back to the reporter. “Many trainers do not know what to do with their extra Pokémon. They have no option but to release them, or leave them back at their homes. What or who could possibly bring an end to this chaos and give a useful solution to all of these trainers?”

    “You can’t be serious!” A brown haired, hazel eyes young man shouted at his grandfather and held an Eevee tight in his arms.

    “Come one, Bill,” His grandfather rolled his eyes. “Let’s just see what happens.”

    He had three evolutionary stones in his hands, holding them out to the Eevee, who was clinging onto Bill’s purple shirt, trying to escape the horror.

    “That’s exactly it!” Bill held the Eevee even tighter and took a few steps back, only to bump to the wall of the house they were in. “Eevee are known for having unstable genetic makings, and using three evolutionary stones on one at once could cause a catastrophic occurrence to happen.”

    “Don’t use big words,” The grandfather rolled his eyes once more. “It could be interesting.”

    Eevee was a brown Pokémon with a fluffy tail, a full collar, and two long ears, all covered in brown and cream fur. She would normally walk on four legs, but in this instance, she was cowering in a ball in Bill’s arms.

    “Grandpa, just no!” Bill retorted again, and then his tone settled down. “Please.”

    “Fine,” He said and lowered the stones. “But you should evolve that Eevee, otherwise she won’t be as strong as all the other Pokémon.”

    “My Eevee doesn’t have to be strong,” Bill smiled. “She can just be smart.”

    And that was true. Bill’s Eevee was a very smart Eevee, and would often help Bill fix several broken machines around their house. They would work together to fix machines in the Pokémon Center, Poké Balls for passing trainers, and sometimes even help with the construction of the soon to be Magnet Train Station.

    Everyone who knew them in Goldenrod City wanted their expertise, and they were often called to other people’s homes to fix their broken machinery, and Bill soon made a job out of that, and managed to provide support for all of his family.

    Bill turned on the television screen, and it was scrambled for a few seconds, but the picture became clearer in no time. Bill was not surprised when he saw a rerun of the same report that was showing on all channels. He couldn’t understand what the big deal was, all trainers had to do was pick their six most precious Pokémon and go with them.

    But what if there are more than six? What if a trainer treasured more than six Pokémon and loved all of them equally? They would want them to be accessible at all times. The idea lit up in Bill’s head and his train of thoughts traveled wide.

    He could invent a system that allowed trainers to store Pokémon freely and not have to resort to releasing them, and it must also be accessible from anywhere, at any time.

    He picked up his phone, intending to dial his friend’s phone number. When suddenly, her name flashed on the screen; she was calling him.

    He picked up the phone and let his idea spill into it, but his words were entangled with his friend’s, and neither one of them could make out what the other was saying, and soon lost track of what they had been saying.

    “I’m sorry, Lanette,” Bill said after they both fell silent. “You go first.”

    “Licten to this!” Lanette’s smile could be heard through the phone, making it difficult for her to speak clearly. “I’ve found a solution.”

    “A solution to what?”

    “The new rule!” Lanette said, more ecstatic than ever. A hint of an accent could be heard in her voice, as she was from Hoenn. “We could invent a system that allows trainers to store their Pokémon in it, and it will be accessible at all times!”

    Lanette’s similarity to Bill was uncanny. They thought the same way, and often came up with the same ideas, but Lanette was always one step ahead of Bill, or at least, half a step. They had come up with the idea at almost the same time, but Lanette thought of it first, and thus, was the first to call the other.

    “That’s exactly like my idea!” Bill exclaimed, but he knew the response Lanette would give.

    “Of course it is,” She said mockingly. “Just like everything else I come up with.”

    Bill would have protested, but he didn’t want to. Lanette was a precious friend of his, and he even hoped that someday, they would be more than just friends. He blushed at the idea, and was thankful that Lanette wasn’t here to see him.

    “Anyway,” Lanette said, her voice settling down, making her Hoenn accent more recognizable. “I’ll come over in a few. Wait for me.”

    “I will,” Bill said, and then heard the beep that indicated the end of the conversation. “I’ll wait.” He said to the phone, and returned it to his pocket.

    He rushed into his room, and grabbed his wallet, keys, and Eevee’s Poké Ball. He sucked Eevee into it, and ran towards the Pokémon Day Care located on Route 34, where he left Eevee.

    It was a usual routine. Whenever Bill would go on a stroll or attend a meeting, he would leave Eevee with the couple at the Day Care, as Eevee got along with most of the other Pokémon there.

    Bill waited by his house, and he observed Goldenrod City. It was one of the biggest cities in the entire world, and the largest in Johto. Everything major was being constructed here, leaving nothing for the rest of the region. A tower, a train, and a shopping center, all being built in this city. Bill admired it, and was glad that he was born in this place.

    He observed the horizon, and saw Lanette approaching him. Her hazel eyes were covered with medical glasses, and her orange hair was tied into two pigtails. She wore a yellow skirt and a black shirt, topped with a green apron. Her hair was covered with a bandana of the same color as her apron.

    Bill admired Lanette. To him, she was perfect, even when her shoulders were hitting everyone who walked near her as she wrote in a book, presumably about the system they want to create. Bill saw her as the most beautiful woman, and the smartest.

    “Hey Lanette,” Bill said when Lanette almost passed him; she was very absorbed in her work. “I’m over here.”

    “Hey Bill,” Lanette said, her voice was a mixture of excitement and worry. “I think I have this figured out.”

    “The system we want to create?”

    “Yeah,” Lanette said with a sarcastic tone, even though she wasn’t. “If we use the same technology that is used in Poké Balls, we can transform them into energy in the same manner that use to transform Pokémon into energy. Are you keeping with me here?”

    “Yes, I am,” Bill chuckled. “I’m not stupid.”

    Lanette nodded, stared for a few seconds then returned her eyes to her book. “We would hen store this energy in something that is accessible, and that can be accessed with ease.”

    “A bigger Poké Ball?”

    “No, silly,” Lanette chuckled. “I figured it out. We’ll use a computer. The computer will transfer the energy and form it again in a safe location, and a trainer’s profile will be accessible through their trainer card.”

    “What about people like me?” Bill asked. “People who have Pokémon, but aren’t trainers?”

    “You won’t fall under the new rule, and you can keep as many Pokémon as you want with you.”

    Bill was silent for a moment, he considered Lanette’s idea, everything was covered, and Lanette had it all planned out. “How will we start?” Bill said, attempting to find a hole in Lanette’s idea.

    “We will travel to Kanto,” Lanette said. “We will go to Silph Co. and ask them for funding as well as technology.”

    “Sounds like you got it all planned out,” Bill sighed. “Good luck.”

    “Aren’t you coming with me?”

    “You never mentioned us going together.”

    “We are going together,” Lanette said. “I may be smarter than you, but I still need you. Get ready, we are leaving tomorrow.”

    Lanette rushed off, and Bill guessed it was to pack. He quickly went back to his home and started packing as well. He went over how to tell his family that he will be leaving for Kanto in his head, and finally settled on a solution.

    His grandfather owned a cottage near Cerulean City. He could use that to block all of his mother’s questions about how he would manage to live. Then it occurred to him that he had no idea on how they would be traveling to Kanto.

    When he finally worked up the courage to tell her, his mom was strangely very accepting of him going to Kanto. “You’re a bright boy,” She explained. “You can take care of yourself.”

    It was a teary goodbye, and very hard on both of them. Bill found it equally difficult to tell Eevee that he won’t see her for years. He visited her at the Day Care and informed her that he will be going to Kanto, but won’t be taking her along with him.

    “Even though you’re smart,” Bill explained. “I want you to stay here. I won’t have time to look after you, and you it will better for the both of us.”

    Eevee wept in Bill’s arms and held onto his shirt while Bill carried her back to his house. Eevee fell asleep in Bill’s arms, and even then, she refused to let go of him, and Bill had to force her paws off of him to leave when the sun rose.

    He met Lanette outside his house. Bill couldn’t understand why they had to leave so early, but it soon became clear. Lanette took them through Route 35, Ecruteak City, and eventually Olivine City. The hours that passed were spent with Lanette writing in her book while thinking out loud, and Bill kept thinking about how he didn’t give Eevee a proper goodbye, and regretted it.

    “We’ll be taking the S. S. Anne to Kanto,” Lanette explained and handed Bill an S. S. Ticket. “I have everything planned out.”

    “I thought the S. S. Aqua was the ship that passed through Johto,” Bill said and examined the ticket. “Are you sure this is correct?”

    “The S. S. Anne travels the world,” Lanette said. “This is the only time in the year in which it will pass by Olivine City, and probably the last time, since it is being replaced by the S. S. Aqua.”

    Bill nodded and followed Lanette aboard the ship. He didn’t care much to observe the details and retired to his room. He fell asleep as soon as he smashed his head against the pillow, while Lanette kept scratching and writing at her book.

    What seemed like seconds later, he was awoken by Lanette, who informed him that they had arrived.

    “That was…” Bill rubbed his eyes. “Exceptionally fast…”

    “You were asleep,” Lanette laughed, causing her accent to become more obvious. “Time passes faster when you are asleep.”

    The walk from Vermillion City to Saffron City, the headquarters to Silph Co., was much easier and shorter than the trip from Goldenrod to Olivine. Bill was surprised to see that Saffron City was as amazing as Goldenrod. The light of the day was still visible, and Lanette rushed into the Silph building to confirm her appointment.

    The pair was led through multiple warp points that made them dizzy, and it was a surprise to both of them when they arrived to the president’s office with all their thoughts and sanity still intact.

    “Sorry about that,” The old man laughed. “This is both my house and office, and I am quite paranoid.”

    The meeting was, as predicted, boring and long. Lanette took the lead with her pitch, while Bill handled the questions that threw Lanette off guard. As smart as she was, she just couldn’t improvise.

    After hours in the office, Lanette finally convinced that the new rule will damage their sales of Poké Balls, and that creating this system will raise the sales, which excited the president, and Lanette let out a shriek of excitement when they were given the green light to pursue the project.

    The project took a year to finish. Lanette convinced the president to use the basements of their building as the other end of the new “Pokémon Storage System”.

    This year became the most important year in the recent history, with the highlight of when the system officially became available for everyone. But even with all what they accomplished, Bill felt ashamed of himself for not confessing his true feelings to Lanette before she left to go back to Hoenn with her sister to develop the same system for their region.

    It seemed to go by very fast. In such few moments, the system was out and running, Lanette was in a whole other region, and Bill was quickly forgotten. He used his grandfather’s cottage for experiments, all in an attempt to attract Lanette back into Kanto.

    One of his experiments included teleporting Pokémon and humans, but ended in the unfortunate event of him becoming mixed with the body of a Clefairy. Luckily however, a young trainer helped him to reform into a human, and he invited the trainer into observing the three evolutions of Eevee that are native to Kanto from his computer when he noticed the Pokédex.

    Strangely, the trainer exited the cottage then came back in to check the computer. But before the trainer had left the cottage to continue their journey, he gave them his S. S. Ticket when he realized that it would be of no use to him.

    As soon as the trainer had left, Bill approached his own computer, and started typing an E-mail for Lanette. He had intended on confessing his feelings to her, but ended up with some random thoughts about the system they invented.

    At that moment, he knew that it was all lost. He will never be able to tell Lanette how he feels. And he tried forgetting her for the next three years. In which he met a programmer from the Sevii Islands named Celio.

    The two worked together to establish a connection between Kanto and Hoenn, and were helped by the same trainer who helped Bill to separate from a Clefairy. Shortly after, Bill returned to Johto using a boat that carried people from Kanto to the Sevii Islands.

    In Johto, he realized that his Eevee now had two children, and wanted them to explore the world. He gave one of them to a trainer from New Bark Town, and the other to a programmer from Sinnoh called Bebe.

    He thought that the highlight of his life was over, and that he should get over Lanette, despite the many failed attempts of doing so. But he realized that his role was not over when Bridgette, Lanette’s sister, visited him.

    Bridgette was the older of the two. She wore a very short skirt and a long sleeved white shirt. He hair and eyes were both orange in color, and she was surprisingly tall compared to Lanette.

    Bill was genuinely surprised by the visit, and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her. “Bridgette,” Bill said. “Why are you here in Johto?”

    “It’s Lanette…” She sighed, and Bill was overcome with worry.

    “Is she okay?!” Bill said, almost crying at the thought of something bad happening to her.

    “She is fine,” Bridgette said, and it was Bill’s turn to sigh. “Look, I tried to stay out of it, as it is not my business and I don’t like to interfere with these kinds of relationships. You two obviously have a thing for each other, and you might as well just give it a shot.”

    Bridgette placed her hands on her waist and looked up, down, and then back at Bill. “She misses you, even when she doesn’t want to say it,” Bridgette said. “I’m here to take you to her.”

    “To Lanette?” Bill forced the words out, and his voice cracked. And his mind analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of going to see Lanette. Even after all these years, he was unsure of weather or not he should go to her. “To your younger sister Lanette?” He said again, not believing the situation or knowing his decision.

    “Yes,” Bridgette smiled, and thus her accent showed. “So, are you coming or what?”
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    Default Re: BILL [One-Shot]

    Very nice! I never really thought about a tale to do with Bill and the storage system.
    Now, I picked out a few errors:
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuuketsuki
    Poké Ball for passing trainers
    Should be Poké Balls, or pokéballs, I'm not sure which, but it definately should be plural.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuuketsuki
    The pair was led through multiple wrap points that made them dizzy,
    yh, i'm guessing you meant warp points.

    At any rate, this was a very interesting story, but nothing really blew me away in it, quite standard, kind of what you would expect. Still, it was good how you mentioned systems of different regions and the characters/trainers from the games. I feel the love interest for Bill could have been touched on in a bit more detail, yet in a One-Shot, it's not always possible I guess.

    :) a good one-shot at anyrate!

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    Default Re: BILL [One-Shot]


    And yeah, I wasn't going for anything mind-blowing or revolutionary. I didn't focus a lot on Lanette because I've been considering writing her own One-Shot that ties in to this one. In this story I just wanted to detail how the PC system started, and Bill's part of it, as well as tie it in to game events. It was my first One-Shot as well... And I was oblivious to how these things work.

    At any rate, thank you for reading and giving your feedback.

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    Default Re: BILL [One-Shot]

    It's a nice story, although I can't help but think the end was a little bit rushed. Also, I felt sorry for Bill that he always came up with things after Lanette did - I always imagined him to be at the forefront of inventing and her to be more in line with ease of access (making the system more usable etc. see this comic for what I mean =P)

    Yeah, with regards to the ending being rushed. From when Bill leaves for Kanto it just seems to be a list of facts, there's no real story to it. There's a lot more story in this one shot than you've gotten out of it. The first half is great. The second half has the plot but it just reads like a synopsis or plot summary, it doesn't feel like an actual story until right at the end when Brigette arrives.

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    Default Re: BILL [One-Shot]

    Interesting... I will work on these issues. Anyway, thank you for reading and commenting. :)

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    Default Re: BILL [One-Shot]

    wow nice kyuu continue it LOL


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