It was raining, of course. It rained a lot in Viridian the past few months, for reasons no one knew.

Domino ducked under the awning, shaking the water from her curly blonde hair and looking around somewhat annoyed. People continued to mill past, unaware of her presence. Which was good in and of itself, given her occupation, but none of them even looked up at the single one among them who bothered to get out of the rain.

She smirked slightly, doffing her hat and beating it twice against the side of the building in an attempt to get the excess water off before realizing how futile that was. She still had to reach her target, and it was a few blocks off.

The moment she continued on, the rain fell harder and faster, beating against the pavement so hard it sounded like iron sheeting pounded with hammers. This time she was the one not to notice, focusing on her goal.

Her weapons seemed to burn hot against her back as they tended to do before missions, and not even the coolness of the rain could change this. Her hands started to twitch in anticipation.

Finally, the location came into sight. It was a hotel, rather upscale. She was to make her way into the target's room and make off with his Crystal Nidoking. Crystal types, due to their rarity and power, were guarded closely, and the target would most likely defend it with his life, something she was more than willing to deal with.

But the target was experienced in the world of danger, something most of her targets weren't. This was different, this was dangerous.

She paused for a moment, letting the rain fall over her and taking in the feel of it. On either side of the hotel doors were urns of flowers, and this particular arrangement was tulips. They were struggling to stand, bending from the weight of the rain.

With a sad smile, Domino kept on. The rain would not keep her.