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    Default Ash Ketchum: The Alternate Origin

    A silent lone figure sits on a boulder overlooking the town of Pallet, his black hair blowing gently in the breeze. He is lost in thought as his hands, adorned with fingerless gloves, wrap themselves around a Monster Ball. His name: Ash Ketchum, though that was not the name given to him at birth.

    At the age of two, Ash witnessed the murders of his parents on a cold December morning in a snowy field at the hands on an elite group of stormtroopers that were dressed in black with a red letter R on their shirts, the standard uniform of a criminal organization that called themselves Team Rocket. Since then, the only thought preoccupying Ash's tortured mind was revenge. He swore that one day, he will find his parents' killers. But for the moment, Ash has another preoccupation.

    "Ash?", a faint voice called from the bottom of the hill where he sat, "Ash Ketchum, where are you?"

    Ash recognized the voice and proceeded to work his way downhill when he tripped over an untied lace on his blue-and-white high top sneakers and fell head first onto a pair of sandaled stocking feet. Ash looked at the feet, adorned in rainbow flip-flops and egg shell white knee-high toesocks, then his eyes worked his way up to the kneecaps, then the blue denim miniskirted waist, then the upper torso that sported a white T-shirt with a smiley face on it. At that moment, he was looking into the face of his childhood friend Misty, a girl about two years older than Ash and had the face of an angel.

    "Ahh, there you are!". Misty extended her leather gloved hand to help Ash up off the ground, "C'mon! We're going to be late for school."

    "Damn, is it that time already?", Ash gave her a dumbfounded look as he placed a slightly worn ball cap on his head.

    "I was over at your house and you weren't there?", Misty helped dust the grass off Ash's red nylon vest, "Now hurry up! The train for Cerulean City leaves in fifteen minutes."

    "Uh, sure!"

    The two took each other by the hand and proceeded to run to the train station where Gary, a handsome boy about Ash's age, and his girlfriend Tricia were waiting.

    "Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up.", Gary greeted Ash with an awkward smirk on his face, "What's wrong, Ashey-boy? Still having 'that dream'?"

    "About my birth parents?", Ash adjusted the brim of his cap, "Yes."

    Tricia approached Ash, then threw her right arm around him and proceeded to give him a noogie. "C'mon, Ash! To torture yourself like this is not healthy. By the way, how's that Pikachu that Doctor Oak gave you?"

    "The damned thing still wouldn't listen to my commands. I should've gotten a Charmander instead."

    "Well, it's your fault, Ash. You were the one who overslept when they were passing out Pokemon for would-be trainers."

    "God damn it, Gary! Do you have to remind me of that day?", Ash closed his hands into fists as though he were getting ready to punch Gary, but he held back as a voice on the intercom announced that the train was now boarding.

    "Cheer up, Ash!", Misty put her arm around Ash as they boarded the train.
    "Tricia's right. Maybe if you learned to laugh once in a while..."

    "Mis, I wish I could."

    With that, the doors to the car slid shut as the train prepared to move out. And in a corner of the car stood Ash, thinking to himself that he has a happy home life, and he has friends that care about him, yet he is discontent. He stares at the ratty old newspaper clipping from ten years ago with the headline about the slaughter of his birth family. The story also mentioned something about a second child who was missing on that day, and no body was recovered. The last thing Ash remembered about that day was being saved by a wandering Jigglypuff, whose song sedated the killers before they can turn him into gut jam along with his parents. Still lost in thought, Ash pockets the newspaper clipping in his dark blue denim jeans and turns to a window to watch the scenery pass by.

    The train finally pulled up to the Cerulean City station around 7:45 in the morning. As his friends disembarked, Ash deliberately walked about three feet behind them. Misty turned around, ran to Ash, and grabbed him by the arm.

    "C'mon, slowpoke! We're already running late as it is."

    The four finally reached Cerulean Academy just as the 8:00 bell started to toll. Ash went to his locker to get his laptop and DVDs of today's lessons when he found a pink envelope with a heart-shaped sticker on it. It was a love letter, though Ash was lost in the notion of whom it could be from. He read the letter.

    "Hello, Ash. I've been watching you for some time, and I think that you
    are a hottie. If you have time, meet me at the cappucino bar in the
    student forum around 12:30. - May"

    Ash put the letter down, then fished a photograph of the girl in question out of the envelope. He knew almost nothing about this May except that she was a transfer student from the Hoenn Region, and that she was a year tounger than him. He hurried to his first class, Pokemon Fundamentals.

    The class had only half it's normal number since everyone else was home after having ontracted food poisoning after having eaten the Kingler legs in the restaurant run by the Culinary Arts department two days ago. Ash sat up front to get a better view of Doctor Apple, a 60+ year-old Pokemon expert who released a Slashorr from a Monster Ball that he was holding. He began to speak.

    "As you may or may not know, Slashorr is an evolved form of Scyther. It's blade-like appendages are capable of slicing through Ternaium, the hardest known substance to our science, with the ease of a hot knife through melted butter. It is because of this that use of this type of Pokemon in competition is banned by the Pokemon Commission, since Slashorr are capable of indirectly killing their opponents."

    Doctor Apple recalled Slashorr into the Monster Ball, and with his back turned toward the class, said "Let's move on, shall we?" and begin writing stuff on the board.

    Ash felt something hit him from behind. It was a balled-up piece of paper with the message "Hey, Baby!" written on it in marker. Ash turned around and saw a brunette girl waving to him. She was dressed in a pink dress shirt and a glittering white skirt and neon pink stockings with white strappy platform sandals. Ash recognized the face as being that of May, the girl who left the love letter in his locker earlier.

    "Do you mind?", Ash asked with a look of annoyance on his face, "The Doctor is giving a lecture right now!"

    "So-rry!", May replied with a flirtateous tone of voice.

    The day was half over when Ash proceeded to the student forum to get himself a bite of lunch. Sure enough, May was waiting for him over by the video game machines.

    "Hey, Ashey! Over here, you studmuffin!"

    Ash walked over to her when she threw her arms around him to give him an enormous hug, and then she kisses him in the mouth, her tongue touching his.
    Ash pushed her away.

    "What the hell do you think you're doing?", Ash answered with an annoyed tone of voice.

    "C'mon, Ashey-baby! You know that you enjoyed that!", May took Ash by the arm, "Now let's go get that latte!"

    Soon, Ash and May were sitting across from each other at a booth at Bucks Coffee. May, her stocking feet sliding up and down Ash's pant leg, was blushing uncontrollable as Ash took slow, deliberate sips of the French Vanilla Latte that he had ordered.

    "So, what did you want to talk about, May?"

    "Our future, of course.", May replied with a giggle as her foot worked it's way into Ash's groin. "Why don't you dump Misty and let's you and I go steady."

    Ash, giving May a blank expression, replied "This is my last night in the Kanto Region. I leave for Johto tomorrow."

    May's foot drops from Ash and reinerts itself into the sandal. "What?"

    "I have something that I must take care of. Something I've been putting off for two years. I intend to find the murderers of my family."

    May drops her latte cup on the floor. "Are you crazy, Ash? You'll get yourself killed!"

    "Maybe.", Ash replied as he took another sip of his latte, "but I had been unable to sleep because I keep having that dream, about my parents."

    May started to cry as she gets up and wraps her arms around Ash. "No, Ash! I can't let you go! I love you! I don't want to lose you! Damn it all, I forbid you to go!"

    Ash stands up. "Maybe someday you'll understand why I'm doing this. Those Team Rocket bastards took away something that is most precious to me. It's time I paid them back in full."

    With that, Ash walks out of the Bucks Coffee, leaving May to stand there with tears streaking down her face. Misty walks up to her and asks, "Hey, what's going on?"

    Dead silence.

    It is 2:51 in the morning in Pallet Town when Ash walked out the door of the home that he shared with 21-year-old Delia Ketchum, who raised him like her own child after she found him and the Jigglypuff who saved him. He looked back at the house.

    "I'm sorry.", he whispered, "But I must do this. I won't be able to sleep well until I resolve what troubles me."

    He then turns to Pikachu, an electric type Pokemon who is undisciplined and thus, won't listen to even the slightest command that is given to it.

    "Let's go, Pikachu!"

    The two left the front yard of the house and proceeded to walk the path that led to Viridian City, where Ash hoped to catch a means of transportation to the Johto region. Along the way, Ash knows that to earn extra money in addition to the six thousand credits he took with him, he must battle many Pokemon Gym Leaders in every town he happens upon. To that end, he has taken Pikachu, whose level is already at twenty through some battling it did with Doctor Oak when he was sixteen. It was only a matter of time before Ash gains Pikachu's trust, then respect.

    What new adventures lay in store for a troubled Ash Ketchum as he prepared to avenge his family? Who is this mysterious second child that was nowhere near the site of the slaughter? Will Ash ever settle down and find himself a nice girlfriend, someone who is a bit more emotionally stable than the company he kept? Only time will answer.

    THE END- or not
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    You *DO* know that where you originally posted this is only for COMPLETED fics, right? *moves to Stories Cafe main*

    And is Ash was an INFANT, how can he remember this? You generally can't remember things that happened before you were two, which isn't an infant anymore.

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    I decided to end it the way I had intended: with Ash leaving home to venture out on his quest to seek out the murderers of his family. I even dropped the "Chapter 1" moniker, though it didn't show up in the menu. The next one I plan to work on is entitled "Brother and Sister Reunion".

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    Oh, and I decided to make Ash a two-year-old in the period of his parents' murders, seeing your logical approach. Ash is twelve years old in the story I had written, though I left out that he left home two days prior to his thirteenth birthday.


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