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    =The adventures of Behrad! PART 3=

    ==A Zangoose on the loose! PART 2==

    Zangoose was coming closer and closer Behrad looked carefully at the Pokéballs. He finally decided: TORCHIC!!! He quickly grabbed the Pokéball and threw it. A Torchic appeared. “Torchic!” exclaimed the Torchic. Behrad ordered the Torchic to attack but it just ran to Behrad and snuggled close to him. “No Torchic attack!”, Behrad exclaimed worried. The Zangoose had enough. It jump into the air and slashed Torchic. Torchic fell to the ground. Suddenly Torchic lit up in flames. The ability BLAZE was activated! Torchic got up with that happy attitude completely gone. It was frowning and about to attack.
    Torchic then used…HEAT WAVE! The whole grass route was covered in a scorching, hot heat wave. After the heat cooled down, the Zangoose fled frightened by the attack. The Torchic quickly rushed to the help of Behrad. Behrad got up and smiled but suffered a bad hair day. After getting to the Pokemon centre, Behrad rode his Bike with Torchic to Lilycove City, home of his long lost friend, Peter. As Behrad rode into Lilycove, he saw someone. That person turned around and in joy ran to Behrad, it was his friend Peter.
    Peter was excited and welcomed Behrad to his home. A Beautifly emerged from a room in the house and flew to Peter. “This is my Beautifly! Beautifly, this is Behrad I was talking about. And this is his,” Peter said as he grabbed Torchic’s Pokéball and sent out the Pokémon inside. “Empole-WHAT! A Torchic?! Where’s your mighty Empoleon?!”, Peter asked Behrad. “I couldn’t bring him, remember what Officer Jenny says, If you’re visiting a friend with only the basic Pokédex, then it don’t bring a Pokémon from another region.”
    “Your right”, Peter began to say. “Anyway, I have a lot of stuff to show you, come on!” Peter showed Behrad his room and the rest of his house and by the time they finished, Peter could see that his friend was tired from his trip to Hoenn. So they called it a day.

    ==The Dream==

    As Behrad slept, he had a dream of two Pokémon fighting with each other. They both seemed enraged and didn’t stop. Behrad was there and tried to stop them by shouting “Stop it! Stop fighting!”, but they could not hear him from the booming and crashing of the storm and lightening behind them. The two giants did not stop. Something was weird about this dream, Behrad could amazingly understand their arguments. One of them was shouting: “Give it back! Give it back!” and the other kept replying: “When will you leave me alone?! I’m trying too-“ WAKE UP! WAKE UP!
    Behrad awoke to see daylight. Peter was shaking him and shouting: “WAKE UP!” Behrad got up and got dressed, still wondering about what that dream was about. As Behrad walked outside, he collided into a Marshtomp. The Marshtomp jumped up and kept running. After it, was a boy with silky white hair, a green hair band and a green bag. Peter came outside and exclaimed: “That’s my friend Brendan, his Marshtomp is always playing hide and seek with him. Anyway, let’s go-huh? That’s odd. The weather channel never said it was cloudy today.” Behrad looked up and surely enough, it was a dark cloudy sky.
    An old man suddenly appeared next to Behrad and told him: “Two great Pokémon rumble, hear them both grumble. Both are beginning to stumble, soon, the land and sea will crumble.” With that in the blink of an eye the old man disappeared. “Hey! I have an idea!” Peter began to say as he turned to Behrad. “What if we have a… Pokémon battle! Please! Oh, I will go easy on your Torchic, please!” Behrad not really paying attention to Peter, but thinking of the old man’s words agreed.
    “Great! Beautifly, Come on out!” Peter threw a Pokéball and Beautifly emerged. Behrad turned and threw a Pokéball, “Let’s do this Torchic, go!” Torchic emerged from the Pokéball. Beautifly used Gust and knocked down Torchic. Torchic got up and used Heat Wave. It was super-effective and blew Beautifly from sky high to down ground. Behrad jumped up happily and hugged Torchic then he realized that was a big mistake because, Torchic then lit up from Blaze and burnt Behrad’s favourite jacket.
    As Peter rushed Beautifly to the Pokémon Centre, Behrad stood with Torchic outside Peter’s house, when a man wearing dark shades came up to Behrad. “Howdy! That Beautifly wasn’t the only one blown away! I was watching your battle and wow was I impressed! A low leveled Pokémon against a high leveled Pokemon and it was powerful! Sorry, my names Scott. I travel the region to find strong trainers for, never mind, I’ve wasted too much of your time. We will meet again.” Scott then disappeared through a crowd of people. Peter came back with a fully revived Beautifly. “Beautifly is okay, now come on let’s go!”

    =Behrad’s first catch=

    After a long day of sightseeing, it was time to go home. Whilst Behrad, Torchic, Peter and Beautifly were walking along Route 166, Behrad spoted an Absol. He just had to catch it. He did’nt know why he wanted it, but he just felt as if he had to catch it. So Torchic was sent out to weaken the Absol, Torchic succeded and Behrad threw the Pokéball. One, Two, Three Gotchya! Absol was caught. Behrda was overjoyed along with Peter, Torchic and Beautifly, but Behrad was also sad. He wished Emploleon was here to celebrate too. Behrad’s new Absol was very, very timid. Whenever a problem occurred, Absol put down his head down, like it was HIS fault. Behrad thought that Absol was a little too timid, but Absol was a great fighter. He rarely lost between Torchic and Beautifly. Absol kept flinching whenever he saw Behrad drinking water, or whenever he saw earth. This made Behrad suspicious.

    =A Sunny, Stormy Day! =

    A week had passed and Behrad had no weird dreams. Until Friday night. Behrad’s new dream was an extended version of the old dream. The two tall giants were fighting again. But this time, Behrad looked up and saw a storm cloud with two yellow eyes. “Where is the GREEN ORB?!” the giant on land said to the giant in the sea. “Leave me alone! I don’t have it! But because of waking me up AND accusing me, I will bring a flood to this world, and theres nothing you can do to stop me! WATER types are strong against GROUND! Now, give ME the ORB!” the giant in the sea said. Behrad knew that if their fight continues, then the world will be doomed. He had to stop them, but how? Thunder still, clashing. Two lightning bolts dived from a storm cloud, each hitting the two giants. When the bolts disappeared, so did the giants. “Two great Pokémon rumble, hear them both grumble. Both are beginning to stumble, soon, the land and sea will crumble.” The words of the old man, still, were echoing in Behrad’s ears.
    Behrad awoke in the morning sun again sweating from head to toe. Behrad took a shower and got dressed, while Peter kept on sleeping… and snoring. Behrad stepped outside for some fresh air when, huh? The sky was distorted, this was impossible! The sun was out- and so was a storm, but a storm without lightning. Behrad knew that his dreams were linked to the strange distortion in the sky. He thought about the two yellow eyes in the cloud, in his dream.
    Peter came outside “Hey Beh-!” Behrad looked over his shoulder to see Peter, all pale. “Wha, wha, what on Earth?!” Peter said, startled. “I know, Peter there is something I have to tell you.” Behrad said as they both walked back inside. Behrad told Peter about both of his dreams, and the words of the old man. “I see, hmm I’ve never seem an old man like the one your describing to me” Peter began to say, after Behrad finished explaining to him. Another week passed, now the whole region of Hoen started to panic. The strange weather was everywhere in the news.

    =Collision of Land and Sea!=

    Many people started to leave the region, thinking that the sky is falling down. One day, Behrad’s dream came true. It was morning, another day waking up to a distorted sky. Then, ground started to rumble violently, a Pokémon, somewhere was using the move Earthquake. The earthquake was shaking the sea greatly, and a lot of underwater corral were destroyed.
    But this was a massive Earthquake, done by a GREAT Pokémon. Many Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock and Steel type Pokémon were rushed to Pokécenters across Heonn , while Ice, Grass, Water and Flying types were safe. Then the next day, revenge came, and the water from the surrounding sea flooded in onto volcanoes and ground but not civilized areas and places with much importance. The region of Hoenn was falling apart. The sky was becoming distorted, the ground kept shaking and the sea kept flooding in.
    Then, a few days later, the sun faded and the storm moved in. The sky was not distorted anymore, but now, it was dangerous. Lightening struck many of the town and city power points. And there was a blackout. Behrad sat quietly trying to comfort Torchic and Absol.
    Then a vision came into Behrad’s head. He remembered when he collided into the Marshtomp belonging to the boy named Brendan. “The collision of WATER and GROUND. Marshtomp is a WATER-GROUND type. It collided into me” Behrad jumps up. “I’ve got it! The sea and ground will COLLIDE! OH NO! The sea and ground will collide!” As soon as Behrad found this out, the house was electrified by lightning, and everyone fainted.
    When everyone awoke, something seemed different. When Behrad, Peter, Beautifly, Torchic and Absol walked outside, only to find they won’t in Lilycove anymore. They were on top of a mountain. Below, waves crashed and thunderstorms boomed. Behrad recognized this scene. It was the scene from his dream. “Uh Behrad, isn’t this the place from your” Peter’s words starting to drift off. Behrad nodded. They headed forward when suddenly, a massive figure burst from the ground. Peter was so shocked about the surprise entrance, that he fainted. Behrad looked down at him, “Quick! Torchic, Absol and Beautfly! Take Peter inside! The three Pokemon did as he said and dragged Peter inside. There was another surprise entrance, this time from the sea. The sea crashed and shook against the edge of the mountain like it was alive, trying to destroy the mountain. Another giant emerged.
    The two giants eyed each over coldly, like they were waiting for the other to speak. “KYROGUE! HAVE YOU BROUGHT ME MY SACRED TREASURE? YOUR TIME IS UP! GIVE IT TO ME!” the one on land spoke. “YOU TORMENT ME!!! I HAVE NO ORB!!! GROUDON I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! YOU WILL PERISH WITH A HYDRO PUMP! The giant in the sea said, just before it shot a roaring blast of water to the giant on land.
    “GRAAAAOOOORRRR!” roared the giant called GROUDON. “AH- HA! BUT DO NOT FORGET! I HAVE, SOLAR-BEAM!” the entire mountain was lit by a light ray for a few seconds. After the light faded, the sea Pokémon called KYROUGE was not there in the sea below. Groudon looked around, trying to find Kyrouge, when suddenly, SLAM! Kyrouge bounced on Groudon. It was the move Bounce. The move shook the groun so much, Behrad was forced 20 meters back.
    Kyrouge then jumped back into the sea. Groudon got up, still dazed from the sudden attack. “ARGH, TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME!” Groudon also knew the move Bounce and jumped off the mountain, straight towards Kyrougue. But it was as if Kyrouge had this all planed. It used the move DIVE and dodged the attack. Groudon, now with it’s eyes wide open, fell into the sea, helplessly trying to survive against the type advantage. Kyrouge emerged from deep within the sea. “HA HA HA! I KNOW YOU TOO OLD! YOU ALWAYS END WITH A SPLASH!”

    =Team Aqua and Team Magma!=

    Behrad looked down nervously as Groudon was fighting for it’s life, as Kyrouge was attacking it. Behrad looked up and saw a young boy standing on the other side of the mountain. The boy looked down at them, laughing. He was wearing a blue bandanna with a white skull on it. He was also wearing a black and white striped T-shirt and blue pants. He looked up and grinned at Behrad. “Ah ha! Those two are fighting for nothing! Here is what they want!” The boy held up a glowing green orb. It looked beautiful, and simply remarkable. The boy lowered it down, grinning. “Why are you doing this?! Who are you?!” Behrad shouted under all the noise.
    The boy still smirking, “who doesn’t want to see two Legendary Pokémon fight?” Behrad knew that that wasn’t the real reason. The boy looked down at his watch. “Hmm, Master Archie is waiting for me. My name is Chris. I must go farewell.” Then, hovering up behind him, was a helicopter with “TEAM AQUA” on the side doors. Chris opened a door and jumped into the plane.
    The helicopter was about to fly away, when it was blocked by another helicopter, this other helicopter had the words “TEAM MAGMA” on the doors. A man hanging on to a bar, slowly tilted his head outside the helicopter with a loudspeaker. “Give it up Team Aqua! Give us the orb!” Behrad became confused. Which was the good guy and which was the bad guy? They both seemed bad, so Behrad knew he had to attack. But how? Wait! Pokémon! Torchic! It seemed as if Torchic was behind Behrad the whole time because he just jumped out of nowhere from over Behrad’s shoulder. Torchic used Flamethrower, and since the helicopters were made out of Steel, it was super-effective. Behrad was happy and the two helicopters fell to the ground with a CLUNK. “Gah! Who are you? You ruined our plans! We were so close!” shouted someone from the “TEAM MAGMA” helicopter. “Close? Ha! You were hardly there!” commented Chris from the “TEAM AQUA” helicopter.
    The two Chris and the other boy started to argue, while the pilots were blocking their ears. This reminded Behrad of how Groudon and Kyrouge fought with each other… OH NO! GROUDON AND KYROUGE! Behrad rushed other to the edge of the mountain to see only Groudons face, just sticking out of the water. His eyes were shut, and he was about to go down. Kyrouge didn’t stop. It kept tackling Groudon. “Stop!” Behrad demanded “Stop!” Then Behrad had and idea. He rushed other to the two melted helicopters and yanked the Green Orb out of Chris’s hand. “Hey! I need that!” Chris yelled.
    Behrad ran other back to the edge and held up the Green Orb. Under all the wind, thunderclaps and rain he shouted: “KYROUGE! GROUDON IS INNOCENT! THE GREEN ORB IS HERE! WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? THAT YOU TWO MUST FIGHT FOR IT? PLEASE STOP!”
    Kyrouge instantly paused. It slowly looked up at Behrad. It then responded: “The orb! Groudon is innocent! Young trainer, why orb is important! It awakens our leader, RAYQUAZA!” Suddenly the storm raged louder the rain became hail and the thunderclaps grew louder. “LEADER RAYQUAZA IS TRAPPED IN THE CLOUDS, BECAUSE THAT ORB IS NOT IN IT”S PALCE! YOU MUST PUT IT BACK INTO THE TOP OF THE SKY PILLAR TOWER! GO, NOW! I WILL TRY TO REVIVE GROUDON!” Kyrouge continued.
    =The awakening of Rayquaza!=
    Behrad became worried. “Where on Earth is SKY PILLAR?” he thought. He turned around to look at the house and saw an ENORMOUS tower behind the house. “Oh” Behrad thought. “There isn’t much time! I have to get there!” Behrad and Torchic ran up the stairs only to be blocked by- Absol? Absol seemed willing to come, and Absol was a lucky charm.
    He knew when danger would strike. So Behrad allowed him to joined them. The tower had many traps and with the help of Absol, they all avoided the traps. Finally from what seemed like forever, they made it. A lone top with a strange pattern on the floor. Behrad, Torchic and Absol slowly walked forward, to see a whole in the floor.
    The hole seemed to match the shape of the orb. Behrad crouched down, “I hope this works. Rayquaza, can you hear me? Please try with all your strength to help the region of Hoenn. Many disasters have occurred, people have left, and a legendary Pokemon is almost dying. Please!” with that Behrad placed the orb into the hole. Nothing happened for a few seconds, then the tower started to rumble. Everyone closed their eyes, and the next thing Behrad, Torchic and Absol knew was that they were outside. It was still hailing and there was still a heavy storm.
    Behrad turned around, just to see the remaining of the Sky Pillar, before it disappeared. Then the storm seized, the hail stopped and the sun came out. They sky turned back into a normal scene. A shadow was blocking the sun however, and the figure making the shadow slowly hovered down. “I AM RAYQUAZA! MASTER OF THE WEATHER AND THE WAEATHER TRIO!” Rayquaza looked down at Behrad. “ARE YOU THE ONE WHO HELPED ME?” Behrad was so startled he couldn’t talk. Rayquaza closed it’s eyes and then opened them again after a few seconds. “YOUR NAME IS BEHRAD, AND THESE ARE YOUR POKEMON. TORCHIC AND ABSOL. I TAHNK YOU ALL GREATLY. THANK YOU. I WAS TRAPPED BEHIND MY OWN THUNDERCLOUDS, BY THOSE TWO ARGUING TEAMS OF POKEMON THIEVES.”
    Rayquza, Behrad, Torchic and Absol hurried over to the edge of the mountain. Only Groudon’s claws were out of the water, but slowly sinking. Rayquaza rushed down to them. Kyrouge stunned that Rayquaza was here. Rayquaza focused and in it’s hand, a red orb appeared. The orb looked the same to the Green Orb but it was Red, and it seemed to have lava inside. Rayquaza held it to Groudon’s remaining claw, but it was no use. Groudon’s claw sank and that was it.
    Groudon was gone. Rayquza frowned, and Kyrouge was grieving saying that it was it’s fault that Groudon was gone. Rayquaza turned to Kyrouge, “IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. YOU WERE NOT AWARE OF YOUR ACTIONS.” Kyrouge thought for a minute, “ACTUALLY, NOW THAT I THINK OF IT, I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING!” Raquaza continued, “THERE IS NOTHING TO DO, WE MUST REVERSE THE DESTRUCTION OF THE HOENN REGION. COME, BEHRAD, TORCHIC, ABSOL AND KYROUGE. WE MUST GO”. Rayquaza closed it’s eyes and focused and flashes light appeared. With a few flashes of lights, they were teleported back to Lilycove City. Behrad looked back, the house was there too. He went inside and Peter was there, awake with Beautifly.

    =Rayquaza’s Message=

    “Behard! Were back! What happened? Where are T-“There’s no time to explain! Come on!”Behrad grabbed Peter’s arm anddragged him outside. Peter almost fainted…agin after seeing two legendary Pokemon in front of his own house. Many People gavered around suprized to see a surprise entarance(the third one today). Rayquaza started to speak: “HUMANS! I COME FROM THE SKY TO TREVERSE THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TWO LEGENDARIES: GROUDON AND KYROUGE! HOWVER, GROUDON, DOES NO LONGER EXIST. GROUDON IS DEAD”
    Many people started to become sad from Groudon’s death. Rayquaza closed it’s eyes again and in many flashes of light, the region of Hoenn became surrounded in clouds. With a roar of Rayquaza they disappeared and the region was healed. Everything was back to normal. Rayqyuaza looked down at Behrad. “THIS, YOUNG TRAINER, MAY BE CLASSIFIED AS THE WORLD’S BEST TRAINER! FOR SAVING THE LIVES OF MANY AND SAVING ME, RAYQUAZA, MASTER OF THE SKY! THERE IS NOTHING MORE I CAN SAY, FAREWELL LILYCOVE. I WILL BE WATCHING AFTER ALL OF YOU!” Rayquaza turned down to Behrad. “BEHRAD THANK YOU. THERE IS ONE MORE THING I HAVE THOUGHT OF. THE RED ORB, IT’S POWER MAY BE INTENSIFIED IN A VOLCANO. THERE MAY STILL BE HOPE. GROUDON MAY LIVE. FAREWELL BEHRAD! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!” White lights started to flash and Rayquaza and Kyrouge were gone.
    =The Dark choice=
    Everyone was still stunned and there was a heavy silence among the crowd, until a man stepped forward. “Behrad! Remember me? Scott?” Behrad nodded. Scott continued, “A Legendary Pokémon, just called you the world’s best Pokémon Trainer! Throughout my career, I was searching for someone, someone like you! A great trainer! That’s you! I’m giving you an offer. There is a region, just East of Sinnoh, which needs a Dark Type Gym Leader. You can fit in that place! As a mater of fact, I am also offering you two new Pokemon. Zorua and Zoroark, both are Dark types. If you accept this offer however, than, I am sorry, you must say goodbye to all your Non-Dark Type Pokémon. I am sorry; it’s the region’s policy”. Behrad was about to cry, but he held back his tears.
    He couldn’t release Empoleon or the others! This was a great opportunity, but it was also a hard one. Behrad wanted the best for all his Pokémon, he would also receive two incredibly special Pokémon. Behrad couldn’t turn down an offer like this. So he agreed. Many people cheered, but Peter and some others were baffled. Just then, a Marshtomp ran into Behrad. Both of them fell down. A boy caught up, “Gottya! I win!” It was Brendan.
    “Oh hey! I know you, your Peter’s friend from Sinnoh! Say, I’ve been after this guy for weeks! Thanks! Here, have this Pokémon.” Brendan handed a Masterball to Behrad. Behrad clicked on the middle button, and the Pokémon was sent out. It was a Darkrai. Everyone gasped in amasement, Scott grinning too, “Great! A Dark type! That’s going to be helpful!” Behrad managed a small murmur of thanks to Brendan and than he went back to Peter’s house to collect his things and go. Peter cme inside, still still stunned. “But why?! Are you crazy?!”
    Behrad answered grimly, “Yes. I am crazy. I must go. I have been thinking. I do not want to release Torchic into the wild. So I am giving him to you. Here.” Behrad handed Peter Torchic’s Pokeball. He is now yours. Take good care of him. Let’s register each other in our PokéNavs. I must go. Goodbye Peter.” Behrad with no expression on his face went outside, and joined Scott. “Hey there kiddo all ready?” “Yes”Behrad replied. “Okay! I’ll meet you at the region. Here, take this map. You Better get goin to Sinnoh! See ya!” And Scott disappeared. Behrad walked to the Slateport City to get onto a ship and leave. He still had no expression. Peter felt incredibly sad that his friend was about to lose his first Pokémon. But Peter looked down at Torchic’s Pokéball. “For Behrad”he thought.

    =The releasing of an Emporer=

    Behrad arrived back to Sinnoh, where many people crowded around him exclaiming things like: “Wow! Did you really save Hoenn?” Behrad did not reply and made his way back home, where a happy mother and brother greeted him. His mother was glad he was fine, and his brother, Arad, showed him all e his league badges and the Sinnoh Cahmp Ribbon. “I did it! I-wait, what’s wrong?” Behrad explained the whole story to his brother and mother, both of them becoming concerned. That afternoon, Behard walked grimly to the Pokécentre in the rain, to release all his Pokemon, even Empoloen. He released them one by one in the PC, until it came to Empoleon. He picked up Empoleon’s Pokéball and headed off to a local forest.
    He held the Pokéball out, clicked the middle button and Empoleon emerged, from a BLUE light. Yes, Behrad was releasing Empoleon. Behrad wept down, his expression now clear, sad. Empoleon hugged him, confused. Behrad told Empoelon, about the releasing. Empoleon looked down at the grass. Empoleon was also sad, but it knew that there was nothing to do. Empoleon and Behrad said their last goodbyes, and Behrad left. Empoleon was strong enough to handle wild Pokémon.

    = A sad ending=

    Behrad travelled to the region East of Sinnoh, and it was amazing. Behrad followed his map and finally made it to the city which he would become a Gym leader. There was Scott outside, the door grinning. “Well, Well! You made it Gym Leader to be! Come on inside! I will show you your Gym!” They both walked inside, and the Gym was fabulous, but it was sad. The trees were black, the grass was purple and the ceiling only showed a night sky, the moon and some stars.
    Behrad didn’t care about anything anymore. He lost the only thing that mattered to him. So Behrad stayed. He rarely came out of his house in the city, only for shopping and Gym Leader Battles. Many people looked at him as a sad trainer, and many people became sad too. Behrad did manage to catch only two more Pokémon, Sableye and Umbreon but that was it. He never caught another Pokémon again. Many people even left town because they became sad. Behrad rarely spoke and he never contacted home. He was alone, and would never be happy again. That’s the sad thing in life in the Pokémon world.
    =The courage of Happiness!=
    You may think that was the end of Behrad’s story, but it isn’t! There is one more thing I should tell you before closing my story. A year later, Behrad received a mystery package. He didn’t really receive packages much, actually not at all. So he opened it.
    Inside the package, was a Pokéball. Behrad held the Pokéball out and sent out the Pokémon inside. The Pokemon emerged and Behrad started to cry, in happiness. Yes, it was EMPOLOEN! Behrad was overjoyed he screamed. Empoleon went over to Behrad and hugged him. Empoleon went over to the package box, and pointed to something.
    There was a letter. Behrad ran over and read it. It read:
    Dear Behrad,
    Hi there brother! It’s me, Arad. So if you found this letter, it obviously means you have found Empoleon, the real one. It was easy finding you, because your just too famous over there! Here is the truth, you DIDN’T release Empoleon. It was all just a prank! Here is the real story:
    Before you came back home, I heard that you had to release Empoleon. That was unacceptable! So, the whole city helped to make a holographic Empoleon, from a satellite in space and a sensor in the fake Pokéball! When you released the clicked on the middle button on the Pokéball, the hologram was released.
    And we recorded Empoleon saying goodbye, and placed sent it to the Satellite! The satellite projected an image until you left. Oh yes! And all of your other Pokémon are safe too! You didn’t release them! We reversed the programming of the PC. So you COULDN’T release them! But after you left, we put the programming back into the proper way it was!
    We really miss you, please come back to visit us! I now help Proffesor Rowan in his lab. I also met Proffesor Oak! He was so cool! Next week, I’m going to Kanto, that’s where Berad is.So please visit us sometime!
    From, Arad
    Behard finished reading the letter and was very happy. Just as he was about to go outside, he received a call. It was Peter! Peter was calling to tell Behrad great news. “Guess what?! My long lost brother is back! His name is Chris! And he says he knows you?
    He joined Team Aqua, but now he quit and he’s back! And I also managed to evolve Torchic into Combusken… and then Blaziken! So what’s new? How’s the Gym?” Behrad explained to Peter all that happened to him since he left Hoenn. “Wow! It’s awesome that Empoleon is back! Oh yea! And Groudon is ALIVE!!! Rayquaza placed the Red Orb into a Volcano, and then when it arrupted, Groudon came out. It was so cool!” Peter spoke a little more, until he hung up. Behrad was happy and went back to Sinnoh to visit his mother and brother. They were happy too. And that brings us to the end of my story. Behrad lived a happy life as a happy, Gym leader, brother, son and friend. That’s the hapy thing in life in the Pokémon world.

    * When Kyrouge says Groudon always ends with a splash, it’s saying that Groudon is like Magikarp. Helpless and using the move Splash.

    * The holographic Empoleon in terms of the Pokemon games, is a cloned Pokemon.

    * The Satellite in real life is actually Wi-Fi

    *This was the end of Behrad’s adventures.

    *I hope you enjoyed it!

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    The last part, did anyone enjoy all these stories overall?


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