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    =PART 2!=

    ==The Adventure continues!==
    Where we last left Behrad, he had returned to the Sinnoh region from the Johto region. Now Behrad was in Pastoria City, trying to catch a Pokémon called Crogunk. Behrad had heard that this was a rare Pokémon and the only place to catch it is in Pastoria City. Behrad enters the Great Marsh in search for Crogunk but finds no sign of it, so Behrad leaves the Great Marsh. Just as Behrad is about to leave Pastoria City, his bag starts to move. Behrad immediately takes off his bag in shock. He watches as a small figure immurges from within his bag.
    The figure comes to be… THE SHINY PICHU FROM THE JOHTO REGION!!! It seems that the shiny pichu actually followed Behrad all the way from Johto, by slipping into his bag. Behrad looked at the Pichu and knew why it followed him, it wanted to join his party. Behrad agreed and happily threw a Pokéball in the air. “P-Pichu!”, exclaimed Pichu as it got caught in one of Behrad’s Pokéballs. Behrad held the Pokéball up, and shouted “Yeah! I got a Pichu!” Behrad cheks the Pichu with his Pokedex and discovers it is a female. Behrad was happily exiting Pastoria City when suddenly he saw a Crogunk! But in the blink of an eye, the Crogunk disappeared! Behrad wasn’t going to give up in catching THAT Crogunk!

    ==A smarter starter!==
    The next day was a very exiting day, because it was Behrad’s brother Arad’s 10th Birthday! Meaning that, his brother would finally have a Pokémon of his own! It was a perfect, sunny day and after breakfast, Behrad took Arad to Sandgem Town, where Professor Rowan’s lab was. Behrad waited outside as Arad entered the lab to pick… PIPLUP, just like his older brother. When Arad entered the lab, he was amazed at all the different things in Professor Rowan’s lab. Arad finally found Professor Rowan and asked him if he could choose a starter. Professor Rowan replied, “Of course. Now, which Starter Pokémon are you planning on choosing?”, he then asked. Arad replied: “Piplup I guess. Just like my brother Behrad.” “Behrad?! Behrad is your brother?
    Hmm! I remember when he picked his Piplup 2 years ago with his friend… Paul was it?” Professor Rowan replied. Professor Rowan and Arad both arrived in the Starter-Pick Room. “Now let me just…”Professor Rowan said as he was touching some buttons. “Oh dear, Professor Rowan said to Arad. “It seems as if your brother took my last Piplup”, he said to Arad. “Oh…well, how about Turtwig?”, Arad asked. “Hmm let me see…Hmm! Your brother’s friend, Paul took my last Turtwig”, Professor Rowan said to Arad. Arad slowly walked away, sighing to himself “(Sigh) It doesn’t seem as if I’m getting a starter at all.”

    Just then, “ARAD! Where do you think you’re going?! You still have one more choice for a Starter Pokémon!”,Proffesor Rowan exclaimed. Arad walked back, “You do? I thought that you can only pick from two Starter Pokémon”, said Arad. “Hmph! Who told you that untrue statement?” ,Professor Rowan asked. “Paul”, said Arad. “Hmph! You can pick from three Starter Pokémon. They are: Piplup, Turtwig and finally Chimchar.” Professor Rowan explained. “CHIMCHAR?! I LOVE CHIMCHAR! But I thought it was a legendary Pokémon”, exclaimed Arad. “Hmph! That is another untrue statement! Now, who told you that lie?!”, Professor Rowan asked Arad. “Umm, Paul”, Arad answered. “Good Grief!”, Professor Rowan exclaimed. So Arad got the Pokémon that he really wanted, a Chimchar!

    ==A Brave Bird and a Dark Cat!==
    A week later, Behrad decides to have a break from battling and just try out a Pokémon Contest in Hearthome City. He decides to enter both Staraptor and Persian. Unbelievably Behrad makes it to the second final round with a Pokémon coordinator called Jonathon and his Pokémon, a Slakoth and Marshtomp. Behrad had no strategy, instead he just used whatever moves look good, however Jonathon had a strategy a very, very good strategy. Jonathon’s Slakoth uses Yawn and Persian becomes very nervous making Persian fail to use moves most times. Next, Slakoth uses Rest and so Persian cannot startle it or use a move on it. And to finish off, Slakoth uses Slack Off and impresses the judges. Slakoth does a good job, but will Persian too?
    Behrad tells Persian to use Slash, Persian grins… but then he faints! Behrad is in shock. How can a Pokémon faint… in a Pokémon Contest?! It didn’t matter; The Judges let Behard and Johnathon both get to the finals. Now it was all up to Staraptor. This time, Johnathon uses Marshtomp. The Judges let Staraptor go first. Staraptor uses Fly and impresses the judges. Marshtomp uses Mud Sport and the judges become very, very happy with Marshtomp. Staraptor becomes jealous and uses Tackle. The Judges also liked Staraptor’s Tackle. Marshtomp grins and uses Mud Slap. Now Staraptor becomes nervous and it’s next attack misses. Marshtomp uses Water Gun and then to finish off uses Water Sport. Behrad then says to Staraptor “Hmm, this is going to be hard”. Then Behrad turns to Staraptor to discover it…fainted! Unbelievable! Both of Behrad’s Pokémon fainted in a Pokémon Contest! Everyone started laughing, and Behrad got disappointed at the audience.
    After the contest, Behrad was walking away, embarrassed and with no ribbons. Just then, Jonathon came running up to Behrad. “Hey there! Good Job out there you were pretty good!”, exclaimed Jonathon. “Thanks”, mumbled Behrad. “But If I were you, I would of used Brave Bird for Staraptor and Night Slash for Persian.” said Jonathon. Behrad looked puzzled. His Staraptor and Persian didn’t know those moves. “They don’t know those moves”, Behrad said to Jonathon. “Listen”, Jonathon began to say. “If you want I can train your Staraptor and Persian to learn those moves and to become better in Pokémon contests.” Behrad was about to say NO! NO! NO! but something stopped him.

    What if Staraptor and Persian ACTUALLY liked Pokémon contests MORE than Battling? Behrad decided to ask them, so he sent both out. Behrad asked them if they wanted to stay with Jonathon so that they can improve in Pokémon Contests and learn the moves Night Slash and Brave Bird. Both Pokémon Suddenly jumped up in happiness. It seemed as if they liked Pokémon Contests more than battling. Behrad turned to Jonathon smiled and agreed. Jonathon smiled and the two became friends. Behrad exited the Contest Hall, both sad and happy. Sad he lost good team mates and happy that they are going to become strong. Either way, they were all going to meet again someday.

    ==Fired Up! And ready to be caught!==
    The next day, Behrad was walking to Twinleaf Town, as he heard that the annual Twinleaf Festival is being held. Behrad along with Empoleon, Pichu, Charizard and Skarmory arrived at the colorful Twinleaf Festival. Behrad was also excited to hear that the special guest is Professor Oak. But when Professor Oak came up on stage, he seemed a little nervous, sounded different, looked a little different and behind him was a Meowth standing upright and a woman dressed p in a Taem Rocket suit. Behrad thought that the Team Rocket costume was just for a Joke and that there was a little kid in a Meowth costume.
    So Behrad just walked away to Route 201 for a little while. Suddenly when he was on Route 201 he saw a Monferno! The Monferno looked incredibly sad and Behrad didn’t know what to do. He suddenly had an idea! What if the Monferno lost its trainer? What if its trainer released it? Like how Paul released his Chimchar because he thought it was weak. There was only one way to find out. Behrad reached for his bag and grabbed a Pokeball. Then he threw it at Monferno. If the Pokeball bounces off then it still belongs to someone, if it doesn’t then the Monferno has been released. The Pokeball comes closer to Monferno and closer and closer…!!! The Pokeball captures Monferno and… Monferno stays!!! Behrad catches a Monferno! Behrad instantly rushes to the Pokeball and calls out the Monferno. Catching Monferno gives Behrad a better chance to understand Monferno’s problem. Behard ask’s Monferno a few questions. This seems to be one of Behrad’s most coolest Pokemon ever because it can understand human speech, just like a Lapras.
    Behrad soon discovered that Monferno was sad because it’s trainer released it because of it’s weakness. This reminded Behrad of how Paul released his Chimchar because he thought it was weak. Since then Behrad never saw Pual’s chimchar again. Behrad smiled, “It’s okay! Your with me now! Your safe, I don’t think your weak, I think your cool!” Behrad said to Monferno. Monferno began to smile too and hugged Behrad. Youch! Monferno was hot!

    ==A Chompy Destruction!==
    Behrad was on his way to Celestic Town when suddenly, a small house was flung in the air! What is happening?! Behrad quickly rushed over to see many people screaming. Then Behrad saw a Garchomp. Behrad frowned, “Come on out Empoleon!” Empoleon looked around and saw what was going on. He quickly used HYDRO CANON on the Garchomp. The Garchomp became angered but stoped.
    “What is going on?”,thought Behrad. A man named Earl came out from a house. “Everyone move aside I will now see what this Garchomp is thinking by it’s footprints”. Earl studied the footprint hard and finally said: “This Garchomp seems to want to learn the move DRACO METEOR, however that move can only be taught to this Garchomp with happiness from a trainer. But it has no trainer. It seems it was only trying to attract attention for a trainer”. Everyone frowned and people began to say: “I’m not training a monster like that!”. Behrad looked at the Garchomp which now looked sad.
    Behrad closed his eyes and yelled: “I will teach Garchomp that move!” Everyone was stunned and Behrad threw a Pokéball at the Garchomp. Behrad remembered this situation like how his Charizard was terrorizing Jubilife City. Behrad knew it would be tough to train Garchomp but Behrad was happy that he had a new member on the team!

    ==A Zangoose on the loose!==
    The next day, back home Behrad received a call from an old friend. Behrad’s Best friend Peter moved to the Hoenn reigon when they were both 9 Behrad never heard of Peter again, until now! Behrad was so excited. “How did you find me?”, Behrad asked. “Well you are incredibly famous in Sinnoh, so it was’nt that hard”, Peter replied. Behrad was so happy he wanted to come to the Hoenn reigion to meet Peter. Peter replied okay. Behrad started to pack right away. But Arad was sad.
    “I really, really need your help. I have to defeat a Gym leader tomorrow and my team’s not ready yet. Behrad didn’t know what to do. Then he had an idea. “What if I leave MY party here to train with you?”, Behrad asked Arad. Arad smiled, “OKAY!”. Behrad asked his party, they too agreed. “Be good!”, he told them. “I may be gone for awhile”.
    Behrad finally reached Hoenn. Behrad never thought much of Hoenn but he was anxious to meet Peter. Behrad looked at his map. “Okay, I think I need to take a right here-huh?”, Behrad suddenly looked down and saw a small suitcase. On the Suitcase was written: PROPERTY OF PROFESSOR BIRCH. “Professor Birch must be the Professor of this region”, Behrad thought. He crouched down to take a closer look when suddenly- A wild Zangoose appeared. It started snarling and getting closer and closer. Behrad was horrified, because he didn’t have any Pokémon! Behrad suddenly flung open the suitcase and inside were three Pokéballs. Each contained a Pokémon. Behrad read the labels underneath each Pokéball : “Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip- Which one do I pick?!!!

    *Behrad is obviously going to have to choose a Hoenn starter in order to get out of the Zangoose’s way.
    *Darkrai mysteriously disappears out of the story and becomes replaced by Pichu.
    *Part 3 is obviously comming!

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    pretty good.
    I liked it.
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