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    Behrad is a 12 year old Pokémon trainer from Veilstone City in the Sinnoh region. He has obtained all the Pokémon in the Sinnoh & National Pokédex and has brought his starter Pokémon, a Piplup to level 100 (as an Empoleon). Behrad has travelled all other the Sinnoh Region and beaten the Elite Four, Champion Cynthia and entered the Hall of Fame. Behrad has had lots of popularity in the Sinnoh region. The nurse Joy in Pastroria city even asked him for an autograph. And because of too much popularity, Behrad decided to hide himself and take only his party with him.

    ==A lost star==
    It had been a few weeks now that Behrad could not be found. Everyone around Sinnoh where thinking if he had possibly passed away. His mother thought and worried the most. But this was not true. Behraad was infact alive, and from time to time went to Pokémarts and Pokémon Centers. Then one day, as Behrad was on hill with his Empoleon above the Solaceon Town Pokémon Center, something terrible happened at the Pokémon center. Behrad’s PC was being removed, and all his Pokémon were being put into the back of a Pokémon control truck. Seeing this angered Behrad’s Empoleon, and it was about to use Hydro Cannon but Behrad grabbed it just in time. But something very, very strange then happened. Empoleon, not knowing the move Screech, used Screech! Behrad then hides under a bush with Empoleon.

    ==Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam!==
    Behrad’s Alakazam heard the Screech and with its Psychic powers finds out that Behrad and Empoleon are hiding behind the bush Alakazam then realizes that his trainer is alive and well! So Alakazam signals to all Behrad’s Pokémon in the back of the truck, and in the Pokémon center to strike the Pokémon control workers and the truck to release the captured Pokémon. Sinnoh was a happy place again and Behrad’s mother was so relieved she started to cry.

    ==A Rival’s arrival==
    A few days later, Behrad was walking in Hearthome City when he suddenly bumped into his rival, Pual. Paul was eager to see how much stonger Behrad had gotten and wanted a battle with Behrad. But Behrad did not have his usual party Pokémon, not even Empoleon! Instead he had his Bastiodon, Arcanine, Mamoswine, Alakazam, Drapion, and Skuntank. Behrad defeats Paul with Drapion funishing off Pual’s Torterra with X scissors. Throughout the battle however, Behrad’s Skuntank and Arcanine faint.

    ==A terrifying discovery==
    After the battle, Behrad went to the Pokémon Center to recharge restore his fainted and injured Pokémon and to replace them with his original party. But when Behrad went to his PC, he fainted. When he awoke 5 minutes later, Nurse Joy and other people were crowded around him. Behrad explained to them that he saw that some of his Pokémon were released! Whoever did this DID release a member of Behrad’s his party. They released Behrad’s only Fire-Type and second-in-party Ponyta (Behard has not yet caught Charizard). They also released Behrad’s Regigigas, Eevee, Usaring and even Behrad’s Persian’s son, Persepolis. It was a total mystery in who had done this, but from the descriptions that Nurse Joy gave, it was a Pokémon thief named Silver. This devastated Persian completely and so it vowed to take revenge.

    ==Persian! Use Payback!==
    A few days later after the release of the 4 Pokémon, Behrad came across Silver who wanted to battle. Behrad knew Persian was urging to having a battle, so Behrad sent out Persian. But instead of attacking Silver’s Nidoking, Behrad’s Persian attacked Silver himself! by using scratch.

    One of Behrad’s closest relatives other than his mother is his cousin Berad. Berad is a 10 year old Pokémon trainer living in the Johto region. His starter was Totodile, however he has all the starters in the Johto region and evolved them to their final stages. Berad’s rival is Silver. After Berad heard about Persian and what happened to Silver, Berad decided to call Behard and invite him to the Johto region to help him train his Pokémon. Behrad agreed and travelled to the Johto region.

    ==A mysterious discovery==
    Behard’s first stop was in Ilex Forest. There he rested with Empoleon beside a shrine when suddenly after a few seconds it started to glow. Behrad was totally freaked out while Empoleon was getting ready to attack. The shrine then stopped glowing, and a small figure appeared. It was a shiny Pichu! Behrad told Empoleon to drop his attack. Behrad slowly walked up to the Pichu to have a closer look at it but the shiny Pichu jumped up and ran away, heading towards Azalea Town. Behard followed it and Empoleon followed them both. The Pichu looked back, jumped up again and entered the Azalea Town Gym. Behrad was shocked to enter a gym but was eager to follow the shiny Pichu. As soon as Behrad entered the gym, the Gym Leader, Bugsy came up to him with her eyes wide open. She exclaimed that she was just in the right place n the right time to actually meet Behrad in person.”This is so cool! Will please have a small battle with me. I need this battle to evolve my Kakuna into Beedrill. Please! We’ll make this a single battle with only allowed one Pokémon allowed each.” Behrad agreed to her challenge and as soon as he agreed, the shiny Pichu appeared eager to have a battle. Behrad looked at Empoleon to confirm he was OK to let Pichu have a battle. Empoleon nodded. This was the first time that Behrad had battled and defeated a Gym Leader outside of Sinnoh AND used a Pokémon which didn’t belong to him. The shiny Pichu was also happy.

    ==The return of the lost==
    There Berad and Behrad were walking along route 33 until they bumped into Silver and… Team Rocket leader Giovanni! Silver’s father! Berad and Behrad teamed up in a double battle against Silver and Giovanni. But this battle was a different one. Both Silver and Giovanni had COMPLETELY different Pokémon. But Behrad did not allow ANY of his Pokémon or Brad’s to attack. It was revealed that Silver actually STOLE Behrad’s Ponyta, Regigigas, Eevee, Usaring and Persepolis. That Team Rocket! “Fine! If you battle us and win, then we’ll give your Pokémon back, if not then we’ll keep em!” announced Silver. Behrad agreed. The double battle was very, very hard and all of Behrad’s Pokémon fainted except Empoleon, and Berad’s Typhlosion. Silver only had his Nidoking left and Giovanni had his shiny Persian. Berad’s Typhlosion was very weak, and soon enough fainted by horn attack by Silver’s Nidoking. So it was only Empoleon. Behrad spent 2 years of his entire life training Empoleon to be the greatest, and now was his time to prove it. Empoleon knew what to do. It opened it’s mouth slowly and a glowing, blue ball appeared and started to grow. Silver and Giovanni knew they were in trouble. This was Empoleon’s signature move to Behrad and Empoleon, HYDRO CANNON. The blow was so hard that Silver, Giovanni and THEIR Pokémon were shot into the sky, leaving Behrad’s stolen Pokémon. “We’re blasting off again!” Behrad was relieved he found his STOLEN Pokémon and that Persian had his son back.

    ==Much more to come==
    Behrad returned to Sinnoh with all his Pokémon returned. When Behrad checked up on Berad, he discovered his cousin won his eighth gym badge which was amazing. And so this brings us to the end of the story for now, but there are much more adventures waiting for Behrad and his Pokémon.

    * It is rumored that the Behrad’s Darkrai will be replaced by the shiny Pichu.
    * Behrad’s Darkrai was given to him as a reward from Brendan for finding his missing Marshtomp.
    * Believe it or not, Behrad’s Empoleon as a Piplup was weak. But Behrad trained piplup until he was confident and strong.
    * Part 2 of this story is coming very soon.
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    The first short story of 3. Please read the other two stories and reply :)


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