My friends and I were chatting on Facebook a day or two ago. One of them asked me to make a piece of GFX art 'cos I was telling them, "I'm bored, gimme something to do." She wanted one of a flower.

I had a bit of trouble with this one, mainly because of the colors. When I adjusted the layer settings and played a bit with the filters, the colors began to look less and less than the original pic that she wanted me to use. I decided on yellow with pink (pink being the original color) when I asked her to choose between red, yellow, green, and bright white light.

I let her decide on the font, too, when I had actually found a great quote. I gave her a few options wherein I felt it would fit in with the pic.

This is the end result:

Link to where it is on DA:

Leave a comment! Leave a Review! Rate it! Leave some CnC! And, while you're at it, you might as well answer the questions: Would this have been better without the text? Would this have been better if I used different colors to mix with the original?

The title of this piece is "The Beauty of a Flower", in case you didn't get that already based on the thread title or the url.