These characters require your love. =D

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Thread: These characters require your love. =D

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    Default These characters require your love. =D

    Hello. It has come to my attention that some characters are in desperate need of your love.

    First, we have Aiko Koike, who, on the outside, is cold and distant. But, if you open your mind and get to know him, you'll find that he's a hopeless romantic on the inside.

    Next, we have Cecil MacPherson, a man so offbeat and weird, that his own son, Milo, a normally mature man who is already past his teenage years, is embarrassed beyond belief by his presence.

    From the special files comes Haruo Ootaki, a man so lazy and emotionless that he has invoked no response from his peers. Just because he's married doesn't mean that he doesn't need the extra wub (not that way, sickos).

    Shikamaru also needs some wub, but not as much. =)

    *is greeted with a barrage of shuriken*

    I would also inform you on the benefits of saving the Wailmers, but that's another story for another time... and it belongs in the Multimedia forum.

    ...yes, the vast majority of this post was in a joking context. =D You don't have to love them. =P

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    Hey, I can see you're improving! This is an interesting batch of pictures, Hanatori!

    Aiko- Wow, wonderful hatching on that! The hatching really improves the mood of the drawing and gives it a distinct, interesting look. The face looks a little distorted, in that the nose could have been drawn a little lower (the top of the nose should reach to directly between the eyes), the arms are a bit too long, and the body could overall be more distinct, but I really like how you did the clothing and hair. :)

    Cecil- This time, the face proportions are much nicer, although the face should probably be more round and the forehead is a little wide. The eyes look odd, but considering the character description, I'm guessing that was on purpose. XD The hair could be wispier to give more of a texture idea, but the shading on the hair is great. His choice of clothing is...interesting. XD;;

    Haruo- Nifty drawing, this one is. :D Face looks too long, but shading on his hair is *excellent* and really gives a sense of texture. The shoulders are slightly too angular, but are definitely, definitely improving. :) The transition between the neck and shoulders is awkward, but it's all right. The shading on the shirt is also very nice. Love the concept of the drawing, by the way.

    SHIKAAAA (*cough* Sorry...)- His face looks too long, his ear should be more distinct, and his headband should be blue, but I really like it anyway. The background is really nice. *-* I also love how you did his clothes and collarbone and such. :D SHIKAAA-<3!

    Keep up the nice work, Hanatori! I can see you're working hard at improving, and just keep that up and you will continue to improve as you already are. Just keep your eye on reference pictures, continuing working at proportions, and all that. :) Good job!
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