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    System Error created a challenge. It hasn't been updated for a while, so I decided to take the challenge myself! System Error has voiced before that it is okay to take it yourself. If you want to take the challenge too, you can use this thread to post your creations; I don't mind.

    System Error created some very specific rules, which I will relate, here:
    Quote Originally Posted by System Error View Post
    • All Pokemon, plus however many more I can think of, will be drawn in MS-Paint, uploaded, and exhibited in this topic.
    • I may not look at a picture of, or anything else that would let me see the Pokemon while or shortly before making the image of a Pokemon.
    • I may only use the default 28 colors in Paint
    • I may only use the brush tools, the pencil, the paint fill tool, zooming, and cutting and pasting. Or in other words, no perfect shapes.
    • Each image will (ideally) be made in no more than 10 minutes.
    I am going to bend those rules a bit, to make it slightly harder:
    I will only use 5 minutes, because I'm not very good at MS-Paint under time constraint, and I could make good looking stuff in 10 minutes.

    Anyway, here we go! (I'm using System Error's format for posting the images, too).

    #001 - Bulbasaur

    #002 - Ivysaur

    #003 - Venusaur

    EDIT: Here's some more!

    #004 - Charmander

    #005 - Charmeleon

    #006 - Charizard
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    Very cool! I hadn't heard of this challenge until I came across this board.

    This is pretty neat - it's fun seeing the visual equivalent of a 'drabble meme'. :)


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