A Sunfishy Fakedex

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Thread: A Sunfishy Fakedex

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    Default A Sunfishy Fakedex

    Hello, and welcome to this messy compilation of fakemon!
    The 20 image limit took a major toll on all the fakes I actually have...

    Current Fakedex: 10 Total

    Other Fakedex/Stock: There's too much to count D:
    These are mostly fakes I drew for other various projects that weren't mine, or are old designs that are in need of a revamp.

    Thanks for taking a gander, so feel free to critique, suggest, etc.
    Have a happy day :D
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    Default Re: A Sunfishy Fakedex

    From what I've seen...I really like your style of art! It's very interesting and has its own unique touch to it :) I'd recommend looking at some coloring tutorials on dA (I'm gonna be looking at speedpaint ones for my tablet :D) so you can expand your coloring knowledge~


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