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    Pumpkin Stewigi's Sprites Shop

    Here are some sprites i made please tell me what you think
    also i will take reguests :D
    if you whould like any of theses for something ask and i will trim it down to just what you want

    Arceus Holding The Bidoof Plate

    growilnin and archidoom

    Combeeloon and brifee

    Azumirill/Jigglypuff cosplayer kid

    Littlekuriboh!(not the best :P)

    Simon and Garfunkle!!!!!!!!!!

    a bunch of cosplayers (i love makeing these!)

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    Default Re: Stewigi's Sprites Shop

    i like combeeloon.
    dugtrio/oddish made me laugh.
    the cosplayer kids are nice.
    edit: if this is a shop, shouldn't this belong to the artisan's gallery?
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