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    Default Sqwat's Spriting Contest!

    Ok, Heres The Catagories
    1.) Design A New Rotom Form
    2.) Make An Evolution Of Torterra, Charizard, Staraptor, Snorlax, Or Infernape
    3.)Make An Animation Of Chaizard And Torterra Shooting Flamethrower And Leaf Storm At Each Oher
    4.)Make An Animation Of Infernape And Staraptor Using Close Combat (Infernape) And Brave Bird (Staraptor) At Each Other
    5.)Make An Animation Of Snorlax And Rotom Wash Using Ice Punch And Thunderbolt On Each Other
    6.) Make An Uberfan Pokemon For Any Boston Sports Team (red sox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots)

    One Winner For Each Catogory
    Deadline For Place Holders Is September 9th!
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    ^Thanks Blazeaking Ex!

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    Default Re: Sqwat's Spriting Contest!

    50's empowered women rotom form!

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    Default Re: Sqwat's Spriting Contest!

    Quote Originally Posted by smaug85 View Post
    50's empowered women rotom form!

    this ones really good, i lol'ed.

    any more entrys?
    ^Thanks Blazeaking Ex!


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