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    Talking Sprites needed

    I need assistance creating fakemon for a game I am creating, anyone who would like to help can create some to show me. I need a front and back few and any evolutions you can send. I would perfer if the fakemon didnt resemble real pokemon. Gym leaders and other sprites are also welcome. Im looking for sprites of good quality, and not all fakemon can be legendary. lol. Ill be happy to give you created and possibly send a copy of my game to you. please note the game may take some time to complete.

    some pokemon types im looking for are: Voodoo dolls, skeleton, cute, fire/plant (jack-o-lantern)/ sword fish(steel/water), ice dragon, panda, virus, ghost horse?, skull(like cubone), mask(like majora mask style or bleach(hanging on top of head, nel)), chandelier, poison/water, and all stanard types. anything and everything well be looked at.

    Be sure to put fakemons name, type, info, ur name(or username will be given the credit) and anything you would like

    The name of the game may be pokemon world or pokemon global, or any ideas from you guys? ill contain many different locations and maps.

    feel free to email me dcice13@yahoo.com, ill be able to respond quicker to email. ill be sure to check this thread when i can

    thanks DC

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    I'll post my work here after I done spriting the fakemon.

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