Here are some sprites that I did. I was actually surprised that I produced these sprites.

This is first sprite I did. It's not really much. I just recolored Volkner's jacket to be green. Nothing big here, just an experiment.

This is the first splice I did. Can you guess what parts were used?

Here, I just recolored previous sprite and added some of my favorite Pokemon.

This series of sprites was created for a Christmas-themed hack called "Christmas Cheer" that I was helping with back at Pokecommunity. It never came to life, but I kept the sprites around because I liked them.

This is the "evil elf" sprite from the Christmas Cheer hack. I scratched the hat.

This is another evil elf. Oh no, He's stolen Santa's Pokemon. ^^

This is Santa, with Blitzen and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Stantler! ^^ He was supposed to serve the same purpose as Professor Oak in the games.

This is Christmas Snover. He's wearing a Santa hat!

This is the sprite you see as my avatar. Another attempt to make a sprite with a different skin color from the default.

I made this Team Rocket sprite from scratch. Okay, not exactly scratch. I kinda cheated. The sprites are based off of the artwork on Jessie's and James's Bulbapedia pages.

My first attempt at Jessie. Which version of Jessie do you like best?

The two following sprites are Team Rocket sprites for another Team Rocket-based hack I am working on.

How did you like my sprites? Please rate and inspire me to make more.

The below link is my album for all of my Custom Trainer sprites. Will upload them to Bulbapedia when Gallery is reopened.