Alright. Since it was a long bit ago since I last posted anything in my last thread, and it was cluttered even after deleting alot of my posts, I decided to make a new one. Could be called more redneckier than before, or might as well say better art.
Now. Here, to save space and stuff, I'm gonna be posting chapter by chapter. And so far I have one. Now, these comics are text loaded, as I decided to start writing alot more in my work. I mostly draw in realistic, but I'm starting to get a cartoony of sorts style, which may not be as good at the first style I mention. This, unlike my old versions, this is read left to right like a redneck should be stylin' his comics.
I'm working on the second chapter, although it will mostly be text, but after that, I have around a few chapters of buffer, that may have to be released as chapter parts, but whatever.
Nuzlocke rules are simple.
1. Can only catch one Pokemon per area
2. If they faint, they're dead, and most likely will be put in a box or realeased.
If there is any rules, they will be mentioned in comic.

Derrick's Story--Black and Black 2

Comment, critique (both story and comic), and enjoy!