Hi Guys and Girls,

First off I am fairly new to this forum :)

I'm really interested in drawing manga and I decided after playing Black and White 2 the concept of pokemon and sports joined together was an amazing idea for me. So i thought, hey, why not draw a pokemon based manga. However one of my challenges is what to do and where to begin? This is where I am kinda stumped I did some brain stoming and came up with some ideas. But for now I'll introduce you to the main character of the story. I decided why not join the best commnity and get their input too? :) This is a manga by a fan for fans so feel free to chip in any ideas :)

She's a female lead. By the English name of: Aldea. And her Japanese name: Tsubasa. Her starting pokemon is Cinccino.


Now here's my problem.

here's one of my drawings in action:


She looks abit older in the action because alot of the refrences i see is all older women.

So Question to theorist: Can a trainer get her first pokemon at 17?

To the Artists: Any ways on improving and critique away.

Thanks in Advance