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    Default Pokemon Comic: Papa Arceus

    What do you guys think?

    *You may not understand this comic unless you play the pokemon games (4th generation).

    Features all of the Shinnoh legends: #483 Dialga, #494 Palkia, and #487 Giratina (Origin Form), #493 Arceus.
    I know Giratina is the Renegade Pokemon, but he is just a little TOO sassy.

    Sorry guys, I do not have enough free time to color this! In adittion to that, I am also sorry for the quality of this comic because it is not very well, I didnt really had a chance to redo it (it's basically just a outlined verison of my draft.)
    Here's the text just incase:
    Arceus: You will be named Palkia, since you carry a lustrous orb of pearls.
    Palkia: And how do I spell that?
    Arceus: Just copy it down from the speech bubble...
    Arceus: You will be named Dialga since you carry the adament orb of diamonds.
    Dialga: I'll never forget it!
    Arceus (towards Giratina): and you, uhm...
    Dialga + Palkia: Akward...
    Giratina: Well, it looks like I'm made from gold.
    Arecus: Look! There's already a pokemon gold, stupid!
    Giratina: We're the only four pokemon alive, Ho-oh was not even made yet. It is obvious this game is fake.
    Arceus: Do you want to be smacked by my 1,000 arms?
    Giratina ~ (!): About that... you don't even have arms, you have four LEGS.
    Arceus: Well according to this pokedex, I have 1,000 arms!
    Pokedex: "It is described in the mythology as pokemon that shaped the universe with its 1,000 arms.
    Giratina: What? The Pokedex aren't even made yet, and you don't have fingures to even press buttons on it. How are you even holding that?
    Dialga + Palkia: OOOHHHHH!!!
    Dialga: HAHA!
    Palkia ~ (?): How many arms do I have?
    Arceus: Back talking? You are definitely on my probation.
    Giratina: I'm suprised you picked up so fast! Go get your splash plate so you can cry me a river

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    Default Re: Pokemon Comic: Papa Arceus

    "go get your splash plate so you can cry me a river"

    nice XD

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    Default Re: Pokemon Comic: Papa Arceus

    Funny! when is the next issue come out? *Opens Piggybank**Takes Out saving**Rushes to Book Shop to ask abt it*



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