Poi's spriting factory(Please Request!)

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Thread: Poi's spriting factory(Please Request!)

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    Exclamation Poi's spriting factory(Please Request!)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my sprite shop!


    "What sprites do you do?"
    Good question! I do scratch sprites, recolor sprites, spliced sprites, etc.

    "How do I get one of these sprites that you are making?!"
    Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the screen, and your sprite will be finished in no time!

    1.)Please don't rush me with your order, it will be finished when it's finished.
    2.)Don't flame any of the customers.
    3.)You must give me credit for any sprites I make for you.
    4.)Be patient. Spriting is an art, just like painting is.
    5.)Have a nice day.
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