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    Default Piqutchi's Palace of Pokémon Pictures!

    Hi, this is Piqutchi, and welcome to my Palace of Pokémon Pictures!

    Here, I will post pictures I made that usually relate to the Pokémon franchise (though I may add some pictures with other themes as well). In this thread, I will post pictures from my deviantART account (since I just quit dA), as well as brand spankin' new pics! Doesn't that sound cool?

    ^ (WARNING: Vore-ish content) This is a picture I worked on before I left dA; only today did I add the final touches. I figured I might use my latest work as my first to be posted here; isn't that a little ironic?

    This relates to two concepts I have in my mind for two Pokémon girls. The first is Genie Iris, based upon the outfit of Shantae (a video game character from the series of the same name); I started drawing her in this specific costume after a request I gave for Eternal-Illusion151 back at dA.
    The second concept might be a little bit more disturbing. It involves Touko gaining an immense appetite for Pokémon. She likes to activate unwatched Pokéballs, sucking up the beam which forms into the Pokémon that was inside. This time, though, she decided to try something a little different.

    ^ This is Touko's mom as a mermaid, originally done for my dA page; you can notice I made her belly the slightest bit larger for this pic. I was originally thinking of doing Touko as well, but I suppose I was just not willing to put the additional work in. I wonder why she is in the form of a mermaid?

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    Default Re: Piqutchi's Palace of Pokémon Pictures!

    Overweight Touko... o.O"

    But anyway, your art looks nice. You do need some practice with depth, it seems, but otherwise the coloring style is quite nice. Keep it up!


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