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    I'm trying to keep myself a little organized here, please forgive the flailing about. This is the thread where I'm showing off art that's NOT RELATED to the comic Speakeasier.

    Most of these are large so I'm going to link out instead of doing the spoiler thing.

    This is my current large project of the moment - the three main characters of a Star Wars fanfiction I'm working on.

    The 'book jacket' project for the same Star Wars fanfiction.

    A quick comic featuring Hawke and Anders from Dragon Age 2. ...and Dumbledore in the margins.

    Working on a contest entry for some League of Legends goofiness.

    Contest entry in progress for Femshep.com. The prompt was "draw your female Shepard from Mass Effect 2 in a combat situation." Delia Shepard might not be in a combat situation right NOW, but she WILL be VERY SHORTLY... :)

    Here's a quick oekaki I am extremely pleased with.

    It is based heavily on reference from the amazing MJRanum, whose stock can be found with blissful ease on DeviantArt. I encourage EVERYONE to go have a look... the man is amazing.

    Pixel-ey art:

    I was going to start a little forum game with these things in CS, but then got distracted. Here are the emblems for the 'classes'.

    Heavily tweaked sprites from the game Phoenix Wright, made to resemble my version of Shepard from Mass Effect.
    Alternate versions:
    Right now these are in my signature on ChickenSmoothie, rotating/random with several speech bubbles like so:
    I've given you the extremes of the range so if you're curious, you can poke around and look at all of them. With the exception of 8, all of them are quotes from songs.

    Tiny pixel Shepard, from scratch.
    Base if others want to use:
    Made into a nice tag:


    For the battle challenge thing at the Oekaki board. Here's Harper Greystone, the closest character I have to a Mary Sue/Self-Insert (haha), ready to battle Farrah; the background's transparent because I am very undecided as to what color that far wall should be. But here's Harper with her Sandslash Makadikadi.

    An earlier picture of Harper, back when I had long hair. Yes, self-insert blah blah. I tend to play up my absolute worst qualities, and don't RP her much if at all, so I think that I can perhaps be forgiven for this, LOL

    Harper's official portrait from around 2009 iirc - again, long hair.

    Fortunately my archives online don't go back past late 2004, back to when I was playing Pokemon and an actual fan. You should feel quite lucky, all of the pictures were rubbish - LOL.

    Have a quick Flockdraw doodle of my sister's dog as a parting gift, however.

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    Cool stuff! You definitely have a very unique style. I especially like your pixel art - I have a lot of respect for people who can do good pixel art! I also respect people who can draw good people; I personally hate drawing people. I just stick to monsters and hominid-like stuff.

    I also do comics, too; I should post some of them sometime.

    I'll be back to see more of your stuff!

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    Thank you Gioku! :) You should definitely post some of your comics; I'm always excited to see work from others.

    I have the opposite problem it seems, I really like drawing humans and I've gotten rather rusty with general hominids. A bit of a paradox. I suppose that more practice is what's called for. :)

    2 quick things I'm proud of....

    This is Kyrre the Breaker, an OC in development. The drawing here is mostly to work out colour scheme and costuming.

    A sketch that will eventually be an entry to a Mass Effect 2 contest. There's my female Shepard, about to be set upon by some husks.
    The perspective's trippy and I used reference from the excellent MJ Ranum very heavily, but I'm pretty pleased with it nonetheless.

    I have livestream videos for both these pieces, by the way:
    Harpalyce - live streaming video powered by Livestream


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