New Evolution/Fakemon attempts of mine
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Thread: New Evolution/Fakemon attempts of mine

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    Default New Evolution/Fakemon attempts of mine

    Nothing too special since my own art tends to be of unimportant quality since I don't know how to draw as good others yet, so most of my art are simple drawings on paint more than true art. That doesn't tend to hinder me too much when thinking of Fakemon designs though, since I've had a few things in mind for quite a while now. For starters I've been planning out Maggcross and Gigacross to make Heracross into a complete 3 stage line.

    Now for planning out new evolutions to a Pokemon it can be kind of easy to have the proposed evolution resemble the Pokemon it's meant to evolve from. Most Fakemon evolutions are like this really. But the thing is for Heracross I've seen so many that look so much like Heracross I didn't know what else to think of. Most fanmade evolutions of Heracross tend to be nothing too different from Heracross or come close to resembling Digimon's design style more than Pokemon's. Alot of these are ok, but just don't feel like how an actual evolution for it would look. So I went a more different approach to how Gigacross would look than most other people might've done.

    Inorder to get this different appearence that I wanted I had to compare actual evolutions in the games and how different in appearence some of them were in comparison to their pre-evolutions. Most of the differences came from Pokemon that evolved by trade while holding a certain item (ESPECIALLY noticed in Politoad, Electivire, and Rhyperior or some other Sinnoh based evolutions). The item itself can usually have a strange effect on the Pokemon, such as a the Metal Coat for instance. When the item is held by Onix and Scyther, their appearence change to a more metalic look that their newly acquired Steel types match, mostly present in Scizor. So basing Gigacross's evolution from Heracross by holding a certain item then trading was how I was going to do things.

    The item in question is called the Diablo Shell. The item itself had a gold coloration to it with the entire item acting like a helmet to be worn by Heracross when it would evolve with it, similar to with the King's Rock with Slowpoke. Simply having it hold this item without trading it would already make Heracross feel how it's future stats as a Gigacross would be, by doubling Attack and Defense but forcing Heracross to move a -1 Priority.

    As a Gigacross it's weight drastically increases and it could no longer stand on two legs as a result (Hence it's Speed decreases upon evolution). Now I've heard how some Beetles could lift things several times their own weight, so it's weight went from 119 lbs as a Heracross to a hefty 654.3 lbs as a Gigacross. It's Shell is another interesting thing about Gigacross, since on the belly you can see blue bits of it which is actually the old carapace it had as a Heracross right underneath the gold carapace it has as Gigacross. So basically, it was the entire body had a double layered carapace, creating something along the lines of Rhyperior and the Protector (Hence it's Defense increasing upon evolution). Overall though, I made Heracross look more like a Stag Beetle in comparison to the Rhinoceros Beetle it actually is. This, honestly, was a mere accident that I made it like this, but I ended up liking the design it has now so much I just kept it the way it was.

    One other thing before I'm done with this post. Most people simply make a Heracross evolution WITHOUT thinking about the effects it would have on the Little Cup metagame. Heracross in Little Cup is like Arceus in OU really. So there had to be a Pre-Evolution in this case. I also looked at alot of designs used for fanmade Heracross evolutions and noticed most of them had the same build as Heracross. I kind of had something else in mind honestly, with a more worm-like look yet resembled something like Silcoon or Cascoon in appearence. I made Maggcross the way it looks mostly as homage to those two Pokemon, but also to show it's blue carapace as a Heracross only just beginning to form, with only the head having any shell and the horn only a tiny spike of what it'll become as Heracross.

    So that basically sums up Maggcross and Gigacross right there. Nothing too special since I wasn't really trying that hard to design them.

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    Default Re: New Evolution/Fakemon attempts of mine

    Interesting, I like the overall design of the horn and the shell, though the almost monochromatic color scheme leaves it sort of hard to define. Also I have a problem with the eyes. While Heracross had a happy, sort of blissful expression, your evolution seems to change the personality drastically. Likewise, the female eyes, (I'm assuming that's the female gender difference), are also extremely different from Heracross' original expression. Overall, it seems nice, though a bit lacking in the colors and eyes. Maybe a size-comparison between Heracross and Gigacross would be nice.


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